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tv   KRON 4 News at 6pm  KRON  November 9, 2021 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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4 news at 6. >> now it's 6 pies are seeking authorization for from the fda for its covid booster shot for anybody age 18 or older. the company submitting early results of a booster study involving 10,000 people. it shows a booster shot could restore protection against symptomatic infection to nearly 96%. good evening, everybody. thank you for joining us for kron 4 news at 6. i'm pam moore. and i'm ken wayne currently those 65 years or older are eligible for a booster as well as those aged 18 and up who live in long-term care settings have underlying medical conditions or. >> who work in or live in high-risk settings. covid cases and hospitalizations in california are increasing and that has bay area infectious disease experts worried about another winter surge. kron four's, dan kerman, talk to them today for advice on how to protect yourself. he joins us live from ucsf tonight. dan.
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>> that's right. you know, vaccinations are here and they say that is still your best form of defense. but again, what they're looking at us with the holidays coming up. >> what can you do. vaccinations boosters and again, back to the old idea of social distancing might be what's best for you going forward. >> over the last 3 weeks we've seen a gradual increase and that increased seems to be continuing. >> a rise of covid cases in california has bay area infectious disease experts sounding the alarm. >> it's of concern that the numbers are going up in a time when we are facing in less than 3 weeks thanksgiving. and we know what happened 10 days after thanksgiving last year and then within a few weeks after that christmas. all the parties around the holidays, including new year's and that's what's very disconcerting to make matters worse. not enough of those who are most vulnerable have gotten their booster shot.
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>> waning immunity. israel. the booster doses fix waning immunity. at least for multiple months. but we've given out. you know, serve not nearly as many boosters as we need to. i think to morning some or something like 3.4 million. i can tell you there. 5.7 million people 65 and older in california. you know, just on that basis, it needs to go up with holiday gatherings approaching. there are several ways to protect yourself. >> one thing you can do is say you have to be vaccinated to come. but i've been to weddings that safe out on the invitation. you do it like we did last year. just to try to have as much outside as possible. family groups separated at different tables medical experts say another protective step. >> is to have everyone attending a gathering. take a rapid test. the morning of the event and those who test positive don't attend the nice thing about those rapid
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antigen tests is that you get the results within 15 minutes and it very accurate with regards to the question of whether or not you might be infectious to someone else. >> again. if we are at the beginning of the surge. what remains to be seen is how bad it will be. texas disease. experts say it all is about a race right now. getting those most at risk. the booster getting those unvaccinated vaccinated, especially young people live in san francisco. dan kerman kron 4 news. thank you, dan. >> in the east bay, teachers, parents and school leaders gathered at patton elementary school in alameda today to shine a light on school safety measures in the middle of covid. the district has provided layers of protection at the school this year, including masking hand hygiene rules property, proper ventilation and classrooms and a regular covid testing program testing in elementary schools takes place 2 times per month during the school day and students say they feel safer because of it.
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>> i like getting tested it is i feel more safe because you don't get tested and someone had covid thing you would get sick my did have a covid case, but we were able to space ourselves from the other classes and keep everyone safe. and thankfully no one else got sick. >> due to working safety practices across the state. california has had the fewest covid related school closures in the nation. stay with kron 4 for the latest covid information that includes finding the vaccine for children and much more. you can scan the qr code on your screen. you'll be directed to the special section on our website. kron 4 dot com. >> oakland. police are investigating an armed truck robbery that happened today near the intersection of fruitvale and interstate 80 at a shopping center. police responded to the area around 10 o'clock this morning after getting re part reports of an armed robbery in progress. by
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the time officers arrived on the scene. the robbers were gone. all that was left was a truck and 2 guards inside. no one was injured. investigators have not released any information about possible suspects or getaway vehicles. we'll continue to stay on top of the story and get you updates as we get new information. also in the east bay a violent hit and run collision during an illegal sideshow injured, a pedestrian who was apparently just trying to cross the street. it's all captured on cell phone video in this kron 4 exclusive kron four's haaziq madyun talk to the man who recorded that video. >> this is video of a man being struck by a fast-moving vehicle. we froze it before the collision due to the graphic nature of the recorded as the video continues. so does the driver. he never stops. he hit and happened on telegraph near grand avenue in oakland back november 6 at around 12:30am following the
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first fridays event. i was walking towards intersection. >> but i could hear the car swinging, though. this was the sound of a sideshow that attracted the attention of drive joe's he recorded the video. i heard the white car. >> coast region around the corner is a sign that we see with this card to it as as a follow them. i actually didn't even know that i caught the video because i was just following them. what i was holding my phone and it all kind of look at what my head and i just followed it. >> that not only did he get the video. if you listen closely, you will hear jones speaking to 911. dispatch after he called them on his business cell phone he talked about having the presence of mind to make the call while simultaneously recording the incident, but that you do have a business pre-nup bald. and like you said, it's at some point you've got to you. well, for one thing and then at the same time be able to. >> call the authorities if need be and be able to be a
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good just help out the hit and run vehicle is described as a white audi four-door sedan with dark tinted windows oakland police investigators say the victim suffered minor to moderate injuries and was transported to a local hospital them deadly, hoping that he survived and hoping that he's ok and makes a speedy recovery. anyone with information about the incident is asked to contact oakland police. >> has mud. you kron 4 news. >> the alameda county coroner's office has identified 2 people killed in 2 separate crashes last week in pleasanton, a woman died thursday night after crashing her car into a light pole. that crash was reported about 1030, on west last seat as boulevard. this east of pop yard. road. investigators identified the driver today as 23 year-old melanie mount. police say she was speeding and hit the center median which caused her car to flip onto its side and hit that light pole and then just before 6 on friday morning, there was a crash involving 3
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vehicles on southbound interstate 6.80, south of all costa boulevard, 60 year-old john lineman of dublin died in this incident. investigators say he lost control of his vehicle after sideswiping a big rig. his honda civic crossed all lanes of traffic and crashed into the center dividing wall where it was hit by a pickup truck. investigators do not believe drugs or alcohol played a role in the south bay investigators have released more information about a man who they say sexually assaulted a blind woman in cupertino. >> these are new pictures of the suspect's vehicle. a silver syon deputies say the car has some distinctive characteristics. there appears to be 3 small pe of toy cars fixed to the dashboard. take a look at those. someone out there might have seen that car either. they've lived there. that person currently live with that person. >> or they might say looking at those photos here might have were used to work with that person and please give us a call. you can come in and honestly, you can e-mail us anonymously as well. >> the suspected attack
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happened back on may 5th deputies say the man for started following the woman at a coffee shop and then to a target store nearby. that's where the alleged attack happened in the parking lot of the store. the sheriff's office wants to make sure that this doesn't happen to somebody else. these pictures are on our website. kron 4 dot com. if you want to take another look to a developing story now we've learned that the body of a woman found in hawaii. more than 40 years ago. was that of a bay area woman valerie and we're shay was from san mateo county. her body was discovered in a park in hawaii back in april of 1978 she had been on the big island for a few weeks prior to her death. police are still actively investigating her disappearance are offering $1000 reward for any information on her death. >> fast food workers across the state are on strike in order to call attention to their working conditions. the workers are demanding that fast food companies provide better health and safety standards against things like covid and the violence from
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some customers and the workers are getting some support. there is an assembly bill. 2.57 which lawmakers plan to tackle in january that will try to force the fast food companies to do just that. some strikers say that when they take their frustrations to management. little is done to fix the conditions. plus a tuesday evening. check on our 4 zone forecast. a live look outside tonight to see the transamerica building a san francisco in a lot of cloud cover behind it. crime for chief meteorologist lawrence karnow joins us with a look at what's going on. that storm is kind of winding down and sitting the scene led to see you guys here. they've got a rough going home last night. i mean, really kind of thumping out there. the rain coming down the wind hydroplaning out there on the roadways. >> dangerous stuff out there. but things settling down now still left behind, though some of that moisture from all that rain. so i think we're in for some dense fog developing around par s of the bay area totals. hey, not bad at all this almost 3 inches of rain in campfield mill valley over 2 inches of rain petaluma over an inch of rain. san
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francisco, almost an inch. how about oakland just shy of an inch of rain. san jose, just a drop in the bucket and some of the mountain tops over 4 inches of rain in the north bay that is very impressive out there right now. things getting quiet on the doppler radar. we're getting a little bit of a break in all of that rain. some of the sea breezes of started to kick back in more of a gentle wind developing this evening and now that on shore breeze and some patchy fog developing and some of the allies think we'll see some dense fog overnight those winds calm down the all that moisture in the atmosphere. here we go by tomorrow morning. early on. we're talking maybe less than a mile in some spots will be careful early on tomorrow morning by the middle of day, things should begin to clear out. but temperatures are going to say rather mild clemson partly cloudy skies temperatures in the 60's by tomorrow afternoon. thank you. cards. coming up on kron 4 news at 6. we're going hear from a local man with his firsthand account of the horrific and deadly situation. >> at the astroworld music festival in texas. plus a historic opportunity for visitors at arlington national
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cemetery. how the public is getting a special opportunity to pay tribute for the first time in nearly a century. >> we'll always be tainted, but basic reality. biological child was given to someone else. >> and an upsetting story out of southern california to mothers who unknowingly gave mothers who unknowingly gave birth to each other's babies. when a truck hit my son, mothers who unknowingly gave birti had so many questionss. about his case. i called the barnes firm. it was the best call i could've made. call the barnes firm now and find out what your case could be worth. ♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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special ceremony held at the tomb of the unknown soldier at arlington national cemetery today for the first time in a century. >> members of the general public are now being allowed to walk at the tombs plaza and lay flowers on the memorial at the start of today's event, members of the crow nation led a prayer and performed a traditional smudging ceremony as it's called. that's a ritual where plants and herbs are burned public access to the tomb of the unknown soldier continues until tomorrow at 4 in the afternoon eastern time. >> almost 20 lawsuits, 18 at least have been filed in connection with the tragedy at travis scott's astroworld festival of those losses claim that organizers failed to properly handle the massive number of people attending the show. our grant lotus joins us live from the newsroom tonight. he's got more on this grant ken and pam today, the mayor of houston released the
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56 page operation plan that was created for this astroworld music festival. the covered scenarios, you know, ranging from an active shooter to severe weather, but it did not include protocols in the event of an uncontrollable crowds search, which is what we had tonight. authorities continue to investigate what prompted fans to rush to the front attorneys. 4 people injured. and for that, the families of the 8 people who died friday are already pointing fingers. you see video from the show. 18 lawsuits as we mentioned, have been filed against rapper travis scott, the houston native who founded this astroworld festival. you see how many people are there. the city's fire chief says the performer should have tried to stop the concert. and if scott had done that, he may have prevented the deadly outcome. but scott says he just didn't realize the severity of the situation until much later. >> the artists that if you notice is something that's going he can certainly cause. that. is that the performance turn on the lights and said, hey, we're not going to
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continue until and so this thing under assault. >> a bay area man was among the thousands of people caught in the chaos friday night says gonzales from san jose says he watched his first responders tried to save people. in fact, he says he jumped in and helped carry one of the injured to a medical tent. >> as i was leaving someone was screaming for help and so then i picked her up and i took it to them at 10. and when i when i when i got one certain spot. i notice that someone was giving compressions to another person and you honestly that knee. for me. going to be things you don't see that. you know, you don't think these people are dying. you just you think that, you know, the the past hour, just a hot, you know. >> houston leaders have not blamed scott for what happened. attorneys filing suit say scott's history, though, of egging fans on the breach, security or storm the stage gives them confidence. their claims have merit among the victims 9 year-old ezra blunt currently in a medically
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induced coma because of brain trauma. he was sitting on his father's shoulders when the surge of the crowd knock them both to the ground. a little boy suffering cardiac arrest damage to his organs. scott is offering full refunds to all astroworld attendees says he'll pay for funeral costs for the victims and fund mental health support for survivors pam and ken. all right. grant, thank you for that. more national news tonight. prosecutors have rested their case against. >> kyle rittenhouse after more than 5 days of testimony. rittenhouse is on trial for shooting 3 people during a police brutality protest last year, 2 of those people died. the lone survivor testified in court yesterday. today the jury got their first view of drone video that showed rittenhouse shooting joseph rosenbaum, the first of 3 people who were shot rittenhouse could get life in prison if he's convicted of the most serious charges against him. >> back here in the bay area. the san francisco department of elections has certified a
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petition to seek the recall of district attorney chase abboud a special election for voters is set for june. the 7th of next year. the certification comes as blue team continues to face heavy criticism for his handling of a number of high-profile crimes in the city. if you plan on driving for the holidays. expect to be paying a whole lot at the pump bay area gasoline prices and now as you into record territory for us route that double reports from san jose where a gallon of regular gas is now selling for more than $5 at some stations. >> here on the corner of blossom. hill in snow avenue in san jose. 2 stations are selling a gallon of regular for over 5 bucks. a gallon. well, a 3rd is at 4.99 and people are digging deep to pay for it. i'm a college student. i knew an hour away. so it's really expensive. regular gas prices have hit an all-time high in some parts of the bay area. aaa says the average price for regular unleaded in san francisco is $4.84. a
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gallon. it's 4.76 in san jose. and for 75 in oakland discount outlets like rotten robbie are some $0.40 cheaper. i asked robinson oil ceo tom robinson. what's going on? you always >> and crude oil wasn't that o- long ago in the 40's and now it's over. 80 and so we're crude. oil goes gasoline prices will go california's gas prices are among the highest in the nation in the bay area is tops in california. higher taxes are partly to blame but supply and demand is also at work here with the pandemic. also playing rule says robinson. and that's that's really an issue that is way bigger than just just the energy sector sector. you know, there's there's a lot of demand on a lot of products, lot of services, lot of stuff and and and that's why you've got some of the supply challenges. and it's not just gas diesel will set you back 4.86 a gallon on average. that's up from 3.50 a
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gallon one year ago. and yes, that 5 bucks a gallon reflects california's carbon fuel standards cap and trade and excise taxes generally, what you'll see is in california. the fuel is going to cost you at least a dollar more than almost every other state in san jose. rob fladeboe kron 4 news now to our 4 zone forecast as we give you a live look at the golden gate bridge tonight. it was on the fun driving across that thing last night. people are actually going the speed limit. >> because those the raising yeah. it's crazy. all right. chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is here says that rain that we had. >> we want to more for quite a yeah. maybe it for a while now. high pressure really going to start building that ridge kind of a blocking ridge and that is going to send the jet stream well to the north and that will be up for the rain for a bit. good. and the use a little bit of a break. a percentage wise around the 400, 500% of normal for this time of year up there now the clouds continue to linger across our skies. we'll see more of that tonight. you can already see the jet stream beginning to lift a little bit to the clouds moving in a northerly direction there. 7
6:22 pm
northwest is going to see plenty of that. but the bay area going to dry out a bit. but tonight there's enough moisture on the ground. i think the big story overnight tonight, weather wise will be all the dense fog some that to leave fog developing by tomorrow morning. that means that you're going to see the ball right down at the surface that makes for some very dangerous driving conditions around parts of the bay area. the winds already beginning to calm down in many spots after a blustery night last night. those winds now calm and sam ramon many parts of the north bay temperatures not all that bad fairly nild outside 50's coast side. still lot of 60's in many spots in lot of 50's. now showing up in the north and those temperatures cool off are going to start to see some of the fog forming tonight. partly cloudy skies areas of dense fog, especially in the interior valleys. you get the east begun. the delta those spots going to see some of that dense fog morning clouds going to give way to some partly cloudy skies tomorrow afternoon and slightly warmer temperatures and then high pressure start to build. and i think we warm up back in the 70's. many spots. a lot of part of weekend dry weather pattern setting writing for the weekend. here. it is long range forecast. molly, see all
6:23 pm
of a sudden high pressure builds in the jet stream head of the north pacific northwest will continue to get the rain. we'll drive in california right through the weekend. fact that ridge really kind of build through saturday and sunday. next, best chance of rain comes nxt tuesday. but as you can see, just a slight chance of a few showers. guys, back to you. all right. thank you very much, lawrence. coming these fowler accused of being fouled. the bay area city struggling to manage the neighborhood east. >> and they're dropping tell >> and they're dropping tell you about their new plan. ♪ christmas music ♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ if your dry eye symptoms keep coming back, what?! no! over the counter eye drops typically work by lubricating the eyes and may provide temporary relief. xiidra works differently, targeting inflammation that can cause dry eye disease.
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>> a near doubling of the population of canadian geese in foster city has prompted the city council to approve an unusual plan. it could include killing some of the birds in order to keep their numbers down. well, for maureen kelly talked to the city's vice mayor who says the bird droppings are a public health problem. >> according to foster city officials with no natural predators and lots to eat the number of canadian geese has shot up here 78% from june 2020 to this gym. the last count put their number at 323 gates. it's not so much the birds themselves that's getting feathers ruffled out here. it's their droppings which not only make a mask but also fouls the water. the city's vice mayor explains we have found high levels of bacteria that can be partly attributed scoop in on loose and there have been times we have to close the beaches. >> so that really is the
6:27 pm
problem. the kids playing in the fields, you know, get gets trapped in issues in the schools, they bring back to the classrooms. >> so after years of trying nonlethal means of keeping the numbers down. the city council voted unanimously in favor of a mitigation plan that could allow for lethal methods, not all residents are happy about this idea these trappings, you know, when when you walk just walk nurses at that. it's going to nonlethal ways of taking care of it even though the geese are here year round. they are protected by migratory bird treaty act. so officials would have to apply for a federal permit to trap and kill some of the birds. if granted the permit could last up to one year with the lethal methods being used alongside nonlethal ones until those long-term methods such as keeping eggs from hatching take hold its not about eradicating them or in the them. it's about controlling and managing the population. >> and managing the problem another nonlethal met that
6:28 pm
they're going to try out as a pilot program funding the geese with a non harmful chemical. > that to irritate the birds and keep them out of certain areas. maureen kelly kron 4 news. >> coming up next on kron 4 news at 6 celebrating what they call those specific wins for california in the infrastructure bill. why members of congress were in san jose today. plus a fertility clinic mix-up 2 california couples give birth to each other's babies. we have the latest on the medical malpractice lawsuit. but first, new details on the person charged with killing a man during a meet up buy a car online here in the bay area. we'll be right back. why hide your skin if dupixent has your moderate-to-severe eczema or atopic dermatitis under control? hide my skin? not me.
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