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tv   KRON 4 News at 430am  KRON  November 15, 2021 4:30am-5:01am PST

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ways than one what are we expecting this good morning, sarah. you know, it was a nice drive into work this morning before a lot of us live in the east bay. if you live in the north bay or in the delta, we're seeing fog. we had some lingering over from the weekend and that's really the story today. we're going take a live look outside right now as you are heading. get a look at our berkeley hills camera and you can see that blanket of low visibility clouds blanketing over the bay area. as you're traveling and driving deathly want to be mindful. we're looking at our forecast. look at this. this is a flat around this time. 04:30am, and you see the areas, the delta completely blanketed in fog down in the south bay those areas that visibility is incredibly also looking at conquer even in san francisco and of otto as we continue to roll into the early morning hours around a 30 the fog still is persistent. and then in the afternoon. that's when we start to get a break around 2 in the afternoon. that's when we're starting to see that current radar right outside currently see the clouds that we were talking about. no rain
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right now. the forecast, however, we're looking at light rain thursday into friday. so if he had any plans on those days. i'd say get things out of the way at the start of the week. current temperatures right now at livermore conquer all in the low 50's fremont, 48 in half moon bay along the coast. we're all looking at the 50's. let's also get a look at traffic as you're hitting the road this morning. i'm not seeing any major hot spot. so that's the good news. a little under 10 minutes heading from the east bay into the city right now. also, let's get a look at the san mateo bridge heading across towards the peninsula a little under 13, the richmond center fell commute. nice and light for us a little under 9 and the golden gate bridge about 20 minutes as you're traveling from the north bay into the city will have more weather and traffic. but for now, sara, let's get back to the news. thanks. reyna. the u.s. surgeon general vivek murphy murphy is warning americans of a possible uptick in covid-19 cases. >> as the winter season approaches. he says the best
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defense. as for people to get vaccinated. murthy is urging people to also get a booster shot as soon as you're allowed preferably before you hit the road over the holidays. california is one of a handful of states making boosters available to anyone 18 and over who wants one. 50,000 kaiser permanente workers will be on the job and off the picket lines starting today. the 2 sides reached a deal saturday afternoon to avoid this strike that we've been hearing about the four-year contract would cover kaiser employees and 22 local unions. but there are some unions that are still negotiating kron four's amanda hari explains the details of the agreement and who's still fighting. >> the alliance of health care unions out this celebre tory news saying we did it after months of hard work in solidarity. we want a new tentative agreement with kaiser permanente. in a statement executive director of the union. how ruddick says
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this agreement will mean patients will continue to receive the best care and alliance members will have the best shops. the tentative agreement is a four-year contract covering nearly 50,000 kaiser permanente, health care employees in 22 local union says the agreement includes new staffing language to continue to protect employees and patients. >> annual wage increases mean team benefits and provides career development opportunities for union-represented employees. but kaiser newark house spokesperson karl sonkin says some groups are still negotiating, quote, we're continuing to bargain in good faith with the guild for professional pharmacists and local 39 operating engineers and hope to reach agreements. very soon nurses with the california nurses association are standing in solidarity with the local 39 operating engineers. >> they'll be holding a 24 hour. sympathy strike from 07:00am. this coming friday
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until saturday morning. >> they have been out there on the line on their own primary strike for 2 months now and we decided to step in. it's time to get them back. but just earners. diane mcclure works at kaiser south sacramento. she says these engineers maintain the medical equipment at their final. they're very important to patient care she says they're going to stand by them until they can come to an acceptable agreement with kaiser permanente. we need them back in the hospitals. are a vital part. >> of keeping the hospitals running smoothly. >> and that was amanda hari reporting. again, the members of the alliance of health care unions still have to vote to ratify the agreement, the coming weeks. so this is something continue to follow. meanwhile, antioch police are looking for a killer in the city's latest homicide investigators say they found a 37 year-old man suffering from
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gunshot wounds on the sidewalk near traverse co way they say it happened just before 11 saturday night. he died at the scene. one neighbor told con for a bullet went through there with their home in the window. >> yeah. it's it's very nerve wrecking to see the bullet hole right where my brother sleep like that's what his fate would have been if you would, and sleeping here and thankfully, he wasn't homer either of us were home. >> detectives say the investigation is still in the early stages so far, details on the suspect have not been released. developing news out of oakland. the woman who was shot on thursday near lake merritt has died from the gunshot wound that she was suffering from. police say they found the victim right after midnight last thursday on lakeshore avenue. the woman was brought to the hospital for a gunshot wound in the treatment for that. but unfortunately the woman was pronounced dead saturday. investigators are still looking for the shooter or shooters involved. anyone with information is asked to call
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the oakland police. a $100,000 bond has been set for the woman charged with stealing a car with a one year-old toddler inside last week. this is surveillance video that investigators say shows 24 year-old natalie alayah jumping in the driver's seat. the abduction set off an amber alert. the baby was found safe in the abandoned truck officers found a leah a short time later. that was that little baby that was missing and found the truck and her. and we're learning more information about a shooting and kidnapping that ultimately triggered an amber alert in sacramento on friday. you may recall there was multiple of these the terrifying moments where caught on camera really talked to a neighbor who watch it all go down. >> it's hard to watch this heart pounding video of a mother struggling to hold on to her 3 year-old son just before the man neighbors say is the boy's father rips him out of her arms tear or from
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the moment. jonathan daniel says the abduction took place right in front of his home. the next door neighbor, jonathan said that the mother ran over here to the front door just desperate to get away. so helpless whom they can to more you see the woman pleading with the suspect 30 year-old joshua yago as she clings on to her son, leo at one point yonko can be seen grabbing her left arm and the back of her neck as he pushes her face toward the ground. jonathan says he could hear the boy calling them and dad at he's the one that yelling in my son back. >> she trying to get him to leave as they continue to struggle. he grabs leo's right. arm before yanking him out of his mother's arms and running with him once he got the kid. >> and put the kid in the car and she ran home. >> 3 sons driver. side of the car and pulled something out.
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bush and best on the door. and then next thing i know mark glass was breaking in. 5 shots ring out. jonathan says the suspect then ran back to his car and took off the cops missed him by. >> 16 seconds sacramento. police say the mother and another male was shot but are doing okay. i mean, it is well in the shooter like that. you know, it's like. i could have been shot 2 tragic what happened are seeing a little boy times. heart goes out to the family. >> we can't even imagine what that's like a statewide. amber alert went out. hayward police located leo and ya go together. he was booked on charges relating to the kidnapping and shooting and go to bed till. >> 10 this morning. so show happy that found them and he's >> that was arena reporting. now cal osha, investigators are looking into the death of a worker at the valero refinery plant in benicia.
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officials identified the worker as 27 year-old louise gutierrez. investigators say the accident happened late friday night. flare officials say the cause of the accident is under investigation. benicia police found no evidence of foul play at the scene. breaking news out of houston, texas. the astroworld festival tragedy claimed another life in a young one. houston's mayor says 9 year-old ezra blount died from his injuries last night. he is the 10th person killed at the music festival earlier this month. officials say as roe was on his dad's shoulder at the festival when his dad could not breathe and passed out a little boy suffered damage to his brain when he was kicked and trampled. officials say the crowd started surging toward the state stage rather during a performance by rappers travis scott several lawsuits have already been filed in connection to this tragedy. and in wisconsin, hundreds of
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army national guard troops are being called up ahead of a verdict in the murder trial of kyle rittenhouse wisconsin governor tony evers did not reference the trial when issuing order. but acknowledged people might be assembling to exercise their first amendment rights in the coming days. rittenhouse is accused of shooting 3 people during a chaotic night of protests in kenosha last year. 2 of them died. rittenhouse claims his actions were in self-defense closing arguments in this trial are set for today. about 200 countries worked to pass a major deal saturday that would help combat climate change. the compromise deal was the big culmination of the last 2 weeks at the climate summit in glasgow. the deal primarily aims to keep a global warming preventing an increase of more than 2.7 degrees fahrenheit, big carbon polluting nations are also expected to submit a plan by the end of next year to reduce emissions. however,
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at the last minute india swapped out the term phase out coal power to phase down. coal power. many countries are deeply disappointed at this new language us climate envoy john kerry says that's part of the new negotiations. >> the reality is that what has happened here is very significant. is it everything everybody wanted every place know. so i would say you know, paris build the arena. and glasgow starts the race. and tonight the starting gun was fired. >> cole is the biggest source of greenhouse emissions. coming up on the kron 00:00am morning news the hornets put a stop to the warriors winning streak will show you the highlights when we come back. stick with us.
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your case is often worth more than insurance offers. call the barnes firm to find out what your case could be worth. we will help get you the best result possible. ♪ the barnes firm, injury attorneys ♪ ♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪ 4.44 on this monday and let's get another check of weather from reyna harvey in the weather center filling in for john trouble. >> what is it looking like out there and they've been talking about fog. there is a lot of fog out there this morning. and hopefully if you're waking up, give yourself just a little more time as you're traveling out the door this morning because we're seen.
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>> low visibility in the east bay in the north bay as well as the delta region as well. so as you're traveling definitely asleep your house a little earlier live look outside. this is a golden gate bridge cam. it's really dark. you can barely see anything. i think they just haven't. maybe zoomed in right now. but again, we are talking about that low visibility this morning that radar that we've been tracking. you can see early into the early morning hours. that low fog and cloud coverage that we've been seen. and as the morning progresses, you still have that. so we're looking at the delta over looking at the south bay where those pockets of dense fog are concentrated now. we had a really warm weekend, but we are going to start to cool down this week. they were going to be in the upper 70's in some areas today and then we start to see thanks. dip into the 50's 60's. let's get a look at our highs for today. al here along the golden gate park and the sunset district. you're in the upper 60's. there. now we're not a half a lower 70's mid to upper 60's there in burlingame foster city as you're traveling lower 70's for you, for yournhighs
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in the south bay san jose los kyle's in the upper 70's hayward union city fremont. so we're starting to see warmer conditions won't stick around for the whole week, though, in berkeley, moraga upper 60's for you there. 73 up here in sonoma and napa 64 and santa rosa 76 mill valley 68. now we talked about the chance of seeing some light showers into thursday going into friday. so if you are going get some things done this week. i would say monday through wednesday would be your best bet. because thursday afternoon in the north bay specifically is what we're going start to see those showers roll. and so if you are traveling, definitely get some things out of the way during the start of the week. let's get a look at your traffic, though, if you're heading out this morning, a little under 10 minutes heading into the city traveling from the east bay to that fremont street exit the san mateo bridge heading across towards the peninsula a little under 13 minutes for you to make that drive. let's get a look also at golden gate bridge about 20 minutes traveling into the city and a look at the richmond sandra
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fell commute as you head out of richmond. a little under 9 minutes. sarah, back to you. thank you. reyna. >> now we're talking about the warriors. they still have the best record in the league despite losing to the hornets last night in the raiders or blown out by kansas city chiefs kron four's. kate rooney has the latest. in sports. >> we're only about a month into the season. but when you're technically the best, you've got a shout it from the rooftops right. and the warriors entered sunday with the best record in the association. the matchup was with the hornets payback in steph curry's hometown of charlotte. but this wasn't quite the homecoming. he in golden state had in mind. we'll show you what happened. now steps father's dell, of course, played most of his career in charlotte and now he's a tv analyst for the hornets called his son's game 1st quarter. steph. who was slick move to the for the layup. but the dubs down 3 after one quarter warriors in transition. its staff to jonathan kuminga for the dunk.
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the rookie with 9 points in the 2nd quarter late in the second step houses backwards and over his head to a wide open. jordan poole type 5757 at the half love george. well, 3rd quarter its andrew wiggins. from beyond the arc cans. the 3 pointer. he had 28 points in the game end of the quarter. steph from 37 feet out. banks. it in that for the dubs up one going into the 4th curry finished the game with 24 points. maybe not enough 4th quarter. lamelo ball to the rack for a nice floater. he scored 21 in the game now tied at a 102 with 45 seconds left myles bridges makes the shot over draymond green. he had 22 hornets up a deuce. and so possession. so what happens here, steph, this is to come on looney. he gets fouled this is a free throws can't do that. terry rozier went on to
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knock down both foul shots immediately after so the hornets win one o 6 one '02 wars now dropped to 11 2 on the season. still the best record. their kevin durant and the next tuesday night in brooklyn that should be a fun let's talk nfl football. the raiders hoping to bounce back. they hosted patrick mahomes and the chiefs you go to the 2nd quarter, chiefs up by 7 derek carr loves it to hunter renfroe. and just like that, the raiders tie it up. later in the second chiefs up 3 mahomes. finds tyreek hill for the touchdown 7 receptions 83 yards and 2 touchdowns at 17 7. casey. >> 4th quarter mahomes searching for open man. he airs it out. >> and connect to darrell williams for the 38 yard score. just great grab by williams right on the money from the homes. he looks like his old self again. he threw for 406 yards and 5 touchdowns. but that's bad news for the raiders just get
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blown out by that. she final score. 41 to 14. all right. a college hoops. we go defending champ stanford ranked number 3 in hosting 25th ranked texas will pick it up in the 3rd sanford up for lacey hall with the steal and her sister lexie. >> takes it the other way to lay it in 16 points and 11 rebounds alexi 4th quarter. stanford's lead cut to one aliyah gets it to go from beyond the arc 6 in the triple gives texas believe they're under 2 minutes to go. now. texas has a five-point lead dropped in another 3 should 17 points off the bench went 4 for 4 from downtown. and with that, texas upset stanford 61 to 56. that was the cards first loss of the season. >> and that was kate rooney reporting. now it's 4.50 and as many as 160,000 active duty military members are having trouble feeding their families. that comes from feeding america which
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coordinates. >> the work of more than 200 food banks across the country. the group estimates that the 29% of troops in the most junior enlisted ranks face food insecurity during the previous year. in response, a robust network of military adjacent charitable organizations developed in infrastructure of food banks near major domestic bases. so that's good news on that. the supply chain problems, though they're fueling inflation here on is charging problems for some space industry companies, even even up in space. they're having trouble experts say the supply chain for products used by many aerospace firms was already less than consistent due to unpredictability and under investment. now that more companies are starting space ventures. some say supply chain crush was grown has grown more uncertain rather, experts say more and more suppliers will eventually be able to provide the necessary components for space ventures over time. but
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shortages will exist. until then. we hear a lot about the big number of people leaving california, but where is everyone going once they leave at 47,000. another notable stat there were 24,000 californians that left for new york in 2019 making it number 8 on the list leaving one big city going to another. it is 4.52. we will be right back after the break. >> stick with us. lot more to get to.
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>> holy moly. that's not something you hear every day. this video is from the san diego zoo of a giant ant eaters searching for his next meal. sniff import anyways the zoo posted this video to facebook giant anteaters have terrible eyesight but make up for it with their incredible
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sense of smell. and you can hear that nostril going. they can detect odors 40 times better than humans can making it much easier to track down its to snack on and meters are also surprisingly good swimmers and use there snouts to snorkel who knew can believe that. and take a look at this site off the coast of new zealand. this penguin was spotted on the island's shore last week. it's delhi paying when native to the antarctic, that means the bird traveled nearly 2000 miles to get to new zealand to long trip. local started affectionately calling him thank you. after the cartoon character, although the bird is a welcome an adorable visitor. scientists say it also serves as a grim reminder of the threat birds face from warming, waters and changing habitats. coming up on the next hour of the kron 4 morning news california's gas prices are breaking records
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will tell you how much you can expect to pay at the pump right now. >> and police are investigating a shooting in oakland. witnesses are telling us who the victims might feel tell you all of that coming up in a live report. with us. and we have some information about a bomb threat at health kenilworth junior high under investigation in petaluma. how police found out and what to expect when school is going to happen this morning. everything that the latest details for you
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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning news far. >> our get on a monday. how great is and i'm james. it is 05:00am we've had a pretty exciting morning so far in terms of it has been chairs here on the kron 00:00am morning news. >> much. thanks to sarah stinson for so that rain that could do double duty in the weather and traffic center been doing that all morning. everybody's on their toes today, especially rain with the flowers bringing a little bright. sunny spirit to this monday may exactly as you have to know who got the short straw. we were drawn good morning. hopefully you had a great week and we have some warmer temperatures around the bay area. >> and the name of the game this morning is far received a lot of that. we saw areas that were covered in that to leaf all thand


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