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tv   KRON 4 News at 630pm  KRON  November 12, 2021 6:30pm-7:01pm PST

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collided with a street sweeper. both heading northbound. >> exactly. why is still under investigation are still trying to figure out last one went, right or what exactly happened. >> regardless, the 2 vehicles collided went off to the right and struck a golden gate bridge. but for truck, there were 5 individuals to seize the officers and 3 ridge personnel stand on other side of that truck. so the question went into them. it forced the truck into those 5 individuals the to chp officers and one golden gate bridge worker. >> were transported to a hospital for treatment. but they're now back home recovering the 2 other bridge workers were treated and released at the scene chp says this accident was unrelated to the unpermitted protest. but one motorists to the chp says was connected to the protests was arrested earlier in the afternoon that man allegedly stopped his vehicle in a lane of traffic. hp>> got out onto the roadway with protest signs and fought law enforcement officers who
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ordered him to leave maureen kelly kron 4 news. >> former president trump adviser steve bannon was indicted by a federal grand jury today for contempt of congress than and is being charged for refusing to answer questions from the house committee investigating the january 6 capitol riot. the justice department said the 67 year-old was indicted on one count for refusing to appear for a deposition and the other for refusing to provide documents in response to the committee's subpoena. if convicted, he could face up to a year behind bars and a fine of up to $100,000. he is expected to turn himself in on monday. >> developing news tonight more lawsuits announced after that deadly astroworld music festival in houston with more victims being laid to rest yesterday. officials announced the death tollpnow stands at 9 after a 22 year-old texas, anm students come to the brain injury. she suffered during that crowd surge. funeral arrangements for 2 chicago
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area. friends have been planned for later this month. both men traveled to houston to attend the event which was headlined by rapper travis scott. scott has said he'll cover all funeral costs for the victims. earlier today famed personal injury attorney ben crump announced that more lawsuits related to the deadly incident have been filed. this morning. >> we are now son, the foul and. >> overnight the more lawsuits in this matter. >> we will make sure. >> that they get justice because this should have never, ever happened. >> meanwhile, scott's attorney is speaking out publicly for the first time. here's what ed mcpherson had to say about the investigation this morning on good morning america. >> obviously was a systemic breakdown that we really need to get to the bottom of before we start pointing fingers at anyone. he's up there trying to perform. he does not have
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any ability to know what's going on down below certainly on a mass level and he has flashed thoughts going off around him and he has monitor that that has music blasting through it in his own voice. he can't hear anything. he can't see anything. >> that person was asked why travis is set went on for 40 minutes after a mass casualty event had already been declared and for sun claims. scott's team was never informed and that police of the show were also not acting like it was a mass casualty event since last friday. more than a 110 lawsuits have been filed. one of the crew members on board the blue origin space flight was killed in a plane crash yesterday. >> 49 year-old glen to fry died in a single engine cessna after it crashed in new jersey. 54 year-old thomas fisher was also killed. authorities have not said exactly who yas piloting the plane. the frey who co-founded a tech company shared his 10 minute ride to the edge of space with actor william
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shatner and 2 4 zone forecast as we get bird's-eye view of downtown san francisco, beautiful shot. and lawrence has the weekend shaping looking good around the bay area, that's for sure. but. >> you know, some folks may want to get away. and i think this weekend is going to be the weekend. you're pretty good to do it just about anywhere you go, we're going to see some great conditions not only here but around much of the state. no rain to worry about. the one thing you may want to worry about is some of that fog out there for tonight, though. nice, clear skies out towards sfo, no delays being reported in san francisco. oakland or san jose. otherwise the monterey bay. how about that? looking? very nice tomorrow you're looking 63 degrees in monterey, 67 in carmel, 76 degrees in the carmel valley and southern california going to be very warm. as you see those temperatures running well in the 80's anaheim about 88 degrees. if you're headed that direction. 72 in long beach, mid 80's in the downtown los angeles. the high country. of course they have the snow earlier this week with now. well, we've got some
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nice dry conditions up there. almost spring-like conditions. you plan on doing a little skiing up there. do expect him to be a little slushy into the afternoon. temperatures mid 60's in the trucking about 61 south lake tahoe. if you stick around for the weekend. should be a beautiful weekend out there. high pressure in control, maybe a few more clouds on the way come sunday and even more so as we get to monday. but right now looks like things should stay dry. there's a slight chanc you could see some light showers moving in on tuesday with a very weak system. but yeah, the one place you might want to check out the u head early tomorrow morning is got to check out the roadways early on, the central valley. we're starting to see some of that tooley fog developing there that will be the concern going forward here not only now, but i think uh oh, for the days ahead here as we start to see some of that nasty fog develop late night in the early morning hours. and that is that fog. that is right down on the surface. so if you're going along, i 5 or maybe a 99 be careful in the central valley as you head throughout the weekend over the next couple days. looks like it should be a great weekend. ahead, lots of sunshine our way tomorrow should be just a gorgeous day. maybe cooling
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just a little bit on sunday. more cooling, more clouds by next tuesday. no one was expecting him to be born that day. >> an early delivery. a baby delivered right on the front lawn. and it was all caught on camera. we're going to tell you the about the unexpected arrival of a new family member coming up. >> plus a boy born prematurely beating the odds and setting a new world record we'll explain that. and in sports from las vegas raiders coach jon gruden is suing commissioner roger goodell and the nfl. we'll tell you what we know about that lawsuit.
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boy considered to be the smallest surviving premature baby is beating the odds and thriving curtis means is now 16 months old, curtis and his mother returned to the alabama hospital that cared for him after his born at 21 weeks gestation. anyway, just get this 14 ounces at birth. his twin sister did not survive his mother, michelle butler says is just a typical toddler. >> he's very now. >> at first the you know, he was moving slow. so. pink. the slide them a few let stand the like. you want to ahead take office star walk in you know. >> babel at the >> and he's cute. curtis spent his first 275 days in the neo natal intensive care unit. you
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still need supplemental oxygen and a feeding tube during his visit with hospital staff. curtis was awarded the guinness book of world records certificate. >> and the north bay a vacaville family enjoying life with their newborn son who came earlier than expected in lee johnson gave birth to baby thomas right on the front lawn of their home and the delivery was caught on the family's ring doorbell camera. this happened last thursday night. the mother tried to get into the car to go to the hospital but baby thomas does could not wait. >> the grandmother was there to help deliver the baby on the front lawn just before the paramedics arrived and the dad was there to help too mom and baby with then taken to the hospital after the delivery and are both healthy. >> no one was expecting him to be born. that have definitely
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i dad. got to cut the umbilical cord, the scalpel in the front yard. >> the >> johnsons say they do want another baby. they just planned to go to the hospital much earlier for the next one. wow. >> next. finally free. a judge dissolves britney spears conservatorship after a conservatorship after a lengthy legal battle how the dry eye symptoms driving you crazy? inflammation might be to blame. inflammation: time for ache and burn! over the counter eye drops typically work by lubricating your eyes and may provide temporary relief. inflammation: those'll probably pass by me! xiidra works differently, targeting inflammation that can cause dry eye disease. inflammation: xiidra? no! it can provide lasting relief. xiidra is the only fda-approved non-steroid treatment specifically for the signs and symptoms of dry eye disease. one drop in each eye, twice a day. don't use if you're allergic to xiidra. common side effects, include eye irritation, discomfort or blurred vision when applied to the eye, and unusual taste sensation. don't touch container tip to your eye or any surface. after using xiidra, wait fifteen minutes
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spears is free today a judge in los angeles ended the conservatorship that has controlled her life and money for almost 14 years as a ruling marks the end of what spears has described as, quote, a demoralizing and traumatizing chapter of her life. >> lauren lyster reports from downtown la where fans cheered as the decision came down. >> mild outside the courtroom. as soon as the news came out freebritney no longer a plea now a reality effective immediately. >> the conservatorship has been terminated. as to both the person and the u.s. state. >> cheers for the pop star's attorney after the monumental hearing a judge officially ending the conservatorship to britney spears has made clear she feels is abusive. the legal arrangement has controlled the pop star's money and much of her personal life for over 13 years. her father, jamie spears until recently having much of the control this conservatorship.
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was corrupted. >> by james p spears. britney's attorney accusing jamie spears of taking millions of dollars from his daughter but pursuing legal action. he says will be up to her for now those who have supported the free britney movement is the culmination of it i feel like i'm dreaming. >> and that was lauren lister reporting tonight. the judge's move was widely expected with little support left for prolonging the legal arrangement. no new arguments were offered in today's hearing. spears did not attend but more courtroom battles could lie ahead. both guard has further promise to pursue an investigation of james spears role in the conservatorship. he said that he and his team have found mismanagement of britney spears finances suggesting that she could pursue a further legal action. court records put her net worth at about 60 million dollars. all
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right. let's check our 4 zone forecast on this friday with a look at the beautiful golden gate bridge glistening in the night sky. it sure is pretty out there. if you're thinking about something to do. >> we just haven't had the guy who can give us some yeah, guys. friday night is time for for fun looking for something to do. >> this weekend. this is a nice way to start out your weekend. how about the coffee festival in san francisco. they're going to be over a 100 different displays of coffee and all that wonderful smell. can you imagine walking into that place that's going to be at fort mason in san francisco starting at 09:00am. it will be a little bit cool, which is perfect. grab a couple of hot cups of coffee, maybe a couple of dozen. i mean, it is going to be some kind of festival there. it will be a cool morning. just a bit of a light breeze plan on those temperatures in the mid 50's. another you may want to leave the coffee festival. if you've got all that energy may want to go to this. this is the free roller disco and burning man art car festival that is going to start at noon in san francisco. that will be both
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saturday and sunday temperatures. they're going to be the upper 60's by the afternoon should be a lot of fun. enjoy that it should be some great music and some great dancing out there on the skates as well. and if you like lego's as much as me. boy, a lot of fun with those growing up and still love to play with them. but don't like to step on those right grant. that's right. yeah. those those hurt a lot. yeah. brick palooza festival that is going to take place in santa rosa. they're going to have all kinds of different legos that starts at 10 o'clock in the morning temperatures there expected to be low 70's. it will be mostly sunny just a little bit of a breeze in the afternoon and this one also a great one to the chabot space and science center has opened back up again in oakland mean go there. that starts at 10 o'clock. you can see the lunar capsule right there behind you can actually crawl in the real little capsule. if you want mostly sunny skies temperatures. they're going to be in the low 70's and it will be nice, beautiful weather all weekend long and it looks like that weather is going to hold. if you want to head there or if you have some ideas for some for fun things. please
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send those to me in l karnow at kron 4 dot com. i'd love to put those on the air for you. so should be a great weekend. ahead, high pressure is taking over those temperatures are going to warm up nicely. beautiful weather for tomorrow. maybe slightly cooler on sunday. a few more clouds move into the bay area ca monday by next tuesday. there's a cold front that moves of the state may be far northern california sees a couple showers. we are on the other hand, will just see some passing clouds. and i think some cooler temperatures in the tuesday and wednesday of next week. have a great weekend, everyone. >> and now kron 4 sports. watch out for lego's. it has been just over a month since jon gruden resigned as raiders head coach after. >> those emails surface where he repeatedly used racist misogynistic homophobic language. but drama surrounding gruden. some say it's just getting started. today. it was announced that gruden is suing the nfl and nfl commissioner roger goodell green's attorney releasing a statement about the lawsuit that reads in part, quote, the
6:49 pm
complaint alleges that the defendants selectively leaked gruden's private correspondence to the wall street journal. new york times in order to harm gruden's reputation and force him out of his job. gruden is likewise suffered significant injuries to his reputation that will affect his future employment prospects and endorsement opportunities end quote. the league has responded calling the allegations meritless vowing to fight the claims scrutiny was just approaching the middle of a 10 year, 100 million dollar contract to it. he wag basically forced to resign. according to the lawsuit, he is not receiving any money left on that deal. more than 50 mil. after losing her longtime face of the franchise buster posey to retire at the giants are gaining stability in the dugout. the team announcing today that manager gabe kaplan, i signed a two-year extension that will keep him with the team through the 2024 season. kepler took over the squad before the pandemic shortened 2020 season. and in
6:50 pm
his first full year as manager this year. capper led the giants to the nl west title and their best regular season in franchise history with 107 wins. meanwhile, across the bay. the a's are planning to honor longtime announcer and player ray fauci by inducting him into the athletics hall of fame. next season, better late than never. fossey was a catcher for the a's in the 70's when a pair of world series titles with the ball club. just such a loveable fan favorite right after retiring. he came back to oakland where he became the teams beloved color commentator from 1986 up until this past august when he stepped away due to his longtime battle with cancer. fauci passed away on october 13th alright hoops now and any time you've got this guy doing his thing. boy, it's hard to say that any sort of success is a surprise. but very few
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people predicted the start that the warriors would have this season. they've the best record in the league. it's not even close at 10 1 and perhaps what is even more surprising is just how they're doing it. yes, stef has been doing steph, things otherworldly. but it's the other guys, these role players who have stepped up in the early part of the season. people like gary payton, the second who can jump out of the jim jordan poole who you saw there and damian late step-brother law who all played a big part in the team's hot start and that gives a lot of people sky-high expectations for when klay thompson makes his long-awaited return and would have james weisman lives up to the hype. he's coming back to. and a team, though that might also be just as surprising as the warriors as the chicago bulls and they are in the bay area tonight. they're 8, 3, tied for the best record in the east. it was way too early in the season to say this would be a finals preview head coach steve kerr who once got punch by michael jordan when they were both on the bulls
6:52 pm
says tonight's matchup is a good early season test. >> they they they present a lot of derozan and ted levine has won 2 scoring punch. i think they're both in the top 6 or so individual scoring and their defense has been excellent. so that's a great, great early season challenge worse. >> sure should be fun at 10 years. it's interesting that curry, you know, play with the bulls that so it obviously has an attachment to that team and now he's going up not as much. not as as with tht beef. and i mean, yeah. online tip time is at 7 o'clock. yeah. this is a game homestand. so they're going hit the road after this. but it was funny to hear michael jordan and steve fight. you know, they had when they were both with the bull. steve kerr won 3 championships. yes, chicago. he one other championships of san antonio is a remarkable put apparently phil jackson
6:53 pm
was calling these with jordan claimed to be ticking tack fouls during a practice session and jordan's like, hey, you're trying to protect this. this little guy, you after a final fell that phil jackson called on michael jordan. he was defending steve kerr. george's hall. it often punch them. oh my her in the face and he didn't do it. he should punch phil jackson. well, he but kerr said jordan called him later that day to apologize and that was what really cemented their trust. you know, steve kerr ended up being, you know, the guy who took the game winning shot. one of those jordan trusted him enough to give him the ball. but it is here to take a punched to get that point. that's a good story. the last the last dance is fun. and all right. thank you. you bet. coming up, a family's plea on little girl with her special teddy bear of their that she teddy bear of their that she lost during a hike last year.
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>> new tonight at 6, a young girl has been reunited with a very special teddy bear. 6 year-old naomi pass kyle has had the teddy bears has been adopted from an ethiopian orphanage and she thought it was gone forever. she forgot it along a trail in glacier national park in wyoming last year. >> well, now thanks to a social media plea and the sharp eyes and soft heart of a park ranger that teddy bear is
6:57 pm
back in her arms her father says that the bears return to his daughter is a story of hope and kindness and people working together. that is adorable. so there are nice little bears in the wild. yes. so you can take that's it for kron 4 news at 6. we'll be back at 8 o'clock. have a good evening. have a knife aiming
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time.♪ >> britney's big day. plus, "dancing with the stars" contestant suni lee pepper sprayed. >> she said she was targeted as she stood here on the street. >> then, fleeing the funeral. what happened inside that provoked this mass exodus and kyle rittenhouse's mom versus the president. >> president biden don't know my son. >> plus, concert mayday. >> deborah: the just released police tape. >> and 5,000 fans didn't


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