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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  October 23, 2021 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station.
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you're watching kron. 4 news at known. >> it is returning to the bay area. and it's going to be a lot of it starting tomorrow. thank you so much for joining us here. during kron, 4 news at 9 o'clock tonight. really appreciate you joining us. there's a lot to get to in the weather center tonight. i'm justine waldman jonathan mccall round 3 of these storms, the showers and wet weather is expected to arrive and is starting right now. a lot more expected overnight while you're sleeping. we're talking about mudslides. >> possible flooding and even power outages as well. evacuation orders have also been issued for some folks living in burn scars. >> kron four's live storm tracker team coverage tonight. a live look at the city of san francisco tonight. as you can see, the clouds have rolled in. we're tracking light rain right now. but things are are only going to intensify in the 12 to 24 hours from now and we are anticipating its kron 4. meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez is tracking the
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timing of when the heaviest rain is going to arrive. >> on sunday. yeah, very early sunday morning. just cnn. jonathan. let's take a look at our satellite and radar right now because we are seeing some light showers making its way out of the east bay and south bay. but we are tracking a plume of moisture bringing widespread light rain into the bay area right off the coast, expected to inch its way into the north bay and san francisco peninsula within just a few minutes. but we are going to see, though a lot of moisture from the subtropical plume from hawaii tapping into that call. the shades storm just to our north out in the pacific. both of those going to combine and bring us our atmosphere river. that is going to arrive during the overnight hours shortly after midnight. for those of you in the north bay and even into the san francisco peninsula by around 3 o'clock in the morning. the heaviest rain, big bull's eye over those of you in santa rosa by 3 o'clock and then that storm track
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going to shift northward remaining over the north bay. we're tracking widespread moderate to heavy downpours, even extending into vacaville by mid morning on sunday. but then it's going to start to shift to the south and east for most of the set san francisco peninsula east bay and remaining over the north bay. but we are going to track the heaviest downpours right along the san francisco peninsula and east bay by 1 o'clock sunday afternoon light scattered showers for those of you in the south bay until we all start to notice those moderate heavy downpours by early sunday evening and then going to see a drying trend early overnight hours on monday for the north bay. but look at the storm how it's just going to linger bringing moderate rain still in the san francisco peninsula, east bay and south bay during the overnight hours monday. but then by around sunrise monday morning. that's when that storm the atmospheric river going to start to exit out of
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the bay area. bring us scattered showers monday night. even continuing through tuesday one to 3 inches of rain for the south bay, 2 to 4 inches for the san francisco peninsula and east bay upwards of 6 inches or less for most of the north bay high surf warning also going to go into effect sunday into monday where we could see breaking waves as high as 30 feet just because this atmospheric river is going to bring so much energy. it is going to impact or rip currents and the breaking waves that are going to increase and rise along our bay area coastline. so keep that in mind, especially all you bay area boaters. flash flood watch and also wind advisory going into effect starting sunday through monday. we're going to track hurricane force winds 60 miles per hour or less and flash flood watches for burn scars areas specifically santa cruz mountains 5 to 7 inches of rain when it is all said and
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done. jonathan just steam. back to you. thank you. kron forcing on top of breaking news tonight. that crash that we've been following on. i 5.80 near dublin finally starting to clear up tonight. >> we've learned that several people were injured in that crash. no exact number given at this point. >> but we do know that this crash involved as many as 6 different cars according to chp the crash first reported around 07:30pm tonight on the west lanes of high 5.80, near a west posse and once again, as many as 6 cars involved. no word on the exact number of injuries. but once again, the lanes have finally start to clear up af after this crash. tonight. the big thing that we want to let folks know if you are going to be out on the roadside just kind of take things a little bit. easy. give yourself some extra time to get your destination's because the roads are slick and things as reese's just said, things are only going to get worse over the next few days and we're going continue our team coverage right now by taking a live look now at the current pg e outages across the bay area. the utility.
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>> preparing us. there might be more tomorrow. you can see there are still some customers affected along the peninsula and also in the east bay, the green indicates one to 49 customers affected the yellow diamond shape. that's 50 to about 500 so there are still some people in the bay area that don't have power tonight. but. that is the real question is what going is what going to be happening as a officials are saying. and get ready for the weather heading our way. >> kron four's amanda hari continuing our live team coverage tonight with a look at what you should do and what you should be prepared for. if the lights go out at your place what are you know. >> that pg e officials tell me they have extra crews on standby to make sure you get your lights back on. they tell me these crews will be going out to fix everything once things are safe and clear. so if you have an outage, it might not go back on right
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away because these crews to have to make sure they'll be say fixing it. but once it safe, they'll get out there and get the lights back on. >> when storms roll in power outages often follow close behind it. >> we are bringing in crews from other last impacted areas to help with restorations pg and e spokesperson megan mcfarland says they have 3 staged crews across the service area. >> there are more than 500 electric crew members. nearly 300 inspectors and 400 pg. any personnel on 911. standby know that as soon as it's safe to do so. our crews are out in the field. >> making repairs and getting the power back on for customers. but they've also been doing work in advance of the storm. this is video of vegetation management crews working to keep trees away from power lines. they also have prepped materials one thing that we did is pre staged material. that's often damaged during a storm. so we have extra wires. transformers
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polls and mcfarland says customers can prepare as well. so they should have their flashlights ready. new batteries cell phones, charged shop. if you lose power, you can always charge your cell phone in your car. she also told me it's smart to have extra drinking water on hand. >> as well as not to light candles. if your lights go out, she says this could become a fire hazard. but just a whole nother issue that will make things more difficult for you live in san francisco. amanda hari kron 4 news. all right. a minute. so we know that folks should be bracing for these power outages anything else that folks should be concerned about or should be. >> looking out for tomorrow as the storms roll through. >> yeah, i'm told these types of storms specifically could leave to downed power lines. so this is something people should be looking out for when they're outside. if they see a downed power line don't get too close to it, treat it like it's energized because it very
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well could be seen. don't want to touch it and you want to call 911. immediately. >> good advice for folks tonight as they head off to bed and obviously are they're going to wake up to a whole lot of rain. first thing tomorrow morning mid live for us tonight in san francisco. thank you. meanwhile, evacuation orders are set to go into effect tomorrow morning at 8 o'clock for some folks living in the czu fire burn scars in the santa cruz everyone to get out of that area by 8 o'clock tomorrow morning. the storm is expected to bring heavy rain along with gusty winds that could trigger mudslides earlier today deputies went door to door notifying folks about the high risk and urging them to get out of out of a out of the danger of this particular impact from the storm. luckily there are some proven techniques to help lessen the impacts of the storms like flooding or downed trees all that and more expected to hit us tomorrow. kron 4 also. >> shows us how people in san francisco are getting ready.
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>> san franciscans living in low lying areas not taking any chances rushing to the san francisco department of public works for sandbags. they may sound basic but make a world of difference when it floods. >> ahead of the high winds and downpours are in the mission district. larry sweeping up in front of score, friends at 17 and folsom streets in san francisco. we've been working on this corner for the flooding over the past 20 years. so we're used to it. he works in the area and knows the routine when rain falls, the city dropping pallets of sandbags at the corner for small businesses to use flood barriers host in-state in front of buildings to prevent the widespread flooding the neighborhood has experienced in the past. if this gets clogged and on the on dreams. >> it make it harder for the water to receive at the san francisco public works operations yard. residents offered up to 10 free sandbags
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for pickup in demand is high. they're pretty bored and they're pretty heavy to make sure that we ruin all the all the floors and and up with that animal into the feeling is the weather event will be as power as expected. they're talking like 0.2 inches per hour. that's pretty intense. rainfall with 50 miles per hour wind gusts rejected a high surf warning has been issued sunday night. >> have crews out of on the streets who are clearing catch basin. so with their rakes in their rooms, in their shovels just to try to keep those clear to prevent localized flooding. we also have tree crews on standby. and remember, you don't want to be outside when it's coming down hard. you don't want to be hit by a tree limb or branches. >> stay inside if you can in san francisco phillipe djegal all kron 4 news. >> and kron 4 can help you stay up to date on all the latest oeather in your neighborhood. right here on kron 4. all right. also coming up here tonight. we have much more ahead including the big step that was made in the
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effort to recall san francisco's district attorney chase aboudi. we'll talk to one of the organizers behind the effort. >> to remove him from office. >> kron 4 staying on top of the weather conditions across the bay. are you tonight kron 4 meteorologist marisa rodriguez will be back in just a few moments tracking the timing of the heaviest rain set to move through our area tomorrow. -hi mommy! -hi honey! oh i missed you! you just want to video call the kids. ok. hush little baby... don't say a word... but if slow upload speeds turns your goodnight call into an accidental horror movie... can you hear me? shut it down. just remember. you're not a bad mom. you just need better internet. at&t fiber delivers faster upload speeds for more reliable video calls. get at&t fiber, plans starting at $35 a month for a year. limited availability in select areas. call 1.877.only.att.
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>> let's get another check of
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your 4 zone forecast tonight, a live look at the golden gate bridge once again big set of storms set to come in the 3rd round of these storms that we've been tracking since last week really when the first one arrived on our doorstep and now the main event is on the way and there's some rain moving in for tonight as well. our meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez. >> has what we can expect and also when when are we going to dry out now we're men. but like when when it going to be done. >> we're already tracking light steady drizzle, right now throughout the san francisco peninsula, especially across the golden gate bridge really not drying out until mid morning on monday. just so we're going to have a night and a full day tomorrow of just what weather light to moderate heavy downpours right now we're seeing widespread light rain along the coast making its way back inland and also those showers in the east bay shoreline starting to shift out of the east bay as well. so here's a look at our atmosphere. river. big plume of subtropical moisture from hawaii going to tap into a
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storm that's making its way out of the pacific northwest. and with that, you get an atmospheric river. so we're tracking about 24 hours of light to moderate heavy downpours for those of you in the north bay arriving overnight through sunday. then it's going to start to shift out of the bay area by early monday scattered showers monday afternoon. even continuing through tuesday, but really the bulk of the wet weather going to exit by around sunrise on monday. rain totals, though inches, especially for those of you in north bay santa rosa, about 6 and a half inches of rain when it is all said and done. we're tracking, though, right now. very soggy commute please drive safely for your saturday night slick roads out there this evening and wind speeds going to increase tonight as well. with that approaching atmospheric river out of the south. for those of you in pacifica 20 mile per hour sustained winds and then look at these hurricane force winds that we're tracking by early
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sunday morning, even along the coast and in the east bay valleys in north bay could see gusts upwards of 60 miles per hour or these are look at sustained winds calmer conditions by sunday night into monday. but temperatures out there right now. widespread upper 50's along the bay area coastline still in the low to mid 60's as you make our way inland. but because of that blanket of storm cloud cover. we're tracking pretty mild temperatures overnight mid to upper 50's a little bit cooler for those of you in santa rosa in the upper 40's high temperatures tomorrow. widespread low to mid 60's when we should be in the 70's. so we're still going to remain below average and we're tracking below average temperatures monday into tuesday. very active severe weather with the threat of pop-up thunderstorms starting sunday. even continuing through monday morning. but then turning a little bit more calmer unstable by tuesday. but we're going to notice finally back in the 70's for
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inland valleys, thursday and friday of this upcoming week even into the east bay valleys and inland valleys. but still below average temperatures. so it looks like halloween is right around the corner. i mean, we're going to put yet pumpkin icon next sunday, right. i will say i'm glad the rain is tomorrow versus next sunday would be a totally different story. i know we want the kids to go trick or treating this year. now that covid, you know, the pandemic. they finally get to trick or treat this year's so. >> i'm happy about that. jonathan's birthday coming up. >> on monday when all the rain goes happy birthday so let's back to a bomb hope you like it can't thank you. thanks, guys. what i wanted every year. for a while and just the last few hours, oakland police have released a picture of a car they say is connected to the attempted murder. >> of a former oakland police department captain the car seen here as the 2007 black nissan sentra with tinted windows and custom rims. the
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car has a forty-niners license plate with the numbers. 6 atc 3, 5, 7, >> investigators are saying former captain ersie joyner was at a gas station in oakland thursday when several people got in a car. in the car. that we're talking about and they got out and they tried to rob him joyner and the suspect exchanged shots joyner was injured and one of the suspects died at the scene joyner. as of tonight is still listed in critical but stable condition and anyone with information about the people involved or know where this vehicle is are asked to call oakland police. >> a san jose woman on vacation killed after she was caught in the crossfire of a shootout between rival mexican drug cartels. officials say it happened thursday into loan. investigators say that in jelly, riot lived in san jose but was born in india. she was one of 2 tourists killed during that incident. 3 other tourists were hurt. investigators say all of them
9:20 pm
were eating outside of a restaurant police tonight in mexico still looking for those suspected shooters. meanwhile, the university of southern california now looking into more reports of assault and drug gangs taking place at frat parties. there are new claims from a student who says it happened to her at a party back in september. the suspect ryan shift who los angeles police say is president of the sigma nu chapter. so far he has not been suspended. but it's not clear if he's been arrested or charged at this point. the student reported that she was sexually assaulted after someone drugs or at a party back in september. now, several other reports of drugging drinks at that same front. house. another front houses have been reported according to the daily trojan, the sigma nu suspension means that the front can not host any activities at the house. the chapter says it is now fully comply with the investigation. >> 2 former employees that work at apple have brought lawsuits against the company alleging sexism and other
9:21 pm
forms of discrimination. just last month. apple employees launched a hashtag apple to campaign together current and past employees allegations of inequity intimidation and abuse. now business insider is reporting that former high level engineers are saying apple discriminated and retaliated against her after she told her manager she was being paid less that half of what her male counterparts earn it and the company's finance director has sued apple alleging and retaliation. they say a new manager actually told them only young people would be hired because they're hungry fast and cheap. new court documents are showing that out. bald has been assured by a crew member that the gun he was using while filming a movie was safe and then moments later he fatally shot the movie sin much that hogg rougher and injured the director and just hours before the shooting, several workers walked off the set to protest the safety issues there.
9:22 pm
baldwin says he has reached out to the family. 42 year-old hutchins and is cooperating fully with police. >> still to come tonight, we will talk live with one of the folks behind the effort to recall chase aboudi as san francisco district attorney.
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>> the president's build back better plan has been stalled
9:25 pm
due to a disagreement among democrats kron 4 washington correspondent alexandra limon found out the democratic governors from across america went to washington, dc to ask federal lawmakers to stop the infighting and get the help that they need. >> well, congressional democrats struggled to come together. democratic governors say their states are falling apart in my part of the state. the mine is river bridge collapsed. you know, many people died night row over that bridge just a few hours before it collapsed. connecticut governor ned lamont joined other democratic governors at the white house this week to call for action. the governors want congressional democrats to stop arguing among themselves and pass the bipartisan infrastructure package along with the president's build back better plan. new mexico governor michelle lujan grisham says the president's bill includes billions for human infrastructure like money to help families pay for child care and universal preschool. that makes all the difference. >> and having workers today
9:26 pm
and workers tomorrow with house progressives are battling senate moderates over the size of the bill. >> rhode island governor daniel mckee says pick a number. any bill is better than nothing. they find that compromise spot, get the money out to his now we will make sure that gets invested. well. >> and then you always can come back. but house republican leader kevin mccarthy says any additional spending will make things workers. whether this bill is 4.5 trillion three trillion or 1.5. the democrats proposal. >> worsen inflation. continue to harbor and harm our labor shortage democrats insist they're close to reaching a compromise. lawmakers say votes on the infrastructure legislation are possible next week in washington. alexandra limon. >> and we're tracking the atmosphere river hour by hour your full forecast in addition to that sierra forecast as well. details on the winter storm warning going to go into effect for your sunday evening.
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>> well, here we go. the rain is arriving as we're taking a live look now here at a camera in san francisco facing towards the barca darrow and the bay bridge. it's already getting blocked right now by some rain, it's really coming down in some parts of the bay area right now. but it's really going to be coming down tomorrow. we're expecting some record rainfall possible flooding downed power lines and downed trees. the advice
9:30 pm
is to stay in and just keep kron 4 on all day tomorrow. that's right. we will have you covered on all of this. we want to start this half hour with. >> meteorologists mabrisa rodriguez timing. the very latest on where things stand right now and much of the storm. things are going kick off overnight when folks are in bed. yes, specifically for the north bay and san francisco peninsula. we're already tracking widespread light, rain. >> right now. throughout most of the bay area coast line drying out for the east bay and south bay. but just to our east. we are looking at rain and snow showers right now. south lake tahoe a little bit drier. but this atmospheric river going to have a warmer core to it because it is not only tapping into a storm, but it is getting subtropical plumes of moisture out of hawaii. and because of that, not really tracking as high of snow totals specifically at the lake level elevations above 8,000 feet could see upwards of 5 feet of snow. but really it's the lower elevations that's going to
9:31 pm
notice more rain then snow as i fast forward through sunday morning and sunday afternoon even during the evening hours could see pockets of some pretty heavy downpours as the atmospheric river impacts the sierra, but the one thing we need to watch out for gusty winds as well. there is a winter storm warning going to go into effect starting 5 o'clock sunday evening through monday night wind gust throughout this year. ridgecrest 100 miles per hour less and at the lake level could see gusts upwards of 60 miles per hour or less tease me. we are tracking we possible snow totals at mount rowe summit upwards of 18 inches of fresh powder donner pass 4 to 8 inches of snow with lake tahoe just getting about one to 2 inches of snow. so this isn't going to be more of a snowmaker but really going to saturate the ground at the lower levels. but it will benefit the highest peaks of the sierra fact we are tracking more rain showers sunday. turning into snow showers by monday with that
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colder drier air mass cooling down temperatures into the low 40's and those low 40's are going to continue with partly cloudy skies by tuesday of this upcoming week. justine and jonathan, back to you. thank you so much for recent all this rain will hopefully and this year's wildfire season. it's looking that way for sure. the burn scars, particularly from last year's wildfires. >> are posing the threat of mudslides. >> crews from the california conservation corps were out in the burn, scar areas left behind by the river fire in colfax. that's a refund or when the with a look at some of the work being done. >> i think the work we do here is really this very few people are actually willing to come out here and do the hard work that we do. >> scott harrison is part of the california conservation corps have been deployed to the river fire burn scar areas. it's but, you know,
9:33 pm
it's fun. to help with the roshan control. today. there along deer holloway in the chicago park community. >> where it is. what weather conditions. there are going to go do it. corps members have been working for several days now putting up barriers just like this one to stop the toxins from burn. tell metal structures like this one here and also dozens of empty cars that have been for in town and left on the property. >> and we're trying to keep to the footprint as close as we can. >> and prevent the heavy rains from moving medals and hydrocarbons into the waterways such as the bear river below until we can actually get the debris off the ground. >> crews have traveled around for months and work previous fire season is gaining valuable experience.
9:34 pm
>> they get to provide pay just a really critical. >> service to the people of california. >> that was rowena shaddox reporting for us tonight right now, kron 4 dot com. you can stay up to date on the latest weather conditions outside of your door just use your mobile device to scan the qr code on your screen. it will take you to the kron 4 mobile app where you can download it. and from there you can get current conditions live radar and up today forecast from the kron 4 weather team. kron 4, is your local election headquarters and yet another recall election could be here before we know it. >> that's because the recall effort against san francisco's district attorney chesa boudin is moving forward after the signatures were verified. this weekend. we're joined live right now by one of the leaders of that recall effort. andrea shorter, thank you so much for joining us here tonight. thank you for having us. so it does appear that you have enough signatures more than that were needed in order to kick off this recall they still need to be verified to
9:35 pm
see if it actually makes it on the ballot. but can you explain a little bit why you want the district attorney to be recalled. and just as a side note, we did reach out to his office. for comment on this and we have not heard back yet, but let us know a little bit why you think that he should not keep this job anymore. >> well, you can certainly hear from san franciscans that are very frustrated and i lost confidence in this district attorney's ability to really promote public safety. we are city that certainly is for and supports in his be announced a criminal justice reform. but we're also city and smart city that understands that you can have both criminal justice reform and public safety and san franciscans are feeling that they're getting the short end of the stick. with the rise in crime from burglaries to. theft shoplifting homicide
9:36 pm
san franciscans. don't feel safe. under this district attorney and his inability to hold really repeat offenders and often violent repeat offenders accountable. so that is why san franciscans are calling to remove this district attorney. so they can have some peace of mind knowing that we have a district attorney who is really about public safety and rookie talk a little bit about of the group itself self safer in just the kind of walk us through the timeline on how we got to this point. were you guys started as an organization with this recall effort. >> and how you just progressed moving forward with getting those signatures. >> well, this half first started in earlier this year around april and a group the citizens came together and from around the city, from the bay view too. the presidio to
9:37 pm
from the mission. to south of and on. and really expressing grave concern around this district attorney's performance and his lack of response to some of the issues that people were being that when people were faced with and that was crime. some people had been burglarized multiple times had witnessed or, you know, certainly we as a that witness some fatalities and really horrible incidents where people that really should not have been out on the streets and in the community. should have been held accountable in instead we're out of the doubt and that the community causing harm. so we started in april and may we started our petition drive collecting signatures. and as you noted. the threshold to reach here in san francisco was 51,000 to be 125. signatures of registered
9:38 pm
voters and we more than exceeded our really san francisco. it's since been or exceeded that the demand is great to sign this petition. those petitions have now then file submitted to department of elections. 2 upwards of 83,500, nearly 583,500 signatures. we still have people yesterday following email and asking if they could sign the petition. this is while we were her way to delivery to the department of elections. so the department elections has 38 to verify and then place on the ballot recall for this district attorney. so what is your ideal district attorney then look like. what does that person do. what do they stand for. if you don't like chase of the day. and that's not the person that you think should be having this job anymore.
9:39 pm
what? >> what is it that you do want to see. or is there someone that you're endorsing. >> we're not endorsing anyone in particular. in fact, in this particular recall in san francisco. what happens is it wants the district attorney's then a person would be replaced. are would replace that district attorney and be appointed by the mayor. so there's no one in particular. but san franciscans have are reasonable. they have a right to reasonable expectation to have a district attorney who is competent and has the ability in the early. he's attention to and is sincere and serious down public safety. we can have both again. criminal justice reform which she claims that he is moving forward. we're has interest in moving forward. but it seems to come at the expense of public safety. and that's what san franciscans
9:40 pm
are very concerning focused andrea. should should this serve as a wake-up call to other elected officials here in san francisco as >> do you dis safer sf have any plans to go after any other elected in the city at this point. >> this effort is completely dedicated and focused on this district attorney. far as other elected no, that's not what that is. is about this is about san franciecans. again, having a reasonable expectation to have competent affective district attorney who promotes public safety and safer. sf has been about as a broad based coalition of san francisco want to see. again district attorney who really promotes public street safety in where they feel safe in their city. >> so the city now has 30 days to verify and validate all the
9:41 pm
signatures. what do you do in those 30 days as far as getting prepared for what might be the next step which could either be that there is a recall election sometime next year or maybe not. >> well, we're moving forward. we're preparing. we expect that this will be on the ballot again with 83,500 or near 500. signatures. we're confident that it will be verified, that signatures will be verified and we will qualify for the ballot. so we're preparing. we have. many own tears and citizens around the city. the act working in connecting with their neighbors. colleagues. about this particular issue. so we're already on the >> all right. andrea shorter from say for us. thank you so much for your time. and once
9:42 pm
again, we do want to reiterate that kron 4 has reached out to the office of san francisco district attorney chesa boudin for a response to this. so far. we have yet to hear back as soon as we do, we will let you know what he s a but again, injury shorter safer. asaph, thank you so much for your time here on kron. 4 news. >> thank you. in. >> well, tonight we're keeping our eyes very closely watching the radar as storms are moving through the bay area. murray's rodriguez is going to walk us through sunday. when we come back.
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it is very rainy as we take a live look outside right now on our camera along the bay bridge can barely make it out. rain is covering the lens cars got their headlights on those windshield wipers going. >> and tomorrow. just a great idea. just not to go anywhere. just keep kron 4. just going to keep saying that over and over again, we're expecting flooding power to go out. we've got a significant storm coming our way mud slides. we're also talking about hurricane force winds as well. so. >> a plethora of things that we have to deal with in the next 24 hours. let's get you ready for all of it. here's kron 4 meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez with a look at what's falling right now and the timing of what's expected to come in the next few hours. yeah. let's take a look at our radar for because we are seeing widespread light showers. >> now starting to track some
9:46 pm
moderate downpours specifically for those of you in the east bay. >> let's zoom on in and you could see right now in the cities of emeryville and berkeley. we are tracking some moderate rain inching closer towards your neighborhood this evening. so please drive safely. if you are planning to go out tonight, but just be aware. we're tracking very slick. dangerous roads already and tomorrow like justine mention, you don't need to be outside. just make sure to stay indoors because we are going to see those dangerous conditions continuing with moderate to heavy downpours at times because of this atmosphere river out in the coast of the pacific. it does have with it. some tropical moisture and it's going to tap into this storm out from the pacific northwest in both going to create this atmospheric river. we're going to see inches of rain within a 24 hour period. so future cast for over during the overnight hours sunday morning. we are going to see already heavy
9:47 pm
downpours for those of you in santa rosa. big bull's eye there and moderate rain even extending into the san francisco peninsula with widespread light showers for the east bay and south bay. but then as a fast forward to midmorning by sunday. we're going to track the heaviest rain just hovering over the north bay until that storm tried starts to shift to the south and east by early sunday afternoon. and it's just going to stay there through early sunday evening. but then we're going to see during the overnight hours very early monday, drier conditions for those of you in the north bay finally, but still tracking some moderate rainfall along the san francisco peninsula south bay and east bay and that storm track going to remain mainly for those of you in the south bay through early monday so we could have our flash flood watch is extended through monday morning specifically for those of you in the south bay on a counter that by mid morning on monday.
9:48 pm
that's when we're expected to finally dry out as that atmospheric river completely exit the bay area heading toward southern california. rain totals, increasing we're seeing now one to 3 inches closer to 3 inches for those of you in mountain view and san jose. 2 to 4 inches along the san francisco peninsula and east bay and upwards of 6 inches or less for most of the north bay santa rosa, you could get 6 and a half inches when it is all said and done. this is going to generate very dangerous surf because of this strong storm breaking waves upwards of 30 feet or less starting sunday night through monday. in addition to that flash flood watch is mainly for burn scar areas napa sonoma county and santa cruz mountains and also hurricane force winds, 60 miles per hour less so for the burn scar area, santa cruz mountains less than a foot of rain within the next 24 hours, upwards of 7 inches. you know, hardly i know we've been
9:49 pm
asking for rain but not like this was just a lot in a very short amount of time that the issues. so we certainly need it helping with our wildfire conditions. but. >> not really going to do much with our drought just because we have such a huge deficit. but like we're seeing every drop helps like say one of these a week from now until next march pretty much. yeah. >> we'll hold off once a week. i mean, we need but. >> that's what the drought. but risk of so much stuff that could impact a lot of folks. that's who. >> and we're already seeing accidents already out there. so please use a look at the traffic can write their golden gate bridge. you can see the rain, though. yeah. and starting to fall out there right now. all right. lisa, thank you. we continue our weather team coverage tonight on the peninsula where sandbags are being passed out and final preps are underway. kron four's clear the bar codes in redwood city and found people who are thankful for these resources. >> doncic high is being proactive ahead of this
9:50 pm
weekend's storm these bags are being helped. he's loading up his car with sandbags. the event his home from flooding have a stairwell going outside stir. well going into. a basement area where the water has nowhere to run off to. he grabbed a few at the grant corporation yard in redwood city. san mateo county is also offering them at the princeton and the honda corporation yard. >> as well as pescadero high school. the backs are for county residents in unincorporated areas. >> no, it's fantastic that the you know, providing up to for anybody can just combine the couple on saturday. we've got a look at how these crews filled 6,000 backs. >> the sand is loaded onto this bulldozer. then dumped into this gray machine where workers collect it. >> into a bag. crews, wrap them up and place them on these pallets to go to storage to be used for future storms. well, the site sandbags, you should also has some flashlights and batteries on hand if the power goes out.
9:51 pm
add canned goods water, a first aid kit extra medication and food for your pets to your list. >> public works. crews will patrol areas prone to flooding. and sure drainage is our clear from debris. if you're worried about flooding, sandbags are your solution simply stacked outside against your doors where water may enter your do it. >> the sandbags are free and you can get up to 15 bags. they are placed outside the buildings where you can get them at any hour of the day in redwood city. camila barco kron 4 news. >> well, fall is well underway. the met commune an uptick in ticks. environmental experts are saying that the humidity from the first rainfall of the season. often triggers ticks to come on out, particularly the western black legged tick which they say is the only one out of dozens of ticks in the state that can
9:52 pm
cause lyme disease. the epa also credits warmer weather associated with climate change to expand the range that hicks can live in. so if you or your pet are bitten by a tick grab it by its head with a pair of tweezers and pull it straight out. just don't twist it. or get it twisted. one of the hear com for you could set today with the latest weather in your neighborhood by downloading the kron 4 app just use your. camera on your phone to scan this qr code and we'll take you to the. place you need to go so you can get all the current conditions live radar and up-to-date forecasts. still to come here on kron 4 news and i will tell you about some of the events taking place in oakland this weekend. >> to mark the 55th anniversary of the formation of the black panther party.
9:53 pm
9:54 pm
9:55 pm
>> a stunning sight to show you off the coast of newport beach. you think it was right out of a movie. but in slow mo looks even cooler. this is a humpback whale that breached right next to the newport coastal adventure boat putting on a better show than well watchers ever could have bargained for the captain says he's never back so close. quite a big splash there. he believes is it was about 50 feet away. >> snoopy and charlie brown would approve of this new great pumpkin and pet mix and match event. animal shelter in arizona has putting a plump pumpkins for your halloween. fright because you can also adopt a cute puppy us part of a 2 for one offering. the
9:56 pm
shelter is doing its pumpkin puppy fundraiser for a second year in a after the pandemic shut down other fundraising options last year. some of those pumps even dressed up in their own halloween costumes. all weekend long oakland is celebrating the and right anniversary of the black panther party for a 55 city 5 years ago. this weekend that huey p newton and bobby seale founded the ground big breaking group that push for social justice and economical equality and much more events taking place all weekend long at the joyce gordon art gallery, the jeffrey in sir circle and bobby harden park. you can find a complete list of events on our website at kron. 4 dot com. >> one last check of the forecast right now as we wrap up kron 4 news at 9 o'clock as we take a live look at san francisco international airport, not expecting flights to be on time there tomorrow and our meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez is here now with where the rain is right now. yes, slick roads and slick
9:57 pm
runway. is that certainly going to be the issue tonight through tomorrow. radar for tracking widespread showers, not just in the north bay mid now extending into the san francisco peninsula. >> and east bay tracking some pretty moderate downpour steady rain into oakland orinda and even sell salido in the north bay. but overall we are expecting this atmospheric river to wreak havoc for the north bay during the overnight hours tracking it at 10 o'clock in addition to your full 10 at 10 outlook in just a few minutes. back to you. >> thank so much. that does it for us here on this hour of kron 4 news at 9 o'cl
9:58 pm
9:59 pm
10:00 pm
>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news. >> now at 10 o'clock kron 4 on the weather watch as we track one of the biggest storms of the year to hit the bay area round 3 of the storms expected to hit and make pack a punch in a matter of hours. that is where we start this saturday here on kron. 4 news at 10 o'clock. welcome it. i'm jonathan mccall and i'm justine waltman. high winds, flooding and mudslides are expected to hit the bay area has several inches of rain are forecast to come down. >> starting right now. so we have team coverage for you tonight. kron four's amanda hari. well, tell us how pg e is preparing for potential power outages. but first we turn to meteorologist maa


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