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tv   KRON 4 News at 630pm  KRON  October 27, 2021 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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>> well, let's talk baseball. the future of the athletics land remains uncertain. but the team did secure an important vote last night. the alameda county board of supervisors approved a resolution to potentially contribute tax dollars to the waterfront ballpark project forcefully to call has the story. >> it's unclear if howard terminal near jack london square in oakland will ever how's the athletics. but mayor libby schaaf says there's hope we have put together a win-win project that is not just good for the a's, not just good for major league baseball but is going to benefit this
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community for now the a's will continue playing their home games at the oakland coliseum. >> well continuing to set their sights on the proposed 12 billion dollar waterfront ballpark district. >> now a step closer to reality albeit a small step following approved support of a non-binding resolution by the alameda county board of supervisors voting to operate on public tax district. the city of oakland intends to create the non-binding vote sets the terms by which we can then send the lawyers off to actually draft the binding agreement. if the project eventually breaks ground city and county incremental property tax dollars. collected for 45 years would be used to reimburse the athletics for upfront costs associated with building public parks affordable housing and other public infrastructure. >> but not the ballpark or it's operations. the oakland a's are going to be putting in. >> north of 6 billion dollars to build this waterfront
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ballpark district chaffetz hopedale and environmental impact report for the project will be issued by year's end adding she fully expects the a's to continue exploring las vegas as a backup option for a ballpark. >> phillipe djegal all kron 4 news. >> new tonight at 6, a new airline is offering quick nonstop flights to lake airlines has officially started service to and from its hub at reno tahoe international stands for air hotel adventure and the airline is offering affordable quick flights from 8 west coast cities including bakersfield, fresno and eureka as well as several are against ups and one in washington state next month. southern california flights will be serviced from says passengers who book flights by november. the 15th could score one-way flights for as low as $50. >> instead of trick or treating how about trick or skiing last weekend. storm dumped more than 3 feet of
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snow in the sierra and that allowed palisades tahoe to open early. the resort opens friday, october 29th. it's only the 3rd time in the resort's 72 year history that its opening in october, kron four's spoke to alex be hall ski of palisades tahoe resort. she says the resort normally opens at the end of november. and while they say they are excited to open early. the surprise snowfall is kicking the resort now into high gear. >> you know, we're in our shoulder season. this is really the time that our resort is getting ready for our opening, which is supposed to be end of november. so, you know, crews are coming on board were getting our let's ready. we're getting things set up for the season. but we really have to kick it into overdrive. the bring a lot of people kind of fun. some stuff up on the schedule that we normally wouldn't be doing this time of year. everybody, you know, came in and got to work. we're making it happen. >> palisades will be open fridays to sundays until daily operation start on november
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24th. the resort says it's following placer county covid rules. so face masks will only be required indoors for those who are not vaccinated because halloween is this weekend. costumes are encouraged and with winter just weeks away. other tahoe ski resorts are getting ready to open their doors. heavenly and notice north star are both opening on november 19th sierra at tahoe will open next month on the 25th kirkwood opens december 3rd and homewood opens on december 10th. now to our 4 zone forecast as we give you a live look outside in the sierra looks like the top of serie it's just yeah. this is palisades. tahoe used to be called squaw valley that change your name this year. >> and our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is giving us an update on sierra snow. yeah, that is great to see several feet of snowfall across some of those higher peaks at those ski resorts. specially get above 8,000 feet or so. that's where they had a lot of heavy snow and they continue to get a little bit of a break now in a much needed break, but there are more storms lining up as we
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head toward next week and likely going to see a lot more storms, bringing more snow up there. those colder storms likely to roll instead of the atmospheric river. so if you're traveling up there, here's donner summit on 80. the roads are open. be careful. lot of snow there on the sides. very impressive looking. still a lot of moisture on the ground freezing possibly into early in the morning hours. so you want to avoid some of that a week to about 9 o'clock or so and then head on up. that will be a lot safer. if you're going up there the next few days. the road should stay open. watch out for some valley fog. if you're headed across the sacramento valley otherwise you're going to see 50's and 60's in a friday and then the temperatures start to drop off a little bit over the weekend. a few more clouds start to roll on in out there right now. it is dry and that's the way it's going to stay over the next couple days and are big dome of high pressure across the state of california. that ridge is going to stick around. you've got another storm system off the coastline. this one begins to approach. but yeah, high pressure just too strong middle strength. and i think for tomorrow and that is going to crank up the temperatures outside. i think tomorrow
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maybe mid to upper 70's the warmest parts of bay area. it is going to be one of those gorgeous days outside enjoying those numbers while we have. i'm not going to be around for long about this searing look at about 74 degrees in the napa valley 75 amount to about 78 one of the warm spots in fremont and out over the next few days. we're going to see plenty of sunshine coming our way. light chance of showers friday night into early on saturday and halloween looking nice. a spooky. but dry. thank you, lawrence investigators in new mexico say they have recovered firearms and hundreds of rounds of ammunition from the movie set where actor alec baldwin accidentally shot and killed a cinematographer. authorities detail their initial findings from an investigation. earlier today. our grant lotus joins us now from the newsroom with. >> details on the latest developments grant. well, ken and pam, we're learning more details about what happened on that rust movie set. this comes nearly a week after alec baldwin. >> accidentally shot and killed a crew member and
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injured another. the film's assistant director said in an affidavit released by the sheriff today. he did not thoroughly check the gun he gave to baldwin. investigators believe the actor baldwin fired one live round from a colt 45 revolver killing cinematographer, halyna hutchins and hurting director joel souza who was behind her. another 500 rounds of ammunition were also removed from the set including blake's w rounds and live bullets. i think there was some complacency on this set. >> and i think there are some safety issues that need to be addressed by the industry. we're going to determine how those got there or why they were there because they shouldn't have been there. >> authorities are still in the process of interviewing around 100 people who were on set at the time and they say they'd like to re interview. some people, including baldwin, the director, the armor in charge of weapons. police say all these people have been cooperative in the investigation. but authorities
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know nothing is off the table when it comes to criminal charges and no one including baldwin has been ruled out. authorities also say they're unsure of baldwin's exact whereabouts at this time. they did not restrict his travel outside the state. that is the latest from the newsroom tonight. i'm grant lotus pam and ken, back to you in the studio. >> grant. thank you for that update. still ahead, be picky. it. it is sticky we've got some tips from a bay area oral surgeon on the best types of candy for your teeth. >> in sports forty-niners head coach kyle shanahan provide some clarity on the trey lance situation sports director jason dumas has the reaction coming up.
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>> new at 6 skittles starburst or snickers. all 3 candies are part of halloween fun. but one is not like the other in the minds of oral health professionals. and we've been debating a favorite son, according to a san francisco oral surgeon doctor eric scharf. >> chocolate is the best for your teeth. he says chocolate washes off your tv. the lot easier than some other candies and the darker, the chocolate, the better after sheriff it recommends staying away from hard candies because those can chip or break your tooth. and surprisingly, he says if you are eating candy, do not brush your teeth right away. >> the reason being is that
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sugar in the candy has already started to kind that the tea and by rushing right away or he kind of we're seeing that factor. so the best thing you can actually do is couple of things. one is drink some water after eating some sweets water will work like saliva help wash away that sugar from your tv and then you may want to rush maybe 30 minutes after eating or consuming candy. another good thing you can do. it's have the candy at the same time you're eating a meal or right after a meal. the reason for that is when you're eating. you're producing saliva. so live as a very protective function helps to clean your teen wash off that sugary substances. >> the doctor says just remember treat t r e a t texture rents eat assess and timing. he says limit hard candy drink water after eating candy eat candy with meals or
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after you just heard limit tart and tangy brands and brush but not right away. >> all of this information can be found on our web site along with the full interview with doctor sharp right now on kron 4 dot com washing down candy with a coke. not a good idea now. i don't think so. coming up next, the recent rain was both helpful for some farmers and harmful for others. >> what issues some growers are now faced with. ♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪
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this week. storm brought some much needed rain, but it was so much it actually ended up causing some problems for central valley farmers agriculture officials say all the moisture can cause mold. >> kristi gross talk to the san joaquin farm bureau about the effect of the rain. she has the latest tonight from stockton. >> regarding the overall drought. this is to say. but so drop in the bucket groups budget with the san joaquin county farm bureau says the record rainfall from last weekend was encouraging, but it's not enough to move the needle on the statewide drought. we need well above normal rainfall and snowpack this year to kind of regain what we've lost in the past couple years. so it's it's it's again, we're optimistic. we try to be optimistic always in this industry. so. >> but it's it. we have a long ways to go legit says the rain was both helpful for some growers. anybody who's done with harvest that that's the key here. if they're done with harvest, they're putting things, you know, putting things away. they're starting to wrap up their season. that's great. and harmful for
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others. mold is a huge issue that moisture and they're going to have to try to get that moisture out of that to be able to use it just a couple days ago. fields like this one had standing water about ankle deep. >> which the farm bureau says it was a problem for crop. still waiting to be harvested. we've seen hay out tomatoes out, walnuts out other crops out they're going to be bottom line one breaks for that matter. so there's. >> there's commodities out there that didn't didn't get in before that rain storm and they can see some pretty significant damage to that, right. legit says the drought has been a challenge for farmers not only do we have a natural drought. but we have kind of a manmade route by the agencies that are restricting the our ability to use water. all of this is making it more and more difficult to grow food. according to the farm bureau. we won't know the true impact of the rain for months. we're not just a place. >> in california. the grows food for california. we grow food for the world. and everyone is going to suffer because of that. >> that was kristi gross
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reporting tonight. officials say farmers are trying to stay optimistic. but the continued water woes have major consequences. if we don't get more rain. so let's check on our 4 zone forecast. a live look outside looking out over the san francisco bay area looks pretty clear out there. very and lauren said, look most of the clouds to pretty much been swept away today. but. >> that's obviously going to change again as yet. i think so. i think as we get into next week. we've got a series of storms headed back to the bay area tonight enjoying a mostly clear night. i say that they're still a couple patches of fog. a little thick out near the coastline. >> toward the golden gate bridge. but otherwise we're going to see a change in the weather pattern. more of an offshore wind developing again overnight tonight. that means some very nice weather coming our way. see more of a northerly component in the wind pattern outside right now and that will bring with it some clearing skies. maybe couple patchy ground fog inland. but that's about it. otherwise we're looking good now as we head through the night tonight and the going to see mostly clear skies with
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the exception of maybe a packham patch. the fog near the coast tomorrow. mostly sunny side up and that's why it's going to stay. and that's gonna lead to some very nice temperatures around the bay area. these numbers going to soar even in the san francisco. you're closer to 70 degrees by tomorrow afternoon. 69 in the mission, little cool out toward the coastline with some patchy fog and some sunshine. then inside the base 70's going to be calm and 72 in millbrae about 73 in foster city. 75 in 7 tailed warm in the parts of the south bay too well in the 70's there you can see some temperatures rolling up near 80 degrees. i think by tomorrow afternoon. so some really comfortable numbers. and these temperatures running a little bit above the average for this time of year as we head toward the north bay also want to see plenty of sunshine 72 in the napa valley about 70 system pittsburgh, 70 degrees and low about 78 degrees in samara fell. so looking good out over the next couple of days. temperatures running above average cooling down a little bit as we get into the weekend, a slight chance of a couple sprinkles on saturday morning. then we clear things out. halloween look safe. a chance of rain returns next monday and the middle of next
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week. >> and now kron 4 sports. >> the forty-niners are back at work prepping for a trip to the windy city for a date with the bear. it will be a homecoming for jimmy garoppolo. he grew up in suburban chicago. he. >> and while. >> he's never entered this role being questioned as much by the fan base. that's what happens when your team loses 4 straight and your backup is the 3rd overall pick in this past year's draft to be frank, the majority of this niners fan base wants trey lance to start at quarterback. but as he's done ever sense, he drafted lance kyle shanahan made it known that he has no plans to start him any time soon. >> but in draft trade to just fix this year. you know, we drafted him say could be the quarterback here in the future. and i get that's a matter of for not playing him just because what our record
6:51 pm
is or just because of that. so that's why our first thing our discussions is how healthy is is. you know, it's going to work today. but because of how last 4 games of gun. that doesn't really affect on whether a plane train not. right now. i understand 2000 different ways for us the same type of question. and i get that because we've lost 4 games in a row and are sending her to him for. and that's the easy thing to talk about. but that's not a very smart thing of us. you know, just do that because you're not playing the way you want to play and think you're just going to put in a rookie and he's going to be answered think that's fair to him. just moving on big part of it. you know, you can't dwell on it. it's obviously a number and you know, that feeling that we had a sunday night. >> use that to motivate you in a way you have figure out whatever your processes we that get you ready for this next game on sunday. >> and you just let those games dragged back to back like that. you're going to be in for a long year. >> feels like a long year already. the warriors they're tied for the best record in
6:52 pm
the nba and they get to play their next 8 games in the friendly confines of chase center, steph curry has been he's usual self and his brother-in-law damion lee, in fact want to stop saying his brother lot of probably passive aggressively disrespectful damion lee stands on his own. he's 3rd in the nba in bench points. everyone on this squad has a role and seems to be fitting into it perfectly. but of course, there's always room for improvement. >> we strung together 4 good wins heading home really good spot. so i just think everybody's really enjoying. i'm playing together and feeling good about the team good about the young season we know we just got to keep know things can change in hurry and so just got to keep plugging away. >> all right. we have a baseball game going on astro's have bounced back from last night's loss to the braves. they're up 5 to 2 in the 6th
6:53 pm
inning. they're looking to tie that series the world series now. >> back to the warriors. i broke my own rule at some i call myself stop. i don't have to mention he steph curry brother. mentioned him. he had his own accomplishments he's been playing really well. damion lee. he's a stone great. we chatted this season. he's just in a different head space. he has a kid on the way said that is kind of changed his perspective and he settled into his role with the warriors this year really well. it's really hard when you're connected to such a huge star yeah. in you're at. so you're naturally going to be associated and it's just not fair. yeah, for sure. but like i said, he's making a name himself having a great for him. thank you, jason. coming up, another mountain lion spotted in the bay area. we're going to show you the moment this guy gal was captured.
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>> take a look at this. a mountain lion was spotted in the rincon valley neighborhood of santa rosa, last tonight, santa rosa police and wildlife experts were able to sedate him and take him in for treatment. big cat is now recovering at a local wildlife sanctuary just last monday, a mountain lion was taken in after roaming around schools. that was in rohnert park. we reported on that. experts say if you encounter a big cat,
6:57 pm
stay calm. do not approach. it never run away. and try your best to appear intimidating. know exactly what i would do. well, you're shaking in your boots good luck with that. yeah, at least he's okay. >> but that's it for kron. 4 news tonight at 6. we'll see you tonight at 8 o'clock. have a good evening at a nice evening, everybody.
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xiidra. ♪ ♪ >> announcer: could alec baldwin face criminal charges? what the d.a. is saying today. >> all options are on the table. >> announcer: shock that the gun that killed the cinematographer may have been used for target practice. >> target practice. totally unacceptable. >> mom versus the marshals. guns drawn ready to bust down the door. one big problem. >> they are at the wrong house. >> pushed me and my baby out of the way. they are pointing guns at us. >>


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