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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  November 13, 2021 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news. mark last breaking >> 5 shots ring out the cops missed him by 16 seconds.
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>> a mother is recovering in the hospital tonight. but breathing a sigh of relief after a 3 year-old abducted in sacramento was found safe here in the bay area. and thank you so much for joining us here this hour for kron 4 news in prime time. i'm justine waltman jonathan mccall the wild of that kidnapping triggering an amber alert last night. >> the suspect in the little boy found safe in hayward this morning to night the terrifying moments caught on camera throwing a shot 6 talked to a neighbor who watched it all go down. >> it's hard to watch this heart pounding video of a mother struggling to hold on to her 3 year-old son just before the man neighbors say is the boy's father rips him out of her arms tear or from them jonathan daniel says the abduction took place right in front of his home. the next door neighbor. jonathan said that the mother ran over here to the front door just desperate to get away. so helpless whom they can to more
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you see the woman pleading with the suspect 30 year-old joshua yago as she clings on to her son, leo at one point yonko can be seen grabbing her left arm and the back of her neck as he pushes her face toward the ground. jonathan says he could hear the boy calling the man dead at he's the one that yelling in my son back. >> she trying to get him to leave as they continue to struggle. he grabs leo's right. arm before yanking him out of his mother's arms and running with him once he got the kid. >> and put the kid in the car and she ran home. 3 driver. side of the car and pulled something out. bush and best on the door. and then next thing i know mark glass was breaking in. 5 shots ring out. jonathan says the suspect then ran back to his car and took off the cops missed him by.
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>> 16 seconds. sacramento. police say the mother and another male was shot. but are doing okay. i mean, it is well in the shooter like that. you know, it's like. i could have been shot 2 tragic what happened see little heart goes out to the family. >> can't even imagine what that's like a statewide. amber alert went out and buy this morning, hayward police located leo and ya go together. he was booked on charges relating to the kidnapping and shooting and go to bed till. >> 10 this morning. so show happy that found them its he's arrested. >> we're going to shatter reporting for us tonight. meanwhile, this is the 3rd time in less than a week that a child has been abducted in northern california. thursday. an amber alert was issued when authorities say a woman in pittsburgh stolen suv with a one year-old girl inside this is surveillance video of who appears to be that woman jumping in the driver of that suv. the baby was found a short time later on hurt police later arrested the
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suspect just hours after that scene, a mom and her 4 month-old child were reunited after a van was stolen in concord that had the baby inside this happened at the wing stop on valley road officers say they found the van with the child inside unhurt. 30 minutes after receiving that initial call so far no arrests have been made in this case. >> today marks one week since 23 month-old boy jasper wu was killed during a shooting on 8.80, in oakland. a $10,000 reward is now out there for any information that leads police to the people who are responsible for this child's death. the incident happened when jasper and his mom are driving home to fremont. toddler struck by a stray bullet while he was sleeping and now the oakland chinatown chamber of commerce is offering this reward and police say they believe that that reward money. we'll help. but to locate the shooter. it's going to take a lot more than just some cash.
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>> i think it's a collective effort. i don't think money along as they beat you. we need people to feel remorseful for this family. we need people to feel empathy for what happened and we need people to think about what if this was a child of yours. what if this was a relative of yours. would you want people to bring that same information forward so that the people responsible could be held accountable. i think they would. >> a go fund me page has been set up to provide some financial help. 2 jasper's family. >> 50,000 cars are workers will be on the job and off the picket lines starting monday after the 2 sides reached a deal to avoid a strike the four-year contract, but cover kaiser employees and 22 local unions. but there are some unions that are still negotiating right now. >> kron four's medicare is joining us now live with details on the agreement also has still fighting and this is also great news for patients. it's great news for a lot of people and not so great news for some people. like you said, this is a tentative agreement. >> and it will be voted on by union members over the next
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few weeks. but while this the reason for some of those groups celebrate there are some pharmacists and engineers that are still bargaining. >> the alliance of healthcare unions out this celebre tory news saying we did it after months of hard work in solidarity. we want a new tentative agreement with kaiser permanente. in a statement executive director of the union. how ruddick says this agreement will mean patients will continue to receive the best care and alliance members will have the best shops. the tentative agreement is a four-year contract covering nearly 50,000 kaiser permanente, health care employees in 22 local union says the agreement includes new staffing language to continue to protect employees and patients. >> annual wage increases mean team benefits and provides career development opportunities for union-represented employees. but kaiser newark house spokesperson karl sonkin says
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some groups are still negotiating, quote, we're continuing to bargain in good faith with the guild for professional pharmacists and local 39 operating engineers and hope to reach agreements. very soon nurses with the california nurses association are standing in solidarity with the local 39 operating engineers. >> they'll be holding a 24 hour. sympathy strike from 07:00am. this coming friday until saturday morning. >> they have been out there on the line on their own. primary strike for 2 months now and we decided to step in. it's time to get them back. registered nurse diane mcclure works at kaiser south sacramento. she says these engineers maintain the medical equipment at their final. they're very important to patient care she says they're going to stand by them until they can come to an acceptable agreement with kaiser permanente. we need them back in the hospitals. are a vital part. >> of keeping the hospitals running smoothly.
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>> cna registered nurses will be holding the sympathy strikes throughout the state on friday. again, the members of the alliance of healthcare unions still have to vote to ratify the agreement in the coming weeks. just and jonathan, back to you. >> amanda, thank you so much. let's talk about our 4 zone forecast the saturday night sky ready for the start of your cent. yes, and i'm ready for the start of the weather forecast is that our meteorologist resort rig here now, especially when talk about the fog. >> for sunday was kind of an issue today. yeah. the national weather service just issued a dense fog advisory far north bay and east bay valleys, including the delta. we're already starting to notice that fog bank right along golden gate bridge visibility there up to 10 mile. so not too bad. but let's take a look. elsewhere. half moon bay and hayward down to just 4 miles visibility. and we're going to see visibility at or near 0 specially thinks that to leave fog for conquered and around the bay area shoreline specifically for downtown san
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francisco hayward in mountain view. also going to be impacted as well. so make sure to drive safely plan ahead. if you do have a nice sunday morning commute plans better, lifting and clearing by 11 o'clock for your sunday morning. but that dense fog advisory in effect until noon on sunday. temperatures out there right now. widespread 50's and 60's low 60's. for those of you in downtown san francisco but just barely with berkeley at 61 degrees as his temper on everyone else in the low to mid 50's. so we're going to track a cool night out there right now in the bay area. and when tracker for calm wind speeds as well. but air quality a little bit. hazy are today and poor air particles and that moderate to even poor range just because of that dome of high pressure allowing all those poor air particles to just sit and hover over the bay area. some improvement along the coast. thanks to that week book cool sea breeze. helping to clear out the air particles there. but as you can see, areas
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mostly impacted right around the bay area shoreline and air quality tomorrow going to be just as bad as today. moderate air particles are for everyone north to south, east to west in the bay area and radar for tracking dry clear conditions out there right now. but rain returning to the bay area on thursday. details ahead of time out. this storm with updated rain totals coming up in just a few minutes in my full forecast. jonathan just seen back to you for free said thank you. tonight, speed is being blamed on an early morning crash that killed a 19 year-old man. >> it happened on i 5.80 at the 14th street off-ramp this morning. according to chp, the 19 year-old driver was speeding before hitting another car. >> the driver died at the scene. chp says that no other, no other, no one else in the other car was hurt. so far. there's no word on if drugs or alcohol played a factor in the crash. the name of the driver so far has not been released.
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>> an oakland. one person was killed in a crash on the 14th street. 5.80, off-ramp chp is saying this happened around 7 o'clock this morning and caused all the lanes, the freeway to close for hours. they have since reopened. no word on the name of the person killed or what caused it. this crash also gone out of santa rosa where one person is dead. another seriously injured after a head-on crash between a jeep and an suv. police say when they arrived at corporate center parkway a challenger way. they found the driver of the jeep had already died. the driver of the suv was taken to the hospital. witnesses told police that the driver of the jeep was drinking in a parking lot shortly before the crash happened. police are not identifying either driver as the investigation still ongoing. >> a rodent problem has now forced walgreens to closing san francisco location for the time being. the san francisco health department says that the store on castro street in valley has been infested by rodents a sign on the door says that it is closed because of quote, technical
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difficulties, kron 4 getting a chance to talk with customers about the problem today. >> never a never got any of the food that they had. i wouldn't be surprised. you know, in a city that there tends to be rodent problems. >> so not hundreds that shocked by that. i mean, it's incredible inconvenient. it's the only drug store that we have in this neighborhood. >> the location will remain closed until it is reinspected by the health department officials say this is the store's first violation in at least 5 years. kron 4 did reach out to walgreens for comment. so far we have yet to hear back. >> they are saving lives. but wrecking havoc. why face masks and gloves that protect us from covid are causing a major problem at bay area beaches will tell you why when we come back. >> spiking inflation now hitting california theme parks. the big changes on the way too disneyland and california adventure. how much more you could be forced to
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shell out. >> gas prices are up food prices are up and covid cases are also on the rise ahead of the holiday season. we have the warning from health officials tonight you're watching kron. 4 news in prime time.
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>> a judge has denied a request from the los angeles city. firefighters union, which would have prevented the city from enforcing vaccine mandates for city workers. a
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judge has now scheduled a december second court date to address the issue. an attorney for the union claims if the request is not honored, the city could find it. it could find it tough to staff all of its stations once unvaccinated firefighters are placed on leave. >> los angeles mayor eric garcetti is set to return to la tomorrow after recovering from covid while in scotland, even though he is fully vaccinated. he tested positive for covid while tending the cop 26 climate summit. the mayor says his symptoms have been mild. tsa said he had no contact with the president during the trip. and as we battle coronavirus and more cold and flu cases, fewer people are now working in nursing homes. unions representing long-term care. workers say the industry has lost more than 220,000 jobs since the start of the pandemic. that's a 14% drop. the main reason is burnout. nursing homes are short-staffed and overwhelmed by pandemic cases. and that is
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motivated a lot of the workers there to leave their jobs. while it may be feeling more and looking more like christmas covid cases are once again on the rise. what does that mean as we gear up for our holiday plans. reporter.g >> rebecca solomon has the story. >> it's beginning to look a lot like the holidays in rockefeller center yesterday there was no tree today. the trees years with a little help from nypd officers. this mighty 79 foot tall spruce makes a 145 mile trek from maryland to manhattan. it's cool to see the start of it. and you know, kind of build the experience of the city. misty rowlands traveled from utah to ring in the season of magic in lights bracing for the holidays in the city that never sleeps energy, the action and a place that still recovering from the coronavirus pandemic. we still feel very know concerned and just being very cautious for the first time in 2 months. covid cases are on the rise in several parts of the country across the 5 boroughs the overall hospitalizations and
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deaths are on the decline, but health officials say don't let your guard down as we gather for the holidays high as we gather in the winter season. >> as it approaches that we're careful in terms of the people were gathering with doctor louis moore alleges an internist lenox hill hospital. he says as more people gather inside the risk of contracting covid is hire a less people, including children are vaccinated. doctor more lidge says the vaccine is the best way to get ahead of covid and the delta variant hospitalizations for the most part, the guests are current currently in unvaccinated people for the most part, those are people that are going to harbor the highest degree of virus and potentially be. >> much more infectious and other people rowlands feel safest in new york prepandemic regulations are taken very seriously. i felt so safe area like the mask requirements when you're indoors or in small spaces is amazing. >> that was rebecca solomon reporting for us this evening. now the director of california's department of health doctor to moss aragon sent out a memo instructing medical offices and pharmacies across the state not to turn
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away anyone who is requesting a booster shot. let's be clear. the person just has to be over the age of 18 and they can only get a booster if it has been 6 months since their second moderna or pfizer shot or if it's been at least 2 months since their johnson and johnson shot. >> we've got are testing positive for covid-19 green bay packers quarterback and california native aaron rodgers has now been activated off the covid-19 list and is eligible to return tomorrow against the seattle seahawks. rogers is not practice with the team all week but is still expected to start for the mark for the packers tomorrow afternoon. >> now let's talk about our 4 zone forecast on this saturday night. let's get you ready for the start of your sunday kron 4 meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez here tonight. a look at it, what you can expect as you head out the door fog. maybe greeting us as you do. yeah, that's right. in fact, tracking a dense fog advisory
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in effect right now for our north bay and east bay valleys. >> including the delta as well. so this dense fog advisory going to remain in effect through noon on sunday. let's take a look at visibility future cast right now we're seeing up to 8 miles for downtown san francisco, half moon, bay and hayward down to just 4 miles visibility, you may even need to turn on your low lights as well as you drive and make sure to leave some space in between you and the other vehicle just because this is dangerous fog really going to reduce visibility during the overnight hours and very early for your sunday morning visibility at or near 0. at times specifically for innermost valleys. mountain view san jose. and even those of you in santa rosa as well. until we start to see better lifting and clearing by around your new lunchtime hour on sunday. but fortunately fog, carla, she did make her way out of the golden gate bridge right now. a little bit of poor visibility but not as bad as what we were seeing just an
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hour ago radar for overall tracking clear skies. so that high cloud cover not going to be an issue tonight, but we are going to see some changes by the middle of this upcoming week wednesday night, storm clouds will increase as that big high cloud cover will really be widespread for everyone in the bay area and by early thursday evening light bands of rain arriving. for those of you in the north bay and even along the coast. but hopefully that storm track shes a little bit more southward and eastward so that we all get some measurable rain out of this week's storm santa rosie could get up to about half an inch of rain or less. everyone else just about a quarter of an inch of rain or less. but high temperatures today low to mid 70's. so 48 degrees above average with temperatures as you head out the door. widespread 50's with the exception of san carlos in the low 60's. but those of you in nevado and conquered about 10 degrees cooler with concord currently in the low 50's overnight lows tonight, low to mid 50's conquered and santa
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rosa upper 40's and temperatures tomorrow. very similar today low to mid 70's downtown san francisco 70 degrees hayward 74 with 71 degrees for livermore san jose and avato in the mid 70's at 76 degrees. so seasonal temperatures arriving tuesday, slight chance of showers on thursday. but overall, we're going to stay seasonable starting tuesday and even for the next 7 days. so all the more reason to head out and enjoy your sunday afternoon tomorrow. little blast of warmth. yeah. >> what ago? but a recent day in the blast the love that the glass of orange is. well, yeah. and you did there. thank you. well, the pandemic has caused a boom in plastic trash in his study is finding that the battle against covid. >> produced 8.4 million tons of trash were talking about some 57 million pounds of everyday ppe that just washed up. >> in the water along with
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more packaging material from online shopping. ian lee has the details. >> the pandemic touched all corners of the earth and deep into the oceans. a new study finds the battle against covid produced 8.4 million tons of plastic trash from that 57 million pounds of everyday ppe ended up in the seas. >> they're getting inundated with a new oource of trash, which is face masks, face shields. >> add to that more packaging material from online shopping as folks stayed at home. all of which has proven deadly to marine life and we think that that's likely to be an entanglement hazard. >> for fish for sea turtles. >> volunteers cleaning canals and the netherlands found a fish trapped in the finger of a latex glove. researchers say asia has generated about 46% of pandemic, plastic waste while 22% came from north and south america combined and 24% from europe are using more
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than 2 billion masks. a day. the single use throw away items. the study found the most waste came from hospitals. doctor marcus eriksen has studied the plastic problem for more than 20 years. the pandemic is producing a lot of trash and we're hoping that this is blip in trash generation will fade as the pandemic does going to reuse reusable systems is the way to go. >> but if action isn't taken to either recycled or better manage the waste. >> researchers predict 3 million more tons of trash will pile up and stay with us. long after the pandemic winds down. ian lee. cbs news, london. >> president biden is set to sign his infrastructure package next week and environmental agencies are already celebrating why they say families across the country will soon be able to breathe a sigh of relief. >> another child tax credit payments is on the way. we'll let you know when the treasury
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department says you can expected to hit your bank accounts.
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>> rising inflation is causing some changes at the happiest place on earth disney land is saying it's considering cutting back on food portions to keep costs in line with rising prices reporter chip yost has details now on this new plan.
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>> inflationary pressures are something we are all i'm looking at and trying to on an earnings call with analysts wednesday disney cfo, christine mccarthy talked about how the company is trying to keep its costs down as inflation ticks up. >> one idea cut down on portion sizes at its theme. parks are lots of things that are worth talking about. you know, we can adjust suppliers. >> we can substitute products we can cut portion size, which is probably good for some people laced we can look at pricing where necessary. but we are going to go just straight up cross increased prices. but how would that go over with disneyland visitors who already so most ticket prices go up. the last month. they've got to have some good teachers for the people who come and that was the one good value. people did say that even though the costs were expensive. you got it. >> decent serving think it's right. i think, you know, it's very expensive. only try to
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hide inflation is instead of raising prices, which is something that's been consumers faces. as you actually make the size is a little bit smaller. it's a little bit hard to 6% less food. and as the cs 6% price increase christopher shores, an associate professor of finance at uc irvine. >> says what disney is considering is not that uncommon during periods of high inflation. he also believes that inflation isn't going away any time you know, i think i think inflation is here to stay. and, you i think that's just something were to have to get used unfortunately for a little bit. >> ahead tonight uc davis baseball coach. has resigned after a hazing report shows shows misconduct and other issues that happened on the baseball team will let you know how the school is responding. >> plus, some neighbors in the north bay are fed up with ongoing sideshows in the area. how law enforcement is
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responding to this ongoing issue. and tracking a dense fog advisory in effect for parts of the bay area. in addition to that. >> you're warm and dry microclimate sunday outlook and your 10 at 10 outlook after the break. stay tuned.
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>> now at 10 30 folks in santa rosa getting quite the wake-up call last night so they can get a good night's rest.
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that's because they were last night to dozens of cars doing donuts in their neighborhood. yeah, no one likes to see something like this it's a widespread problem across the bay area despite efforts to crack down on sideshows. >> many people say they're getting the same response when they called police to report the problem. kron 4 sweeps recall has our story. >> black in streets with rip robert remnants of an overnight sideshow santa rosa. >> neighbors resulted in enemy of the rude awakening. it extremely loud. >> it was extremely light. woke me up from a deep sleep. >> witnesses say at least 70 people crowded the residential intersection of west college avenue at need right. just past midnight saturday morning. someone might die. some of the side shows involved firearms. >> and that people have been shot and even killed. i really hate to see that type of activity. >> come to my neighborhood activity that neighbors say has been going on for nearly a
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year now on a weekly basis despite several calls to police witnesses say officers stayed away. and for the most part, we're not visibly present until the end. >> the side show last the police and have them come out just for something like that that goes on. and when we get no response or. >> you know, we're monitoring the situation and they're nowhere to be found is kind of upsetting concern. >> those are coming in from out of town. sideshow a frustrating. >> it was hard to go back to sleep and i drew about this morning and it just the streets like just tore up. >> we left several messages with the police department for comment and clarity and have not heard back in santa news. >> to folks recovering tonight after 2 car crash in the mission this morning. it happened at the intersection of 24th in guerrero. no word
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on who was at fault. but police say the injuries are non-life-threatening. >> dangerous alcohol consumption inappropriate behavior and other forms of misconduct. all of that unveiled in a final report of a hazing investigation surrounding the uc davis baseball team, the head coach of the team has now resigned. the full report revealing that the coach matt van failed to take appropriate steps to address concerns about hazing in the program, which was suspended back in july. an investigation found evidence of an annual initiation tradition where players were hazed during a series of challenges and those include everything from alcohol consumption to threats of assault. in addition to head coaches, matt barnes resignation as a consequence of the findings intercollegiate athletics is now taking the following actions. unsupervised team activities are now prohibited for the remainder of the 2021
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22 season. a sports administrator will not travel with the team and there will be fewer non conference games. >> let's talk about our 4 zone forecast. this saturday night. the fog greeted many of us, especially in the inland valleys. this morning pretty much going repeat tomorrow. yeah. it's a special kind of fog. >> summer. rodriguez is going to tell us all about it. it's that to leave fog. so we are tracking dense low clouds and fog starting to inch its way closer to our north bay and east bay valleys, including the delta out there right now for your saturday night, this dense fog advisory going to remain in effect through noon on sunday. so make sure to drive safely dangerous fog conditions out there right now. not seeing that low cloud cover, though, for those of you at half moon bay. but at discovery bay and at we are seeing the return of that dense fog out there this
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evening. high temperatures for your sunday afternoon. going to be on the mild side. 68 degrees for mission district downtown san francisco warming up once again into the low 70's with low 70's for all those of you at el granada and daly city also going to see some gustier winds along the peninsula mainly out of the north and east. so it is going to shift direction. still going to track that northerly flow, keeping our blue skies, blue and temperatures. 5 to 10 degrees above average brisbane 75 degrees with mid 70's also for those of you in san mateo and san carlos paulo alto 72 degrees. so overall, very pleasant temperatures. hard to believe it's almost mid november when we're tracking widespread mid 70's like what we're seeing tomorrow for those of you in the south bay campbell and saratoga 77 degrees milpitas and san jose 76 degrees for your sunday afternoon highs. so get out and enjoy that sunshine livermore 71 degrees with
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hayward at 74 low 70's for concord, walnut creek even raga going to be in the low 70's for the 2nd half of your weekend and we're tracking widespread low to mid 70's for most of the north bay napa 72 degrees. and for those of you in nevado 76 degrees with petaluma. also in the low 70's. so enjoy the sunshine because we're going to track an increase in cloud cover cooling us down near average by tuesday and for the remainder of the next 10 days going to stay in the low to mid 60's of light rain chances. this thursday. so keeping our fingers and eyes peeled on that and our fingers crossed as well. and hopefully the model track shows more rain, 4th sunday for everyone in the bay area. back to jonathan just seen thanks of recent byron mentalist are praising the passage of president joe biden's infrastructure plan the bill does include billions of dollars to protect. >> americans drinking water from dangerous chemicals kron 4 washington correspondent raquel martin brings us more.
10:39 pm
>> the historic package, invest billions of dollars to protect americans from lead poisoning as well as the clean up he falls, which is a manmade cocktail of chemicals found in drinking water across the country. >> investment ever made in history and water infrastructure epa administrator michael regan says families across the country can soon breathe a sigh of relief. the newly passed bipartisan infrastructure deal includes billions to clean up drinking water to eliminate the 6 to 10 million lent high. >> that are still going like it into our home. our churches are they came and helped water utilities remove dangerous chemicals known as people's from the tap. >> that's extremely thing. >> but organizations like the environmental working group called the nearly 10 billion dollar investment to confront people's contamination. a mere down payment. the manmade chemicals are sometimes linked to illnesses like cancer. the organization estimates p
10:40 pm
contamination in the drinking water of more than 200 million americans friday ahead of a cabinet meeting at the white house. reagan said the new money will help the epa take even more aggressive action. these resources will be dedicated. >> to more health studies, a better scientific understanding developing career capabilities to develop regulations so that we are protecting the public. the epa recently released the people's road map. >> outlining the biden administration's game plan. but environmentalists are still calling on the administration to speed things up instead a nationwide people's drinking standard and it's unclear exactly when the epa will set that standard. we know some business groups as well as some republicans have urged more research before taking that action. but we do know a nationwide clean-up effort will soon be underway. and president biden will sign the bipartisan infrastructure package come monday for now in washington. raquel martin, back to you.
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>> a federal appeals court has temporarily blocked a house committee from getting former president donald trump's white house records. the documents were supposed to be turned over by today to the house committee looking into the january 6th insurrection. the appeals court stop the release until it can hear arguments in the case which are now scheduled for the end of the month. meanwhile, former trump adviser and campaign manager steve bannon is expected to turn himself in after being indicted on 2 counts of contempt of congress. the charges come after bannon failed to comply with subpoenas from the house committee investigation looking into the insurrection, claims that former president trump's assertion of executive privilege as his reason for not cooperating but bannon was a private citizen at the time of the insurrection and not a formal part of the white house. he's expected to make a court appearance on monday. >> this is what's just in now to the kron 4 it comes to us from fremont. we're a fremont
10:42 pm
patrol officer was injured in a major car crash while responding to a call tonight happened just for 7 o'clock on niles canyon road west of polymers road and fremont. authorities say that the officer was taken to a trauma center with a parent non life threatening injuries. a passenger from the other car involved, we are told drove themselves to a local emergency room. the newark police department is investigating this crash. we'll have updates that story on our website. kron 4 dot com and for your money tonight, another round of california stimulus checks have now been sent out to the state franchise tax board is issuing nearly 750,000 checks to those who filed paper tax returns this year. some of the payments will also be direct deposits in order to qualify for the $600 payment. you must have earned $75,000 or less per individual in 2020. this is the second round of the golden state stimulus payments and checks could take up to 3 weeks to arrive. millions of
10:43 pm
us families are about to receive their latest monthly child tax credit payment. the treasury department is saying the next round will be headed out on monday. this could be the last payment of congress does not act the budget reconciliation package that democrats are currently negotiating would extend the credit through next year. >> americans have seen an unexpected boom in their fica credit scores. but before you head out for a shopping spree or even apply for a loan. that spike could actually be misleading. kirsten. joyce explains one. >> he should not get fooled by these high credit scores. doctor ann kaplan mulholland started a multimillion dollar company called eye finance 25 years ago. >> it specializes in loans for medical dental and home improvement a credit score is just one factor. she uses to determine whether or not alone. someone money. the. >> amount understanding we have to have all of that. is
10:44 pm
astronomical that goes conditt's 62 variables that go into making that one credit decision. >> lenders are looking at your bank account. history instability as well. if you move too often or change your phone number. that's a red flag. according to experian credit review americans hit a record high score throughout the pandemic landing an average of 7.16, but kaplan mulholland says the higher scores are misleading because they were attributed to folks spending last due to the lockdown. people are not people are not borrowing. people are moving home with their parents to whatever you do, don't cancel a line of credit simply because you're not using it. having credit history. that is open and more of it to use will give you a higher credit score. she says. and in order to maintain it, what you need to do is utilize their credit. so if you have credit card or line of credit by things with it that paid off before just before the deadline date. >> just before the deadline date will show that, you know how to use credit you pat up kirstin joyce local now.
10:45 pm
>> still to come tonight, we will get the very latest on britney spears now that her conservatorship is in did for the first time in 14 years. a look at what could come next for the pop star. >> and i just would not be thanksgiving without the macy's thanksgiving day parade. with less than 2 weeks from the they're getting ready prep is underway.
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>> the countdown to macy's thanksgiving day parade is on and the department store chain
10:48 pm
unveiled some brand new balloons at a test event today in new york city. so the parade will feature floats performers and giant balloons parading one-block stretch of. >> 34th street in front of the retailer's flagship store in manhattan. so some of the new blues you'll see this year include baby yoda from the mandalorian into new pokemon balloons pikachu end. no, i don't know polk about. so don't let me for that. which honors the series is 25th anniversary of pope. come on. >> i love that parade. it's a good one. will. >> check out to there. the postal service is ready to deliver your packages during the peak holiday season. >> that's the word from the postmaster general, the assertion is coming after the general previously apologized for slow mail delivery during last year's peak season. it also follows the unveiling earlier this year. but 10 year plan for u.s. p s involving a series of changes. those
10:49 pm
changes include longer. first-class mail delivery times and. cuts to post office. hours. something that may not sit well with a lot of folks. the covid-19 pandemic is putting a squeeze on santa this year. >> the wall street journal says there will be a shortage on santas workers who normally fill out the roles. typically older heavier set guys are saying thanks. no thanks. this year because of covid concerns. many say they're also afraid to potentially exposing younger unvaccinated children to the virus. the staffing agency hire santa says while there are 15% fewer professional santas to play the part this year. there is a 121% increase in requests for santa is this year compared to last. >> pop music icon britney spears is now free. a los angeles judge ended the conservatorship that has had power over her life and finances for nearly 14 years has been a very long and dramatic battle for the singer
10:50 pm
news nation's michael shure shows us how her devoted fans stuck by her to the end as she now regains control of her own life. >> what a moment. i'll remember for the rest of my life. >> it was a celebration on the streets outside the superior courthouse in downtown los angeles friday when the decision was announced that the conservatorship of britney brenda pennies ruling ended 13 years of a court order that made the pop star's father. jamie, her conservator spears attorney matthew rose and guard told us that whether there will be further action against her father's up to britney but emerging from the courthouse. he called this a momentous day. this to say monumental day. for britney spears. it's also a somber day. >> for me for britney. and i think for a lot of us. been
10:51 pm
following conservatorship. see how they operate. but it was her devoted fans who brought the free britney movement into becoming a hashtag and a reality and they were ecstatic over today's proceeding. so once the news hit is just. >> i still feel i want to cry right now. it's just its immediate. it's joy its just like it's like a 100 pounds off your shoulder. they came from everywhere to celebrate. i flew here from new jersey. so i flew across the country to come here. it's important because she is my first love. you know, i i grew up. >> listening to britney and while good for spears, the attention to conservatorship from this case could have a lasting impact according to los angeles attorney royal oaks jamie spears will probably be sued by brittany and her new gladiator pit bull lawyer. first of all, did he put her under surveillance wiretap or illegally. he could go to jail for that. and secondly, did he miss manager funds. for now, though a 13
10:52 pm
year legal battle has ended in a los angeles courtroom. an early birthday gift freedom from parental control for an icon who turns 40 in just 3 weeks. >> the day in vegas festival officially underway at the las vegas fairgrounds this weekend. rapper travis scott was set to be a headliner but pulled out after the tragic event at the asked world music festival a week ago. some of those folks attending this weekend's music festival say the tragedy is on the top of their mind along with safety. festival venue is being kept under its 80,000 person capacity with just over 50,000 folks expected to attend las vegas. metro police say it is working with a number of agencies, including the fbi to make sure that nothing happens. the three-day music festival ends sunday. at midnight. still to come here on kron 4 news at 10 o'clock. a big cap makes an unlikely friend at the cincinnati zoo. >> the cheetah now being
10:53 pm
10:54 pm
10:55 pm
>> take a look at this. a fish out of water moment for this cheetah caught on camera since the told the cheetah taking an early morning walk before the zoo actually open to the public. check out some of his neighbors at the zoo and botanical garden before things open up, spend most of his time at this african penguins exhibit watching the little guys go back and forth under water.
10:56 pm
>> the pairing you would never see in real life that she does. mine is probably blown truly made. what are troops may be human. who is this and what does that taste like. well, you know, jews are from africa and the penguins are from africa. maybe they knew he knew likes. but front line together. bill. same continent or something like that. it's >> penny the penguin this whole to my brother, my sister or did >> recent. what's >> all the fog that to leave fog is what's up. in fact, pretty stubborn out there right now in the north bay and east bay valleys. that's why we have a dense fog advisory in effect right now through noon on sunday. so visibility starting to worsen specifically along the coast up to 5 miles for downtown san francisco in half moon bay even worse. for those of you at hayward up to 4 miles visibility at or near 0 by your sunday morning. so plan ahead dry safely leave a lot of space and distance between you and the other vehicles.
10:57 pm
very dangerous driving conditions with that low fog bank. but we are seeing dense also, we are tracking clear skies with the exception of the dense low clouds and fog berkeley 61 degrees. conquered, though 10 degrees cooler in the low 50's. but then we're going to warm up very nicely low to mid 70's. so enjoy the 2nd half of the weekend looking great for your sunday outlook. so on monday. thanks. that. and thank you so much for joining us here on kron 4 news in prime time tonight. >> we'll see you tomorrow. having another one sleep time.
10:58 pm
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11:00 pm
moment that put the forty-niners latest loss on ice. the red and gold are now a win for at levi stadium. no, but problem is and they better hold on extra tight this week. the los angeles rams are coming to town for some monday night football. it brought some new pieces here and there. but i you know, their key players we know we have to handle handling the rams is just part of the puzzle. the forty-niners need to clean up plenty of mistakes of their own was a different type of disappo


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