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tv   KRON 4 News at 6pm  KRON  October 29, 2021 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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>> from the bay area's news station. you're watching kron 4 news at 6. >> now at 6, the fda has paved the way for children ages 5 to 11 to get pfizer's covid vaccine. thank you for joining us for kron 4 news at 6. i'm pam moore and i'm vicki liviakis. the fda cleared a kid sized doses. just a 3rd of the amount given to teens and adults for now, this is for emergency use. >> sign off from the cdc is expected next week. our first and kerman he is talking to infectious disease experts about this decision and joins us now live from san francisco with more. dan. >> well safe and effective us what the fda has to say about this children's dose of the covid-19 vaccine from pfizer. an infectious disease. experts say it's possible we could see the shots going into arms before the end of next week. if the cdc signs off as
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expected. >> it's a game changer in the sense that. 28 million americans now are going to be eligible to get this vaccine and that's what's so important. very infectious disease. experts say the fda's decision allowing those ages 5 to 11 to get the pfizer vaccine for covid-19. >> is a critical step in protecting their health. >> the kids hospitalized much more frequently and that you're of delta than in the old it's that one of the top 10 causes of infant in that age group. >> in the united states for the last year and that decision to inoculate kids with one 3rd, the dose of the adult vaccine will also protect adults themselves kids were protected are much less likely to be able to transmit the virus. >> to mom and dad grandma, grandpa aunts and uncles. so that's going to have a profound effect on decreasing the total number of cases are going to see in society which
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will translate into fewer hospitals and hospitalizations and deaths. a recent kaiser family foundation survey found just under a 3rd of parents would get their kids. the vaccine right away. >> well, a 3rd would take a wait and see approach. and another 3rd but definitely not get it for their kids, but experts expect those numbers to improve over time. if you're hesitant about the vaccine. >> talk to your pediatrician about it. but here he explained you the pros and cons of vaccination, how it can help. what are the risks. have your pediatrician talk to you about all these things. i think a lot of people are hesitant speaking with their pediatricians, they're going to be rolling up having their kids real up their sleeves. >> now the next step, as you mentioned, is a cdc panel. they will meet on tuesday. they will likely sign off on this and the cdc director will likely approve as well. and again, if that all happens, it's possible kids could get shots in arms before the end of next week. live in san
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francisco, dan kerman kron 4 news. all right, dan, thank you. and another big story we're following this evening. berkeley high school is managing through a covid outbreak this week. the berkeley unified school district learned that 8 people on campus have tested positive for covid-19. >> personally to call reports that those people are now in isolation. >> 8 students and or staff members at berkeley high school are isolating at their homes after testing positive for covid-19 berkeley unified school district spokesperson trish mcdermott says 7 positive cases were discovered thursday during the district's weekly testing on campus in a case was added friday. and because several of these cases were epidemiologically lanes and happened within the 14 day window that public health uses to assess cases. >> our local public health partners city of berkeley call this an outbreak. mcdermott says the school district cannot report which cases represent students or staff.
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>> but add 7 of the cases are associated with the athletic department. we had more than 700 close contacts. >> our school. so that staff and those are students that could be in a variety of classes that can be on sports teams. the district's contact tracing team has been sending notices out to people who may need to quarantine. >> based on the berkeley public health department's protocol, students and staff who are fully vaccinated do not have to quarantine as long as they don't get any symptoms they can return to school and work students or staff tested positive have to isolate for at least 7 days. campus was closed on friday as we're all district schools because of a planned district holiday. >> in berkeley believed to be all kron. 4 >> in the north bay to sonoma county high schools, cancel classes today after a threat was made against them. this threat was made on social media and was officials with the west sonoma county union high school district found out about it. they reported it to
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sebastopol police. passion. po police chief says that, though the threats were for sonoma county schools. the actual threat came from florida. the threat not only circulated here but also in lincoln, california and in georgia and in florida after figuring out who posted that threat online and arrest was made in jupiter, florida. we don't have any additional information about that person involved. >> and back here in the bay area. big gathering near sales force tower in san francisco. hundreds showed up to protest the ongoing climate crisis. this group was protesting black rockets, an investment firm on the corner first and howard protesters claim their investments are fueling climate change and they're pushing for blackrock along with other financial institutions and the federal government to divest from fossil fuels and deforestation. >> so blackrock is the world's largest manager. and so they manage almost 10 trillions of assets under management on
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behalf of clients across the and so with that comes a lot of power and influence. so not on the black crook has the power to really shift the way it uses its capital. >> today's protests included a block long street mural using paint made from the ashes of california wildfires. >> as well as a march led by youth versus apocalypse. >> well, as friday. let's check on our 4 zone forecast. a live look outside at the golden gate bridge. it is there. we can see the cars, but you can see the towers that fog is really rolling in tonight. certainly meteorologists lawrence karnow here talk about spooky. look at yeah, right down on the deck that fog looks really need appropriate as we head into the halloween weekend out there this evening. beautiful sight as the sun now sitting on the bay area. see some of the fog now stretching inside the base mid to high level clouds up above them. >> well, get ready for some changes over the weekend. i
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don't think think that's a ruin your halloween. so yeah, as looking good got the dancing mom is out on this friday. we've got some temperatures, a pretty comfortable for halloween in the 60's. if you're headed out the door early on. then things cool off a bye late for the night for some of those late night trick or treaters out there after midnight. hey. how about this? we've got the very low pressure off the coastline, swirling our way. that will slowly wind its way in toward the bay area overnight tonight and tomorrow. so that may be just enough to trigger at least some heavy drizzle or some light showers or sprinkles around the bay area, not it's not going to rain out, certainly could be wet from time to time, especially through the morning hours tomorrow here comes rolling on into the bay area that may be just enough to the marine layer. we'll bring you some of the clouds and also some of the sprinkles outside kind of driving through as we head toward the evening hours then as we get into halloween, get on the backside of the system. still some a spooky looking clouds mother. that should stay dry. but you can see all the green and yellow even read off the coastline. that's the storm system headed aoward the bay area next monday all
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around the bay area tonight. you're stepping outside for halloween party temperatures cooling off now for a very warm day in the 70's in many spots. we're cooling down in the 60's, 50's and low 60's by 9 o'clock tonight and clouding up to temperatures for tomorrow will be cooler all around the bay area with a slight chance of some of those sprinkles or light showers 50's and 60's co side. still a couple low 70's. well, inland. >> thank you, lawrence. well, not exactly a mandate. lots of folks are going to masking up this. we simply to ward off germs amid the ongoing pandemic. of course not. those masks will likely be part of costumes that many people will be wearing since this is the first time in 2 years. so many people are actually celebrating halloween. this weekend for us. rob fladeboe talk with the santa clara county health department and the parents of some trick or treaters. >> judging from the foot traffic at said as a halloween spirit store on friday. there is a pent-up demand for the kind of fun. that was deemed a little too scary a year ago
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when the pandemic was still raging. >> i feel like people are feeling more comfortable now with the vaccines all and you know, just mask and just knowing more information. i think people are getting more comfortable and they're excited about halloween. last year. a normal halloween celebrations were not encourage. but this year is less spooky setting updated cdc guidelines county health advises families to consider safe ways to gather and reduce the spread of the coronavirus, still out there. we want to keep. >> kids in there in smaller groups and basically in their own family groupings as opposed to gathering in large groups of people that you may not even know i'm better traveling along with few masks are also encouraged and not just any mask says doctor faster shots. and i think it's important to differentiate between those halloween masks. >> that may be loose fitting and falling obf and all over the face and really a good fitting. regular covid mass
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still awaiting the vaccine for their youngest children. some parents i spoke with said they would wait till next year. well, other said they have waited long enough. let's take some precautions. >> no. wash your hands wear a mask. you should be fine. yeah. going to take the kids out and have a good time and nothing's going to stop us. it. my daughter. this is the last year trick or treating she's going high school make sure so i want enjoy other strategies include taking turns at the door. >> and carrying hand sanitizer. as for those giving out the treats. we need to have a mask on 2 as we open the door. >> to give candy out to the kids to keep your mask on 2. and then the kids and you get home, wash your hands in the sink really well before you 30 in your candy. and don't eat too much. your candy in san jose. rob fladeboe kron 4 news. >> significant warrior for peace i've ever met. >> president joe biden's second trip overseas started at the vatican for nearly 90 minutes this morning, the president met privately with
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pope francis. president biden said that they prayed together and talk about issues including climate change. president biden then turned his attention to foreign policy as he met with other world leaders, the president of italy, sergio mattarella and french president emmanuel over the weekend. the president will be in rome to attend the first in-person g 20 summit since the pandemic started. in a surprise change of plans. governor newsome will not be going to the united nations climate change summit in scotland. the governor had planned to highlight his administration's climate change actions, including a proposed ban on the sale of new gas-powered cars in california by 2035, he still does plan to mak a presentation. virtually he canceled the trip citing unspecified family obligations lieutenant governor eleni kounalakis and now will now lead a delegation which includes the governor's wife, 15 state lawmakers and some of
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the state's top environmental regulators. the conference starts october 31st for 2 weeks. >> illinois congressman adam kinzinger says that he is not running for reelection considers one of 2 republican members of the house select committee investigating the january 6th riot at the u.s. capitol. he was a staunch critic of former president trump and was one of 10 house republicans to vote to impeach trump is now the second of that tend not to seek reelection consider releasing a 5 minute video explaining his decision. he says now is the time to move on from congress. but it's not the end of his political career. kinzinger has served 6 terms in congress, his current term ends in january of 2023. >> coming up at 6. thanks to some extra snow. several ski resorts are open ahead of schedule. we'll tell you which resorts are ready to go and san francisco's now embracing a busy weekend outside lands. >> it's happening at golden
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gate park right now. we're going to take you to check out this long awaited music fest. >> plus an airline passenger is facing charges will tell you about an oakland man who was involved. police say in a was involved. police say in a assault incident. i've seen how cancer can affect the people i care about. that's why i'm helping protect myself against some cancers like certain cancers caused by hpv. for most people, hpv clears on its own. but for those who don't clear the virus hpv can lead to certain cancers in both women and men. gardasil 9 is the only vaccine that helps protect adults through age 45 against certain diseases caused by hpv, including cervical, vaginal, vulvar, anal, and certain head and neck cancers, such as throat and back of mouth cancers, and genital warts. gardasil 9 doesn't protect everyone and does not treat cancer or hpv infection. your doctor may recommend screening for certain hpv-related cancers. women still need routine cervical cancer screenings. you shouldn't get gardasil 9 if you've had an allergic reaction to the vaccine, its ingredients, or are allergic to yeast. tell your doctor if you have a weakened immune system, are pregnant, or plan to be. the most common side effects
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groped a man and then exposed and touched himself witnesses say blasberg appear to be under the influence. also out of oakland. police are investigating a shooting that killed a woman from pinole. the shooting happened at about 1150 last night on macarthur boulevard just a few blocks from castleman high school officers say they are withholding that woman's name until her family is notified. but anyone with information about what happened is asked to contact oakland police. >> turning now to monterey highway one in big sur will remain closed through at least part of next week because of a rock slide. the rock slide was reported wednesday at about 2 miles north of ragged point in monterey county caltrans crews they are working to stabilize this hillside. they expect to keep highway one closed in both directions in that area until at least next wednesday soon we could see more affordable housing in the east bay. the bart board of directors has voted to turn the parking lot at the l so regal plaza station into
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affordable housing. >> barr tweeted out this map showing where that housing would be located. the number of parking spaces will be reduced from 740 to just 250. all right. says that will allow for 800 housing units and 35% of the housing will be considered affordable housing uc berkeley's lawrence hall of science is reopening for some halloween fun this weekend after a 19 month shutdown. the event runs from 10:00am to 05:00pm on both saturday and sunday with activities, including hands on science exhibits pumpkin catapulting creepy critters, general admission is $20 for ages 3 and up children, 2 and younger get in for free. visitors in costume will get free tickets to the 3 d theater. happening today. the outside lands music festival is back in san francisco's golden gate park more than 200,000 people expected to attend that three-day event person was
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canceled last year because of the pandemic, the pandemic, what everybody attending the festival in need to either prove that they are fully vaccinated or provide a negative covid test within 72 hours of attendance since this weekend is halloween. of course, costumes are allowed. we talked to a couple thrilled to be there. yeah. going off 3 looking forward to the strokes and vampire weekend, the most and the strokes are definitely. >> like my top. and but i want to see. >> today's headliners, the strokes than tomorrow is lizzo and vampire weekend sunday is tame impala impala. sorry. the tickets are sold out, though the organizers suggest that all the attendees take public transportation because parking is expected to be difficult. all right. time now for 4 zone forecast as we get a live look outside at the bridge light in the traffic department clouds and lawrence standing by with what we can expect for this holiday weekend that is kind of popped up. yeah. it's going to be a good weekend. i think you're going outside lands.
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they cut tomorrow, especially. >> you may want to bring some light rain here. i mean, it's not going to be a heavy rain. but you can get some drizzle right along the coastline and could be a little damp from time to time. how about that beautiful gorgeous sunset this evening. look at all the colors. yeah. nice oranges in the sky tonight up above and down below. you've got that scary looking fog start to creep on shore making its way. >> through the bay and now moving in toward the east bay hills. we're going to see some changes in the weather today. it was nice. it was warm in some spots. even 80 degrees today in livermore, 77 in concord and santa rosa 74 degrees in san francisco, 76 in oakland and 79 degrees in san jose. but there's an area of low pressure off the coastline and doesn't look like much, but that ridge of high pressure out in front of it. it's helping to kick it for the disease. that means now the pressure is going to start to come down. our temperatures are going to be dropping, then we're going to get a few more clouds in the skies and even a chance of a couple scattered light sprinkles or light showers overnight tonight and tomorrow to right now you see that little swirl off the coastline. that's going to be
6:20 pm
dropping down toward the bay area overnight temperature wise right now. what a nice evening in san jose 73 degrees there. 74 as you make a way that a lot more right now 74 in pittsburgh. 76 still insane. alina and then cooling down into san francisco. now some partly cloudy skies and 58 degrees. all right. the atmosphere still very not seen a big blocking ridge developing and that is good news that means that ridge will slide further to the east. here comes that low that we're talking about dropping down toward the bay area bringing with it a chance of a couple light showers or sprinkles. so be prepared for that tomorrow. not going to be a washout. not to ruin your plans. just bring an umbrella with you, maybe a light rain jacket. that's about it temperatures tomorrow. 50's and 60's co side still some 60's and low 70's. well, inland, thank you, lawrence. step in. if you dare this halloween, you can explore a 3 d haunted house. >> zillow. i created a virtual home that is filled with ghosts and goblins. that is if you don't feel comfortable to go inside a real haunted house zillow's trends expert tells
6:21 pm
us how to get the thrill experience in the comfort of your own home. >> we think we've created that using 3 home interactive floorplan technology with the technology does it. it integrates a home still photos for this floor plan and has 3 d home tours of home shopper can get a really immersive experience of the home. but this haunted house starts usual 3 home tour, but then it's best story gets hijacked by these paranormal forces that take toward takers through this really creepy haunted mansion. >> if you want to check it out, you can go to zillow, dot com slash house to tour. and coming up, san francisco is ready for the spooky season. look at the decorations already in the castro. guess you have to have proof of vaccination and costco's going to open a new store here in the bay area will tell you the the bay area will tell you the new location. ♪ ♪ ♪ the bay area will tell you the new location. ♪ ♪ ♪
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6:25 pm
castro and some businesses like the bar moby were shut down altogether. but now they've got their scary decorations up alongside their signs letting customers know they need to show proof of being fully vaxxed before coming inside the bartender believes his customers are looking forward to a fun weekend they're anxious to be out and about and. >> here with other vaccinated. people. i think everyone does safe here. most people i talk to have plans this year and are happy about it. it's a big relief. >> that we can go out and hang out and have fun again live again. i feel less i mean, i i don't mind being a homebody. but for year and a half. it was a little much. we are a different position now, last year supervisor rafael mandelman was one of the city officials asking people not to come to the castro. >> but not this year. i hope we don't have a giant party in the i don't think that's in the works. >> but i do think that, you bars are open. restaurants are they do need a customer's. things are better. and i
6:26 pm
think. actually san franciscans should feel really good about the everyone's done about our high vaccination rate. i think 89% of san francisco residents over the age of 12 gotten at least one dose of the covid vaccine. there are things to celebrate. so i think it's going to be happy halloween. the city's public health department has come out with a list of safety tips for those celebrating halloween. >> they include asking people to consider wearing a well-fitted face mask in private indoor settings, especially if you don't know everyone's vaccination status or in large outdoor crowds and no, they do not mean masks like this one. we've posted that list on our website. kron 4 dot com, maureen kelly kron 4 news. >> coming up, it's opening day at palisades taco what to expect. if you plan on hitting the slopes and the bay area. they hold the 2026 world cup. the epa, touring the levi stadium area. how santa clara's preparing for that big event. plus one fast-food
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at kaiser permanente, we make getting care easy so you can get back on the court quicker. when a truck hit my car, so you can get back the insurance company wasn't fair. i didn't know what my case was worth, so i called the barnes firm. i'm rich barnes. it's hard for people to know how much their accident case is worth. let our injury attorneys help you get the best result possible. believe it or not, it's time to break out the ski key resorts across california are opening a lot earlier than expected, including palisades top. oh, yeah, that's right. the last time the resort opened this early was back in 2004 when it was still called swat valley. >> until daily operations
6:30 pm
start on november. the 24th palisades will be open on fridays through sundays. sounds like a lot of fun. eat on wallace shows us what you can expect when he hit the slopes. >> jacob fields hit the slopes today, something he never thought he'd be able to do so early in the year halloween has even happened yet. so like it's kind of like mind blowing like skiing already. he was among thousands of grateful writers who came here to palisades tahoe for the resorts grand opening marking just the 3rd time in its 72 year history that it opened in october. that was made possible thanks to mother nature. the storm this week left upper elevations with 3 and a half feet of snow it looks pretty actually like the stuff that people are skiing like everything that's been groomed elects killer like some off the stuff looks keyable, too. some stuff. the resort originally planned to open 3 runs today. but thanks to hard work from crews. they've actually open 7 runs, as you can


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