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tv   KRON 4 News at 7am  KRON  October 28, 2021 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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the lead barely making it even though our chances of rainfall are definitely a lot lighter than what we had last week. and that's probably actually a good thing saturday is chance of rain is and maybe a couple of sprinkles possible sunday are other. monday's is looking a lot better and then sunday for halloween. nice and dry. good weather for all the trick or treating that you want to be doing your view outside this morning starting to brighten up just a little bit. you're berkeley hills. cam is nice and clear. that's not to say the rest of the bay area's fairing. so well, though, we have seen visibility improving in the south bay. but there are still pockets of fog to be noted in the south bay as well as hugging san pablo bay right across the north bay. so just be mindful that we are at saturation point this morning is first humidity goes there's a lot of do. there's a lot of missed having formed for parts of the region that does make for some wet conditions. some slick roadways might have to run the windshield wiper a time or 2 current temperatures are in the 50's for most of us oakland at 55 alameda. 58 dublin dublin's at 50 degrees pacifica at a cool 60 degrees.
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our warmest spot in the bay right now. rain a thank you, donald. it's good out there. all right. well, we do have some issues out on our roadways like the bay bridge. >> a disabled vehicle near that fremont street exit in the city. so just east of that. so we start to see drive times go up by at least 24 minutes. if you're traveling there, let's head over get a look at what's happening along 80 san pablo 80 westbound at el portal drive. you've got an accident there. so i would say san pablo avenue that runs just adjacent to that headed across towards the peninsula. little under 17 to no hazards. but an uptick in traffic and out here pleasanton as you're traveling along southbound south of castle would drive. you got an accident. so you might want to hop on 84 or 5.80, to get around that. all right. james, back to you. thanks, lauren. a. >> so happy right now. we have thousands of hotel employees across the country protesting today over low pay and increased workloads during the pandemic. and that right now the demonstration is happening in the east bay kron four's will tran is there in berkeley. good morning. well.
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>> they are into it about an hour or so. and you can see now it's grown at the 6 o'clock. it was probably about 70 people. now we're probably 15200 as they are walking back and forth, their place of employment. the doubletree hilton is right in front of you with all the lights. obviously they're sending a message to their employer that they're looking for better working conditions. now they say that, yes, understand that the pandemic did hurt the company. the hotel's financially, but they claim they recovered since then. but they're still using the pandemic as an excuse. >> cut staff that increases the workload for those who still have jobs and not only that, they're fearful that you know, new employees might have to pay even more for health care. so that's why they're out here protesting, not just here teens and area, but this is happening across the country and even in canada all
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together, about 10,000 of them. doing it at the same time, here's tom diaz, one of the workers here who took time to step out of the protest me about your work conditions. why was it so important for you to be here and not at work. >> well, because when you have your work overload, it and we haven't had a for wages. and i see throughout their employees that there's there are short staffed and they're not even. having to give us any but anyhow for the live setting wages, you know, to be bay area for wages. so i mean, at the does you know, people are stressed and everything like that. but nothing has been done by management or the corporation. >> you seen an increase in workload. there's no doubt about it. ever since about on that note, i don't know about >> we're all thbt's no help to the goes on to wait, bring us up like every other hotel.
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just give us our we haven't had a contract for what a >> we have not heard from the hotel. we hope to hear from the hotel's was no response but face it. james and darya whenever you're doing this. you're sending a message to your employer, but also hoping to hurt them financially because look at this. this is part of the hotel and there are people inside. so maybe it will. deter them from booking a as this continues. but we'll see how this goes out. i can tell you there will be a march this afternoon at 4 o'clock in san francisco. there can be counted. it will consist of many of these workers as well as they marched through downtown san francisco back to it. >> all right. thanks a lot. we'll also making headlines this morning. your commute next week could take longer than usual if you ride muni. yep. that's because they're going to have to suspend some services that they don't have enough workers. >> to work for because of the vaccine mandate. if you didn't get the employee, you know,
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sitting police needed to get the shot or else or else yeah. the kron 4. sarah stinson is live in san francisco with the fallout, how it'll affect riders. hi, sara. >> that last check sfmta said that there's about nearly 300 muni operators that did not provide proof of vaccination. and so they had to kind of pivot and decide what to suspend in that is short line rides until they can get more employees vaccinated because starting on monday. you don't have full vaccination. you cannot go to work. take a look at your screens. you can see right off the bat. what we're talking about in terms of affected rides. and that includes one california short 14. our mission rapid short weekends only 30 stockton short in 49 van. a short that's on weekdays. only short service refers to buses that run on a segment of a longer muni route to help improve frequency the long routes on these lines will continue to operate as if mta says it was
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a hard decision on what to suspend. but the transit agency is hoping that short line is the best thing to cuts of the least number of riders are affected. the transit agency had to do this because of that vaccine mandate requiring all us employees to show proof of full vaccination by november first or they're put on leave. and even worse terminated. sfmta is working with operators to address their vaccination status and hoping that they'll be able to return to work as soon as possible and the transit agency says there will be no cancellation. any new routes in response to this staffing challenge. they're actually training new operators to get more of them out there. and so they can get that short line route back up and running there's no estimate of will how long it's going to be for the short lines to say suspended. so they're just doing the best they can to have those conversations with to get them vaccinated. >> see what happens. maybe they'll have to be terminated reached out to sfmta to get
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update on how many employees as of today are not fully vaccinated. so stay tuned for that for now, reporting live in san francisco. sarah stinson kron 4 news. all right. thanks a lot, sarah. >> time now 7, '06. >> let's head to the east bay now where another bay area in and out burgers facing fines and closing its indoor dining after violating contra costa counties. >> vaccine mandate in and out basically saying that they don't want to be the vaccine police. there's a handful of protesters that showed up at one in san ramon last night we heard from a woman who is supporting the demonstration at in and out. >> it's garbage. why are we asking high schoolers. a lot of these kids are in high school. >> 1920. why did they have to be the passport police. it's not the company's job. are they going to is the government going to provide. >> a salary for someone to only check passports. it's it's ludicrous.
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>> in a statement to kron 4 in and out says it refuses to be quote, vaccination police and they call the local health mandate invasive and unreasonable. >> to the north bay now where the latest city council has extended the city's mask mandate indefinitely at this point. the mandate requires everybody over the age of 4 to wear a mask while inside the indoor settings. the city's decision goes against solano county, which is we know has declined to implement any sort of mask mandate county wide. but the city council says that their mandate will stay in effect until there's some sort of change in the county's covid transmission rates. meanwhile, indoor mask mandates in schools will likely be around least through next year. that's according to state health officials, but that could change as more students get vaccinated against covid. so we'll see where the numbers go. california health and human services secretary doctor mark galli didn't provide any official criteria for when mask mandates might be lifted. he also says it will take some time to ensure that students have a chance to get
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vaccinated against covid on tuesday as we know, an fda panel approved the pfizer vaccine for children between the ages of 5.11 that will need to be an emergency use authorization. and at this point that looks like it will happen. maybe some time next week. >> santa clara county is outlining its plan to get covid vaccines into the arms of little kids between the ages of 5.11 as early as next week. they're going to do it at the county fairgrounds, which is the same place they give the adult covid shots now. officials are putting up privacy screens, though. so the kids won't get freaked out or scared seeing the other kids get their shots promise doesn't hurt. especially as a mom of 2 kids already. i know that the fear that they go through when they're getting vaccines. >> the privacy screens are going to hopefully minimize that visual anxiety for them. >> and remember kids. it has a smaller needles smaller needle for you and a fraction of the dose as well to kids amount of
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dose. 55,000 children doses are expected to arrive in santa clara county next week and there are 166,000 kids between the ages of 5.11 who live in the county. so in addition to the fairgrounds getting ready. they're going to get shots. they think it community clinics private doctors offices, pharmacies and some schools. and governor newsome. >> see he showing you. you can do it. i did. this is him getting a booster shot at a local health clinic in oakland. he was visiting there and thought, okay, i'm here. there you go. look, it's give a lift and he now he got the johnson and johnson for his first shot which means this was his second because the booster doses, the second for them and you can mix and match got the moderna because it was there and all of the health officials. and you know, the fda cdc said that's fine, mix and match whatever is most convenient for you. >> another big story that we're following this morning. police are investigating now possible shooting that shut down interstate 5.80, in oakland last night. all lanes are open this morning. so it's not affecting the morning commute, but police on scene
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last night reported finding rifle casings in the area. now we've reached out to investigators are trying to find more information on a possible victim was there shooting victim. what we have on the shooter right now. is that person in custody. we haven't been able to track down the answers to those questions yet, but we will keep it to the kron 4 will keep you updated it is 7.11. we'll take a break. still ahead on the kron 4 morning news enough people signed a petition to authorize a recall of san francisco's district attorney. so we're going to hear from some of those that support the recall effort. >> and from someone who is supporting the da will hear both sides and a mountain lion captured in santa rosa. we're going to hear from one wildlife expert about the recent rise that we're seeing in these big cats site. and this morning, conditions out there. a little on the gray side for some sfo is had no visibility issues, though, as we have seen. >> minimal fog. it's very patchy where you are seeing it warm field towards the afternoon day time highs climbing well into the 70's full today and tomorrow before fuller halloween weekend
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talking about it. still to come. and we're closer to the weekend but still away from a life thursday morning commute will have a look at your drive times and what's impacting some of your highways out here. once we get back from break.
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>> some 13 right now and you know, we're talking about muni and bus rides. and so i found out that in hong kong, they have they use the regular bus service. night. right. like in the middle of the night. so at night, you know how when some people riding buses and trains fall asleep. the sleeping bus tour. you buy a ticket. it's b y o b blanket. bring your own blanket and you go around hong kong for like 5 hours sleep and sleep is a real thing. i swear and it's only in hong kong unit hasn't done it. you can't do in san francisco yet. would you like that. they give you your plugs in a little light mask and then you just go sleep on the bus and they wake you up and then you leave. not from kid. i get the biggest. you don't like to any member used to drive your kids around the car to put him to sleep it wasn't that it might work for you. john. i love sleeping and that she and airplanes sleep like a baby, right. yeah. don't even know the flight of that actually sounds nice. maybe a little
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work looking well, this might push it back to sleep. the low gray that we have in parts of the bay area making for. >> kind of a i guess like a soothing cool view out here at the embarcadero. you can see that spooky almost low cloud cover. that is hanging out right over the exploratorium. it's very patchy and low cloud cover that we are seeing. but we are very humid out there. we've reached dew point. so you're going to have a lot of missed, a lot of do having collected on roadways. couple of slick spots are possible. san jose. you have seen some fog still in the midst of some misty conditions out there for sure for you as well after what is kind of a gray morning. we do have lots of sunshine and high pressure having built up towards the afternoon. keeping conditions calm sunny and really mild today. it's going to be a beautiful day to be stepping outside this afternoon is going to be comfortable and just pleasant all in all tomorrow. we're going to keep the 70's around but we're going to add in some cloud cover that passes in across the region. so still going to be a mild day tomorrow. just not quite as sunny and beautiful as today saturday, we start to cool things down
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cloud cover stays around and we even see the potential of a a couple light sprinkles on saturday. it looks like the system will lose a little energy by the time it reaches our direction. but do keep your eye out for maybe a drop or 2 on in the middle of the weekend. again. that's saturday 60's at the coastline today. it's pretty solid. 70's elsewhere across the bay area burlingame and i 75 degrees this afternoon with that sunshine that's going to feel really good woodside as well as campbell saratoga in los gatos are very warmest spots in the bay, all at 77 degrees today tied for that warm spot union city and hayward at 74 degrees each oakland at 72. we're as walnut creek at 76 mid 70's for napa and sonoma and some 60's. once you get out towards the coastline as for halloween, we are going to be looking at a really nice one. definitely drier than last sunday, which you have to anticipate for some trick or treating some 60's. a little bit of cloud cover and staying dry on sunday. an important thing to note. if you are heading out with the family
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now saturday brings that slight chance of a few sprinkles, a better chance of showers. looking likely into monday. reyna john, thank you. that love that festive graphic there. all right. as you're heading into the city this morning. >> drive times are improving. so had a stalled vehicle near that fremont street exit. we were up to about 24 minutes. last time i checked in now we're down to 22 so looks like they're making some progress. i get that moved off of that fremont street exit here as you're traveling along southbound south of castle would drive. you got an accident there. pleasanton. so i would say a good alternate would be 84 or 5.80 if you're not trying to be in all of that delay. a little under 17 minutes as you head across towards the peninsula. no major issues or delays. now we had a issue along el portal drive that has since been clear here in richmond. but westbound 80 traveling crockett down to the maze. it will take about 27 minutes to make that drive and we'll leave you with a look at the south bay about 36 minutes traveling towards menlo park during james, back to you. thank you. write 7.18 for your
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money this morning. half of us workers say they feel underpaid. jane king is live at the nasdaq story and more. hi, jane. >> yes, story a high. so this is a robert half international survey and they found 49% of americans feel that they are under workers between 1824 and women were more likely to feel underpaid effective to 7% of employees 18 to 24 thought so. and then 52% of women indicated they thought they were being shortchanged. well, starbucks is raising pay will hike pay to $17 an hour to try to retain and attract workers and those races start in january. denny's is celebrating veterans day with free food veterans can get a complementary, build your own grand slam breakfast on november 11th other chains like bob evans, starbucks probably many more will have deals for veterans as well. and we'll hear about this in the coming weeks. now. apple working on augmented reality glasses that could pictures into your eyes. that's going
7:20 am
to recent patent application filed by the company. apple insider discovered this application. they say that it was for a direct retinal projector. now that means it would skip the need for lenses in the glasses. live from the nasdaq. i'm jane king back to daria. thank you, james. >> 7.20, is the time in san francisco's district attorney chase of a teen will likely face a recall election next year. more than 80,000 people, including 2 former city prosecutors have signed the recall petition and that's more than enough to get the recall on the june ballot, those pushing for a recall believe that the city has gotten less safe under boudin's watch while those in support of him say that he has been tough on crime. take a listen. >> yes, district attorney as a higher prosecution rate and his predecessors and a higher prosecution rate. other da's in the bay area. find this recall very concerning i believe that he's simply lacks a desire and willingness to do
7:21 am
what it takes effectively prosecute crime in san francisco. nothing about me speaking out this personal or with respect to chase a. >> yeah. the recall vote next june would happened just 16 months before would actually be up for reelection. meanwhile, governor gavin newsom will be joining global leaders next week for the united nations climate change conference in glasgow, scotland. he is planning to urge leaders from around the world to reduce their dependence on oil and actually promote his plan to ban the sale of new gas-fueled cars by 2035 more than a dozen state. lawmakers are also going to be on that trip. they're hoping to return with some ideas and proposals that they can present in the upcoming legislative session. oh, my gosh. and just later this morning, one of our big stories is how much gas costs. you know, right. so and i drive electric and maybe you do to warm okay. well, and those that you might relate to. >> outlines. there's been a lot more cited. this one in the north bay is a big one in a neighborhood in san jose. that was found right in front
7:22 am
of a home on in the area of saint francis wrote santa rosa. right. sorry. don't but you have in san jose to. but this one, the center of santa rosa, right. yeah. this was tuesday night, actually when they shot those pictures, they did call a wildlife officials who did come out track like the cat. and again, they've since transported to a safer place where. >> it won't be in jeopardy of running in front of trend. some people were wondering, you know why now? why does it seem like there's so many more sightings. well, it's mountain lion territory. we share the are think about expert. >> it's really important to find ways to safely coexist and that includes making we have enough wildlife kind of activity for these lions to roam freely through our developments and through our roads by wildlife crossings and making developments better suited for animals to move around. >> yeah. just last week, you may remember a 5 year-old female mount line was caught after it was roaming around schools in rohnert park. unfortunately, wildlife
7:23 am
officials did have to euthanize the animal they discovered when they brought it back to wildlife center that it had an untreatable illness. we'll take a break. 7.22 is the time. and coming up on the kron 4 morning news and affordable housing proposal. >> is rejected by san francisco leaders will tell you why one supervisor voted you why one supervisor voted against the plan. the classic hollywood story. we meet the hero, the all-new nissan frontier. hero faces seemingly impossible challenge. ♪ tension builds... ♪ the plot twist. ♪ the hero prevails. in hollywood, this would be the end. but our here, we are just getting started. introducing the all-new nissan frontier. ♪ ♪ but our here, we are just getting started. it's perfect, right, it's perfect. no, you know what, a few more.
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>> a big story out of it. sure that we want to hear this
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morning. a former nhl player named kyle beach is revealing. he is the anonymous john doe who recently filed a lawsuit against the chicago blackhawks for failing to act 10 years ago when he told them that a video coach had sexually assaulted him. yeah. apparently the team did nothing until after the stanley cup and then they let the coach resigned. >> and move on which he did. he went on to work for usa hockey. some colleges and then eventually a high school in michigan where he ended up pleading guilty to criminal conduct charges involving a minor back in 2013 beach. the players says that he wants everybody to know in the sports world and in the world. >> you are not alone. this is a quote that if these things happen to you, you need to speak up and that's what he did. he's hoping this will help other victims. >> coming up. plenty of celebrations are taking place in san francisco this weekend.
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if you're working from home, you're probably driving less. maybe a lot less. at metromile, we think you should be paying less for your car insurance; a lot less. and paying less doesn't mean getting less. with metromile's per-mile pricing... what you pay is based on how many miles you actually drive. so, you can enjoy reliable, high-quality car insurance... at a delightfully different price. get your free quote at >> 7.29 color we like to check on that every day. today. it's missing. we should have a breaking news open. it's a
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clearly gone well could tower is getting into the halloween spirit. let's just put it that he disappear just like so is this the kind of night we're going to see in san francisco in the bay area on halloween, even good john. >> i could be spooky when i want to be going to start to pull it out too often of it is a little spooky this murdered. that low cloud cover. it's very humid. and that's why we are seeing this low gray out there for parts of the bay area. >> has in fact resulted in some visibility issues that points earlier this morning, especially from san jose up the mountain view and in areas right along the bay. now this is very low lying and very really just fog. that is hugging some of our shorelines. you can see from berkeley skies are actually really clear here. so it's not even marine layer. we're looking at. it's a different type of fog entirely. that's just gathered right at the surface san jose up to mountain view. visibility has improved, but there are still
7:31 am
low visibility spots that includes the peninsula. as you can see, that quite our view wasn't much of a view at all so far this morning. here's the good news. if you don't really like the grey that some of us are in the midst of we have ample sunshine already returning to most of the bay. that's something that the rest of us can expect this afternoon 50's for most of our current temp are only spot at 60 degrees on the map right now. so definitely want the jacket this morning. you don't have to worry about it so much into the warm afternoon that we have to look forward to. i do have your halloween forecast still to come. but first, let's get a look at the roads on over to rain and how they do it. all right, john, thanks for that gal. we are looking at some accidents like here in the city. look at this northbound 1, one. >> at cesar chavez street. so you are starting to see a delay along one. oh, one as you're traveling to a tea would be a good alternate for you. we had a disabled vehicle near that freeman street exit was there for a while. so drive times started to go up a little bit along the bay bridge. we're at about 22 minutes and we're starting to see some building over that overpass. there here in
7:32 am
pleasanton southbound, 6.80, south of castle would drive. you got an accident the 84 would be good alternate. and as you head across towards the peninsula. traffic's up a bit to picking up just a little bit one. oh, one in 92 which the delays there. so 17 minutes across towards the peninsula. darya james, back to you. thanks a lot of 7.31 in san francisco's. we've been talking about is gearing up for a busy weekend because halloween is a huge deal. of course. and an outside lands and they happened on the same weekend this year. the city's department public health corps still encouraging you to. >> take necessary precautions to protect yourself against covid. don't forget, we're still in a pandemic that the shot that's kind of conference. camila barco is live in san francisco with more. hi camilla. >> good morning, guys. lots of people will be gathering this be this weekend, especially at outside lands behind. you can see them at golden gate park crews are setting up. but health experts say that safety is paramount this weekend this weekend. people will be gathering for halloween outside lands and the animals more bills. but you can have
7:33 am
fun. but at the same time, health experts say that you should mask up, be vaccinated and wash your hands often. now despite all the celebrations masks are still required for indoor spaces in san francisco. that includes bars, restaurants stores, public transit and any large indoor events. even if people are fully vaccinated now heads up if you're coming to the festival. >> you're going to need to prove that you've gotten your covid shot or or provide a negative covid test masks are also required here at any of the indoor locations. but if you're celebrating halloween or the other. that's those you can gather outdoor. that's probably your safest bet. bring some hannah ties or when your trick or treating limit outdoor crowds and continue to wear your mask. doctors say it's important that everyone take these measures to avoid a new wave of covid cases. this winter last year cases began to spike soon after the holiday after the halloween
7:34 am
weekend and granted this year. we do have the covid-19 vaccines, which is why doctors continue to push for people to get a covid shot now san francisco's seven-day average is about 50 cases per day and there's currently 42 people in hospital now another safety tip. if you're coming here, it's a the outside lands. make sure to text 8, 8, 8, 7, 7, 7 text outside lands in all upper case is that way you can see safety alerts about the festival back to you guys. coming to la when it comes halloween, are you a costume person. you going to be dressing up. >> well, considering that i have to wake up in the early morning i don't think up this year. white house. well, everyone can celebrate for me all live. vicariously you go sleep in your costume. you wake up and wear it. >> thank you very that felt like a party girl haha. all
7:35 am
right. 7.34 is the that, you know, i mean, rain is pressuring us to try to dress in san francisco, new affordable housing project it. well, it won't be coming to the south of market neighborhood after all the board of supervisors actually rejected the proposal. >> to add about 500 housing units near stephenson and 6th street an area that currently is surrounded by homeless encampments. 100 of those units were planned to be affordable housing while only 3 supervisors were in support of this project. the other 8 supervisors voted against it may cited concerns about gentrification. >> time now 7.35, and after serving 17 years in prison. a man convicted of several assaults in the bay area could be released into east palo alto. lamar johnson served about half of his 36 year prison sentence and is eligible for conditional release. he be moved into a home near beach street and clark avenue in east palo
7:36 am
alto. and there is a hearing about this and his scheduled release that the san mateo county courthouse december 1st. in the meantime, east palo alto. police are asking anyone who has concerns about his release to come forward. in the east bay a surgeon from oakland is going to spend the next 16 years behind bars convicted of attempted trafficking of a child cassidy. livery need oil admitted several acts of abuse of children and traveling to cambodia to pay for with children during that trip in 2019 police searched his home and they found enough evidence to arrest him when he returned. >> in the south bay. a woman is dead after being found unconscious in san jose to is found in the area of geralyn drive and dale drive yesterday morning paramedics took her to the hospital. and that is where she unfortunately passed away. her name hasn't been released yet. police are still trying to figure out how she died. we'll let you know when we find out more in the
7:37 am
meantime, the santa clara county da's office has charged to san jose police officer with punching a woman in the face. it's being called a case of road rage 37 year-old george brown was off duty at the time and driving with his family when he almost crashed into another car on 6.80 both cars pulled over and that is when police say brown punched the woman in the other car knocking her to the ground. investigators say brown called police to help with then drove off before they arrived a driver in a tesla provided recordings of what happened. so investigators are looking over that video. brown is now facing a number of charges including felony assault. >> its 7.37 in the family of a mentally ill man who was shot 9 times by a danville police officer is going to get nearly 5 million dollars from contra. costa county. the settlement comes nearly 3 years after the 2018 fatal shooting latimer are believed was shot while slowly driving away from the police. the family attorney, john burris announced the
7:38 am
settlement for the lawsuit by the family tuesday. a jury convicted officer andrew hall, a felony assault with a firearm that is the first law enforcement felony conviction involving an on-duty police shooting in contra, costa county and that same officer hall is accused of shooting and killing tyrell wilson in march of this year that case is still under investigation. >> we'll take a break here at 7.38. but still ahead on the kron 4 morning news the warriors are on the heated and tonight they'll begin an eight-game homestand. we're going to hear from head coach steve kerr about what's ahead. and also this morning drivers across the bay area. continue to feel the pain at the pump will share with you where prices are now. what's behind this price spike jonze and some really good news as far as our drought goes, all the weekend rainfall has resulted in some big improvements. much of the north bay out of the deep maroon indicating our worst category exceptional
7:39 am
drought. >> back to news stream for many of these areas and even bigger changes for the sierra nevada down into severe drought category. still a lot of work to get done but working our way in the right direction. i've got more about your forecast ahead of us. still to come. >> and i'm hoping that darya james are going to reconsider and dress up for halloween. we're also looking at your drive times this morning. 7.41.
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7:41 am
7:42 am
>> we're going to a gas price story. but i just save some money. gas expensive. i fix my own necklace. okay. gas prices are like through the roof and some of these and they've been going up and you know, he's going to play for it. >> the executives are in the hot seat. we get people from exxon bp. i think chevron shell, they're all on capitol hill right now in front of congress testifying as to why we've been seeing prices really skyrocket at the pump and this comes as prices in san francisco have reached a new record now. fact you see in these are by no means and some of these prices are all because we shot this like maybe a week or 2 ago and right and going up soon. so it's 4.80. right on average right now. and san francisco, some stations are more and that's the regular stuff. so it's more if you want, you know, the high what that's like a buck more than it was last yeah. last year it was like for 32 or 3.42. that's 42. >> a spokesperson says there are a lot of international factors that are driving the markets up for crude oil. and that's why we're seeing but
7:43 am
price by san francisco. for his first of all, the highs and the nation always and then you received its bay area. san francisco. highest in california. so there it is. 4.80 oakland a bargain it for 69 san jose seeing the same average price air fields county in the middle that in san francisco with 4.78 to see i got the electric car. i can't go far. james and we're all going to be going that way soon. we'll take a break. we'll be right back.
7:44 am
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>> i mean, rain on your parade. but you know, we talked about turkey be an expensive people like turkey for the holidays. what about craps? well. >> it could get more expensive if band crab cages and nets will have to wait and see. we know recreational crab season begins next week, but they might not be able to use those crab traps because the state department of fish and wildlife says that they're worried that other marine life could get caught up in tangled in the lines. they supposed to catch them in this at this level with all these crab out the trash. and isn't it. so going to holding hearings next monday to talk about the impacts of all of this and what other alternatives there might i just realized. >> i just i planned for this yesterday and i thought because it's halloween and we didn't buy any candy. >> i got you because you guys, i hate pumpkin spice, but i know you guys can spice. so this is pumpkin all that they could be doesn't like thinking like pumpkin this is just
7:47 am
plain the there we go. his for. yeah. >> okay. because right now and still made. i will be in 2 through this get caught me next on these on the way after the way. >> haha, i caught trader joe's to yes, you know, it's good if it started. 3 for thai we are looking outside at something that feels like halloween already. this view of san francisco, a little spooky. we do have some low cloud cover. it really is some fog that is just formed in parts of the bay this morning. it's not super widespread but for areas like san francisco can't see much out there. this is supposed to be downtown. you're not seeing anything. san jose will brighten the mood looking at some clear skies overhead. we do have some problems spots just south of san jose. a couple spots of fog on the peninsula to just want you to watch out for a few of these areas. high
7:48 am
pressure is in place. it's going to keep us dry and it's also going to keep us really warm this afternoon. sure. some of us are bit on the greens side this morning, but that will not last for much longer. we have a sunny calm and just enjoyable day ahead of us futurecast does show the sunshine that we have to expect into the afternoon. now, tomorrow. still going to be just as warm as today is. but we do see some cloud cover increasing out of the north and west pushing into the bay area that's going make partly to mostly cloudy skies for your friday on into saturday. sprinkles this weekend and it - is only a slim chance that that could see a couple of sprinkles early on, especially on saturday. doesn't look like this will form. boundary is going to keep as it pushes across the region so that means maybe a sprinkle or 2 staying dry into halloween on sunday which will have your forecast in the sec 60's towards the coast today. pretty much everywhere else solidly in the 70's and some of our warmest temperatures will be in the peninsula to the south bay woodside as well as down to los gatos campbell in saratoga, our warm spots at
7:49 am
77 degrees. east bay, daytime highs mid to low 70's pleasanton at 76 oakland at 72 for vallejo in antioch. it will be 73 today while napa fairfield on over towards santa rosa down through mill valley all mid 70's halloween itself will be cooler today and tomorrow. our warmest days with highs in the 70's. we cooled in the 60's by saturday and we stay that way into sunday for halloween itself. we'll have some cloud cover, which i guess adds to the mood on halloween on sunday. monday's. actually your best chance of rain in forecast with a few scattered showers possible. better chances of rainfall into late next week. reyna john, thank you for that. we've got a lot going on out there on this thursday morning. if you're traveling along richmond center fell bridge. >> we've got a lot of fall making its way over the bridge there. so drive times are going up a little under 20 minutes for your drive time there. the bay bridge to get that up to about 30 earlier we had a disabled vehicle near that fremont street exit and you've got an uptick in traffic as you're heading
7:50 am
there. so you definitely want to leave a little bit earlier if you're trying to get into the city almost 30 minutes. there. we've got a hot spot. this is up in sears point. 37 eastbound east of lake ville highway. so you have a traffic collision there. the right lane is closed. also another accident in san francisco northbound one. oh, cesar chavez street. a good alternate would be to try to get around that and residual delays along 6.80 southbound this accident south of castle will drive. they just cleared this off of the highway. i would say to take a former. now you can go ahead and get through there and we'll leave you with a look at the san mateo bridge a little under 20 heading across towards the peninsula. darren james, back to you. thank you, anna. >> all right. so the warriors the undefeated warriors are going to start a big home stretch at the chase center. they got the best record in the league right now and they could have the next 8 games at home for the fans to enjoy acts. so therefore no. right now they're going to be facing the grizzlies next. steph curry is on a roll. the whole
7:51 am
squad yeah. has been playing well right off the bench. perfect coach. kerr says, you know, hold your horses. we keep it cool. keep working. >> we strung together 4 good wins heading home really good spot. so i just think everybody's really enjoying. i'm playing together and feeling good about the team good about the young season we know we just got to keep know things can change in hurry and so you've got to keep plugging away. >> so tipoff for tonight's game against the greeley is at 07:00pm. >> the fun to watch. hopefully we'll go for win. number 5 was figure right
7:52 am
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with chase security features, guidance and convenience, banking feels good. chase. make more of what's yours. >> some 54 and happening tomorrow international soccer officials are going to be touring levi stadium in santa clara as part of the bay area bid to host the games for the 2026 world cup. members of the fa are going to be greeted by a whole bunch of big waves. the mayors of san francisco oakland san jose san francisco forty-niners leaders from big bay area businesses, google sales force visa. the man's world cup is going to be hosted across 16 locations in north america in 2026 and the bay area is one of 22
7:55 am
contenders. the winners will be announced next year. >> we'll take a break. coming up in the next hour, kron 00:00am morning news muni service could be shortened lessons restricted come next week because they have a shortage of staff and it all has to do with san francisco's vaccine mandate will talk about that and several people also gathering to support east bay in and out burger after the business was forced to shut down its indoor dining after it violated vaccine mandates will tell you why those demonstrators are in support of what the business is doing and hundreds of hotel employees are demonstrating this morning throughout the bay area. they want better pay and better working conditions. we'll take you live to their we'll take you live to their demonstration. i drop off and pick up my kids from school so, i can't work early. or late. and i need to make enough to make it worthwhile. i can only work two days a week.
7:56 am
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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning news at >> in about a half hour from now, president biden is expected to give an update on his social spending bill. this is new video of the president arriving on capitol hill this morning. he's there with house speaker nancy pelosi. as you can see, he's pitching house democrats on a democratically dramatically scaled back a domestic policy package. he had asked for a whole lot of more money. then what the package stands at now, which is about 1.7 5 trillion and
7:59 am
without family, a family paid leave program. so we're here for the president. any 30 this morning about what the latest iteration of his spending plan looks like. stay tuned for that. will carry that live along with a lot of other. >> news that we have for you this morning. first want to start off with the weather and the traffic getting closer closer to now weakens or talk about the weekend right. okay. and it's a big weekend with halloween. lot of people have plans. a lot of party people versus party pooper reyna is never going to convince people who are fun soccer's to have fun not john. i know you're going to dress which is weird because normally i just like put on like a flannel shirt or a haha out actually did something know. we'll see what it is going to be a nice one to be getting outside for halloween. but honestly and even nicer want to be getting outside today. it could be a thursday if you have the day off of work to spend outside because we've got lots of sunshine to expect.
8:00 am
>> and some highs well into the 70's, which is just going to be super pleasant feeling especially considering where we've been you view outside from our berkeley hills camera shows you the blue skies up above and definitely a nice view from our berkeley hills. there are spots of fog, though, that i do want to note and it is not marine layer but rather just some fog that is formed within the bay that is resulting in some isolated lower visibility. that's true from san pablo bay up the bay shoreline down to portions of san jose. so be mindful of this low grade that is resulting in pockets of lower visibility radars. otherwise showing sunshine overhead and this low cloud cover that we do have this morning. it's not going to last. we're set up for abundant sunshine already for most areas and for some of our foggy neighbors here shortly santa rosa, our cool spot at 49 degrees while are warm spot at 60 right now. reena, thank you for that. john is going to sell tamala costumes and just give them to die and james and then you guys will be able to say no


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