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tv   KRON 4 News at 530pm  KRON  October 27, 2021 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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>> tonight at 5.34, is always tracking local stories. and here's a look at what's going on in your neighborhood right now starting in the east bay, the future of the a's in oakland remains uncertain. but the team did secure an important vote last night yeah, they're still alive. alameda county board of supervisors approving a resolution to potentially contribute tax dollars to the waterfront ballpark project. kron four's. phillipe djegal reports. >> a major milestone that's how oakland mayor libby schaaf describes tuesday night's vote by the alameda county board of
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supervisors pushing the athletics proposed waterfront ballpark district forward. but she adds it comes as no surprise that the team will continue explore las vegas as a backup option. they have been working for far too long to improve their current conditions to not be keeping their options open as it stands the athletics are the only professional team remaining at the coliseum site. >> the city has already lost the golden state warriors and the now vegas raiders still shop says moving the team to howard terminate and building 12 billion dollar waterfront ballpark district near jack london square has a real chance at breaking ground amazing economic benefits. >> and community benefits. all while keeping our valuable port of oakland working this following support of a non-binding resolution by the county board of supervisors. they voted to opt into a tax district. the city of oakland
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intends to establish a financing district will help to finance the affordable housing, the public parks and the public infrastructure that is necessary to make this project successful and to deliver the community benefits that this city demands and deserves by the end of the year. shaft is hopeful an environmental impact report for the project will be issued phillipe djegal all kron 4 news now to the south bay to watch. san jose man are pleading guilty to defrauding people who bought cars from them on craigslist. >> this guilty plea comes 2 weeks after their partner also pled guilty in federal court in their plea agreement. the defendants admitted that from at least october 2017 through december of 2020. they conspired to purchase high mileage vehicles roll back the odometers and falsified documentation to make those vehicles appear newer to increase their sales value.
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>> 3 animal shelter employees in palo alto have been cited after 7 puppies died while being transported. investigators determined that the employees of pets in need took a van to the central valley to pick up the animals back in august. investigators say the van did not have air conditioning in the animals were not given any water during the trip. the 3 employees face misdemeanor charges of animal cruelty and neglect. the shelter releasing a statement. reading in part, this was a tragic incident that has said and the entire pets in need family. we recognize the trust placed in pets in need by our donors staff, volunteers and supporters and appreciate the community support during this very challenging time. >> to the north bay. now, a mountain lion was spotted in the rink on valley neighborhood of santa rosa last night santa rosa police and wildlife experts. they were able to sedate him and take him in for treatment. the big cat is recovering tonight at a local wildlife sanctuary
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just last monday one mountain lion was taken in after roaming around schools in rohnert park. if you do happen to encounter a big cat. stay calm. don't approach. it never run away. and try your best to appear intimidating. cal, fire officials have lifted the suspensions on burn permits for 6 counties here in northern california, including in napa, solano and sonoma. officials say cal fire and air quality burn permits can now resume burning on permissible burn days. this is of course, thanks to cooler temperatures and high humidity burn piles larger than 4 feet by 4 feet or broadcast burns must be inspected by cal fire prior to burning until the end of the peak fire season. people should contact their local fire station. the request an inspection. >> all right. weather time. we're talking about more rain in the forecast but not quite yet. enjoying that nice. sunny breaking point that we earned
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this one after that huge storm swept through the bay area over the weekend. now you've got sunny and bright skies for most of the bay area. still some clouds floating around. but for the most part, keeping it dry here. all that rain located up in the pacific northwest. they continue to see the rain seattle in the portland right now. the jet stream well to the north temperatures outside gorgeous out there right now. 74 degrees in beautiful. a little more 72 in napa, 73 in the bottle. 64 degrees on the coastline in half moon bay long-range forecasts point to the fact that we're not done this looks like very progressive pattern setting itself up weak system. sliding in late friday into saturday. early morning, maybe bringing a couple sprinkles. the bay area. not much. then we get ready for more substantial storm. you see it right there. that coming in on monday behind that, a brief break. and yet another storm, possibly moving in late wednesday and into thursday and behind that, guess what, another the long-range forecast models all pointing toward an rainfall totals at
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least above normal, possibly as we head through the next 10 to 14 days. so we're going to keep them coming. temperature wise numbers. going to be nice tomorrow. let's enjoy this. nice break in the weather as high as 78 degrees in fremont tomorrow. 75 degrees in mill valley. gorgeous weather out there the next couple days, mostly sunny and bright a few more clouds on friday that slight chance of showers as we get into saturday and then halloween is on sunday right now other than a couple of scary looking clouds looking mostly dry and nice. thanks alerts. democrats are trying to figure out how to pay for the president's build back better plan which would invest in social programs and safety nets. >> their latest idea is to pay for it all. taxing billionaires, the new taxes would only apply to people with more than 1 billion dollars in assets or who make more than 100 million dollars in income for 3 consecutive years. california congressman pete aguilar says the tax is raised would help pay for measures like free universal
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preschool child tax credits and about 500 billion dollars to fight climate change. >> the president's committed to pay for this piece of legislation markets go up, markets go down. if you had a year where. >> total value went down by 20%. then what. you get a refund. >> some republicans like south dakota senator john thune are calling this a desperate move. democrats say they're also considering alternatives to pay for the president's plan. for your money tonight. more than a million golden state checks are expected to go out by the end of the week. the california franchise tax board says the next batch is valued. it. 857 million dollars. 400,000 checks will be directly deposited 750,000 paper checks will be mailed out residents who earn $75,000 or less last year can expect to receive $600 says the
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stimulus check and an extra 500 bucks, 4 qualifying dependents. >> new covid-19 guidelines for the 2022 beijing winter olympic games have been unveiled, including a strict isolation bubble that separates participants from the general population all those taking part in the games, including athletes staff and volunteers will remain in the so-called closed loop for training competing and accommodations. competitors will be subjected to daily tests even if they are fully vaccinated, athletes who are not vaccinated. they're going to need to be in quarantine in china for 21 days. they need to also be tested prior to their arrival. any competitor who violates these through these rules will be subject to expulsion. the beijing games are now exactly 100 days away. kicking off on february 4th. >> we're continuing to follow developments from the deadly movie shooting site in mexico. what we're learning about the ammunition that was kept on
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set. plus a traffic stop now has one florida man facing charges. the strange an explosive items officers found inside his truck and what sounds like a little kid's dream. >> may have helped the and avoid a financial nightmare. it's an usual meal plan. yeah. ♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪
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>> a santa clarita man has
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turned his 6 flag annual pass into a meal ticket. his name is dylan. he's an electrical engineer. and for the last 7 years, dylan has been going to the park 2 times a day once for lunch and then once for dinner that is because his $150 annual pass covers parking admission and 2 meals. and that is led to big savings for the guy over the dillon ptells in pr he says that he's been able to pay off his student loans and buy a house since getting married dylan has had to scale back his 6 trips, though, to just weekday lunch. trying to find the best neighborhood to take your kids trick or treating what you won't have to go too far. san francisco is one of the best places in the country to celebrate halloween wallet-hub looked at the 100 largest cities in the country. they look at things like the number of costume stores and trick or treating spots. they determined that san francisco is the 5th best city to
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celebrate the halloween holiday. new york came in. number one followed by la vegas and miami. have a court date for you day in the bay could be on the way. why 3? >> area counties here locally are joining us. lawsuit targeting the rapper's clothing line.
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>> oh, this is for yeah. get out of the track for second. helen truck looked like a possible grenade. welcome to florida. >> where a man was driving around creepy clown. vatican. he's now facing several charges after deputies say they found drugs and a live grenade in his pickup as well. he was pulled over outside daytona beach for expired. tags turned out he had an expired license as well. not to mention an expired. passenger kind of the driver was arrested. the bomb squad later detonated the grenade, the local sheriff there issued a statement saying the driver is lucky he didn't blow himself up. no explanation was given for the cloud all the site us trail is finally easing its lockdown restrictions fully-vaccinated australian resident. we'll be able to leave the country starting on november. first. it has been 18 months since
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they. >> have been allowed to travel freely internationally cities like sydney and melbourne saw major spike from the delta virus. but the vaccination rates down under have been on the rise. to a developing story. now investigators in new mexico say that they have recovered firearms and hundreds of rounds of ammunition from the movie set where alec baldwin accidently shot and killed a cinematographer. kareen wynter brings us the latest. >> no one has been ruled out at this point. the santa fe district attorney responding to questions about whether actor alec baldwin could face charges in the deadly shooting on the set of his movie rust in new mexico where while rehearsing a scene baldwin accidentally shot cinematographer halyna hutchins and wounded director joel souza. all options are on the table at this point. i'm not take i'm not commenting on charges whether they will be filed or not or on him. so the answer is we we cannot answer that question yet. until we complete a more thorough
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investigation. the santa fe county sheriff also indicating that they suspect there were other live rounds that were found on set, although he wouldn't comment on how they got there, saying that further analysis was being conducted and an fbi crime lab in virginia. the sheriff did confirm that it was baldwin who fired that fatal shot. we also believe that we have the spent shell casing. >> from the bullet that was fired from the gun. the actual projectile that was fired has been recovered from the shoulder of mister souza. according to a search warrant released today armor hannah gutierrez-reed told detectives she checked dummy bullets a day of the shooting to make sure there were no hot rounds and that while the weapons used in the movie shoot for in a secure location during a crew lunch break. there was also ammunition that was left on a cart that was not secured. >> authorities are currently interviewing dozens of witnesses, including those who inspected or handle the firearm when it was loaded before it was given to baldwin who they say they're still questioning and remains cooperate in this investigation.
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>> and that was kareen wynter reporting for us tonight in statements to authorities could tiers. read also says that that no live ammo was ever kept on the set 3 bay area counties are pursuing legal action against the artist formerly known as kanye west district attorneys in alameda. >> napa and sonoma counties are joining a lawsuit which alleges the rapper's apparel company easy violated the state's business code. the lawsuit claims the companies failing to ship orders on time and failing to offer customers refunds. they're demanding yeezy. stop violating the state business code and they're seeking fines of up to $2500 per violation along with compensation for affected customers. all right. weather time. dallas, we take a peek outside on this wednesday night. a beautiful day around the bay area. absolutely glorious chief meteorologist lawrence karnow here to tell >> what's going to look like in the morning.
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>> oh yeah. the day looks great in the morning and of course, we've got halloween. hey, that is going to be spooky. but it looks like it's going to work out. very nice know this always kind of a tricky forecast. you know, all the trick or treaters need some nice weather to get outside and enjoy. it looks like it is going to hold. you can see some sunshine as the sun sets a couple little spooky clouds going to be rolling on in the temperatures mainly in the 60's. but i think it stays dry across the bay area should be a nice halloween night after that. we've got storm clouds rolling in up toward the golden gate. speaking of clouds. how about that? some thick fog settling in right now. right across the golden gate bridge. she's kind of a thin layer and it's right down near the surface. so you can see some of that tonight and early tomorrow morning. otherwise haze temperatures today. not bad. 69 degrees in san francisco. 70 in oakland today. how of 73 beautiful right at the average in san jose live more right at the average to its 74 degrees. 73 in concord and 73 degrees in santa rosa. we're getting a little bit of a northerly component. the winds, you can see it here on our map. and that has been just enough to
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warm up those temperatures. i think the offshore winds going to stick around for another day. and that means we've got some warm weather coming our way again for tomorrow. temperatures outside yeah. looking very nice out there. how about 71? still and sonny and sam, a tail beautiful 74 in berkeley still 72 in the napa valley. 70 degrees in san anselmo in 73, in timber on nice weather now. i think nice weather tomorrow as well. temperatures probably even a little bit warmer. in fact, we make it upwards of so mid 70's, maybe some upper 70's. well inland by friday. we'll cool down with a few clouds coming a slight chance of a sprinkle early on saturday morning. yeah. halloween looking good and then rain clouds roll in a monday. to infinity. >> it is the story behind the toy. the new trailer that has the internet abuzz today. get
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a brand new trailer for the toy story. spinoff light year has just been released and it might not be what you expect here to break it down for us now is entertainment tonight's kevin frazier. hey kevin. >> vicki and grant. i'm here at universal studios, hollywood. let me tell you why this buzz light year is a little different. first of all, is not a toy and he sounds a little different too. >> to infinity. >> that and is the only get of chris evans voice. the avengers stars taking over the
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role from tim allen, the o g space and so why the switch? because it's not the same buzz evans like here is his origin story. movie within the toy store universe that inspired the action figure right choice by allen. >> far right here i >> there's a little list their buzz. the toy story franchise is bank over 3 billion dollars so expectations are high. wind light your hits theaters in june of 2022. chris tweeted his reaction to the new trailer. nothing is ever made me feel more joy and gratitude and knowing i'm part of this. >> hey, into tonight because only were in london with angelina jolie, some hike and the cast of the turtles. you don't want to miss it for entertainment tonight. i'm kevin frazier. >> love all the toy they're so
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fun. and i mean, i'm old enough to tim allen and home improvement. yeah. wilson. the guy, the neighbor in recently passed never saw his face bill but rest in peace wilson. that wraps right on it. it's. >> at more news ahead. the right. yes, okay. kron 4 news at 6 starts momentarily with pam moore and ken wayne who are standing by. >> all right. grant vicki thank you, ken week. coming up at 6 o'clock. a lot happening. outrage in east palo alto community after they learned that their new neighbor could the a sexually violent predator them and be released from jail soon. and how police are responding tonight. and just ahead of the holidays, california health officials say covid-19 case rates are no longer declining in our state. >> why doctors say they're not worried. just yet. i'm ken wayne. i'm pam moore. the news at 6 is next.
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>> from the bay area's news station. you're watching kron 4 news at 6.
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>> more we can see this in a lot of negative implications. mister johnson coming into that >> house within our city. >> now it's 6 after serving 17 years in prison. a man deemed a sexually violent predator could soon be released in east palo alto. but police say there are sounding the alarm before a final decision is made. good evening. thanks for joining us for kron 4 news at 6. i'm ken wayne. and i'm pam moore lamar johnson served a little under half of his 36 year prison sentence and police are now concerned about the home propose for johnson to live in. it is fairly close to a school and shopping mall. >> kron four's. dan kerman reports. >> lamar johnson has been deemed a sexually violent predator after being convicted of several assaults in the bay area after serving a little under half of his 36 year prison sentence. he's now eligible for a conditional release. but he's palo alto. police say the location that's been proposed is problematic with mister johnson coming in. >> and is a target


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