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tv   KRON 4 News at 630pm  KRON  November 4, 2021 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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>> well, as the annual reminder. don't forget to set your clocks back on saturday night as daylight saving time comes to an end californians to continue to change your clocks twice a year. despite voters approving a measure that we have been the first step to stopping all of this practice or grant lotus is here to explain where it all stands right now. this is a big debate that we've been having for a long time. right. and i hope this issue doesn't discourage people from fulfilling their civic duty. but it's almost like, well, why we vote on that. ice nothing's happening. it's been 3 years now since california voters agreed to take the first step to stop seasonal time changes in the state proposition. 7 gave the state legislature the power to get rid of the changes with a 2 thirds vote as long as the changes are consistent with
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federal law while californians continue to turn back our clocks. the legislature has been stuck on a time debate. >> it comes down something really simple anyone to try comb or ask their friends. he liked year daylight savings time or do you want to get rid of daylight savings time. we have sleep experts. we have some medical professionals who think we really need to go to standard time year-round. and then you have a lot of parents in people who like evening activities who really want daylight savings time year round and authority we have as legislators, we have to get through with 2 thirds of the vote. so we haven't been able to get legislators to agree on one or the other because there are these long held. preferences. >> so here we are as san diego assemblywoman lorena gonzalez co author. the measure voters approved back in 2018 and before the pandemic hit some
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state lawmakers really tried to get the measure passed that would have put california on permanent standard time. but it's stalled. switching over to year-round. daylight saving time requires congressional approval a bill introduced in the u.s. both that house and the senate called the sunshine protection act would make daylight saving time permanent. the 2 states that have done away with the change, arizona and hawaii. they don't do this clock. change thing. they're on permanent standard time, a multitude of other states, though, is looking at switching to daylight saving time permanently. so for now, it's 2 out of 48 california. voters wanted to make it 3 out of 48. but so far for various political reasons that is not happens. pam and ken, back to you. all right. grant, thank you. today in washington, dc senator alex padilla introduced legislation that will help fema better address natural disasters, including wildfires.
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>> the fire act would make several changes to the stafford act which governs fema among the changes. ensuring that fema's disaster preparedness and response efforts fully address the unique nature of wildfires and their effect on communities and direct fema to pray deploy assets during times of highest risk such as when we have red flag warnings. >> want to make sure that fema is better providing technical to rural communities may be lower income communities to get them resources that they deserve. >> padilla as the fire act is already gaining support from both sides of the political aisle and another bill, the disaster equity and fairness act ensures fema's disaster response efforts fully address the needs of underserved communities. state senator scott wiener is supporting recall efforts against 3 members of the san francisco board of education facing the recall our commissioners, allison collins gaber gabriela
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lopez and to >> according to the senator, he's endorsing the recall saying the commissioners failed to do their jobs engaged in abusive and disruptive behavior and cause the school district to deteriorate during the pandemic. in a statement, senator winner says, quote, our board of education is in dire need of change. families are pulling their children from our schools and enrollment is at its lowest level in decades. these 3 board of education members have consistently focused on politics instead of students. we need leadership that prioritizes and a plus. all of our students and that is fully focused on their well-being, end quote. new at 00:00pm tonight, california farmers say they're having trouble exporting their crops because of delays in the global supply chain intense demand for products has led to a backlog of container ships outside the nation's 2 largest sports in southern california. ford officials there say shipping costs are so high now that that many may just hurry back to asia instead of stopping at
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the smaller oakland port here to pick up exports of walnuts and almonds. some processors who resorted to paying much more to ship their products to ports in texas and maryland, california accounts for 16% of the nation's agricultural exports. time now for our 4 zone forecast as we give you a live look outside at the embarcadero in the bay bridge cam of race or are we good standing by telling us that things are going to cool down. yeah. cool dry forecast in the forecast not just for today but all weekend long for that matter. let's take a live look outside. >> san francisco international airport and smooth sailing right now on the runways at sfo, we're tracking crystal clear skies after a light storm passed through the bay area. >> leaving behind a cooler air mass today anywhere from about 2 to 4 degrees below average temperatures. no one warming up into the 70's widespread mid to upper 60's. and we're going to see slightly cooler temperatures for the end of your workweek forecast temperatures out there right
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now. cooler for those of you at half moon bay and san carlos 58 degrees widespread low to mid 60's everywhere else. and it's all thanks to that strong sea breeze right along the san francisco peninsula coastline. the gusty. as for those of you in downtown san francisco tracking sustained westerly winds at around 20 miles per hour or less with overnight lows noticeably cooler. for those of you in the north bay and east bay valleys widespread 40's they're the coolest for those of you in santa rosa 41 degrees. a pretty chilly temperatures, but around the bay area's shoreline widespread low 50's for oakland in downtown san francisco 52 degrees and temperatures tomorrow we're going to stay on that cooler and drier trend. we are tracking mid 60's for downtown san francisco at 63 degrees oakland and hayward at 65 degrees with concord and even nevado 67 degrees mountain view, 64 degrees. so we're going to be about 2 to 4 degrees below average little changed this weekend increase
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in cloud cover, though, with some light rain chances for those of you in the north bay. but really just glorified drizzle. the main event arriving monday and tuesday where we are going to see anywhere from half an inch to an inch of much needed rain and then don't forget daylight saving time ends as we fall back and gain an hour. back to you. ken and pam. thank breezes. still ahead, a new study reveals eating alone may increase the risk. >> of heart disease, especially in women. we'll explain why next. food delivery is now the new normal. find out what is the number one most ordered food on uber eats and in sports, we'll take a look back at the historic and legendary career of giants, catcher, buster posey. >> kylen mills. we'll have a live report from oracle park coming up.
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>> for your money to has just released its cravings reports the san francisco based company says french fries topped the popularity list apparently customers don't mind that the fries might become cold and soggy by the time they get to them. uber eats also noted that orders for cheese fries skyrocketed. more than 1200% this year. other popular items are bananas. mexican food pad. thai garlic naan and of course alcohol. >> for your health. many of us have had to eat meals at home alone throughout the pandemic and new research from the north american menopause society finds that that may
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have caused some negative effect on your heart. the research says a primary factor is that people generally eat faster when they are alone, which can increase blood pressure and the chances for obesity. those both create a greater risk of heart disease isolation in general can also contribute to depression, which is also shown to increase the risk of cardiovascular issues. coming up next, a special kind of covid anybody treatment now available again in northern california. find out how it works. where to get it. >> why it's so effective at >> why it's so effective at reducing hospitalizations. your eyes. beautiful on the outside, but if you have diabetes, there can be some not-so-pretty stuff going on, on the inside. it's true, if you have diabetes, you know high blood sugar is the root of the problem. but that excess sugar can cause the blood vessels to be seriously damaged. and when that happens, this could happen, vision loss or even blindness. that's right, diabetic retinopathy is a leading cause
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>> new at and esto health center is now offering a free alternative treatment for covid-19 patients with high-risk conditions yeah. monoclonal therapy that uses antibodies produced in the laboratory to help your body fight the virus. a gross shows us how that treatment may be able to save lives. >> they keep me pretty busy tony santillan didn't hesitate to take a relatively new type of treatment when he was diagnosed with covid-19 earlier this year. what you got to lose us from the way i son john was one of the first to receive a covid antibody treatment given through an i v. i think it really did help me know side of and medication is approved for those with mild to moderate symptoms. doctor elaine joyce soriano says the fda halted the use of that kind of treatment in may
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after it was shown to no longer be effective against newer covid variants. but after 6 months of further studies and trials doctor soriano says an improved monoclonal therapy which can treat all covid strains is now available at has been replaced combination monoclonal antibody mean to say there are 2 and the bodies in one preparation and one of the example of those is what we're currently going to use for our patients. the treatment consists of a one time for shot procedure with injections to either both arms and likes or to the abdomen like the vaccination, right. it induces your body to produce protection from the covid. this are available and the body's already. >> that's a given to you to fight off infection. the antibody therapy is available at golden valley health center in modesto for those who are diagnosed with covid-19 and who also have at least one other high risk condition. >> like diabetes, heart disease or compromised immune system. she says access to these lab produced antibodies can save lives. if we prevent them from getting hospitalized. >> there will be less patients in the hospital. there will be
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less patients in icu and less families affected tragically with this. covid-19 some symptoms of the treatment include allergic reactions flulike symptoms. not yet diarrhea in low blood pressure, doctors soriano says son john has been a patient of hers for years. >> so she's happy this treatment work for him makes me feel. >> problem of him actually for making this responsible decision to be too that i felt good because i i'm doing something for myself and my family. you know. and maybe that made me even feel better and it kristi gross. >> again staff at the golden valley health center again in modesto say that the antibody therapy is free and has offered to everybody. even if you're not a patient there. the doctor says while the treatment is effective, it is not an alternative to getting vaccinated. all right. let's get another check on our weather. the 4 zone forecast. look at this live look outside looking out over san francisco
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very clear and sparkly tonight now went from daytime to not night pass during course of this newscast turned agree. so what's going on out there. yeah. let's check out our berkeley campus. you can see the sun just sat there. absolutely radiant night up there, crystal clear sky conditions. >> for your thursday night and we are tracking, though, very clear skies for tonight, even for this year and never too early to plan for your weekend forecast. >> so let's get right to it. futurecast for tracking a mix of sun and clouds, but a warmer air mass for those of you in this for the end of your workweek forecast on friday upper 50's for truckee and south lake tahoe. but then cooling down more than 10 degrees on saturday. we are going to see a cooler air mass bringing some light scattered showers saturday night drying out by sunday before rain and snow showers return to this year. on monday through tuesday of this upcoming week. but for us here in the bay area already starting to cool down in the 50's along the
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coastline with right now. half moon bay and san anselmo 58 degrees widespread low to mid 60's as you make your way inland still on the mild side for those of you in san jose at 63 degrees as is oakland. but those of you in napa 62 degrees cooler from petaluma at 59 degrees for your thursday night. 2 to 4 degrees below average for the end of your workweek forecast friday afternoon temperatures low 60's along the coast mid 60's as you make your way inland half moon bay 61 degrees with oakland in the mid 60's and concord in livermore, even san jose. pretty uniform numbers at 67 degrees and then we're going to see a slight chance of sprinkles in the north bay on saturday afternoon. but overall, a dry and cool weekend forecast. here's hike island mill at oracle park. >> and now kron 4 sports. >> today marks the end of an era here at oracle park longtime giants catcher buster posey has retired today. he
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said he wants to spend more time with his family and to let his body heal posey accomplished so much during his 12 seasons behind the plate here in san francisco, kron 4 sports reporter kate rooney has a look back at his incredible career. >> with the 5th selection. in the first round. of the 2008 1st year player draft. the san francisco giants select gerald be posing one of the. >> the greatest days of my life. and you know, i'm about, you know, i'm excited about getting started. >> buster posey made his major league debut on 9/11/2000, 9 recording his first hit 8 days later. but it was his first full season in 2000, 10 in which posey quickly began to lay the foundation of his legacy winning the national league rookie of the year award and leading the giants to their first world series title ever in san francisco after more than half a century. san francisco. finally had a world series
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champion after a devastating injury that ended his 2011 season. posey came back in 2000, 12 with a vengeance catching matt cain's perfect game playing in his first all-star game winning the batting title earning his first silver slugger award and being named comeback player of the year and mvp of the national league. but he was even better in the postseason hitting a grand slam in game 5 of the nlds against the reds to give the giants the series after they trailed 2 games to none his 2 run homerun off max scherzer in game 4 of the world series propelled the giants to a four-game sweep of the favored tigers and their second world series title in 3 years. posey signed an 8 year extension with the giants in 2000, 13 a shearing. he'd be in san francisco for at least the rest of the decade. one season later after another 300 plus average 20 plus homer season. posey was celebrating once again in late october
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after the giants defeated the royals for their 3rd world series championship in 5 seasons over the next 5 years. posey made the all-star team 4 times won a gold glove to silver slugger awards and letter rebuilding giants team to the postseason in 2000. 16 in the covid shortened 2020 season posey opted out. he and his wife kristen, had just adopted premature twin girls and the catcher wanted more safe time with his family, including daughter, addison and son lead. while many wondered if posey could regain the magic on the diamond is he came back for the 20 21 season at age 34 buster was better than ever hitting over 300 for the 6th time making his 7th all-star team and leading the giants to a historic 107 win season and their first division title in 9 years. but for giants, fans, posey was much more than just a great player. he was a fan favorite
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family man team leader and a winner. he is one of those rare athletes who is immediately recognizable by just one name as one young giants fan put it, my dad had joe montana. i had buster posey's iconic legacy in the bay area and beyond will only be further cemented in the future as he'll surely join mays, mccovey and marischal with his own statue outside oracle park and an induction into baseball's hall of fame. >> it's about that time spent with family. the countless nights and days. pulling for your team riding the emotions of the highs riding the emotions of the lows. and ultimately enjoying the people that you're with along the way and making great memories together. >> posey said he's looking
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him what he is sure he is going to miss his teammates in the camaraderie of the san francisco giants manager gabe kepler told me that what makes buster posey so special is his professionalism and leadership and he will be missed in this ball club that does it for sports. live from oracle. park will send it back to you. all right. nice job by you and katherine, thank you very much. we'll be right b there are a lot of things in life we want, but can't have.
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approaching kron 4 wants to shine a spotlight on the bay area. men and women who have served in the military. you can submit a photo of a service member. you'd like us to honor on our website. >> just upload their picture along with their name rank branch of service and hometown find a link right on our homepage at kron 4 dot com. >> and that wraps up kron 4 news tonight at 6. thanks for joining us. we'll see you tonight at 8 o'clock in evening. the [ding dong]
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♪ ♪ >> announcer: football great aaron rodgers under fire after his covid diagnosis. >> did he mislead the public about being vaccinated? >> aaron rodgers is a liar. >> announcer: and why fans are upset with his fiancee, jailing woodley. and then, shocking new information , just before the deadly crash, did he get drunk at this popular golf range in cincinnati? and a nation embraces cleo, found alive 18 days after her kidnapping. >> my name is cleo. >> announcer: she knows what cleo went through. >> it cannot be any scarier. >> annnc


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