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tv   KRON 4 News at 430am  KRON  October 29, 2021 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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kron 4 morning news a time for you now for 29 approaching 04:30am, on this friday. and i know you probably have some great plans. john and i are already formulating all weekend today. and, you know, halloween deal deals what those? if you don't celebrate. you know, the harvest festival because my family didn't celebrate halloween going up. so we would do the harvest festival will go to like the charge and do things like that. but a dress up this year. i'm excited about that. so for people who are going the weather. what is it looking like out there cold, you know, but jackets over their skeletons. it's good that it's not last weekend because last weekend we all the same with the rain jackets. i'm. >> with their costumes hidden somewhere underneath this time you actually get to show off those costumes. if you are heading outside because today and sunday are looking dry and tomorrow honestly is to but a couple of sprinkles are possible tomorrow that i just want to give you a heads up on
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nothing more than a drop of rain here there and then a dry weekend across the bay area your view outside of the golden gate this morning is showing you the crystal clear skies. we do have at least at the coastline. we do have fog forming in spots, though, right along the bay shore as well as our valleys up into the north bay tooley fog in dense fog out into the central valley has resulted in dense fog advisories all the way into solano county. so it is one of those mornings where you want to watch out for some patches of dense fog. kind of like we did yesterday. radars otherwise dry and temperatures are in the 50's and 60's berkeley is our warm spot on the map right now at 60 degrees alameda and san francisco at 59 a little cooler for areas like san anselmo in santa rosa beach at 51 later on today. it's all about the 70's but only for one more day, the weekend does look cooler after today. so enjoy those 70's this afternoon. i've got more on your forecast all still to come back to raise that job that you for the hour. let's get a look at averages starting with the bay bridge.
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no major delays along 5 8180 traveled to berkeley and emeryville. >> a little under 10 minutes to make it into the city. the san mateo bridge head over to get a look at things there heading across towards the peninsula. don't see any issues along 92 irwin, a one a little under 13 minutes to make that commute. the richmond sandra fell bridge as you travel out of richmond across towards sandra fell. he get across and about 10 minutes and the golden gate bridge. looking at clear skies this morning about 20 minutes into the city. well, the recent storms across the bay area really help the drought situation here. >> especially in the north bay over the weekend about 18 inches of rain fell across some parts of marin county. and that means the u.s. drought monitor now in case that moran and most of sonoma counties. a move from exceptional drought conditions to extreme drought conditions, even with those improvedents were in water district officials stress the drought is not over and they're still asking people to always conserve. >> and we need to continue to conserve water and use it as
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efficiently as we can. we really can't predict what will have a reservoir is back up to average storage and we need to stay the course and continue to use water as wise as they can. >> well, the water district is also moving forward with a 90 million dollar plan to possibly build a water pipe across the richmond. sandra fell bridge that could be used to move water into county. if drought conditions continue. the heavy rain we got earlier this week sparked what scientists are calling a potential ticking time bomb. it is not uncommon to find ticks. this time of the year. what is typically warmer and more humid when a tick bite, it latches on and blood for 3 to 4 days, allowing it to grow in size before actually pops off. and while the bite itself is unpleasant. what's more concerning is the diseases. those little bucks spread. >> that worry. is beyond just the irritation of the fight itself. as they can transmit diseases like lyme disease and go out most us or them. to off
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some fever and so it's something to be aware of. if you get rid of the tick in time that you have a reduced chance of getting as a disease transmitted to you and to for you can avoid good. it looks. >> one way to avoid getting bitten is wearing bug repellent containing deet in it all is do a tick check after being out in nature. check your body. check your clothes toacheck your pet. if a tick bite, you remove it, use the forceps getting as close to the skin as possible. >> and make sure you see a doctor immediately, even if you don't think you need to just in case you might be some antibiotics. the top executives of 6 major oil companies testified before congress on climate change executives from exxon chevron, shell and bp to lawmakers. climate change is real and agree that burning fossil fuels is the main cause. the house oversight committee is investigating industries, alleged role and causing climate change and their effort to covered up for decades. democrats say big oil companies have contributed to
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the climate crisis and covered it up. while republicans say congress should be helping them produce more. >> i bless chevron saying they're going to increase production. what what is the gentleman want $8 gasoline. >> the hearing comes at a critical time as president biden heads overseas for a climate summit in gas prices here at home continue to climb. governor newsome us transportation secretary pete buttigieg announced a new partnership to modernize california shipping ports. hopefully they want to prevent any future delays in the supply chain line we've been seen. newsome says 5 billion dollars in loans will go toward increasing warehouse storage freight capacity and highway upgrades while delays in unloading billions of dollars worth of cargo in southern california are at their worst in years. they've been increasing since about 2014. the new mexico movie set tragedy is for calls for the reforms of rules governing the use of firearms in the film industry. a south bay
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lawmakers drafting legislation that would set new standards for the use of guns on movie sets kron four's rob fladeboe has that for us. >> i think real guns that have real firing pence in them that can actually shoot. when you pull the trigger. >> need to be banned states senate labor committee chair did court as he is drafting legislation that would ban live ammunition and real guns in the set of movie shot in california. cortez's proposal comes in the wake of a fatal shooting on the set of the film rushed in new mexico where one crew member was killed and another injured. what we asked is is >> the best practices because fight in state law so that there's there's some remedies and there's some penalties for people. no. >> complying. the proposed legislation comes amid reports that live ammunition was present on the set were actor alec baldwin fired a prop gun thought to be loaded with blanks killing cinematographer halyna hutchins and injuring director joel souza. he says? it's a simple matter of
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workplace safety. i think there's plenty of ways to. >> you know, to take the lie firearms off the actual said get him away from these crowds of of crews that are working on the sets. what we're doing is kind of funding that may have been ignored for but rather for in san jose state professor harry says existing safety measures should be adequate assuming they're being followed. >> he agrees, though, with the line and will then but have been a real guns he says would hurt creativity there are no such is probably going prompt guns real >> however, if you keep ammunition off set. >> then the real guns are safe. nobody makes you look alike guns that would convince anyone photographs in the you know, a lot of the sets you would think. >> they've taken the wild west a little bit too seriously. you know, they're still using the wild west kind of rules of
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engagement court as he is pushing for a first draft of the legislation to be ready by friday in san jose. rob fladeboe kron 4 news. >> california attorney general rob bonta was in oakland yesterday. warning consumers about cannabis, infused edibles that are being packaged like popular food and candy products will show you. he showed how some illegal and unregulated edibles are sold in packaging, almost identical to those of cheetos fruity pebbles and sour patch kids you got to read and look at it because look at that. i i would eat. it wouldn't even know it would be high. he says california has recently seen an uptick in pediatric exposure and icu visits related to cannabis, edibles he's also reminding everyone that california does have a safe and legal cannabis market. for underage teens. >> who may be lured into entering the illegal cannabis market because of the fun packaging an appeal for young kids who might not know what they are ingesting. and for
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adults who might be consuming an untested and unregulated products. >> want to remind everyone that california does have like we just told you safe illegal cannabis market. he also reminded all to keep all cannabis products away from children. even if you think they can get to make sure it's put away. he says california says recently ok, we talked about how we've seen an uptick in pediatric exposures and those icu visits. if you want any more information, we're going to have more of this over on our website. kron 4 dot com. also happening today, the outside lands music festival is returning to san francisco's golden gate park organizers put the finishing touches on the festival yesterday. >> more than 200,000 people are expected to attend the three-day event. it was canceled last year because of the pandemic. everyone attending the festival is going to need to either prove they're fully vaccinated or provide a negative covid test within 72 hours of attending local health. experts say these protocols prevent the
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festival from becoming a possible super spreader. >> they've been hit so hard recently with delta. we have the combination of both natural immunity and vaccine unity that will make it a little bit safe. are we just feel very grateful that we're here able to do this and create this thing that hopefully people in the bay area can really enjoy and be proud of. >> some headliners at the event include tyler the creator, young, and j balvin. over in the east by alameda county will solution its indoor mask restrictions as long as everyone inside is is fully vaccinated. this will be for gyms offices, places of worship. the not bars or restaurants. kron four's. gayle ong has that for us. >> sandy brennan is open to the idea of not wearing a mask in class if teams say that i breathe and sometimes, but. >> it will be a relief, but it will be a relief knowing that majority of the people on many of the people who attend in the gym. i'm vaccinated that rule could change at her gym on monday when alameda
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county's new health order takes effect. the county announcing thursday. it will scale back on mask requirements in certain indoor settings where everyone is fully vaccinated not out of the woods. i time for caution, but but certainly these of small for of fully vaccinated. people. >> are reasonable county health officer doctor nicholas ma says eligible settings include gyms and fitness centers employee commuter vehicles and regular organize setting such as religious gatherings. no more than 100 people can be present. a similar model to other counties like san francisco, marin and contra. costa. >> who have eased mask mandates pretty high vaccination rates. now in alameda county our case, rates have come down quite a bit from their peak in the part. >> waived adult away and we know that a vaccine really reduces the risk of infection. quite a bit of course, reduces the risk of severe known as well. brandon is looking
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forward to possible changes in her fitness class. she says for now she will keep it safe. >> i don't feel comfortable removing my math i would love to remove it, i'm not comfortable because i don't know vaccinated and who's not. >> alameda county health officials are concerned about a winter surge, particularly among those who are not vaccinated. the hope is that this new mask mandate will push people to get the covid shot here in pleasanton, gayle ong kron 4 news. >> all right. for more updates. we'll have that on our website at kron 4 dot com. we'll be right back after the break.
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>> well, welcome back to the kron 00:00am morning news always wanted to say oh, i didn't see their time did see you there. hopefully you had a great night's sleep. it was restful. you have a great commute. i can promise you that this morning. hopefully it sticks around, though, into the weekend. you probably got some plans you want to know what a way i was listening to you last forecast on i need to bring a jacket. could be in the 60's and some places oakland later on tonight. >> so yes, today we're looking at some 60's out there upper 60's for your daytime highs in oakland, which is certainly going to be nice. but yeah, i would recommend at least caring that light jacket with you as you're venturing outside into the weekend ahead of us. it is fall. it's pretty typical that. yeah. you want to at least plan on wearing those light jackets, maybe integrating them into the
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outfit. if you can find a way to do that. as far as conditions go today. we are in the midst of a cool start to the morning. definitely need your jackets as you're venturing out this morning later on today. today is our last day in the 70's, as i mentioned, oakland san francisco. you'll hold on to the 60's. but a lot of the rest of the bay area is going to be into the 70's high pressure is starting to exit the region, allowing this low to make its way back into the picture. the process we're going to see a cooler and cloudier weekend around the corner, calm winds today, which is a nice little note today. a few more clouds than yesterday. but you're still getting a healthy dose of sunshine for your friday which is going make the 60's and 70's feel pretty good. now, tomorrow is when the real cool down settles. and that's what we're going to be into the mid to low 60's. also couple sprinkles possible for your saturday sunday. we dry things right back out for halloween. a few clouds. but staying dry importantly for the holiday itself. as for today's daytime highs. it's the 60's in sf as well as along the coastline. a range of 60's to 70's
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elsewhere burlingame at 72 while nearby millbrae at 69 foster city. san mateo all the way down through the south bay solid 70's today really comfortable afternoon for the south bay. you'll be able to get away with the t-shirt and shorts. for some of our inland areas, pleasanton and livermore at 76 today while the creek and danville. also there oakland up to richmond in the upper 60's this afternoon. well, the way in napa at 70 degrees each pittsburgh antioch in vacaville all at 74 really comfortable in these spots. now halloween itself is going to be a little bit cooler come sunday. do expect some 60's as highs and really after today. let's that we were staying tomorrow starts this trend of 60's that stays with us through the rest of this forecast. slight chance of a sprinkle or 2 saturday sunday. looking just as dry as today, monday, a better chance of a few showers and showers likely return late wednesday into thursday morning. back to tom, thank you for that or i let's get a look at the bay bridge heading from the east bay into the city. now. no accidents.
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>> a little under 10 minutes. 5, moving along nicely at this hour. the san mateo bridge as you're heading across towards peninsula. you can make that commute a little under 13 minutes. we'll have more weather and traffic coming up. for now, let's get back to sports news because after 11 seasons and more wins than any other manager in oakland a's history. >> melvin is moving on taking over as manager of the san diego padres. what makes this especially surprising is that the a's and already picked up melvin's option for next season. but after the padres recently fired their manager. they asked o'quinn of they can interview mehlman for some reason. said yes, clearing the way melvin and the padres to agree to a 3 year deal. bevan have been our melvin had been a consistent presence in the dugout for more than a decade leading the a's to 7 winning seasons during his tenure along with 3 a l west titles. melvin's 853 win gives him the most of any manager since the team moved to oakland. he was
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a tough night for the san jose sharks down in the south bay losing their second game of the season to the montreal canadians. well, as for the warriors, it was a tight game against the memphis grizzlies until they left the school board at one o 4 to one o one and overtime victory leading the golden state warriors to their first loss of the season. kron four's. jason dumas has the latest in sports. welcome to sports. we had a busy night in the bay area tonight. the warriors at home at chase center taking on the memphis grizzlies and of course the sharks. >> at home at the sapd center taking on the montreal canadians. it's all quiet here. and sapd center. we had a nice crowd tonight. but unfortunately, the game did not go to sharks way. let's roll the highlights sharks coming out on the ice. they have lost 2 in a row coming into the night. 4, 2, on the season. we pick things up in the first period. mike hoffman lights. the lamp for the
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canadians that one is assisted by nick suzuki and grant who lacked. now go to the second period. canadian just kept the pressure on alexander romanov that one was by jonathan drew later in the power play goal. this time by brendan gallagher that was assisted by nick suzuki and josh and in gallup long night for the home team they go on to lose 4 to nothing. the sharks have now lost 3 straight games guess what? they have another go about it on saturday here at sapd center. they will take on the winnipeg jets win. one the night. they 91. and tonight they wanted. but, you know, they have a lot more. this is team, a team that it didn't even play all that bad. you know what san jose. they had a lot of shots on goal. they just couldn't get it through
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the big problem for this team this year. is their power play right now. they for 12 over the last 4 games in a power play. so that's something they'll have to clean up. but like i said, they are back home on saturday taking on the winnipeg jets as for the warriors, let's roll those highlights. the warriors taking on the grizzlies today and remember, memphis is a team that ended golden state season last year. so they had revenge on their mind, get this 12 years ago to the day, steph curry played in his nba debut way. he is age like fine wine. obviously one of the best players to ever. ever play this game. start off early curry came out hot. he had 14 points in the 1st quarter. 1st quarter. doing his best to help this team to were up by 10 he1e. john
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morant. he had 18 points in the 3rd quarter he is so good. he might be the best young point guard in the world. it was not pretty down the stretch. the grizzlies got their first league with 6.21 the warriors try to tie it. but damian leaves 3, just bounces off the rim memphis. they are like a thorn in the warriors side, they always beat them. one o 4, 1, o one hard fought win. let's hear from steve kerr after the game. >> just got a little crazy out there and i give them credit. they're on a back-to-back and. they came came in and 10. doug play defense and for some of those turnovers. but a lot of them were enforced you know, that's been our. kind of our our goal, all preseason, all campbell early part of the season was too. to cut our turnovers down to a really reasonable number. we've got to do a better job taking care of the ball. so it's a it's a good lesson for us and got to
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learn from its early in the season. i'm confident that we we will learn it will get better. >> well, that was jason dumas supporting for us. now, the golden state warriors and that the plane againts again, this saturday against the oklahoma city thunder's make sure you set your alarms. we'll be right back after the break.
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friday before a holiday weekend that may have you making some plans as you are venturing out there later on today is our last day with temperatures tapping into the low 70's. it's going to be solid 60's after this point since dissipated. a bit of a cooler feel ahead of us. your view outside of half moon bay right now is foggy. in fact, our foggiest of conditions at the moment are right along the coastline on the peninsula. we did see some foggy conditions earlier in santa rosa. but some of that high cloud cover that steered its way through has managed to break up some of those low clouds and fog. so you actually see much improvement around santa rosa low 60's for your daytime highs at the expect an onshore breeze. a big cooler. some clouds temperatures for inland valleys will still rise into the 70's, but he cooler range of 70's and what we saw yesterday. if you want to plan something other than halloween. well, maybe get outside for some fall foliage colors. you can see that we are in a peak color for much of the central valley into the southern sierra and the sierra
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foothills itself. now, as for the bay area and those lighter yellows that some color once you get to this orange areas in the north bay as well as the inland east bay. you're nearing peak. and as for the deeper maroons. well, that's past peak in areas like lake tahoe right now. >> thanks for that. i really like that fall foliage map. you get there. >> all right. still to come, outside lands music festival is here. several people are making their way to the bay. what you can expect. a costume no one expected to see gets one student in trouble. what
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>> new this morning, coronavirus outbreaks at berkeley high. we'll tell you what the school is doing today to keep teachers and students safe. plus the pittsburg school community is upset over kkk costume. school will tell you what district is doing to ease parents concerns and rolling out the red carpet, the bay area welcoming world cup officials today in its bid to bring the massive event here in 2026. >> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning news far. >> with no place >> yes, that's our theme on friday before halloween dressing up like people who can stay up late and go out on a night on the town right is which is a costume for us because we don't


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