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tv   KRON 4 News at 3pm  KRON  November 15, 2021 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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yant™. janssen can help you explore cost support options. >> another deadly weekend in oakland 4 people shot sunday night. 2 of them a mother and daughter who were inside their own home attorney general rob bonta. meanwhile, going after amazon claiming the company had covid information from employees. plus, are you ready for some football we're counting down until the forty-niners take on the rams tonight, kron 4 news at 3 starts right now. >> now from the area's local news station. this is kron 4 news at 3. >> it is turning out to be another deadly month and oakland more gunshots rang out
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over the weekend sending at least 4 people to the hospital. one of them a little girl shot inside her own home. thanks for joining us here on kron, 4 news at 3. i'm noelle bellow. we'll start with the shooting that left a mother and her daughter injured after they were hit by bullets inside their oakland home. you can see in this video a window of their house was shattered by those bullets the shooting happened around 1030 last night. witnesses tell us it happened on the 7500 block of sterling drive. it's in the oakland hills near 5.80. >> it's unclear if this was a targeted attack at this pointo or if it was stray bullets that went into that home. this is yet another child hurt by gun violence in oakland last week. >> a 23 top 3 month-old toddler was shot and killed by a stray bullet and a gang-related gun battle on 8.80, and oakland jasper wu was in the car with his mother when he was hit right now, police are still looking for the shooters involved in this
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one. a $10,000 reward is being offered to anyone who can provide information leading to the arrest %f those shooters. meanwhile, a woman who was shot near lake merritt last week has died from her injuries. police found the 22 year-old victim on lakeshore avenue. thursday night in grave condition. officials say she died over the weekend. investigators are still looking for that shooter. now outside of this weekend. it's been a violent month in the city of oakland. this is a look at all of the shootings that have been reported over the last 10 days just since november 5th overall gun violence is up 33% this year. compared to the year 2020. a bounce. does that stop in oakland, though, over an antioch police are investigating a shooting that killed a 36 year-old man over the weekend. police say it happened just before 11 o'clock, saturday night. the victim was found laying on the sidewalk near traverse city away. a neighbor told us one of those bullets went right through the wall of their
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home. >> yeah, it's it's very nerve wrecking to see the bullet hole right where my brother sleep like that's what his fate would have been if you would, and sleeping here and people who wasn't homer either of us were home. >> detectives say the investigation is in the early stages. so far, details on the suspect have not yet been released. turning now to our coronavirus coverage. amazon has been hit with a $500,000 fine from the state for concealing covid cases among its workers. the company will now have to publicize covid-19 case numbers among employees as kron four's. charles clifford reports, the ruling is the first of its kind from california attorney general rob bonta. >> well across california there are about 100 amazon fulfillment centers. 10's of thousands of employees in the state of california says that after an investigation it believes that amazon was not properly informing employees about covid-19 cases and not informing health department about what was going on either they have now reached a
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stipulated judgment with the company in which amazon will have to make some changes at a press conference on monday morning. state attorney general rob bonta said that amazon failed to adequately notify workers at their warehouses and local health agencies of the covid-19 case numbers at those facilities leaving workers and health officials in the dark as part of this new stipulated judgment. amazon has agreed to modify their covid-19 notification system for workers and local health departments. also they will submit to monitoring and they will pay $500,000 to the state of california, which we used for further enforcement. bonta says that this judgment will mean that amazon will simply have to follow california law. the key focus here is that the health and safety of our workers. >> the practices that are enshrined embodied in 8685 to make sure that workers are being notified when they're exposed to make sure that there's a sanitation plan to make sure that the local health agencies are notified so they can intervene as appropriate. >> upon to was also asked if
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the state of california is looking into any other large companies to see if they were following covid-19 requirements. he says that they can't disclose any ongoing investigations. but hopes that this involving amazon will send a signal to other companies to make sure that they are also following the law. but for now in south san francisco, charles clifford kron 4 news. >> all right. well, it is a kid's centric covid vaccine clinic city of san jose is doing its part to make the process a little bit more enjoyable for kids coming to get their shots. kron four's rob fladeboe joining us now the jungle themed clinic, a route. >> that's right. no you know, i've seen this firsthand about how getting the shot can well, frankly a little bit scary for kids, especially the youngest kids. the idea here is to make them feel safe and secure, maube even have a little fun before they get the shot. let's go inside the expo hall and see how it's going here this morning. >> 7 year-old son hospital. alou was among the first to
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get vaccinated against covid-19 monday here at the new kid friendly section of the county's mass vaccination site at the fairgrounds. the festive atmosphere helped a lot says her uncle. i just found out that that there's going to be a nice scum and time to get a lot of ice and that kind of list she was baby bump up, pumped up about it. half the expo hall at the fairgrounds is for adults. while the other half has been transformed into jungle playground. >> toys games scavenger, hunts and other stuff designed to dazzle and distract from the shot which some kids might find a little intimidating. >> not only does the vaccine protect the kids in school and at home. but it opens really opens up their world, more activities with their friends and their families, especially during this holiday time for the next month and a half when people will be coming together and gathering and traveling. makes it safer for all of us. >> since the pandemic began more than 9,000 kids in the county have contracted
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covid-19. so far about 34,000 or roughly 20% of recently eligible 5 to 11 year-olds in the county have received their first dose of vaccine. it's hoped making the experience of getting the shot fun for kids will inspire their friends and classmates to roll up their sleeves really nice to >> environment where kids are afraid to. get their shot and just feel so cool to be here. >> doctor faster shy reminds us said that not only can kids contract the virus, but they can transmit the virus as well. again, about a 140,000 age 5 to 11 now, eligible here in santa clara county 20% so far have been vaccinated. but now there's one more a fun way for them to get the shot live in san jose. rob fladeboe kron 4 news. all right, rob, thank you for that. let's hope it gets more kids out there to get those shots going. >> give you a check of your forecast now taking a live look at our bay bridge camera
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really cloudy out there kron from meteorologist dave spahr is joining us with what we can expect for the week ahead. i feel like these clouds are pretty stubborn. they don't want to go anywhere day. >> well, they will eventually tomorrow. good afternoon other than well. good afternoon, everybody. and cloudy is what we can expect for tonight. that is what the rest of today. but also through tonight, nice even cut, though. you can see upstream here. this will probably help suppress our temperature fall overnight. you can see some breaks happened. the clouds here. but on balance mostly cloudy will probably work for most of tonight. half moon bay's treated to the cloudiness that we're seeing all over the bay area, including the east bay and on around the south bay to quick check at a temperature check. we managed to get to percent or lower 60's rather 61 livermore concord, 58 got some upper 50's up there. the north bay 59 san francisco. a lot of uniformity with temperatures almost like it's a rain event with all this overcast. it's a climate control. so there we go. cloudy into tonight. 7 o'clock 5754 by 10 probably
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won't veer too much more than that for lows. a glance at our lows going on for tonight. we'll try. maybe 51 san francisco opened at 5252 also for san jose mostly cloudy with late clearing as we noted by open there as we see the front drops south in some interesting winds will come with this as well, too. now, given that weather pattern we've had over the last couple of days. we don't have the same kind of statements popping. we'll take a look at some of the forecast maps that show that front marching on through the well. all right. thanks, dave. >> one of president biden's major agenda items was signed into law. the 1.2 trillion dollar infrastructure package which will invest in everything from america's roads and bridges to more internet access as well. alexander le mon reports. >> the white house says this package will not only modernize the nation's infrastructure but will also create one 0.5 million jobs a year for the next decade. >> on monday, president joe biden signed his landmark. one
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0.2 trillion dollars, infrastructure package into law a rancher president believe it is time to rebuild the backbone of the station which i characterize working people, middle class this law delivers not long overdue promise. in my view, a craze, better jobs. the bipartisan legislation is the largest investment the country has made an infrastructure in decades. truth that despite the senate's democrats, republicans and together and deliver results. so we always need help with roads and bridges and that will be most welcome. >> but we also love what we see in this package for public transit. the legislation dedicates 110 billion dollars to repair crumbling roads and bridges. dayton mayor nan whaley and says the brent spence bridge is a prime example that connects ohio to it is close to half the time because it is so dangerous to get across and there are projects as important as these in every state. >> across the country. the package provides 39 billion
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dollars for public transit and 66 billion for rail which is expected to lead to the largest expansion in amtrak's history. 10's of billions are also dedicated to expanding broadband internet access. >> and replacing lead leaching pipes around the nation. >> this package will also invest 7.5 billion dollars in a network of electric car chargers around the country. but president biden hopes to invest even more in green and clean energy in his next package. the build back better plan reporting in washington. alexandra limon. >> governor newsom has praised president biden for the signing of the bill. the governor tweeted the president is, quote, helping us build a climate resilient future, meaning more investments in california to propel groundbreaking work on clean transportation combat in wildfires, broadband and more all while creating thousands of new jobs in just a few minutes. we are going to be speaking alive with san jose mayor sam liccardo. he was
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there at today's signing ceremony will talk about where this money is going here in the bay area. also ahead, the forty-niners hosting the la rams tonight and the red and gold really needs this when we've got a live report coming up. >> from the fi stadium. plus, how the city of oakland is cracking down on illegal want t
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of your forecast this
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afternoon. 3.14 and it look in cloudy out there. cloudy foggy all of the gray stuff going on. >> this is a live look at the golden gate bridge kron 4 meteorologist dave spahr standing by with a this is supposed to clear up by tomorrow. you said yeah. should be by the morning hours. 2 and a look at that picture there out off its blue outside can say blue the blue skies but blues an emotional. it's cloudy all that's up. whatever. >> we're not getting rain with this. we might get a little stray shower up in the north bay. nocturnal lee that means overnight. there again is the line. you can see getting closer were pretty socked in here. no question in that. and it's pretty much all over the bay took a while to get out of the south bay. but they've all since been covered. as we can see the shot at the coast it's overcast. a half moon bay. not that that's always shocking. but it's pretty much all over the place in london. also at the coast futurecast for tells the tale as we go forward by 11 o'clock tonight there's the opening opportunity of a few stray showers overnight. boy, that's nice and clean. how about that front there are
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some winds behind this now. i mean, behind it after it passes not so much before we do clear out, though, again for your tuesday looks pretty good on that front. some more clouds to try to stream on in here tuesday night to wednesday, but we're really waiting for more of a show towards the end of the week. let's step through these winds here. real quickly do have a little bit of that on shore when pre front post comes up on by interesting. we have these air is coming due north up there in solano county. we've seen this show before, however, because of the recent rains. this is not prompting a fire weather watch a red flag warning. those are offshore winds. we will see the winds kind of pop a little bit in some of the higher elevations saint alina and other areas up in the north bay is a possibility. but because of the recent rains were. it's a good shape. by the way, speaking of rain, there is some more in the seven-day forecast. we'll get to that a bit. noel, thanks, dave. >> president biden has officially signed the historic one 0.2 trillion dollar bipartisan infrastructure bill into law. the signing happened at a ceremony at the white
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house this afternoon. san jose mayor sam liccardo was there. he joins us now live with a little bit more detail on what this bill means for us here in the bay area. mayor, thank you so much for joining us. i did see a nice pick of you and assemblywoman buffy wicks in oakland. mayor libby schaff at the signing today. so lots of california and their representation out there. >> and the selfies are power right now. you've got a lot of folks out here cheering and the good thing is, you know, we're seeing democrats and republicans change for the same thing. and now we need more moments like that. in this country's right. definitely talk to me a little bit about why you feel the passing of this bill was so important in the first place. we have many critical needs here in the bay area and this is a bill we know that's going to provide really didn't direct benefit to so many residents, whether it's in broadband infrastructure, and transit investment and water and really in ensuring that we have a more reliable that seems to be an issue that a
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lot of folks pay a lot attention to, but it's really critical for us as we make a transition to a clean energy future. if we're going to be able to tackle climate change. it's going to require electric grid that's ready for that. and the 65 billion dollars in this bill will be essential as a lot of work to be done to get ready for that out of the one 0.2 trillion nearly 46 billion dollars is coming here to california. >> it's a lot of money, a lot of times we don't exactly know where see where it's going. so how is this going to help san jose specifically reach its goals. i know trans it's a big part of things that you're working on down there. >> well, certainly we've got that too major transit projects in the south bay are fully pregnant they've got a lot of years of work and funding lined up. but they may just need a little bit more to get over the goal line that is the counter electrification in the bart extension into downtown san jose and santa clara certainly would be great to see federal assistance in that case. and then we've got a lot of work to do on whole set of infrastructure around
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resilience. obviously protecting many of our communities from sea level rise and the rest this bill will be really helpful. >> when do you expect that funding to start trickling in this going to take a little it of time or. >> it will. it's going to depend on the program. certainly some programs, for example, around electric vehicle charging infrastructure that can happen a little more quickly, whereas a larger transit projects may take more time. okay. >> to get this bill to the president's desk. he had to trim his infrastructure bill by almost. half. do you think the bay area's missing out on other areas because of that cut. >> really too soon to tell after the most part, these dollars are allocated and abroad, and then we compete with lots of other regions throughout the country for those dollars. so, you know, certainly we all love to see more but the important thing is the bill actually got done and this is the president's pragmatic that understands i had to get both sides board, do this. and we really saw
3:20 pm
uptick in the senate while republicans coming out support, including the republican leadership andi13 members in the house. i think that's really important and a good sign for this country. >> what else do you think your constituents here in san jose should know about this bill. and and what it's going to do for them. >> well, we've sent really ambitious goals around achieving carbon neutrality by 2030 factor that like you said in the country to set that goal to achieve those kinds of conditions schools that we create. they need to accomplish to protect our planet for next generation. it's going require a lot of dollars and basic infrastructure and infrastructure. that's not terribly doesn't grab the headlines. as i mentioned, the electric grid infrastructure, for example, that your vehicle education of buses, for example. but fleets. that's the hard work that's going to take some time in the stars of essential. >> all right. mayor sam liccardo, thank you so much for joining us. and i have a safe trip back home. >> great to be with you, too. >> coming up here on kron, 4 news at 3. we'll tell you what
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happened when former trump adviser steve bannon appeared in court today and next, breaking down the changes to breaking down the changes to waste pic when a truck hit my car, breaking down the changes to wthe insurance company wasn't fair. i didn't know what my case was worth, so i called the barnes firm. i'm rich barnes. it's hard for people to know how much their accident case is worth. let our injury attorneys help you get the best result possible.
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>> well, starting today, the city of oakland is making it easier for residents to get rid of their unwanted bulky waste as kron four's. reports, it's the city's latest effort tu reduce illegal dumping.
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>> in the fight to eliminate illegal dumping sites like these. the city of oakland announces that all residents can now schedule bulky waste drop-off appointments with waste management at no charge here at the davis street resource and recovery complex in san leandro. the expanded service will also cut out the middleman for oakland renters who no longer have to coordinate with their landlords to get their bulky waste picked up for the first time. >> renters will have direct access to schedule their bulky item collection. and if you can't do that, you always have the opportunity to come to davis street disposable dispose of the material has a 25 year open residents. i know i'm happy to have this extra free service. that having been a former mentor. i'm just really happy that other renters can now reach out directly to waste management to set up their appointment. >> oakland city councilmember noel welcomes the changes too. bulky waste trash service, which he says is a major problem in the fruitvale
3:25 pm
district. let me be very straight. i have never seen oakland at this level when it comes to the blight. >> the street conditions, the illegal dumping that. >> and all my life and having more options for our community is critical we've invested in our garbage blitz crews. we've invested in all key block parties at edgewater and gow our residents can both the block party any day, but they want right here at this facility at davis street for more information on dates and times for schedule in a free bulky waste, pickup or drop-off. >> log on to oakland. recycles dot com. as the mud. kron 4 news. >> well, coming up at 3.30 a few more walgreens are closing up shop this week. 2 of them already shuttered today. we're going to tell you where and how you can make sure you don't miss out on any air prescriptions. plus a business in oakland is cleaning up after being tagged with racist graffiti. we've got the response from community
3:26 pm
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but our here, we are just getting started. introducing the all-new nissan frontier. >> welcome back. it's a time for monday night football showdown almost for the forty-niners, the team hosting the la rams later today. there really hoping for a win in this one kron 4 sports reporter kylen mills joining us live inside levi's stadium
3:29 pm
with the keys to tonight's big >> hey, noel. the forty-niners are looking for their first home win of the season when they host the rams here at levi stadium tonight. that will be easy, though the rams come into tonight's game 7, 2 averaging 29 points per game. good for 4th. best in the nfl. they also just added a new weapon to their arsenal. 3 time pro bowl wide receiver odell beckham junior just signed with la on thursday. however, he's not had any time to learn the playbook. so he's not expected to see a huge volume of targets tonight, but he is expected to make his debut in the blue and gold odell beckham junior will likely be used more of a complementary role to the rams lead wide receiver cooper so the forty-niners defense is going to have their work cut out for them in this game. and the secondary could be a big concern. they are banged up the number of players who have been injured is piling up quarterback josh norman is questionable because of a bruised rib cornerback dre.
3:30 pm
kirkpatrick was rolled out yesterday because of an ankle sprain safety tavon wilson various more. also ruled out with injuries on top of several players who are already on. i r that were typically starters. so forty-niners rookie on the door. lenoir every thomas will have major roles tonight on offense quarterback jimmy garoppolo will get the start. he is looking to get into a rhythm and strike early rookie. trey lance is available after missing several weeks with a sprained head coach kyle shanahan says he does have packages prepared for lands. it will just depend on if the right situation comes about to use a big mystery. this season has been why the forty-niners who struggled so much at home. the last time they won a game here at levi stadium was over the rams. in fact, in october of 2020 last time they won a regular season home game before. that's also over the rams in december of 2019. so the forty-niners historic we have done well against the rams here at levi stadium. but on the other hand, la looking for some revenge in this game
3:31 pm
tonight. this should be a fun one noel also sports director jason dumas will be live outside of levi stadium with some of the tailgaters in just a couple of minutes. the forty-niners faithful out here in droves for this one. we're live at levi stadium kylen mills kron 4 sports. well, those rams looking for revenge but also, you know, kyle. and if the forty-niners do take home the w what would that necessarily signify here in in terms of the nfl's a home. if the forty-niners going to win tonight. well, this would be major for this team that has been struggling. they have lost 5 of their last 6 games and they've really just had a tough stretch. confidence is down amongst the forty-niners and beating a team like la that is 7 into not only would help them really push for the fun. one of the final 6 playoff spots in the nfc, also just to a whole lot for the team's confidence. la comes in very hot. one of the hottest teams in the nfl. so i think more than anything a win here tonight with just signify a forward for the struggling
3:32 pm
forty-niners team last was brutal the last arizona cardinals. so i just think that morale is a little bit low and a win would do wonders for that. and it's definitely all about confidence when it comes to getting out on the field. highland, thank you for that live report. we be sure to check in throughout the night. thanks so >> we do want to get a look at what it's going to be like down there taking a live look at our mount tam cameras. you can see that fog and the clouds really just socking us in here across the bay area. did look cloudy down there in san jose as dave spahr. i feel like anyone headed out to levi stadium. they're gonna want to bundle yeah. it's true. it's going to have that role. a tumble feel going on here. and these pictures now provided by san jose state. >> university. the logical department there. they're all during the thermodynamics right now. i'm sure the cloudy skies you see prevail here as well. and that's what you can expect for tonight. >> until the system drop south. that's really going to happen really late tonight, early tomorrow morning before
3:33 pm
it's all said and done. maybe a couple sprinkles up in the north bay. but don't worry about in the south bay. so rain is not to be a threat just kind of temperatures in the 50 degree ish range or so this is what it looks like in the models as we see all overnight, cloudy. then here's that little window of opportunity for see scattered showers before this all drop south, we clear out for tuesday and lots of sunshine with that will be a wind shift, which we've mentioned of right now. this is what we're looking at or furloughs rather's 52 san jose. so again, temperatures will be in upper 50's range or so some 40's off to the east bay and also some lower 40's. meanwhile, up to the north bay, putting it all together for you with the cloud cover here. mostly cloudy. a north bay sprinkle possible 50's. some 40's in the inland valleys going on tonight. early in the week clearing tuesday we talked about mild breezy tuesday in the north bay. then that little rain opportunity. we're still on for thursday night through friday will show you some long range models in just a bit. well, thanks, dave. >> over to the north bay. there was extra security today
3:34 pm
at kenilworth junior high school in petaluma. all in response to a bomb threat petaluma police say over the weekend they received information about a possible bomb threat. the alleged bombing it would happen. this upcoming friday officials have already been interviewing students who reported the threat as well as those who are allegedly involved. police say they haven't found any credible evidence so far. over in the east bay hateful slurs and messages found on the walls of an asian owned business in oakland's chinatown neighborhood. take a look. they were recently spotted it new 10's market on 7th street. carl cham, the president of the oakland chinatown chamber of commerce says he first alerted this. but the business owners about the anti-asian slurs written on their walls and says the owners then called police chief and spend an active voice in the community as anti-asian attacks became more frequent during the pandemic. he says the rhetoric
3:35 pm
surrounding his community is an on going problem. >> joey, the asian community, especially the pandemic. and then all to people in. and many people, especially it was tent, not me of great. basically some people also being too just because of the rhetoric. i think it's important for us to it's going nation stand racist understand and we must find ways to educate everybody. >> chan says this most recent incident is the first in a few weeks after increased police and community patrols have helped curtail those attacks in the area. chan plans to make calls to local state and federal authorities this week to work to come up with ways to a stop this hate and racism. meanwhile, in san francisco, a mosque was vandalized. now investigators are trying to determine whether or not it was a hate crime. someone threw a beer
3:36 pm
bottle through the window of the islamic center of san francisco. people were inside when that happened in in the security video. you can see someone throw that bottle and then run away. the islamic center has been a part of the san francisco community since the 1950's. they're one of the oldest mosques here in california. happening this week 3 more san francisco walgreens locations are closing up shop because of problems with shoplifting. the company has already closed more than a dozen of its stores in the city because of the problem and here are the latest ones to shutter locations on clement street and on goff street are closing today and then on wednesday, the walgreens location on chavez street will close as well. week have it there on your screens. but walgreens is also set to let folks know where you can go to pick up your prescriptions. they're automatically being transferred over to a nearby locations back in june. this is a look at why this is happening, a man was caught on
3:37 pm
camera and what became a viral video brazenly shoplifting from a san francisco that suspect was linked to 8 different shoplifting cases. national news. now steve bannon, the longtime ally of former president trump has made his first appearance in court. this as he faces criminal contempt charges for defying a subpoena for the january 6 insurrection bannon surrendered himself to fbi agents earlier this morning after that, he was indicted friday on 2 counts of criminal contempt today in court ban and did not enter a plea deal and was released without bail. he is due back in court on thursday. if he's convicted, he does face up to one year behind bars for each count. a judge in connecticut has ruled conspiracy theorist. alex jones is liable for damages in lawsuits brought by families of sandy hook shooting victims on his show info wars jones
3:38 pm
repeatedly claimed the 2012 school massacre was a hoax, a position he has since abandoned. the judge has ruled jones and his company withheld documents showing how they profited from that hoax claim the amount of damages will be announced later jones lawyers have denied that they violated document release rules. 21st graders and 6 educators were killed in that 2012, sandy hook shooting. the victim say victims. families say they have been subject to harassment and death threats from followers of jones. coming up here on the kron 4 news at 3 a bear climbed up a tree cause. a bit of a headache for folks in the north bay. we're going to have the details on how this guy got back down. plus it's almost game time. >> another preview, the forty-niners rams matchup. coming up. and next, if you're feeling pain at the pump, you're not alone. we'll have
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details on those high gas prices her
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so i called the barnes firm. it was the best call i could've made. at the barnes firm, our injury attorneys work hard to get you the best result possible. call us now and find out what your case could be worth. you might be surprised. ♪ the barnes firm injury attorneys ♪ ♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪ >> if you're planning to drive here, holiday destinations be prepared to pay up. no joke. i'm looking at a friend's instagram right here. $6 and $0.59 for a gallon of gas down in southern california the state has had a hot new record high for gas prices with the most expensive prices in the country. according to triple a the average cost of a gallon
3:42 pm
of gas in california. $4.68. that's more than a dollar then are more than a dollar than the national average of $3.41. >> and like $5 for like a gallon of this pretty extreme or with from a light to the so this is bite. after lot of people owned by where you well and enjoy all the way from alabama. >> wow. i kind of have their sometimes according play 4 of 4 of the 5 most expensive places to get gas are right here in the bay area. highest average prices in sandra fell where you can expect to pay $4.88. a gallon yikes. well, fans are getting ready for monday night football at levi stadium right now. our team coverage continues after the
3:43 pm
break. kron 4 sports director jason dumas says going bring us a live ♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪
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- hi, i'm steve. - i'm lea. and we live in north pole, alaska.
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- i'm a retired school counselor. [lea] i'm a retired art teacher. [steve] we met online about 10 years ago. as i got older, my hearing was not so good so i got hearing aids. my vision was not as good as it used to be, got a change in prescription. but the thing missing was my memory. i saw a prevagen commercial and i thought, "that makes sense." i just didn't have to work so hard to remember things. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. >> welcome back. 3.45 this afternoon. we are counting down the minutes until the forty-niners face the rams. >> tonight for a monday night football kickoff just after 5 o'clock this evening and our team coverage continues now with kron. 4 sports jason dumas j. jason, there's a lot of people already ready for this game.
3:46 pm
>> yeah, no, don't if we're being honest and then a pretty lousy season so far for the forty-niners. obviously not playing up to expectations. but you want to really be able to tell out here. there's a party going on. my man is in his lazy boy behind us. i asked him about this. it is said no, i don't even let my kids sit in this chair so that's a dedicated fan right now. get this no. well, the forty-niners haven't won at levi stadium in 393 days a lot has gone on during that time span. i've been talking to fans. people who had cancer in that time span. one guy told me i got divorced last 393 days. so good that someone with through an entire divorce sets the forty-niners one here at home. they're hoping to change their fortunes today and we chatted with a bunch of fans to see what they think is going to happen >> man. it's been a wild been 309. >> access. the niners won in this building. what have you been up to in a vast 393 a's.
3:47 pm
>> and i just benign or down every day all day every day. and i mean. >> it today, i think we're going to get this win. i think i think we're going to kick a field goal late 4th quarter and come up with the w. well, trying to stay safe first, the ball, making sure that we're good in that area. still continuing to watch the niners even though they weren't home. >> you been a good a good father. you know, what do you they may reasons for the niners struggles this season. well, i think injuries always play a factor in everything for even in 2019 we injuries. but unable to get to those. but this year or last year actually say they just out. one last question for you. >> it's been a big debate all season long. do you think the niners should start. trey lance, are you happy with how jimmy garoppolo plate. >> and that's a tricky one. but i think i think we play terry, let me get give them the rest of the season. you know, get start and win the super bowl this year. but next
3:48 pm
year. >> all right, brother, appreciate you, man. >> and it like i said, it's been a pretty tough season. but the niners fans are still optimistic they still face. the team had a chance. it's still relatively early in the year. so they break out a couple wins in a row. who knows. maybe they can have a late season playoff run. but we will be here all the way up to kickoff covering this game right from force. but for now live from levi's stadium. i'm jason dumas said that, you know, and the music-making me dance. maybe it will make the forty-niners when like you said, there's a reason they call them the faithful, i guess, you know, no matter what. this still going to be leaving that reading cold. it exactly. >> want to get of the forecast again here taking a look outside the san mateo bridge. looks like a full stop. there
3:49 pm
on the bridge. some slights. they're ahead. so if you're headed down the san mateo today. pack your patience for sure make sure that you're prepared for that fog and clouds out their heyday. >> if the niners win tonight, i guess they'll have to play queen. we're the champions just to get everybody up there you go. ok, east bay cloudy, but we are seeing some colors ation hear about this a little bit of a water colors at work there. so maybe some interest in photography might tonight. if you're and that kind of scene there for next few hours. what we have some light here. this is what we have. this front to drop. south know had a lot of winds coming in advance of it, but afterwards the typical el switcheroo, which will be an offshore ind. that's ok because we had a lot of rain. we can handle that temperature check for you right now. we're at 58 conquered lower 60's, mid 60's. the east bay shoreline 50's up north there antioch a 5761 for livermore not too bad considering all this cloud cover, which lingers through the overnight temperatures
3:50 pm
falling into the 50's and staying pretty put except for some inland areas will drop into the 40's. so we have an overcast little opportunity for a little shower from the north bay. quick clear out job there. look at that. whole bay area should be cleared probably by noon. but this is what i mentioned earlier the winds ok onshore typical typical. yep. yep. yep and then after the front passes offshore now so you can make a big deal about all this. but and typically when this happens, we have the rain. so that's okay. which we do now, but it's been so dry before that would be a problem. probably help us a county into a a a fire weather watch if we didn't have this help. so going forward the next opportunity we're still on for thursday into friday. it does not look as juicy as before. however, into next week looks like we'll have another opportunity here monday. tuesday that its way upstream, though. but something definitely worth looking at and we are going into the wet season. so hopefully more treats will be up there from the gulf of alaska quite a bit of collection there. you can see by the following wednesday that 7 day forecast. give you
3:51 pm
an idea of this time we're going to stay in the 60's all week long. this front's going kind of correct things that we're talking about chance of some thursday friday zone that should clear out for the afternoon. not too bad for your weekend as temperatures will be in the mid 60's. well, all right. thanks, dave. >> coming up after the break. we've got the latest on that bear that was hanging up in a tree in petaluma. we've got the very latest details on how and when it final
3:52 pm
3:53 pm
3:54 pm
>> well, after spending nearly 24 hours up in a tree. a north bay black bear is headed back into the wild battle in the police say the bear was first spotted around 02:00am sunday roaming around raymond heights neighborhood and then made its way up into a redwood tree behind some of the homes there. police ended up issuing a shelter-in-place for the neighborhood telling people not to really go walk. their dogs were leashed or when the bear was going to come back down north animal services says the bear was about 400 to 500 pounds and since it's not totally uncommon for bears to be up in trees. authorities just made the decision to let the bear come down on its own. >> so there's been up that river kwai while but it's a little bit high up in the tree. you know, you're there right now. you can see how high it is and so our staff decided it wouldn't really be safe to tranquilize the bear because, you know, there can fall and the back to get hurt. to those circumstances we've
3:55 pm
decided to kind of back off a little bit and give the bear a little bit of space and give it the chance to come down. it's on and to go back to its habitat. >> really high up there. police say there was last seen heading towards the petaluma golf and country club. if you do spotted, if it makes its way back into your advice is to just stay away. call authorities and take care of it. a new social media site is being called the modern day. my space to we really want to go back there. the new platform called space hey, is bringing users back to the past with its must halt chick layout. check this out. it. >> got a striking similarity to the 2008 version of my space compared to today's top social media sites filled with features space. hey is relatively simple and that's by design just like the original my-space users can customize their profiles with simple html coding and they can pick their favorite songs to play on their page. that was always the best part. the top friends list is also
3:56 pm
displayed on your page. if you remember that and the site does promise not to bombard users with targeted ads or suggested content because they say they do not use any algorithm to track activity. well, it is a special day here at kron 4, our station celebrating at 72nd birthday on this day in 1949 kron 4 debuted on bay area air waves. kron was a 3rd television station to arrive here in san francisco. this is a look at the chronicle newspaper article announcing the station's launch the original evening of programming included variety, comedy and music shows today. kron 4, of course, has grown to air 11 hours of broadcast news each and every day, not to mention our 24 hour. streaming news channel kron on so happy birthday to kron 4 news. it's time now to check in with newsnation. see what they're working on for tonight. >> tonight on dan abrams live on news nation officers hit by a suspect who won't cooperate.
3:57 pm
he throws his suv into reverse one of the officers hit so hard. he's knocked into his cruiser. a lieutenant from that department joins us live. that's tonight on dan abrams live. now here's ashley with a look at banfield. >> thanks, dan. tonight on banfield, taylor swift making bank over breaking up the full proof business model of spilling it all in a song that's tonight on banfield on news nation. >> that's about all the time. we've got here for the kron 4 news at 3. thanks for joining us here. i'm noelle bellow have address today.
3:58 pm
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