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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  November 13, 2021 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at know. they have been out there on the line on their own. primary strike for 2 months now. >> and we decided to step in. it's time to get them back. >> now at 9, 50,000 kaiser permanente workers will be off the picket line and on the job next week after both sides reached a tentative deal to avoid a strike. that is where we start this saturday here on kron. 4 news at 9 o'clock. welcome. and i'm jonathan mccall and i'm justine waldman. this tentative deal will last for 4 years and it would. >> potentially cover kaiser employees and 22 local unions conference monday. harry has details now on the agreement as well as 2 unions that are still bargaining. she's here now with us in the newsroom. the 2 unions that are still negotiating right now are the guilt of professional
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ph2rmacists and the local 38 operating engineers. >> but for 22 other local unions. this was a really. >> celebre tory tweet from the alliance of healthcare unions it's as we did it. after months of hard work in solidarity. we won a new tentative agreement with kaiser permanente in a statement executive director of the union. how ruddick says this agreement will mean patients will continue to receive the best care and alliance members will have the best shops. the tentative agreement is a four-year contract covering nearly 50,000 kaiser permanente, health care employees in 22 local unions. the agreement includes new staffing language to continue to protect employees and patients. >> annual wage increases mean team benefits and provides career development opportunities for union-represented employees. but kaiser newark house spokesperson karl sonkin says some groups are still
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negotiating, quote, we're continuing to bargain in good faith with the guild for professional pharmacists and local 39 operating engineers and hope to reach agreements very soon nurses with the california nurses association are standing in solidarity with the local 39 operating engineers. >> they'll be holding a 24 hour. sympathy strike from 07:00am. this coming friday until saturday morning. it's just awful. it is there. >> we see them out there with their signs registered nurse diane mcclure works at kaiser south sacramento she says these engineers maintain the medical equipment that there are a vital part of keeping the hospitals running smoothly and appropriately and safely. she says they're going to stand by them until they can come to an acceptable agreement with kaiser permanente. we need them back in the hospitals. are a vital part of keeping the hospitals running smoothly.
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>> the members of the alliance of health care union still have to vote to ratify the tentative agreement. if they do, it goes into effect on october. first 2021 so they will get retroactive pay increases live in the studio. amanda hari kron 4 news. thank you so much, amanda and some of our covid-19 coverage tonight. the san diego county judge has dismissed a lawsuit that challenge california school mask mandate. the lawsuit was filed by the embassy group called let them breathe known for leading efforts opposing mandatory covid precautions in schools across the state. let them breathe argued that the masks harm children, social mental and physical health and claim that wearing any type of mask should be a choice. the judge dismissed the case outright saying governor gavin newsom has the legal authority to enforce universal masking in california. and out of los angeles tonight, a judge has denied a request submitted by the los angeles city's
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firefighters union, which would have prevented enforcement of the county's vaccine mandate for government employees say superior court judge instead scheduled a hearing for december. second to address the issue. an attorney for the union argued that if the request was not honored, the city could find it difficult to staff all the stations once unvaccinated firefighters are placed on leave. >> fewer americans are now working in nursing homes according to unions, representing long-term care workers who say that the industry has lost more than 220,000 jobs since the beginning of the pandemic that's down 14%. the big reason burnout unit. union officials say that nursing homes are short-staffed and overwhelmed by pandemic cases voting motivating many of them to leave their jobs all california adults are now eligible to receive covid-19 booster shots. yesterday. california state health leaders instructed medical clinics and pharmacies to not turn away anyone requesting
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the shot. the boosters, though, are available for anyone over the age of 18 and 6 months after a second pfizer or moderna shot or at least 2 months since a single dose johnson and johnson vaccine. a week after testing positive for covid-19 green bay packers quarterback in california native aaron rodgers has been activated off of the covid-19 list and is eligible to return tomorrow against the seahawks. rogers has not practiced with the team all week but is still expected to start tomorrow for the green and yellow. >> now let's talk about our 4 zone forecast as we take a live look outside here at san francisco to view from our sutro tower camera. no fog blocking the shot tonight. but the fox in return for our inland communities. morrow driving back from sacramento today. it was it was really thick. you can barely see just in front of me, the next car in front of me this afternoon as well. that can be kron four's more meteorologists marisa rodriguez here tonight
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with a look at what else is on the way as we start sunday. yeah. and we're going to track another day of above average. temperatures. widespread 70's in the forecast. >> let's take a look at your saturday night for those of you heading out the door, not tracking that low fog bank out there right now throughout the east bay over berkeley crystal clear skies. but we are seeing a mixture of 50's and 60's right now mid 50's along our beaches for pacifica and even half moon bay seeing the return of fog. carla making its way into our coastal cities with fremont at 57 degrees. san jose, though 61 degrees as his berkeley and for those of you in the north bay. we're tracking widespread low to mid 50's with petaluma on the cooler side right now. 52 degrees. but when tracker for overall calm winds. we did see winds out of the north today and that actually helped decrease our air quality. so we did notice some pretty hazy skies out there away from the immediate coastline specifically around the bay
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area shoreline and those of you in the east bay. so the poorest air particle still out there right now. moderate to poor air quality and those winds and above average temperatures out of the north once again going to bring us moderate air particles for the 2nd half of the weekend as well. so he did notice the haze out there. you weren't the only one. it wasn't cloud cover. in fact, it was hayes from those poor air particles and radar for tracking very dry clear conditions for most of the bay area. but we're going to see the return of rain arriving thursday afternoon lasting through your thursday evening. find out how much rain as they track this upcoming storm hour by hour, my full forecast in just a few minutes. jonathon just seen back to you. risa. we'll check back with you in just a few moments. thanks. >> today. meanwhile, marking one week since a stray bullet from a freeway shooting killed a 23 month-old jasper wu in oakland. a $10,000 reward is now out there for any information that leads to an arrest. we did bring you this as breaking news last saturday here on kron 4 in the shooting
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happened with jasper and his family were headed home on the south lanes of i 80 in oakland to now that oakland chinatown chamber of commerce is offering reward. >> police are saying that they believed this reward money can help. but to locate the shooter. it's going to take a lot more than that. >> i think it's a collective effort. i don't think money along as they beat you. we need people to feel remorseful for this family. we need people to feel empathy for what happened and we need people to think about what if this was a child of yours. what if this was a relative of yours. would you want people to bring that same information forward so that the people responsible could be held accountable. i think they would. >> a go fund me page for jasper has already raised more than $100,000 so far. details on his funeral have not yet been released speed. meanwhile, is being blamed on an early morning crash that killed a 19 year-old man. >> it happened on i 5.80 at the 14th street off-ramp. >> according to chp, the 19
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year-old driver was speeding before hitting another car. the driver died at the scene. chp officers say that no one in the second car was hurt so far. there's no word of drugs or alcohol also played a factor in the crash. the name of the driver so far has not yet been released. 2 people are recovering tonight from an early morning shooting in oakland. officers say they found a man shot on 9th street just after midnight. a second victim showed up at the hospital just as police actually got to the scene. investigators say both victims tonight in stable condition. the case is still under investigation. >> here's what's coming up during kron, 4 news at 9 o'clock tonight. how a little boy is doing after being taken from his mother allegedly by his father. >> folks in the north bay fed up with side shows the response. they say they're getting or not getting from local police. >> but first the impact inflation in the higher number of americans quitting their jobs is having on everything we get from groceries to holiday gifts.
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>> for your money tonight, another round of california stimulus checks are in the mail. the state franchise tax board is issuing nearly 750,000 checks to those who filed paper tax returns this year. some of the payments will also be direct deposits in order to qualify for the
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$600 payment. you must have earned $75,000 or less per individual in 2020. this is the second round of the golden state stimulus payments and checks could take up to 3 weeks to arrive. but that check if you get one likely will not go as far as it would have this time last year because inflation is continuing to surge across the nation this week alone. we learn more than 4 million americans quit their jobs in the month of september. >> companies. meanwhile, are desperate to fill the millions of open jobs and consumer prices know hitting their highest 12 month increase in 30 years. >> pedro rivera has more. >> thanks. 5650, you'd be hard pressed to find a gas station with higher prices in los angeles in this mobile on the corner of losey and a gun. and beverly, even the regular gallon of gas is close to $6. it wasn't else. we says first choice, but she didn't think her car would make it to the next stop. i feel blessed
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that, you know, least i can get this gas and i can afford my life's. all right. now. i don't know is very scary out here and it's scary for shoppers according to the bureau of labor statistics. consumer costs are up 6.2% from just a year ago. it's the highest 12 month increase in 3 decades. president biden believes the problem is only a short-term issue because we do it right. >> we know what it will mean. we know what it will mean. don't create millions of new jobs and grow the economy. and we're going to almost see these. and i say yes, he's lowered inflationary pressures on our economy. >> employees are also dealing with what's being called the great resignation. new numbers showed a record 4.4 million americans quit their jobs in september. that's 3% of the entire american workforce looking to change their careers. many believe the change is due to people wanting to work from home better wages and better working conditions. >> it's a workers market right now. we know that people are looking for more dependable benefits. they're looking for
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wages that are higher and that's something that is incumbent on a lot of industries to meet the moment on. >> a moment. we're just days away from christmas and families hoping to put food on the table for thanksgiving. >> i feel for people, especially around the holiday time. so i just hope everybody can have a holiday season where they can afford even the smallest things. >> pedro vera. >> talk about our 4 zone forecast. not a live look at the city from on top of mount tam you typically would be covered by fog. but. >> not >> getting a very clear view right now in our meteorologist rodriguez is here now with a look at well, we can expect for sunday after a rather warm saturday is a sunday going. he just like that. you're in luck. it's going to be a rinse and repeat pattern for tomorrow as well. but let's take a look at temperatures today because we did warm up into the low to mid 70's. >> 48 degrees above average
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and for those of you in concord because of the 2 lee fog 64 degrees. so been pronouncing that fog wrong this whole night. i've been seeing tool fog when it's too early. so thank you. co-signed girl on twitter for telling me and educate on so there's that. i didn't know was called to lee. but thank you for that. let's take a look, though. daytime highs today san jose 75 degrees and we were about 8 degrees above average for warmest inland cities. but live look outside high cloud cover. not going to be an issue. we are going to see some hazy skies once again, but we will notice some changes by midweek. we're going to see storm cloud cover increasing wednesday night and then rain returning mainly for those of you in the north bay. we could see light scattered showers for your early thursday evening, maybe along the coast as well. but that storm track shifting a little bit west for now. so instead of impacting most of the bay
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area. it's primarily going to benefit the coast and north bay. according to this latest model run. so fingers crossed that we actually get some rain on thursday. it is going to be on the lighter side. half an inch of rain for those of you in the north bay and really just about a quarter of an inch along the coast or less. so just keep that in mind. future cast for though we are going to see the return of the to leave fog for inland valleys in the north bay and east bay and then even the return of fall carlo along the coast as well. so we are going to see some low cloud cover. high clouds, though, not going to be an issue for your sunday. we're going to start and end the day with plenty of sunshine. once that low fog bank lives by around 11 o'clock for your sunday morning. when tracker for though, calm winds out there right now and temperatures for the most part, 50's and 60's. right now we're seeing about 54 degrees for those of you in nevado mid 50's for concord and downtown san francisco and san carlos in the low 60's for your saturday night. but overnight lows tonight,
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widespread low oo mid 50's a little bit cooler for concord and santa rosa on a count of that low fog bank in the upper 40's instead. so high temperatures tomorrow, widespread low to mid 70's with the exception of those of you at half moon bay 68 degrees, mid 70's for santa rosa and nevado in san jose. also at 76 degrees with oakland and hayward in the mid 70's has long taking a look ahead at your next 7 day forecast. seasonal temperatures arriving by tuesday, chance of rain. mainly for those of you in the north. according to the latest model run. but overall, nice to see temperatures cool down. it is fall after all. but we have been spoiled with 70's this weekend. so hope you got to head out and enjoy it because it was an absolutely beautiful today and equally as beautiful tomorrow. yeah. it's nice to open up the windows again, get some fresh air going in. it was really nice. >> give yourself pat on the back again. i mean, the bows kind of in no he thank you for thank god for your health tonight, a large hike is coming to medicare premiums
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that could hit the elderly on fixed incomes, particularly hard. the federal government blamed the coronavirus pandemic for this increase. the so-called part b premiums and the lowest brackets will rise from $148.50 to $170.10. this will happen next year. those who collect social security will see the largest cost of living increase in 30 years. at 5.9%, but analysts are saying that will likely be offset by inflation. to someone in your house nor. any takers on that. well, it could be worse than just an annoying could also be linked to sleep apnea snoring can be a key sign of obstructive sleep apnea, whicd is a serious sleep disorder and people where they actually stop breathing for 10 seconds or more to time. it's called obstructive sleep apnea because unlike central sleep apnea, which is when the brain occasionally skips telling the body to breathe obstructive
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sleep apnea is due to a blockage of the airways bye week. heavy or relaxed soft tissues. i was going say the kid deceased nor your kids, your >> not not allowed put this just so ed, tonight, shocking new video showing the moment a dad snatches his child from the arms of his mom then fires. we have little boy's condition that triggered an amber alert after the break. also tonight, the latest on britney spears. now that she is a free woman for the first time in 14 years. >> a look at after years of cou
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battles and a nationwide push singer britney spears is finally out of her 14 year conservatorship. but what comes next for the pop star reporter mary beth mcdade. >> gives us a look. >> as of today, effective immediately. >> the conservatorship has been terminated. has to go. the person and the u.s. state. >> judge's decision was welcome news to britney spears fans. her journey and of course, the pop star herself prior to the hearing. britney and her fiance sported these t-shirts on instagram expressing how much she wanted out of the nearly 14 year conservatorship and then after the announcement that she was
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finally free. the singer released this statement. good god. i love my fans so much. it's crazy. i think i'm gonna cry. the rest of the day best day ever. praise the lord. can i get an amen. today's ruling follows months of legal maneuvers legions of fans. shocking documentaries and spears testifying twice about how abusive the conservatorship has been. >> this conservatorship. was corrupted. by james p spears. >> pretty easy. journey says her father took between 3 4 million from her state in addition to a salary and a percentage of earnings. >> many people have asked about whether we will continue to investigate mister spears. the answer ultimately is up to my client. a temporary conservator put in place after her dad was suspended in september. >> we'll continue working with britney for a bit to help wrap up a few things. we have a
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safety net in place for britney both on the personal side. and on the financial side. so with the pop star perform again. what's next for britney. >> and this is the first time that this could be said for about a decade. it is up to one person. >> that was mary beth mcdade reporting for us tonight from los angeles. >> and it's the weekend. and i have your full fear forecast coming up because we're tracking a nice cool down not just for the bay area of the even for those of you heading to this hero right before thanksgiving day 2.
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>> that there are dozens of car spinning donuts and it startled neighbors in santa rosa overnight sideshows our problem all across the bay area. despite efforts to crack down. many folks say they are getting the same response when they called police to report it. >> kron forcefully juggle has the details. >> if you are forced to take a detour at west college avenue and put the drive-in this is why many of the cars as they did. that was just feeling. >> so they came very, very close to the crowd of people. the cars could not really be controlled. and i felt there was. great potential for it for a disaster.
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>> stated. they did see some people flying out of the spinning it happens often at least. >> once or twice a week. michele higgs and other neighbors say the side show lasted for up to 2 hours big says these disruptions have been happening for going on a year now in this residential area. this time she was one of several neighbors to report the activity. the police only to receive that officers who kept their distance i didn't understand why they didn't come right out. >> some neighbors say at least 70 people were in bowl and you see people hanging out of windows. and there's just bystanders that are getting hit. >> so making it kill it. is i mean, there's people and take out guns and started shooting and stuff. and so pushing the envelope to see. >> what they can do that at its height. was could have been a death. when i pointed that out to the lady of the
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well, something happens. we'll send out an officer to help, but we're not sending out anyone before the accident happens. >> i could not believe that out of 2. >> that shot. we left several messages with the police department for comment and clarity and have not heard back in santa rosa felipe ball kron 4 >> also in santa rosa tonight. one person is dead another seriously injured after a head-on crash between a jeep in an suv. police say when they arrived and corporate center parkway a challenger way. they found the driver of the jeep had already died. the driver of the suv was taken to the hospital. witnesses told police that the driver of the jeep was drinking in a parking lot shortly before the crash happened. police are not identifying either driver as the investigation is still ongoing in san francisco's mission district police got a call around 10 o'clock this morning about a 2 car accident at the intersection of 24th and guerrero streets. no word on what caused this crash. but we can see the damage here. we
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do know that 2 people were injured and both went to the hospital with what officials are calling non life threatening injuries. >> a 3 year-old boy abducted in sacramento yesterday has been found safe and hayward and police say the suspect is now behind bars. this is surveillance video of the moment that investigators say the little boy was yanked out of his mother's arms police say that the suspect is dead. he's 30 year-old joshua yango. investigators say he only he not only did he kidnapped the child. he also shot at his mother and another person before he was finally taken into custody. an amber alert was deactivated after 3 year-old leo and the suspect were found together in hayward this morning. police say that leo is safe and in good health. meanwhile, this is the 3rd time in less than a week. a child has been abducted in northern california. thursday. an amber alert was issued when authorities say a woman in pittsburgh stolen suv with a one year-old girl inside. this is surveillance video of who appears to be that woman jumping in the driver seat.
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the baby was found a short time later safe. police later arrested the suspect. meanwhile, just hours after that scene, a mom and her 4 month-old child were reunited after a van was stolen in concord that had the baby inside this all went down at the wing stop on valley road officers say they found the van with the child inside 30 minutes after receiving the initial call so far no arrests have been made in this case. >> funeral services are planned for 2 chicago men killed in last week's deadly astroworld music festival that took place in houston services will be held for franco patino and jake up neck. the men were among 9 people killed in the tragedy last week when officials say the pack. the packed crowd started rushing the stage. rapper travis scott who put on the event said he will cover the funeral costs for all the victims today. prominent attorney ben crump announce more lawsuits are
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being filed over the concert disaster. this morning. >> we are now son, the foul and. overnight the more lawsuits in this matter because this should have never, ever happened. >> scott's attorneys claim that the rapper and his team were never informed of exactly what was happening in the crowd of 50,000 people even though his set went on for 40 minutes after a mass casualty event had already been declared more than 110 lawsuits have now been filed. meantime, another major music festival is underway in las vegas tonight. one that travis scott was originally supposed to be a headliner for the day in vegas festival is now instead being headlined by rapper and singer post malone travis scott pulled out of the show about 50,000 people are expected to be attending and security is a top concern. organizers for this event say law enforcement and concert
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personnel will be watching the crowds all weekend long to make sure no one gets hurt. now to an interesting story out of san francisco where a walgreens store a valley has been forced to close as we are at the health department says. >> they had to close the store over a rodent infestation adding that it will remain closed until further notice today. kron 4 getting a chance to talk to some customers about it and the impact it will have for folks living in that area. >> i mean, it's incredibly inconvenient. it's the only drug store that we have in this neighborhood. so you know, what does that mean? you know, this is where i get my prescriptions filled not that i have that many. but. now where when i go, you know. >> so the health department says they will have to re inspect the store once again before it can reopen officials say this is the first violation like this at the store in at least 5 years.
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>> it's weather time as we take a live look outside here at the golden gate bridge on this saturday night. it's been a warm day across the bay. that's right. let's get you ready for the start of your sunday is that fog starting to roll back >> we've got a little break earlier today. but it started roll back in kron. 4 meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez here to get you ready to head out the door. yeah. carla making her presence known along our bay area beaches and even along golden gate bridge as well. so make sure to drive safely for your saturday night commute because we're already starting to see. >> some fog visibility reducing especially for those of you along the coast and even for inland, east bay valleys. so just a heads up there. let's take a live look outside san francisco international airport, all clear, not just along the roadways but also above the skies as well. we're tracking crystal clear skies as well. and radar for also tracking those clear sky cover conditions. for those of you in this year. a few high clouds overhead, but another
9:36 pm
mild day for your sierra forecast for your sunday afternoon flirting with 70's for trucking with south lake tahoe at 64 degrees. seasonal weather returning by tuesday with cooler temperatures cooling down 10 degrees from sunday's daytime highs into tuesday. we're going to stay mostly dry for the southern portion of the sierra, but the northern mountains of this year could actually get some light rain as early as monday night. so stay tuned for that. the kron 4 weather center temperatures out there right now. widespread 50's and 60's low 60's for downtown san francisco and berkeley. even san jose at 61 degrees. everyone else in the mid-fifties with the exception of those of you in petaluma currently 52 degrees. as you step outside for your saturday night by sunday afternoon, though, tracking another mild day with above average temperatures. about 5 to 10 degrees above normal low to mid 70's from coastal valleys with the exception of half moon bay 68 degrees and then we're gradually going to cool
9:37 pm
down to seasonal temperatures by tuesday of this upcoming week. staying dry from now. until then, back to jonathan just seen. thanks so much for a tesla driver says the company's self-driving software is to blame. >> for why he crashed his car. this happened earlier this month in orange county. the driver saying a beta version of tesla's full self-driving software caused his car to steer it to the wrong lane which caused the crash. no one was hurt. the driver has now filed a complaint with the national highway traffic safety administration. federal regulators say they've been asking tesla for more information about their beta testing program, including nondisclosure agreements signed by testers. we do have some new developments tonight out of the cop. 26 climate summit that's happening in an unprecedented move world leaders have drafted an agreement directly calling out fossil fuels and their role in global warming that deal was reached this morning after all, the talks went into
9:38 pm
overtime previous cop. 26 agreements have never cited cole. oil and gas as a driving force of climate change. the latest draft urges nations around the world to use clean power generators said accelerate efforts towards phasing out. fossil fuels. the agreement also refers to a just transition assuring people don't lose their livelihoods or any access to power when moving into green energy. >> environmentalist, meanwhile, say they are celebrating the passage of president biden's infrastructure plan. the bill includes billions to protect americans drinking water from dangerous chemicals. our washington dc correspondent raquel martin. >> has the latest. >> the u.s. toward package, invest billions of dollars to protect americans from lead poisoning as well as the clean up ethos, which is a manmade cocktail of chemicals found in drinking water across the country. >> investment ever made in history and water
9:39 pm
infrastructure epa administrator michael regan says families across the country can soon breathe a sigh of relief. the newly passed bipartisan infrastructure deal includes billions to clean up drinking water to eliminate the 6 to 10 million led high. >> that are still going and biking into our home. our churches are they came and helped water utility to remove dangerous chemicals known as p falls from the tap. that's extremely significant. >> but organizations like the environmental working group called the nearly 10 billion dollar investment to confront people's contamination. >> a mere down payment. the manmade chemicals are sometimes linked to illnesses like cancer. the organization estimates p contamination in the drinking water of more than 200 million americans friday ahead of a cabinet meeting at the white house. reagan said the new money will help the epa take even more aggressive action. these resources will be dedicated. >> to more health studies, a better scientific understanding developing
9:40 pm
career capabilities to develop regulations so that we are protecting the public. the epa recently released the people's road map. >> outlining the biden administration's game plan. but environmentalists are still calling on the administration to speed things up instead a nationwide people's drinking standard and it's unclear exactly when the epa will set that standard. we know some business groups as well as some republicans have urged more research before taking that action. but we do know a nationwide clean-up effort will soon be underway. and president biden will sign the bipartisan infrastructure package come monday for now in washington. raquel martin, back to you. >> a federal appeals court has temporarily blocked a house committee from getting former president donald trump's white house records. the documents were supposed to be turned over by today to the house committee looking into the january 6th insurrection on capitol hill. the appeals court stop the release until it can hear arguments in the
9:41 pm
case at the end of the month. meanwhile, former trump adviser and campaign manager steve bannon is expected to turn himself in at any moment after being indicted on 2 counts of contempt of congress. the charges come from bannon failing to comply with subpoenas from that house committee. at the the from the house committee investigating the insurrection bannon had cited former president trump's assertion of executive privilege for his reason for not cooperating. however, bannon was a private citizen at the time of the insurrection and not a formal part of the white house. he is expected to make his first court appearance sometime monday. still to come tonight he's not denying the comments that got him fired. what still former raiders coach jon gruden is suing the nfl saying it's their fault. >> that he had to resign the details after the break. >> plus, why sailors on board those massive cargo ships getting stuck at sea for months are saying they're out there way longer than they
9:42 pm
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>> a little discussed impact of both the pandemic and the supply chain issues that have followed is the impact this is having on the people who are on board are all of those massive ships that are stuck out at sea as well causing many sailors to be stuck at sea for months longer than they had initially anticipated. >> gina silva has their story.
9:45 pm
>> and lord. we pray in your holy name do this. you have them. you clear the backlog. >> it's a prayer for sailors from all over the world. crew members stuck on ships for months. just off the port of long beach because of a massive supply chain backlog due to covid restrictions and shipping delays. they sailors who were just allowed off their vessels in long beach. describe what it's been like. a lot of people have been complaining that they want to get off the ship in leave. >> because they've been on the ship for then more than longer than their current contract. my previous ship. i was there for 6 months when 9 on. when i knew i was supposed to be there for 4. they kept us there longer for another 2 months trauma, mental stress and the taxman from home. it's it's all sampson tiong is a reverend at lutheran maritime ministry. >> he goes to the different cargo ships at the ports of los angeles and long beach to
9:46 pm
pray with crew members in hopes of lifting their spirits that are 100 thing stories like suicidal thoughts. a divorce in the family death of a loved one. i heard new want to see the standing me that they would in mid waters and their father or their mother or load ones died back home. >> in well, what what country they come from and they could move that the usual contract for crew members is between 4 to 6 months. >> but with all the delays, the stay has been so much longer every day is a struggle. you know, for example, if you have a family. >> like i am married with 2 kids. so it's not it's it's a battle every day. you know, the sailor shared these photos that were taken on their ships photos that show how they try to keep their sanity. sometimes a good barbecue will do the trick of course, a visit from reverend is even better. lord. we know that
9:47 pm
many of them are stuck on the rest of for a long time. it is very important, too. >> have prayer have got in your life because you never know what goes on the ship and anything could happen. >> gina silva reporting for us tonight. >> a warning for consumers at these toys are on your christmas shopping list this year. the consumer products safety commission has recalled 13 toys saying they pose risks, including high levels of lead possible small parts that could be ingested or choked on by a child. the most dangerous toys are the calico critters nursery, friends, the missile launcher from toy smith and marvel avengers power f x. that's from hasbro. you can find a complete list of all these toys on our website. kron 4 dot com. instagram is trying to do something to moderate people to use an app in the wake of the recent controversy surrounding it and its parent company which was formally
9:48 pm
facebook, instagram announced it is testing out a take a break. feature. it sends notifications to users once they have spent a certain amount of app. this is coming after instagram was criticized for how affects the mental health of its users, including the younger ones as part of a leak of internal documents company research showed some teens became addicted to instagram and then lacked the self control to reduce their use. i think i'm one of those take a everything just get like stuck in the whole of like scrolling all the time. >> i mean, you can i can i get why some people do. i mean, there's a lot of content on there. you want to watch it. you want to see and you want to talk to folks like tickets are not good. take a break. are, you know, make sure you're the first person to sign up for that. i'll probably sign up for kicking and screaming. yes, >> which is ripping out of your hands. >> all right. let's talk about
9:49 pm
our 4 zone forecast a live look at the transamerica pyramid in downtown san francisco on this saturday night. we don't need to take a break from the weather years. our meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez. it's beautiful out there. kick and scream for yeah. no kicking and screaming for the weather. this is your moment of zen. >> create forecast heading our way serenity now and we're tracking some rain as well. so a little bit of everything for your micro climate outlook. let's take a live look outside half moon bay not tracking fog. karl out there, but we are seeing the return of that to leave fog specifically for inland valleys in the east bay and also some dense clouds forming along golden gate bridge am so keep that in mind for your saturday night drive drive safely. we're going to see temperatures once again above average widespread mid 60's for the marina district of downtown san francisco warming up into the low 70's. same for daly city 72 degrees as his elder not up winds out of the north and east. so it's going to change direction 20
9:50 pm
miles per hour or less. a little bit gustier along the san francisco peninsula boat brisbane 75 degrees with south san francisco at 72 degrees and temperatures pleasant for those of you in san mateo and san carlos, hard to believe it's almost mid november when we're still tracking 70's. so enjoy the 2nd half of the weekend because it looks like we're tracking cooler weather next week. more seasonal. so this may be one of the last mile weekends. we're going to have in quite a while. san jose 76 degrees with santa clara. also in the mid 70's low 70's. for those of you in livermore going to wake up to that to leave fog. so very stubborn, low cloud deck. there hayward, though 74 degrees with richmond at 69 or into and moraga in the low 70's as his walnut creek 71 degrees with the in the mid 70's and those of you in nevado and santa rosa 76 degrees in mill valley, even warming up into the low 70's and taking a look ahead at your next 7 day outlook. cooling down with the temperatures very seasonal mid
9:51 pm
60's exactly where we should be this time of year for mid november by tuesday. and then we're going to be in cruise control as far as temperatures go, but then rain chances look to return on thursday in the north bay specifically for santa rosa. we could see about half an inch of rain or less. everyone else in the bay area. about a quarter of an inch of rain or less so fingers crossed that storm track shifts a little bit south. we're done more to the east. so we all get a nice soaker with this upcoming storm there also be a long stretch without some rain. yeah, but it was nice having to atmospheric. rivers are already above average as far as rain goes for a wet season. so fingers crossed it stays like that. i think we need like how many ours could you handle. as many as it takes. all right there you just spread them out right. nice space in between each one. i think we're getting a little jealous or a little, you know, just a little jealous. >> the rain's been coming. we haven't had few we don't want to take a break from the rail. we don't. so thursday that's our day. it looks like joy. it. thank you. thanks.
9:52 pm
appreciate >> meanwhile, former raiders head coach jon gruden is suing both the nfl and commissioner roger goodell over what he describes was a quote, forced resignation after someone leaked gruden's e-mails that featured racist, mystic and homophobic comments gruden's lawsuit says that the nfl and goodell purposely leaked his e-mails to ruin his reputation and for some out of a job. the nfl, though, is denying all the all of the claims so far. a court date has not yet been set. still to come tonight here on kron. 4 news in. i will break down the favorite thanksgiving. >> side dish state by state. we trust and.
9:53 pm
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9:55 pm
>> one of the news law school graduates comes from a kansas university and is just 19 years young braxton moral graduated from high school and received a degree. from harvard at the age of 17. he started taking online classes at harvard at just 11 years old. now he's about to get his law degree from washburn university in topeka. he says he's ready to finally get out of the classroom and put all of his knowledge to work. >> we early. a big fan of learning in reading. but. it's important. i thought the the best. we didn't. >> an early christmas present that degree. he will get it in december and says he doesn't know what his next steps might be but will consider role in government.
9:56 pm
>> take a look at this fish out of water moment for this cheetah. tom, the cheetah took an early morning walk to visit some of his neighbors at the cincinnati before it opened up. he spent most of his time. >> the penguins, the african penguin exhibit to be exact watching those little guys dart back and forth under water. >> thanksgiving is almost here and the debate over which side dishes. the best still continuing survey by the website zipper created this map. we could put it up there to show which state likes would dish most turns out most americans, including californians loved mashed potatoes. the most time ash potatoes. number one, it's the second year in a row that mashed potatoes have made its way to the top cream corn rolls stuffing in veggies in various forms of few other side dishes to round up the picks north dakota, though the only state that preferred for salad as the best dish. meanwhile, mac and cheese apparently dropped in popularity this year currently sure who these folks are. we're getting to do the
9:57 pm
surveys got some questions benji's. >> that's what i was asked to bring the thanksgiving dinner was veggies. and i thought who is going to eat these brussel sprouts. i'm going to burn. no one wants veggies. green. bean casserole don't even just like don't even something green on your plate like you feel obligated to take it and eat it. but no one, no one is going for that. >> got to find out who they're talking to the surveys. i really got to step up my veggie gate last week we were talking about was things that people hated. it would literally was like everything that you would bring to a thanksgiving dinner. no one liked like what thanksgiving dinner you're going to have with out stuffing turkey, turkey him. keep your invitation to yourself for >> point you call it stuffing or dressing. her dresses. just checking checking out before we start 10 o'clock want to
9:58 pm
make sure we're on the same page about to get some tweets, though, about some folks who call address. and so in the call, what everyone is just stuff. just make sure it's good. the stuffing in the bird back.
9:59 pm
10:00 pm
when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news. mark last breaking >> 5 shots ring out the cops missed him by 16 seconds.


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