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tv   KRON 4 News at 6pm  KRON  November 8, 2021 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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the richmond. sandra fell, the golden gate bridge and the bay bridge toll plaza. >> not seeing much moisture yet, but it's coming. you see a sheen on some of the roadways there. of course, that means you have to drive very carefully when it's still so slick outside. but for more on the showers to get all the specifics. let's get right to our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow hey, guys. yeah. the storm system just beginning to move in right now. we're seeing some light showers popping up around the bay area out toward the golden gate bridge. >> get a little slick out there. you see the rain coming down by like more of that on the way this storm system going to be intensifying as we head through the evening hours and it's going to get rocket pretty good. i think as we head toward 8 o'clock or so this what we call one of those atmospheric river events that good old pineapple express. you see of the hawaiian islands them the south. i get all that moisture. that is in training with that being pull right up into the system. so that is going to bring with it a just a lot of rain outside, maybe some the mountain tops, maybe 2 plus inches of rain and the urban areas, maybe an
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inch of rain or so. so we're just beginning to see the system come on shore. look at that. nice swirl in the atmosphere and that a gorgeous low that's approaching the coastline that is going to be the kicker that intensifies that storm system squeeze out all that moisture in the atmosphere. so starting to intensify a little bit right now, especially in the north bay. you see all the yellow and the orange off the coastline. the rest, the bay area just really some light showers outside. but now we're getting in some more significant moisture most that to the north along the coastline near san francisco. you're starting to see some of that to near santa rosa, nice pocket of some moderate to heavy amounts of rainfall now beginning to move on shore that also is going to be concerned with the winds tonight. the winds moving out the south. now all across the bay area still calm in many spots inland. not going to stay that way. this storm system pretty intense system that is going to be moving on shore the next couple of hours. these winds are really going to ramp up could see some gusts to the coastline, maybe 40, maybe 50 miles an hour over some the coastal ranges power outages. certainly a possibility tonight and a whole lot of rain overnight as well. guys, back to you. thank you,
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lawrence. and kron 4 can help you stay up to date on the latest weather conditions in your neighborhood. >> just use a camera on your phone to scan this qr code that will take you to download our kron 4 mobile app. and there you'll find the current conditions to live radar and up-to-date forecasts. >> developing tonight the chp has given an update on that deadly shooting along interstate 80 this weekend that left a toddler dead family and friends have identified the little boy who was just under 2 years old as jasper wu. this is his picture. >> here is what officers had to say about the latest on their investigation. >> the investigation led to evidence the discovery of evidence indicating that the shots that were fired originated on the northbound side are likely originated on the northbound side of interstate 80 in that location or the opposite side of the freeway randomly struck the
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victim vehicle over the past 12 months there have been 76 freeway shootings within alameda county for missions occurred on interstate 5 interstate 80. >> in the wake of this weekend's violence. there is yet another call to end gun violence in oakland and across the bay area today, city leaders are talking about the troubling trend of gun violence in oakland saying not enough is being done kron four's haaziq mod-yoon has been talking to some open officials and has more. >> the child killed in the shooting of the 8.80 freeway represents oakland's 119 homicide of the year. that's compared to a total of 109 homicides for all of 2020. we need to speak out against it. we need to come together against it and be like the people that were with the black lives matter gun violence matters. bishop bob jackson of acts full gospel church in oakland. >> has been a long time outspoken advocate for public safety. he describes an atmosphere of apathy being a
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major contributor to nothing being done to put a stop to the gun violence. >> but people in leadership and what not to say. they don't know what to do is so sad that continues to break my heart as well because they know what to do. it seems like when it's and minority race is it seems like no one really well, that's what they do. they kill each other and whatnot. no proper oakland. mayor libby schaff released this statement about the toddler being shot to death. quote. >> to lose a 23 month old to gun violence is is heart-wrenching in as sickening as it gets as a mother and as a i am devastated by the totality of human loss and trauma caused by gun violence in our society as our department assists the california highway patrol to investigate this tragedy and bring the perpetrators to justice. we anyone who may have information to share it with chp. investigators immediately unquote, bishop debts and is calling on the the city council and community leaders to come together and declare a state of emergency
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in oakland which would bring in additional law enforcement resources because i believe that this crime and this violence and this escalating gun violence is just out of control. has it. but you kron 4 news. >> a vigil for that toddler is planned for this evening in oakland. it's expected start in about an hour at 7 o'clock at the intersection of market and 7th. >> our dan thorn is heading there and we'll have more on that vigil tonight. coming up in our primetime newscast starting at 8. >> in san francisco. the walgreens along ocean avenue and wood acres drive will close today. a company spokesperson says it is one of 5 stores closing because of ongoing organized retail crime. the closures are listed on your screen. the 4 other stores are shutting down next week. the company says it has already closed more than a dozen of its stores in the city because of the recent deaths prescriptions from the store closing today will be transferred to the location on ocean avenue in avenue and we
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have a list on our web site of the other locations that will be transferring prescriptions. meantime, you may remember this. this is when this video was went viral. this was back in june. a man caught on camera shoplifting from a walgreens location, which is now closed. authorities say that suspect was linked to 8 shoplifting cases. >> there was another instance of gun violence near the haight ashbury neighborhood this weekend. police say a man was shot after apparently interrupting a burglary saturday night kron four's maureen kelly has the details. >> a worker at the central park. natural market located at the corner of ashbury and hayes shows me some of the damage from the late night attempted burglary saturday. she says 4 men used hammers to try and break into the store just before midnight. she showed up at the store after the fact to see lots of police cars in addition to the shattered, front glass doors nearby parked car had its windows shattered by gunfire. she tells me that the man who lives in a faq apartment
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interrupted. the would be burglars and was shot at it far by it. so. may scale and the bullets missed the tenant and he was uninjured. the 4 suspects got away. the store clerk says she's shocked that this happened here. i know it's it's crazy because it's very nice area. i have a very nice year, at it's good for those days. so. >> we don't know what's going on. it's even scarier coming on the heels of recent incidents of gun violence in this area. >> on thursday. 21 year-old samuel jessup was fatally shot and another man injured at 01:00pm in the afternoon on haight street and masonic avenue back on october 22nd. another man was sent to the hospital with life threatening injuries after a shooting at 3.30 in the afternoon. one block away at hate and central police had no official updates or arrests to report in these incidents and they would not confirm if any of them are related. >> in response to this uptick
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in violence. park station is boosting patrols in the area. maureen kelly kron 4 news. >> authorities want to know if you recognize this man, santa clara county sheriff's deputies say this man sexually assaulted a blind woman in cupertino back in may. they say the suspect started following the woman inside a target store and then to an outdoor public parking lot. investigators say he held her against her will and assaulted her suspect was seen driving a silver scion xb with no front license plate. anyone who has any information about this is asked to contact santa clara county sheriff's department. >> another big story we're following tonight visitors from overseas are landing at bay area airports once again, the first time in more than a year because of the pandemic the u.s. has lifted the international travel ban. but that does not mean that all travel restrictions are gone. for example, visitors still have to show proof that they have been vaccinated. we caught up with one couple who
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says that they are thrilled to finally be together again. >> i booked a flight. the very first day that i could and now is amazing what it was like for you. >> is i have been looking forward to this day for when you're nearly as a couple, it's you just want get all the time. and now we've got the chance for a >> and. >> bit >> all lit a feeling to finally be able to hug again. in addition to lifting the travel ban for vaccinated travelers airlines will also take information to be used in potential contact tracing and the cdc will randomly check travelers to make sure they are in fact vaccinated. >> well, the reopening of us borders to most international travelers is not only leading to a lot of great family reunions like that. but the added tourists are also good for local business in a boost to the bay area suppose recovery. an sfo is where we find our dan kerman who has more than.
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>> that's right. you know, recovery is really the key word and they say, well, coming in international travel is not just good for business downtown also good for business here at sfo. reunions were abundant at sfo monday as the u.s. reopened its borders to many vaccinated international travelers for the first time in 20 months removing those barriers for us. >> really begins paving the way for a more robust recovery of our passenger activity welcoming international travelers will have a greater impact at sfo that most other us airports because historically 25% suppose overall passenger traffic comes from international destinations. as the post says this change should give the airport and the businesses at the airport. a real boost especially with the holidays coming up, existing airlines that may have token or partial service really getting it back to what they were doing pre pandemic level. so we're seeing that to london quite a
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bit today. >> we're seeing that with other european markets were maybe there were 2, 3 flights a week now there's going to be 5 to 7 flights a week. more international visitors also will help san francisco's overall recovery. >> consider this prepandemic more than 60% of travelers spending was done by international travelers. >> what this means is that cities, especially cities and places like san francisco that really rely on international travelers and can really start looking at economic recovery. now, this is a major step forward and that money will go right to the small businesses that need it most when an international visitor comes to san francisco. they do the same things that we do as local residents to go to the same restaurants, the same galleries, the same book stores and spend their money. those restaurant, those restaurants and other small businesses have really been suffering this last 20 months. we're all celebrating the return of international visitors and tourism to san francisco. >> now the u.s. reopening its
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borders. we should start seeing those impacts officials say likely around the christmas holiday with more international travelers coming. but the real big impact should be coming in the spring and summer of next year. live at sfo. dan kerman kron 4 news. >> thank you. day and coming up on kron 4 news at 6 houston officials trying to determine what went wrong at travis scott's astroworld festival that left 8 people dead and dozens hurt. what we're learning about the investigation, how the rapper is responding. plus members of california's delegation at the climate summit in scotland say they've met with a number of governors so far. but. >> lawmakers are staying quiet about the activities of our governor who was supposed to be there. >> and another live look at stormtracker 4 radar tonight. you can see the green indicating rain is starting to spread over broader area of the bay area kron 4 seed meteorologists is tracking the showers and we'll have another showers and we'll have another update in minutes.
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>> that tend to be a little bit better to producing some rainfall for the bay area and the state. so up there tonight, the clouds moving in since the afternoon. some light showers picking up around the bay area and more that especially the north bay. but this got a nice little kicker to and you see that little swirl in the atmosphere on the backside. this that area of low pressure, you guess he's very white clouds on the back side to getting the idea cold sector. that storm about to move on shore around the state. so that rain out there now the heaviest bands still remain off the coastline and you see some of the heavier bands begin to make their way into parts of the north bay. so just beginning to pick up tonight as we head toward about 8 o'clock or so. i think into some heavier amounts of rain parts of the north and then spreading across the rest. the bay area. something else to watch out for overnight tonight. are the winds the sea when forecast model for some of the gust for the bay area. you see the areas shaded in purple. those are heaviest winds just off the coastline. but as we take you through the night tonight. watch have been begin to move on. shore. here comes the front. those winds really get gusty in the san francisco 20 plus 27 miles an hour as we head in toward
6:17 pm
1112, o'clock tonight and likely going to see some tree limbs coming down, maybe some power outages locally as well. mpsomething to watch out for. s let's time out the storm as we head through the night tonight. so far the rain is beginning to pick up the most that just some light showers. so for. but as we head through the night start to intensify. we get toward 8 o'clock or so. the heavier bands moving into the north bay and begin a stretch down the peninsula and then moving on shore as we head toward 10 o'clock, very heavy rainfall across parts the bay pockets. be careful out there on the roads likely going to see some public out there. we're going to get some pretty extreme rain rates. i think maybe half an inch an hour. a plus throughout the night tonight and then we'll watch things taper off. but then on the backside of the storm system. kind of interesting. we get that cold air shot begin to move in the models start to pick up on some of these cells may be some towering cumulative. cells come rolling on through the bay area. there's a chance we could have a couple lightning strikes out there, too. don't be surprised if you hear the rumble of thunder. all right, lawrence, thank you. developing news tonight a
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criminal investigation has been opened following that deadly stampede. >> at travis scott's astroworld festival in houston lawsuits have been filed against rapper and organizers after 8 people died and dozens of others were injured. investigators are looking into whether safety measures were ignored before the concert started. so nasa hernia is live in our newsroom tonight with the very latest on this pam and ken houston. police say their investigation will likely take weeks if not longer to determine if anyone can be held criminally liable for what happened. >> now. people who are at the concert say the trouble started right away, but no one including travis scott's would stop the show. 50,000 people attended the sold-out astroworld festival 8 people were killed. hundreds were hurt and more than a dozen are still hospitalized. houston police and fire investigators are trying to figure out what happened, why the crowd rushed toward the stage. >> and whether the design of safety barriers and the use of crowd control is fatally flawed. they're also reviewing
6:19 pm
cell phone videos, social media posts and people. >> who survived the chaos and now there's videos resurfacing from 2015 in chicago when scott reportedly told fans to jump the barricade. now, this was at the music festival. lollapalooza. you can hear them chanting. we want rage authorities in houston are now trying to determine if anyone, including the promoter or travis scott could be held criminally liable for possibly inciting violence in houston. >> he probably is liable and he's not just looking at civil lawsuits for which there is already 3 that have been filed over the weekend but criminal liability in one of those cases which is now a civil suit. the person was actually paralyzed. so he's been on notice the promoters and live nation were on notice that this concert turns into a bit
6:20 pm
of a mosque pit and it is a safety hazard. >> meanwhile, the concert venue at houston's nrg park has been turned into a makeshift memorial with people leaving flowers candles and mourning the victims representative for travis scott says he'll cover the funeral costs for the 8 victims who died at the festival. their ages range from 14 to 27 now lawyers for some of the victims. families have already filed lawsuits against the concert promoter. live nation and traffic's travis scott, while the criminal investigation continues. we also know that there was concern before the concert even started. houston's police chief apparently went to travis scott's trailer to talk about crowd control and all of this will be part of the investigation. that's the latest in the newsroom. pam and ken, back to you. all right. so thank you. meantime, there are growing calls to pull travis scott from next year's coachella music festival. >> an online petition to remove him as headliner has more than 1100 signatures so
6:21 pm
far. organizers created the appeal on change, dot org. so far no comment from goldenvoice. the organizers behind coachella the festival is scheduled for 2 weeks in april of 2022. >> today marks a somber anniversary. 3 years since the deadly camp fire struck northern california and devastated the town of paradise. the camp fire was sparked when a strong wind blew a spark from pg e equipment into bone dry trees. the resulting fire would become the deadliest and most destructive in california history. the camp fire burned nearly 14,000 homes destroyed the town of paradise and killed 85 people. several state lawmakers are in scotland this week learning how other countries and states are trying to combat climate change. kron four's ashley zavala shows us how governor gavin newsom's absence is overshadowing california's delegation. >> at the un climate summit. >> members of the california delegation say they've met with the governors of hawaii
6:22 pm
washington state and illinois. but lawmakers are staying quiet about the activities of their own governor who was supposed to be at the conference. >> you know, we have to move. >> faster, california state senate delegation says so far so productive at the cop, 26 climate change conference. lawmakers said monday. aside from promoting the state's climate policies are learning from other countries and states, including washington state and its investment program that incentivizes reducing emissions. how international shipping operators plan to improve data capabilities. digitally. how scotland is using offshore wind ideas to reduce the use of methane and how some countries are getting the private sector involved financially. this is the homework club. >> we're taking notes and working our hearts out in a virtual meeting with reporters monday. senators were asked several times about governor gavin newsom's absence from the conference after he abruptly canceled his trip to cop. 26 think this story is a little overblown because we're coming to u.s.. >> for a meeting and spending time officials from the
6:23 pm
natural resources environment protection agency when you some canceled the trip 10 days ago, his office said he'd be attending events virtually more than halfway through the conference. the governor has yet to participate. >> senators did not say what upcoming events they expect him to attend california has been flying the flag quite admirably. >> we reached out to governor newsom's office for comment on this. but we have not yet heard back at the state capitol. ashley zavala kron 4 news. >> coming up, how climate change could pose a threat to your morning cup of coffee. >> and another live at stormtracker 4 radar tonight chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is tracking the showers still have another update still have another update coming up. ♪ ♪ ♪ still have another update coming up. ♪ ♪ ♪
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and it's like the puzzle pieces have all been [click] put together. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. >> new tonight at 6 experts say the warming planet is causing severe weather which is damaging coffee crops. a group of researchers in finland is fighting back working on coffee that can be grown. in a laboratory. the scientists have created coffee cells that when process into a drink, they say tastes and smells like coffee and because it is all being done in a lab that has a low impact on the environment when compared to traditional coffee crops. >> we're seeing throughout the tropical belt from is being impacted. our climate change increased increase in temperatures but also more erratic rainfall and increased drought.
6:27 pm
>> a lot ground coffee is still being tested researchers hope european officials will soon approve it so it can be marketed. experts say it will not only help prevent the loss of farce land, but it also does not require fertilizer nor pesticides which can harm surrounding wildlife. >> we have much more coming up here on kron 4 news at 6 including a possible explanation from infectious disease experts about why california is starting to trend in the wrong direction with covid-19 cases. plus, l a's proof of vaccine requirements are now in effect, how it's affecting various businesses in that area and the business community. they're not happy about the biden administration's vaccine mandate. we're going hear from the national retail federation about why this mandate could further strain corporations. but before we go to break, want to give you another live look at stormtracker 4. you can see the radar showing the rain sweeping into the bay area kron 4 chief meteorologist lawrence karnow will have the latest coming up.
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story tonight, rain moving back into the bay area. this is a live look at the conditions on stormtracker 4 radar. you can see a lot of green and even some yellow and orange across the bay area and that suggests it is really coming down. lawrence is standing by and we still do need a lot of rain just by how we got that last time we have that atmosphere river yeah, we certainly do. t


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