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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  November 4, 2021 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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>> when >> fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news. >> is like touching the gun and a step rails a huge step backwards. when you have a racist and homophobic. i thought we were getting better. >> now at 10. it's being called a gross display of hatred on halloween. the search is on tonight for groups of vandals who defaced a high school in the south bay. thanks for joining us on kron 4 news at 10. i'm ken wayne and i'm pam moore. the campus of look at high has. >> then damage that was damaged overnight and the buildings were spray painted with homophobic and racial
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slurs from force. dan thorn talks with the school's principal about the hateful acts. >> yes, the story from los gatos. the vandalism happened on the night of halloween and eggs were thrown and pretty much all of the buildings on campus. >> the school's principal telling us these acts were hurtful and sad and he's hoping by getting the word out that whoever did. this will be given up security video captured on the night of halloween shows at least 3 groups of vandals defacing los gatos high school. the windows of school buildings were pelted with eggs and a prized 529 pound pumpkin was smashed. but what was most disturbing for principal. kevin buchanan was the spray painting of racist and homophobic slurs. it feels like a punch in the gut and a step or a huge step backwards. >> that's what kind of increasing, you know, address equity and inclusion and understanding and awareness. >> buchanan says he understands the mischievous mood around halloween but hate and destruction is inexcusable. the principal has
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been calling on the high school community to come forward with information. well, police have been investigating the ax. it's a it's a social conscious commute. is an element that we need to stand up to and be a and >> teachers were also specifically targeted by the graffiti buchanan took over the high school as principal in july and says there have been challenges that are being addressed. so far no one has been held responsible for the damage. >> it's unclear whether current or former students are the culprits and really sad and really sad. i think we're all when you have a racist and homophobic. >> that was pretty disgusting. los gatos police are investigating similar vandalism found at the homes of some teachers here in the area. >> buchanan says that the social media posts of students talking about what happened here on campus are being monitored reporting in los gatos dan thorn kron 4 news san francisco police are
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investigating after 2 men were shot in the city's haight ashbury neighborhood. >> it happened about 1 o'clock this afternoon. at haight street and masonic avenue. authorities say one of the victims died at the scene. the other was taken to a local hospital. police say this is still very active investigation. people living in the neighborhood say they're fed up with the violence. >> we have a number of witnesses that have given us information that a number of rounds were shot. this last week there was a different shooting just like one block the other direction. so it's starting to feel like a less than safe neighborhood and i don't i'm not happy about that. >> that earlier shooting. he referenced happened about a block away. back on october 22nd. it was also in the middle of the day. in that case bullets hit several vehicles in the window of the ritual coffee shop. one person went to the hospital with life threatening injuries. there has not been an update on that person's condition and police have not released any description of suspects more
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than 24 hours after the shocking and sudden death of alameda county supervisor wilma chan. >> the community is of course, still mourning her death. there is a growing memorial at the intersection of shoreline drive and grand avenue in alameda. that is where supervisors chan was hit by a car while she was walking her dog. her death is the 4th fatal traffic accident and alameda this year. many residents now say they're even more concerned about speeding and traffic safety on the island. it's a problem all throughout alameda pervasive. now ellen always had a, you know, emphasis on a 25 mile an hour speed zone. >> you know, i think people are frustrated by that. our officers are focused on. >> people that are driving over the speed limit and engage in any other dangerous vehicle, code violations. >> alameda police chief joe, she says that they are still looking for surveillance video of the accident that killed chan and would not say whether there will be criminal charges
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meantime, alameda city council member john knox white is promising to take action following supervisor chance. death saying in a statement, quote, more people are killed by people driving in alameda that they are through criminal activity as an elected city council member. i will work with my colleagues to do everything we can to ensure our city design streets to help and in for safety loss. now to our coronavirus coverage. the rollout of the covid vaccine for children took a big step up today. >> as a number of clinics are now offering the shot near dozens of schools in san jose. the clinics are targeting schools in areas hardest hit by the pandemic where parents have limited resources to access the vaccine. there are roughly a 128,000 children aged 5 to 11 in santa clara county alone. officials say while while they won't be able to reach every child. they still want to make sure the doses are as widely available as possible. >> it will keep our children
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safe from illness and allow them to engage in more and more of typical childhood experiences. need get the combing 9 shot it's >> in san francisco health officials are warning parents that it might be hard to sign up your child for those right away so far san francisco has received about 12,000 doses for the 44,000 eligible children in the city large health care systems such as ucsf and kaiser as well as pharmacies will also be getting their own vaccines in the very near future. >> only 2 counties in the bay area that have already started administering the shot for children. you can find santa clara county's clinic at the county fairgrounds while san francisco has nearly 100 clinics across the city, marin contra costa and san mateo counties are opening their clinics on saturday. the marine clinic will open at
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northgate mall and will offer shots tuesday through saturday. san mateo will host a clinic at the county event center in contra, costa parents can start scheduling appointments now at county run sites health officials in contra, costa county held a town hall tonight. in fact, to reassure parents about the safety of the vaccines. kron four's ella sogomonian live in our newsroom now. she has more on what they had to say. l a. >> and the group of pediatricians and county leaders say that vaccinating children between 5.11 is important, too. decrease miss time from school. plus prevent were symptoms from happening. they also highlighted studies of more than 3,000 children that proved that the vaccine was 91% effective at preventing contraction of covid-19 with mild side effects, if any. and they point to a greater risk in severe reactions to the actual virus compared to this mrna vaccine. so pediatricians agree that even if you believe that your child is healthy. there's still a chance that they could get sick and end up in a hospital.
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>> the reality is around 30% of kids who are hospitalized with covid did not have underlying conditions. now, that's not a number that has been publicized. a lot of people don't know that. number 2 with respect to recovery after an infection. there's no guarantee that a few weeks out you will still have antibodies that will protect you. >> in contra, costa county vaccines for kids between 5.11 will be made available starting next week and pharmacies. individual doctors offices community health clinics and schools will be reaching out to parents and guardians to let them know if they're vaccinating on their site, appointments can be made vaccines. dot gov. live in the newsroom. ella sogomonian kron 4 news. all love. thank you for that. as for the remaining bay area counties. napa county will open up a clinic in about 10 days on november. the 15th. >> alameda county planning for a clinic about the same time but has not set an exact date just yet. sonoma county will
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not be hosting one big clinic site. but instead will do individual vaccination sessions at schools. those will start on tuesday. solano county has not yet set a date for its clinics. the side these county when locations, though the doses will also be available at pharmacies and pediatrician offices throughout the bay area. >> the white house is rolling out new nationwide vaccine mandates. will that will affect roughly a 100 million workers in the private sector. the new rules will require all companies with more than a 100 employees to make sure their workers are fully vaccinated. otherwise still have to be tested. every week, however, health care workers won't have that option and must get vaccinated cdc director doctor rochelle walensky says the mandates will save lives. we know the most destructive thing in a workforce that is to have a covid outbreak and to have people workers and that workforce come down with covid infections severe disease and in some cases
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death. and this is probably the most frightening ultimatum that businesses have had contend with. >> employers will not have to provide for pay for covid tests, for unvaccinated workers, but. >> they will have to provide paid time off for employees to get the shots and sick leave to recover from any potential side effects the new rules take effect on january 4th. >> well, other news now today marking the end of an era for the san francisco giants. longtime catcher buster posey made it official. he announced his retirement sad news, but good news for buster posey. of course, won 3 world series. he was named an all-star 7 times. giants, coaches, players and fans. of course sad to see him, though, on 4 sports reporter kylen mills was there when he made the big announcement and joins us now with more. violent. >> he was just such a bittersweet day ken and pam, i mean, you want to wish the best for him. but it's still sad to see him go. i mean, best oppose just meant so much to people are here in san
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francisco. you can probably tell me better. ken, i mean, ever since he started. yeah. big hopes when he got here, he fulfilled and beyond any dreams that anybody had of how he's going to play. and yeah, he's been a big part of the community and he's a good that yeah. yeah, exactly. that's really what makes him special. >> one fan told me yesterday you can think of the giants without thinking of catcher buster posey. >> he's just been the face of this franchise for the last 12 years. now, though, he is turning the page posey announced his retirement oracle park this afternoon. he said he wants to spend more time with his family and give his body time to recover at 34 years old, posing put together an incredible career playing one of baseball's most grueling positions playing catcher really does take a toll. he won 3 world series titles was the 2012 national player of the year and was named an all-star 7 times, including this past season. posey batted 3 o 4 knit. 18 home runs in 2021 will leading the giants. their best regular season record in franchise history. he said today that he went into the season knowing
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that it may be his last. posey said he empty the tank like he never has before. now it's time for a new chapter. >> it's about the time spent with family. the countless nights and days. pulling for your team riding the emotions of the highs riding the emotions of the lows and ultimately enjoying the people that you're west along the way and making great memories together i'm so very humbled to play the part and some of those memories. the fans. thank you for all your support. i received the last 13 seasons. now look forward to creating new memories of my own. and sharing them with family and friends. as i pull for the giants are us my thank you. that's exactly the dude is in the maybe he's not the one who's who's talking the talk about it's just not favorite thing to do. so maybe that's a little bit everything else. how he cares for people. includes everyone in his
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success. harvey gives credit to every everybody else out these of thoughtful. it is in the way he asks questions in response to night. there's really nothing different. it's it's the same. do. >> posey said he's looking forward to spending more time with his wife and 4 children who were there today. aside from that the city doesn't have any big plans for the immediate future. he also said that the game has taken a toll on his body. he said he's in pain and it does make it difficult to experience joy in the little things in life. also his twin girls were there today. they are absolutely fans may remember he set out 2020 because he and his wife had just adopted preemie daughters. however, they look so healthy and they look like they're doing great. they were like crawling around window sills the ceremony today of their debts press conference and he's going home to georgia. yes, and he did say that he his wife plan to move back to georgia. they don't have a set date. but some point they just want to be closer to their extended family, which you could understand you mentioned the pain issue, you know, you don't think about i was
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talking to an early i don't think about it so much. we think about baseball football and but certainly. >> the catcher position is probably the most challenging yes, exactly. i mentioned, that one of the most grueling position hip injuries walks or squatting like that, like that puts a lot of pressure on the i've got to imagine he's got a lot going on with arthritis already there and things like that. you just you know, you got to rest, take care of it and you don't 34 is being old, in pro 12 years of putting that kind of pressure on your body. i'm sure it catches up to island. see a little later. >> well, not far away from oracle park just down the street comedian dave chappelle kicked off his new tour at chase center tonight. this comes after weeks of controversy regarding his latest netflix comedy special, which many accused of being transphobic. >> four's. gayle ong is live outside chase center tonight where the show was sold out. gayle, what was the reaction?
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>> well, pam and ken, the show is ending. as you mentioned, weeks of controversy brewing and fans still showed their support for the comedian. >> dave chappelle. not sure. i was shocked that youth see what he said back in may 2005 and stop its this. some of the same stuff you've always been pretty one with everything he says and i'm honestly a fan of i don't personally think that he said anything super negative fans lined up at chase center stage for a reporting the about the transgender community in a netflix special. the closer lgbtq groups have pushed back against the special and his tour beginning in san francisco for his new untitled documentary who are like thgy should have who are taking >> to kind of share out. i'm very kind of the trial like about the it's hard march and you never you knit is director
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of cultural affairs with the transgender district in san francisco. deeply saddens us how back on that. the pensioner district, our main focus is to empower and to enrich our community is so that folks who >> because staff and to make steel at all. can understand that we are a force to reckon with that. we are not going anywhere. >> protests to the special demanding better support for transgender employees to tell a dress to backlash and remains unapologetic. >> in a social media video. the comedian said that he has been uninvited from film festivals and distributors are not picking up his documentary. we did reach out to his rep for comment about this event. we have not yet heard back live at chase. gayle ong kron 4 news. all right, gail, thank you for that. >> let's step outside and check the 4 zone forecast as
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we give you a live shot. the beautiful view of the golden gate bridge and meteorologists rodriguez is with us now. she's in for lawrence tonight of my there was a small earthquake in the east bay hills tonight. yeah. just a minor 1, 2.7 magnitude quake getting some reports from viewers that. >> they felt a little bit of a jostle. a litrle bump out there tonight. but fortunately no major tsunami threats or damage reported obviously just because it is so minor and inland. but it is definitely something they're talking about in the east bay, specifically over berkeley tonight. so something new to share with our viewers this evening. thank you so much for sharing and keeping us updated. let's take a look at radar for because the big weather story tonight going to be the cooler temperatures we're not tracking any storm cloud cover this evening and that's going to allow our temperatures to really cool down tonight. we're tracking drier conditions lasting all weekend long could see a slight chance of showers by saturday afternoon. for those of you in santa rosa, that
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storm track shifting a little bit east river. we could see some sprinkles out of that. but really just racism out at best dry for everyone else. we are really going to notice that cloud cover saturday giving way to better clearing by sunday. but as you can see, some rain and snow showers arriving in this year, early sunday morning and then the main event arriving monday night. bringing widespread rain and even snow and rain showers for those of you in this year. so it's going to peak in intensity monday night through early tuesday morning during the overnight hours and as i fast forward to midmorning by tuesday. the bulk of the wet weather already going to clear out as it shifts to our south and east primarily making its way over this year. rain totals, though, looking pretty impressive. anywhere from half an inch to of an inch of rain. highest amounts throughout the bay area coastline, even downtown san francisco looking like it could pick up an inch of wet weather within the next couple of days. but luckily going to stay dry for end till
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all time or walk to end. alzheimer's grants. going to talk more about this. that's going to happen saturday morning. it's going to be cloudy with temperatures in the upper 50's. but i have to show off the lotus family looking great from the 2019 event, right. grant. back to you. all. >> thank up brees said that's right. happening this weekend. san francisco's walk to end alzheimer's is making a comeback in a big way. the event went virtual last year. of course, due to the pandemic, but it will return this saturday appeared 27 along the embarcadero in san francisco. our grant lotus will be there playing a big part in all of this. grand, you've been involved with this for a while for a while. you know, it's close to my heart with with my grandmother. no rain. that's great. thank for that forecast. and this is going to be so good to be back with people. >> and again, i there are thousands of people who come to the city for this here's a little snippet from 2019. >> continue to lead the
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because together we can and also >> who's ready to lead the way. >> a sea of those flowers there that's called the promise garden ceremony. everybody holds up the different flower. if you're a caregiver, if you have alzheimer's, if you're there in honor of someone else that you see all the people, right. that's right. the embarcadero pier 27 and it is just going to be. >> a delightful day my my 2 kids. that's back from 2019 and hear the details right. 9 o'clock is registration. if you'd like to join us in san francisco. the ceremony begins at 10 o'clock. i'll be hosting that along with reggie key from abc 7 and the actual walking gets underway at 1030 so we'll have a lot of fun will be some nibbles will be some hand wear a mask. if you want, don't wear a mask if you don't one, it's going to be
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outside. you know, san francisco, the bay area's one of the most vaccinated places. so hopefully people feel comfortable if you don't, don't come walk on your own you can walk virtually you can walk holding your phone and kind of see everybody. so if you were easing back into something that they use to go on without consideration for personal distance. but obviously you saw there are a whole lot of people have pretty close together in 2019. but they're going to do things a bit differently this year as we try to get back to normal party walk. how ever far you can i mean, there are obviously folks flock at different paces and folks can walk different distances so you can down the block and come back. you can walk around in a circle if if that's what you can do. you can also go for a couple miles and, you know, down the embarcadero fisherman's wharf back you know, walk starts at 1030. i think most people be done about an hour and raising money for a cause that is touching so many people now.
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and it's only projected to touch, you know, millions of more people as folks live you know, my grandmother battle that for some 20 years, which is on the longer end of things and, you know, she died a few years ago, but it is just such an evil. evil disease. any of all the ways to go to. not really have any where with all is is is just gives me chills. and and, you know, if you don't know somebody. unfortunately you probably will in a short amount of time yeah, it's got it's going to be like cancer and it's one of the leading causes of death in its us ending on that list thank you to kron for for supporting this and you're running you've been involved for a while. i know it. we all support things and we all we all have things that are close to our hearts. this is mine and i'm excited for saturday good. all right. there's a big crowd. i hope so thanks, guys. thank you. grant still ahead
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tonight on kron, 4 news at 10. it's almost time to set your clock back an hour. >> even though california voted to end daylight saving time years ago. up on one lawmaker explains why we're still doing it. >> authorities say a man is lucky to be alive after driving right off of a cliff into the water 50 feet below where it happened and what drew authorities to the scene of this crash.
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>> yeah. it was a big 1, 2, people were hospitalized with second and third-degree burns after a propane tank caught fire and exploded in a truck bed. this happened monday night in lexington, north carolina. witnesses say the blast shook the entire area knocked out power to a nearby restaurant. and of course completely destroyed the truck that was hauling that tank. the blast also damaged 3 other vehicles near the truck. the 2 men who were injured. luckily are now recovering at home. >> new tonight at 10, a san francisco police officer is accused of trying to rob of a rite aid store. somebody called san mateo police last night and told them that someone was trying to steal from the rite aid pharmacy when police showed up, they say the man tried to run away. but the officers managed to catch and arrest him. we have confirmed tonight that the suspect is sfpd. officer devin call.
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>> charged tire tracks behind me and watch where they go over down by double slide in san mateo county right over the side. that's not good news. it's on highway one in pacifica chp officer on patrol just happened notice those tracks. 30 this morning. so we got out of his car to look into it. and when he looked over the side of the cliff. here's what he saw. the car 50 feet below in the ocean floating in the water. >> the driver was already out of the vehicle trying to climb up the side of the cliff rescue workers were called to the scene. as you can see in this video from cal fire. they did blur out the driver's face, but he was able to help the firefighters walking up the side of the cliff. authorities say he had minor scrapes and scrapes and some pain. but otherwise appeared to be okay. >> kept asking him over and over. is it are you the only occupant of that vehicle because as you saw that vehicles in the water upside down and we're noticing kids toys floating in water. so our big concern was it was there anybody else in that vehicle and he kept relaying he was only occupant. so it was a
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huge relief. >> highway one was closed for about an hour today during the rescue, the chp says it's still investigating the cause of the crash. officers say they do not believe drugs or alcohol were involved. >> next at 10. a new effort to protect voting rights which states the justice department says is violating federal law. plus one california lawmaker says the federal government is not responding to wildfires as well as it should how he plans to change that. and a brazen robbery of a bay area photographer costing him thousands of dollars. how this crime is now inspiring change in his professional community. we have those stories and much more coming up next.
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>> no of and you know, 8 to 10 other instances in the few months of this happening. people got shot. taco pepper sprayed. you and for just doing nothing but just taking pictures. >> bay area photographers and others across the entire country. are banding together. they want to ignite change by the camera manufarturers after countless thefts and violent robberies. more recently a fremont man was robbed at gunpoint after he was followed home by thieves from them are in headlines where he was taking pictures for us here, but sackey talked with him tonight and shares. the petition is now circulating in the photography community.
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>> terrifying moments when an east bay in his driveway. the whole thing happened and it was over within. >> and 20 seconds right. so there was not even a moment to kind of have a rational thought what what should i do. this kicks lewis who didn't want to use his last name says. >> he had just returned home from shooting photos in marine when 2 men in face masks approached his car soon after they smashed his back window and took off with his camera bag reviewing his tesla cameras and home surveillance. he quickly realized the suspects have been following him to his house all the way from the north bay impacted their car just to kind of stop. and you the skate right. >> and that's when i saw him. the driver and, you know, come out and come around his car with a gun pointed to my trees right. and and i'm michael, just there just kind of
10:33 pm
freaked out and you walk around my car. that's not for the gunshot go off. >> thankfully no one was injured but lewis and other photographers say this incident from september proves that it doesn't matter where you are. if you're seeing with the camera, you instantly become a target and people like to believe there's something that they can do to avoid this crime or they think. >> it hasn't happened to me because i've been smart enough to do x, y z. and i think the truth is that if you're out there with an expensive piece of equipment. it's a matter of time. popular youtubers and photographers chelsea and tony north throughout have been pushing for better anti-theft technology and cameras for a while now. they along with lewis and other photographers. >> just started a petition to demand change from camera manufacturers. what we need to do right now. >> camera manufacturers that we need some kind of protection on devices just like you would expect with any other expensive modern piece of electronics. some of their suggestions in the petition include passcodes lens, pairing gps tracking
10:34 pm
biometrics in remote disabling so far. >> a couple 1000 people have back to the cause and signed the petition and taylor reporting kron 4 news. in that fremont's robbery detectives arrested one of the 2 suspects 35 year-old darren mcclinton of richmond. >> he now faces several charges including attempted homicide assault with a deadly weapon and robbery. >> new tonight at 10, the pittsburgh man and woman accused in a carmel woman's death made a brief appearance enough there for fairfield courtroom today. jessica and clinton. ia will rain next friday november that well, prosecutors have charged jessica with killing 19 year-old lay lani both him jessica's brother marko faces charges of accessory to murder the suspect's attorney was questioned outside the courtroom today. >> i haven't received the anything i believe they're innocent.
10:35 pm
>> the victim was reported missing on saturday night after leaving a party in sacramento with 2 men. police have identified one of t%e man as 20 year-old won power peralta an airman out of travis air force base but at this time, authorities say he is a witness, not a suspect. meantime, both body was reportedly found at a home on sunday in salinas. a family spokesperson says she was close with her family and was not the kind of person to put herself in harm's way. >> they're always in touch if not much. she was. she was a good kid. they're always like checking in and she's always check and say at this party or whatnot. so it makes it 10 times more shocking. they just want they just want they want justice. you know, we want justice for their daughter. >> motions. family has identified on his body. officials have not revealed the exact cause of her death. >> national news tonight the justice department is suing the state of texas over new voting restrictions lawsuit
10:36 pm
challenges the law known as sb one which was passed earlier this year that bans 24 hour and drive-thru voting in texas imposes new hurdles on mail in ballots and gives more authority to partisan poll watchers. prosecutors say they're concerned the state will disenfranchise eligible voters and violate federal voting rights laws. california senator alex padilla, introduce new legislation today that he says will help fema better address natural disasters, including wildfires the fire at would make several changes to the stafford act which governs fema. >> changes would include guarantee that fema's disaster preparedness and response efforts fully address the unique nature of wildfires and their effect on communities. it would also direct fema to deploy assets during times of highest risk such as red flag warnings. >> want to make sure that fema is better providing technical
10:37 pm
to rural communities may be lower income communities to get them resources that they deserve. >> padilla says the fire act is already gaining support from both sides of the political aisle. daylight saving time ends this weekend. we will fall back on sunday. getting an extra hour of sleep. >> the time change. so continues in california, even though voters approved a ballot measure 3 years ago to try to stop the practice. as it turns out, proposition 7 itself didn't do away with the time change just gave the state legislature the power to do it. and so far that has not happened. >> sleep experts. we have some medical professionals who think we really need to go to standard time year-round. and then you have a lot of. >> parents in people who like evening activities who really want daylight savings time year round and authority we have as legislators, we have to get through with 2 thirds of the vote. >> so remember to set your clocks back an hour this
10:38 pm
weekend. the change goes into effect at 02:00am sunday morning. november 7th. >> now to check our 4 zone weather forecast. we have a live look outside looking out over all of the sparkly san francisco and some of the bay. and that picture very sparkly out there reese rodriguez. joining us now is when that sparkling is being going to get by monday night. it's going to stay dry and sparkly all weekend long and check out on the i have your camera out their golden gate bridge is is our favorite shots. so i had to show it off at 10 o'clock and she's >> but yeah, we're not noticing any laura high cloud cover. so that's like. >> we're seeing golden gate bridge in its full glory. all shiny and harmonic out there with the humming noise that still keeps going on and. >> temperatures out there right now. widespread mid to upper 50's. but half moon, bay upper 40's. so we're cooling down there thanks to that cool sea breeze. >> and that lack a blanket of cloud cover. we are tracking, though, temperatures going to decrease for the end of your workweek. friday overnight
10:39 pm
lows tonight. going to be a bit chilly, especially for those of you in the north, a santa rosa 41 degrees, even cooling down into the mid 40's for east bay valleys in concord and livermore low 50's around the bay area shoreline redwood city and hayward. >> at 51 degrees and temperatures tomorrow. >> 2 to 4 degrees below average today we're in the upper 60's for inland valleys tomorrow. only warming up into the mid 60's. so easily 4 degrees below average. there. >> livermore nevado 67 degrees as a san jose with mid 60's, a piece for downtown san francisco and oakland the half moon bay in the low 60's for your friday afternoon. i so we are going to notice northwesterly winds 20 miles per hour. less dry conditions, continuing all weekend long. but there are some storms out in the pacific going to possibly bring us some scattered tree says she amount of showers for those of you in santa rosa specifically in the north bay that northwest portion in uk as well. we're
10:40 pm
going to notice by late saturday afternoon. really just sprinkles at best. dry throughout saturday and even into sunday, a mixture of rain and snow showers for those of you in this year, early sunday morning and then by sunday night increase in cloud cover as our next storm arrives in the bay area monday night peeking through early tuesday morning until exits shortly before your new lunchtime hours. so we're expecting to get anywhere from about half an inch to upwards of an inch of rain for most of the bay area and then we're going to dry out and warm up 10 days from now is seasonable averages. returning. i miss the low 70's. i'm not gonna lie, but i am rain heading our way in the coming days to a little bit of everything and we want it. yeah. definitely. thank cent. >> we have an update now on that big rig chase down in southern california. we reported on this yesterday. police say the suspect was taken into custody after a 12 hour ordeal spanning 3
10:41 pm
counties. it started just after 8 o'clock last night when the suspect allegedly stole a big rig from the parking lot of a food service company in east los angeles. he then led officers on an hour's long pursuit from la county to ventura county. then to orange county before finally stopping along southbound. 55 freeway in santa ana suspect refused to get out of the big rig for hours before finally surrendering to authorities about 8.30, this morning. he has been identified as 22 year-old brian santana. no word on the charges he faces coming up in sports. it is the end of an era after 3 world series titles in 12 seasons with the giants. >> buster posey calling it quits. kylen mills has a look back at the career. one of the bay area's most beloved >> plus, remembering the fallen one man's mission to make sure veterans in his community are honored years after they passed.
10:42 pm
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♪ >> and now kron 4 sports brought to you by xfinity. >> it is the end of an era for the san francisco giants longtime star catcher buster posey has retired. he made the announcement at oracle park saying that he wants to spend
10:45 pm
more time with his family and to let his body recover kron. 4 sports reporter kate rooney has a look back at his incredible career. >> with the 5th selection. in the first round. of the 2008 1st year player draft. the san francisco giants select gerald be posing as one of the. >> the greatest days of my life. and you know, had about, you know, i'm excited about getting started. >> buster posey made his major league debut on 9/11/2000, 9 recording his first hit 8 days later. but it was his first full season in 2000, 10 in which posey quickly began to lay the foundation of his legacy winning the national league rookie of the year award and leading the giants to their first world series title ever in san francisco after more than half a century. san francisco finally had a world series champion after a devastating injury that ended his 2011 season. posey came back in 2000, 12
10:46 pm
with a vengeance catching matt cain's perfect game playing in his first all-star game winning the batting title earning his first silver slugger award and being named comeback player of the year and mvp of the national league. but he was even better in the postseason hitting a grand slam in game 5 of the nlds against the reds to give the giants the series after they trailed 2 games to none his 2 run homerun off max scherzer in game 4 of the world series propelled the giants to a four-game sweep of the favored tigers and their second world series title in 3 years. posey signed an 8 year extension with the giants in 2000, 13 a shearing. he'd be in san francisco for at least the rest of the decade. one season later after another 300 plus average 20 plus homer season posey was celebrating once again in late october after the giants defeated the royals for their 3rd world series championship in 5 seasons over the next 5 years.
10:47 pm
posey made the all-star team 4 times won a gold glove to silver slugger awards and letter rebuilding giants team to the postseason in 2000. 16 in the covid shortened 2020 season posey opted out. he and his wife kristen, had just adopted premature twin girls and the catcher wanted more safe time with his family, including daughter, addi%on and son lead. while many wondered if posey could regain the magic on the diamond is he came back for the 20 21 season at age 34 buster was better than ever hitting over 300 for the 6th time making his 7th all-star team and leading the giants to a historic 107 win season and their first division title in 9 years. but for giants, fans, posey was much more than just a great player. he was a fan favorite family man team leader and a winner. he is one of those rare athletes who is immediately recognizable by just one name as one young
10:48 pm
giants fan put it, my dad had joe montana. i had buster posey's iconic legacy in the bay area and beyond will only be further cemented in the future as he'll surely join mays, mccovey and marischal with his own statue outside oracle park and an induction into baseball's hall of fame. >> it's about that time spent with family. the countless nights and days. pulling for your team riding the emotions of the highs riding the emotions of the lows. and ultimately enjoying the people that you're with along the way and making great memories together. >> posey said he looks forward to spending time with his wife and 4 kids, but he's unsure of what the future holds. beyond that. he said his family plans to move back to georgia at some point where he and his wife are both from posey said he will miss the camaraderie and his giants teammates the most. moving along to the ice.
10:49 pm
the sharks are looking for their 3rd straight win down several players due to covid protocols, hosting louis tonight, second period to 2 tie. nick merkley tips in brent burns wrister sharks. take a 3, 2, lead later in the period brandon sad with a wrister of his own for the blues tied up at 3, 3, still in the second hottest scoring in this one. james neal gets rebound and the put back in the back of the net. 43 palou st. louis added an empty netter to win 5, 3, the short-handed sharks finally fall tonight at the tank despite their covid issues, the sharks list all their players and staff members is vaccinated packers quarterback aaron rodgers on the other hand, is not and he's tested positive for covid today. he's taking criticism for being deceptive when asked about his vaccination status in august clearly saying he was, quote immunize giving the impression that he had received the shot.
10:50 pm
rodgers must quarantine for at least 10 days because he is unvaccinated. meanwhile, vaccinated players who test positive can return after producing 2 negative tests within 24 hours of each other. so tough break for the green bay packers can't sam too upset about that as a bears fan. and what more the forty-niners tomorrow night here on kron 4 news. that does here on kron 4 news. that does welcome to this world. you have some big shoes to fill. people will tell you what to eat. everyone will have an opinion. and, yes, there will be tears. lots of new introductions. sleepless nights. that's normal. okay. so many new toys. it's not going to be easy. but, together, we got this. kaiser permanente. thrive
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>> a fallen davis police officer has been immortalized highway signs in honor of officer natalie corona were revealed in her hometown of arbuckle today. that's northwest of sacramento signs will be placed along a five-mile stretch of interstate 5 corona was shot and killed in the line of duty back in 2000, 18. she was responding to a 3 car crash when she was a man who was not involved in that collision walked up to her and opened fire. veterans day one week from today and we are continuing to celebrate our heroes in uniform throughout the nation's history annette peagler introduces us to a man from myrtle beach, south carolina who's made it his mission. >> to ensure every veteran who has died is recognized appropriately. >> so we're all familiar with taps. the nation's official song of remembrance. it serves
10:54 pm
as a tribute for those who have died for their country. >> and for better and last bragan this song now takes up most of his free time as he sounds taps for as many veterans as he can started. >> because i wanted to sound like temps from those 4 soldiers that i served with. and so it started out as a little project. >> bragan was an infantry soldier assigned to the p 2 nuclear missiles field artillery unit. his job was to guard the missiles 2 years ago he went to his 35th reunion for that unit and found out the news of his fellow soldiers deaths. i. >> also found out that. at military funerals. it's very rare for you to actually get so a live person sounding taps. you have a soldier there. if you're lucky, i'm holding a bugle inside the mules and insert and they push play in this recording.
10:55 pm
>> breaking felt every soldier deserved. a live rendition of taps. his daughter helped him set up a facebook page to get the word out and he went to i started getting requests from all over. >> and the page in just a year and a half has over 10,000 followers. now. >> currently breaking his focus on honoring more than 300 vets from the persian nuclear missile unit. it is also traveling across the country giving soldiers a proper salute. >> there was a lady who reached out to me locally here and her husband had just passed. in the hectic of everything. she couldn't find his separation papers without separation papers. you can't get a honors that are. >> funeral. other breaking is busy and his mission the process to get started wasn't easy. he had to teach himself the skill. >> i got a new 2 and a youtube
10:56 pm
that. >> talked about how to us do the trumpet. so i listened to those and i use those. >> principles that i learned and you too, and apply them to the vehicle was very >> my my kids want to kill me, of course, of the neighbors, then like much. >> but now bragan has mastered his calling and every time he sounds taps another soldier is remembered. >> the family members will ride and they will write the entire story of what happened to the soldiers while they were serving the different situations they were >> it's >> that was annette peagler reporting for us. kron 4 wants
10:57 pm
to shine a spotlight on the bay area. men and women who have served in the military. you can submit a photo of a service member. you'd like us to honor on our website. kron 4 dot com just upload their picture. give us name there. rain the branch of service and their hometown. you'll find a link to do that on our homepage, a gun at kron 4 dot com. and that's it for us tonight at 10 o'clock. we certainly have have a good friday tomorrow. have a pleasant evening. we'll see you tomorrow night. stay
10:58 pm
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♪ ♪ >> announcer: football great aaron rodgers under fire after his covid diagnosis. >> did he mislead the public about being vaccinated? >> aaron rodgers is a liar. >> announcer: and why fans are upset with his fiancee, jailing woodley. and then, shocking new information , just before the deadly crash, did he get drunk at this popular golf range in cincinnati? and a nation


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