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tv   KRON 4 News at 9am  KRON  November 11, 2021 9:00am-10:01am PST

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ambassador and thank you for. raising such a fine tony blinken for secretary of all past and >> we thank and we remember all which is done us. i like to recognize one of our. >> national heroes who is here today. medal of since mister during the vietnam war. then first put the safety of his fellow troopers. >> about provide cover attack. you know and even a calling and artillery was issue. so our forces at a better chance withdraw. >> wounded. an >> evading capture for 8 days. >> to from force. we took the
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position. store. never be forgotten. it. wall says never get the stories of american leaders and lost recently. we shake our nation in ways that are hard to measure. i've you 3 good friends last month. general out. child immigrants. we grew the joint chairman of the joint chiefs of staff and secretary. stay man. it was a friend, but who universal respect of americans and people for his leadership in now. and a guy who can good friends and many times i was in and out of as a vice president the >> general ray >> and multiple times in che back and you did so much get where we are today. always put
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the troops and it first was an honor. that my son, major biden serving his command the time. and my friend and colleague was mentioned already. nice station are practically was a triple and j. the cost of war as well anyone could ever know. and we're champions dignity. >> chairman americans wounded veterans throughout his life. we lost all 3 of these last several weeks. >> our hearts go out to their family. these are stories inspired a generation generation of americans to step forward defending our nation and today we pay homage to of the great in >> and just in although. >> the time american veterans. it's >> and not only a small
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percentage of americans claim. one of the marks, those who are able plan and his brothers and sisters. it's a united cross regardless background to be a endured and survived most americans know. through trials and tests. >> ray dangers and deprivations phased >> tragic realities of war and dad. you've done for us. former. to defend serve american to protect our country and our constitution all the last strong are more secure foundation. i future generations can continue to build more perfect union. each of our veterans is like a years.
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>> should the defense of our country from bunker. hill. bella gettysburg. shows the reservoir our ballot. >> he each understood the price freedom and showing that burger. i that. >> the best of america. you very of america, not just the back the spine. of this country. >> all. >> so i and day we honor great >> recommit ourselves to keep our sacred obligation as a nation. on what you've done. we have not our children to our those julian i got in trouble way back when i was
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younger. stand up for saying we only have one. >> truly say an allegation. one truly sacred obligation. probably every we said the harms way. and care for that of their families. they're both and whether return home. this is a lifetime sacred and never expire. jailed for an entire biden family. when both deployed after spending 6 months in kosovo. as an assistant u.s. attorney trying to trying set up a criminal justice. >> i got a call from one day. he said that when you do on friday. i said what you need when says i like it my arsenal. i said what in the
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heck have you done. he says someone's got to finish his words true story. so i and pray every day. the safe return someone you love so many of you done. our grandkids learn what meant to have that overseas in the war zone, the back at home for a year in the bed reading that story. thousands of americans, 10's of and that experience. his >> they also server only stand >> we stand alongside our veterans and their families. caregivers. survive. you are
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the solid steel bears up under every tucker, a car rise. every challenge. we've asked so much you for so and our nation's great. for 2 decades. allies were service members and their families and veterans have been shaped by the conflicts in and hundreds of thousands americans of server. so many are still serving today in harm's we cannot forget it. >> the american people forever grateful. >> and all you've but if you're so many veterans and their families and caregivers. i've been some deployment after deployment. spent months
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and years away from their families missing i remember one of the last times i flew into a rat. >> the so-called. so we're going remember walking up to this. because it. and the crew masters along the pilots are up there. and i how many of these issues first, no reason 5 people. second no one raised hand. to register for to raise 100's. on veterans day. we have to always remember. there's nothing low risk low cost about war. the women and men in flight. i carry with me in my pocket every single day. i checked the defense department. the back of my
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schedule. and us daily troops in afghanistan killed and wounded troops in killed and wounded. >> 52,000. 323 roughly 53,000. every one of these individuals. as a family. home. 53,000. 323 american service men and women wounded in the conflicts in iraq and against. 7,074 getting lives. last full measure devotion. and told thousands more are returning home. as our secretary can tell you, we've been seeing psychological wounds of war. you during grieving gold star families.
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this is the cost war. okay. we'll carry in a she for decades to come. all the service members, families are violent. want know administration is going to sacred obligation that we owe we're going to work on republicans and democrats together to make sure receive thr world class benefits. they've meeting say they specifically care. specific needs. >> that. they each individually that means expanding something conditions. talks spoke particulate matter, including e, as you we're going to keep pushing me on this to be one response. reviewing all of is to determine additional presumptive conditions that make sure our veterans don't have to to get the care they need. also need prioritize and
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mental health care. it's necessary treating visible wounds and so many more countries. kerry. including me pursue, not believe these comprehensive public health strategy. to reduce. military and veteran suicides. want to say clearly to all our veterans. if you're struggling, so used to never asking for if you're struggling reach out. call crisis line. having trouble. thinking about it's no different than if you had wounded your arm. maybe it's also making sure. growing population women. plus receive appropriate services to support. as we continue our efforts to defeat the pandemic
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and build back better means keeping the needs of veterans front and center. the american rescue plan includes 17 billion dollars to support v a's covid-19 response. get the vaccination vaccine shots in arms as fast as possible. and the programs that provide rapid retraining assistance for veterans. we may have lost their jobs and the pandemic that for good news. >> and to invest proving to be a facilities. and the living conditions 3 joules work joining forces are also working to support our veterans and military families, survivors and caregivers. >> so they can have what they need to thrive. they deserve. secretary mcdonough this day also marks the centennial one of the most hello, american tomb of the unknowns. 100 years ago today. an american soldier first for war as the
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$0.2 known. but to god. and the completed the voyage. unidentified battlefield france. over the rough landing seas here arlington national cemetery. >> he lands day and the capitol rotunda for 2 days. i'm the same. >> that help the body of lincoln. as 90,000 americans came to pay respects. >> on the final leg his journey or he was escorted from the capitol by the president's taste. the chief justice the supreme court. >> members of congress, general pershing and the chiefs of staff at. but we want all walking as washington post without a parent. to give
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2 american servicemen. i serve american centers. not mom sold today too. marvel but the generations americans darren all risk, all the cause of freedom. and the in the words of the member of congress propose legislation creating a memorial. an american this is the call. typifies seoul. >> and there's president biden just talking about the significance of veterans day which was created november 11th the day world war one ended. >> in 1918 and now we are observing it. >> in arlington as virginia as well as all here around the bay. we've been talking observe in says national parks, places that you can go to mark the day observance a thank you to those who served
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our country. and you know that this was originally called armistice day because. >> the armistice was signed to bring over one to a conclusion was signed on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month, which is why veterans day to day falls on november 11th and we want to get a look at weather and traffic. a lot of people have today off and you're watching from home. no work, no school. >> and it's going to be a nice day out there to get out, do whatever you would like today, rebecca. yeah, guys. it's perfect. and especially if you're going to go outside, maybe go to the park or go to a veterans day parade. it's going to be a perfect day to do so. weather wise outside. right nice clear shot the american flag at the embarcadero right outside our kron 4 studios and the bay bridge there in the background gorgeous. very sunny today. and we're just getting through some of chillier temperatures. but hey, we're moving into the 60's in some spots right now. 61 in hayward 61 in berkeley. it looks like a 50's pretty much everywhere else. but these temperatures are going to be changing into the 70's
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and it's all thanks to this high-pressure system that we're going to see continuing to build over the next couple of days into your weekend bringing us a those nice warm temperatures and a whole lot of sunshine. i'll have my full weather forecast coming up in just a bit. rebecca, thanks for if you're hitting the roads right now traffic. >> is been pretty light all this morning. so that's the good news for you. hey, from the east bay into the city to that fremont street exit a little under 9 minutes for you to make that drive. the air. no major delays along 5.80, or 80 is a traveling to of berkeley headed across towards the peninsula little under 20 minutes. so just an uptick because seen just a little slowing along one o one. once you reach the peninsula site richmond sandra fell commute as you travel out of richmond. a little under 9 minutes in the south bay along one o one 85 towards menlo park about 33 minutes. no major issues along to 3785 or 82 darya james, back to you. thanks a lot, ray. and let's go to our local way of celebrating and honoring veterans across the
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bay area on this veterans day. a lot of big events all over the bay. in fact, one of the biggest is going to be at and danville. >> and that's why kron four's will tran has been out there all morning long watching as the preparations under all >> this is the crown jewel of they are trying to get you closer to what it feels like to be in the military and 2. get it all into your system. and also obviously to pay respects to those who served and continue to serve this day on veterans day and i'm inside the huey which showed up at 9 o'clock. there's nothing like military time. this was built in 1967 it was a training for a lot of people back and forth to load in supplies back and forth. they have the real huey is of course, that was used in combat. i want to quickly show you something. this probably saw some combat at some point because there's so many patches around your and they were teaching me how it goes
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that if there's something that's out of the ordinary. it probably took a couple of shots and they had to patch it. so this was used in and out of hot zones to drop military members offer reinforcement or to pick up those were wounded in action and obviously they were under fire during those times. so this is just magnificent to see in person. and just like i was inside, they are inviting people to go inside, take pictures as well. so they want you to feel what it's like to serve in the military, as you can possibly get. let's talk to those who actually did serve in the military. thank you so much for serving. can you tell us a little bit about this year. research. >> yeah. this theory was use for it. training for the load master is travis air force base. they would take this one and another one and. load him into the sea fives. >> what's veterans day mean to you. i know they're come right
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or e that is something they we don't know unless you served what is veterans day mean to you remember the people that at home. you never forget them. of course, we have have to. some of us came home to remember the ones that didn't. thank you so much for that live jim. jim, can we talk to you as well. you were telling me something about these helicopters. you are in combat mission. when you see this, what do you think? oh, this o% pretty back a really big yeah. i i just love this city did a lot of good work this particular one happens to be a u h one, which means utility. >> so this carry troops supplies. what have you in and out of landing zones. yeah. and fire basis to see you getting a little emotional. yeah. it's a it's a pretty good deal here. thank you for serving. thank you so much.
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let's walk around here on the corner. that's just one of the exhibits. people are showing up. the building open up at 9 o'clock in the morning. you have other places that you can bring yourself. you can get into the cockpit and you can see their kids going in there as well. that also served in vietnam and there are other a memorabilia there that you can go. there's that beautiful american flag there are veterans actually, the huey was escorted by veterans on motorcycles to come down here. this is just one of many locations all over the bay area. i can tell you they're having a parade in fairfield at 10 o'clock in the morning. if you're a veteran, you can go into the museum of modern art's in san francisco. and that's free for you. this the san francisco zoo. they want you to come in veterans. enjoy yourself. this location in danville. they're not having a parade. they had it a few days ago, but they obviously this is probably the event in the bay area. if you want to get up close and personal with veterans to say thank you to them face to face and also to
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see memorabilia that you will not probably see on any other given day, at least not this close. >> back saying you the way that they shared with us. thanks. well, yeah. time now is 9.20, and a reminder that in honoreof veterans day. we're asking you to join us tonight as we pay tribute and thank the men and women who served in our military kron four's anchor ken wayne will be hosting our half hour special entitled veterans voices honoring those who served. >> it will air tonight at 6.30, and will be join us the
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>> 93 is a time in our top story as violence in oakland. yeah, there have been 3 different shootings in a span of just 12 hours, the most recent one actually happened early this morning while you were sleeping about 9 o'clock. well, kron 4. sarah stinson has been following them off from the newsroom. and she has the latest. sara. >> oakland police chief city officials always talking about the efforts and the need to reduce gun violence unfortunately, it continues to happen this time it's a string of shootings in oakland. take a look at this map. you can see where each shooting took place. the latest shooting happened in front of lake merritt at 1420, lakeshore avenue. video from the scene shows investigators surrounding a white suv. someone was shot in the head around 1250 this morning. the person was rushed to hospital
9:25 am
dozens of yellow evidence markers. you can see on your screen there. officers were investigating all morning long. we're waiting on the latest information from police. the next shooting happened around 9.30 last night on 97th avenue near a street. this is about a mile and a half from the oakland zoo police say a person was shot multiple times and taken to the hospital. investigators are still trying to find the shooter. and of course the motive, lastly, a woman was shot downtown oakland in front of the fox theater. it happened just before 02:30pm in the afternoon. broad daylight there on 1900 block of telegraph avenue. the woman was taken to the hospital and is expected to survive. fox theater canceled its concert last night because of the shooting. all 3 of the shootings are all under investigations were hoping to get the latest. but in the meantime, i looked at the oakland police facebook page and the department posted saying instances of gunfire are up 42% just from november
9:26 am
first to november, 7th this year. police have recovered about 1017 firearms. police are clearly trying to work with the community to reduce this level of violence that we're seeing. but unfortunately, as i said, it just continues. now. the department did encourage in that post on facebook residents and business owners to install security cameras as well as alarms saying these technologies, deter crime and also help solve crimes after they occurred this morning. we're still trying to get in touch with police to get you an update on all 3 of those shootings the state too. nice to have a report for you and about a half an hour on kron on back to studio. all right. on back to studio. all right. thanks, sarah. on back to studio. all right. thanks, sarah. only wendy's serves a better breakfast, with a better biscuit. a hot, buttery treasure loaded with a fresh cracked egg, cheese and sausage or bacon. and to top it off, right now, they're just a buck. a buck? now there's no reason to go somewhere else. choose wisely. choose wendy's.
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-well we're vegans. -with gluten allergies. -is genexa right for me? -yes! look for genexa, the first clean medicine company. (honks and cheers) >> welcome back. as 9.28 right now, beautiful. sunny day here for veterans day. so you get out and. >> enjoy it. yes, celebrate and remember and sank a veteran in your on this day. we're all going to hopefully enjoy really nice forecast for the entire day. and john travel is off enjoying himself. rebecca is here and. >> what you had to be up early because the little kids anyway. so we thank you for waking just something to do while they're sleeping. exactly might as as well. no problem paying christmas is around the corner to get all the some good gifts for under the tree right. well, we're definitely seeing a lot of sunshine today. if your kids are off of school. definitely enjoy it and trying to go outside. this weather is going to be sticking with us through the weekend. as a matter of
9:30 am
fact. so it's just beautiful. look at all the sunshine here at sfo right now and we're seeing it pretty much in all of our live camera shots around the bay area highs today in the 70's. it's november. that's awesome. little bit above a normal for this time of year. but 70 degrees in san francisco. we will take it. sunny and 70 in oakland, 73 for the afternoon high in downtown san jose. next week. things will change, but hey, we'll enjoy it through the weekend. i'll have my seven-day around the bay forecast coming up a little bit later. reyna rebecca, you tease as of all that sunshine, can't wait to get outside and experience. it. >> if you're heading from the north bay into the city right now. a little under 21 minutes for your drive time traffic has been pretty light for the most part. we've got a couple of hot spots here and there like on bart earlier. but that has been clear. so things are moving along pretty nicely heading from the east bay into the city right now. a little under 9 minutes to make it to that fremont street exit as you're heading across towards the peninsula. little under 15 minutes for your drive time
9:31 am
there in the south bay we go along one o one at tracking any accidents as you're heading towards menlo park about 29 minutes. also pretty light along 8, 8680. we'll have more coming up the during james, back to you. thanks a lot at 9.30 and the big story that we're following a teacher's aide was struck and killed by a car near the elementary school where he helped teach. yeah. this morning educators are remembering him as. >> just a positive role in their lives. crop was coming. the barcode live in san francisco with more on the story coming >> yes, that teacher 8 has been identified as andrew seaman. we're currently on the corner of the intersection where he was struck. and this morning at the site. there is a growing memorial, as you can see, there's some flowers, some lit up candles and just a few minutes ago, a kids it looks like a few students left, a few letters and in memory of the educator. and this is all to zemin. and this is just steps away from where
9:32 am
he worked. now this map gives you a better idea where the crash happened. the man was struck at the intersection of the union and franklin street just before 8 yesterday morning. and this is in the same corridor sherman elementary school. it's unclear what happened moments before. but when officers arrived to the scene, they found 2 cars involved in back end. the man on the floor. paramedics helped revive tried to revive him, but he died at the scene. now school is out for the day. but sherman elementary principal is going to gather students tomorrow morning. she is letting kids know one of their beloved educators is not with them anymore. the school is also providing grief counselors. if you take a look at your screen. you'll see this letter that was sent to parents, students and staff. >> from the school's principal in quote, it says andrew talked from the heart. he was patients and kind and always a positive role model. i'm sure you will join me in offering our deepest condolences to his
9:33 am
family and friends. now, we spoke to peter san francisco resident who says drivers are not being respectful of the roads and pedestrians. here's what he had to say. >> a lot of drivers tried to it carelessly. they're not paying attention. and there's a major problem with speeding in this area. i think all across san francisco, this is a citywide epidemic of traffic violence and. it comes down to people in cars. >> now back out live here at the intersection of union and of franklin street. you'll notice a group of street activists out here where the crash these activists are gathering to bring awareness to pedestrian as well as a day, the person that you just heard from says that he doesn't want drivers to forget about the people who are walking the streets of san
9:34 am
francisco just another zemin is the 12th pedestrian to be killed. >> this year just walking the streets of san francisco deiah james, back to you. all right. >> thank you very much. coming up, 9.33 is the time and another big story is coming to us from cal berkeley, where there's been a covid outbreak amongst athletes and now the football team is making sure that everybody knows the rules because clearly they didn't before we have 44 members of the team come down with covid. >> berkeley. health officials say the players up to this point weren't following the proper protocols. they were getting tested when i started feeling symptoms, they didn't go home when they were sick and they didn't wear masks. indoors is often as they should have. but the head coach says everybody's on board now. >> i don't envision this being a long-term. issue. you know, next year in the year beyond not to say that it's going to go away. but maybe that we're in a better place. i think moving forward. everyone is very clear about you know, the protocols that are in place.
9:35 am
>> going forward. what is expected? you know. so according to the team, there are 2 members that are not this weekend's game against usc has been rescheduled to december 4th. >> the team will hopefully next play on november 20th. that's when they are facing stanford. >> around this time where everybody's thinking about the holidays and getting together local, state and federal leaders are pushing people to get vaccinated if they haven't yet, especially booster, shots. santa clara county's health officer doctor sara cody held this news conference and point out that you know, booster shots. a lot of people are eligible and they realize it. it's not just those over 65 who get the booster. but anybody over 18 who has any type of underlying medical condition or who works or lives in a high-risk setting. and that's a lot of people. >> underlying medical conditions include everything, including depression anxiety. hypertension, diabetes obesity. there are very few of us who don't fall into one of
9:36 am
you know, meet one of those eligibility criteria. >> she says it more than a million residents in santa clara county are eligible to get a booster. but so far only about 20% of those eligibles have done so. >> well. governor gavin newsom says that he and the state's top health officials are doing everything they can to try to avoid. repeating what happened last year. that's when we saw cases rise dramatically in hospital, icu beds fill up. but there is some concern because after weeks of seeing our numbers decline. california's covid cases are actually now beginning to rise. once again. >> we are concerned about the winter. we're concerned about rising case numbers pressure on our hospitals from a number of other issues on top of covid winter's coming. >> yeah. governor newsome also was pressed during this press conference about the daily mail's report that it was a bad reaction to a booster shot that was the reason he was out of the public eye for a couple
9:37 am
of weeks and why he canceled his trip to the climate conference in scotland. but the governor pushed back on that saying nope, the reason the trip was canceled was because of his kids. they basically begged him to stay and spend halloween with them and just felt that was more important. >> 9.36 and after the break, the death of a boy in the bay area along the coast has led to new safety measures in the water will tell you where and water will tell you where and what to do. watch this. can i please get the cheddar loaded cheeseburger combo? wait, i know that voice... (smug laugh) danny palumbo? from high school?! no, it's jack. try my $5.99 cheddar loaded cheeseburger combo with cheese 3 ways.
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>> we're back at 9.39 in the north bay santa rosa, police are looking for suspects tied to an armed bank robbery this morning. this was at the america west bank on guerneville road. authorities say both men were carrying handguns they actually tied up 4 bank employees. they did take some money from the bank, but they weren't able to get into the actual vault. a cash reward is being offered now for any information leading to an arrest to take a good look at these images from security cameras. if you think you know who was behind this lets. know, you really hard to make the not as in u.s. there, eyes are showing. >> and then on the peninsula, the tragic death of a boy who was swept out to sea has inspired new safety measures along the san mateo county coast in january. 12 year-old a rune, a proof. she drowned when a sneaker wave pulled him into the water near half moon bay his family has been raising awareness about the potential dangers of beaches. and now there are new safety systems in place including life rings and warning signs about the hazards of the ocean.
9:41 am
>> his first 3 stations that have been solved will will save lives. it will inspire the communities along the coast to do something similar bc as a stepping stone. >> to create more about this issue. there are accident we want educate the crypt and from. >> and these lifesaving stations are part of a pilot program in the hope is that more will be installed in other areas along the california coast. >> i'm rebecca strom in for john shrable on this thursday. this veterans day. we are looking at sun just gorgeous shots all across the bay area. maybe you're going to head out to the coast. this is half moon bay a high of 69 that we're expecting this afternoon. my complete forecast coming up. >> and we've had lighter conditions for the most part. but we are seeing a new accident. >> in south san francisco that just popped up along one o just popped up along one o one. we'll take a look after my car accident, just popped up along one o one. we'll take a look i wondered what my case was worth. so i called the barnes firm. when that car hit my motorcycle,
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>> 9.44 is the time in california. attorney general rob bonta was in san jose as part of his ongoing series of roundtable, discussions. addressing hate crime in our state. he had a chance to meet with some elected officials and community leaders as well to try and identify some concrete solutions to what he's calling an epidemic of hate. we no. we've seen the number of reported hate crimes climb by more than 30% last year. and botta has established a racial justice bureau in his office. but he says a lot more work needs to be done. both in terms of
9:45 am
reporting and also preventing hate crimes. >> feelings of hate turn the speech turned to hate incidents on the way to becoming hate crimes. there are many places in between where we can intervene and prevent hate from getting to that place. >> yeah. bonta says over half of all hate crimes in california are not identified or investigated as hate crimes. so he says a lot more work needs to be done. >> and there's a lot of work they need to do in the haight ashbury area of san francisco. there been a lot of crime shooting and robberies there and the neighbors are concerned and they held a town hall to talk with some of those neighbors and they had a chance to share their frustrations over these recent crimes which included attempted burglary at central park natural market. that was late saturday. and that's the most recent one. and there were shootings last week a man was killed. another injured on october 22nd. there was another person critically injured in another shooting. >> i have never felt afraid
9:46 am
for my life. and i don't ever recall the violent being. so that's what we know. there are recent weeks have been particularly for our and it's really heartbreaking not to experience violence within our community. >> at this point what police are doing is increasing patrols in the area and they say that there haven't been any robberies are shooting shootings since they've done that. >> we'll see if this increase least presence makes a difference. it is not. 46 will be right back.
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>> 9.48 right now. and we'll take a look at the weather which is just been beautiful all morning long. looks like it's going to be a great way to finish the day and the week ahead to we've got are back in the weather center with that. good morning. yeah. good morning, guys. will the shop behind me court are it kind of looks fake. it's just too perfect, right. especially november. blue skies. >> not a cloud in the sky. no fog to talk about nothing but sunshine just a perfect postcard shot. right now what it looks like here in the downtown san francisco area just beautiful. and we're going to see temperatures to warm up into the afternoon. in fact, right here in san francisco are looking at 60's and 70's for the afternoon highs with a whole lot of sunshine to enjoy the coast. maybe we'll head out there towards the beaches granada. you'll be at a high of 65 in pacifica 64 degrees 70 into
9:50 am
millbrae 72 into burlingame and those 70's continue through san carlos palo alto, high of 72 mountain view as well at 72 degrees. your south. his own santa clara 72 in milpitas. and we're looking at the east bay shoreline low 70's continue. a lot of sunshine to enjoy. you're going to be in downtown oakland, mostly clear skies there at 70 degrees today. 74 in walnut creek. 72, if you're going to be in the concord area. this afternoon. fairfield 71 antioch, a high of 67 and not bill. we're looking at 72. maybe you'll be in the north bay. it's going to be nice and just warm in san anselmo. it's 74 in a little bit cooler at stinson beach at 62. but nonetheless, still going to be gorgeous around the entire bay area no matter where you're going to be asked because there's going to be so much sunshine to enjoy and really it's going to continue through what tomorrow and into your weekend. so try to go outside and enjoy these temperatures while they last because once we get into next week, things are going to
9:51 am
start to get back to normal and cool down just a bit. well, that's a look at weather. let's traffic and how it's moving lower back and we almost got out of here without another hot spot. what we have one to tell you about. >> this is the sausalito. so they have some emergency row work going on right there. they have a closure highway. one northbound at one. oh, one north. they have a lane blocked off and they have one way traffic control in effect. there. so that's in sausalito stop the only accident that i just saw pop up another one. this is in south san francisco. so southbound one. oh, one at grand avenue. we're not seeing any major delays as i would even say take 2 atm and just say wait it out as you're traveling heading into the city from the east. a little under 2 minutes, no major issues or delays here heading across towards the peninsula. you can make that in a little under 14 and will leave you with a look at a richmond center fell commute, a little 100 on as you travel out of richmond will be right back after the break.
9:52 am
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just about done for the morning on the kron 00:00am morning news, but they never stop on kron on. let's go to the newsroom and see what's up with theresa stasi. hi, theresa haidar after being limited to virtual events last year. this year's veterans day is getting the honor. it deserves. >> with dozens of in-person events across the bay area and the country at 11 this morning. a ceremony there is going to happen at the u.s. has hornet now mena. it's going to include a special tribute to women, veterans and
9:55 am
to the late general colin powell. we'll bring you that all lived to see that ceremony and to get real-time updates. a local and national headlines. >> just grab your phone scanned this code and it will take you straight to the app store so you can download kron-on for free. dark. thanks, reza. >> so the warriors have taken the league by storm. this early in the nba season last night's win. put an and one. now best record july they beat the timberwolves at the chase center and steph curry was a big part of that, of course, 25 points. but he was the high scorer know andrew wiggins actually put up 35 and it was against his former team. he was. >> a timber, wolf. at one point. and in the end it was the dubs with the wind won 23 to one tent and makes the when a little extra. sweet was no big deal. >> as game. well played game, you know, get the former. now it's all that was, you know, the play, the game. fun game
9:56 am
andrews just fantastic the aggression from the beginning of the >> who loved his energy. obviously it pretty excited to play against his old team. we needed everything. he brought us a son. he was tremendous. >> all right. so they're doing a good job at 1. and you know what else went off without a hitch and space x. yes, in fact, will end with my favorite video of the day. another successful launch for space x. >> and liftoff. another successful launch for astronauts up at the international space station. now and the first stage of the rocket landed successfully on that drone shot. i was it's also very key, james that they come back and land. well, to always important. especially as i look towards the sky and think when will we be blasting off right. that i hope they all right. let's take a look at the weather down here on earth. rebecca, today getting close to the weekend. yeah, guys, it's going to be a pretty similar to today as
9:57 am
into the weekend 70's sunshine. it's november can't beat that. getting close to 75 on that into the weekend. it looks like get out there and enjoy that. lot of people left a day off veterans day. we hope you enjoy that. and we'll see you back here if you're going to be danville, by the way, out of the festivities say say hello to will. >> and right away he was out there having fun. all morning long. a high of 73 then. we'll see you later. bye.
9:58 am
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>> announcer: today on a "dr. phil" exclusive... >> detective dennis wustenhoff bled to death hours after someone blew up his unmarked car in front of their patchogue home. >> 31 years ago your husband, an undercover police officer, was killed suddenly in a mysterious car bombing. >> the car exploded in front of the house. my children said they could hear me scream so loud. >> we know he was busting up a drug ring. we know there were possibilities of cartel involvement. nobody has been arrested. nobody has been prosecuted. the murderer is walking free. do you have a feeling about what happened here? >> i know what happened. the police commissioner put out a statement saying this could be a personal vendetta. when i read those two words, something snapped.


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