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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  November 8, 2021 9:00pm-9:43pm PST

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when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at tonight at 9, more rain in the bay area and a live look at stormtracker four's. you can see plenty of green there. >> rain in san francisco moving east right now it's expected to bring some much needed rain.
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>> to a lot of very and some high elevation snow along with it. good evening, everybody. thanks for joining us for this hour of kron 4 news. i'm vicki liviakis. and i'm catherine heenan. grant has the night off. we are tracking conditions across the bay area tonight as another storm is bringing. >> rain and wind and power outages to some places. we will the radar at the corner of your screen tonight. so you can keep an eye on conditions in your area. but let's turn now to chief meteorologist lawrence karnow to find out what's happening and what's next for arts? yeah. really coming down in parts of the bay area tonight. so far we've seen about a 3rd of an inch in some places in the north bay. but that. >> there's a lot more to come throughout the night tonight as the front begins to move on shore. the good news is this is not going to be like the last big atmospheric river event that we had that kind of hung around for 12, even 15 hours or so. it's a part of the bay area. this for them to come through tonight and then move out by tomorrow morning with just some scattered shower left out. but right now you're coming down the golden gate bridge, very slick out
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there on the roads. the rain continuing to fall. there and plenty more to come really a nice looking storm system winding up off the coastline, tapping into a little subtropical moisture. and that's what we call the pineapple express. the atmospheric river getting it rained into that system and now making its way on shore. so you've got a mixed bag right now we've had a lot of showers out there around the bay area. mainly light this afternoon. things now begin to pick up and you see some pockets of some heavier amounts of rain pushing through parts of the east bay now in near pittsburgh. antioch in the concord area, seeing some pretty heavy cells moving by there as well. in the walnut creek or end some heavier amounts of rain into oakland. also in the san leandro. then you stretch across the bay. a little bit of a break in the san francisco right now. we watch and let up just a little bit on the golden gate bridge. but behind that you see more rain oub there and that is what's going to be pushing on shore year in the next hour or so. so things are going to be picking up across the bay area. and you can see in the san jose they fall in that rain shadow effect. that means
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well, the moisture kind of squeeze out of the mountain tops before it gets to san jose. there's not much left over. so right now, just a few scattered light showers in toward the san jose area. but there's more to come overnight tonight. and the winds also going to be a factor. we're seeing some blustery winds developing along the coastline. now. blowing to 25 miles an hour on parts of the north bay and that will continue to gust time, maybe some gusts as high as 40 miles an hour or so. we're watching out for some more power outages. we've already have some tonight with those winds gusting outside could bring down some trees and power lines make a mess of things with more power outages. so high wind advisory has posted for most of the bay area. the exception slow county. but the strongest gust probably coming right along the coastline where you could see some of those gusts are higher than 40 miles per hour. the forecast model overnight tonight here's the system. beginning to make its way on shore begin to slide further inland as you head toward 10 o'clock or so. you see more of these bands of heavy rainfall continuing on and off again in the middle of the things continuing out there and going to be very wet on and off throughout the night tonight. then on the
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back side, we're going to see a little cold shot of air on the backside that could give rise to some thunderstorms out there too. so don't be surprised. hear the rumble of thunder. see that flash lightning outside than tomorrow morning. even though it's not to be the heaviest rain tomorrow morning. the damage will be done overnight tonight as we're expecting that heavy rain to continue public out there on the roadways, the early morning commute going to be very slick by the afternoon, though it looks like things are going to begin to let up. i think as we head into the latter part of the day. things begin to settle down, but a nice little soaker out there for tonight. and there's more to come. guys will continue to fall that all night long right here on kron. to hear it. thank you. lord send a the weather is coming just 2 weeks after that major storm is a lawrence was saying and that caused flooding, it caused. >> power outages throughout the region. kron four's amanda hari is in sandra fell tonight. one of the areas hit hardest during the she has more on what there are expecting tonight. >> officials with the city of sandra fell tell me they were preparing for the worst-case scenario. luckily the weather
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conditions improved despite that public works will still have a crew on standby and they'll do that for all storms this coming season. >> just a little more than 2 weeks after an atmospheric river caused devastating flooding in sandra fell. another storm hits there is another storm coming like everybody else. i was said rhett planning for the worst really dreading it and just didn't want to go through the same cycle that happened 2 weeks ago. really. this is the flooding from the previous storm. >> residents in the area said it looked like a river that sandra fell community preparedness, coordinator raid out there says although there will be rainy weather. it won't be as bad. but really it's the time to prepare. >> but it is not what happened 2 weeks ago and they make sure the same terminology that's what got people little bit hyped up over the fairness aspect of it, but it is relatively minor civil war. but now that it's the rainy season housing there says sandra fell residents need to be ready to go bag case things do become to the point where you have to evacuate, we have to seek shelter, had a
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sheltering location. he says it's important to have a spare set of clothes. >> any necessary medication and some food and water another way to repair yourself is by making sure you'll be notified of any weather-related emergencies. we like to remind people to sign up for alerts and get that message just through. >> trusted resources. so iksil. he also says can be a great resource. he says you should follow your local fire department or emergency services in sandra fell and harry kron 4 news. and as the rain is rolling and we have started to see power outages popping up around the bay area. this is a live look at. >> the pg and the outage map. and you can if you see glow. hard to say. but there are orange squares which represent power outages there affecting anywhere from 50 to 500 customers and kron 4 can help you stay up to date on the latest weather in your neighborhood. you can scan this qr code which will take you to our mobile app. you'll
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find information there, including current conditions. live radar and up to date forecasts. and tonight a community in oakland is mourning the loss of a toddler who was just shot and killed by a stray bullet. 23 year-old jasper wu died at the hospital saturday after the chp says he was struck while riding in his family's car on 8.80, people gathered to honor the little boy's life at a vigil tonight. kron four's. dan thorn is live in oakland and joins us now with more on this. very sad case. stand. >> and that's right. catherine vicki really somber out here tonight as people gathered on market and 6th streets here in oakland to remember the life of jasper wu who was killed over the police were calling it a gun battle on the freeway and his innocent life was taken during that gun battle. a bullet going through the windshield and striking him and killing him. a small group
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gathering here tonight to honor his life. obviously the weather not participating with the way that things, you know, needed to be done out here. so people left just a short while ago, investigators have been telling us that they have been not looking at what happened here. what what went on on the freeway when jasper was hit, a family friend actually told kron 4 that there were 3 adults and 3 children that were in the car along with jasper, but no one else was struck. the family telling us that he was in the jaspers an only child and that he never had a chance to meet his dad who lives in china. but we actually learned that jasper. his dad was scheduled to come to the bay area to help bury his son and he was going to be on his this senseless killing again upsetting people here in this community who want the responsible shooters caught and for the gun violence to end in the bay area. >> said, you know, said >> a little bit have to get in the middle cross far. you know, so slight, i can only
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how the family is feeling right now. so. >> it's really sad to just to >> and you can see here that there was a lot of pain that was being felt in this community. over the killing of jasper. wu the chinatown came chamber of commerce here in oakland has been really involved in the situation there raising funds for the wu is from fremont and fremont. police in oakland. police have both shared their over the shooting chp again is leading this investigation and so far nobody has been arrested and they are asking for the public to come forward with more information so that they can solve this case and give this family some closure. catherine and vicki, thank you very much, dan. >> and oakland mayor libby schaff. she has released a statement on jasper wu's death saying to lose a 23 month-old to gun violence as as heart-wrenching and sickening as it gets as a mother and as
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mayor, i am devastated by the totality of human loss and trauma caused by gun violence in our society as our department assist the chp to investigate this tragedy and bring the perpetrators to justice. we call on anyone who mation to share it with investigators. immediately. 23 killed by gun violence. 23 months old. >> represents oakland's 119 com, a site compared to a total of a 109 homicides for all of 2020. it's also the 76th freeway shooting in alameda county over the last 12 months. the ship, bob jackson of acts full gospel church in oakland describes an atmosphere of apathy being a major contributor to the escalating gun violence. >> people in leadership and what not to say. they don't know what to do is so sad that continues to break my heart as well beaause they know what to do. it seems like when it's
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and minority race is it seems like no one really well, that's what they do. they kill each other and whatnot. no problem. >> bishop jackson is calling on the mayor. the city council and community leaders to come together and declare a state of emergency in oakland. this would bring in additional law enforcement resources. and sadly, that was not the only fatal shooting in oakland this weekend. 5 other people were shot, 2 of whom died in addition to little jasper, wu the first was around 5.40. saturday evening on weld street responding officers say that they found a man with multiple gunshot wounds. he was rushed to the local hospital in critical condition. he died later that night. that same night to other people with gunshot wounds walked into the hospital. but it's not clear where they were actually shot. one died from their injuries. the next day and then another shooting around 8.20, sunday evening on international boulevard when officers arrived. they say they found 2 men who had been shot. they
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were both taken to a nearby hospital. no further. information on their condition >> and there was another instance of gun violence know the haight-ashbury neighborhood in san francisco this weekend. police say a man was shot after interrupting a burglary saturday night kron four's maureen kelly has that story. >> a worker at the central park. natural market located at the corner of ashbury and hayes shows me some of the damage from the late night attempted burglary saturday. she says 4 men used hammers to try and break into the store just before midnight. she showed up at the store after the fact to see lots of police cars in addition to the shattered, front glass doors. a nearby park car had its windows shattered by gunfire. she tells me that the man who lives in a back apartment interrupted. the would be burglars and was shot at. so people are trying to get into star and when he tried to stop them. so. >> they should team. so they should on him. >> it's far by it. so.
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>> may scale and the bullets missed the tenant and he was uninjured. the 4 suspects got away. the store clerk says she's shocked that this happened here. i know it's it's crazy because it's very mice area and we have a very nice year, at least it's good for those days. so. we don't know what's going on. it's even scarier coming on the heels of recent incidents of gun violence in this area on thursday. 21 year-old samuel jessup was fatally shot and another man injured at 01:00pm in the afternoon on haight street and masonic avenue back on october 22nd. another man was sent to the hospital with life threatening injuries after a shooting at 3.30 in the afternoon. one block away at hate and central police had no official updates or arrests to report in these incidents and they would not confirm if any of them are related. >> in response to this uptick in violence. park station is boosting patrols in the area. maureen kelly kron 4 news.
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>> in san francisco. the walgreens on ocean avenue and would acre drive closed today. just one of the more walgreens stores closing because of organized bands of thieves. the 4 other stores are shutting down this week. you see them there walgreens has already closed before this more than a dozen stores in the city because of the retail crimes prescriptions from the store closing today are going to be transferred to the store on ocean avenue. in fact, some drive we do have details of the other locations which are transferring prescriptions. you'll find that on our website and you might remember this video. just one example of the problem. this went viral in june. a man shoplifting from one of the stores that now been closed. police are linking that particular suspect, by the way, to at least 8 shoplifting cases. a knife fight is reports of gunfire sent patrons running for their lives in milpitas >> friday night. and now 2
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people are in police custody in connection to those incidents. police originally arrested 3 people friday evening believed to be associated with the fight. one was a 15 year-old on probation for auto theft, possession of an illegal weapon robbery and other serious crimes. he has since been booked into juvenile hall. a 41 year-old was detained for his possible involvement in the shots fired. and although he was cleared of that. he was arrested for drug possession and violating his parole. the san jose police department warning residents of a phone scam. here's what they say to be on the lookout for the caller attempts to impersonate the city of san jose's customer contact center san jose. police say that the scam calls come from the phone number on your screen. and it's targeting spanish people by calling them in notifying them about having an overdue water garbage or electricity bill and requesting the bill be paid via zelle or another
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option. also as jpd says that the caller tricks caller id into saying that the call is coming from a reliable location and then impersonates an individual representing the call location. maybe you haven't received such a call. don't give out any personal or bank information instead just hang up immediately and called police to report this game. some business leaders say that they fear the biden administration's vaccine mandate will force a lot of people to leave their jobs. only making the worker shortage even worse. the national retail federation says they are isn't even enough time for businesses to comply. meantime, the white house is facing several lawsuits targeting this mandate. they argue that the department of labor does not have the authority to create such a rule. >> other lawmakers, though, say the vaccine mandate will make people safer and feel safer about returning to work. >> i deeply reject that the president can mandate what
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private businesses are doing and in this space, some businesses and mandated it. some have not won people. >> are concerned about going back to work when so many people are vaccinated. >> retailers say they want another 60 days before they have to start using the new policy as of now, americans who work at companies with 100 or more employees. we'll have to be fully vaccinated or get tested weekly for covid that spy january 4th stay with kron 4 for the latest covid information that includes finding the vaccine for children and much more. you can scan the qr code on your screen there. >> and you'll be directed to the special section of our website. that's at kron. 4 dot com to help get more people into housing san jose city leaders are looking to acquire another hotel. this is part of a statewide initiative that's called project homekey. >> kron four's. ella sogomonian joins us from the newsroom live with the latest details announced in a meeting tonight. how up.
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>> well, nothing is set in stone. this was an informational meeting to let the community chime in on the idea and then tried to buy and convert the hotel into low income housing apartments. if the state approves funding to do so. the location in question residents in at 6, 1, 1, 1, santa a show avenue in san jose. there are 150 units of mc sped room sizes. there and the goal is to move families in there permanently. they would pay rent according to their income and the rest of the subsidized by section 8 vouchers. the development company named gymboree would make structural adjustments like for example, equipping each unit with the kitchen that if it doesn't already have one and there would also be recreation and education programs on site, family social activities, life, skill development as well as behavioral health services and an on-site supervisor to assist with the services. some neighbors in this meeting wondered whether other districts are stepping up in the same way as san jose to house the homeless specifically district to. so here is what the councilman sergio jimenez had to say
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about that. >> but what we know is that with over 6,000 people still living on the streets that we all each district will to step up and do its part. and so i would just say that >> you know, i i i would really like these types of if i had to if i can push in, but we get it to be what i think needs be. >> is where irrespective of what's happening now with and valley irrespective of what los cabos is doing irrespective of what other districts are doing. i would hope that we as a community can step up and really say what can we do, right. we have an opportunity and the fundamental question is if we have the opportunity to help should we. and i time and time again what you're going hear from me and my office is that we should. >> those concerned with the plan asked whether families who would live at the proposed site would be vetted to make sure that they would not attract criminal activity to the area while advocates say that the state 3rd project homekey is offering an opportunity to shelter people
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in a quicker, more cost effective way through existing hotels and the residents in is estimated to cost up to 55 million dollars, much less compared to building something new from the ground up so the county and city is still working on building new product projects to. but they say again, this is just a fast and cheaper route so they should take advantage and submit the application which the state and so except ing eventually they hope. and so the plan to submit that application maybe in the next month or so. live in the newsroom. ella sogomonian kron 4 news. thank >> parks around the bay area. they're already preparing for a big mess after current storm in the north bay muir woods national monument will open 2 hours later than usual at 10:00am. the park says that's to make sure that staff and visitors are safe and to mitigate any storm damage. the sonoma county parks department is adjusting its schedule for the weather closing. both could mountain and foothill regional park sonoma county
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says the parks will reopen as soon as they are inspected and deemed safe. coming up on this hour of kron 4 news a popular clothing brand owned by kanye west is set. >> to pay a settlement worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. why numerous bay area district attorneys filed suit against easy apparel. and later centers are a man who was fortunate enough to come away from houston's astroworld festival. >> little to no injury is talking about the experience. what he's saying about the crowd that >> and rain moving on shore. gusty wind showed up outside and a whole lot of snow coming this year. that will talk all this year. that will talk all about it next. don't worry, ma. we'll be there soon. “we?!” is this “the one.” well...let's say i found the one who takes me to another level. always stays calm under pressure. most importantly...
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>> welcome back to kron. 4 news you're looking live had on the bay bridge. the camera lens as wet. it is definitely learning up their little condensation on the lens there. yeah, it is wet probably going to be a pretty sloppy commute in the morning. but the conditions out there right now. yeah. slippery. so be careful beginning today. a service changes are coming to the san francisco bay ferry route and most of the changes are minor and they're going to only affect midday service, but other changes include resuming service on the south san francisco route which connects oakland alameda and south san francisco. today will also mark the launch of the alameda short hop service,
9:25 pm
which is a 10 minute connection between the main street alameda ferry terminal and the oakland ferry jack london square. they're also going to be changes to the bill service. those changes include moving some of the afternoon times and canceling the last trip of the day on weekends. taking the ferry has got to be sending better and better these days to people who have been doing a lot of driving the average price of a gallon of gas in the san francisco area. $4 and $0.77. now nationwide. the average price is 3.49. that's a dollar higher than last year. everyone says it's because the cost of crude oil and ethanol use for cleaner burning gasoline really has been surging apparel. companies affiliated with formerly kanye west will pay $950,000 to settle a consumer protection lawsuit alameda county's da announced that agreement today with yeezy apparel llc and you
9:26 pm
see a total of 4 bay area da's had sued the companies accusing them of engaging in unlawful business practices by failing to ship items to customers in a timely manner. california law does require orders placed over the internet have to be shipped within 30 days. lawmakers continue to share ideas and plans for fighting climate >> at the summit in scotland. all except governor newsome how his absence is reportedly overshadowing california's delegation and tourism is back after a 20 month travel ban is lifted of those changes are expected to help businesses here in the bay area who are still trying to recover from the pandemic. plus a houston officials trying to determine what went wrong at the travis scott astroworld festival that left 8 people dead and dozens hurt. but we're learning about the investigation and how rappers responding. stick around
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ome to this world. you have some big shoes to fill. people will tell you what to eat. everyone will have an opinion. and, yes, there will be tears. lots of new introductions. sleepless nights. that's normal. okay. so many new toys. it's not going to be easy. but, together, we got this. kaiser permanente. thrive ♪ i see trees of green ♪
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but, together, we got this. ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪ for another look at the 4 zone forecast. we're looking live at conditions on the golden gate bridge. if you look carefully there on the reflection of the lights. it is really coming down. yeah. when there's rain down here, oftentimes that means a snow up in the high country. chief meteorologist lawrence karnow. >> and yeah, you know, throughout drove through those mountain this past weekend saw all that wonderful snow for the mountains are going to get a whole lot more overnight
9:30 pm
tonight. >> you see the rain coming down here. but the snow coming down across the sierra nevada. some very gusty winds there. this is your look at the dominant donner summit, you're seeing some snow moving in right now. and some winds blowing over 50 miles per hour or so. yeah, pretty treacherous out there on the roadways. there is winter weather advisory going up to. you're going to see maybe upwards of maybe one to 2 feet of snow above about 78,000 people will see snow all the way down the lake level on the toddler may be one to 3 inches right there at lake level too. so if you're headed up in the high country overnight tonight and early tomorrow morning. be prepared. you might need those chains. if you're going in that direction, you see the snow showing up on the doppler radar right now beginning to creep in right there at the lake level and southlake to as you can see, more of that cold air kind of slipped in there. but all in the bay area. we've got that rain moving in. so far it's just been some lighter stuff across most of the picking up heavier amounts now, especially across parts of the north bay. we've had over a 3rd of an inch in some of the mountain tops there. but there's a lot more to come. in fact, weather is just
9:31 pm
so many pockets of moderate amounts of rainfall around the bay area. into san francisco. you see these bands now moving on shore. you're going to see these waves of rain moving on shore. some that slipping a little further north in the samara fell. then ou get up for the napa valley. more rain coming down in that direction. moderate to some heavy amounts of rain breaking up just a little bit now the concord area, but still more that rain moving in towards lafayette. also san ramon and also in san leandro. so that rain continues to move in and waves will see that throughout the night tonight. and of course, look at that little pocket of dry. that is that rain shadow effect in toward the santa clara valley so far, just some lighter amounts of rain in that direction but still plenty more to come to go along with that. we've seen some gusty winds and the very latest on our when tracker. we've seen some of those gusts over 30 miles an hour along the coastline the very latest 31 right now believe is 31 and woodville. 31 as you make your way over the ridge road there. bolinas 31 would occur. you've got 25 mile an hour gusts now in corte madera then across
9:32 pm
the bay 22 miles an hour in rodeo in hercules. also el sobrante 24 in the crockett and along the coastal sections. still some gusty winds developing in the may see some of those winds as high as 40 plus miles an hour near the coastline. as that's where you see that's a storm system moving in full force vaccine. some of those went to 30 miles an hour. now in the southern parts of so gusty night ahead, wind advisories going up as well. going to see some of those gusts overnight tonight. maybe 40 plus miles an hour near the coastline and then it looks like it will begin to subside. but that won't take place until late tonight. early tomorrow morning. then those winds begin to calm down the skies begin to part and that rain should come to an guys. back to you. >> thank you, lawrence. developing news out of houston on that deadly stampede at travis scott astroworld festival in houston. this weekend. now lawsuits are piling up against a performer in the wake of the fatal festival that left 8 people dead, at least 35 plaintiffs are suing scott and surprise performer drake after friday's
9:33 pm
festival stampede. our correspondent markie martin has more now on that case reactions tonight from those who survived the concert. you see people being conscious. >> people trying to get people to screaming breonna morales was one of the 50,000 in the astroworld crowd friday night. a survivor with visible injuries. she's now using a walker. her foot still black and blue after being plowed over in throngs of fans. i was on the ground. >> and then i close my eyes because all that i cannot see. this is like really can be the last thing i was maybe 3040, feet from travis been castro is 19 and has attended travis scott's festival before. he said the suffocation in the crowd was paralyzing crediting his height with saving his life. there's points where. >> i mean, i was completely locked can move anything and then, you know, i was able to just reach up and gust there from above concert goers continuing to pay their respects monday morning. many
9:34 pm
telling news nation they believe the reason behind the crowd surge was simple. music. >> the happiness casey green was in the v. i p sections most of the festival. we were helping a lot of people like skating get out, not the experience she paid for fans becoming first responders like him this morning and feel very blessed to still be here. i think it's a we take for granted. leave the house not coming back alive but not everyone was so lucky. 21 year-old actually cost died in the crowd. his family attorney describing how crowd rush kills. >> they died from what is known as compressive 60 ation. from the sheer force of all the way to the bodies being stacked on top of them. >> the family suing several entities involved including travis scott and life nation. today's me. >> i lost my we're going to be you.
9:35 pm
>> that was markie. martin reporting for us tonight. the family lawyer says 35 plaintiffs have now joined the suit and he expects several more to come forward. several of the people said that they were excited for this event. not just because of the headliners but because it was one of the first big concerts that they've. been able to go to since the pandemic. many saying that this may be the last festival they ever attend. and there is more fallout tonight growing calls to pull travis scott from next year's coachella music festival. >> there's an online petition now to fire him as the headliner and it has nearly 6,000 signatures. no comment yet from the coachella organizers coachella scheduled for this coming. april. a san francisco woman is now facing partial blindness after she was shot in the face with a paintball gun in a random attack. that woman says she was on her way home from the outside lands music festival halloween weekend and somebody drove by and started firing
9:36 pm
paintball rounds. it happened at a bus stop near sunset boulevard and noriega street in the sunset district, kron four's taliban secchia. you talked to the victim. this is just a terrible story. how is she a yeah, absolutely horrible. you know, you go to an event thinking everything's going great. you're having a great time to have this happen is just completely tragic and. >> unfortunately still not doing so well. the victims, all guys, white says one of the people's hit her directly in the left eye and immediately everything went dark. now more than a week later, her vision isn't back and she's speaking out in hopes that the suspects are caught and realize the severity of what they've done. >> i i just completely fell the i just had lost vision was. amelia dark zoe guys waits life took a dramatic turn after a day spent at outside lands in san francisco over halloween weekend. guys, white says she was on her way home from the music festival early saturday morning. >> when she and her boyfriend were struck by peoples in a random attack. it happened
9:37 pm
while they were waiting at a bus stop near sunset boulevard and noriega street immediately. i like peeled something off my face. it was paint. >> and i had tried to look at my hand because i had got suspect in the hand and hurley that i couldn't see it. and then it really clicked in that like i'm not seen anything now more than a week later. >> guys. wait says she still hasn't regained vision in her left eye. she took photos. documenting the healing process and says she's consulted with several doctors about what our options are moving forward. they're still unsure whether or not the damage is permanent. so at this point, guys, wade says it's a stressful waiting game. there's a lot of things that it could be. but it doesn't sound like any of them are going to be like. you're going to walk away with the vision you had before this happened. guys wait says. >> she doesn't understand why someone might have shot at her and her boyfriend. but as soon as it was some halloween weekend prank gone very wrong. >> she says she's now sharing her story to demonstrate the severity of what can happen in these attacks and hopes whoever did this will be held
9:38 pm
responsible. her boyfriend set up a go fund me page to help pay for medical expenses as the injury left her temporarily unable to work at her job as a colorist at a hair salon. >> now since sharing your story online and on social media guys white says she's had several people reach out to her saying they were also caught in random crossfire, people's halloween weekend in san francisco as white says she's working with several neighbors in the area to compile some surveillance video until reporting. back to you. thank you, taylor. still ahead on kron 4 news at 9, a pastor in tennessee. >> it's being called a hero after he jumped in action the safe his congregation. what authorities are saying about his heroics tonight. >> and more rain continue to fall around the bay area, how that might make for a very treacherous commute. we'll talk about that next.
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>> and now kron 4 sports. >> the giants surprised everyone when they finish the regular season with the best record in baseball. now it looks like the warriors are saying hold my beer. let's one up our neighbors down the street, dubbed looking to make it 9 in one on the season tonight with a win against the atlanta playing like an early season mvp maybe we'll get one there you see tray young. a lot of people compare him to
9:42 pm
trey steph got things started very quickly no time wasted first bucket of the game. but this is what everyone was concerned about. check to seek was out stepped clearly does onto the shoulder. his hand. he stayed in the game. later he comes out. he's all wrapped up. but eventually he will be ok and you'll see why now we mention trae young. he went off in the 2nd quarter. come on. looney has no shot guarding him on an island like that gets the floater this time trade blows past andrew wiggins and the hawks go up 9 in the second. how about the port visit? no look pass to john collins. trey had 28 points. 9 assists but step. he owned the night just before the half hand down, man down cuts. the deficit to 4 hawks were up by as many as 15 points in this one 2nd. half the warriors come out with a vengeance. defense leads to offense steph to draymond to andre. >> 3 of nation's finest now
9:43 pm
the rest of this highlight is brought to you by steph curry. the level of difficulty on that shot was not pulling away more step. another 3 he had 9 of those. here is the cherry on top staff gets in the lane.


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