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tv   KRON 4 News at 5pm  KRON  October 29, 2021 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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♪ ♪ >> from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at all. >> no vaccines by halloween. but there may be won by thanksgiving, children, ages 5 to 11 are one step closer to being able to get their vaccine for covid-19. good evening, everybody. i'm vicki liviakis and i'm grant lotus. the fda has granted emergency use authorization allowing that age group to receive a smaller dose. about a 3rd of what adults get of the pfizer vaccine. that sign off from the cdc. the final signoff is
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expected next week on first-and kerman. he's been talking to infectious disease pxperts about this decision and joins us now live from san francisco with more. dan. that's right. they say this is a real game changer opening the doors to so many young people to get this vaccine. not only helping them but also helping their families. >> everybody that we have vaccinated. i'd say that force field adds that unity that we need. >> to protect our communities. bay area. infectious disease. experts say the fda's decision allowing 28 million americans ages 5 to 11 to get the pfizer vaccine will give these children much needed protection. >> covid is the 8th leading cause of death in us children are between the ages of 5.11. so it's not an innocuous infection. fortunately, it's less severe in children that it is an older kids and adults, but it's not a knock us, but the decision to inoculate kids with one 3rd, the dose of the adult vaccine.
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>> will also protect adults themselves. >> they are important factor of infection to the household. so if the immunocompromised if there are grandparents or older, we may not have had sir. vaccinating the means that all of us a much more protected. >> a recent kaiser family foundation survey found just under a 3rd of parents would get their kids. the vaccine right away. well, a 3rd would take a wait and see approach and another 3rd will definitely not get it for their kids, but experts expect those numbers to improve over time but i understand the hesitancy that people have. >> and i think the need to take advantage of the fact that they need to go to the most trusted member of the health care team that they have and that is their pediatrician. >> now a cdc panel will look over these recommendations saying phey are safe and effective they will likely prove this fda recommendation
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on tuesday that will be followed by approval by the cdc director. that means we could have shots and kids arms before the end of next week. live in san francisco, dan kerman kron 4 news. >> is imminent. ok. thank you. dan berkeley high school, meanwhile, is in the midst of a covid-19 outbreak this week. the berkeley unified school district learned 8 people on campus have tested positive conference felicia karl reports those people are now in isolation. >> berkeley, unified school district campuses were closed friday due to a schedule. disparate holiday. campuses were open. 8 students and or staff at berkeley high school would not have been allowed on grounds after testing positive for covid-19 thursday. this is a really important reminder that the pandemic is not over district spokesperson trish mcdermott says those who tested positive have to isolate for at least 7 days, adding that through contact tracing within 700 people may have come across were infected.
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>> being notified. >> students and staff who are fully vaccinated do not have to quarantine as long as they don't get any symptoms they can return to school and work. mcdermott says the berkeley public health department. >> has requested additional testing at the school happen antigen testing so we could get immediate results pcr testing. >> which is a confirmatory test takes about 48 hours and it's a little more accurate than the antigen tests. mcdermott says the school district cannot report which cases represent students or staff. >> that had 7 of the cases are associated with the athletic department in berkeley phillipe djegal all kron 4 in the north bay to sonoma county high schools canceled classes today after a threat was made against them. the threat was made on social media. >> and once the west sonoma county union high school district found out about it. they reported it to the sebastopol police department. the sebastopol police chief says though, the threats were for sonoma county schools. the
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actual threat came from florida. the threat not only circulated here locally but also in lincoln, california and in georgia and florida after figuring out who posted the threat online. an arrest was made in jupiter, florida. we do not have any more information about that individual. in the east bay oakland police are investigating a shooting that killed a woman from pinole. >> the shooting happened at about 1150 last night on macarthur boulevard just a few blocks from councilman high school officers say they are withholding the woman's name and tell her family is notified anyone with information is being asked to call oakland police. an oakland man is facing charges after investigators say he sexually assaulted another passenger on board a plane. federal officials say robert glasper was flying from sacramento to denver on monday night when he repeatedly groped a man and then exposed and touched himself witnesses say glass for appeared to be under the influence.
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>> well, not exactly a mandate. lots of folks will be masking up this weekend but not simply to ward off germs amid the ongoing pandemic know, you know where we're headed here. the masks, of course, could be part of a costume is lots of people will for the first time in 2 years celebrate halloween, which is this sunday kron four's rob fladeboe. he's been talking with the health department and with the parents of trick or treaters and joins us now without a mask from san jose. a >> that's right. vicki and grant. you know, the line this halloween spirit store early this morning is a pretty strong hit that halloween will be back in a big way this year. i know that a lot of trick or treaters are ready to get back out there and the health department has some suggestions to help everybody stay safe. here's more. >> judging from the foot traffic at said as a halloween spirit store on friday. there is a pent-up demand for the kind of fun. that was deemed a little too scary a year ago when the pandemic was still
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raging. >> i feel like people are feeling more comfortable now with the vaccines all. and you know, just mask and just knowing more information. i think people are getting more comfortable and they're excited about halloween. last year. a normal halloween celebrations were not encourage. but this year is less spooky setting updated cdc guidelines county health advises families to consider safe ways to gather and reduce the spread of the coronavirus, still out there. we want to keep. >> kids in there in smaller groups and basically in their own family groupings as opposed to gathering in large groups of people that you may not even know i'm better traveling along with few masks are also encouraged and not just any mask says doctor faster shots. and i think it's important to differentiate between those halloween masks. >> that may be loose fitting and falling off and all over the face and really a good fitting. regular covid mass
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still awaiting the vaccine for their youngest children. some parents i spoke with said they would wait till next year. well, other said they have waited long enough. let's take some precautions. >> you know, wash your hands wear a mask. you should be fine. yeah. going to take the kids out and have a good time and nothing's going to stop us. it. my daughter. this is your last year, trick or treating she's going high school make sure so i want enjoy other strategies include taking turns at the door. >> and carrying hand sanitizer. as for those giving out the treats. we need to have a mask on 2 as we open the door. >> to give candy out to the kids to keep your mask on 2. and then the kids and you get home, wash your hands in the sink really well before you 30 in your candy. >> doctor shot, also has a few tips for those planning on visiting a haunted house. he says the wear a mask inside the hot house, of course, visit in small groups and don't stay inside too long live in san jose. rob fladeboe kron 4 news. all right, it's going take a live look outside
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at the bay bridge blue sky in the background. there. >> just real quickly shut need to address something. the woman and rob story said daughters last year. you're treating because he's going to high school next year. and yeah, we just don't see the need to stop trick or treat still trick or age is who saw the goodies. we have 2 to tell. we're ready to go for folks. i think the weather is going to work out just right to there's a couple of storm systems. but we're going to get right in between. it and on this friday we break out yet. the dance of money out th re for you tonight. there he goes. yeah, getting ready for halloween tonight. and yeah, we're going to see some nice weather temperatures going to be the 60's. when you head out the door cool off a watch out for some spooky clouds and some dancing monkeys out there on halloween. that fog is moving in and it's kind of creepy. look at the, you know, get right down on the deck. so kind spooky feel coming right to the golden gate bridge right now. more that on the
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way tonight. and then there's a chance we could see a couple of sprinkles, maybe some light showers you see right off the coastline in tracking this throughout the week. all that rain that been up the pacific northwest. now the jet stream begin to sag a little further to the south. some of that moisture likely to come on shore. you see that little swirl in the atmosphere. that's what leads me to believe that we may see some showers here that low wants to move right through the bay area. and as it does probably going to bring at least some heavy drizzle, maybe some light showers around the bay area, especially near the coastline. now temperatures outside right now. wow. it is really nice out there live more at 79 degrees right now 75 in 74 and oakland a beautiful 76 degrees in san jose and 73 in santa rosa cooler the coastline. and that's where we're seeing some of that fog in half moon bay at 57 degrees. alright watch that low spinning off the coastline here it comes rolling in toward the bay area. not a very large system but enough to bring some scattered light showers around the bay area. looks like that will taper off late in the day
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and dry out after that guys, back to you. all right, lawrence uc berkeley's lawrence hall of science is reopening for some halloween fun this weekend after 19 months shutdown. >> from 10:00am to 05:00pm on both saturday and sunday with activities like hands on science exhibits. pumpkin catapulting. that should be interesting. creepy critters as well. general admission is $20 for threes ages 3 and up and then children 2 and younger they get in for free visitors in costume will get free tickets to the 3 d theater. outside lands is under way. it's a little later than usual. and some things may be in the last time you went, we're going to show you what you can expect. >> plus, if you're looking for something spooky to celebrate halloween but don't want to leave your home. the how you can tour a haunted house from the comfort of your couch. but first, it's time to hit the slopes ski resorts are opening back up across california, which resorts are ready to go. thanks to some extra snow.
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>> it is a big couple of days for bay area leaders as they push levi stadium as a potential site for the 2026 world cup. more than 20 other stadiums in the u.s. mexico and canada are up for consideration but only 16 will make the final cut. 2 will be in canada 3 in mexico. the other 11 stadiums will be across the u.s. if the fed decides to having here in the bay area. it will bring
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thousands of people from around the world. millions of dollars. but there is stiff competition. other venues up for consideration include gillette stadium home to the new england patriots and the rose bowl. the committee will make its final decision next year. >> all right. time to break out the ski gear up because ski resorts across california are opening a lot earlier than expected, including palisades yeah. here we are in october and hit the slopes. the last time the resort opened this early was back in 2000, 4 when it was still called squaw valley. called squaw valley last year to and until daily operations though, start on november 24th palisades will be open fridays through sundays 8 on a wall as shows us what you can expect when he hit the slopes. jacob fields hit the slopes today, something he never thought he'd be able to do so early in the year halloween has even happened yet. so like.
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>> it's kind of like mind blowing like skiing already. he was among thousands of grateful writers who came here to palisades tahoe for the resorts grand opening marking just the 3rd time in its 72 year history that it opened in october. that was made possible thanks to mother nature. the storm this week left upper elevations with 3 and a half feet of snow it looks pretty actually like the stuff that people are skiing like everything that's been groomed. killer like some off the stuff looks keyable, too. some stuff. the resort originally planned to open 3 runs today. but thanks to hard work from crews. they've actually open 7 runs, as you can imagine, that's led to happy writers writers of all ages, including 6 year-old jack and his brother alder. i was like going fast, having fun what he liked about >> it's fun. ready to hit the slopes. hope. i'm ready. i'm so ready. and so was david murray. he got here before
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sunrise and was the first in line. i just got up before dawn came over from hanging out in life. you know, it's going to be 60 degrees and sunny up there. it's going to be like the last day of the season. >> it's going to be great. great as well for the local economy to open this early means we've got to bring a lot of employees back on a month earlier than we would so that's really great. and the resort continues to hire as attendance is only expected to grow this not be my last time. this season of the here nearly every day. the season already off to a solid start olympic valley. a ton wallace. >> well, boreal and mammoth mountain are also opening up today. boreal says that this is at 3 weeks earlier than they originally planned. thanks to all this great snow. it is the earliest boreal has opened in a decade. all guests need buy tickets or passes before they get there. and it's a snowy start at mammoth mountain as well. the folks there say that it's one of the snowiest octobers on record with 32 inches of snow on the ground. this is only the 10th
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time the resort has opened in october. mammoth mountain is open from top to bottom with the summit access. >> keep it coming. love that snow, especially this early bill that snow pack of this. we take a live look, this is up in the sierra and you can see there is snow, but we'll take some more. >> chief meteorologist lawrence karnow here. yeah. to talk about we the snow. yeah, you can still see a couple rocks up there, right. so bring those old if you're going this weekend until they could use a little bit more. the roads are looking good. that's the good looking at the i 80 right now are donner summit. see the snow. >> on the side start to melt away just a little bit with warmer temperatures that we've had. if you head up into the tahoe area. not expecting the snow lake level. in fact, the next storm system that's rolling in as we head into monday that will probably have some snow levels around 7500 to about a 1000 feet up. so across the higher peaks again, you'll get some snow up. some of the ski resorts. but down lake level, yes, could be a little mushy with some rain
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out there right now. we have another cold front off the coastline. you can see some of the showers begin to show up on the doppler radar, little swirl in the atmosphere. that area of low pressure that we're tracking still a squeeze. another nice day at a few more clouds outside. but temperatures still running warm inland in the upper 70's right now and some of the warmest spots where you got that cool fog and temperatures are in the 50's out along the coastline. all right. here we go. we've got kind of an active weather pattern even though we've had a little bit of a break. high pressure now starting to kick to the east. you got this low off the coastline that were just and then you've got another one behind it. that's going to work in latter part of the weekend and into monday. this was going to start. come on shore as we head in toward tomorrow. chance of a couple of scattered showers or heavy sprinkles around the bay area. that's about it and that kind of moves out of town would be surprises, not measurable and that could up sunday. sunday should be dry. but then you'll notice those clouds rolling through overnight tonight and then more on the way. and there is the precipitation moving in. so it's not a really well organized ban about 10:00am you see some of those showers popping up in
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parts of the north bay and then they kind of stretches across the bay area through about one. 30 am to get the backside of that system. for the most part and they start to quiet down. but otherwise we're looking at what looks like some pretty nice weather ahead as will see the weekend dry out as we get into halloween temperatures for tomorrow. plan to be cooler. that's for sure. 60's. maybe some low 70's. >> de cuellar said traffic know if you're headed out of town highway one in big sur will remain closed through at least part of next week because of a a rockslide. the rock slide was reported wednesday about 2 miles north of right point in monterey county. it gorda caltrans crews are working to stabilize the hillside. they expect to have to keep highway one closed in both directions in that area until at least wednesday happening tomorrow cyclists from around the country are heading to sacramento for the new lines. then cycling race. it's expected to attract some of the best bikers in the u.s. it's being organized by many
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of the leaders from the former tour of california race. the winner take home $100,000 fans can enjoy a community. halloween bike ride like expo and to pro races. take a look at this. graph. laurin is unveiling the new team usa parade uniforms for the 2022 olympic and paralympic games. >> the winter games are just 3 months away. ralph lauren made sure the team usa is going to be ready for the cold and looking sharp for the closing ceremony. the athletes are going to wear a buffalo plaid hooded puffer jacket made from recycled materials. the navy blue turtleneck sweater with the american flag and the olympic rings. the men will wear white fleece pants and the women will wear blue fleece leggings and that cap, of course, that is also made of wool. lauren has closed the team usa ever since 2008 still ahead, the decorations going up in the castro how san francisco is planning to celebrate spooky season.
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>> and chance for your student to help boost confidence in vaccines while getting a little extra cash. the new contest for some students here in the bay area. when a truck hit my son, i had so many questions about his case. i called the barnes firm. it was the best call i could've made. call the barnes firm now and find out what your case could be worth. ♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪
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(music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪ when a truck hit my car, the insurance company wasn't fair. i didn't know what my case was worth, so i called the barnes firm. i'm rich barnes. it's hard for people to know how much their accident case is worth. let our injury attorneys help you get the best result possible. this is good. some creative minds in santa clara county could wind up to 1500 bucks. the county has started a vaccine video contest. >> for middle and high school students. all they have to do is create a video encouraging people to get vaccinated.
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students can work in teams of 5 and post the videos on instagram and tiktok first place. winds, 1500 bucks. second place. a grand 3rd place. 500 bucks. not bad. we have more details on how you can enter that's on our website. kron 4 dot com. >> the united nations says there is a looming shortage of syringes. >> that shortfall would mainly impact low and middle income countries. the dwindling supply is of auto disposable syringe is that lock lock automatically to prevent reuse. according to the un, about 2 billion more syringes are needed to avoid issues standard syringes are not expected to be in short supply. >> if you want to have some spooky fun without leaving your home. zillow has set up a virtual haunted home tour to view the 3 d home tour. just look at the address 6, 6, 7, dead in drive and click on the 3 d home tour. the tour
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includes clues about how the home's owner died. another spooky surprises. this haunted house starts is the usual 3 home tour, but then it gets possessed or or gets hijacked by these paranormal forces that take toward takers through this really creepy haunted mansion. >> now you're going want to create a little ambiance for to help with the experiences. zillow is recommending it turn out the lights light. some candles. be careful with the flame, though we do have a link to all this. spooky tour information on kron 4 dot com. >> just learned that he is a spooky coming up, a tale of 2 years. what one halloween mecca in the bays telling people this year after a low key twenty-twenty celebration. plus it is party time in golden gate park, whether you're in costume or not. well, you should know before you head outside lands and costco lovers. there's more to love when and where the new store is open
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>> spooky decorations are up. pumpkins are carved and businesses in san francisco's castro are gearing up for what could be an almost normal halloween and castro knows how to party. it's a big difference hope from this time last year i worried kelly talk to people eager to get their costumes on. >> last halloween. people were discouraged from coming to the castro and some businesses like the bar moby were shut
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down altogether. but now they've got their scary decorations up alongside their signs letting customers know they need to show proef of being fully vaxxed before coming inside the bartender believes his customers are looking forward to a fun weekend they're anxious to be out and about and. >> here with other vaccinated. people. i think everyone safe here. most people i talk to have plans this year and are happy about it. it's a big relief. >> that we can go out and hang out and have fun again live again. i feel less i mean, i i don't mind being a homebody. but for year and a half. it was a little much. >> one man says he's got plans tonight, saturday and sunday and bought a home covid test kit just in case. after all these parties and get a few of the kids on monday. >> and you know, i think it's cause could also be pushed out of the weekend. city's public health department has come out with a list of safety tips for those celebrating halloween. they include asking people to


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