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tv   KRON 4 News at 6pm  KRON  October 28, 2021 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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costume to school. thank you so much for joining us. evening right here on kron. 4 news. i'm justine waltman in for ken wayne tonight. and i'm pam moore. the principle of pittsburg high school come farms. a photograph of the student posing in that race is out that with other children is making his rounds on social media for dan thorn is live at the high school tonight. he joins us with more on the story. dan. >> well, if anything could be taken out of this situation. it would be, you know, not being involved in anything racist or wearing anything races to school and also not caving in to peer pressure. the pittsburg high school principal todd with more telling us that the student wore this kkk costume because of the day there. and he wore to school yesterday and was able to get through for periods before he was eventually stopped. the principal telling us that the costume confiscated in the student and a family member were met with photograph has been making the rounds on
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social media and it's been upsetting and concerning parents here in the pittsburgh community. how the student was able to wear the costume. the principal says was in between classes. they were apparently slipping it on and taking it off in the hallways and walking around the out of view of some of the teachers or administrators. the principal says that the student is going to be facing some consequences and some high school students. we talked with earlier say the costume was not funny. even if it was a day there and there's no excuse for this racist behavior. >> probably don't know how deep like the history is between like the kkk, what they do and they probably thought it was funny, but it's really not i think it shocking and i'm still not quite sure why he didn't. even if it wasn't there. >> well, the principal did end up sharing some information with kron 4 news as well as parents in the community saying, quote, as a school community we are very disappointed and concerned with the actions of this student. we are committed to addressing what has occurred and they are working with the student to help him recognize the harm his actions have
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caused. and just as importantly, the responsibility he has along with our school to help repair them. this student and the other students that were seen in this photograph. they're going to be put into what is called a restorative justice program that's essentially a rehab program that's going to teach the students about what they did and how wrong this behavior is to have in a school setting and how it effects. there are other class my mates as well as the community as a whole. but we did speak with some of those students who are expecting to hear awesome harsher consequences for all of the parties that were involved. justin and pam. >> thanks so much. that is kron four's. dan thorn reporting for us tonight. and here's what's just in to the kron 4 news room oakland a's manager bob melvin is reportedly going to san diego. this is according to an mlb reporter, the padres and melvin have agreed to a 3 year deal to make him the next manager and san diego. well, that has been the manager of
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since 2011. this, of course, is just adding more uncertainty around the organization as they are looking for a new ballpark. we'll have much more on this story coming up in sports. that's at 06:45pm tonight. >> meantime, other news indoor mask mandates in schools will likely remain in place through next year. that's according to state health officials. but that could change as more students get vaccinated against covid california health and human services secretary doctor mark galli did not provide any official criteria for lifting the mask mandate. kelly also says it will take time to assure that students have a chance to get vaccinated against covid on tuesday an fda panel approved the pfizer vaccine for children, ages 5 to 11. we reported on that. but it will not likely receive emergency use authorization until sometime next week. >> san francisco's vaccine mandate starts on monday, november 1st it looks like
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sfmta is going to have to suspend muni short line rides until they can get more employees vaccinated as of today. 87 transit operators have not shown proof of vaccination. so take a look at what routes will be suspended starting on monday because of this worker shortage. the one california short 14. our mission rapid short. that's for weekends. only 30 stockton short and the 49 ben nash ort. that's on weekdays. only short service refers to buses that run on the segment of a longer muni route. the longer routes on these lines will continue to operate. now sfmta says it was a hard decision on what to suspend. but the transit agency is hoping the short lines is the best thing to cut. so the least number of riders are affected. officials are working with operators to address their vaccination status so they can return to work as soon as possible. there is no timeline for when all the services will be
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restored. >> in the east bay alameda county is easing some masking requirements this week starting on monday, certain indoor settings such as offices gyms, fitness centers and small religious gatherings can allow people inside without a mask. again, this starts next week. long as those people can prove that they are fully vaccinated against covid san francisco sonoma and contra costa counties recently issued similar orders in using masking requirements. kron four's. gayle ong is talking with health officials tonight about the change so tune in for her full report tonight in our primetime newscast and the north bay, the allay city council has extended that city's mask mandate indefinitely. the mandate there requires everybody over the age of 4 to wear a mask in indoor public spaces. the late host decision goes against solano county which has declined to implement a mask mandate. the city council says the mandate will remain until there is a change. it's a lot
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of counties. covid transmission rates. >> now let's talk about our drought emergency were still drying out from that first major rainfall that the bay area has seen in months what a rainfall it was. of course, the storm certainly did help parts of the bay area when it comes to the drought. but. >> it did not get the region out of the red. our grant lodes joins us here in the studio. he has a closer look grant well, at least a lot regions out of the darkest red that room. there was some improvement for sure. i mean, if it rains that much out there not be a bit of improvement. latest drought monitor report just released today. you know, these maps, the rain did help some areas drop one level to this lighter shade of red here along the coast. parts of the north bay peninsula. parts of the south bay. the darker color red is known as exceptional drought. the more brighter colors just extreme drought. so you don't want to be in extreme drought. but it's not the worst. so a
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closer look down and what a difference a week makes. last week's conditions on the left there. current conditions on the right. you see how a big area, especially in the north bay yeah, all up into northern california. those coastal areas really got hit hard and this is showing the difference. but all that rain wasn't enougo to totally replenish these low reservoir obviously from last thursday to this tuesday. reservoirs did have more water, of course, going to the east bay mud telling us the rain it's all over the weekend. is about a 3rd of all the precipitation that we got all of last year. meanwhile in the north bay about 18 inches fell across marin county. that means the u.s. drought monitor now believes that marine and most of sonoma have move from exceptional drought to extreme drought and again, doesn't sound like much, but it is an improvement. we'll take anything we can get before these recent storms of the
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weekend marines reservoirs were only at about 33% of capacity after the storms over the weekend. the reservoirs are up to. yeah. just over 50%, full. still leaders that marines water district say they will keep water use restrictions in place. >> and we need to continue to conserve water and use it as efficiently as we can. we really can't predict what will have a reservoir is back up to average storage and we need to stay the course and continue to use water as wise as they can. >> the marine water district officials also say from december to may next year. all outdoor irrigation is going to be banned. the idea there get every single drop of rain water into reservoirs. seamer in gets almost all of its water from local rainfall and leaders there despite the rain are still moving forward with a 90 million dollar plan to possibly build a big old water pipeline across the richmond. sandra fell bridge that couldn't would be used to move
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water into marion county drinking water if drought conditions persist. we hope this wasn't a one and done storm. but we'll just have to wait and see. pam adjusting back to you. right the answer with that question. for more on the drought. let's check in now with our chief meteorologists. >> lawrence karnow is in the weather center. yeah, guys. we're catching a much needed break. i mean, we just had so much in such a short amount of time. >> you saw what that did so now kitchen some sunshine, but but a little dent in the drought conditions around the bay area, exceptional drought across the north bay starting in october. then this run this through and had now. and you can see things started improve the colors begin to change and well still extreme but looks like we've got an active pattern here. i think overall this is some good news. is the pattern still looks like it's got a lot of rain coming our way, especially as we get into next week up there right now. still dry looking good, beautiful weather out toward the golden gate bridge, lots of sunshine today. 70's 80's for highs. the rain line
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staying well to the north right now as high pressure builds in that is sending all that rain up in that direction and they're seeing plenty of it right now for the pacific northwest all through seattle down to portland more rain falling in that direction. so a much needed break. we didn't want to get too much in too short of time. we had extreme amounts over the weekend and we really couldn't take much more so that an offshore wind today that brought some sunshine to the bay area. looks we're going to see some changes as early as tomorrow. right now, though, it's still gorgeous out there, 60's 70's all around the bay area. >> all right, lawrence, thank you in national news tonight before leaving for rome. president biden visited capitol hill today to present the new framework for his build back better plan to the house democrats our washington correspondent basil john is now joining us live from dc with the latest on if the president is any closer to getting his infrastructure agenda what's the latest tonight. >> we'll pan just seen. good
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evening. and yes, despite the president's latest announcement progressive. democrats are still on the fence about whether to proceed. >> i know started framework. president joe biden's latest pitch for his build back better plan features a much lower price tag. so framework that will create millions of jobs grow the economy. invest in our nation and our people. the one 0.7 5 trillion dollars. social spending bill cuts out some of the initial promises. no one got everything they wanted, including me. but that's what compromises. that's consensus. however, house progressives say they are not comfortable proceeding until they know for sure that moderate senate democrats will sign on. he said he's confident he can get the votes. it wasn't. i think. >> it wasn't clear whether the 2 senators have committed to vote of bills to craft together and we don't have because this is not this is
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not about this coming today. >> house speaker nancy pelosi says she expects democrats to support the president after reviewing the bill's text. we'll see what consensus emerges from that. but we're really very much on the past house republican leader kevin mccarthy says this process shows nothing but incompetence when the white house rushes out a framework hours before the president comes to the hill. you know, they're desperate and just grasping for straws. now, when asked if the house would take up the bills in a vote later in the day. house speaker nancy pelosi did not provide an answer reporting live in washington. i'm basil thank you, basil. still ahead on kron 4 news is 69 1 bay area lawmaker now proposing banning live ammunition and real guns on movie says following that accidental fatal shooting on alec baldwin's bill. >> plus a coast to coast flight diverted after a passenger assault a flight attendant. what we know about what went down on board.
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at a delightfully different price. get your free quote at >> now we go to southern california in the san bernardino coroner's office has positively identified the remains of a missing 30 year-old woman from new jersey. lord show vanished back in june near joshua tree and sheriff's deputies are saying she walked away from a
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short-term rental. she was sharing with friends and an ex-boyfriend. investigators say her ex-boyfriend told them she was agitated when she left did not have any food, water or phone human remains were located on october 9th in a rugged terrain and you can valley. it's not clear how she died. but investigators say that there was no evidence of foul play. and the latest now on that deadly movie set shooting in new mexico. a new affidavit that was filed says the assistant director david halls told investigators he did not check all of the rounds in the gun involved in the shooting. he had declared that it was a cold gun, meaning it had no live rounds before handing it to actor alec baldwin hall told investigators he remembered seeing 3 rounds and said he should have checked all of them. but did not. investigators said yesterday they have recovered the lead projectile and shell casings cinematographer. alina hutchens approximately 500
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rounds of ammunition, including live and an ear out have been seized from the set. the santa fe county district attorney is saying all options are on the table regarding possible charges connected to this case. also on this new mexico movie set tragedy has started some new calls now for reforms on rules that govern the use of firearms in the film industry and kron four's. rob fladeboe reports the south bay lawmaker is drafting legislation that would set new standards for the use of guns on movie sets. >> i think real guns that have real firing pence in them that can actually shoot. when you pull the trigger. >> need to be banned states senate labor committee chair did court as he is drafting legislation that would ban live ammunition and real guns in the set of movie shot in california. cortez's proposal comes in the wake of a fatal shooting on the set of the film rushed in new mexico where one crew member was killed and another injured. what we asked is is
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>> the best practices because fight in state law so that there's there's some remedies and there's some penalties for people. no. >> complying. the proposed legislation comes amid reports that live ammunition was present on the set where actor alec baldwin fired a prop gun thought to be loaded with blanks killing cinematographer halyna hutchins and injuring director joel souza. he says? it's a simple matter of workplace safety. i think there's plenty of ways to. >> you know, to take the lie firearms off the actual said get him away from these crowds of of crews that are working on the sets. what we're doing is kind of funding rules that may have been ignored for but rather for in san jose state professor harry says existing safety measures should be adequate assuming they're being followed. >> he agrees, though, with lime and will then but have been a real guns he says would hurt creativity there are no such thing as probably going prompt guns real
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>> however, if you keep ammunition off set. >> then the real guns are safe. nobody makes you look alike guns that would convince anyone photographs in the film. you know, a lot of the sets you would think. >> they've taken the wild west a little bit too seriously. you know, they're still using the wild west kind of rules of engagement court as he is pushing for a first draft of the legislation to be ready by friday in san jose. rob fladeboe kron 4 news yet another unruly airplane passenger new video shows police escorting the man from the flight he allegedly punched an american airlines flight attendant in the face for saying the flight to divert to denver. it was heading from new york city to orange county, california. when the chaos broke out. >> here is what one passenger told crew members about what happened. >> this guy was a new their business foster first halfway through the flight off the lights came on and the captain
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asked her to able-bodied men to come to the front, mike lee is like alarming. know, we're going to make an emergency landing in denver. they stop with the flight attendant said i'm she said that the flight attendant was punched in the face twice and her nose was broken. so she needed to get up and go to a hospital and the police and it got it on an arrest man. >> american airlines issued this statement. it reads in part, quote, we are outraged by the recourse of what took place on board acts of violence against our team members will not be tolerated. this behavior must stop and aggressive enforcement and prosecution of the law is the best deterrent. the airline added the passenger involved in the altercation will, quote, never be allowed to travel with american airlines in the future. but we will not be satisfied until he has been prosecuted to the full extent of the law effect reports of unruly behavior on airplanes have increased since the start
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of the pandemic, the faa says 923 incidents have been investigated this year so far. into violations of the regulations. that number is up from just 183 last year. assaulting a flight attendant is a felony and could land you up to 20 years in prison. the faa has also been handing out hefty fines this year after a surge in these on unruly incidents. officials say most of the incidents are connected to passengers who just don't want to wear a mask on the play. >> new tonight at 6 o'clock delta airlines is launching a new facial recognition system to get people on to planes faster. the id check is reduced to simply looking into a camera. you don't even need to show an id or any kind of document their this means that customers will be able to go from curb to gate completely hands free passengers will need the delta app and a tsa precheck membership. the pilot program begins next week in atlanta. and then it will kick off in detroit. now let's talk
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about our weather forecast as we take a look outside here at san francisco international airport. but a nice day anybody who flew into the bay area today was feeling really great day at luckett have all the sunshine out. the warm temperatures due catching a much needed break from all of that rain and boy. >> it was simply amazing. this last weekend. want to give you an idea of where we sit. we talking about the drought. we're sitting at 789% of normal for the year right now in san francisco. that is how impressive that storm was san jose over 2 inches of rain that is now 393 percent of normal oakland over 5 inches of rain, 611% of normal santa rosa over 10 inches, almost 11 inches of rain. >> that 717% of normal. they were 592% of normal over 5 inches of rain and little more 669% of normal over 5 inches of rain. of course it's still early in the season. but we've got more storms out there on the horizon likely to make their way toward the bay area,
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maybe few showers a friday night into saturday right now. well, just looking gorgeous out toward the golden gate bridge what a day. we had today, these numbers a spectacular above the average you're in the mid 70's in the san francisco 74 in oakland for a high today 79 in san jose 76 degrees in livermore, 77 in concord and 81 degrees. one of the warm spots in santa rosa. the rain line stay to the north now and give us a chance to dry out from all of that rain and that is good for us. that offshore wind start to break down a little bit start to see little more of a sea breeze develop along the coastline that's going to carry with it. a couple of patches of fog out there and we'll watch what happens as we get into sunday. we see the clouds begin to roll our way as we see some more clouds for tomorrow and then low clouds and fog gather along the coastline. then you see a little swirl in the atmosphere. here comes that because rolled toward the bay area on saturday morning early could bring a couple of scattered light showers. the bay area. >> all right, lawrence, thank you. well, the heavy rain that we've got early this week has
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sparked what scientists are now calling a potential tic time bomb. it is not uncommon to find ticks this time of year when it is typically warmer and more humid when it hit by said latches on and it blood for 3 to 4 days, allowing it to go inside before it drops off. and while the bite itself is unpleasant. what is of more concern is the disease kills little books can spread. >> that is beyond just the irritation of the fight itself. as they can transmit diseases like lyme disease and go out most us or them. to off some fever and so it's something to be aware of. if you can get rid of the tick in time that you have a reduced chance of getting it as a disease transmitted to you and to have that for you can avoid good. it looks. >> one way to avoid getting bitten is wearing bug repellent containing deet always do it a tick check. have to pay out in nature check your body, check your clothes and your pets. of course, if a tick does bite,
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scum intimate ceremony in january. this comes after the ceremonies had to be canceled the last year and a half because of the pandemic. of course, the school made the announcement on social media last night as fsu graduations are usually held at oracle park. but this time it will be at chase center. the ceremony is set to take place january 8th graduates have the option to select 2 different time slots for them and for their guest to attend. the beloved the bay to breakers 12 raise will return to san francisco in 2022 and for those who just can't wait to register it. registration actually opens today since 1912, more than 2 million costume participants have completed the iconic journey from the san francisco bay to the breakers along ocean beach. of course there cheered on by hundreds of thousands of spectators from the bay area and beyond. >> the 2022 race is set for may the 22nd. >> here's what's coming up next. kron, news at 6 o'clock
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