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tv   KRON 4 News at 430am  KRON  November 9, 2021 4:30am-5:01am PST

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good morning and welcome back to the kron 4 morning news a time for you now for 38 and a rate harvey. thanks for waking up with this morning. >> on this very wet and slick commute. we've been monitoring. you're always a lot puddles of water out there this morning. john and i both left our houses early today to make sure that we made it in safely and darren james walk it earlier. so again, everybody here safely this morning. some good advice for folks because it's still coming down out there, right. yeah. i know you already adjusted your morning a little bit. rain is done hiked a haha highs to get your car yeah. you know, we've all got up a little bit early. makes a little bit easier because that time change, at least we have that working in our favor on what is going to be a slick
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commute into work. and that is certainly the best advice we can give you this morning is just taking a little bit slower as you're getting out there. >> because roadways are certainly on the slick side and we did see some stronger winds last night to which of course just contributes to the messy situation that you're in countering as you do get out there this morning. we look outside our berkeley hills camera is showing you what is a pretty misty start. we do have remaining showers lingering across the bay area. the heaviest stuff in the most widespread of stuff has shifted to the south. and if we zoom out across the bay area. you can actually see the core the atmospheric river. it is set up shop now. right along the central coast in into the central valley central sierra nevada also really receiving some of the heaviest dose of snowfall at this time that leaves us in the bay area with some of this residual moisture that is not to say it's not a lot of it. in fact, the entirety of solano county right now is in the midst of some either light to moderate rainfall that means the lake iowa through fairfield all the way up through vacaville 80 right there is very damp, very wet
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with active rain falling on and off spotty showers elsewhere in the bay area from santa rosa on over to guerneville and monte rio. we are seeing some areas of light showers, very spotty. so they will be brief. same for you up in marine county right now crossing the bay bridge with some wet conditions to we are seeing off and on showers in san francisco on over to oakland highway 24 over to lafayette walnut creek down to san ramon. also some on and off light showers south bay has been the driest out of anywhere in the bay area and this persist to remain true at this point. that's not to say you didn't see rainfall, but your totals are much less than the rest of us with just a few spotty showers hanging out around sunnyvale on over to palo alto. and as you're heading right or along route such as one. oh, one as well as 2.80. there on the peninsula. so we will continue to see these spotty showers over the next few hours. but by noontime today, we're really going to start to see some clearing and drying going on with peeks of sunshine come the afternoon. the rest of the
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forecast after this is actually going to remain dry so today is our only chance of rainfall after this point, it's going to warm up into the weekend and conditions are going to be nice clear and dry for the rest of the forecast 50's for our current temperatures santa rosa at 50 degrees oakland and dublin. 56 well, alameda san mateo and san francisco each at 55 wet tarmac at sfo. that's kind of how your roadways are looking to these areas of rainfall will give way to drying conditions come the afternoon. and as i mentioned a second ago, some sunshine trying to reappear through the clouds. daytime highs today. mostly back into the mid 60's. keeping you updated on the showers as they continue to work their way across the bay. first, though, on over to will go rain that i know roadways are very slick out there. i think most of our incidents would have been last night as the heaviest of rainfall is being seen we're at right now. exactly. john, you're right. there were a lot of incidents accidents last night. so this morning, you mentioned you talked about the weather
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coming down pretty hard and fairfield right now. >> we do have an accident there. 80 westbound east and north texas street. that's in fairfield. so we do have an accident there along highway for this isn't rodale eastbound west of cummings skyway. there's an accident there as well. so we are seeing some accidents out there. none of them causing any major delays. but look us, look at what it is as you're heading into the city from the east bay. so says a little under 2 minutes for your drive times due high winds. you got slick conditions and pockets of water out there. you definitely want to take your time drive me. let's head over and get a look at the san mateo bridge a little under 30 minutes conditions still slick as you're travelint there. the richmond sandra fell bridge as water continues to come down. and so things up. there a little under 9 minutes as you're heading out of richmond across towards san rafale also our director lori talks about her commute this morning out of madeira one. oh, one. there is standing water as you're traveling along there. so you definitely want to take your
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time as you're driving. let's check out the golden gate bridge while close skies are clear there. look at the alec which still see slick water as to commuters are making their way from the north bay into the city. so take your time as a driving. we'll have more weather and traffic coming up, let's focus on this pg and e live. matt, this is a power outage is currently going on. there were only a few scattered outages reported this morning. as you can see when the rain was coming down last night. the majority of the outages were reported and berkeley. and in albany. so go ahead and take your phone out and scan this qr codes. you can stay up to date on the latest weather in your neighborhood. it's going to take you directly to our mobile kron 4 app where you can rind those current conditions and live radar forecast. switching gears. the san francisco woman is now facing partial blindness after someone shot her in the eye with a paintball gun in a random attack. the victim says she was on her way home from outside lands halloween weekend when the suspect drove by began firing off rounds at
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a bus stop near sunset boulevard. and the street in the sunset district. for taylor is aqi. has that story for us. i i just completely fell the i just had lost vision was. >> dark zilli guys. waits life took a dramatic turn after a day spent at outside lands in san francisco over halloween weekend. guys, white says she was on her way home from the music festival early saturday morning. >> when she and her boyfriend were struck by peoples in a random attack. it happened while they were waiting at a bus stop near sunset boulevard and noriega street immediately. i like peeled something off my face. it was paint. >> and i had tried to look at my hand because i had got suspect in the hand and hurley that i couldn't see it. and then it really clicked in that like i'm not seen anything now more than a week later. >> guys. wait says she still hasn't regained vision in her left eye. she took photos. documenting the healing process and says she's consulted with several doctors about what our options are moving forward. they're still
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unsure whether or not the damage is permanent. so at this point, guys, wade says it's a stressful waiting game. there's a lot of things that it could be. but it doesn't sound like any of them are going to be like. you're going to walk away with the vision you had before this happened. guys wait says. >> she doesn't understand why someone might have shot at her and her boyfriend. but as soon as it was some halloween weekend prank gone very wrong. >> she says she's now sharing her story to demonstrate the severity of what can happen in these attacks and hopes whoever did this will be held responsible. her boyfriend set up a go fund me page to help pay for her medical expenses as the injury left her temporarily unable to work at her job as a colorist at a hair salon. >> well, that was taylor's sacking reporting for us this morning. a san jose man was among the thousands of people caught in the chaos of the astroworld music festival friday night. he says gonzales says he watched his first responders tried to save the lives of the unconscious. people around him. he just arrived back in the bay area
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from houston kron four's jonathan mccall got a chance to talk to him. >> this is an experience and a half. he says san jose was in houston friday night attending the astroworld music festival when chaos and pandemonium erupted. so when travis scott comes on is that everyone starts to >> oh, yeah. oh yeah. im and that play you could you could not walk unless you physically push yourself into the crowd or do you just let the crowd take you, you know, from here to there left, right. it wasn't saying that because travis scott move one side of the stage and the crowd would just this regardless if you are to go the opposite direction of the crowd. you're going to be the one getting trampled gonzalez who was caught temporarily in the center of the crowd says he was able to get out by maneuvering. his hands. i was able to move around. but only if have my hands like this because if i had my hands my side. i couldn't move like it was was it was really bad at it. so i had my hands. it's so. >> i have more mobility, but
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not everyone was as fortunate. 8 people were killed in the incident. hundreds more were injured. and when i when i when i got one certain spot. i notice that someone was giving compressions to another person and you honestly that knee. for me going to the things you don't see that. you know, you don't think these people are dying. you just you think that, you know, the the past hour, just a hot, you know, gonzales says he even rescued a woman injured from the stampede that happened to me as i was leaving us, someone was screaming for help and so then i picked her up and i took it to them at 10. i left it there. and then that's when i went to my with wind. back to my hotel. i didn't. but it wasn't until saturday morning that he learned of the hundreds of folks who are injured and people who were killed. he says it's weighing heavy on his mind that he wishes he could have done more to save lives. plants. i was sitting there in shock the whole day saturday. i didn't
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want to do anything like i was in houston a vacation. and i just i just sat there, just thinking, you know what i could have done. you know, with what could have happened differently. you know, you just, you know, not. that was jonathan mccall reporting. >> well, despite losses be filed against the promoters and scott gonzalez says many of the crowd were also to blame for not allowing first responders and emergency personnel to get to the victims. jesus says he's a big travis scott fan. but it's that may have been the ljst concert. he will ever a tent. he's also on a mission to try find a woman. he helped rescue friday night. he didn't get her name or contact information to says he wants to make sure that she's ok. meantime, there are growing calls to pull travis scott from next year's coachella music festival. >> an online petition to fire him as the headliner as more than 15,000 signatures. now. no comment yet from the organizers behind coachella, which is set for april. coming
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we're tracking your morning commute on this tuesday. slick and wet conditions out there for sure. >> definitely leaving. our house is a little early to give yourself more time to be safe. i meteorologists on trail keeping us in the know it looks like you're going to give us some rainfall totals. what's happening this morning, john, as so we saw the heavy rainfall last night. rain and that has resulted in the wet conditions that we're seeing this morning across the bay area rainfall totals did amount to what was projected and we are still seeing some showers ahead of us. so that's not to say that these numbers will be changing a little bit. but with the heaviest of rainfall behind. this is a pretty good idea of what the storm brought us right here. saint helene, about an inch and a half of rainfall richmond. >> around an inch and a quarter will mount diablo right on danville 3 quarters of an inch for you while san francisco also around 3 quarters of an inch oakland closer to half an inch of rainfall during our overnight hours. so very welcome to be seeing this for sure. campfield one of our biggest winners yet again with around 2 inches of rainfall. remember
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last time around we saw an atmospheric river site, 18 inches of it. so stacking up next to her at last atmospheric river, not necessarily packing that much of a punch. but hey, we don't want that flooding and we saw some wet roadways because of this. that's the biggest downside of this rain is just a slick conditions. otherwise, definitely not as much of an impact is the last one. you are seeing out there snowfall up in the sierra about upwards of 2 feet of it at the crest of the sierra at lake talk to around 3 inches of new snow fall. so a decent snow maker specially higher up and it is nice to see that snow at lake level too as for the north bay right now. a couple of spotty showers around santa rosa and mill valley richmond. oakland as well as up into solano county. also seeing some spotty showers right now. peninsula drying back out a little bit. we have seen showers shifting to the east from fremont down through milpitas as well. san leandro in san lorenzo on highway 24 up to concord and walnut creek. couple of sprinkles right along the ultimate past between tracy and livermore.
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otherwise. this is a much calmer set up than what we saw last night. spotty showers do carry us through the rest of the morning and imbedded in there are going to be pockets of heavier to moderate rainfall. that will keep you updated on as we work our way through this morning. commute the know is you just got to take it a little bit slower out there because we're certainly not out of the midst of west. what conditions. just the wettest and heaviest stuff is now officially behind us by the time we reach new new. we'll start to see some noticeable drying going on in some peeks of sunshine come the afternoon. this sets us up for the rest of your forecast, which is going to remain dry some good sunshine come tomorrow for your wednesday and we'll keep that going on into the upcoming weekend with continually warming, whether this is because this low pressure system that's bringing us this weather today is about to be replaced by a building ridge of high pressure behind it. that's really going to impact our forecast with warmer and drier conditions for the rest of it. 60's for your highs. in sf as well as right along the coastline and 60's pretty
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solidly everywhere else to some of our warmest of temperatures will be on the peninsula. burlingame foster city. san carlos in redwood city at 68 degrees today. all tied for your warmest of numbers while santa clara. campbell and san jose each at 66 hayward fremont oakland all at 65 degrees today. some sprinkles this morning followed by some drier conditions later on today. and just a few 50's hugging the coastline in stinson beach and point raise tomorrow will be another cool one with highs only in the 60's after this. it's all about the 70's for the rest of your forecast. starting on thursday. but our warmest of temperatures being friday, saturday and sunday with some mid 70's to step outside and enjoy for the weekend. great job. thank you for that. right. let's get a look at our roadways. slick conditions as you're heading from the east bay into the city. >> as well as high winds. want to take your time as you're crossing there this morning. also very slick and wet traveling to maze. also very damp this morning, san mateo
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bridge across towards the peninsula a little under at say 20 minutes for your drive time as you're making your commute because again, you want to drive slow this morning. it's also head over and get a look at the golden gate bridge about 20 minutes into the city with slick conditions. you can see everybody is taking their time and the richmond sandra fell commute. a little under 9 minutes with water coming down there you can see we can't see past that camera. you do have some accidents out there. it looks like the one of them looking at. that's causing the most delay on the map is in fairfield. 80 westbound east of north texas street. it looks like we are seeing some slowing because of that accident there. the other ones i've seen conditions still look like they're moving along pretty nicely like the one down in fremont city southbound north of scott creek road. i'm not seeing a delay. there. a lot 24 in orinda eastbound west of camino pablo not seen any slowing the air, but there is an accident as well. so we'll keep a close on your morning commute. one of the high winds
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across the down. barton bridges, san mateo bridge and the bay bridge this morning. take your time. well, it's been 3 years since the devastating camp fire and the flames leveled the town of paradise and you county killing 85 people. it remains the deadliest wildfire in california's history. and remember to those who died. there's a road in town and it's lined with american flags, one for each person who lost their life. >> and we put all of our hoses together. may 2, 200 foot long hoses and we saved 4 houses. my wife literally put out the house next door as it was catching on fire. so we and we're really lucky to have neighbors come back because it's so that's lit up here without somebody to talk and share things with. >> out of the town of paradise is still recovering from that fire in the mayor says almost 1100 homes have been rebuilt about 3500 workers come to town every day to help with the rebuilding process.
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lawyers recorded their 5th straight. double digit win after beating the atlanta hawks last night kron four's jason dumas has the highlights for us. >> doug, looking to make it 9 in one last night against the war against the atlanta hawks. steph. >> playing like an early season mvp another. and here's trae young who many compared hurry but steph wasted no time in this one. first points of the game. the game. but check this out. this is what had everyone nervous early on. step playing defense running through screens seems to have hurt his arm. hand. he's taking out eventually he gives all bands is up, but he would eventually be ok and he was show it later in the game. 2nd half the warriers came out with a vengeance defense leads to offense step to draymond up to dre. >> victim does right there. now look at the level of difficulty for this shot. it all matters. steph. right. and
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cam reddish his faith. how about one more couple possessions later. it's the step show. yeah, that are looks. okay. now here is the cherry on top uses the screen from dream on what the floater that is point number 4950 steph had 5010 in 7 on this night. >> he's the first player in the nba to have a 50 point game this year and steve kerr said, hey, i'm not surprised, but i still appreciate it. i want to say. >> i've never seen anything like it. but i've been watching it for 7 years. so i have seen something like and it's still it's too, it's it's just incredible to watch. it's not like he's it's taking something out he's pouring himself into something that loves and he said he loves the process. and i think that's the common thread between. great superstar historic players. you really just have
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to appreciate steph curry and what steve kerr kids said. >> he appreciates the work ethic. let that be a lesson to everyone. keep working because people they are watching the let you know in different ways. all righty. that's your look at sports. back to you guys. >> all right. we'll be right back after the break.
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>> welcome back 4.55 on this tuesday morning. definitely a different start to this morning than what we saw yesterday, which was dry conditions for your monday. start rain really came down last night. now it's resulted in the wet messy conditions that you're venturing out on the roadways this morning. your view outside right now does show you still the low clouds and the rainfall that we're holding on to the heaviest of it has exited the region. but that's not to say we don't have more of it still ahead of us. it's just going to be often on light to moderate showers right now. solano county, a couple of pockets in the north bay as well as right along the coastline are seeing some of those light areas of rainfall. very few and far between at this point, winds are generally out of the south and windy enough to have an impact on our bridges. 15 to 20 miles per hour gusts throughout the course of the morning do expect coming in clearing conditions into the afternoon. rain. thank you for that. all right. well, the valley film festival kicks off tomorrow.
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>> although the festival is being held virtually this is going to the first time the festival is being held again because of the pandemic. the festival plans to stream more than 65 films along with a special tribute program. the festival runs through sunday november 14th and she mark you calendars. music icon missy elliott was honored with the hollywood walk of fame star. the four-time grammy winner is best know for her innovative sound and for inspiring a new generation of female rappers. she was joined by sea air and lizzo during the ceremony. john, your favorite and give a it's not one where she sings backwards, ok, mind what is that one i that plant. but that now the rapper says it is. >> been a tough journey, but she's happy her dreams have come true. ellie has also been inducted into the songwriters hall of fame and she was honorary doctor of music degree from berkeley college in boston. congratulations. missy. over the next hour.
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fast food workers across the state plan to go on strike today. tell you why workers in the bay area are walking off the in a live report. >> and a family is demanding justice for the 23 month old son. that was killed by a stray bullet. we'll tell you where police are with that investigation this morning.
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>> from the area's local news station. you >> it is a wet out there. but hopefully here pretty quickly. well, i think we've got the brunt of it. we'll show it will soon your ride was okay was okay. little damp in spots. and you can see i guess that continues to be the case as we take a look at the radar this morning. but i think the heaviest of it. >> may have passed us check that out. warning yeah. the heaviest of it. hopefully as you were in bed last night unless you're one of those night owls and burr walking around out. and i know i was listening to that rainfall really pushing through. as i was. >> falling asleep, which actually is kind of nice mother nature worked in our favor with the heaviest of rainfall out of the way. but that's not to say it's an easy commute to work. we're still in the midst of some lir


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