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tv   KRON 4 News at 4am  KRON  November 4, 2021 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning news at 4. >> good morning and thanks for joining us for the kron 4 morning news here on this thursday. november 4th a rate of harvey. thanks for waking up with us. bright and early on this wet morning. you know, got in my car. definitely took me a lot longer to get going because of all of the slick pavement. i had to drive over this morning. a couple issues on the roadways and the weather moving through the bay area right now. i'm meteorologists on travel with a look at that forecast. good morning, john. hey, good morning. rain. absolutely. a slick morning out there for sure. as you are venturing out on the roadways do expect rain to be falling right now.
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>> you're not hearing it outside your window. you're likely to still see a couple more showers heading on through the bay area this morning. now, as far as conditions go right now, it is one to give yourself that extra time. it is very wet out there. and even though we've had a couple of times, a practice with that rainfall. now you just want to make sure that you're getting to work safely and slowly looking outside of financial district conditions are certainly wet on the lens of this camera. and you can see why. with one look at radar right here. let's start with the core of the bay because we are seeing some of our most widespread of rainfall situated across the inland east bay. now a lot of this is very light rainfall right now. but it does stretch from milpitas through fremont an up to see in lee and rowse and lorenzo in hayward this morning. as for the grade on up into the tri valley. also quite wet and from dublin up to san ramon. also on the weather side of things, a little bit further northward in areas like oakland walnut creek, concord enrichment have dried out a little bit more.
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we're still looking at some light sprinkles on the bay bridge as well as in san francisco, south san francisco down through pacifica and daly city. but definitely the most widespread of rainfall is for the south bay right now and about to be working its way more and more so on into san jose. so the direction that this system is really taking is steering this line of showers right here gradually to the south and east and that means areas like san jose can expect rainfall intensity to increase here in about 20 minutes. i know that in the south bay, you've been sitting out at least the heavier intensity rainfall for much of the evening but is definitely going to be seeing picking up in your neck of the woods. here shortly. as for the dumbarton bridge is actively raining. so as you make that crossing from palo alto over to fremont be mindful of wet conditions there. highway 92 is also very wet. having seen saw that rainfall over the past hour or so. and as well as highway one. oh, one highway 2.80, is 82 as you cross across the lower end of the peninsula into the south bay. some wet conditions
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sprinkles picking up in santa clara and a little bit on the heavier side out to the east in northeast of san jose from milpitas up to freeman is a showed you a second ago, north bay your first spot to be drying out. definitely quieter across both marine sonoma and napa counties. few remaining sprinkles right around napa itself. and if we zoom out just a touch again, you can see solano county mostly south and east of 80 out towards rio. vista is one of those spots in the north bay. that is still holding on to some light showers overall, though we've definitely see conditions coming down and this next area of rainfall is already on its way out. moving in quickly about to be moving out quickly as well. so an early morning dose of rain that really isn't going to be sticking around for too terribly long that means our early commuters are really getting the slickest of conditions later, commuters will start to dry out 50's and 60's for our current temperatures. as for the rest of the day. we will see some damp conditions well through the late morning. but by the
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afternoon, all that sunshine will prevail highs a little cooler than yesterday's in the 60's. we'll have more on this rainfall still to come. first of all, let's go over to though. we are definitely looking at slick spots on the road. so you're guaranteed a few accidents or at least slow downs. exactly. there are a lot of accidents out there. let's start with the bay. bridges are looking at that right now. >> 80 eastbound. so on the lower deck. that is an accident. there. they had multiple lanes shut down currently, they still have to of those lanes on the lower deck shut down. earlier we saw some slowing right now. looks like traffic is moving pretty much do that area. so as you're traveling heading to the east bay from the city taking the bay bridge. you are going to see a slight delay. there's also another accident on 80 westbound just east of the bay bridge. so right near the toll plaza. there. but as you can see, i'm not seen any delays and the lights are still off this morning. you also have some areas where there is some roadway flooding. so you definitely want to be careful as you're
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heading across towards the peninsula. you can see their view. the san mateo bridge conditions are slick and wet. so a little under 4 minutes looks like along highway 4 westbound east of mickey one road in martinez. there is an accident seen a slight delay as you're traveling. let's head over look at the richmond center fell bridge and conditions. there very slick. this morning's as you're traveling enrichment definitely want to be careful and cautious a little under 2 minutes. also looks like a long 1. one northbound at manual, t freed is partly in sandra fell. you got an accident there. let's leave you with a look at the golden gate bridge slick conditions on your commute this morning. a 20 minute drive into the city. a couple accidents along 8, 80 like in fremont, northbound south of mission boulevard. we'll keep a close eye on your roadways this morning. definitely want you to take your time. no need to be in a rush will have more on that coming up for now, let's get back to our top stories. well, a bay area political leader is remembered after a morning walk ins with her death alameda county district 3 supervisor will much and died yesterday afternoon from
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her injuries after she was hit by a car. investigators say she was walking her dog when it happened. kron four's jonathan mccall has those details. >> tributes and condolences are pouring in from across california. for alameda county district 3 supervisor wilma chan nikki fortunato basse, president of the oakland city council called her loss devastating california governor gavin newsome said her decades of service touch the lives of many district. 18 assemblywoman mia bonta said that her values and strength our model for us all. i'm really >> well, was a huge inspiration to me. former california state jim bell says that alameda county and much of california. >> such an a debt of gratitude for pushing for reforms on mental health homelessness in justice reform. well, she was fundamentally over incarceration of individuals >> basic health problems.
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people that have behavioral health problems why incarcerate these people for 30 years. she broke barriers in california politics becoming the first asian american elected to the oakland school board. >> then the first asian american woman serving as majority leader of the california assembly. she also served 2 stints on the alameda county board of supervisors johnny run credits chan for sparking her own political ambitions. >> we have 0 ap i in in our state legislature really at 6 in the course of california's history. but she didn't just talk about it. she got things and she just introduced she got them past. >> alameda police each and was walking her dog wednesday morning when a driver hit, her causing her to suffer a severe head injury. paramedics took her to highland hospital where she later died. we have to design our system. >> for people not cars bell hopes that chance death can once again sparked change for another problem in california. the safety of roads in the
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golden state. >> it's a major health public health problem that should be looked at like doubt. we should do everything can to. we do crashes. >> well, san jose police are investigating 2 deadly car crashes. the first happened just before midnight tuesday night near the intersection of campbell avenue and prospect road police say a car crashed into a tree killing the driver. and then just before 6 o'clock wednesday morning, a truck hit a motorcyclist in the area of north 10th and commercial street. the motorcyclist died at the scene. police have not identified the victims in either of those crashes, the city of san jose is now recorded. 49 traffic fatalities this year alone. on to another developing story as of now. no charges are going to be filed against the teen suspected of shooting and killing another teen at a halloween party in gilroy. that shooting happened saturday at the home of gilroy city council member rebecca armand are as on us avenue.
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police arrested her second in calderon in connection to that shooting. in a statement to santa clara county district attorney's office says it has declined to file charges, but they still are investigating. 2 people have been arrested for shooting and killing a man on halloween in san jose alford casteel has been charged with assault with a deadly weapon and assess or e to homicide efron as arrests has been charged with homicide. the victim was shot on great oaks drive sunday afternoon and did not survive the motive for the shooting still remains unclear. well, in the south bay, a southwest airlines pilot has been cited with assault and battery following an alleged fight with a flight attendant over face mask. this happened last month at a san jose hotel bar. police are declining to provide further details. other than this happened while both the attendant and the pilot were staying at the hotel for a layover. the pilot has been
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placed on leave while an investigation continues. southwest airlines is responding to this alleged fight with a memo they sent out to staff asking them to respect others while off duty. >> i was just completely excited. i just wanted it to happen right then and there and it was it. it was incredible. i just want to go back to normal. and this is the best way to do it. >> that's 11 year-old. evan wings wig, one of the first children ages 5 to 11 in the bay area to get vaccinated against covid the rollout of the kids vaccine officially begin at the santa clara county fairgrounds yesterday. the fair grounds and other county run sites are offering the shot by appointment only but starting today mobile clinics are going to begin offering doses near schools. officials say they want to make this rollout as convenient as possible for children and their families. >> we anticipate that we'll have enough vaccine enough capacity among the different vaccine providers in our
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county to be able to accomplish vaccination of this group within the next several weeks. >> in the north bay. a vaccine clinic at the north came all in sandra fell off for the shot to children. next tuesday through saturday. several schools are also gearing up to be vaccination site. contra costa county health officials say they have received about 20,000 doses of the children's covid vaccine and can begin administering those doses to children by tomorrow. appointments will be made available this afternoon at clinics and concord and richmond you can register online at cc health dot org or by calling the number on your screen. 1, 8, 3, 3, 8 to 9 to 6 to 6. now the health department has also hosted a town hall today at 6 in the evening. that's where health and school officials are going to be available to answer any questions from parents. pharmacies are also preparing have the covid shot ready for kids going to be available hundreds of walgreens and rite aid stores by saturday and cbs
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by sunday. they're already accepting appointments online more time. slots made available in the coming weeks as the stores receive more doses of the vaccines for kids. coming up on the kron 4 morning news addressing the supply chain problems in southern california. ports. well, lawmakers say the issues were the result of the perfect storm. >> plus, new allegations of foul play might have been a factor in the accidental shooting that involves actor alec baldwin onset. what attorneys are now saying about that incident. welcome back to
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the kron 4 morning news the time for you now is an rv. >> thanks for joining us on this wet morning. this thursday into another. very nice weekend. i'm meteorologists on trade has been tracking it and already see, we've got a lot of green on our map there, john, we do, it is a rainy morning, but it's not going to last for long reyna the showers that we are seeing moving in across the bay area. will move out just as quickly as they did make their approach past midnight last night. so where are we sitting right now with the rain will roadways are wet across the entirety of the bay area. >> the most widespread of rain stretches from the santa cruz mountains on across the very southern edge of the bay on up through fremont and eventually into eastern solano county now zooming in on the dumbarton bridge which currently has the most widespread and heaviest
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of intensity rainfall right now from fremont over the palo alto. also some pockets of heavy rainfall just up the hill from mountain view as well as saratoga in san jose are really starting to see more and more widespread showers around where you're at fremont on up to livermore as well as looking at some light showers and up to hayward from fremont northward. also looking at some light rain. so definitely an active morning out there. again, it really is the dumbarton bridge right now. that is seeing some very active showers 92 in the process of drying. still some sprinkles and certainly still some damp roadways out that direction. half moon, bay and other corridors of other spots along the highway. one corridor are looking at some light showers right now. light sprinkles, do remain in the south into san francisco right across the eastern span of the bay bridge as well as northward up through berkeley and in the hills above richmond too. you're going to started drying process now on the golden gate bridge as well as the richmond. sandra fell bridge as the showers gradually move out of the region. something that we
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already seen happen up in marine sonoma napa lake and mendocino counties. all these areas of really dried out now, only a few showers remain in solano county out into the eastern portion of the county towards the delta. so there's your line of showers right there, which is actively working its way through. you will see a gradually retreating further and further through the later part of the morning by 05:30am, some parts of the east bay and south bay are still holding on to some light sprinkles by 6.45 only a couple stray sprinkles remain and by the 7 o'clock hour into 08:00am just the cloud cover. and the damp roadways from that overnight rainfall. so really as early morning commuters that are working our way out into the worst of conditions late this morning still wet. still some puddles on the roads but definitely no active rainfall for our commuters later on this morning by the afternoon were politically, sunny will stay that way into tomorrow. few showers try to drift into the bay area come the latter part of tomorrow. but these are going to stay pretty held up to the north of mendocino county on into saturday. a feg more clouds. maybe a couple of
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sprinkles, but really a dry one on into saturday rainfall will hold off until early next week rainfall from this point forward may see another 10th of an inch for a few spots. but most of this rainfall has already been said and done as far as temperatures go today, it will be 50's and 60's for your daytime highs at the coastline. well, elsewhere in the bay area. we're talking pretty solid 60's today up and down the peninsula. expect highs a little cooler than yesterday. still a pleasant day, but none of those 70's like we saw yesterday and even with this afternoon sunshine, you'll notice the cooler feel to it. oakland at 67 today. but napa also at 67 and some 50's out towards the coastline. as for temperatures. the next 7 days. we stay with those 60's. you can easily see where our rainiest of days will be that will be monday into tuesday with heavy rain expected monday night into tuesday. great. thank you for that, john. all right. let's get a look at your morning commute. we've got some issues on the bay bridge. >> on the eastbound side the lower deck. there is an
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accident, just west that treasure island, texas. 2 lanes blocked there. the bridge a slick you want to slow down. also 80 westbound just east of seoul. the toll plaza. we just had an accident. looks like they were able to get that vehicle to the right hand shoulder a highway 4 westbound east mcewen road in martinez got an accident there. so we're seeing some delays. let's check out the san mateo bridge heading across towards the peninsula. look at that slick conditions a little under 13. take your time as you're driving. no major delays. also looking in sandra fell on one. oh, one northbound at manual. teaford is parkway. got an accident. there. let's head over look at the richmond center fell commute. no major delays as you're heading out of richmond. but again, slick conditions to slow down a bit and we'll leave you with the golden gate bridge. the north bay into the city. a little under 20 minutes, we're going want to travel coming up. but for now, let's talk about a record number of ships that are waiting to unload off the southern california coast. according to the marine exchange of southern california, a 158 ships within 40 miles of the port of long
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beach alone, a majority of those are container ships waiting to unload products. it will be sent all over the united states. the supreme court review a challenge to new york state's gun restrictions on concealed firearms in public places. it is the first major gun rights case before the court and more than a decade. alexandra limon joins us. life with the latest from washington can morning alexandria. >> reena. good morning. and that new york law restricts where and under what circumstances people can carry a concealed weapon and a decision by the supreme court could have national implications because at least 7 other states have similar laws. >> wednesday. the u.s. supreme court heard a challenge to a new york state law that says people must obtain a license in order to carry a concealed firearm outside of their home for self-defense. i was shot in my head while leave my
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constituents. former congresswoman gabby giffords was shot outside of a grocery store in tucson, arizona, on the steps of the supreme court. she and other survivors of gun violence expressed support for new york's restrictions. we don't want to take your guns. a save out children. they say regulations of concealed carry permits prevent more americans from being shot and killed at places they should feel safe going but gun rights advocate katie novotny argues she deserves the right to protect yourself. and your say it isn't a civil right. navalny says new york's law takes that right away. lawyers representing the new york branch of the nra made a similar argument before the supreme court justices chief justice john roberts questioned whether new york's law is too restrictive from the woods. it's pretty unlikely that you're going to run into someone is going to rob you in the street. but justice steven briar
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questioned whether states will then be able to restrict concealed weapons anywhere like in schools or places where alcohol is served. what are we supposed to say in your opinion. >> that is going to be clear enough. that we will not produce a kind of. >> and as you know, california is one of those other states that has a similar concealed carry law. now we expect a decision from the supreme court before the end of the term next summer reporting live in washington. alexandra limon. >> thank you for that report. alexandra. coming up next on the kron 4 morning news a retired doctor from the bay area news battling stage 4 cancer finds herself in a pitch black battle with the big nasty there. how she survived that attack left on that. we'll get back.
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>> well, moments after a bay area woman woke up in her vacation home. she was mauled by a bear. she's now recovering back home in orinda kron, four's dan kerman spoke with the woman about her horrifying encounter. >> front nose terrified. i was absolutely terrified. again,
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it takes a lot to terrify me. laurel rose fun hoffman curtsy, a scene bears in a north tahoe neighborhood before she even snapped these photos but never has she encountered one inside her cabin as she did just before sunrise saturday morning. there was a light. >> from the freezer. shining on them, the bear and he was. >> food out under the floor before she could get back to her bedroom. the bear was on her. really what i saw was. a paw and i couldn't see. i was just being torn. i couldn't see exactly what was happening. >> eventually the bear went back downstairs and out the door. but the damage had been done. but hoffman kurtz. his body was covered in blood and bruises and puncture wounds. i got to the. >> bedroom and i put my legs straight up against the are more because i was afraid i was bleeding internally so that i get the blood. and to my central state wildlife
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officials collected forensic evidence from the bite wounds in hopes of getting a dna profile of the bear. >> they also set up a trap near the victim's home. if we can get that bear in the trap. >> we will do the dna work and try to compare the dna profile from any bear that strapped. and if it is the same bear that has been implicated in attacking this woman will be euthanized if it's not the same area will be released. >> but nothing could suffering from stage 4 cancer and had been at the cabin following a round of chemotherapy. she believes bears should be able to live in the wilderness. but she says ones like these must be relocated away from people. >> the brazenness of an attack in an occupied. house is i i think the. fish and wildlife need to very careful about. the bears that they allowed to
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still existing communities. curzie says she does plan to return to that weekend. home, but not until that bear is captured. >> in orinda. dan kerman kron 4 news. still ahead on the kron 00:00am morning news people live in the marina district are scared and sick. >> of property crime. how much they're paying a guy to try help keep the crooks away.
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