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tv   KRON 4 News at 3pm  KRON  November 11, 2021 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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>> now 3 more violence in oakland to talk about today as police are now investigating 3 shootings that happened in just 12 hours. what we're learning about the violence. also, we have a tragic story out of san francisco educator hit and killed by a car right by school activists calling on city leaders to make streets safer. and we'll show you how our veterans are being honored in the bay area and beyond on this veterans day. >> from the bay local news station. this is kron 4 news at 3. >> thank you so much for joining us here on kron, 4 news at 3 o'clock today. i'm
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justine waldman and there is more violence in oakland today. there have now been 3 different shootings in just the span of 12 hours that most recent shooting happened just before 1 o'clock this morning. we have a map now to show us where each of the shootings took place. the latest shooting from earlier this morning was in front of lake merritt and it seriously injured. a woman video from the scene is showing us investigators surrounding a white suv. we can see all the markers there on the ground. police said the victim here is in grave condition. there was also a shooting around 9.20 last night. that 97th avenue right near the oakland zoo. police are saying a man was shot multiple times then taken to the hospital. investigators are still trying to find the shooter and a motive in this case. and then lastly, there was a woman who was shot in downtown oakland right in from the fox theater. this happened just before 2.30 in the afternoon on telegraph avenue. the woman there. who is the victim taken to the hospital and is expected to survive. the fox theater did cancel its concert last night because of the shooting. and now and
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oakland's eolice, their facebook page. the department wrote instances of gunfire up 42% just from november 1st to november, 7th and this year police have recovered 1000 17 firearms. and as the violence is rising in the city of oakland. a city council member is looking to succeed. current mayor libby schaff, who is termed out. this will be for next year's election. tao announced her candidacy yesterday. joining district 6 oakland councilmember lord taylor in the race back in june. thaobh voted in favor of a budget that redirected 18 million dollars for police spending into violence prevention methods. well, taylor voted against it. kron four's as the queen yuna speaking with both of these council members on their plan to cut violence in the city if they become the next mayor. his story is coming up during kron 4 news at 5 o'clock tonight. but now at 3 and in san francisco, a community is in mourning after a teacher died while he was walking to
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school, a car struck 30 year-old andrew simon by sherman elementary school where he taught young kids. an investigation is now underway as to what led up to this accident. but today family and community members are speaking out about this tragedy. and for more now we go to kron four's terisa stasio. she's here now live in the newsroom with what happened here. good afternoon to cheree side. good afternoon. just in. this is just one of those stories are really takes your breath away. a teacher simply walking to school hit by a car and killed. this is what we know right now. andrew zemin was at the intersection of franklin and union bats in the cow hollow district san francisco. the areas highlighted in the map on the screen for you. it was early wednesday morning zemin teaches at sherman elementary school. he actually went to school. there's a child. >> exactly what happened is now under investigation. but we do know 2 cars were involved and then simon died at the scene. in the meantime, we are learning that his family is in shock. his cousin telling kron 4 news that they
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don't understand what happened to cause us to occur his death marks a 12 pedestrian death on the streets of san francisco this year. i spoke with executive director walk s af at about what steps need to happen to stop these tragedies. >> on these need. this tragedies are preventable. we have the tools in our tool box to redesign our streets. so cars can drive and that we are prioritizing our most vulnerable in our streets. this equals our children our anybody that is walking. we don't have a still case around us and we are very vulnerable. so slowing down. drivers is what our city needs to do. >> this morning. there were some residents out on the corner attempting to inform drivers to slow them down into. as well as pay tribute to simon sherman school's principal in a letter to parents called him the patient and kind as well as a positive
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role model, there's going to be a lot more that it will have coming up a little bit later on. kron 4 news at 5 o'clock justing. >> thank you so much. trees and everyone can scan that qr code there to download the kron on app for free. now on this veterans day, our nation is pausing to honor all those who have served in the u.s. military. there are ceremonies all across the bay area today and also on the east coast where president biden honor the one 100th anniversary of the tomb of the unknown soldier in arlington, virginia. we do have team coverage on the ceremonies are held here in the bay area today. we're going to start right now with kron four's charles clifford who is at a special ceremony aboard the uss hornet was an alameda. he's joining us now live. how was it charles? >> it was good. you know, the uss hornet here. it's a museum on the island of alameda. it is staffed by veterans. so they never miss an opportunity to pay tribute to those who serve. this veterans day. they
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set up a stage on the hangar deck. they had about 100 people in attendance. it took some time to recognize the veterans who were there. and as with every memorial day and veterans day that also took time to pay tribute to those fallen in the line of duty. laying ceremony off the fan - tail. >> of the ship. there are also numerous speakers today including a woman who moved to the u.s. from jamaica. she became a nurse. >> join the army and rose to the rank of lieutenant colonel after the asked her what it is she thinks about on veterans day. i think about all of those who have served and mostly honestly truly the states soldiers and sailors who have gone forth and their family because sometimes they're the forgotten ones without our family. we couldn't do our jobs. >> and have been the community recognize the freedom that they have due to the service of these brave men and woman and mind you is volunteer.
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that's and that's just an awesome thing. and that's what i think >> all right. back live now the uss hornet, as i mentioned is a museum is open thursday through monday from 00:00am in the morning. till 05:00pm. there's a lot of good stuff in there. you can check out some aircraft, lot history exhibits as well. but for now in alameda, charles clifford kron, 4 news, thank you so much of our team coverage continues right now as we head to the south bay the veterans day parade returned in full force this year. >> to the streets of downtown san jose. and that's where my kron four's rob fladeboe. so rob, what did veterans there that you talk to shared with you about this day. >> a heartfelt memories that were shared justine a just a beautiful fall day here in downtown san jose for a parade which wrapped up about an hour ago. finishing here outside sep let's take a look at the video and i can tell you that the annual veterans day parade here in san jose is one of easily one of the oldest traditions in downtown. it is
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also, i'm told one of the largest parades anywhere in the country. the parade through downtown san jose is in its 103rd year. it was a virtual event last year. you'll recall as a result of the pandemic. but you can see it. it is back in a big way with personnel from all branches of the military taking part. this year's theme was heroes in motion featuring some 70 different units. a really good turn out to with the several 1000 people on hand to thank veterans for their service. let's take a look at more of the parade now with some a commentary from the grand marshal who would be a retired marine corps. lieutenant colonel william peacock of redwood city. >> this is probably the largest veterans day parade in the entire united states. and it says a lot about san jose. san jose has about a 40% immigrant population and look at other people who've turned out here this is what public does. in in in honoring our veterans. they say we
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appreciate the time you took from your private life took a time that you took away from your family, from your job, your career, your education, your children you made a sacrifice to make america better. and that's what we're all about. >> complete with a flyover courtesy of the air force, the veterans day parade on like memorial day observances which tend to be a little more somber. this was a celebration. those who served and by all indications, it was just that. and i'll have more highlights for you just in coming upon kron 4 news at 5. back to you on this veterans day. thank you. we look forward to rob and an honor veterans day. we hope you will join us tonight. as we say thank you. >> to the men and women in our military. kron four's anchor can wait. >> will be hosting our half hour special veterans voices honoring those who serve it airs tonight at 6.30. we'll see you there. also this afternoon, the death toll from
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the astroworld festival in houston is now up to 9 a family lawyer confirmed today that a 22 year-old college student has now died from her injuries already shahani was a senior texas and them who was just months away from graduation. her family described her as diligent. her electronics engineering studies and someone who always thought of others. she had gone to astroworld with her cousin before getting separated during that crowd surge and her sister said the festival was supposed to be a rare escape. >> she was her first she wanted to have a good time rate. you want to celebrate. the music on the performer. she wanted to. take pictures post on instagram. what every girl she just wanted to, you know. for the first time in her life. she's wanted to have fun. and that was taken.
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>> police say that the festival drew about 50,000 people. hundreds of others were injured following a major crowd surge. at least 2 of those people are still in critical condition including a 9 year-old boy who is currently in a medically induced coma. we're going to switch it up and talk about our bay area. weather forecast as we take a look outside of this gorgeous day of the golden gate bridge sort out there toward them are in headlines. it's actually looking a little bit greener out there along the hills. it's a nice relief that rain has really start to pay off. let's see what's in store for the rest of this week as we get closer to the weekend with our meteorologist rodriguez. also there with the drought monitor. i know it's been raining, but just not not doing enough. there. i know. and we this just shows how much of a deficit we're in as far as our drought concerns go, it's really split down the middle just in the western portion of the bay area under extreme drought and then the eastern side, especially the east bay still under that worse exceptional drought category. but we did see some mprovement.
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>> just to our north and west just over you coyote over right now, fort bragg and barbourville. we saw extreme drought conditions now improving into severe. so there is hope. let's just hope or some more asked to be atmosphere. a in the coming months ahead of this season and taking a live look outside dry clear conditions. hope you're having a great veterans day and please make sure to thank a veteran for this thursday radar for. >> dry clear and in the 70's out there right now. 71 degrees for half moon bay and san mateo 72 for san jose with oakland at 68 degrees as his downtown san francisco widespread low 70's as you make your way into the north bay with petaluma and nevado both at 72 degrees. and when tracker for tracking northerly winds, drying and clearing us out. and that's going to be the pattern all weekend long until we notice some cloud cover but not really dropping
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the mercury that much for the 2nd half of the weekend. your full weekend outlook coming up in just a few minutes. just in. back to you. thank you so much. we have much more ahead here during crowd for his 3 o'clock today. just about everything. >> it's getting more and more expensive, especially at the grocery store. this is becoming because of inflation. so we're going to compare prices to grocery store items a different spots help you get some more bang for your buck. and a renewed health warning from the cdc today. why they're saying ul's could see a resurgence worldwide this winter. and also as we head to break, we're honoring the bay area men and women served our country. you can submit some of your photos of someone you would like to honor. there's still time can do that on our website. kron 4 dot com. there's a link. there are going to be showing the photographs that have been submitted. we're looking at right now on our air throughout the newscast tonight. happy records say.
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this afternoon, us health officials are saying measles could be making a comeback. the cdc says the global threat of measles has worsened because of the more than 22 million babies. >> that of miss getting vaccinated because of the pandemic. measles is one of the most contagious viruses known and has killed more than a million people as recently as the year 2000, the cdc is saying measles vaccination programs prevent more than 31 million deaths worldwide. every year. also today,
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millions of at home covid tests have now been recalled because of a higher than expected false positive test results. the lou, the australian company behind the tests has identified more than 2 million affected tests in the united states. the fda is warning that using these tests could lead to covid going undetected. the company is producing and shipping. new unaffected test kits to the united states. but you have if you do have one of them in your home. you can get a replacement by filling out a survey on the company's website. let's go now to the peninsula and the tragic death of a local boy who was swept out to sea has now inspired new safety measures along the san mateo county coast in january. 12 year-old, are you need proof he drowned when a sneaker wave pulled him into the ocean near half moon bay. the boy's family has fought to raise awareness about the potential dangers at bay area, beaches. and now there are some new safety systems in place. they include life rings, safety information and
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also warnings about the hazards of the ocean. >> please. his first 3 stations that have been solved will will save lives. it will inspire the communities along the coast to do something similar bc as a stepping stone. >> to create more about this issue. there are the accident we want educate the crypt and from. >> so the lifesaving stations are part of a pilot program in the hope is that more will be installed in other areas along california's coast. belmont police say after a 2 year investigation, they have now arrested 4 people in connection to the murder of a 17 year-old. we do have pictures now of muhammad hoffman. his body was found in the parking lot of the central elementary school in january of 2019 and police are saying the suspects knew the victim, but they say it took multiple law enforcement agencies to help them make the needed arrests. 2 of the men arrested have now been identified as 23 year-old ruben gonzalez.
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maggie yanis of indianapolis indiana and 21 year-old antonio valencia of concord. the other 2 suspects are not being identified at this time because they're both minors at the time of offense death. there is no word on a possible motive in this case. san jose. police say they have arrested a man for crimes. they say he committed while acting as a spiritual healer, 42 year-old. jorge lewis never, never id is accused of committing multiple crimes, including rape of a child under the age of 15 according to san jose police, the alleged crimes happened between october 2020 and august of this year at this point it's unclear where the suspect was serving as a spiritual healer. now to the north bay where santa rosa police are looking for suspects tied to an armed bank robbery. this happened at the west america bank on guerneville road. authorities say both men were carrying handguns and tied up 4 bank employees. they did take some money from the bank but were unable to access the vault. a
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cash reward is being offered for any information that leads to an arrest of the suspects. again. we'll switch it up and talk about our weather forecast on this very warm thursday. here's a live look now at san francisco international airport. if you're coming into the city this weekend. you're going to be treated to some nice weather. our meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez is here with what's ahead. yeah. very above average temperatures. just seen 5 to 10 degrees above normal. hard to believe it's fall. and we're tracking. >> crystal clear blue skies dry days ahead and radar for. we're going to stick with that trend for most of tomorrow. and even throughout your weekend as well. temperatures out there right now. we should be averaging in the mid to upper 60's instead, upper 60's to low 70's as you step outside for your thursday afternoon. 72 degrees for san jose with concord. also in the low 70's as a san carlos and allay 69 degrees for your thursday afternoon highs when tracker for tracking calm
3:21 pm
winds out of the north, helping to clear out any cloud cover influence that could have made its way into the bay area with overnight lows tonight. slightly warmer than yesterday. widespread low 50's. even some mid 50's around the bay area shoreline with downtown san francisco and oakland at 54 degrees. but about 8 degrees cooler for those of you in santa rosa 46 degrees for your overnight. temperatures daytime highs tomorrow. if you love today's weather, you're certainly going to love tomorrow's tracking a lot more low 70's novato. one of the warmest city 77 degrees with san jose at 74 degrees and even those of you in livermore in the mid 70's oakland, though, 71 degrees in downtown san francisco, 69 degrees for friday afternoon highs. takin% a look ahead at the next 7 day forecast. we're going to be on cruise control through saturday. little change in the forecast. some high cloud cover on sunday. but overall looking dry could see a slight chance of showers, though, on wednesday. but it looks like just in that storm track going
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to remain a little bit to north, but it will help cool us down a bit to seasonal temperatures. back to you. thank you so much for racing. still ahead, even though. >> it has been another. even though. there has been some rain in the forecast. bay area city has declared a drought emergency. how much water residents are being asked to conserve. also today after the break, everyday items are just costing more and more. and now bay area shoppers on the hunt. we're a bargain. are you one of the millions of americans who experience occasional bloating, gas or abdominal discomfort? taking align every day can help. align contains a quality probiotic developed by gastroenterologists. it adds more good bacteria to your gut to naturally help soothe your occasional bloating, gas and abdominal discomfort. support your digestive health with align, the #1 doctor recommended probiotic. try align today. and try new align fast acting biotic gummies. helps soothe occasional digestive upsets
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>> sticker shock appears to be getting worse for grocery shoppers. faced with a rising food prices. economists are saying inflation is to blame in the problem. likely is not going to level off any time soon. this as salaries are just not keeping pace kron 4 stripped of all reports now from concord where shoppers are struggling. >> with thanksgiving. 2 weeks away. judy burmeister stopped by safeway on clayton road in concord to get a leg up on preparing for the holiday meal and the trip turned into a costly visit by a turkey for a just a very small 10 pound. turkey was 20 to 90. >> so i i can't believe it in what are you sure you did that, right. i made her go through it again because i couldn't believe the price. so, yes, it has doubled it has doubled and our paychecks have
3:26 pm
not doubled and good luck making breakfast. bacon prices are up 20% this year. eggs are 12% more expensive. >> inflation and the struggle grocers and their suppliers are experiencing trying to keep shelves stocked are contributing actually just fried our last bacon this morning from what we purchase. so i don't know what the prices on the next purchase, although some shoppers say they feel like they're being gouged ultimately they'll make the purchase if they need the item rather than spending extra time looking for a bargain. i used to do that with my father in law. and it drove me crazy because we had to go to a lot of stores in one day. >> and so now i just go the first or you can and then get what they need. shoppers seem to have better luck finding deals at the food. max down the street. >> deals that were mostly off brand if they were not already sold out everything to me is double and economists say shoppers should expect prices to rise well into next year in concord, police called kron 4 news.
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>> next here at 3.30 was the mayor of richmond is accusing his fellow city council members of plotting a coup. plus one east bay museum forced to close its exhibit says it's still trying to clean up from last month's historic rainfall. and as president biden pays his respects to the nation's veterans at arlington cemetery will we will be live from washington, dc details. washington, dc details. today's events. hi honey! hi mommy! oh i missed you! you just want to video call the kids. ok. hush little baby...don't say a word... but if slow upload speeds turns your goodnight call into an accidental horror movie... can you hear me? shut it down. just remember. you're not a bad mom. you just need better internet. at&t fiber delivers faster upload speeds for more reliable video calls. get at&t fiber, plans starting at $35 a month for a year. limited availability in select areas. call 1.877.only.att.
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>> 100 years ago today, americans laid to rest an unidentified soldier from world war one creating one of the most sacred monuments in this country known as the tomb of the unknown soldier. and today president biden visited the memorial gave thanks to the men and women who gave the ultimate sacrifice. our dc correspondent anna wiernicki is joining us now live from washington with more on today's events. good evening to you, anna. >> good evening. that's right. today president biden so lou, did the nation's military veterans as heroes and he told the families of service members that he understands what they've been through, remembering his son beau who was an iraq war veteran. >> at the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month. president joe biden laid a wreath at the foot of the tomb of the unknown soldier in arlington cemetery. you are the very spine of america, not just the back the spine of
3:31 pm
this country. >> all of us, all of us. >> at the event the president joined first lady jill biden and members of the armed forces. he says today and everyday americans remember each life lost to war and each soldier who made it home. i carry with me in my pocket every single day. the back of my schedule. i have. >> us daily troops in afghanistan killed and wounded us to lead troops in iraq killed and wounded. the president vowed to keep fighting for veterans on thursday. the white house announced new support for veterans who have been exposed to toxic burn pits during their service overseas wants to know. >> administration is going to beat the sacred obligation that we owe you. >> we're going to work with congress. republicans and democrats together to make sure our veterans receive the world class benefits va secretary denis mcdonough says the department will set up
3:32 pm
call center and a network of specialized providers to reach more veterans who might have been exposed take care of us will take care of you. if you fight for us will fight for you. >> and today the president also asked congress to extend the time that veterans have to make claims relating to their service after they've been discharged or released for now live in washington. i'm anna wiernicki. back to you. >> and what more can you tell us. but all the pomp and circumstance of the day at arlington national cemetery. well, it was a very special day, a very emotional a ceremony for the first time in nearly a century. members of the public are actually able to walk on the tomb of the unknown soldier plaza and. >> lay flowers down next to the memorial and show how people have been there to pay their respects over the past 2 days. the pile of flowers actually got so large that they had to make a second pilot room for more so very special, very emotional day out there at arlington cemetery. thank you so much for that report. anna.
3:33 pm
>> all month long. we have been requesting your photos of the service men and women who you would like to honor. here are just some of the pictures we have received. we're going to read some of the names for you here. we have nathan bailey junior commander sergeant in the that was a major in the army. richard olson lieutenant in the navy. richard vague, a sergeant in the u.s. marines. so we also want to see more of your photos if you have them. here's how you can submit them. just go to our website. who we would like to honor on our website, just upload their picture along with their name rank branch of service and hometown and you can find the link on our homepage kron 4 dot com. and again at 06:30pm tonight. we have a veterans voices special. you can watch that. here with us. family and friends gathered in las vegas. today to remember tina tent or the 23 year-old who was killed in a dui crash involving former raider player henry ruggs police say ruggs was
3:34 pm
driving 156 miles per hour before the crash that killed 10 tour and her dog. he has formally been charged with 4 felony counts of dui and reckless driving family says that they are so grateful for the outpouring of love and support that they have received from the community. a fundraiser in her honor has already raised more than $100,000. the raiders did release rugs hours after the crash. he has posted bail. it is on house arrest. new today. 3 and also coming to us from the east bay richmond mayor tom is accusing his fellow city council members of plotting a coup. and this is coming a day after the council voted to condemn condemn him for comments he made in recent months about the richmond city manager. interesting issue here and this stemming from the mayor's the forum news letter and it is a collection of newsletters from the mayor's website in it. the mayor on multiple occasions slammed the job performance of the city manager laura snyder and the city attorney to
3:35 pm
resist recur in a closed session on tuesday. the council voted to direct the city attorney to censure the mayor for improperly disclosing attorney client privileged information in the news letter in the news letter that was published yesterday. the mayor wrote quote, as the city council member and mayor, i have a duty to be critical if warranted of the city manager let her know when and how her actions fall below what i believe the community expects the city attorney has already resigned. she's going to be for office in january. this is an ongoing story and. we're working to get it all sorted out for you. even though we have been getting some rain this month water conference conservation is still a priority. mountain view has declared a stage one water storage asking residents to reduce usage by 10%. city leaders are anticipating the regional water supply to decline in the coming months and mountain view receives
3:36 pm
about 84% of his primary water supply from the san francisco public utilities commission. the commission itself is scheduled to consider a water shortage emergency on november 23rd. we do have some breaking news now just in to the kron 4 news room we're seeing now. some police activity along the golden gate bridge what we understand that's happening right now is that there is a. a vaccine mandate protest that's happening there along the bridge were working to get more details and video for you here. but here's what we know about the rally that was planned for today on the golden gate bridge from 3 until 6.30. so it just started. this rally was supposed to be talking about how they want no vaccine mandates. no more fear mongering, no more political overreach. this is all according to a flyer that are simon jessica sent to me about what they believe is happening here along the golden gate bridge. but we do see now the traffic heading north is
3:37 pm
stopped going from san francisco into the north bay traffic is not moving at this point from san francisco in 2, the north bay because of what we understand is some ongoing protest on the golden gate bridge. this is supposed to be happening from 3 until 06:30pm tonight. these are the first pictures now we're seeing of the police activity and the a group of people that have gathered there. we're reaching out to chp. also, police departments to see what we find out for you as far as when the bridge is going to open back up. but if traffic northbound looks like some cars are going right now. my producer's telling me she can tell from this video looks like some people have also been arrested. but traffic now is moving there looks like one direction has just started to go in the northbound lanes heading up now into the north bay traffic going into the city doesn't seem to be affected too much by this. again, this is supposed to be some sort of protest about
3:38 pm
vaccine mandates. we do have kron four's, dan kerman heading to the scene to get us some more information. but these are live pictures and stay with us here during kron, 4 news at 3 o'clock today so we can keep you updated on this developing story and here is what else we have coming up. a former bay area journalist dana king. is spending her time in a different studio these days. what her life is like. >> since leaving the anchor desk. and from toilet paper to grocery is a lot of high demand items are just hard to come by and now we're hearing there is a santa shortage. also on alert for trader. joe's shoppers will tell you that the 2 chicken products that are being recalled today.
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>> for your money this afternoon to products have been recalled. the trader joe's there, the chili lime chicken burgers and the spinach feta chicken sliders. the federal food safety and inspection service is saying the ground chicken may contain bone fragments. the affected products were produced from any time from august 16 to september 29th. they have a coat on it. yes, t p 8, 2, 7, 6, if you have any of these just to get back to the store. they usually give you a refund. also check it throw in the trash. we have more details on the affected items on our website kron 4 dot coms. you can also get code against, you know, which ones were talking about. the coronavirus is putting the squeeze on santa this year. the wall street journal is
3:42 pm
reporting there's a shortage of santas workers who normally fill out this roll are heavier. set men and they're opting out because of the risks of coronavirus exposure. many are also saying they're afraid of potentially exposing younger unvaccinated children to the virus. the staffing agency higher. santa says there are 15% fewer professional santas to play the part yet. there is a 121% increase in requests for santa is this year compared to last. want to go back. you know, really quick to the breaking news we're following out of san francisco because we are seeing but the police activity and we understand was an anti vaccine protests happening along the golden gate bridge has now moved off of the northbound lanes traffic now moving again from san francisco into the north bay with no issue right now across the golden gate bridge. but again, we are working to get information about the anti-vax protest. we understand what's happening there. we have a reporter going to the scene. we've also reached out to chp
3:43 pm
to see if this issue is going to pop up again as we approach the evening commute because this a protest is supposed to happening until about 6 o'clock tonight. so stay with us here on kron four's. we continue to follow the anti-vaccine protest that has caused some major backups on the golden gate bridge this afternoon. also coming up today, how former news anchor dana king is still telling stories even though it's not behind the anchor desk. >> and as we head to break on this veterans day. let's take a look at a few more pictures of the bay area. men and women who have served our country is still time to submit your photos to our website. kron 4 dot com as we will be honoring these brave heroes throughout our tonight.
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>> for 15 years. dana king was % one of the main news casters keeping the bay area and form she left the airways in 2012, but now she's telling stories just in a different way. kron four's, pam moore has her story. >> good evening. and then you world news tonight. teenage inmates to help you likely. remember dana king from her work in bay area news. but that's old news. this is dana king today. i hate being haha has moved from award-winning journalist to a nationally recognized coulter always created. i've always done open a bag clay and see i'm just on
3:47 pm
zone. and it just is a place of peace for me. it is quite a contrast from her 25 year long journey and television 15 of those years in local news, i do not miss working on i miss that adrenaline rush. i miss excitement, but i i'm so much happier and so much at peace. with myself and with life and not living. on the clock when off the new set. her life was much more than a straight laced news anchor king won a number of medals for rowing used to ride motorcycles lived on a houseboat in sausalito and was a union rep at work. >> she's been call competitive tough and definitely non-traditional. i come by it quite naturally my mother. was her own woman. >> my mom.
3:48 pm
>> was a white woman who married a black man secretly in the 50's, then became a widow left to raise 2 brown children in the 60's by herself when she turned 50. she joined the peace corps. she left tv news in 2000, and 2 years later ran for oakland city council. >> that's the craziest thing i have ever done one for office. i live east oakland. my neighbors are getting iran because they wanted to advocate. i'm so glad i lost. had had i won. i wouldn't be doing my part. >> she doesn't painting anymore. but much of her early work. this one is called ballot or bullet had social things to be started taking our classes while still working in tv, but it became her main passions after a decision she made on heard of
3:49 pm
at the time for women in news. it started with my hair. as silly as that sounds. when i let my hair go gray. i felt authentically in my own. >> body for the first time in my life and i was 50 at that time. i take courses in the morning because they work tonight in rush to the studio and be all and change my clothes but about halfway through. i took a. a sculpture course. >> and that was dana king has a number of art installations and displays around the country and here in the bay area, including here at golden gate park monumental reckoning. >> this is the beginning column i golden gate park. >> this is the first sculpture that isn't center. the culture created by an african american woman. >> my hope is that other cultures. will come into this space. and inhabit it as well.
3:50 pm
what i want all people feel comfortable the theme of her sculpture work is black bodies in bronze including this statue of a civic leader in berkeley. >> and this installation at the national memorial for peace and justice in alabama. one of her most recent commissions, a bust of the leader of the black panther party ewing newton and more to come and told stories for a living right. >> and they were on video or. digital or whatever. and if you missed them, they're gone for the most part, the bronze pieces are permanent. so the stories of the african descendants that these pieces represent. well last to be told as long as the bronze last. and that could be thousands of years right. and at this point in my life be able to do that. in my own studios. a blast.
3:51 pm
>> that was pam moore reporting for us this afternoon and divorced with 2 adult children. a 5 year-old grandson saying she is loving being a grandmother monumental reckoning will be set up at golden gate park for another year and a half is still some time. check it out and the dedication of the huey newton bus was just a couple of weeks ago at the huey p newton way and mandela parkway. also, could she be any more grown just like inside and out. let's talk about our forecast now as we take a live look outside here from our mount tam camera warm day across the bay area today and our meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez is here now with the forecast and how long. >> the 70's are going to stick they're going to last all weekend long. even through monday, just let's take a look at your microclimate friday forecast. >> not a bad way to wrap up the workweek downtown san francisco 69 degrees with the mission district. also in the upper 60's. but 68 degrees for you with mid 60's for daly city and half moon bay. 5 to
3:52 pm
10 degrees above average still tracking those light breezy offshore winds going to clear us out and warm us up once again for your friday afternoon. low 70's for millbrae and burlingame 72 degrees of for san mateo and san carlos and widespread low to mid 70's for those of you in the south bay 74 degrees for san jose. so nearly 10 degrees above average there with santa clara in the low 70's and we're tracking mid 70's for seminole pleasanton, though 78 degrees of toasty temperatures, not even going to look or feel like fall more like spring, like weather for your friday afternoon. walnut creek 73 degrees with oakland at 71 degrees in tracking widespread mid 70's. for those of you in the north bay valais 74 degrees sonoma 77 as is nevado also at 77 degrees. take a look ahead at your next 7 day forecast. plenty of sunshine on saturday. some clouds on sunday. but overall
3:53 pm
above average temperatures continue through monday of this upcoming week until we start to cool down by the middle of the next week. slight rain chance, but it looks like we're going to see more drizzle and cooler temperatures. if anything, just seen. back to you. thank you so much. up next, the happiest place on earth will soon be the various place on earth. earth. if you're working from home, you're probably driving less. maybe a lot less. at metromile, we think you should be paying less for your car insurance; a lot less. and paying less doesn't mean getting less. with metromile's per-mile pricing... what you pay is based on how many miles you actually drive. so, you can enjoy reliable, high-quality car insurance... at a delightfully different price. get your free quote at
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>> by e. >> we're following breaking news here during kron 4 news
3:56 pm
at 3 o'clock word anti vaccine mandate protest is happening along the golden gate bridge that could impact your evening commute. we understand dozens of protesters are at the golden gate bridge. welcome center. and this has impact traffic going from the city into the north bay. we're working to get you more details on this breaking news story and we'll have updates during kron-on at 4 o'clock as well as our website. kron 4 dot com and then starting night during kron. 4 news at 5. the happiest place on earth is getting ready for the holidays. we do have some new video that was from the disney parks tiktok page those posted earlier this week cast members are putting the final touches on disneyland holiday decorations the tree there. all decked out with lights and thousands of ornaments. the shops along main street usa are getting a christmas makeover with reason lives, lights garlands. tomorrow is the official kickoff for the holidays at disneyland resort. but i'm sure this well, get some people inspired to just.
3:57 pm
get ready for the holidays. it's an exciting time of year. and that's going to do it for us here during kron 4 news at 3 o'clock today. i'm justine waldman. i so appreciate your time. we can always connect on facebook, instagram and twitter. and i appreciate you being here with us. we'll see you later on right here during apkron 4 news at 5, 6, and in prime time. have a great one. and we'll see you back here tomorrow.
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♪ i see trees of green ♪ but our here, we are just getting started. ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music)
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♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪ >> announcer: today on an all new "dr. phil," a missing child. >> breaking news, an amber alert now issued by the tbi for a missing 5-year-old girl. >> announcer: her parents trying to prove their innocence. >> they turned to social media for help, but online bullies began accusing them of having something to do with her disappearance. you didn't do anything to hurt your daughter? >> no, sir. >> do you know what happened to summer? >> no. >> do you know who took summer? >> no. i can't do this. i'm being interrogated again. there's nothing more to remember. >> we did see some interesting body language. >> i want to go home. ♪ ♪ >> dr. phil: it has been almost four months since 5-year-old summer went missing from her home in rural tennessee on june 15th.


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