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tv   KRON 4 News at 7am  KRON  November 9, 2021 7:00am-8:00am PST

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with this morning. yeah. so the heaviest up definitely having passed through mother nature gave us that heavy stuff while we're hopefully sleeping anyways. >> we're still in the midst of the wet roadways, though, as we've seen on and off light to moderate showers through the course of the morning. >> so we're yet to see the storm completely moving out just yet. viewing outside at the embarcadero. you can see the wet conditions on our streets. that's what you're going to be encountering as you do leave the house this morning. and as we always say on a rainy morning, just leave a little bit extra early rather arrive, slowly and safely then be rushing through these very slick conditions. one of our spots right now that we are actively seeing some light to moderate showers is the richmond center fell bridge as well as the marine had winds up through center fell itself as well as right around that way. down across the board. benicia and parking is bridges on into northern contra. costa county, 80 for boyhood of fairfield is very wet. little bit drier for the east bay right now, at least no active rain falling for a lot of the east bay. but we are still seeing wet roadways for the spots. the peninsula,
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a spot of rainfall round as epo as well as around half moon bay south bay comparatively a little quiet, although some light sprinkles around san jose and saratoga at this moment. in addition to this, it's also windy with winds from the southeast at around 10 to 15 miles per hour. mostly not excessively windy morning, but enough to just add that extra elements of wet cool and windy conditions as you venture out there off and on showers continue through the rest of the morning before a drier afternoon just around the corner. current temperatures are mostly in the 50's with berkeley, the in oakland. each sitting right at 54 reena. john, thank you for that. we do have some hot spots out there. so if you're taking bar and you are. >> on the antioch civil direction. it's a 20 minute delay for you because of equipment problems on the train. we've also seeing traffic collisions out here like this. one of the les hill, 80 westbound at 7.80 west still seeing delays that's been with us for the past 2 hours as you're heading into the city this morning. a little under 23 minutes. we've
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had slick conditions, high winds and they're still there and a traffic hazard on the bridge. it started that slowing down for us. just have not recovered heading across towards the peninsula. little under 17 minutes, no hazards there to slick conditions. another hot spot. but this is out of point reyes at that station. they shut down both the northbound and southbound lanes because of a downed tree in hazards. there. it's coming down pretty hard along the richmond, sandra fell commute like john just mentioned. and you can see that you do want to take your time and they have off-ramps closed like this one in berkeley, 80 westbound and eastbound because a roadway flooding. we'll have more on this coming darya james, back to you. all right. now we're not seeing widespread damage. but there is some minor stuff going on around there like look at this tree down rohnert park. yeah, you can viewer sent it to us. the trees across the street. it came down. luckily, it just avoided. >> some of the other cars were parked out there, but that's just some of the minor damage that people are seeing in their crews early this morning doing their work on body avenue, trying trop that you think they work like, you
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know, around the clock like they know nation for all the middle of the on the whole, you know, when you left early this morning that wasn't around what time that was about when i hit the bay bridge was stopped for a little before ok, and this is what it looked like with dash cam video recording the ride into san francisco. and you can see, yeah. it was decent enough right. >> more than anything, it the gusting. so there's a high wind advisory on some of our bridges may still be in effect as you head into work. and once i got into san francisco. this is what it looked just in front of the exploratorium on the market not too >> i saw some heavy puddles as i was on south through southern moran. >> that was the lucky drive exit right there. but, you know, the floodings use you on the other side of the high on the northbound. this is southbound and it was going pretty well. i did hit a little a few patches in the darkness. you're going to see him. if you're out, you'll see puddles. but i didn't see him in the darkness and there's like a little hydroplane. second like gee, you know, but. >> on my way through sandra
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fell usual suspects. they flooded 2 weeks ago. remember. and so i think most spots, yeah. it is a low spot. and so if you have any in your neighborhood, localized areas that you know, are deep and that's the way to get. they even have cones here because they're doing construction. and so yeah, that's that's a mess this morning. i'm hoping that sandra phil doesn't see the damage. there was a lot of flooded homes and south 2 weeks ago. and we also have some area parks to having to adjust a little bit as they deal with some of the damage from this storm. >> sonoma county up at hood mountain and foothill regional parks are going to be shut down today. they're dealing with some of the high winds that maybe brought down a branch or 2 and then near woods in marin county. they're going open at 10 o'clock this morning instead of the usual 8. they want to give their employees enough time to get out there and double check for any hazards that made their be there in the wake of the storm before they let people come on through and their little walk. and you know what? just like we shared our video. james. we would love you viewers to share your video or pictures with us of. >> the rain or heck, i even
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took pictures of my dogs this morning. i'll show you later on. >> so, you know, you can do that, especially if you have a that will wear a doggy raincoat unlikely. please share it with me. and if the reported tab lead our how you are able to your dog to. because want to show you video a little while and my dogs are paralyzed when they put so that didn't work this morning anyway. you know yeah. yeah. i do know internet actually internet for a in any particular expanding and in particular right around 6 o'clock this morning. >> there's a big spike in outages. in fact, we have the outage map here. we'll show you the nationwide map first and you can see the bay area really is hit hard. the downed by the outages. yeah. we the storm system really did a number. and then here's the the graph that shows you that right around 6 this morning is when we saw giant spike in the number of people that lost internet about a little more than 50,000 here's the i was reading in southern miranda lee, you know, next door, they said they lost it at like 05:00am and got it back around. 6 or 6.30. so.
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>> it could be localized. and so if if this is in your neighborhood or a neighborhood near you or it happens to later. no. that extent is on it and maybe it won't last that long. as i know a lot of people work from home and they need that their internet. yeah, absolutely. >> okay to 7, '05, let's turn our attention to other major news this morning out of the east bay, family and friends of that young toddler. 23 year-old jasper, wu they're calling for the gunman responsible for a shooting on interstate 80 to come forward a stray bullet kills status story. he's riding with his mother. >> on the freeway and bullet comes through and kills and they had an emotional vigil for him in oakland. kron four's. dan thorn has the story. >> candles struggled to stay lit as rain falls down in the vigil of jasper. wu the nearly 2 year-old boy was killed in a shooting saturday along 8.80, jasper's community grieving his senseless death. imagine if this was your your baby.
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>> how would you feel people gathered along market and 6th streets to pay their respects to woo and his family balloons waves and signs stand on this corner. organizers tell us they want the family to know. they're not alone. said, you know, said >> a little bit of havoc in the middle across far, you know, so slight, i can only how the family is feeling right now. so. >> it's really sad to just to desk a family friend tells kron 4 news. there were 3 adults and 3 children in the car, but no one else was struck by bullets. chpr looking for information about the suspected gun battle that took place. so far no one has been arrested was family and friends are asking people to come forward. but most importantly, the shooters and yourself in development because, you know, to the innocent life away. >> we're responsible for it reporting in oakland. dan thorn kron 4 news. >> and this shooting
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represents oakland's at this point. now 100 19th homicide of the year and that's already beyond what we saw in all of 2020 where homicides total 200 sign 119 people have died shot to death in oakland. and just on the freeway. >> there have been 76 shootings in alameda county in the last 12 months. and bishop bob jackson of acts full gospel church in oakland, thanks that. it's because there's just a lack either interest or hope. listen to what he says. >> people in leadership and what not to say. they don't know what to do is so sad that continues to break my heart as well because they know what to do. it seems like when it's and minority race is it seems like no one really well, that's what they do. they kill each other and whatnot know prop. >> and you know, she says it's important don't lose hope and what he's doing is calling on the mayor. now the city council committee leaders all come together and also if they would declare a state of
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emergency in oakland. he says, you know, that would bring in additional law enforcement resources and money to help. >> 7 '08, is the time. another big story that's going to be impacting you today, especially if you're hoping to run out quickly from work, grab some food at a fast-food restaurant head back. well, you might not be so lucky. yeah. some of the workers are upset and they're going to walk off the job because they want better protections, better working conditions, especially with what they've had to put up with. >> in covid problems. will tran is live in campbell with a look at what's going on there that mcdonald's morning. well. >> so this is not something that they've been fighting for higher wages said we've been covering that extensively over the past few months. a few years in this case, though, they're looking for protection against things they can see and things they cannot see. >> burger king. this is in campbell. and this is one of the locations that they will be protesting are striking at noon. another location will be an open at the jack in the box. but pretty much this is going to happen. across the state. so like james said, you might want to brown bag. it
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because come noon and we don't know how long it's going to last. probably not. take your dinner time but definitely at noon, you might not be able to get their favorite burger because. >> there will be walking off the job they want better protection against covid, something they can't see. it's something that they can see. they're talking about violence at the workplace. not among the employees. but between the employees and the customers. >> one of the complaints james and darya. they claim that their boss told them if there's any violence between you and a customer than just go inside the bathroom and locked the doors until the problem passes. well, if you talk to them, they say that's not good enough. this is not just for the fast food workers this time just preaching to the choir. so to speak. they are getting help from lawmakers. there is an assembly that will reach lawmakers in sacramento in 2 months from now and they will tackle the issue about better protection for the workers the
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people inside not just this burger king, of course, but all across california. this they say it's not about money. what about health and state. thank you very much. well. >> 7.10 right now. and new this morning, they are looking investigators for new leads in the death of a bay area woman who was killed in hawaii more than 40 years ago. her name is valerie and we're shea and she's from san mateo county. the body, her body was discovered in a park in hawaii in april of 1978 she'd been in why for a few weeks. she was on the big island. police are actively investigating. they're asking for new leads in offering a $1000 reward for information that leads to solve her murder. >> it is 7.11. will take a break, but still ahead on the kron 4 morning news as covid cases continue to improve here in the bay area. it's a different story when you look at the state as a whole will tell you what local experts are saying about a possible surge in cases this winter and
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california delegates are at the climate summit overseas in scotland, but they're still getting questions about governor newsom's absence from that event will tell you where the governor is expected to appear today and still looking at showers out there across the bay area, although obviously the heaviest of stuff has passed still enough to keep us wet, including right over the richmond center fell bridge and a few isolated showers from san francisco. the peninsula on over into the
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>> that's a good point. he's this one was wobbling. this is my dog. who was waddling in this rain co, but you'll see man in a second. my other dog. and he just wouldn't much. he just like so i'm begging you. if you know a secret to get a dog to in the rain, please share with please share your video if they'll wear a coat because i got this new coat and my daughter paralyze. look, just don't want anything to do with it. it's like a magic coat that immediately numbs the they cannot and the rain will kill them as well. obviously. look, i'm pulling him. i love him. so i spend an extra 15 minutes this morning and they wouldn't go in the rain. look, there they are. it's the constant struggle for all of us dog owners alluded and it does. richard, a producer as a big giant dog will go in the rain. still no, that's when you know they're well taken care. that's a sign, right. so winds, it's not because they can only hold for so long. well, that kind
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of rain that you signed this, your dogs out earlier this morning is already worked its way out. it looks at least there's that many showers that we do have remaining at this point are pretty light. so little bit more. don tolerable hopefully and let those dogs are really picky. you don't even like a couple of sprinkles, santa rose that nearing 2 inches of rainfall over the past 24 hours richmond over an inch and a quarter mount diablo about an inch and a quarter for you. >> danville in sf have seen around 3 quarters of an inch a little bit lighter in oakland around a half an inch. but this is some solid rainfall over 24 hour period right here. and even though the heaviest of it has left the region. we still do have some showers out there. so those rainfall totals will be adjusted as we do continue to see some more rain right now. solano county from vallejo up to fairfield and vacaville is wet and actively seeing rain as the richmond center fell bridge into richmond core. the bay. some light sprinkles right around oakland's airport alameda as well as as a foe down through san mateo and eventually down towards redwood city all looking at some light showers south bay
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conditions have seen some light on and off showers san jose. you've seen the lightest rainfall out of anywhere across the bay area. that is remaining true. so on and off rainfall does continue for the rest of the morning for the most part afternoon will really start to see those resulting in a swift change of pace come the weekend. so today is one of her last days in the 60's with hayward as well as opened each at 65p degrees tomorrow will be another day in the 60's. but look at the rest of the forecast after that, it's 70's solidly on into the upcoming are taking bart hot spot, the air 20 minute delay on the antioch line in the sfl direction because of. >> some equipment problems on t
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still very slick and wet from overnight rains in this morning. and also you see high winds there blowing back in for slowing people down is also pretty backed up throup th the maze along 5.80 as you're heading into the city slick conditions along the richmond, sandra fell bridge. look at that as it comes down a little under 15 minutes for you. there. and the still that this accident 80 westbound at 7.80, west. so we are still seeing delays as you're traveling along the delay hill and the san mateo bridge. we're seeing just a little slowing because of slick conditions. see everyone is drive a little slower. 17 minutes to make your way across towards the peninsula. all right. so we have a traffic hazard, downed trees and wires highway one. this is southbound and northbound. they've had to shut down both for the lanes because of the downed trees and wires there. we'll have more weather and traffic coming darya james, back to you, randi, thank you. 7.18 is the time for your money this morning. >> what are the most disliked thanksgiving side dishes. good question. and apple says that governments are asking for less data about its customers
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to talk more about that. we've got jane king coming at us live from the nasdaq. good morning, jane. >> hi, james. good morning to so apple released its transparency report for this is for the 2nd half of 2020, this includes details about data requests from governments. companies. individuals are usually related to a lawsuit of some kind to the tech giant said that government requests targeted 83,000 devices during that time. those about half what was seen in the year prior it did say that it provided 77% of those of the of the time the people asked for now, please don't pass the candied yams. some thanksgiving at least according to instacart is, is that is the least liked thanksgiving side dish. now they were the least favorite. but green bean casserole was a close second and the average parent with kids under 18 plans to spend $276 per child on gifts this holiday season. according to creditcards dot com, the average holiday celebrate with a significant
7:20 am
other intends to spend about $250 on gifts. the survey also found consumers are just feeling more generous this year, probably because of what we went through in 2020 and many people are willing to go into to do all the spending that they want to do this holiday season. well, amc said that all of its us cinemas are open. the movie theater chain. welcome back. 40 million guests in the 3rd quarter. that was globally, of course, lot to do with the blockbuster movies that were coming out during that time. amc saw big improvements in the sale of food and beverages as well. live from the nasdaq. i'm jane king. james, back to you. all right, jane, thank you very much. have a good one. >> 7.20 is the time. and let's talk coronavirus big milestone in the bay, area's progress. according to the latest dc covid transmission map. i'm sorry that cdc not d c this is the bay area. and you can see for the first time ever. we're in the yellow. that's moderate that some moderate here. that means that each county has recorded fewer than 50 cases for every 100,000 people in
7:21 am
the past week. so you can see we're doing very well. the numbers did change daily. but despite the big progress overall now that's the bay area. california is numbers. well, they're going the other way continue to be on the rise. health officials are warning of a possible winter surge that we could be in for and any surge that we might experience is not going to be nearly as devastating as last year's. at least. >> when i mean, not at the levels of last went i mean, probably no flooding and over the flooding of hospitals necessarily. >> doctor peter chin. hong with ucsf also says that with all the kids, the young ones that are now getting vaccinated. that's going to help with a herd immunity as though we're definitely not over this pandemic we are not all the way out of the woods at all. >> no more people still need to be vaccinated. and speaking of which happening today, sonoma county is going to be hosting vaccination clinics to schools up in that county. these are for students and their families. so the first
7:22 am
clinic is going to take place in guerneville elementary school that clinic will open up at one 30 this afternoon. the second clinic will be at jefferson elementary school in cloverdale that clinic will open operations at 3.30, and then out in the east bay, people in berkeley can now register for a shot for kids between the ages of 5.11. the next clinic will be happening on november 13th at rosa parks elementary school over the weekend at the clinic at malcolm x elementary will vaccinate about 200 students and we've got a whole lot more information on these vaccine clinics all across the bay area on our website at kron 4 dot com. so give it a look. >> and he could not walk unless you physically push yourself into the crowd or do you just let the crowd take you, you know, from here to there left, right. yes, scary situation. we're going to hear more from a south bay man who was there as the chaos was erupting at that travis scott concert. 8 people died. >> in the crush of the crowd. we're going to hear his account. what happened.
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>> 7.25 and a bay area man is back now from houston and telling the story of being at astroworld music festival where 8 people died and you can see thousands were there and they were all jam-packed. the crush of the crowd getting more intense as the concert went on. his name is jesus gonzalez. he's from san jose. and he said he watched as first responders tried to save
7:26 am
people that could save everybody. in fact, he says he was part of that. he tried to help carry one person to a medical tent. >> as i was leaving someone was screaming for help and so then i picked her up and i took it to them at 10. and when i when i when i got one certain spot. i notice that someone was giving compressions to another person and you honestly that knee. for me. going to be things you don't see that. you know, you don't think these people are dying. you just you think that, you know, the the past hour, just a hot, you know. >> and that's people are passing out. later, did he find out that it was time eat. so there's a criminal investigation under way right now looking into whether some proper safety measures were ignored before the concert started. we do know that 18 lawsuits now have already been filed against the concert promoter and the performers. >> the sheriff's office in santa clara county needs your help in identifying a man accused of sexually assaulting
7:27 am
a blind woman. i'm live with the details and pictures the details and pictures coming up. the details and pictures coming up. you want fries with that? introducing wendy's new hot and crispy fries. preferred, almost 2 to 1, over mcdonald's. [scream] try them today. only at wendy's.
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>> 7.29 right yeah. let me check check the delays. you know, a luckily you probably have nowhere to go. i mean, you're not leaving the bay
7:30 am
area's. yeah, well, it's too close to thanksgiving. i think a lot of people are saving they're traveling. they had 9 flights delayed 3 canceled right okay. maybe we're going to a place that had worse weather like what's montana like right now. probably were. yeah, it's a say we are all their little cold. >> i sometimes i forget how to do comes right looking at lots of guys or whether the montana currently much nicer weather than a lot of the rest of the country. and honestly, even though it looks kind of gray and wet out there we will take it because it's our only day this week getting that rainfall. we're looking at beautiful weather. the rest of the week. some 70's by the weekend. so if you don't like the grey so much. it is going to be looking a lot better looking at that gray sitting over coit tower currently and some light showers for that matter, too. you will be looking at these showers continuing on and off throughout the course of the morning something that we've seen playing true all morning long for your commute. here's a couple areas where we are seeing that rainfall fairfield
7:31 am
down through the late hall. also down to the richmond center fell bridge and further south. from there. we are looking at some conditions around san mateo and 92 that are also a little on the wet side. in addition to that, it is breezy winds out of the south and the east. so it's wet. it is cloudy and it is windy out there. just make sure you get those layers on and especially that waterproof layer this morning. it's mostly light showers this morning. the heaviest of stuff is already passed through overnight last night and by noontime today we'll start to see some sunshine pushing out back to those clouds 50's for current temperatures. some 60's later on today. i'll get to the rest of that forecast. still ahead reena john, thanks to that. got some issues out there like a new accident this time 80 eastbound. >> at 8.80 north. so right here in oakland, we already knew that were seen roadway flooding along this highway. the same with 2.81. oh, one in the city this morning. we've got some reports flooding there. so definitely give yourself a little more time. you might want to take a 5.80, or 80 if you're trying to get
7:32 am
around these delays. maybe international as an option in the late another accident, 80 westbound at 7.80 west. so we've got this for the past 2 hours now keeping a close eye on that heading into the city what you do reach the maze. it says 23 minutes for your drive time. you've got very heavy winds on the bay bridge. also on the san mateo bridge. so take your time as you're driving over there, richmond center fell commute. as you travel out of richmond still very slick and wet a little under 17 about 20 minutes for you to make it across towards the peninsula. darya james, back to you. thanks, rana. >> so happening right now, police are trying to find a man accused of sexually assaulting a blind woman. yeah. he followed her from a target in cupertino. >> kron 4. sarah stinson has the story live in cupertino with what happened. sarah. >> live at the santa clara county sheriff's office where they're calling this a brazen and random attack and they need the public's help in identifying the man accused of
7:33 am
sexually assaulting this blind woman. and thankfully, we have seeing earlier. very clear photos take a look. this is from surveillance footage from target because that's where it all started. the blind woman told the sheriff's deputies that he the man was following her around the store and then she left the store started walking to her place of work in the area on stevens creek boulevard and north stelling road sheriff's deputies say he continued to follow her and made flirtatious advances towards her. she declined. plainly said no, no, no, i'm good continued walking, but he continued to follow her. he second time in a public an a l- parking lot held her against her will and sexually assaulted her in broad daylight says the sheriff's office witnesses say someone stepped in to help her. and then the man ran away. it's been 6 months since this happened. it happened in may and they still cannot identify this man. the man on your screen. and they also had a picture of his cars. a silver syon and so, you know, have a
7:34 am
clear picture of his face, clear picture of his car course we don't have the license plate. otherwise they wouldn't really need your help and so police and sheriff's officials. there's asking for your help. if you know anything, if anything sparks your memory or you. you remember something from that day back in may. anything at all. don't hesitate to call the sheriff's office. of course they want to prevent this from happening again. since this person is still out there for now, reporting live in cupertino sarah stinson, back to you. >> thank you, sarah. it's 7.34, and a san francisco woman is partially blind now after she was hit by a paint ball in the face when she was leaving outside lands, music festival golden gate park. take a look. that's we guice white. she and her boyfriend were both hit with a paint while you're waiting at a bus stop at the one that hit her in the eye. did the most damage. some of his droll by shooting a paint ball guns and then took off. so they haven't found the person and and she's
7:35 am
sure would would like to find him. >> immediately. i like peeled something off my face. it was paint. and i had tried to look at my hand because i had got suspect in the hand and hurley that i couldn't see it. and then it really clicked in that like i'm not seen i i just completely fell the i just had lost vision was. amelia and so that's what it was like. right when it happened. >> at the festival. and then now it's 2 weeks later and she still can't see out of that eye. and there are reports that other people in social media said that they were hit by paintballs and she's thinking maybe it was some kind of a halloween prank can it was no prank line when i now because of that. 7.35 in south bay. the san jose police department is warning about a phone scam. call and they they're impersonating the city of san jose customer service and they say. you have an
7:36 am
overdue bill. you know, and they're targeting spanish speakers and saying it's a water garbage is electricity. whatever it is they say all. >> pay us right now using well, or, you know, we take other kinds of payment right there over the phone and they're showing you where the call comes from. but i don't care where the calls coming from. the cops say and and the city says they never do this. so it doesn't matter what the number is. yeah. if somebody says something about your bill. you just go ahead. hang up and call the first of all, reported the place and then call the actual, you know, it until water. yeah, call them and see what's going on. do not pay anybody over the phone. >> 7.36 the time. also in the news today we've got governor newsome set to speak at the california economic summit in monterrey. and while some other california lawmakers are at the un climate in stockholm or calm. but in scotland newsome back out of that as we know and they say the summit has been productive so far. they're taking notes on scotland's use of offshore winds. wind farms, for
7:37 am
instance, and focusing on how other countries are convincing the private sector to cut emissions, not about the governor's absence of trying not talk about that. >> i think this story is a little overblown because we're coming to this. >> for a meeting and spending time with officials from the natural resources environment protection agency. >> yeah. governor newsom's office cited family reasons for why he had to back out of that climate summit. he said he would be attending from events. virtually so far he hasn't tuned in. >> in the south bay, the city of san jose is promising to go carbon neutral by the end of the decade. the san jose city council unanimously voted to adopt a goal of reaching net 0 greenhouse gas emissions by 2030. by that time the city. well, at the same amount of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere as it offsets by alternative means that includes producing more energy from solar panels and more people driving electric cars like that. tesla james right.
7:38 am
governor newsom previously directed all state agencies to hit carbon neutral status by 2035. 7.37 right now. and still ahead, steph curry lights up the court, 50 points against the hawks just for him. wait to see the final score. we'll have the highlights. >> shooting during attempted burglary in san francisco. look at the damage done. we'll tell you the latest what fhey're looking for. >> and we have seen conditions remaining pretty wet this morning. showers do still continue off and on across the bay. some of those areas that are actively seeing rain include the golden gate bridge up through sausalito richmond and vallejo just to name a few spots. your forecast is ahead. and the weather is certainly impact our commute this morning. we're still seeing morning. we're still seeing delays hotspots of issu welcome to this world. you have some big shoes to fill. people will tell you what to eat. everyone will have an opinion. and, yes, there will be tears.
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>> 7.41 is the time. we're back here. taking a look at what's happening in san francisco. police say that an attempted burglary in the city's haight-ashbury neighborhood cause quite a bit of damage and scared. a lot of folks to this was that the central park natural market at the corner of ashbury and hay street. a worker tells us that's for men came up with hammers tried to break into the store. and when a man who lives in a backup are trying to stop them. she says that's when they opened fire. >> i know it's it's crazy because it's very nice area. and we have a very nice year, at least saying it's good for those days. so. we don't know
7:42 am
what's going on. >> yeah, no one was hurt. thankfully, but police are still investigating in addition to this 2 other separate shootings in the same neighborhood last thursday. you may remember a 21 year-old man was shot and killed in broad daylight and then on october 22nd another man was hospitalized with life threatening injuries. no arrests been made in either case and police haven't said if both of them are related or not, but they're looking into it. >> 42. and coming up next on the kron 00:00am morning news. we're talking rain and they're talking snow. the question is do the ski resorts. think it's going to be enough that they can stay open and get the base.
7:43 am
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♪ ♪
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to sing to beginning like christmas now 7. so great. haha. >> beginning to look a lot like christmas. we are getting some snow yeah. it says will stick. that's the question because you can see the roads started to melt here. well, obviously need more snow. the storms that we've gotten so far. >> have been enough to at least open a few resorts. not all of them. is it time to panic? are we going to be in for a bad winter. we talked to some folks up there. well, here's a beautiful s ot. see this looks a little nicer. >> that looks a little stickier. the problems. it's just too warm. yeah.
7:46 am
>> it's just the beginning. of november. and i know everyone's nc because of the best seasons we've had. but it's super early. we've had a lot of precipitation already. so i like where we're at with getting storms. you know, one or 2 a week right now. it's not why it's not dry and so that's a good sign. going into the season. >> what this is all video. by the way, when i first saw doesn't want their shovel in their cars. not quite yet. this is what they're hoping for. calm. and you know, when it does snow this way. you need to be prepared for the snow or for the rain, especially if your dog doesn't like to precipitated on and i'm talking rain or snow. take a look. i as for your dog pictures and brian brooks are dust person sent us in com for this beautiful shot last night. it was went out, right. so he put cappy in this little jacket. okay. model. kathy, looking at model and i want to know how he got kathy to just be happy in the jacket. that is easily a catalog picture
7:47 am
advertising that james, i but brought in my jacket. >> it's very different. i brought in my jacket. i got to return this is inhuman jacket. this is. that don't. this is for a dog. my dogs will not. they are paralyzed. want to put the jacket on happy. happy. cap. he's happy. happy so forget it. i don't shut this to get a return if the dogs don't go on the range on that is a classy dog right like a bright remind. yes. >> the rain graham. my dog not so unfazed by the rain. he definitely doesn't like the snowy either, which is something that light on who is honestly not getting a lot of this morning. we did see are a lot of snowfall at diamond peak from that last atmospheric river we had you remember. >> the deck. i showed you that just piled high with snow. this storm way to warms your heart leasing anything sticking up there. in fact, at lake level, it's been rain snow mix. you have to head high up in elevation before you start seeing that snow on
7:48 am
the sierra there's another storm on its way next week. so hoping for better snowfall in those higher elevations from that next one in the meantime, it is still raining across parts of the bay area, especially solano county bunny chevrolet on up through fairfield still looking at some rain as are you in pittsburgh on over to antioch a couple of sprinkles out that direction. bay bridge is also been seeing some light showers still remaining on it as you are from daly city down the peninsula right there along the coastline. couple of sprinkles right along the core of the bay south bay. you've been one of her drier spots so far this morning. and in fact, you are staying dry right now. in san jose. just some off and on light sprinkles for you so far from the system on and off showers will continue through the rest of the morning by noontime showers really departing the picture and you'll start to get some hints of sunshine towards the finish of the day. that's going to set us up to what becomes the norm for the rest of this forecast ahead. the rest of the week after the system passes drying out with a high pressure ridge building back in this is also going result in temperatures climbing out of the 60's. where will spend
7:49 am
today and tomorrow back into the 70's come the weekend, if you like the cooler cloudier breezier stuff. the weather stuff to will. today is certainly a day to pull out your fall best stay dry as you're getting out there this morning and then just stay cozy towards the afternoon as conditions will dry back out as the system begins to exit the region. you can see most of our daytime highs today in the mid 60's keeping cool enough for those jackets, even as we do see some sunshine later on today. tomorrow will be a dry one. staying relatively cool before the 70's this weekend. mid 70's in fact, by saturday averaging out at 74 under mostly sunny skies rain. don, thank you for that. if you're taking bart, they're still a 20 minute delay on the antioch line in the sfo direction. >> because of equipment problem. one of the trade here in san francisco accident. northbound 2.80, at ocean avenue over also seen roadway flooding along 2.80 and one. oh, one. so know that it is slick. what while you're driving. can the city along 2.81. oh, one. be careful
7:50 am
heading into the city. what you do reach the maze a little under 25 minutes for your drive. time conditions are pretty backed up along to about 5.80, so past the foot of the maze and we're seeing a slight delay along 8.80, as you're traveling. we do have flooding along 5.80, in 80 as you're traveling to him, villain berkeley enrichment. a little under 26 minutes as you head across towards the peninsula. so we are seeing slick conditions slowed us down. the 80 westbound at 7.80 was that accident still there and we are still seeing delays as you're traveling along the richmond, sandra fell commute a little under 24 traveling out of richmond and in pleasant hill. yet a traffic hazard here. so southbound 6.80, north park we're seeing delays ear highway for little improvement as you're traveling one 62 to 42 a little under 15 minutes. darya james, back to you. thank 7.50 right now and the warriors continue their winning streak. another victory. the chase center. yes. and boy, steph curry put on a show for the home crowd scoring 50 points
7:51 am
against the atlanta hawks. we have our kron 4 sports director jason dumas with all the highlights. >> doug looking to make it 9 in one last night against the war against the atlanta hawks. steph. >> playing like an early season mvp another. and here's trae young who many compared curry but steph wasted no time in this one. first points of the game. the game. check this out. this is what had everyone nervous early on. step playing defense running through screens seems to have hurt his arm. hand. he's taking out eventually he gets all bandaged up, but he would eventually be ok and he was show it later in the game. 2nd half the warriors came out with a vengeance defense leads to offense step to draymond up to dre. >> victim does right there. now look at the level of difficulty for this shot. it all matters. steph. right. and cam reddish his faith. how about one more couple
7:52 am
possessions later. it's the step show. yeah, that are looks. okay. now here is the cherry on top uses the screen from dream on what the floater that is point number 4950 steph had 5010 in 7 on this night. >> he's the first player in the nba to have a 50 point game this year and steve kerr said, hey, i'm not surprised, but i still appreciate it. i want to say. i've never seen anything like it. but i've been watching it for 7 years. so i have seen something like and it's still it's too, it's it's just incredible to watch. it's not like he's it's taking something out >> he's pouring himself into something that loves and he he loves the process. and i think that's the common thread between. great superstar historic players. >> you really just have to appreciate steph curry and what steve kerr kids said he
7:53 am
appreciates the work ethic. let that be a lesson to everyone. keep working because people they are watching the let you know in different ways. all righty. that's your look at sports. back to you guys. >> thank you. jason is getting younger is going other way. what he had a fresh haircut. some of these looking sharp. some of these looking sharp. we'll be right back. watch this. can i please get the cheddar loaded cheeseburger combo? wait, i know that voice... (smug laugh) danny palumbo? from high school?! no, it's jack. try my $5.99 cheddar loaded cheeseburger combo with cheese 3 ways. (background talking and laughing) try my $5.99 cheddar loaded che♪ ♪burger combo (child) ...some people just go there immediately... at kaiser permanente, your entire care team is connected. so even a routine appointment can save your life. i am so glad you did this mammogram, so we can detect it early. everything looks great with your eyes,
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>> we're back at 7.55 and happening tomorrow the napa valley film festival kicks off the festival is being held this the first time, though, at least been able to hold it because of the pandemic, the festival plans to stream more than 65 films along with a special tribute program. it runs through sunday november 14th. so hopefully can register and check it out. >> 7.56 right now and music icon missy elliott honored with a hollywood walk of fame star. >> there it is the grammy winner is best known for her innovative sound and for also inspiring a whole new generation. >> a female rappers and here she was joined by sierra and lizzo in this ceremony with this honor. the rapper says it's been a tough journey, but she is happy that her dreams have come true. she has also been inducted into the songwriters hall of fame and she has an honorary doctor of music degree from berklee college, not the berkeley. we
7:57 am
boston in boston, congratulations to her. >> all right. 7.56 on the clock. we'll take a break. but coming up in the next hour of the kron 4 morning news. we are tracking the rain as it continues to move through the bay area this morning making for a wet commute in spots and families demanding justice for the death of their 2 while almost 2 year-old son. he was killed while driving in their car when a stray bullet hit on car when a stray bullet hit on the highway. mrs. claus the shopping boss here to help you merry savers decorate with the best bargains ever! ross has savings on everything you need to get the party started. because who waits for shipping anymore? or guests?! i love saying yes to more merry for less at ross!
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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning news at >> 8 o'clock now we're talking, you're waking up. it's been a few hours since we were up and right during and. >> look at the satellite shot. now. it's breaking up a little bit. the radar anyway. and we're seeing a few more dry spots. although if you look at some of the live pictures and it was all around us and the like behind john to still too pretty. haha let a spoiler alert gate bridge is not so bad just john clearing out now half-empty it's a half full. is it right will have them a couple spots in the north bay that have already exceeded last year's total rainfall from oh, my that's like hempfield 18 inches did a lot all it was one rain. we have added a couple more inches to that across the north bay for a few spots. it's been well over 2 inches for mount tam. so that is definitely nice to see.


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