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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  October 27, 2021 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news heading. why are we asking high schoolers. why did they have to be the passport police. >> now a data show of support for a fast food chain in contra, costa county demonstrators sticking up for in and out burger after a second location in as many days violates a covid health order. we are live with ready for rollout bay area. health officials preparing just in get the green light to vaccinate children as soon as next week. plus some bay area transit riders will soon feel
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the brunt of a vaccination mandate because certain service will be suspended. good evening, everybody. thank you for joining us for kron 4 news a date. i'm pam moore and i'm ken wayne. we start tonight in oakland where police shut down interstate 5, 80 right in the middle of rush hour. police started shutting down westbound lanes, east of high street just before 5 o'clock this evening. >> by 5.30, all westbound lanes were closed. no word on the official cost yet, but officers on scene did report rifle casings in the area. >> we also have seen carter was called in the freeway was back open by 6 o'clock this evening. we are working to get additional details as to what exactly happened and we'll bring you any updates as soon as they come into our newsroom. also in the east bay, yet another in and out burger restaurant is facing fines after violating contra costa county's vaccine mandate tonight. protesters showed up to lend their support at the location in san ramon. and
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that's where we find. >> kron four's. theresa who was there as demonstrators arrived to recent. >> can. and pam, we're out here in san ramon and there is a big show of support here at this facility. and earlier today, as you mentioned, those protesters that showed up to make sure that they got there message across. >> holding signs with messages such as stop the mandate. this group in front of in and out burger in san ramon wednesday. it is the latest chapter in this contentious covid-19 era on tuesday. the in and out burger in pleasant hill shut down friday that contra costa county health department doing so. >> after full warnings and fines advising the fast food chain either check for mandates are negative tests for inside dining or else. the health department also finding the sand remove facility diners. quick to have a comment about this controversy. >> when you think about all i think in and out delicious.
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>> i we were we usually come in wednesday night's after gymnastics and we're here supporting in and out because i don't think anybody should have to show their health record. >> angry at the establishment for what they're doing and it's wrong, period. end of story. everything that they're doing is wrong there winds everybody there. a screw and everybody there trying to take everybody's rights away from them. >> it is not right. i think it's garbage. why are we asking high school years. a lot of these kids are in high school, 1920. why did they have to be the passport police. it's not the company's job. are they going to is the government going to provide. a salary for someone to only check passports. it's it's ludicrous in and out for their part, issuing the statement to kron 4 as a company in and out burgers strongly believes in the highest form of customer service and to us, that means serving all customers or visit us. >> and making all customers feel welcome. we refused to
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become the vaccination. police for any government. that statement continued calling the shutdown unreasonable invasive and unsafe. >> and so here in san ramon what they chose to do instead of getting another fine or facing any kind of shut down what they have chosen to do. it is not have any indoor dining. what so ever. there's just signs you can go into the restaurant, pick your order is. but you have to sit outside reporting live here in san ramon. theresa stasi right to you guys. thank you to resettle today governor newsom was asked about the controversy surrounding the in and out restaurants which are defined those local health orders by failing to check the vaccination cars. but the governor said he doesn't want to get caught up in this particular drama. >> and not get caught up in the situation she's in and out burgers. one of our great home-based. great respect admiration. and i know that the folks at the headquarters
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in and out. burger visited them. and we really appreciate it. couple years back. you may recall, they double down on their commitment to our state. and i want to double down on my commitment to them. the same time they have some difference of opinion as it relates to some of these county decks and courage. everybody to take seriously local health orders. and i encourage everybody to support. businesses that support the state. i appreciate that they're headquartered, california based company. >> other news tonight, certain san francisco muni lines will be suspended next week because some anticipate a shortage of operators. the vaccine mandate takes effect november. 1st in the city and union officials fear they're going to lose workers because of that. here's a list of the routes being temporarily suspended one california 30 stockton, 49 van ness and the 14, our mission. all of these are short line sos last 2 will only be stopped on the weekends. it's unclear when services will resume. with pfizer's covid vaccine expected to get final approval
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for children. aged 5 to 11 s soon as next week. preparations are underway here in the bay area. and today the santa clara county health department outline its plans which could get shots in arms by wednesday. four's maureen kelly has details. >> santa clara county health department is already gearing up for the possibility of getting shots into those little arms next week while older residents got their boosters or even first shots today at the county fairgrounds just steps away. a mirror image mass vaccination site stands ready and empty. and while they were halloween decorations up today. a physician's assistant says. >> they are planning a scavenger hunt and other activities for kids to help calm their nerves and privacy screens have been put out. so those waiting in line can't see other kids getting jabbed, especially as a mom of 2 kids already. i know that the fear that they go through when they're getting vaccines. >> the privacy screens are going to hopefully minimize that visual anxiety for them. the vaccine that those aged 5
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to 11 years old, will get our kids sized. one 3rd of the dose that adults get. but like the adult pfizer vaccine, they need 2 shots spaced 21 days apart before being fully vaxxed 2 weeks after their final shot, the santa clara county health department says the kids version is 90% effective in preventing symptomatic disease. 55,000 kids shots are expected to arrive next week here in santa clara county. there are a 166,000 children in that age range living here. so not everyone will be able to get their shots at once. but they are not anticipating a shortage. this time around for those parents who are still hesitant. doctor marty fenstersheib points out that just because younger kids tend not to get as sick. this population has not been completely spared by the pandemic there been 8300 hospitalizations and a 3rd of those were intensive care units. >> i'm in this country and that also that complication of an inflammatory condition is definite. bear is definitely very real. there's also been a
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issues and cases of long-term covid in these kids. so i think it's it's definitely of a benefit to get the vaccine for the children because the risk of the disease are much worse than the vaccine side effects which are minimal. >> in addition here at the county fairgrounds. the shots will also be made available at community clinics private doctors offices, pharmacies and some school sites. maureen kelly kron 4 news. >> shots have been approved. but what about a 4th shot. according to the cdc. some people may need that extra dose. those people moderately and severely in the new york compromise who are at least 18 and older. the additional shot would be administered 6 months after the 3rd dose. meanwhile, health officials say covid case rates here in california are low, but they have stopped declining. this comes as doctors brace for the winter months and a possible surge in infections during the holidays. as long as hospitalizations stay low. doctors say there is no reason
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to worry ucsf infectious disease expert monica gandhi says right now doctors are closely monitoring denmark as that country just fully reopened and lifted mask mandates. >> there is no doubt that as people mingle, there's going to be increased cases. the question is when you get to that level of immunity where your hospitalizations stay flat. they stay low. and with only time will tell with california. but if denmark is any carol, it's been 5 weeks and counting cases were not hospitalizations. a statement. >> officials continue to urge everybody to get the vaccine you see in this graph to large difference in positive covid cases among the unvaccinated and vaccinated over the past week unvaccinated people were 6.9 times more likely to get covid than those who are fully vaccinated right now. kron 4 dot com. you can get the latest information on the coronavirus just scan that qr code. it will take you straight to our website and
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there you can read about the vaccine for children. new international travel rules and information on mixing and matching booster. shots. >> let's talk baseball. the future of the athletics in oakland remains uncertain tonight. but the team did secure an important vote last night. the alameda county board of supervisors approved a non-binding resolution to potentially contribute tax dollars to the proposed 12 billion dollar waterfront ballpark. >> the non-binding vote sets the terms by which we can then send the lawyers off to actually draft the binding agreement. we have put together a win-win project that is not just good for the a's, not just good for major league baseball but is going to benefit this community. if the project eventually breaks ground city and county incremental property tax dollars. collected for 45 years. >> would be used to reimburse the athletics for their upfront costs. that would be
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associated with building the public parks, the affordable housing and the other public infrastructure. but not for the ballpark itself. or its operations. the team is taking care of all of that. meanwhile, mayor chef says she fully expects the a's will continue. exploring las vegas as a backup option for a ballpark. >> still to come tonight, new details have emerged in that movie set shooting death. what the man who gave the gun to alec baldwin said he did right before that horrible mistake. a beautiful sight for skiers. why they and so many others should be very happy about this weekend's storm plus a texas driver finding herself face to face wicked weather. >> and we're catching a break from all the stormy weather. but more storms lining up again. we will talk about that coming up in a few minutes.
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>> investigators in new mexico say they've recovered firearms and hundreds of rounds of ammunition from the movie set where actor alec baldwin accidentally shot and killed a cinematographer earlier today authorities laid out their initial findings in the investigation. but of course we're at lotus is here with the latest. developments. it seems every day since this happened there something else that stunning investigators and not painting a picture of a movie set that was totally buttoned up by the book. >> just to the contrary. in fact, we are learning a lot more tonight about details according to investigators
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about what was going on on that rust movie set. and this all comes nearly a week after alec baldwin accidentally shot and killed a crew member and injured another. the film's assistant director said in an affidavit released by the sheriff today that he did not thoroughly checked the gun that he gave to baldwin. investigators believe the actor filed fired one live round from a colt 45 revolver killing cinematographer. glenn hutchins and injuring director joel souza who was standing right chits another 500 rounds of ammunition were also removed from the set according to authorities, including blake's dummy rounds and live bullets. i think there was some complacency on this set. >> and i think there are some safety issues that need to be addressed by the industry. we're going to determine how those got there or why they were there because they shouldn't have been there. >> authorities are still in the process of interviewing around 100 people who were on set at the time and they say
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they like to re interview some others, including baldwin the director, the are more in charge of the weapons see armor. police say nothing is off the table when it comes to criminal charges here and they say no one, including baldwin has been ruled out. so we will have to wait and see what happens there. authorities also said tonight they are unsure of baldwin's whereabouts at this time. they did not restrict his travel outside the state of new mexico. that's the latest reporting live in the studio. i'm grant lotus kron 4 news. all right, grant, thank you very much. back here in the bay area. 3 animal shelter employees in palo alto. >> have been cited after 7 puppies died while they're being transported. investigators determined that the employees of pets in need took a van to the central valley to pick up the animals back in august. investigators say the van did not have air conditioning. the animals were not given any water during that trip. the 3 employees face misdemeanor charges of
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animal cruelty and neglect. the shelter released a statement saying in part, quote, this was a tragic accident that is sad and the entire pets in need family. we recognize the trust placed in pets in need by our donors staff, volunteers and supporters and appreciate the community's support during this very challenging time. >> pg and e crews working for 3rd night to night to restore power to bay area customers who lost it during the atmospheric river storm over the weekend. the utility has restored power to 817,000 customers or nearly 99% of all of the customers affected. but there are about 1100 customers otill in the dark tonight. a rock slide along the rugged central coast shut down a long stretch of highway one caltrans spokesperson says the closure extends from north of the ragged point in in san luis obispo county. >> 2 gorda in monterey county and you can see why a lot of debris there. they added that the rocks above the highway are being assessed by caltrans
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and there are estimates that this could be a closure that last about a week or so, santa cruz county official starting a 10 day prescribed burn. this is happening while the ranch state park. >> the burn program began today and will continue through november. the 5th, the 600 acres at officials plan to burn will help manage vegetation reduce the fire fuel and improve wildlife habitat be aware, though some of the trails will be closed temporarily to ensure public safety and that includes and chanted loop baldwin loop, wilder ridge and saying great cut off loop. >> centrica treating you might think about trick or skiing. last weekend. storm dumped more than 3 feet of snow in the sierra allowing palace. aides tahoe to open early palisades, which was formally named squaw valley opens this friday. tomorrow. it's only the 3rd time in the resort. 72 year history. it's opening in
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october. it typically opens at the end of november. it sort officials say this surprise snowfall is kicking them into high gear. >> you know, we're in our shoulder season. this is really the time that our resort is getting ready for our opening, which is supposed to be end of november. so, you know, crews are coming on board were getting our let's ready. we're getting things set up for the season. but we've really had to kick into overdrive this bring a lot of people kind of fun. some stuff up on the schedule that we normally wouldn't be doing this time of year. everybody, you know, came in and got to work. we're making it happen. >> palisades tahoe says it's following placer county covid rule so face masks will only be required indoors for those who are not vaccinated and because halloween is this weekend. costumes are encouraged so dress up. and with winter just a few weeks away. other tahoe ski resorts are also preparing to open their doors heavenly and northstar both opening on
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november 19th sierra at tahoe will open next month on the 25th kirkwood opens december 3rd in homewood will open on december 10th wellness check on our 4 zone forecast as we take a look at a time lapse of the sierra. this is the view from the palace, a soho as can just mention, the resort is planning to open on friday and. >> with all that snow, you can see why it's a beautiful shot as he was actually see lake tahoe just beyond that in there. and so get a perspective on where the snow is because morris didn't quite get all the way down to lake level. did it or just dusting day had a dusting at lake level of the most. that was about 8,000 feet on up. this is a warm. >> a series of storms that moved through. but i think they have a cold series. the likely to head their way out there tonight. folks headed up over the mountain tops the roadways are open. you may want to temperatures getting very cold up there at night. in fact, think our camera just throw some 39 so see the truck to move them by their daughter passed the snow all on the side there. there's more to come.
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>> but not for now. it's going to stay nice and quiet as we head through the next few days. a sunny skies for tomorrow. you're up in the 50's 60's by friday. a few clouds roll in temperatures cooling off this weekend. by the way, overnight lows are dropping off in the 30's around the state looking nice and dry. the storm line has moved further to the north, the jet stream and up in the pacific northwest. that's bringing more scattered showers up in that direction. keeping us dry and we really need to dry things out for a little bit. we're going to that again tomorrow. in fact, tomorrow is going to be even warmer around the bay area. well into the 70's in many places. maybe as high as 77 in fremont. 75 in san jose. beautiful day downtown san francisco about 65 degrees and sunny. wow, what a difference for. all right. thank you, lawrence. >> a new technique is helping mastectomy patients feel more like themselves still ahead tonight at 8 details on the
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the plot twist. ♪ the hero prevails. in hollywood, this would be the end. but our here, we are just getting started. introducing the all-new nissan frontier.
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but our here, we are just getting started. being touted as the final frontier of reconstruction sutter health doctor and tell it is a cancer and plastic surgeon. >> after her own battle with cancer. she created a new option for mastectomy patients as kron four's. noelle bellow reports tonight, her new sensation preserving technique is helping women feel more like themselves. and i was like. >> believe this is you know, it really was such a such a get sarafina nance's, an astrophysics phd student at uc
8:25 pm
berkeley. >> when she's not studying or floating in 0 gravity. she's raising awareness on social media about genetic testing and must act to me is i have a phd background and in science. and i struggled a lot actually to find information that accessible. sarafina was just 23 when she found out she carried the brca 2 gene mutation leaving her with a very high risk of developing cancer, 10 so scared. i you know. >> angry. i get a lot of sort of conflicting negative emotions. but once i made the decision to be proactive about it. >> all of those sort fell to the to the background. >> she eventually decided to have a double mastectomy with reconstruction. but finding out traditional mastectomies leave patients with near complete numbness in their chest was surprising. and unfortunately the standard almost everyone you talk to his nom after traditional mastectomy doctor and pellet is both a plastics and cancer
8:26 pm
surgeon at sutter cpm sees health center after her own battle with cancer 4 years ago. she and her nerve surgeon husband created a sensation preserving technique for mastectomy is sensation matters for many different reasons. that people can get burns taking chronic pain if there injuries doctor pellets as new technology has helped them create the trailblazing technique may have nerve grafts that we can use the commute long owner grass we have technology, better mastectomy technology and young women speaking up about the importance of sensation has helped push more surgeons to learn how to do it on wednesday. doctor pella took part in one of sutter's virtual grand rounds, a meeting where surgeons can share their new techniques. currently there's less than 10 surgical teams across the country performing ie routinely. we actually have the highest number of patients on the longest outcomes in terms of anyone across the country so far. but there certainly are more teams come
8:27 pm
to you. more than 150 patients have received the sensation performing mastectomy at sutter and 85 to 90% of them say they're feeling is back to their baseline. sarafina is one of them. and not only does she feel more confident in her body. she's also reduced her risk of cancer from 87% to less than 5%. such a gift to find doctor palette. and i think having that sensation allowed the healing process. >> to go far more smoothly because i was able to be in touch with my body sarafina says she'll continue to share her story as a way to educate more women about their options. just impact one person that is incredibly powerful. i know i've done my job in san francisco. noelle bellow kron 4 news. >> and here in the bay area, there is currently a team at mills peninsula medical center and at stanford hospital before me. this surgery after pellets says the goal is to teach enough surgeons all around the world. how to do
8:28 pm
the procedure so patients still have to travel so far in order to receive it. >> coming up next, a date outrage in a peninsula community after residents learn their new neighbor could be a sexually violent predator. how police are responding tonight. plus, what prompted the san jose police officer to allegedly punched a woman not once but twice and what's causing prices at the pump to reach record levels in pump to reach record levels in parts of the when a truck hit my car, pump to reach record levels in pthe insurance company wasn't fair. i didn't know what my case was worth, so i called the barnes firm. i'm rich barnes. it's hard for people to know how much their accident case is worth. let our injury attorneys help you get the best result possible.
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after serving 17 years in prison. a man deemed a sexually violent predator could soon be released in east palo alto. police there are now sounding the alarm before a final decision is made. kron four's. dan kerman explains why. >> lamar johnson has been deemed a sexually violent predator after being convicted of several assaults in the bay area after serving a little under half of his 36 year prison sentence. he's now eligible for a conditional release. but he's palo alto. police say the location that's been proposed is problematic with mister johnson coming in. >> and is a target range. been the most from 15 to 40 years old. possible implications for the location chosen. >> that's because palo alto. police say the location proposed near beach street ken clarke avenue is filled with women that age because it's within a mile of several schools in a shopping mall. there is a possibly 6 schools to churches.
8:32 pm
>> and a retail center. well, we have a lot of that a lot of use. >> a hearing on johnson's release has been scheduled for december. first at the san mateo county courthouse in the meantime, he's palo alto. police want to hear from the public not only about his release but about that specific location. dan kerman kron 4 news. >> in the south bay san jose police officer has been charged with punching a woman in the face and what's being called a case of road rage. it happened in july. 37 year-old george brown was off duty at the time and driving with family members when he got into some kind of collision or near collision with another vehicle on interstate 6.80, both cars pulled over. and that's when police say brown punched a woman in the other car knocking her to the ground when she stood up. police say he punched her again. brown called police to help. but drove away before they arrived. a driver in a tesla provided some kind of recordings of what happened to
8:33 pm
investigators. brown now facing a number of charges including felony assault. if convicted, he could be put behind bars. district attorney jeff rosen said in a statement, quote, it is disappointing that an officer on or off duty would act in such a reckless and violent way. a higher standard of behavior is not a suggestion or request. it is built into the badge. >> in the east bay. the family of a mentally ill man shot 9 times by a danville police officer has received a nearly 5 million dollars settlement from contra. costa county. this comes nearly 3 years after the 2018 fatal shooting on a mirar be was shot while slowly driving away from police family attorney john burris announced the settlement today for the lawsuit by the family yesterday. a jury convicted officer andrew hall a felony assault with a firearm. the verdict was the first law enforcement felony conviction involving an off-duty police shooting in contra, costa
8:34 pm
county. >> for your money tonight. the price of gasoline in san francisco has reached a new record according to the american automobile association of northern california. the current price of regular gasoline is $4 and $0.75. that's the highest it has ever been and some stations are even more expensive this time last year. a gallon gasoline in the city was more than a dollar less at $3.42. the aaa spokesperson says international market forces are driving up the cost of our fuel. >> crude oil is extremely to a level that we haven't seen since about 2014 and that's really what's driving the price of gas right now. >> california has the highest gasoline prices in the nation and the bay area owns the dubious distinction of the highest price for fuel in the state tomorrow. top executives from exxon bp chevron and shell will all testify on capitol hill before a house
8:35 pm
hearing. they are expected to highlight the rising gas prices and the global energy supply crunch. >> probably a good idea to take a look at 1. one driver came across on a texas highway. this happened today in the city of orange, which is on the border with louisiana. the tornado whipping up debris snapping power lines. mary fan recorded this video at first she said she thought it was a fire. but when she looked over c saw the actual tornado. she said, quote, it was much closer to me than the video is showing. it was scary. and i thought about driving off the road to get away from it. the national weather service warned residents of widespread wind gusts up to 70 miles an hour and hail the size of quarters. more on that storm chief meteorologist lawrence karnow has the details really the peak of tornado season. but we get a secondary peak as we head into october.
8:36 pm
>> in november's the atmosphere starts to transition winter. look at that fears line of storms moving through that actually all part of the same storm system that moved through the bay area brought us that huge rain and is now making its way across the east. look at the storms rolling right now making their way through parts of alabama and bring some very heavy rainfall in the panhandle of florida to the threat of some more tornadoes with that system as well. and it's far from done impact. this is going to be a mess. this is the forecast model for the storm system. you see the extending all the way down to the south all the way to the north now rotates makes its way all the way up in the northeast over the next couple of days. and this is going to produce severe weather. all along this path. this is an intense system. the boy all even along the eastern seaboard. they're going to see some heavy rainfall and they've already seen 4 to 6 inches from a nor'easter just yesterday here in the bay area. we're catching a break. those temperatures are going to be nice in the 70's in spots inland the next few days. we dry things out pretty nicely. slight chance of showers on saturday. best chance of rain next week.
8:37 pm
thank you, lauren. still ahead, at 8 tonight, environmental concerns coming from los angeles and long beach. >> how backups at the ports are contributing to bad air. plus a tijuana community mourning a child tragedy tonight that's after another tiktok challenge casa 9 year-old his life.
8:38 pm
8:39 pm
>> a community in tijuana is
8:40 pm
remembering a 9 year-old tonight, the child died while attempting a tiktok challenge. the challenge is called the blackout challenge that encourages people to choke themselves until they pass out salvador rivera reports. >> candles in the shape of a cross and some flowers have been laid out to remember a boy name of the u.s. who died in the one on last picked up in this neighbors said the 9 year-old boy died while taking on a challenge he saw on to talk where young people are encouraged to choke themselves until they pass out feel news on its way. the neighbor told us when she got the month, the u.s. he was already on the ground and that she tried to render first aid, but it was too late to both of them. only is it the next time she says all the kids in the neighborhood are not traumatized and scared. the u.s. took on the so called
8:41 pm
tiktok blackout challenge by hanging himself from a tree. he had been left unattended by his mother. yes, the nature we're told. the mom was at work when she got the bad news might the u.s. is not the first to die in this fashion. other children have died while attempting this tiktok challenge in places such as colorado, oklahoma and as far away as italy. tiktok has set. it does not allow content that encourages promotes or glorifies strangers behavior that might lead to injury and that its teams worked diligently. >> to identify and remove content that violates its policies. >> salvador rivera. >> coming up next, a date forty-niners head coach kyle shanahan offer some clarification in the trey lance jimmy garoppolo quarterback situation sports director jason dumas has the
8:42 pm
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8:44 pm
>> some southern california residents say they've been having trouble breathing because of exhaustion as side, all of those trucks and ships at the ports waiting to get unloaded are said to be spiking polluted there. christina pascucci reports from long beach. the record 80 ships back logged off a long beach coast right now. not only represent a supply chain crisis but are exacerbating
8:45 pm
environmental one that hits marginalized communities. grew up long beach. on the western side along beach. >> and as a kid and my cousin who grew up near me had asthma as well. chris chavez grew up near what's known as asthma alley or the diesel dead zone home schools and parks along the freeway near train tracks refineries and the port already. this area doesn't meet national air quality standards. so our air is so dirty. it's a legal data from the city of long beach highlight how certain communities have the highest risk of cancer regionally, the communities of west long beach wilmington and san pedro experience up to 8 years lower life expectancy than los angeles county average. >> why is because the ports of long beach and los angeles are responsible for nearly half. >> of california's air pollution. >> a september report from the california air resources board found this recent supply chain crisis has resulted in 14 and-a-half extra tons per day of small causing chemicals and particulate matter equivalent to exhaust from 50,000 large diesel trucks. the civic environment. a coalition of
8:46 pm
environmentalists has launched a campaign in response. >> should get 0 is a campaign calling on the world's top maritime import polluters to the united states and to take responsibility for their shipping pollution and immediately adopt 100% and 0 emission shipping. this decade. la city council members an incorrect introduced a motion this month to do just that. >> diesel is the primary air toxic contaminant the primary cancer risk from air pollution in our region. business lobbyists are urging governor newsom to ease up on worker protections and clean air rules to alleviate this jim long beach mayor robert garcia says there are better solutions is a huge national crisis and certainly the ports of long beach in la are the center of it. >> i we're doing everything we can to one of the things working on right now with the federal government because they set the standard is where actually ships are actually able to incur. and so the farther out and get shipped actually incurred before they come into the port. that will actually make a huge difference. >> that was christina pascucci reporting tonight the mayor of
8:47 pm
long beach meantime, says that a big part of addressing this problem is getting warehouses which are inland to work around the clock. and that is something that they are working on right now. >> meanwhile, governor gavin newsom will join global leaders next week for the united nations climate change conference. the conference also known as cop 26 takes play ins place in glasgow. scotland newsom is planning to urge international leaders to end the worldwide reliance on oil. >> i could think there's anything more important than disabuse in ourselves that oil has to be part of our future. it doesn't this doesn't half to be repeated year in and year out and we have the technology to do that. we have to know how to do that in california's. number one export its electric vehicle electric vehicles in this country. roughly half purchased in the state known in this state. we're going to accelerate that transition and i'll be talking again a lot more about that. the un meeting next week. >> climate related leaders in newsom's administration and more than a dozen state
8:48 pm
lawmakers will also be attending that conference. lawmakers hope to return with ideas and proposals to present in the upcoming legislative session. >> the u.s. state department has issued its first us passport with an x gender marker. it went to dana's and intersex person who says it is a milestone in recognizing the rights of people who do not identify as male or female. so is 2015. has been in a legal battle with the state department to obtain a passport that did not require them to pick either male or female the department official says they have only issued one passport for now, but hope by early next year to have the option available for non-binary intersex and gender nonconforming. people. >> skittles starburst and snickers 3 candies are part of halloween, but one is not like the others in the minds of oral health professionals. according to a san francisco oral surgeon chocolate is the
8:49 pm
best candy for your teeth. that's because it washes off your teeth. a lot faster than some of the other candies and the darker, the chocolate, the better doctor eric scharf says remember the acronym treat it stands for texture rinse, eat assess and timing here advised to limit hard candy and drink water after eating candy. he can be with meals or after a meal limit the tart and tangy brands and brush. but don't pressure teams right away. wait a little while. you can find this information on our website. kron 4 dot com. >> and now kron 4 sports from the 18 t fiber sports desk. i personally don't discriminate chocolat hard, candy, that. they all good to me. >> the forty-niners. they are back at work prepping for a trip to the windy city for a date with the bears. it will be a homecoming for jimmy garoppolo. he grew up in
8:50 pm
suburban chicago. but he enters this game with his role being questioned more than ever by the niner fan base. that's what happens when your team loses 4 straight and your backup is the 3rd overall pick in the prior draft to be frank, the majority of this niners fan base wants trey lance to start at quarterback. but as he's done ever since he drafted lance kyle shanahan made it clear that he has no plans to start trey anytime soon. >> but in draft trade to just fix this year. you know, we drafted him say could be the quarterback here. the future and i get that's a matter of or not playing. and just because what our record is or just because of that. so that's why our first thing our discussions is how healthy is is. you know, it's going to work today. but because of how the last 4 games of gun. that doesn't really affect on whether a plane train or not. right now. i understand 2000 different ways for us the same type of question. and i get that because we've lost 4 games in a row and are sending are 2, 4, and that's the easy
8:51 pm
thing to talk about. but that's not a very smart thing of us. you know, just do that because you're not playing the way you want to play and think you're just going to put in a rookie and he's going to be answered think that's fair to him. just moving on big part of it. you know, you dwell on it. it's obviously never had the bet feeling that we had a sunday night. >> use that to motivate you in a way you have figure out whatever your processes we use that get you ready for this next game on sunday. and you just let those games dragged back to back like that. you're going to be in. they have for a long year. >> dusty baker and hoping to even the series tonight against the braves bottom of the second. martin maldonado. he grounds one through the gap. you're eager area. he's coming in from second. but the throw to 3rd. get out of there a serious coming all the way home from first he gets in for the run. 5 run ending from houston. he's pumped up.
8:52 pm
>> let's go to the bottom of the 7th areas. >> rockets crashed, jose out today. he was o for 5 coming into this one. that one got out in a hurry solo shot 7, 2 astro's out today. also doubled and scored twice dusty and his lucky spot. he is happy astro's win. 72 we have a tie series game 3. it's friday in atlanta. all righty. that is your look at sports. back to you guys. thanks, jason. nice to see dusty. coming up. some tips and tricks to keep your pu
8:53 pm
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>> by now, you may have already picked out your perfect halloween, pumpkin. but how do you keep it from. >> i believe rob. hey, well, reporter colleen peterson shows us some tips and tricks using items you probably already have at home and grant is listening to it. >> after all the hard work it takes to create a masterpiece. nobody wants their pre bumped into turn into a halloween >> i'm going be meeting ground for bacteria with the insides are exposed to outdoor air. there's a new that you probably have around your house to keep a fun halloween pastime, not a waste of time. in your car for a drive within days. the first trick is making sure you get out all the gun from inside of the
8:56 pm
pumpkin try to scrape the walls as much as you you're talking is hard to get your pumpkin of bleach back with warm water. the police water health killed and prevent bacteria and fung to grow inside her home. you can also take petroleum jelly and coasted crevices inside of the pumpkin. it's a water repellent and seals and the national moisture while keeping the outside moisture away. it's great you could use wd 40 delivery can is also another way you can in the moisture. >> it's a lot of work be 40. i guess your your jacqueline will be squeaky all right. i was calling peterson reporting for us tonight. that wraps up kron 4 news today. but our primetime coverage continues at the top of the hour. grant lodes and vicki liviakis, the are here and i hope that helps with your pumpkins i like to make pies out of first before they hardware store all that stuff of the story and all that stuff. thank you, thank you. can. here's what's coming
8:57 pm
up. >> next at 9 now that we know what to do with the pumpkins. sherry picking laws citing with public defenders, putting dangerous criminals back on the streets. those are just some of the claims former staffers are making against san francisco, dha somebody tonight we'll hear from supporters as they defend his record and try to send a message to those supporting the recall campaign. >> and there's new clarity the night on that. how much longer mask are currently required schools. and when will the students will be required to get the vaccine. the timeline laid out by state health officials. those stor ♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪
8:58 pm
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9:00 pm
>> from the bay area's local news station. we now with breaking news. over a million hours this stance misinformation and hear this recall because our democracy at lis. >> all right. we have the other story to talk to you about supporters of san francisco's district attorney there defending his policies despite a recall effort. >> chase will likely face a recall election next year after more than 80,000 people, % including 2 former city prosecutors say they're looking to outs the da. good evening. thanks for being with us tonight on kron 4 news at 9, i'm grant lotus and i'm vicki liviakis kron four's. dan thorn tait


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