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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  November 11, 2021 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at known. now at 9. >> look at that crash. an anti vax mandate protest bringing rush hour traffic to a standstill today and during the chaos, a car and a bridge sweeper collided injuring 5 people including to chp officers. but as you can see, as we look live here right now. things are back to normal. moving smoothly and that is a good site for all involved. a wild scene, though. thanks for joining us tonight kron 4 news at 9 everybody. i'm grant lodes vicki liviakis that kicked off around 3 o'clock this afternoon at the bridge. welcome center. the to chp
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officers. they're now in the hospital being treated for their injuries. >> parker's dan thorn live for us to the bridge with the latest on this weird team. dan. >> yeah. vicki and very different than it was a few hours ago. trafficking back to pretty much normal here in both the southbound and northbound lanes of the golden gate bridge. really just a hectic scene here today, as you mentioned, because of that crash and also the anti-vaccine protests that went on. but first, let's take a look at that crash that happened here. chp confirming with us tonight that at least 5 people were injured along the golden gate bridge. we know that 2 of the victims that were hit were police officers again, it was a car crashing into a street sweeper in sort of created some sort of chain reaction here. >> those police officers had to be taken to the hospital and we understand that they are suffering from non-life-threatening injuries. also 3 other victims were told we're golden gate bridge
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district employees. they to suffering from minor injuries. but as you can see in this video that the protesters that are off to the side. so while this crash was going on. there was also a protest happening and it anti vaccine mandate protest. they were holding this rally at the golden gate bridge. welcome center. this protest was not permitted. and we understand that the protesters were actually trying to get across the bridge at one point, but they were being kept from doing that. dozens of people were out here today. they were waving flags and saying that these vaccine mandates are fear mongering and government overreach on social media. the event was being called a walkout and it was also being called an axe. the vax event. and we heard from some of those protesters earlier today. and here's what they had to say. >> it's a medical choice and a health to decide if you want to have a something injected into your body and we should be able to make our own choices that are right for.
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>> for our bodies, for our families. for children. that is the essential part of being in this country of being an american and no one should be forced to have a medical treatment that they do not want. >> so again, back out here live traffic moving again. smoothly and the northbound lanes that had been narrowed down just one lane and it had to trickle across is this area was just covered with several emergency personnel this protest was expected to wrap up around 06:30pm, tonight. but of course, there are still a lot of a scene that was happening here. we've only seen a couple of stragglers that have been out here yelling at cars. but for the most part, that has pretty much just wrapped up. emergency vehicles are out here and traffic is again moving smoothly. grant vicki. >> i thank you, dan. a san francisco community is in mourning tonight after a teacher died. well walking to school yesterday morning, a car hit 30 year-old andrew zemin by sherman elementary school near franklin and union in the cow hollow neighborhood. family members
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say they're in shock with his cousin telling kron 4 news that they do not understand how this could happen. his death marks the 12th pedestrian death on the streets of san francisco this year. >> we have the tools in our tool box to redesign our streets. so cars can drive and that we are prioritizing our most vulnerable in our streets. >> the principal of sherman elementary said that simon was a patient and kind and a positive role model today. some neighbors were out on the corner where it happened, trying to get drivers to slow down. >> in the east bay tonight. police in pittsburgh are searching for a woman who they say stole a car with a one year-old girl inside it. here's a photo of the vehicle. an suv was stolen just before 06:00pm police say the owner got out of the suv to talk to somebody left the engine running. police say the woman then approached these guys asking for a cigarette when they said no. the woman got in the suv and drove away. police
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then issued an amber alert and around that same time found the vehicle abandoned with the child safe inside. that's about 7.30. it's described as a white woman in her 30's with a tattoo on her face. if you have any information here, you're asked to call pittsburgh police. national news now president biden honored his first veterans day in service in office by traveling to arlington national cemetery in virginia to participate in a wreath laying ceremony. kron four's. catherine heenan is live for us in the newsroom with more on his remarks from a little earlier today. >> catherine. yeah. before making those biden laid a wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldier. that is a memorial that turned 100 years old this year. the tomb is the final resting place for some of america's unknown soldiers of world war one world war 2, the korean war biden said the country's veterans have
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endured and survived challenges. most americans will never know. >> our veterans represent the best of america. you are the very spine of america, not just the back the spine of this country. >> and all of us, all of us. >> you. veterans day. and every day we honor that great debt. >> and recommit ourselves to keeping our sacred obligation as a nation. to honor what you've done. >> this year. the holiday comes just 2 months after biden ordered the withdrawal of us troops from afghanistan more than 2400 american service members were killed over the nearly 20 year conflict grant and vicki, back to you. >> thank you, catherine. several commemorations honoring our veterans took place today in the north bay our kron four's ella sogomonian is here with us in the studio with a look at some
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of those ceremonies. ella it was a beautiful display of both pride and recognition today across warren county. this patriotic parade made its way down penn downtown petaluma this afternoon to the tune of music as people honored past present and future service members. >> this year's theme was welcome home to all vietnam veterans paying special tribute to the men and women of the armed forces who served from 1961 to 1975. >> specifically highlighting 15 petaluma men who lost their lives in vietnam. there was a symbolic flyover and the landing of the vietnam era huey helicopter to earlier this morning a veterans day ceremony was also hosted over at the marin county civic center right next to the military memorials. there. guest speakers played wreaths at the base there and bells marked the 11th hour of the 11th day of november when world war one officially ended in 1918, one board supervisor said that the county has made strides and housing are homeless veterans and also made note of a newer program
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to help connect those within the criminal justice system to resources that would shift them away from incarceration. the marin county veterans service office helps veterans and their spouses as well as children. >> obtain all types of veterans benefits, some of which they may not be made aware of earlier, which they are entitled to and another program there in marin county called homeward bound helps partner with the u.s. department of veterans affairs to offer an array of services to homeless veterans in marin county grant and vicki, you know, january 2020 is estimated that on one single night. nearly 40,000 veterans were sleeping on our streets nationwide. so really happy to hear that marin county leaders are being committing themselves to really trying to put an end to that and house are homeless least here in marin county to start. it's a shocking statistic. >> now to the south bay where the veterans day parade in downtown san jose returns last year was a virtual celebration officials say it's one of the
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city's oldest traditions. now in its 100 and 3rd year. the theme this year heroes in motion. here's rob fladeboe with a look at the celebration. >> military veterans and their service on parade in one of san jose's oldest traditions. hundreds of patriots lining the streets of downtown san jose to celebrate the service. veterans like parade grand marshal marine corps lieutenant colonel william peacock. >> honoring our veterans they say we appreciate the time you took from your private life took a time that you took away from your family, from your job, your career, your education, your children you made a sacrifice to make america better. >> now in its 103rd year. the parade theme was heroes in motion heroes like these brothers in arms who served together in vietnam and i feel proud because servings you know, trying to and somebody
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safe. a day of celebrating veterans. the parade also helps put the spotlight on programs that help vets who are coping with challenges such as homelessness depression and suicide and we need to understand that people are going to wear the uniform and defend our freedom that we all of them at the very least a good health and education and opportunity to have a good job. >> flyover. some 70 different entries representing all branches of the military and their hardware marching through the streets. >> cheered on by patriots who are not shy about thanking the veterans for their service. >> everything to them for our we have so much so that we that we take for granted the bait. cups of
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>> in san jose. rob fladeboe kron 4 news. >> whether time as we take a live look above downtown san francisco. and on this veterans day city hall. >> lit up in red, white and blue all right. it was one of really great days. it felt like spring. crawford's chiefmeteorologist ed lawrence karnow tells us what is going on? yeah. when that gorgeous around the bay area today. plenty of sunshine all the way. the coastline looking good. temperatures running above average for this time of year. high pressure. >> begin to camp out and giving us a break from all that rain that's headed well north of the bay area now and beautiful skies out there for tonight, mostly clear at this time coming patches of fog may try to form a little bit later. but what a day it was a look at these numbers already above the average for this time of year. 69 in san francisco 68 in oakland, 73 degrees just beautiful in san jose 69 in livermore, 71 in
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concord and 73 degrees in santa rosa. all courtesy of high pressure. a little bit of an offshore wind really help to warm those temperatures. a very, very nicely come over the map right now. we've got 50's 60's co side inside the bay. you'll also find some 50's and some 60's inland starting to see some numbers begin to cool off, especially in the north bay down to 54 degrees in petaluma 55 insane. lena so there it is. you can see the big ridge of high pressure building in overhead. that is sent the jet stream well to the north pacific northwest getting pounded by some heavy rainfall. in fact see the areas shaded in green here. they're looking out for some flooding. all that rain that atmospheric river finally taking aim at them, giving us a bit of a break, but they've got more on the way and it looks like that will continue into the weekend, although it may even lift a further north into canada right now outside a gentle on shore breeze along the coastline. that will be enough. maybe bring a couple of patches of fog toward the beaches by tomorrow morning, not going to be much. and then it's going to be long gone. we're talking about a lot of nice weather as we head throughout the day tomorrow.
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so tonight, mostly clear couple patches of coastal fog tomorrow, mostly sunny and those temperatures going to be on the warm side again this weekend. high-pressure sticking around. we've got a weekend of weather for you, if you like the sunshine, you can see plenty of it. here comes a ridge of high pressure building in for tomorrow and is going to sit here for the weekend, too. i think finally breaking down a little bit in the next week. but still keeping the jet stream to the north and even tomorrow that just lift even a little bit further north that means we're going stay nice and dry and have those toasty temperatures outside around the state may be as high as 70 degrees in the monterey bay 79 in santa barbara. look at downtown los angeles 87 degrees, san diego. you're talking about some low 90's getting hot there. so yeah, even some hot weather in southern california. not as hot here. very comfortable outside temperatures running up in the mid 70's. the warmer spots inland by tomorrow afternoon. lot of 70's inside the bay to along the just a little bit cooler. you'll find some 60's there. but some sunshine as we head through the rest of the day and next couple days, those temperatures are going to be very similar. i think we see a few more clouds as we move
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into sunday and some cooler temperatures by next tuesday. but right now, hey, enjoy we are in a nice spot right now. i think we get back to rain in about another week and okay, won't complain about it. make sure come back. yeah, i think >> sticker shock appears to getting worse for grocery shoppers. faced with these rising food prices. economists say that inflation is to blame yeah. so it's bad out there. the problem likely not going to level off any time soon. according to experts and people salaries. well, they're just not keeping pace got forcefully to call reports now from concord where shoppers say they are struggling. >> if you are in the market for a pound of bacon and it is still in stock. good luck finding anything for less than $10, everything to me is doubled seniors living on a fixed income are struggling to buy basic groceries. in fact, all of us are falling victim to inflation. ucla. didn't shower is not going up, but. prices going up in concord. we checked the shelves at the
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safeway store on clayton road and the food max next door. >> at both locations. we saw the same thing. items like eggs, milk and frozen foods either marked up higher than they were prepandemic or simply sold out and not restocked, especially right now that we're getting into thanksgiving. and i have. >> i'm supposed to buy certain things and i'm hoping that they'll be here next week instead of you know, i didn't want to have to get it now because it's too early to get it. it's a scam and then i have to store it in the past year. bacon prices are up 20% eggs up about 12%. i don't know what else to do. you know. >> try to come back on other things. i had to put things back in order to get the things that we wanted for thanksgiving dinner, judy, for oscar was shocked to learn the same size. turkey she purchased last year was twice the price this year. >> she believes supply is not keeping up demand. all of those trucks that people are driving to the stores. we need more truck drivers. and i
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think that's a big problem. the problem made worse by the year-over-year increase in gas prices by 50% in concord phillipe djegal all kron 4 news. >> and new out of the east bay richmond mayor tom is accusing his fellow city council members plotting a coup with this comes after a day when the council voted to condemn him for comments that he made in recent months about the richmond city manager. the issue stems from the mayors in the form news lyras a collection of newsletters on the mayor's website and in it, the mayor on multiple occasions disparage the job performance of city manager laura sneiderman. and city attorney theresa striker in a closed session on tuesday. the council voted to direct the city attorney to censor the mayor for improperly disclosing attorney client privileged information in that newsletter published yesterday, mayor wrote, quote. as a city council member and mayor. i have a duty to be critical if warranted of the
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city manager and let her know when and how her actions fall below what i believe the mpcommunity expects city attorney striker has already resigned. she will leave office in january. california redistricting commission has released its draft maps for congressional and legislative districts. our capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala explains what's next and how you can play a role in the process. >> the draft maps are officially out for california's updated districts for elected officials in the state legislature and congress our goal is to draw a fair maps. alicia fernandez is one of the 14 member commission tasked with redrawing district lines. a process that must be done every decade following the census, the commission's main responsibility is to make sure districts across the state are all about the same size and population geographically make sense and protect voting rights of ethnic groups leading up to the draft map released. the commission had marathon meetings this week to figure out how to divvy up districts with each representing about
9:18 pm
988,000 people in the state senate, 494,000 in the state assembly and about 761,000 in congress doing the best we can and it is. >> i will say it was like just sometimes painful sometimes frustrating just just this week, emotions these last 4 days where i just feel great in the latest census, california lost a congressional seat going from 53 to 52, which has thrown a wrench into the already complicated process. the draft map shows that loss created a ripple effect across the state instead of affecting one single area. everyone's trying to guess. >> who lost the c. i don't think anyone lost a seat per se because we just. >> because of our population and the population nationwide. we're just having to put a few more people. we need to district commissioners. know the key word at this stage of the process is draft, meaning the maps they approved this week are not set in stone and will likely see changes. we know that they're not perfect. >> and. and with that, we're just hoping the california
9:19 pm
hall in right. whatever it takes, he was in the back but also understand that these districts have to be. pretty close in population to one another. so if if you want something and we've got to take something out for the next couple of weeks. the redistricting commission will be taking public comment on the draft maps before finalizing them ahead of their december. 27th deadline. commissioners say they have set a goal to finish them. december 20th at the state capitol. ashley zavala kron 4 news. >> family and friends gathered in las vegas today to remember tina 10 tour the 23 year-old killed in the crash involving former raider player henry ruggs police say ruggs was intoxicated and driving 127 miles an hour when he hit 10 tour last week causing her car to burst into flames, killing her and her dog. ruggs has been formally charged with 4 felony counts of dui. so as reckless driving 10 to his family says they're grateful for the outpouring of love and support they have received from the community. a
9:20 pm
fundraiser in her honor has raised more than $100,000. the raiders released ruggs from the team just hours after the crash. he has posted bail and is now on house arrest. the death toll from the astroworld festival in houston is now up to 9. >> a family member confirming tonight that a 22 year-old college student has died from her injuries. shahani was a senior at texas anm who is just months away from graduation her family described her as a diligent in her electronics engineering studies and someone who always thought of others. she had gone to astroworld with her cousin before getting separated during the crowd surge. he says the festival was supposed to be a rare escape. they suffocated us. >> they did this to point the they suffocated. they did. they did this to the 9 year-old boy right now in the icu was fighting for his life. they did this to the other 8 people who also lost their lives that night.
9:21 pm
>> police say the festival drew about 50,000 people. hundreds of others were injured following the major crowd surge. at least 2 of those people. they're still in critical condition tonight, including a 9 year-old boy who is currently in a medically induced coma. the subway tuna lawsuit is back and this time the plaintiffs are revealing their test results. they claim the 19 of 22 samples from subway locations throughout southern california had no detectable to nick dna and all the samples contained at least one other animal protein, whether chicken pork or cattle, according to the lawsuit subway duped the plaintiffs into buying premium price food dishes attorneys for subway say that they will file a motion to dismiss the claims. this amended lawsuit is the 3rd one filed this year. still to come, a new drug with psychedelic effects is making its way around some high schools. >> what kids are calling it and what parents can look out for. plus with 3 shootings
9:22 pm
there in the span of 12 hours how the 2 people who declare their candidacy for mayor of oakland say. >> they would help that city gets violent crime problem under control. >> and down but not out. a white is finally wide open to tourists again after a rocky year and a half. vicki takes us to tbd where the bartender is fond of let make >> and now before we head to break, a cry for wants to shine a spotlight on the bay area. men and women who have served in the military. this is sergeant david butler who is sergeant david butler who served in the u.s. army. don't worry, ma. we'll be there soon. “we?!” is this “the one.” well...let's say i found the one who takes me to another level. always stays calm under pressure. most importantly... the one that helps me discover the coolest places.
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>> hawaii is welcoming back tourists. isn't that great? after having this so long. basically it close the doors to the islands, especially hurting folks who love it so much vacation ing they're visiting there. the governor now says though it's all good. it's safe to come back to the island. so of course i showed up on november 1st the day that they open. you have to check out the food scene there post shutdown. >> first stop tbd in waikiki. >> new to honolulu looking for some good food and drink. there's the relatively new tbd by vikram guard, which sounds like a name to be determined. but no, that's the day wind
9:26 pm
really love that. it was little catchy. >> and so why >> although the vibe is playful. famed local chef it from garg is actually classically trained chef may come to your table to whip up for soto and fresh. a battalion but the bar bartender whips wicked potion. he calls lat mayhem play with all that and ingredients these diners traveled from afar to give it a try. you come all the way from where minneapolis, minnesota on the edge of hawaii's famed waikiki beach pd is low key tucked away in the boutique lotus hotel. >> the cuisine is corky. not what you might expect from a hawaiian restaurant menu and that's by design ideas. do little bit off. >> all spike it out. as you say, with the global influence and still keeping it very local. >> there's a moroccan tagine
9:27 pm
pacific shrimp as cargo and a cozy chocolate chip desert for your sweet tooth. you my polish off the night with this fun mango pop sprinkled with gold flakes with laying on call. she'll in honolulu. vicki liviakis kron 4 news. well, as you know, we are always looking for great places to dine in or take out in your neighborhood. >> you can scan this qr code will take you directly to the dine and dish web page where you can submit your. >> favorite restaurants for us to feature. >> up next, we're following the latest developments in the trial of the killing of ahmaud arbery in georgia. what the defense attorney in the case said today about black pastors being in the courtroom that elicited a stinging response from the reverend al sharpton. plus after oakland saw 3 shootings just about 10 hours. we're asking the city council members who are running for mayor in oakland. how do you plan tackle this gun violence
9:28 pm
problem and how the uss hornet in alameda is honoring veterans tonight. but before we head to break. for shining a spotlight on local veterans and. guys, this guy. that's can wage our very own served as a petty officer. second class in the 1980's, thank you to all who serve and to all who are serving if you'd like to submit pictures veteran close to you. you can do it on kron. 4 dot com we'll be right
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♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪
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in oakland are investigating 3 separate shootings that happened. >> within a span of about 10 hours. this map shows the location of each shooting. no arrests have been made any of these crimes. meanwhile, 2 mayoral candidates in oakland are talking about their plans to address that city's big problems gun violence course being. >> among the top issues this year. crowd forces. spoke to both candidates today about how they plan to stop it. >> in terms of your campaign platform. where does public safety rank in terms of priorities. well, as one of my very top priorities absolutely. public safety is at the top of the list. >> these year to date numbers show that so far in 2021 of the city of oakland has experienced 119 homicides compared to 109 people killed by this time last year.
9:32 pm
related assaults are up 33% with that as a backdrop, i asked the to oakland mayoral candidates city council members saying towel and lauren taylor. >> as mayor of oakland. what will you do to bring a stop to gun violence in the city. >> it is important that we have a law enforcement presence to hold the line while we are also investing to address the root causes that lead to the public safety challenges. we face. you know, i have fought for better public safety. >> we fought for historic investments in violence. prevention is always important that if we can prevent this from happening before it happens. that is what we should do. we have to make sure that we've got public safety response. >> at the level to provide the safety and security for our residents. we have to investing root causes and we can do both at the same time. i also propose. >> and pass a new public safety policy that will improve our recruitment and retention of open officers. we
9:33 pm
know that we have a retention issue here in the city of oakland. >> resources. the number one issue that exist in terms of not having the resources. >> both for response but also for deterrence and prevention because as we saw a 23 month old baby. was caught in a crossfire on the freeway with his family. that is unconscionable. that is disgusting. we must do something about this gun violence, this gun epidemic. it's going to take more than just one person or one city. we need to pull people together. >> all of those involved in impacted with gun violence and as mayor, i can pull. all parts of our community together as a kron 4 news. >> school officials near sacramento are warning parents tonight about this new drug is apparently called hate and they say potentially being
9:34 pm
sold to students. scary stuff. officials say that this drug is that pill with psychedelic effects and it's known to be highly addictive reporter jean un spoke to parents who say they're very concerned. >> it is scary. a mom of 2 at mesa high school in citrus heights. jacqueline shield says it's hard to trust her kids are in good hands when they go to class i'm not here. i'm not here to see, you know, help my kids make these decisions. these choices shields recently got this letter from the school's principal about a drug called pete being sold on campus. the principal claimed the drug is a pill with psychedelic effects and can be very addictive. the memo got logan santos worried about his 15 year-old little brother a sophomore and the severity. my mind went to the worst. i was like, what if it's nothing that will be. >> it's with the sec together. >> citrus heights. police say they actually are arrested. a student here at mesa verde high school. but for some parents like shields, they don't believe it will actually make a difference. >> it's just another case. just another number. this is this is live now. this is
9:35 pm
what's going on right now. citrus heights. police are waiting for results from the crime lab to find out what's in the pill. this guy from the dea shows pains can be slang for cocaine. but experts with partnership to end addiction. a nonprofit aimed at preventing teen and drug alcohol use say it could possibly be code for a couple of things there spent a lot of speculation as to what it is. >> weather and some kind of pcp, whether it's some form of kind of mean r and dm after the principal's letter and concern on and off campus shield says her kids wanted to stay home from school and refused to go the dance this past weekend. >> the decision. she's proud. they made their making good choices right there to not put themselves where, you know, things can happen tracks. the san juan unified school district is encouraging parents and students to talk openly about the dangers of drugs. >> even providing resources online for prevention programs. have a good relationship with your kids. and no matter what they share with you to not go off on
9:36 pm
them. advice shields, hopes other families also follow when it comes to any substance. >> and that was jeannie nguyen reporting for us tonight. the defense has rested his case at the murder trial of kyle rittenhouse the 18 year-old shot and killed 2 men and wounded a 3rd using an ar 15 style rifle. the shooting happened during a protest in kenosha, wisconsin last year. rittenhouse as he shot the men in self-defense. closing arguments are expected to begin on monday and now there are concerns about possible civil unrest across the country once the verdict is handed down. >> we're in the bay area today. several vetlrans say services were held to honor those in uniform who used to wear uniforms and alameda special ceremony here on the uss hornet was held to honor the men and women who fought for our country. >> there were several speakers including a woman from jamaica. so moved to the u.s.. >> became a nurse in rose to the rank of lieutenant. we asked her what she thinks about veterans day.
9:37 pm
>> i think about all of those who have served and mostly honestly truly the states soldiers and sailors who have gone forth and their family because sometimes they're the forgotten ones without our family. we couldn't do our jobs. and have been. the community recognize the free them that they have due to the service of these brave men and woman and mind you is volunteer. that's and that's just an awesome thing. and that's what i think >> and what a veterans day it was today. weather wise lots of sunshine. more on the way. we'll have that weekend forecast coming up next. and in sports, the hardware just keeps rolling in for the giants. a 107 wins. >> that guy had a big hand in it. buster posey. he's retired now going to plenty of time to dust those trophies sports
9:38 pm
director jason dumas says details coming up. >> but first, another veteran we want to recognize for their service. this is lieutenant colonel jeremy taylor who spent 30 years in the u.s. air force. we want to thank you, colonel taylor and the best on veterans day.
9:39 pm
9:40 pm
>> and now kron 4 sports. >> the warriors were back at work prepping for the rams on
9:41 pm
monday. night this. both teams may roster moves at the wide receiver position today, the niners cut jalen hurd while the rams signed this guy odell beckham junior. i think both moves are pretty on par right. the move actually are truly in the cave. the direction each team is trending in which begs the question, will the niners plays with the sense of urgency to do this. definitely there's a big hunger to win there's a huge sense urgency. >> i think when i think our guys have been through more than that group of and they've had more so there's a different type of disappointment, a different type of frustration. but hunger the energy. that's all still there. when you do have losses and things like that. it's it hurts. but. >> i don't i don't often were in the right way. you are trending in the right direction. could because your expectations are going up. and i think that and our locker room as a whole guys have that mindset have that feeling. and we just have to, you know, go execute now.
9:42 pm
>> believe it or not, i hadn't even seen that sound bite and i said they're trending in a bad direction. he says in a good direction. i guess we'll see on monday. anyway. buster posey may have retired, but the honors keep coming. he won his 5th silver slugger award posey hit 3, '04 with 18 home runs this evening helping leading the giants to a franchise record, a 107 wins and a division title. it's 5 silver sluggers are the second most in giants history behind yours truly barry bonds who had 9, even close. the warriors put on a show wednesday night at the chase center. >> it looked like a dunk contest. at one wiggins led the way with 35 points that will still too. the dubs close out the season. hi, eight-game homestand friday night against the chicago bulls who will be without center nikola vucevic who tested positive for covid draymond green. he's questionable with a thigh
9:43 pm
contusion. the bulls. they're tied for second best record in the nba behind your golden state warriors. >> they've got weapons now in and the pieces of the puzzle. set really well. no, i haven't watched them a time as i said, all watch the more today. but just a. you know, from afar. is it. it looks like everything's clicking much going to be great when they're playing great basketball. we're playing great >> i'm sees over there. so i'm i'm i'm glad to the match against a c. >> all right.
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but our here, we are just getting started. says. >> loves pregnant just couldn't wait for their son to be bored. apparently little guy couldn't wait either. you know that. will thomas johnson, who was born a week early and on his parents front lawn, the military talk to the family about their unexpected and fast delivery. >> no one was expecting him to be born that have definitely. i wasn't emily johnson wasn't due for another week when she started to have contractions late thursday evening. it was slow at first. but when it was 5 minutes apart. >> she and her husband michael prepared to go to the hospital. then the contractions started coming are going to make it. emily's mother was on her way to watch their older sign-up blake. >> the last phone call i got from michael said it's going
9:47 pm
scary fast. get here quick. he tells me she tried to get into this car right here. but new she wasn't going to make it ends up coming right here on to the grass in deciding this was the spot i totally did not want to have a baby but the johnsons tell me that's what ended up happening. >> and it was all caught on their ring camera >> emily's mother christy arrived at 1030 about 5 minutes after emily tried to get in the car. >> just 12 minutes later she delivered the baby night as the paramedics pulled up, his head was coming out as they were getting out of the vehicles. dad got to cut the umbilical cord, the scalpel on the front yard. >> mom >> and baby were taken to the hospital after the delivery and are healthy their older son was in the car seat watching his mom delivered baby thomas on the lawn
9:48 pm
grandma christie says she talked to her about it later that night. i said you know, mom superhero, they can be. i'm not super hero now. >> she and thomas in vacaville amanda hari kron 4 news. >> in national news we're following a big case out of georgia defense attorney for one of the 3 man on trial for the killing of ahmaud arbery tried to have the judge limit the number of black pastors in the courtroom. >> obviously there's only so many taken half and the fact that passes al sharpton right now. that's fine. then that's it. one more black package coming here for other jesse jackson, whoever was in was here earlier this week saying with the victim's family trying to influence a jury in this case. and i'm not saying the state is even aware that mister sharpton was in the courtroom. wasn't aware of it until last night. i think the poor can understand my concern about bringing people in who really don't have a ties to
9:49 pm
this case other than political interests. >> the defense attorney says he's concerned the presence of black pastors could be an attempt to intimidate the jury. reverend al shower released a statement on twitter in response to that saying in part the arrogant insensitivity of attorney kevin in asking a judge to bar me or any minister of the family's choice underscores the disregard for the value of the human life lost in the grieving a family in need of spiritual and community support. the judge judge said that he was not making any blanket ruling about attendance in the courtroom. father and son greg and travis mcmichael and their neighbor. william roddie, bryan are charged with murder in the february twenty-twenty killing of arbery defense attorneys say that travis mcmichael fired in self-defense. all right. weather time now as we take a live look here. >> this is the bay bridge toll plaza on a thursday night on
9:50 pm
force. chief meteorologist lawrence karnow here to talk about this warming trend for yeah, we've got to be friday. coming up tomorrow. get ready for the weekend. looks like the weather settling in to be very nice. if you've got some plans, you can get out there and enjoy the nice sunshine thanks to a little bit on the soggy side outside as we've had all that rain to start out the season but looking good today. and boy, it looks good out there tonight. skies are mostly clear, maybe hit the fog developing along the coastline, something to watch out for in the central valley. we are seeing some of that dense to leave fog developing. so if you're going down, i 5 or 99 down toward fresno early tomorrow morning, heading toward los angeles. be careful. you're likely to run into that. you might want to wait about 9 o'clock or so get that fog a chance to lift a bit and then head on down. the meantime, though, yeah. around the bay area tomorrow. looking good. how these numbers 69 in the mission tomorrow about 63 in the sunset. 63 also in overnight of 62 in half moon bay. then we start to roll in those 70's as you head inside the bay. 70 millbrae 71 in burlingame, 72 in woodside
9:51 pm
tomorrow. a beautiful sunny 73 in san mateo, south bay filled with 70's, even mid 70's a camel in cupertino about 74 degrees in santa clara 74 also in san jose east bay up in the mid 70's by tomorrow afternoon as well in these numbers really looking fantastic running above the average for this time of year. 71 degrees in berkeley, 71 in richmond, 74 in concord, 71 degrees and lay on 72 in benicia back along the coastline, we may see a couple patches of fog but not long and then those temperatures warming up in the mid 60's at stinson beach because 75 in san anselmo. so some very nice weather ahead looks like it is going to stick around for the weekend high pressure in control. that is sending the jet stream well to the north, the key things, mostly clear, although some clouds begin to move north skies on sunday. i think that cooling trend right about the next tuesday. that means you've got a whole weekend to enjoy the beautiful weather. thanks for that. it dry out a little bit. thanks, lawrence. square health tonight. most of music is a way can impact our
9:52 pm
moods. maybe bring back some old memories will. now a study says listening to our favorite songs can reduce the effects of alzheimer's. if you're suffering. that's because the first time you hear a song. it is stored in a separate part of the brain. experts say. >> away from the regular semantic memory and that is especially true. if the music has some kind of deep emotional significance for the listener. the memory is recorded in the auditory cortex which can help all simers patients. expand collapsing. neural pathways and reconnects with distant memories. >> well, the cdc says that the global threat of measles is becoming a more serious problem mostly because more than 22 million babies have missed getting vaccinated because of the pandemic. measles, of course, is one of the most contagious viruses known. it has killed more than a million people as recently as the year 2000, the cdc says measles vaccination program to
9:53 pm
prevent more than 31 million deaths worldwide every year. up next, oakland natives and is known for her roles on the big screen. but today she made history. >> in the fashion industry.
9:54 pm
9:55 pm
>> so at about getting high for a good cause. french daredevil is making his way into the record books. all for the benefit of others. >> what it on
9:56 pm
>> think it. >> that is and i look to you to try to say this right. that is. >> revenue of all who has broken the world record for standing on a hot air balloon at altitude. he's at 13,000 feet right there on top of the darned thing. that's crazy. ready. >> and random number in meters. it matches the digits of a phone number. >> to the french telethon campaign. 3637 the annual event raises money for research and advocacy related to rare muscular diseases. the search is way past his previous record of 4,000 feet and is already contemplating a new stunt for next year's telethon. actress-singer in oakland natives and became the youngest recipient of the c f d a s fashion icon award this
9:57 pm
week. >> the 25 year-old was presented with the fashion icon award by supermodel him on 20 ten's recipient of the same award at the south ceremony yet wednesday night, last night in new york. the euphoria star grace, the awards wearing a red to peace vera gown and diamonds bible right. and that wraps up kron 4 news at 9 congrats to her superstar in the making. keep it here. local girl brought up her. so private. >> also proud veterans, right. yes, the veterans day. thank you for your service. we're going to have a lot more on that coming up next, our kron 4 news at 10 is our coverage continues with catherine heenan and pam moore all right. grant vicki, thanks to you both. coming up next at 10 o'clock. >> chaos on the golden gate bridge today. dozens of people protesting the vaccine mandate, a car collided with a street sweeper during the incident. injuring 2 chp officers shutting down traffic. what we know tonight about the collision and the so
9:58 pm
police in the east bay. they're trying to find the woman who stole a car with a one year-old girl in the back seat. a woman who later ditched the car with the baby still inside what we're learning about the case tonight. those stories and more coming up on kron 4 news more coming up on kron 4 news at 10. the classic hollywood story. we meet the hero, the all-new nissan frontier. hero faces seemingly impossible challenge. ♪ tension builds... ♪ the plot twist. ♪ the hero prevails. in hollywood, this would be the end. but our here, we are just getting started. introducing the all-new nissan frontier.
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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news.


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