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tv   KRON 4 News at 630pm  KRON  October 28, 2021 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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former wnba champion is now on board to lead oakland effort to bring a professional women's basketball team to the east bay certainly would be good for oakland cloud for says the and has the story. >> welcome to i'm so excited we appreciate you coming and taking the lead on this project on excited about being a part of it. and i cannot wait to work with each and every one of you. there is a buzz surrounding former wnba champion elena beard partnering with the african american sports and entertainment group to lead a sce g's. all female ownership's effort to bring a new w nba expansion team to the city of oakland beard talks about why now is the perfect time for the wnba to take advantage of the bay area sports market. i can pull from many examples think about kansas city and what they have done sort of, you know, in terms of dedicating an entire arena that close 70 million dollars. women's sport for the increase in 49% in this 25 in
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20 years. i cannot think of a better time right. right then right now oakland, vice mayor rebecca kaplan led the effort to secure a unanimous vote from the oakland alameda county joint powers authority for a non-binding agreement to use the oakland arena as the new home of wnba basketball. women are the majority in the consumer market as well in terms of consumer spending. and so in fact, i think we can almost say it's ridiculous for there not to be a wnba team here. >> and i believe it will be the most successful team in the league. >> the founder of the african american sports and entertainment group ray bobbitt talks next steps. the next steps will be obviously us starting to go through the process of communicating our proposal with the league ownership or a league leadership. >> has it made you kron. 4 news. >> and happening tomorrow. international soccer officials will take a tour of levi's stadium in santa clara as part of the bay area's bid to host
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games for the 2026 world cup members of fifo will be greeted by a delegation that includes the mayors of san francisco oakland and san jose as well as the san francisco forty-niners and leaders from large bay area businesses, including google sales force and visa. the men's world cup will be hosted across 16 locations in north america and 2026. the bay area is one of 22 locations still under consideration. the winners will be announced next year. >> california attorney general rob bonta was in oakland today warning consumers of cannabis infused edibles that are being packaged to look like popular food and candy products. so see if you can tell the difference he showed how some illegal and unregulated at bulls are sold in packaging, almost identical to those of cheetos fruity pebbles doritos here. even sour patch kids. he said that the products are primarily sold online and unlicensed shops and can can create a danger for everyone.
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for underage teens. >> who may be lured into entering the illegal cannabis market because of the fun packaging an appeal for young kids who might not know what they are ingesting. and for adults who might be consuming an untested and unregulated products. >> bonta reminds everyone that california does have a safe and legal cannabis market. he also reminds adults to keep all cannabis products away from children. he says california has recently seen an uptick in pediatric exposure and icu visits related to cannabis, edibles as well as an increase in the number of children using cannabis products. san francisco is gearing up for a busy weekend with both outside lands and halloween. the city's department of public health is encouraging people to take steps to protect themselves against covid during all the fun officials are urging people to mask up. >> get vaccinated and practice
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good hygiene. health. experts say if you are celebrating halloween gathering outdoors is the safest choice ucsf doctor peter chin-hong says that the city is a hopeful period right now with the vaccines available to the public. but it does not mean that we should let our guards down. >> this time. we have the combination of both natural immunity and vaccine immunity that will make it a little bit safer. but the cautionary tale is that the case so at a high level that are not even close away. we were when we originally reopened on june 15th for example, in time to just go there by 50 cases a day. new cases could be. it's about, you know, 12 to 15 at the time of reopening. >> cases spiked after last year's halloween weekend. doctors say it is important that everyone take safety measures to avoid a new wave of covid cases this winter. another safety tip. if you are coming to the festival text
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outside lands in upper case 2, 8, 8, 8, dash 7, 7, 7, you can receive alerts should anything happen at that event. our producer britney is pretty excited about all right. let's check on the weather forecast as we head not only to halloween but also to outside lands were looking out over san francisco know what it's been a beautiful day gorgeous much us chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is here now with the gorgeous forecast. yeah. i mean, really what a day. i mean, look at little spooky. look a little side looking to the window at your. that's a real looking for halloween. >> all the trick or treaters. boy, it's just such a wonderful time of year for trick or treaters to get out there and have a little fun. >> and you want the weather to cooperate looks like we're going to be right between storms. so other than a few coming ghoulish clouds out there. we're going to see temperatures mainly in the 60's. it's going to stay dry. it should be a nice night for trick or treating out there this evening. we've got mostly clear skies. of course. we've had that offshore wind today that is beginning to change more of an onshore breeze so we'll see some changes coming
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our way. but a look at the numbers right now. it is still 73 beautiful in san jose 72 in hayward, 72 in san mateo, 73 degrees in concord, 70 petaluma right now and a beautiful 74 degrees in santa rosa clouds like to linger overnight tonight along the coastline, probably going to thicken up a bit. that's a mid to high level clouds begin to cruise up above for tomorrow. we're going to see some of that kind of on and off throughout the day. more clouds along the coastline. a sign of cooler weather pattern kind of settling in and then a slight chance of showers. i late on friday night and into saturday morning temperature wise numbers going look like this plan on some 60's comfortable downtown san francisco. a little cooler along the coastline with some patchy fog and some going to that thick stuff right down near the surface. so the public breakup during the middle of the day 67 in the middle peninsula. lot of 70's in the south bay tomorrow afternoon. east bay going to be as high as the mid 70's in livermore, 73 in dublin, 74 in walnut creek about 71 in orinda. you'll see some sunshine and some clouds in the north bay temperatures there in the 60's and the 70's
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little fog along the coastline next couple of days. slight chance of showers early on saturday morning sunday looks great for halloween and then monday. it is back to some rain. thank you, lauren. still ahead, facebook has a new name. we'll show you how employees mark the occasion of menlo park. >> and in sports a's manager bob melvin will no longer be donning the green and gold will have the latest on shocking departure. plus, live reports from sports director jason dumas said the shark tank and kylen mills at chase center as the sharks and warriors prepare for their respective games tonight. after my car accident, i wondered what my case was worth.
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but our here, we are just getting started. have some breaking news now just into kron 4 news room. we have learned that school is canceled. >> for berkeley high school students because there have been an outbreak of covid district officials have confirmed to us here at kron 4 that 7 berkeley high school students tested positive for covid-19. they say 6 of these cases were connected to the athletics program. the district has now notified hundreds of close contacts to these cases and notified the community. so we can tell you about this outbreak. the district is providing testing for these people. and again, officials say there is no school tomorrow for people. at berkeley high school. as far as i understand right now. so the city of berkeley, the public health department is going to monitor the results
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and put in any additional safety protocols that are required more details on this breaking news as it comes in to the kron 4 news room. facebook ceo mark zuckerberg says his company is re branding itself. as employees unveiled the new name today in menlo park soccer bug says the change is part of an effort to encompass is virtual reality vision for the future. >> however, some skeptics and critics point out that it also appears to be an attempt to change the subject from the controversial facebook papers. those documents have revealed the ways facebook has ignored internal reports and warnings of the harm. the social network has created around the world. zuckerberg says he expects the metaverse to reach a billion people within the next decade. coming up next, you can't do much with the dollar these days. but in a dollar these days. but in a town in indiana, you could watch this. can i please get the cheddar loaded cheeseburger combo?
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>> all right. let's check on our weather. we're getting closer to the weekend. this is a live look outside tonight at the golden gate bridge looking. so pretty. and our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is joining us now with what we can expect going in. >> to read big weekend. we've got some plans. so many people doing things around the bay area and everywhere else and looks like the weather is going to cooperate as we get the weekend. but what a gorgeous day today. still, some clear skies out along the coastline. but i think some clouds begin to move in to our
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skies little bit later on this evening. the rain track. you can see staying well to the north right now so a much needed break in the stormy weather. and we're going to dry out for another day or so. but then things begin to change. you can see that area of low pressure off the coastline that begins a sneaking a little bit closer. i think that will bring the return of some low clouds and some fog, some mid to high level clouds for tomorrow. the temperatures going start to cool down just a little bit by tomorrow afternoon. now the long-range forecast that's gets more interesting. the pattern is still very progressive. that means it's open to more storms right now that weak system kind of slides through bringing a slight chance of showers as we head into saturday morning that kind of scoots on by but not much there. a more impressive system possibly moving in on monday of next week behind that, we'll catch a little bit of a break and then maybe another storm as we head toward late wednesday and thursday. the timing on that one has moved up a little bit. so we're going to keep our eyes on that one, too. and then behind that maybe a little bit of a break and then maybe we start talking about some more rain the following weekend. so this is all good news. we're catching a much
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needed break after the stormy weather but not shutting off the faucet just yet. we've got more rain on the way temperatures for tomorrow. still going to be very pleasant plan on some 60's coast side with some patchy fog will still see some mid 70's warm inland. the next couple of days as we get into the beautiful halloween weekend looks like slight chance of showers on saturday should be dry for trick or treaters on sunday return to some rain on monday. >> and now kron 4 sports. >> welcome into sports. we took the show on the road tonight. i live here at chase center, head of the words matchup against the grizzlies and sports director jason dumas school be joining us live from the shark tank down in san jose. in just a couple of moments. but first, want to tell you about some breaking news. we're following this evening. oakland a's manager bob melvin is set to leave the team to become manager of the san diego padres. that's according to multiple outlets reporting that tonight. melvin
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has signed a 3 year contract with the padres. according to mlb dot com, he is regarded as one of the best managers in baseball during his 11 seasons with the a's melton led the team to an 853 in 1764 record with 6 postseason appearances oakland. he won manager of the year. twice as well. now that you turned 60 years old today became the second winningest manager tony oversight. >> according to aides will begin their search immediately for their next manager. but this is a major blow for the a's fan base as their future and hope and remains uncertain and that he made it very disappointing end to the season just missing the postseason. >> and back here at chase center. the warriors looking to keep their hot streak going early on in the season. the words left to prove to 5 in, oh say take on the memphis grizzlies here in just a couple of minutes at chase center. the dubs are off to
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their hottest stars since 2015. and that's because they've been playing team basketball as well as high intensity defense. that's something the head coach steve kerr is talked a lot about and that's what led the warriors to their win against oklahoma city thunder on tuesday night that turned out to be a tougher battle. the warriors may have been expecting. they were down 11 at half. >> but they came on the 3rd quarter and really buckle down on defense. the dup's finished with 36 defensive rebounds. 9 blocks in 8 steals the dubs also have a score to settle in this game tonight the grizzlies eliminating the warriors during the postseason play in tournament last season. so they want to avenge that loss and get this off on the right just don't go stir crazy being at home for 2 straight weeks. that's the main goal. our honestly it's a it's too long of a time to be the only 8 games is a lot so we're going to have to mix it up a little try to keep the players. in a good frame of mind to not get stale. so i'm
6:51 pm
not sure what that means yet, but we'll think of something so we got off to a good start. i always i'm placing. you know, we've got heat. you could keep things a team can go keep going at it. you know, in keeping, you know, winning basketball. >> they get home. stretch. so we've got a chance some special. >> tip-off here at chase center at 7 o'clock, by the way, warriors star steph curry tonight marks the 12th anniversary since his nba debut. if you go on social media, plenty of throwback pictures of the maybe face assassin as he was called back in the day tonight. we saw him warming up and he has not missed a beat. he was sinking logo shots per usual. so will be another exciting night to watch stephan action. it is 12 nba season now we've got to get to another team off to a hot start down in the south bay sports director jason dumas joining us live in the shark tank is i like to say, jason, what's it like down there safety center haven't gotten to experience it yet myself.
6:52 pm
>> well, kyle and they're filing in the shark tank right now. they just let these fans in this fan base is excited for this team this year. it's been a couple of down years for the sharks their main issue over the past couple of seasons had been their goal tending. but this year the goalies are doing pretty well. they're using a goalie by committee system right now and they've pretty good then of course there leading point get are as of now, logan could tour. he has been one of their best players over the past couple of seasons. he is their captain. he is the guy they look to when things get tough. also have a young stud who had been playing well to meyer. he has 9 points as well. him and logan couture time for that point lead for the sharks. now this team is 2, 1, one at the shark tank therefore into overall and the young season so this home base has really
6:53 pm
been doing them well now one thing their head coach has said in each of their 2 last losses. they have been tight games their second loss was to the nashville predators. it was a 3 to one game. but it was really only a goal because nashville scored an empty netter late so essentially to one loss. 2 one-goal losses this season and head coach bob has said his team needs to learn how to close out those close games because not everyone is going to be a blowout. our team is is not going to be a team or. >> we're going to out teams on a nightly basis. we have to win the one-goal games. we have brian for points and. you know, so therefore defense is so important. i thought in the first few games. we really defended hard well, and manage the pocket you know, didn't give up a lot. and i think we've got to get back to that. i think at times last couple games, it will spread out and we did manage a pocket as well. and i think you know,
6:54 pm
there's there's too many too many turnovers. and i think we've got to get back to playing that more responsible way. we're playing in the first 4. >> all right. like i said earlier, fans are starting to file and sapd center. i haven't been here in close to 2 years. last time i was here, the sharks media western conference finals this place was rocking. they love this hockey team here in the south bay in the bay area in general and they are hoping to have another successful season. and in the early season, it's looking like this team is extremely talented. of course. what's the game goes final. we'll have highlights and reaction from the shark tank. but for now, i'm live here in san jose jason dumas from for sport. all right, jason, good to see you back in the tank. >> we'll be
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♪ ♪ >> announcer: mystery solved. where grieving alec baldwin is in seclusion. trash city, usa. >> uproar over the vaccine mandate. >> announcer: garbage piling up and firehouses shutting down. a chorus of boos. the knucklehead who allegedly punched a flight attendant twice because he wouldn't wear a mask. >> the most violent episode yet on a plane. >> announcer: crocodile charlie. the kid attacked by a crock on vacation at a club med. speak with your son has been attacked by a


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