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tv   KRON 4 News at 5pm  KRON  November 10, 2021 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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[applause] ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> from the bay area's news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at all. >> and i'm sorry. the source for that. again. >> the daily mail, the daily mail and they they have a source. >> close source, very close to. well, that's made up. >> now at 5. governor newsome pushing back against a report that he skipped that climate summit trip to scotland because of side effects from the covid booster shot as well as the flu shot. good evening, everybody. welcome to kron. 4 news at 5. i'm grant lodes and i'm vicki liviakis. as you just heard there were media reports the newsome was not honest about his reasoning for skipping the climate change summit. but newsome says it.
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>> he stayed behind after his kids said that they couldn't believe he was going to miss halloween and that he had to put them first. the report cited a source that said they were close to the governor who says that he skipped the climate summit after having a strong negative reaction to both the covid booster shot and flu shot that he recently got. but as you just heard, the governor denied those claims. i had absolutely no impact from. >> the covid shot in the north. the original northern worcester. absolutely not. no fatigue even though that's just made up and i hope folks a pause and reflect on the sources and and consider the michigan ash that's going on. >> this comes after the governor did not make any public appearances for nearly 2 weeks since canceling his trip to the un climate summit in scotland and in case you are like some of us in the newsroom. you might be wondering what mitch costs
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actually means. well, it is a yiddish word meeting craziness, senseless behavior or activity. the more you know. meanwhile, the point of that news conference was for the governor and other state leaders to let us know how they're getting ready for another possible winter covid search come for us. capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala has that part of the story. >> the governor and the state's top health officials say they want to do everything they can to avoid what happened last winter. when hospital and icu space dwindled and covid-19 cases climbed. >> winter is coming. state leaders warning yet another potential covid-19 spike could be on the way soon visiting a va facility in los angeles wednesday. the governor pointing to rising case rates and other parts of the country and plateauing hospitalizations cases and positivity rates in california. vaccines our way through this pandemic we are concerned about the winter. we're concerned about rising case numbers pressure on our hospitals from a number of other issues on top of covid
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the state's health and human services secretary doctor mark galli urging anyone who wants a booster shot at this point to get it now is the best time to consider getting that shot. and while you're there asking inquire about getting your flu shot. if you haven't already wednesday marks exactly 2 weeks since governor newsome received his booster shot the governor responding to speculation. he got sick from that shot. yeah, well, that's made up. i had absolutely no impact from the covid shot in the north. the original nor the booster. absolutely not. no fatigue. >> even though soreness state health officials say about 90% of adults in the state have received at least one dose of the covid-19 vaccine. now a week into making vaccines available for children, ages 5 to 11 years old. as of wednesday. more than 110,000 of them have gotten their first shot in california. that just the beginning. with nearly 1.6 million shots here. >> in california available to young people. we're starting to see this pickup and i'm
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really encouraged about what this means for our state. >> in preparation for that winter surge. governor newsom says he will be announcing an executive order within the coming days at the state capitol. ashley zavala kron 4 news white house has nearly a million children ages 5 to 11 are expected to have received their first pfizer dose by the end of today. >> this comes just one week after the covid vaccine became available for this age group officials say about 20,000 vaccination sites all across the country are currently providing shots for young children, including schools, hospitals and community health centers. the white house says about 700,000 appointments have been made at pharmacies for the coming days. to the south bay now where santa clara county health officials are urging residents to get their booster shots before turkey day. officials also want to clarify who's eligible for a booster. our coffers. rob fladeboe joins us now live from san jose with some of those details erupt.
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>> that's right. health officials here in santa clara county say the somewhat disappointing number of people have received the covid-19 vaccine booster shots so far. maybe the result of some confusion over exactly who is eligible today. as you say, they offered some clarification on that. well, the same time encouraging pretty much everybody to get the shot. let's take a look. pretty much everybody is eligible for a booster. santa clara county public health officer doctor sara cody on wednesday urging people to get the covid-19 vaccine booster. the holidays are coming. our case rates are flat to increasing. people are going to be gathering and there's a tool available widely available. >> that we could all use to increase our safety and protection and that's a booster shot. >> the cdc says boosters are available to those over 65 those 18 and over with underlying conditions and those who work or live in
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high-risk settings. but drill down and those guidelines and pretty much ev ryone is eligible says doctor cody underlying medical conditions include everything, including depression anxiety. hypertension, diabetes obesity. >> there are very few of us who don't fall into one of you know, meet one of those eligibility criteria. doctor that and that million county residents are now eligible for the vaccine so far, though, only about 20% of those eligible have received the shot. >> amid a modest but concerning uptick in new cases and hospitalizations now is the time to head off a potential holiday surge. >> and now's the time really increase everyone safety for thanksgiving and we all want to enjoy a safe for thanksgiving, particularly after last year where we didn't have a vaccine available and it was so much more difficult to have a safer gathering.
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>> there are plenty of appointments available here at the county fairgrounds in other clinics across the valley. there is no shortage of vaccine botrom line says doctor cody no one will be turned away live in san jose. rob fladeboe kron 4 news. thank you, rob. stay with kron 4 for the latest covid information that includes finding the vaccine for children and much more. >> you can scan the qr code on your screen and you'll be directed to the special section of our website. that's at kron. 4 dot com. all right. weather time. now as we take a live look outside. look at that beautiful. >> twilight view above san francisco, lot of people, especially interested in what tomorrow's weather is veterans day. a lot of kids have off from school and the like. so and here to answer that question chiefmeteorologist they have just the right day. lot of sunshine coming our way. the sunset tonight. 5. '02, guys that sunset a very early, beautiful skies out there right now. look at that color out there in the atmosphere. as you look toward that sunset into san francisco out over the bay. we're going
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to see some changes coming our way as high pressure now takes over that jet stream is moving well to the north will bring a lot of rain up in the pacific northwest. but here we're going to remaining dry right in the weekend and little bit of an offshore wind going to be kicking in. so with that in mind, i we'll see those temperatures warm up very nicely outside tomorrow all around the bay area right now, not bad. 65 degrees in morgan hill. a cool 59 in half moon bay 61 in oakland. 63 right now in san francisco, 66 in san anselmo. in 63 degrees in santa rosa 65 insanely. not now overnight tonight. skies going to see mostly clear like last night. not going to see the fog out there as much. maybe couple patches that will be about its we wake up sunny side up for tomorrow. morning. it will stay that way all day long. that some fog is moving along the coastline late today. but right now it looks like a nice day tomorrow. temperatures up in the 70's. the warmer spots inside the bay. some 60's along the coast. thank you, lawrence. now some breaking news in oakland where police say a
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woman was shot right near the fox theater. >> happened earlier today. this is video of the scene posted to the citizen app. the woman was taken to a nearby hospital where she is listed in stable condition. no further information on any suspects or motive have been released so far. but we'll certainly continue to follow this story and update you throughout the evening. >> and we're following a developing story out of the north bay. the sonoma county sheriff's office served a search warrant at the home of former windsor mayor domenic poli for poly resigned back in june after several women accused him of assault. the sheriff today says that the county's domestic violence and assault detectives took some items from for police home but did not specify what those items were crawford's theresa is following this story for us tonight. she'll have more details coming up on kron 4 news at 8. former raider henry ruggs has been formally charged in a deadly dui crash that. >> killed a woman last week
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rugs was supposed to appear in court today. his lawyers showed up on his behalf and got the judge to waive rugs to parents in court. brooks is accused of driving drunk in las vegas and causing a crash that killed a 23 year-old woman and her dog who is also in the vehicle. prosecutors say ruggs who is traveling 156 miles per hour. just seconds before impact. ruggs also faces 2 charges of reckless driving and possession of a gun while under the influence last year. in addition to dealing with the covid-19 pandemic. california was also dealing with an epidemic of hate. >> in fact, reported hate crimes climbed 31% from 2019 to 2020 today state attorney general rob on to visit san jose for the latest in a series of round tables. he's been holding 2. >> develop strategies to try to better address bias and hate kron four's dan kerman reports. there is no room for hate. here in san jose here in california. not here. not anywhere and not now, not ever
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in an ongoing series of roundtable discussions across california. attorney general rob bonta came to san jose wednesday to meet with elected and community leaders. >> to identify concrete solutions to the epidemic of hate and also how to better protect california's residents, whether you are running an errand or going for a run. >> everyday activities are places where people worry, whether they might be next, where they might be the next individual targeted by hate who they are, how they look where they're from. >> who they love. we have been to this epidemic of anti-asian hate for them not just a year and a half here and what we have seen has really worked is for people to feel empowered to come forward to talk about what has happened with them to their friends and families and community members to do the same. bond established a racial justice bureau but says more work needs to be done. >> both in terms of reporting
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hate crimes and preventing hate crimes feelings of hate. >> turn speech turned to hate incidents on the way to becoming hate crimes. there are many places in between where we can intervene and prevent hate from getting to that place by the attorney general indicated that reported hate crimes for up 30% in california last year. >> he was quick to point out that more than half of hate crimes are not identified or investigated to such indicating plenty of work still needs to be done. dan kerman kron 4 news. >> still to come tonight on kron, 4 news at 5 hayward police cracking down on catalytic converter thefts where they say they now have in custody and how rims are involved. >> the first the country's inflation rate. it has hit a record high. we haven't seen in decades. what it means for your spending as for your money
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tonight. it's no secret that for the past several months, prices have been climbing for everything from food. >> retail items to gas, you name it. and today we learned just how bad the problem really is kron 4 s charles clifford reports. >> according to the labor department, consumer prices climbed 6.2% in october as compared to a year ago. that's more than expected and inflation hasn't risen this passed since the early 1990's. the prices of almost everything fuel food, vehicles, housing and retail items are all climbing. inflation is the result of high demand from consumers and a lack of supply due to fuel shortages around the world
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bottlenecks at ports and labor shortages, including a lack of truck drivers. the labor department says that the economy is adding jobs and wages are increasing but that the steep inflation is wiping out any gains that the average worker might be making federal regulators and treasury secretary janet yellen have long claimed that the inflation is just temporary as the economy recovers from the pandemic. cal state university east bay economics professor far hudson baton says he expects prices will eventually come down, but it could take a while you just cannot go back to normal overnight is going to take several months. >> probably several quarters so that they can. now the supply chain, make sure that all these backlogs are taking care of. i would say probably for the better part of 2022. we're going to still see some price rises. but hopefully it might be for the end of the year. i would think that you're going to see less of an inflation. >> so far. the feds have not tried to stop or slow the inflation because they fear
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that doing so could slow down job growth and hurt the economy. but with inflation now rising at the fastest rate in 3 decades. there are signs the feds might be willing to step in by raising interest rates next they're not going to be as easy. >> as they were in the past 7 years. so the rates are going to go up in san mateo county. charles clifford kron 4 news. >> all right. let's go back to your 4 zone forecast as we get a live look outside right now. san francisco's embarcadero. lawrence. yeah, i i can argue with that. was a beautiful paris. really nice out there today. sidewalks were all washed down in that nice get the nice cleansing. while the rain and certainly help clean things out. and now we're enjoying that nice beautiful weathers. well, high pressure is taking over now and that is going to lead to some warmer temperatures will be back in the 70's. i think tomorrow beautiful out toward the golden gate bridge and notice nice and clear. look at the flag out there. >> lying straight down. not much in the way of a breeze it all out there. i think we're
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going to see a little bit of an offshore wind overnight tonight. and that's going to lead to a nice warm day tomorrow. the rain line moving well to the north, you see them northwest, they're getting all the rain is high pressure really begins to build in that ridge going to dominate our weather not only for tomorrow, but i maybe the next couple of weeks here before we really start to talk about chance of rain returning to the bay area. all right. speaking of offshore winds are starting to see a change now use a little arrows pointing a come from the north and pointing to the south that offshore wind beginning to kick in and will intensify a little bit overnight tonight not to be a real strong offshore wind, but it's going to be enough if those downslope winds you tend to warm up the temperatures around the bay area, bringing lots of sunshine. and really some nice weather by tomorrow afternoon out there overnight tonight, mostly clear skies little bit on the cool side lows will be in the 40's in the 50's tomorrow. sunny and warmer patchy. coastal fog likely to move in late in the day that building ridge of high pressure is going to lead right into the weekend with some dry weather continuing, in fact, see that dome of high pressure just kind of building in right in the next couple of days. bringing lots of sunshine. the one exception
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couple of patches of fog moving in right near the coastline. otherwise we're looking good temperature wise tomorrow. going to bump these numbers up a few degrees. enjoy a gorgeous veterans day. 74 degrees in san jose 73 in concord, 70 in oakland that 64 degrees in downtown san francisco. but mostly sunny. all right, visitors will once again be able to enjoy the world's biggest tallest trees. coy a national park reopens tomorrow. >> beginning at 07:00am. visitors will be allowed into limited areas for day use only. the park was closed several weeks ago because of the knp complex fire. wildfire has burned 8,000 acres and is 75% contained. still ahead, the latest person arrested for a string of catalytic converter thefts in the bay area. >> plus, what it means for one of san francisco's biggest shopping districts the yet another big stores closing its doors in union square.
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to order with fresh buttermilk. but this month's spotlight stack feels like fall. and is the pumpkin-iest pecan pie drizzliest and most gram-worthy of them all. new! pumpkin pecan pancakes. this month's spotlight stack. see you at dennys >> another major retailer is pulling up stakes in san francisco's union square dsw the shoe designer store and big warehouse there. they've closed up on post street. yeah, since pandemic, the gap h and m others said they just shattered their retail locations in san francisco's shopping mecca. our kron four's maureen kelly has the story. the store front of dsw
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is now boarded up in a bright green closed sign is taped to their front door. >> there were reports earlier this year that the nationwide retail chain was planning on shuttering 65 stores over the next 4 years. citing more shoppers opting to shop online instead of in stores. it's just one of other major retailers closing up big brick and mortar locations around union square. now for lease signs can be seen where smartly dressed mannequins used to be at least one retailer is taking advantage of the extra square footage available guns opened up their holiday shop inside what used to be a brooks brothers that shuttered last year. >> well, last year we had a much smaller version in our of flagship store. and with all the open space in downtown. and right next door to our main store. we felt that having a bigger space to present our legendary holiday shopping, giving people a bit more room to spread out was the right thing to do for this holiday season.
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>> he's hopeful for a merry and bright holiday shopping season, especially since monday vaccinated, international travelers from places such as china and the eu can travel freely to the u.s. again. there are other signs of life luxury watchmaker omega recently opened up a new store near the square. >> the executive director of union square alliance says having more workers back in person improves foot traffic downtown and commerce to have those people who are, you know, coming back to the offices here downtown wanting to get lunch in a restaurant and visit the square and maybe do a little you can do all that. here we have the ice skating rink. now we have macy's victory which are really excited about for the holidays. we're also excited about other activations music. >> other events here in the square that will bring our locals. we want our san franciscans back to union square maureen kelly kron 4 news. >> coming up next here on kron, 4 news at 5. how police in the east bay are cracking down on the growing problem of catalytic converter thefts
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including other people in custody. they share responsible for a string of crimes. also, the worry is getting ready to take on the timberwolves tonight as they try to maintain the best record in the league are kylen. mills is live at the arena. >> with what we can expect from the red hot. steph curry and company. yeah. and we continue to honor highlight stories from our nation's veterans. ahead of veterans day, including how one group right here in the bay area is trying to treat ptsd with
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welcome back to kron. 4 news at 5 in the east bay hayward police say there is one fewer catalytic converter thief in their city officers arrested a suspect who may be connected to several recent catalytic converter theft crimes. >> our kron four's haaziq mod-yoon has the story. >> in the photographs that are pictured. there are. several different brands that long to a car. a few catalytic converters, a replica handgun was kind of that orange tip as well. as a kind of ice, which thing is just like a burglary tool. saws will take machine that can quickly cut out the talent. converters. >> a man arrested for allegedly being in possession of the stolen ribs is now under investigation for being the primary suspect in several recent catalytic converter thefts in the city of hayward, hayward poli-e spokesperson officer cassandra fogle says it was a previous victims description of the suspect,
5:29 pm
then that officers to contacting the man who was in a vehicle filled with these items and so when this case happened just a few days ago. last week. >> he recognized a similar description and thought it could be the same person. >> during the pandemic law enforcement agencies across the bay area have reported that thieves are more attractive than ever to the pollution fighting catalytic converters primarily for their precious metals like rhodium platinum and palladium, which are worth thousands of dollars by the presos were often a target as easy. >> vehicle to take the catalytic converters from as well as trucks just because of the nature of them being higher off the ground hayward police investigators say the best protection is to park your vehicle in well-lit areas in your driveway. preferably instead of on the street and if possible purchase a catalytic converter lock for your vehicle. >> has it. but you run for news. >> all right. let's take a quick look now at some of the other news happening across
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the bay area today starting in the east bay where oakland a city workers are one step closer to it no longer being tested for smoking cannabis off the job. oakland's public safety committee voted unanimously to end testing for off the job. cannabis use vice mayor rebecca kaplan says the city is already facing a recruiting crisis and has trouble retaining employees with the current testing rules in place. the proposal will now go before the full city council and an approval there could do away with the testing. oakland. firefighters responded to reports of smoke tuesday near san pablo and athens avenue. and that's where they found a homeless encampment on fire which they say was threatening to expand the 3 story building that they were in front of. but luckily they were able to get it quickly and no damage was done. no reports of any injuries. >> and the south bay a controversial statue in downtown san jose is coming down after 30 years city council members unanimously


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