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tv   KRON 4 News at 8am  KRON  November 12, 2021 8:00am-9:01am PST

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>> heartbreaking morning for students and teachers at san francisco's sherman elementary as they head back to class at this very moment. but sadly their teacher will not will tell you exactly what's going on in a live report to help the students deal with the tragedy. >> and we're following breaking news from overnight. 3 babies in 3 separate incidences are safe after the cars. they were in were stolen right in front of their parents. i've got the latest details on each coming up in a live report from the newsroom. >> and a reward now offered to find the gunman behind a toddler who was shot and killed on 8.80 in oakland. >> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning news at
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>> and thanks for joining us on a friday. you're just that much closer to we could just get more work day. yeah. the good news, those matter. what time you get outside today. looks like the weather is going to be fantastic. it's already starting off on a really great note on their is in for john trey blood gang. good morning, rebecca. good morning, guys. yes, it really is starting off on a great note. and if you like sunshine. >> and warmer temperatures than it's going to be a perfect day for you really is going to be a perfect weekend because we're going to see this warm weather. stick around over the next couple of days outside right now. you can see all the sunshine here in our south bay zone. this is a live shot of downtown san jose right now and things are only getting brighter and brighter and warmer and warmer. these temperatures slowly starting to climb or we see more 50's on the board. now we're trying to get out of those 40's. but 56 in hayward right now, 57 in berkeley, 57 in san francisco. and then a couple of stragglers. those 40's still and a couple spots in the north bay. but all those are going to be replaced by a upper 60's and 70's. i'll
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have my full forecast coming up reyna rebecca, thanks to that. so we're starting to see more hot spots in the 8 o'clock hour. >> the richmond center fell bridge. you got to accident right by the tolls here and so things are slowing down 5.80, westbound about 24 minutes for your drive at this hour. we're going to be close eye on that here. the bay bridge we had issues during the last hour we had a disabled vehicle and someone outside of that vehicle on the bridge. now that those 2 things are off of the bridge at this moment safely a little under 22 minutes heading into the city to that fremont street exit down in mountain view. you've got an accident. northbound one. oh, one south ellis street. so we are seeing delays along one. oh, one and 2.37 as well. and a traffic hazard, a disabled vehicle along 8.80. the northbound side just south of marina boulevard. that's in san leandro. so you might want to take 5.80 or one 85 to try to get around these delays starting. james, back to you. thanks a lot. it's 8 '02. let's get back to the breaking news that we're covering this morning which are. >> 3 cars swiped in 3
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different cities and 2 in the bay area. all with kids inside and all the kids. >> are okay. we want know that. what are the odds of that happening. are any of them connected. that's another big question being asked this morning. 2 of them could very well be there close enough conquered in pittsburgh. for more on all of this, let's get to the newsroom right now. kron 4. sarah stinson has been following the story on the ones closest to the bay. sarah. >> yeah, that's right. we've got to police departments, both pittsburgh and conquered looking for the person who stole a car with a baby inside in 2 separate incidences. take a look at the emotional moments in concord last night when a mother was reunited with her baby holding her for dear life. can you imagine the 4 month-old baby was in the car last night at 10. '03, when someone jumped in took off with the baby still inside the parents stepped out of the car for just a moment before they knew it. the car, the baby were gone. police say it
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was a terrifying call to get. but they've thankfully found the baby 20 minutes later or so. >> no one has been arrested yet. police will be looking at surveillance video this identify the person involved meanwhile, concord police say they can not believe a similar incident happened earlier that night in pittsburgh. take a look at video from that scene moments after police finally found that suv on your screen and the one year-old girl who has been reunited with her father nutley this morning. police, though, they're still looking for the woman who stole the suv with the daughter still inside. police say a woman jumped in and drove away with his daughter. the baby's father was right outside the car that i'm talking to someone but left the engine running an amber alert was issued. police got to work and they finally found the suv after the woman abandoned it with the baby still inside this after just 7.30 last night in a parking lot near some apartments in pittsburgh. >> it was weird because they had heard the baby screaming crying, screaming crying and
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then they looked in their last. the life of a missing near the door was open and they got the baby. is is scares me because i asked. >> i mean, question one had to pick up the challenge. this is crazy. this is crazy. this is >> little did she know there's 2 similar incidents happening around the same time the suspected car theft thief is described as a white woman with blond hair in her 30's with a face tattoo on the left side. she has not been found yet to conquer police. they're actually going to be talking with pittsburg police. of course they have to go through every single avenue right. are the 2 incidents connected. we'll have to see if they are or are not. but in the meantime, looking at surveillance video in the areas, making sure they can identify who is responsible and where they can give that information to us at the kron 4 news room and we can give it to you. so i'll have another report in about 30 minutes. for now, back to you. >> all right. thank you very
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much, sir. right now. what we do know is those are not connected to what happened in auburn. it was where a car was swiped with a 7 month-old inside in the city of auburn, which is far from the bay area and it was a different situation. plus the cut. they caught the woman who did it right. this was all this all played out when the parents were dropping their kids off at a child day care center. that's when police say 2 women jumped into the car took off with the baby inside. here's. >> video of the road. they traveled down before ultimately crashing into utility pole. luckily the baby inside was fine. but that's when the women jumped out. one was arrested right there at the scene that the other made it off into the woods. it took police an helicopter and night vision cameras to finally track are down about a half hour later. she is now under arrest. parents are just happy that that child is find out. >> all right. also happening today. the oakland chinatown chamber of commerce is expected to announce a reward for any information leading. >> to the rest of the shooter who fired a stray bullet that struck and killed 23 month-old boy on interstate 80. so the
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reward is expected to be about $10,000 in size. the incident happened last saturday we told you about jasper wu who was riding in the car with his mom when again, that stray bullet entered and struck and killed him. he later died at oakland to children's hospital. the oakland chinatown chamber of commerce is expected to hold a news conference later this morning and we will bring that to you when it happens on our kron on app. that's our 24 7 news app. make sure you download it. >> 8. '07, and happening now, students are returning to class in the first time since a teacher's aide was struck and killed near sherman elementary school in francisco. and those kids are going to need some help processing and. >> working their way through this tragedy. crawford's will trend is out there at the school this morning. we've been following the story. well. >> and absolutely devastating morning for the staff members and the students as the vigil for andrew zemin continues to grow. this is actually right across the street from the school that he was trying to
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get to sherman elementary. people are stopping by dropping off flowers writing more notes to his family. making sure that the candles are lit 2 days ago he was trying to cross this intersection here at franklin and union to get the sherman elementary at around 8 o'clock in the morning when 2 cars collided into each other and collided into him. he was either in the cross walk or standing right here. but look at how close he was to the school. this is the first a fact for the students as yesterday was better and stay. so they have grief counselors on campus. he was able morrissey. >> thank you, eva, for spending time with us. tell me about mister andrew. >> he was a funny man. he would locked me and my friends and the after can't the school and he would always like going to the jax games.
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>> was he funny? was he talkative? can you share your stories about mister andrew kids day friday and he was. >> at top. it kind of shy man. but he was really kind helped a lot of people. i'm certainly sure you will miss. i am. >> mom. can you come here? here's claire. before. there are grief counselors. obviously parents, you serve as a great pass the right to to say to >> i mean, i knew she would hear about it at school. so i thought it was important. she heard about it from me. sochi it. we miss that somebody was hard and i explained to her that it was miss to andrea. and that he was heart by car and we didn't really talk up to that. but she had a little cry and said that she didn't want it to be true and we just we've spoken about it a little bit but dead yet. so she confused, especially as a 4th grader little young. definitely she has some understanding of what death
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is, but not really close like very upset. >> thank you so much. i'm sure mister andrew was very proud of thank you so much. this is franklin. it is notorious for speeding. the cause of crash still under investigation. but reportedly obviously speeding is being looked into and the drivers could possibly face charges. the city of san francisco is looking for ways to possibly slow down drivers regardless of whether or not speeding was a factor. this area here is famous for speeding and san francisco. >> this is the 12th pedestrian death involving a car and somebody like mister andrew standing minding their own business and all of a sudden they were hit. >> thank you very much. well, for that interview. that was great. >> 10 right now. 5 people were hurt. during a vaccine protest at the golden gate bridge and you can see where this
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happened. it was a vehicle hit a street sweeper. you can see the crash that happened there and you can also see all the protesters behind that. well, it turns out of the 5 victims, too, were police officers and 3. we're actually a golden gate bridge district workers. so of those with the injured people now earlier. we'll take a look at the protest before this, which was at the welcome center. that's where it started. and at one point the protesters tried to cross the authorities were able to keep them from doing that. hundreds of people were at this protest. they are upset about government vaccine mandates. one man has died and another was injured in an apartment fire in brentwood. zeroing in on the area where this happened on nancy street when fire crews got there, they found the 2 men. one, they were able to revive and take to the hospital. but the other died and the dog also didn't make it. it's not clear what started that fire. >> we'll take a break at 8. well, still ahead on the kron 00:00am morning news to people looking to become oakland's
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next. mayor are responding now to the recent uptick in gun violence will have their comments in a moment. plus, a backlog at shipping ports is one of the main reasons why we're seeing a surge in prices. we're going hear from shoppers who have been impacted at the grocery store.
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>> 14 right now and james is trying to get me to care about science well, actually, you're just trying to get me care about the earth what they do.
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and i just want to know how it works. she's just you know what, tell me what the weather is going to be like sunshine. all enjoy that of the high. but i don't that part for you. okay. haha. so go outside the area this weekend to for a walk. these e i go to the park, right. we could handle >> because that guy's going to be gorgeous sunny and warm across the bay area need no formulas. and you know, formula, know, what does it mean in layman's terms. oh yes, i can break it down for you. i mean, we're talking like thanksgivings in 2 weeks skies and we're going to be a seeing 70's still for the next couple of days. try to head outside, make some outdoor plans over the weekend this weather is not to last much longer. of but outside right now just soak it all in lots of sunshine. the star east bay's own the camera on top of our berkeley hills here. you can see a little bit of the fog. but just really light this morning and it's going to open up to a lots of sun and mostly clear skies for the
8:16 am
entire bay area temperatures starting to move once again 50's and even a 62 right now in pacifica, 58 degrees in berkeley right now. 49 still in the late hope for guidance and but all these are going to change the warm conditions. once we get closer to the afternoon high pressure we saw yesterday. we're going to see it continue today and even into your weekend bringing us these warmer conditions and lots of sunshine and no rain in the forecast. all of that sticking to the far north of us. so going to washington are going to the wet weather and we're going to stay nice and dry across the bay area and just enjoy all warmer than normal weather for this time of year. and as we get to looking at the high temperatures. find your neighborhood. we're going to see a lot of 70's. 70 degrees in downtown san francisco. if you're going to be heading to downtown oakland. a high of 72 expected. lots of sunny skies there. 73 in concord today, a warm spots going to be in the south bay warmer 76 expected in downtown san jose and 75
8:17 am
degrees in mountain view. looking ahead, we're going to see it through the weekend like i was mentioning these nice temperatures inland. we're going to see mid 70's low 70's around the bay and 60's at the coast next week, though, we are going to be looking into some changes. i'll have those in my seven-day around the bay coming up later right. rebecca, thanks for that. all right. >> so we do have some accidents out there. this in the city northbound one. oh, one north of 80 east. so we are seeing delays as you're traveling along one. oh, one in san francisco because of the accident. no major issues along to a so that's the good news there. last time we checked in, we had an accident on the richmond. sandra fell bridge, thankfully they've been able to get that accident clear. that was right by the tolls. a little under 16 minutes now heading out to richard across towards sandra fell, the bay bridge a little under 22 minutes as you're traveling. but we do have some issues here. so 80 westbound east of west grand avenue. an accident just popped up there. if you're going a little further down 5.80, eastbound
8:18 am
east at fiu van avenue. another accident there. still some issues in the maze issues approaching the bay bridge and also here in san leandro, you've got this traffic hazard, which is causing all types of delays along 8.18 to 38 so that south of marina boulevard. i would say maybe 5 8185 if you're trying to get around that darya. james, back to you. thanks a lot. rates. 8.18, and for your money this morning. >> the backlog of the shipping ports. and as part of the reason that everything costs. so much of the grocery store. yeah, because it's all still out there. prices for just about everything. >> areaclimbing higher and higher. really no sign that they're going to coming down any time soon. unfortunately when i do get that magazine rack after like 6 months. i'm bringing in and i'm going to show you. don't worry about that. let's take a look at the gfa lead to call because he did a whole story where he talked to shoppers about how bad is to pay for a list of the grocery store. >> with thanksgiving. 2 weeks away. judy burmeister stopped by safeway on clayton road in concord to get a leg up on
8:19 am
preparing for the holiday meal and the trip turned into a costly visit china turkey just a very small 10 pound. turkey was 20 to 90. >> so i i can't believe it.3in fact, she did a double take. i said, are you sure you did that right. i made go through it again because i couldn't believe the price. so, yes, it has doubled it has doubled and our paychecks have not double and good luck making breakfast. bacon prices are up 20% this year. eggs are 12% more expensive inflation and the struggle grocers and their suppliers are experiencing trying to keep shelves stocked are contributing factors actually just fried our last bacon this morning from what we purchase. so i don't know what the prices on the next purchase, although some shoppers say they feel like they're being gouged. ultimately they'll make the purchase if they need the item. >> rather than spending extra time looking for a bargain. i used to do that with my father in law. and it drove me crazy because we had to go to a lot of stores in one day.
8:20 am
>> and so now i just go the first or you can and get what they need. shoppers seem to have better luck finding deals at the food. max down the street deals that were mostly off brand if they were not already sold out everything to me is double and economists say shoppers should expect prices to rise well into next year. >> in concord phillipe djegal all kron 4 news. >> well, we also have happening today britney spears may finally be free from other people controlling her life. there's %oing to be hearing in la today to decide whether to end her conservatorship altogether. we know that her father was in charge of her finances for the last 14 years. but that ended in september when a judge suspended her father from controlling her money any longer. another person, though, did take over the conservatorship. since then, britney is expected to appear at today's hearing by video and we'll let you know what the judge decides, if anything. meanwhile, another national news, a defense attorney for one of the 3 men on trial for the killing of ahmad arbery tried to have the
8:21 am
judge limit the number of black pastors in the courtroom. take a listen. >> obviously there's only so many pastors 2nd half and the fact that passes al sharpton right now. that's fine. but then that's it. more black package coming here for other jesse jackson, whoever was in was here earlier this week saying with the victim's family trying to influence a jury in this case. and i'm not saying the state is even aware that mister sharpton was in the courtroom. i certainly wasn't aware of it until last night. think the poor can understand my concern about bringing people in who really don't have a ties to this case other than political interest. >> yeah. he went on to say he was concerned that the presence of black pastors in the courtroom could in his words, intimidate the jury. the judge, though, said he's not going make any blanket rule about who can attend the trial in his courtroom. father and son greg and travis mcmichael and their neighbor. william bryan are charged with murder in that february twenty-twenty killing of
8:22 am
ahmaud arbery defense attorneys are arguing that travis fired in self-defense. >> the defense has rested in the murder trial of kyle rittenhouse 18 year-old who shot and killed 2 men and wounded a 3rd protest was happening in kenosha, wisconsin last year. rittenhouse as that. it was self-defense closing arguments should begin on monday. >> we'll take a break. a 22 coming up on the kron 00:00am morning news listen to this. a bay area mother gives birth in her own front yard. it was caught on doorbell camera. tried to make of the hospital
8:23 am
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welcome to this world. you have some big shoes to fill. people will tell you what to eat. everyone will have an opinion. and, yes, there will be tears. lots of new introductions. sleepless nights. that's normal.
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okay. so many new toys. it's not going to be easy. but, together, we got this. kaiser permanente. thrive >> 24 in and the a family in vacaville has ring camera and you know how everybody has and they you could see deliveries happened. you know, if amazon drop something off their package at the front. this is a little different. yeah. there was a package camera. >> and the delivery was made. but the way anybody plan. emily johnson is the mother and she gave birth to baby thomas on the front lawn of her home. and as daria said, it was all caught on that doorbell camera. here's a a little story on and harry has the latest. >> no one was expecting him to be born that have definitely. i wasn't emily johnson wasn't due for another week when she started to have contractions late thursday evening. it was slow at first. but when it was
8:26 am
5 minutes apart, she and her husband michael prepared to go to the hospital. then the contractions started coming faster going to make it. emily's mother was on her way to watch their older sign-up blake, the last phone call i got from michael said it's going scary fast. get here quick. he tells me she tried to get into this car right here. but new. >> she wasn't going to make it ends up coming right here on to the grass in deciding this was the spot. i totally did not want to have a baby but the johnsons tell me that's what ended up happening. >> and it was all caught on their ring camera >> emily's mother christy arrived at 1030 about 5 minutes after emily tried to get in the car. >> just 12 minutes later she delivered the baby night as the paramedics pulled up, his head was coming out as they were getting out of the dad
8:27 am
got to cut the umbilical cord, the scalpel on the front yard. >> mom >> and baby were taken to the hospital after the delivery and are healthy their older son was in the car seat watching his mom delivered baby thomas on the lawn grandma christie says she talked to her about it later that night. i said you know, mom to superhero. they can be. i'm not super hero now. >> she and thomas in vacaville amanda hari kron 4 news, rebecca had all 4 babies and work up into it. you got to have the baby in the studio didn't make it. we have all these can you imagine better than a ring camera. 27 is the time sarah coming up in the next hour, we're following breaking news from overnight. 3 babies, 3 separate incidences all safe after the cars they were in for stolen. i have the latest details and video
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>> all 30. let's get back to that special delivery at the weather. i mean, for summer that's right. that is right. i'm back. doing the weather filling in for john travel this morning. and what a good day to fill in because it is going to be sunny and warmer on the bay area. and it's friday at all is just an absolute perfect outside right live cameras around the bay area just very sunny and temperatures are going to start changing warming up and look at how clear this is a nice shot of the golden gate bridge. sir suture tower
8:31 am
camera giving us a nice bird's eye view of the bridge in parts of san francisco and the north bay highs today downtown san francisco, 70 degrees 72 in oakland. and if you're going to be in san jose. it's one of our warmer spots for this afternoon at 76 degrees. the weekend is shaping up to be just as good. i'll have all those details coming up. brain for becca. thanks for that. we're nice and light at the start of the morning now not so much. >> we have a couple accidents this one in san francisco, northbound want to one north of 80 east. so we are seeing delays along one o one then crossing over to the east bay. 80 westbound east to west grand avenue is just as you're approaching the bay ridge got another accident there and a little further down here along 5.80 eastbound east a food mill avenue in oakland international might be a good option because you can 80's also pretty slow at this hour as well. heading out of richmond that accident on the richmond sandra fell bridge. that is now clear a little under 17 minutes and we'll leave you with a look at the bay bridge about a 24 minute
8:32 am
drive once you finally do reach the maze darya james, back to you. thanks a lot rain now this is about people leaving their cars running and other people swiping them with children inside 3 cases of this happening yesterday. pretty incredible. one up in auburn near sacramento. the other 2, though, closer to home. >> in pittsburgh and in concord, we've got kron 4, sarah stinson in the newsroom where she's been following the very latest on these 2 in the east bay bizarre story. sarah. >> yeah. can you believe it? 3 separate incidences into right here in the bay area. we've got to police departments, both pittsburgh and concord looking for the person in their case who stole a car with a baby inside in those 2 separate incidences. take a lsok at the one that happened in concord emotional moments in when the mom was reunited with her baby holding her for dear life. the 4 month-old baby was in the car last night at about 10, '03 when someone jumped in the car took off with the baby still inside the parents stepped out of the car for just a moment before they
8:33 am
knew it the car and baby were gone. police saw when they sit, they said that it was a terrifying call to get the hate these types of called that thankfully they got together and they found the baby 20 minutes later than fully. no one has been arrested yet. police will be looking at surveillance video this morning to try and identify who is responsible concord. police say they can't believe a similar incident happened earlier that night. but in pittsburgh, take a look at video from that scene is in the moments after police finally found the suv and one year-old baby girl. her baby if a girl who was reunited with her father this morning. police are looking for the woman who stole his suv with the daughter in the backseat. police say a woman jumped in drove away and the baby's father was outside of the car at the time talking to someone, the woman, the woman actually asked him for seager. i said no. she took off in the car. amber alert was issued. police got to work. they finally found the suv and the baby safe inside after the woman abandoned that car since
8:34 am
it was 7.30 last night in a parking lot near some apartments in pittsburgh and the people heard the baby crying from inside the suv. they reported that they went inside the suv and found that baby. so that is the good news. but unfortunately they are still looking for the suspected car thief and she is described as a white woman with blond hair in her 30's with a face tattoo on the left side. she has not been found yet. now concord police, they told me they're going to be working alongside pittsburgh police first they need to make sure are these 2 connected. if not then they know they go their separate ways help each other. how they can. but they're also reviewing surveillance video in the areas where both of these incidents happened trying to get a better look at who's responsible. specially concord police that way. they can tell us a description we can get it out to you can figure out who did this for now reporting live in the newsroom. sarah stinson, back to you. all right. thanks, sarah. >> well, let's also talk about that. a 3rd incident than the one that happened up in auburn
8:35 am
that one involved a 7 month-old who was inside a car. the mama never driving as they're trying to drop. >> the child off at day care. and in this case they did catch the people who took off of the car. so let's take a look. these 2 women jumped into their car as the parent was dropping off a child at the day care and then the women led police on a chase in that car. the end that they ended up crashing the car into a utility pole. and remember, the baby was in the car. so that's the fear. and look, look at the scene. but the baby was fine. not injured. now. they arrested one woman at the crash scene and then the other one took off and it was dark, but they used infrared and actually caught that one as well. about a half hour later. it is a 35 right now and 2 people running for mayor of oakland are weighing in on the gun violence happening in the city. we told you yesterday on the kron 00:00am morning news about 3 different shootings that have recently happened in oakland just 12 hours apart during a 12 hour period. so the 2 mayoral candidates are offering their plans to address gun violence. >> it is important that we have a law enforcement
8:36 am
presence to hold the line while we are also investing to address the root causes that lead to the public safety challenges we face. i have fought for better public safety. >> we fought for historic investments in violence. prevention is always important that if we can prevent this from happening before it happens. that is what we should do. >> as of this morning. the city of oakland has had a 119 homicides so far this year. >> in the east bay richmond mayor tom is accusing fellow city council members of plotting a coup. this all comes a day after the council voted to condemn him for comments that he made in recent months about the richmond city manager. the issue stems from the mayor's news letters that he regularly posts on his website and on several occasions. the mayor has disparaged the job performance of city manager laura snide men and the city attorney to resist recur tuesday. the city council voted to direct the city attorney to censure him for improperly disclosing attorney
8:37 am
client information. well, we've heard back from the mayor and he responded in part by saying, quote, as a city council member and mayor. i have a duty to be critical. if warranted of the city manager and let her know when and how her actions fall below what i believe the community expects. now the city attorney's already resigned and is expected to leave office in january. in the south bay san jose police have arrested a man who's accused committing crimes while acting as a spiritual healer. 42 year-old, jorge never ready is accused of crimes, including the rape of a child under the age of 15. police say it happened between october 2020 and august of this year. unclear where exactly he was serving as a spiritual healer or if there are more victims out there, but that party investigation now is ongoing. >> for your help this morning. the cdc is warning parents not to forget to protect their children from the measles because it's a serious health problem and more than
8:38 am
22 million babies have missed getting their measles vaccine because the pandemic measles is one of the most contagious viruses known and the cdc says that measles vaccination programs prevent about 30 million deaths worldwide every year. so they just urge you to make sure that your baby has the measles vaccine and also they want you to get your child a covid shot, too. and in the north bay, there are 3 schools in sonoma county that are starting their vaccine clinics for little kids 5 to 11. today's location healdsburg fitch mountain elementary school that's at 3 o'clock and healdsburg rosen elementary in santa rosa is starting. there's a 3.30 and then at 4 o'clock shots are going to be given on a dunbar elementary in glen, a. >> we'll take a break here. 38 coming up on the kron 00:00am morning news a 9th victim has died. now following that chaotic astroworld music festival in houston with the latest on the story just ahead. plus, the renewed push for clean energy here in
8:39 am
california, the goals that governor newson the setting for our state. and the warriors back home again tonight as they continue their homestand they'll be taking on the chicago bulls and then
8:40 am
8:41 am
>> what a 41 in national news. a texas college student is now the latest to die from the astro music festival in houston where this crush a 50,000 people crushed each other. so this is the 9th
8:42 am
victim now it's 22 year-old bharti shahani. she passed away last night. and as you know, there were hundreds that were injured and 8 other victims who were killed. plus, there are many in the hospital checked a 9 year-old boy is still in the hospital in a medically induced coma. and as for the other 8 people who died. they range in age from 10 to 27 years old. there are also multiple lawsuits now springing from this disaster and and just tragedy that happened at that concert. a 42 is a time. we'll be right back.
8:43 am
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>> we're 45 is the time and california is joining a new global partnership aimed at reducing fossil fuels. you see the acronym there. bogut stands for beyond oil and gas alliance. it was launched at the climate summit in scotland this past week. the goal is to encourage countries to make the transition get off of oil and gas and get on to cleaner. energy sources. governor newsome says the climate change obviously is a big problem that can't be ignored anymore. and it's yeah. impact in the world. and of course impacting us here in california. extreme heat extreme while fires extreme drought and a growing recognition. >> of the adverse health effects that climate change is
8:46 am
impacting upon our communities as well as increasing financial costs. >> yeah. the governor has pledged to end the sale of gas cars in california by the year 2035 and then phase out oil production altogether by 2045, which by the way, we just did the average guess a gas car. you know, what is it like 45 to $5,000. >> kristy swanson. a 46 is the time right now. want to get a look at the weather before you head out the door is pretty nice out there yeah, really has guys. there's a lot to look out around the bay area because all of our live camera showing the same thing pretty much lots of sunshine and blue skies. >> we're going to start to feel things warm up as we get closer to the lunchtime hour behind me here. you can see a nice shot of a coit tower. we're seeing and not a cloud in the sky. no fog in san francisco. it's a gorgeous day to go take a walk. maybe want to take dog out, go to the park. it's going to be beautiful and not just today, saturday and sunday as well. so a great weekend ahead for you. but we're looking at a breakdown of temperatures. so
8:47 am
find your neighborhood 60's and 70's today throughout san francisco downtown. you'll be at a high of 7064 in the sunset district this afternoon bay. there's going to be a lot of sunshine there with a high of 70 degrees and 72 expected in millbrae the 70's continue san carlos and redwood city of how long. so all in the mid 70's it's 75 degrees for those highs. it's going to be really warm in the south bay, especially for a november and it being about 2 weeks away from thanksgiving. campbell, a high of 77. we're expecting today in downtown san jose 76 with a lot of sunshine livermore 73 degrees. union city 74 east bay shoreline continues in those low to mid 70's as we move oakland and berkeley both coming in at that high of 72 degrees. and so we're going to be seeing vacaville and fairfield in the low 70's nap is going to be at 72 youngsville 74 youlget the picture, right. it's going to be beautiful. pretty much no
8:48 am
matter where you're going to be a later on this afternoon point raise 70 and a little bit warmer inland towards nevado at 74 these temperatures like i was saying the weekend is going to be pretty much the same. just gorgeous. so take advantage of it. a little bit of sunshine and cloud cover mix. so once you get into sunday, so enjoy this warm weather because we're going to start to see a dip as we get into next week, it looks like things are going to get back to normal and highs will be in the low 60's by thursday, that good things for that. so we had several accidents pop up in this last hour. >> this one here in san francisco, 80 eastbound, west of 7th street. they just were able to get this clear. and so hopefully we're going to start to see just a little improvement as you're traveling along one. oh, one in 88 here in oakland this other accident. 80 westbound east to west grand avenue. they were able to just clear this off of the highway and so hopefully we're going to start to see some improvement as you're traveling along fine, 8088 another accident here. update on that 5.80, eastbound
8:49 am
east a food mill avenue in oakland no longer see that there i do see residual delays along 5 8880, traveling out of richmond. we had an earlier accident here at the start of the hour. that's no longer there. little under 17 minutes, the bay bridge. and now we're sitting at about 25 from earlier accidents and hazards in the earlier part of the morning and also this traffic hazard here in san leandro, north and a south of marina boulevard. so we are seeing delays along 8.80. so 5.80, or one 85 might be a good alternate darya. james, back to you. thanks a lot. less exports warriors going to be playing again tonight at the chase center chicago bulls come into town and the forty-niners are getting ready for a big divisional matchup too. >> monday against the rams a little buster posey news to kron. 4 sports director jason dumas has a look. the forty-niners were back at work prepping for the rams on monday. night this. both teams may roster moves at the wide
8:50 am
receiver position. >> the niners cut jalen hurd while the rams signed this guy odell beckham junior. i think both moves are pretty on par right. the moves actually are truly in the cave. the direction each team is trending in which begs the question, will the niners plays with the sense of urgency to do this. that definitely. there's a big hunger to win there's a huge sense urgency. >> i think when i think our guys have been through more than that group of and they've had more so there's a different type of disappointment, a different type of frustration. but hunger the energy. that's all still there. when you do have losses and things like that. it's it hurts. but. >> i don't i don't we're in the right way. you are trending in the right direction. could because your expectations are going up. and i think that and our locker room as a whole guys have that mindset have that feeling. and we just have to, you know, go execute now. >> believe it or not, i hadn't even seen that sound bite and i said they're trending in a bad direction. he says in a
8:51 am
good direction. i guess we'll see on monday. anyway. buster posey may have retired, but the honors keep coming. he won his 5th silver slugger award posey hit 3, '04 with 18 home runs this evening helping leading the giants to a franchise record, a 107 wins and a division title. it's 5 silver sluggers are the second most in giants history behind yours truly barry bonds who had 9, even close. the warriors put on a show wednesday night at the chase center. >> it looked like at dunk contest. at one wiggins led the way with 35 points that phil, the dubs close out the season. hi, eight-game homestand friday night against the chicago bulls who will be without center nikola vucevic who tested positive for covid draymond green. he's questionable with a thigh contusion. the bulls. they're tied for second best record in the nba behind your golden state warriors.
8:52 am
>> they've got weapons now in and the pieces of the puzzle. set really well. no, i haven't watched them a time as i said, all watch the more today. but just a. you know, from afar. is it. it looks like everything's clicking much going to be great when they're playing great basketball. we're playing great >> i'm sees over there. so i'm i'm i'm glad to the match against the sea. >> i like. that just yes. is unabashedly. just like look at my smile because sometimes like, yeah, i'm really excited and i can't wait to be great. >> that's what it looks like when single. that's what beaming looks like. oh all right. anyway. tipoff time. 7 o'clock tonight for the warriors. and again, don't forget the radar. the niners on monday against the rams. >> it is a 52 right now and the the defending national champs and women's basketball started their season with the winds. hosting a morgan state 7 cardinal players scored 9 yeah. the defending champs
8:53 am
rolling. >> over the bears 9136 the final stanford expects a much tougher test come sunday. they're going to hosting the texas longhorns. we'll see how it goes. we'll be right back.
8:54 am
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8:56 am
disneyland. yeah, they're getting ready. >> they've got the cranes out. they've got the lights up. they've got it all look in sprit there is an aura yup and they even have a little tiny minority in a store front. what is that? how you a little something for everybody. >> what a big one out light and a person that i like the tree, though. these days. all get down there with the kids to go check out main street when it's all lit up like it's got to be magical. and here's what's more magical to me is the snow because, you know, when you go to disney in december, they make it snow every night and it is so fantastic credible. right. well that they've got it all set up for you to enjoy 56 right now coming the next hour. >> oh, my gosh. it was a special delivery for one home in vacaville. this baby would get away. haha. >> warren that a minute. and speaking of babies, 3 of them. we're for at one point in cars that had been stolen. luckily, everybody is okay. but a
8:57 am
bizarre story. we'll see if there's any connections. we'll have details in a minute. and kids are back in school and in san francisco where a teacher's aide. >> was struck and killed by a car would have a live report on that next. credible
8:58 am
8:59 am
difficult assignment today at sherman elementary. >> tragedy and death. that's what's being talked to right now talked about right now in classes their teachers will
9:00 am
not be in class with him, obviously because of what happened. we'll tell you exactly what happened in a live report and have reaction. >> and we're following breaking news from overnight. 3 babies in 3 separate incidents are safe after the cars they were in or got the latest details each coming up in a live report from the newsroom. >> and a reward now being offered to find the gunman who fired the shot that struck a toddler in a car on 8.80, in oakland. >> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning news at know. >> it's the finest hour on finals day friday and daria. >> and and i'm james and we couldn't ask for a better friday to the end. the week on it looks absolutely beautiful outside right now all around the bay stars are aligning, outfits are aligned. it's all worth now. >> and rebecca is here to tell us about the weather for john. good morning. are back. that's right. good morning, food


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