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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  November 15, 2021 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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home orders to supply chain issues and shortages. small businesses are continuing to struggle. >> what their problems mean for the price you pay. >> president biden's infrastructure bill now law, the kind of improvements we can expect to see around the bay area. and when the money will begin flowing in and the forty-niners wrapping up a big game in the south bay. we'll have the latest on from their matchup against the rams in a live report from levi's stadium. >> thanks for joining us tonight for kron 4 news at a time can way and i'm catherine heenan for pam moore. >> supply chain problems continue to affect everybody. but especially small business. a lot of them have been hit very hard by the pandemic. kron four's amanda hari talk for the restaurant owner about his current reality. what people should expect if they plan to dine out. >> i spoke to the owner of kp koh in san francisco in. he says. >> things have been challenging right behind me here. you can see. >> there's park lit dining that was a way to adapt to the pandemic. now people are back to eating inside. but there is
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another obstacle just getting the supplies to feed their gets what's happened during the past 20 months. the best way for me to describe it is that. >> you imagine having both your hands tied behind your back and then being thrown in the water and saying. >> okay, that now you need to swim co-owner and chef of k fico and k fico element hari. >> david ne feld says many restaurants are just trying to stay alive. >> well, most owners have experienced many challenges. one of the biggest now is getting product srom a global supply chain everything is. >> hard if not impossible to get he says some things that may have taken 6 weeks prepandemic could take several months now. >> up to 6 months 8 months right. or you're just not going to all. mayfield says it's also more difficult to get people to perform certain jobs and you go to the market and you'll meet farmers who say, hey, i grew this product. i just don't have anyone to
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go. and the field and pick it for you. so if you'd like to come out and pick yourself. i'm happy to sell it to you. he says some farmers are paying people a premium to pick crops. >> and that added expense is being passed on to the restaurant owners and eventually to diners when you look at the pricing at a restaurant and things are going up. you know, people just need to be aware that, you know, a lot of these restaurants are not trying to get rich right there trying to survive. he says without help. many restaurants will struggle might have to close their doors. the real light at the end of the tunnel needs to be the federal government we showing the restaurant let it was a that that is the only light at the end of it he tells me, unfortunately many restaurant owners are struggling right now. >> with debt. they have no idea how long the pandemic will be impacting them or the supply chain shortages in san francisco. amanda hari kron 4 news. >> the city of san francisco is getting ready to invest 2 and a half million dollars to
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support live music and music venues. mayor london breed announced the new s f live initiative, which is meant to prop up the city's live music scene that was hit hard during the last 2 years of the pandemic, the money will be going in part toward a new outdoor concert series set to begin next year. >> being able to support outdoor performances in and around these incrtdible live music venues to really remind folks of the magic of music and to ensure that we are keeping folks employed and bringing people back to these incredible establishments. >> many of the details on the new concert series are still being worked out, but they're expected to get under way sometime next year. the to nap. million dollars will also go toward helping clubs such as bottom of the hill bring concerts outside to city parks and plazas also to paying local artist to perform and covering the infrastructure costs such as sport of parties and permits that are needed for the outdoor events. >> today marked a a big
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milestone as president biden side and the infrastructure investment and jobs act that trillion dollar bill could mean some big improvements to our roads to public transit systems, among other things, from forestry says stasio breaks down what bay area residents might see from this sweeping bill. >> new trains, new tracks electric buses. help for those with disabilities. just a small scratch on the service about what may be in store for bay area roads and transit systems with the new infrastructure investment and jobs act. >> now our reality. this is great all over it really is a historic amount of money being made available to it. at least it roasts with bart and dan lieberman with cow train and sam tran spoke with me about how this bill. >> opens up critical grant money to fund much needed projects for bart such work could include getting more new trains into the rotation. plus fund a better operating system right now. we run 24 trains through the tube an hour and
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we literally cannot fit anymore. >> but with more new cars and a new train control system. we can do 30 trains an hour. so what that means for the average person is just waiting on the platform west, which is a wonderful thing. >> building new affordable housing transit development, places like richmond and el serino a possibility. now, plus offering better services for those with disabilities could happen if you rely on a wheelchair and bart. it's wonderful to know that there's a specific part of money that can help us upgrade our year-old elevators anyone that's written in a barn elevator knows they need upgrading helps to pave the way to getting a fully electrified fleet. lieberman says just as the name suggests. >> the infrastructure bill has a sweeping potential to invest in the bay area's framework that could benefit many for years to come, also help in regards to jobs. >> it's not absolute. it's that, you know, you know,
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president biden was talking a lot of jobs created. we're going to see some of those here in the bay area and some of those coming from the projects that we're working on. and we expect see similar just a similar gains across the country. >> to recess to kron 4 news later in the hour. political analyst michael yaki. he's going to join us to share his thoughts on what the new bill means for california and what it means for the biden administration. all right. now let's take a look at the 4 zone forecast. what is a look at that fog. we're just seeing the tip of the sales force building poking out there. the fog really moving out and trying to remember how tall the salesforce tower close to a 1000 feet so they can tells just how high the fog is. the guy who knows all of this source cartons. just just over 1000 feet. so gives you an idea that cloud down below the fog is. >> right close to the ground up above got some mid to high level clouds coming through, too. so big change the atmosphere looking out toward coit tower. you see a low. that fog is there's that fog leading the san francisco across the bay right now. here's another look at that. cool. all lit up and down
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below. you can see the lights and then the clouds continue to skirt obscure some of the residents down below in some of the buildings. but we're going to be in for some big changes. you got a cold front that's sliding on through here comes making its way into northern california. of course, we enjoy the beautiful weekend with temperatures well above the average easily in the 70's around most the bay area. now that ridge is breaking down all of a sudden you get the rain beginning to move into far northern california looks like most of this is going to fall apart before making its way in the bay area. so overnight tonight, going to see a lot of cloud cover and then tomorrow morning now those clouds should begin scoot out of town and as a result, the temperatures going to begin warm back up again. but on 60's 70's, the warmer spots by tomorrow afternoon. there's a hint of some rain will tell you when you might expect that coming up in a few minutes. >> all right, lawrence, that sounds good. thanks very much. in the south bay, the forty-niners are just finishing up a big monday night game against the los angeles rams. yeah, just wrapped up the forty-niners desperately needed a win to turn things around after
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losing 5 of their last 6 games and the 40 niner faithful came out in numbers tonight to try to make sure the team got it done and kron 4 sports reporter kylen mills joins us she's live at levi stadium. kind what's happening. >> and catherine and ken, the forty-niners just earned that must whitney did win here at levi stadium in monday night football over the rams, a very impressive showing from the forty-niners and from the niners faithful right now, fans are pouring out of the stadium. happy thrilled to death with how the forty-niners did in this game. the final score. 3110 forty-niners earned the win and they were impressive from the opening kickoff forty-niners had 2 interceptions in just the 1st quarter both by quarterback jimmy ward. he picked off actually the pick 6 to end the 1st quarter. >> he was very impressive. the offense was also clicking on all cylinders quarterback jimmy garoppolo looked excellent in this game. also deebo samuel had a massive
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touchdown. and led the team in receiving yards. just an impressive showing all around. you can't say enough about the defensive performance, though the rams came into this game as the 4th leading the 4th leading nfl team in scoring. they are averaging 29 points per game. the forty-niners held them to just 10 points in this game. they also are leading or 3rd in the nfl in passing yards. you can hear the jets right now breaking out forty-niners fans going crazy after this. what we're going to have a whole breakdown for you and have reaction from head coach kyle shanahan. and coming up in just a couple of minutes. in sports. but an impressive win a much needed win for the forty-niners over division rivals. the los angeles rams here at levi stadium. as you can see, fans are getting rowdy. catherine, then i'm going to have to send it back to have beat la chance during the game, which is nice to hear. thank you very much. kyle. and before the game kicked off tonight. >> this site had some people talking on social media. a
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viewer sent this picture appears to be 3 fighter pilots following a plane in san jose. well, it turned out it wasn't just a plain. they're following. it was a an air force tanker. so it's all part of the pre-game festivities honoring veterans and the military, all of those aircraft were said to be from edwards air force base. so if you saw that was wondering what was going on. it had to do with the forty-niners game. all right. >> people were wondering about it. coming up, the fallout after yet another very weekend in open. how police say the public. >> can help us. one of san francisco's most famous residents calling on the city do more for the black community. requests for reparations coming up. and the biden administration celebrating the passage of the infrastructure bill. our political analysts will be here to talk about. >> what's likely to happen next.
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>> president believe it is time to rebuild the backbone of the station which i characterize working people, class this law delivers not long overdue promise. in my view, a craze, better jobs. >> a chapter is closing for the biden administration. one of the president's biggest effort has now been signed into law the infrastructure bill was signed into law today and it means billions of dollars are getting ready to go out to projects all across the country and our political analyst michael yaki is joining us now to talk about
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what could be next for the president and for that bill. michael of a struggling president doesn't get much of a bump from this. well, i think he's but he's certainly counting on some bang for his buck here and it's a lot of bucks. >> when you think about that, the great recession stimulus bill is only 831 billion dollars and this is 1.2 trillion trillion this is a big step up and for california, it's going to be about 45 billion dollars more over the next 5 years. an additional we normally get from the federal government going to a roads. bridges highways mass transit. i'm going to our energy infrastructure. it's it's a lot of money at a very large scale. so to help the president politically. he's going to need to see some effects from this package. >> how soon will we start to see the first thing said ordinary citizens across the country here in california can point to and that bridge is
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finally getting built. that train is finally getting electrified that well is finally getting cleaned up. how fast can that happen? is. people see it in 2 ways. one. but people are going to get jobs from this to people who as you said, are going to be driving by and going. >> wow. there's a lot of construction going on this summer. that's all about. what's going to be all about these kind of dollars going into the building. building that mass transit line repairing the golden gate bridge, those sorts of things that people do care about a day-to-day basis. so this summer i missed ration is really hoping for is that this was sort of block the economy that's causing for him as low as low opinion polls and the inflation that we're experiencing right now. >> and michael, i've heard you indicate that there's a dispute between california and the administration over something you can not give us the rundown, but that could hold up some of our money. what's that about? >> you know, what's interesting is that there's 9 and half billion dollars locked up in a fight between
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between california and the u.s. department labor over public transit collective bargaining rights and it goes to a lot of the california has some years ago that department labor basically interferes with collective bargaining for public transit unions. so effectively about 9.5 billion across the state, including for bart for the for the mass transit system and senate send a clear the vta. those things are kind of locked up right now. that there are labor city, usually working things things out with the state, the governor's got into also, hopefully that will be unblock, but that would be a a big loss of dollars if they can figure it out because whatever we don't spend. so what else is going to take. >> what do you see as the biggest projects here in the bay area. >> well, i mean, i think that you're looking at certainly for well to the bexar. one of thing that they're going to do is deal with wildfire on electrical lines and are grounding them across the
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state. that's going to be good news for a lot of us here in northern california with regard to the fires. but also you're going to seeing places like one. oh, one highway, 80 getting getting repair. those for for the bay area. a bart munir are going to get more money. the idea caltrain will get electric haitian down the entire road down the entire way and there's an end. you know, there's always that that question whether or not that the high-speed bullet train between the bay area and southern california ever be built. this money could provide the tipping point to get that deal done. so there are a lot of good things that we haven't seen come forward in a long time to get the kind of money that's involved here. i mean, relatively per capita for california. it's not that much liked 1200 per person but still an historic scale the amount of money coming to the state at a time when we desperately need it. we need to put people back to work and hopefully maybe this. we've
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clogged supply chain. that's as threatening everyone's thanksgiving and christmas right now. yeah, it sure is. hey, michael of the president. of course, hailing the bipartisan. >> effort that went into this does carry for. i mean, that huge social spending bill is still out there. does this help. no, i mean, roads and bridges potholes. those things have been part of the. >> daily life of politicians of since the beginning of time. so there that's always going to be bipartisan in terms of its support that social spending bill. the idea that the policies of universal childcare. reduce prescription drug benefits, those kinds of things that goes into a whole different bucket which is social spending. and we're we're back to the fight between democrats, republicans in practice this week. we'll see the speaker and fail with that bill will be. and if she doesn't schedules a vote, you know, it's going to pass. and then the question's going to be what is krysten sinema going to do in the senate. so
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that's that's goingtto be. part surely upon partisan lines. but you know. state or that's a bipartisan issue. investing in humans unfortunately, that's become a very partisan a divide in this country right now. >> but back to the bipartisanship we had mitt romney and rob portman at the signing today and the president. called out mitch mcconnell who voted in favor of this infrastructure bill. so as we move forward and these big you know, they have the ribbon cuttings and the gold shovels digging into the ground in republican districts across the country with republican congress members who voted against this infrastructure bill. how does that play out. >> that will be interesting if the economy still isn't isn't going well in those air. some of those areas they're going to take it out on those members of congress say, well, because you can vote for me. we didn't get as much as we should have because you yourselves out. maybe we would have gotten more. but in the
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end, you know, i have to say in politics, we all very short memories and were peopln be voting on november next year may or may not be related to what happened here today. but at least in terms of history, in terms of what the government has ever done this is a historic achievement and for biden. president biden is a talking point about how he can get things done and you can point to this big bill as as a signature effort. this administration to date. so for him it's a big accomplishment for california. it's going to be a big win. come november. >> what does the president have to do. michael to push for the social spending bill. can he help and a unifying moderate. and will they get to a vote this week. i think it's really more about it about joe mansion. christensen might hear he became to the he appeared tell essentially to the house caucus. he helped broker a deal. >> between the moderates and
8:21 pm
the liberals to get to get them to come together for the socialist for that build back better. bill. >> still out there or joe mansion christian center. i'm no one really knows where they want to fall and it's going to be a biden's real leadership and whether or not he can get them to sign off on this on the build back better. bill after the house passes it i think is going to be very tense the speaker is going to try and get a bill done this week scheduled for a vote and then and then it's going to be, you know, around the holidays that will see if the senate will take this up and it joe manchin krysten sinema decide that maybe this is good enough. maybe this will work for them or they get to make sure that from their constituents that they really realize that they need to need to make the vote. >> right now. it's very uncertain. >> all right. michael, as always, thank you so much for our time. that's our political analyst michael yaki, you know, will be talking about this again. thank you, michael.
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>> coverage of the infrastructure bill continues in our next hour, kron four's dan thorn has more on how local bay area leaders are reacting to its passage. that's coming up on kron 4 news at 9 o'clock. >> still ahead here on the news at 8, the price of the pump still is going up where you can find the best price for a gallon of gas here in the bay area.
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>> black community leaders were at san francisco's fillmore heritage center today. they're asking the city to donate the center to a new nonprofit representing the local community. they say it would serve as reparations to black communities for what they say were races programs designed to remove black families from the area. among the speakers and their san francisco native actor danny glover. >> we have to recreate rim reimagined the possibility all we're just at a weather. we working class. what we have to rebuild this place that and that's what they had, that that would have been if not delivering on the promise, promise, >> glover says the city needs new leadership that will fight for diversity. millions of families are getting another round of child tax credit
8:26 pm
payments today. that payout, though, could be the. >> second to the last for families with children that's unless congress takes new action to extend this plan more than 15 billion dollars has been sent to families of roughly 61 million children. this was just last month at this point. the enhanced child tax credit is only in effect for this year. not next. tonight on kron, 4 news at 8. another weekend of violence in oakland. the latest shooting hitting home with a. >> a mother and a child inside the building. how city officials are responding to that. plus a vaccination space just for children. how one mass vaccination site is making little ones feel safe when they get their shot. and the niners. can you believe that they have another win under their belt. we're live from levi's
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♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪
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(music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪ >> our top story at 8.30. it was yet another violent weekend in what had already been a very violent month. >> in oakland. this is a map of all the shootings in oakland just since the start of the month. you can see it covers from east oakland all way through lake merritt and into west oakland it's is an issue that spreading many parts of the city. the most recent shootings happened just within 5 hours of each other. and one of those shootings involved a mother and child who were. >> sitting on their home kron four's dan kerman has details. >> another violent weekend in the city of oakland at 1030
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sunday night. a woman and her 11 year-old daughter were shot well inside a home in the 7500 block of sterling drive. >> this is happening way too frequently and it is maddening just seeing the blatant disregard for human life. both are in stable condition and expected to survive. but council member lauren taylor says. >> people have to find nonviolent ways to resolve conflict. we have to. >> engage with family members who we know have a weapon and, you know, may be considering using it. that we really pleased with in and convince them that there are other ways to resolve issues challenges that they're facing. >> the serenity of lake merritt has been shaken to its core by violence as well as seen on video from the citizen app. police were back along lakeshore avenue early monday morning when a man and woman were shot both are in stable condition. but this is becoming a pattern on
8:31 pm
thursday, a 22 year-old woman sitting in a car just down the street was shot and killed. those who live around the lake are all too familiar with the violence. >> since donald trump. there's a general breakdown of civility and social. >> or ration and discipline. i am a lot more cautious about going out at night. for instance, you know, and i am. >> generally with other people. city council president nikki fortunato bass issued a statement saying she's concerned about repeated shootings on lakeshore avenue in the cul de sac community. >> she says the oakland police department has committed to bringing increased patrols in the early morning hours and late evening when these crimes most often occur. we reached out to oakland police for an on camera interview. they were unwilling to do that. they were also not willing to furnish any additional details. >> about these 2 most recent crimes at lake merritt dan kerman kron 4 news.
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>> 3 more san francisco walgreens locations will shut down this week because of problems with shoplifting locations on clement street and goff street closed today on wednesday. the location on cesar chavez street will close while green says if you have prescription, sarah will call you and let you know where you can pick those up these closures come as health officials are trying to get more people to get booster shots before the holidays. foresee over sacking looking into that. this could cause any disruptions are issues with vaccine availability. the availability. she will have more information coming up on kron. 4 news at 9 o'clock. >> getting vaccinated against covid, of course, can be kind of scary for the recently eligible children ages 5 to 11. so in the south bay, there's a vaccination site which is set up to be more fun. more kid friendly a festive atmosphere at the santa clara county fairgrounds half the mass vaccination site has been turned into a jungle playground. they have things like toys and games. there
8:33 pm
will be scavenger hunts. all of that, of course, intended to entertain and 2 distracts from the factual shots. parents say they're delighted this kind of option for their little ones. >> i just found out that that there's going to be a nice scum and time to get a lot of ice and that and that kind of missed that and she was baby bump up, pumped up about it. >> since the pandemic began. more than 9,000 children in santa clara county have contracted covid so far but 34,000. that's roughly 20% of recently eligible 5 to 11 year-olds have had the first shot. for your money tonight as usual californians are paying the highest gas prices in the country and unfortunately, prices have yet to plateau the average gas price in california is $4.68 a gallon. that's almost a dollar more than the national average. >> on force grant lodes joins us now with just how much we're paying at the pump here
8:34 pm
in the bay area. >> yeah. that's what we thought nonstop. yeah. i mean, when does it end. and may be the million-dollar question. million dollars a gallon soon. it feels like, right. i mean, it is just so out of hand. the prices in california highest in the country. no surprise there. but the the highest ever. $4 and $0.68 is the average price for a gallon of regular in california beating out the old record which we set just last weekend for 63 not a huge surge from week to week. but when we look at the year to date average from triple a that is staggering. go back a year ago, november 2020, just $3.18. a gallon seemed like, you know, kind of a lot of the time. but now we would take that in a second time we get here. experts say the continuing price climb is thanks to high demand and low supply as we head into the holidays pretty simple. but that's the deal. so when you get the cheapest gas in the
8:35 pm
bay area. will your best bet is here in solano county and $4.70 relative is cheap, sonoma and napa there are about the same for 86 in napa. 47 in sonoma, marin. most expensive gas in the bay area. $4.89 will head to the east bay now where you'll find that cheap the second cheapest gas. that's contra costa county here for 77 alameda county, a gallon of regular on average 4.80, go down to the south bay. santa clara county is just under that. and actually the 3rd best price in the bay area at 4.79 the prices increase as you head north up to the peninsula. san mateo county for 86 and sorry, san francisco drivers are paying the most of anybody in the bay area. 4. 89 for a gallon of regular prices are high. they may get higher, but there are some ways people can save may
8:36 pm
be the easiest way according to experts is cut back on a seat. hot out right now. they say that even at highway speeds when you're long there having the windows down has less of an effect on fuel economy than the engine power required to run the ac some other ways to save. they say set that cruise control to maintain a constant speed and make sure that your tires are properly inflated. that's a big one. we have a full list of the suggestions and some other guests saving tips posted on our website. kron 4 dot com. good luck. >> depending on how big of a gas tank you have. you're looking at. you know, i'm i'm paying about 70 bucks to season remain. well, a trucking 100 bucks to fill or to let you know. yeah. some of these have huge tanks and these big suvs. it's it's rough and you see this infrastructure bill, all these electric charging stations that are going to be built you can see why that would open
8:37 pm
some eyes and become a more popular model. it's got to be opening some eyes, some people can't afford to fill up. that's what's really for sure. yeah. i mean, you know, you're you're buying a gallon at the time. it's a so. thank you. grant you that. well, right now we're going go to our forecast as we give you a live shot of the bay bridge toll plaza kron first chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is here with change in weather this week. lot. yeah. here we go. we saw today. we saw those clouds begin to roll in and temperatures. >> really cooling down outside today. we're going to see more cooling. may we start talking about a little bit of rain right now. kind of some shots outside the low cloud deck really starting to sneak on shore. you see it from the east bay hills looking little berkeley hills. you see how the clouds rolling in now up above you got some mid to high level clouds and down below. you got lights shine through those clouds. but yeah, the long-range forecast show a little more impressive. this front coming through tonight. not going to be much and then we get into thursday afternoon, others a chance we could be seeing some showers thursday into early on friday. and then this kind of scoots
8:38 pm
out of town and then behind that, of course, we get into the weekend before thanksgiving looks like going to be a nice weekend. high pressure building in. but then there's one little swirl in the atmosphere models having trouble with that. it comes in as we get into tuesday. that's one of the busier travel times to tuesday and wednesday of next week that some people start getting around for thanksgiving holiday. looks like things are going to change a bit as we get into next couple days. chance a few showers late on thursday into friday this week and return to some sunshine next week, though, guys get a little bit if the with the holiday ahead. that's right. i keep forgetting its like days away. thanks. right. >> still ahead, why the california attorney general is going after amazon in a first of its kind judgment. also. do you have your gift giving all figured out well, your holiday presidents need to be sent out fast. >> what the postal service is telling us. and if you're flying for the holidays there's a new option that might save you some money at the san
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get your free quote at >> san francisco mayor london breed and the city's health department are giving special attention to 9 people. they're being recognized. we're helping the city reach its vaccination rate. >> we need the entire city to know what they did. we need the entire city to recognize that they took care. our seniors in chinatown. they took care of our families in the bayview hunters point. it took care. >> people in lakeview in and the fillmore west division.
8:42 pm
they represent it the entire geographic area of san francisco in places. that are typically. neglect. it. >> we have all the details on the recipients on our website. go to kron 4 dot com covid vaccines are offered at almost a 100 locations. now throughout the city. >> in the south bay. if you want to avoid high gas prices and fly somewhere thanksgiving. there is an update on the san jose airport travelers can now make parking reservations online. they're open for the economy. lot. this new program also includes license plate recognition software touchless entry and exit the airport is expecting more than 400,000 passengers and the 11 days surrounding thanksgiving. next. today by the city of oakland is trying to make it a lot easier for you to get rid of some of your garbage. and in sports, the
8:43 pm
forty-niners looking for their first win at levi's and more than a year. the big get it done against matt stafford to the rams. >> they beat la kate rooney shows us how the
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>> california's top fire official is retiring in a letter to his staff. cal fire chief thom porter. he says that his last day will be december 10th. he says he's moving home to san diego to focus on his family, including
8:46 pm
aging parents. he's been with cal fire since 1999. he was appointed the agency's director by governor newsome porter led california, through some of the most intense fire seasons in state history with more than 7 million acres burned between this year and last run, of course he was leading the state agency during the pandemic. governor newsom issued a statement on the resignation writing in part californians are fortunate to have had his steadfast leadership guiding our preparedness response and recovery efforts. >> amazon will have to pay $500,000 and publicize covid-19 case numbers among its employees. it's part of the first of its kind judgment announced today by california attorney general rob bonta at a news conference this morning. bonta said that amazon failed to adequately notify workers at their warehouses and local health agencies of the coronavirus case numbers. the doj reach to stipulate is judgment with the company today as part of the
8:47 pm
deal. amazon has agreed to modify its covid notification system for workers and local health departments. the company aldo has to submit to monitoring and pay $500,000 to the state for further enforcement. >> the key focus here is that the health and safety of our workers. the practices that are enshrined embodied in 8685 to make sure that workers are being notified when they're exposed to make sure that there's a sanitation plan to make sure that the local health agencies are notified so they can intervene as appropriate. >> across california. there are about a 100 so-called fulfillment centers and a 100 and 10's of thousands of workers at those locations was asked if the state is looking into any other large companies to see if they're following covid requirements. he said he can't comment on any ongoing investigations. but he did say he hopes this judgment with amazon will send a message to other companies that they should also be following the law. >> starting today. the city of oakland is making it easier.
8:48 pm
they hope for residents to get rid of bulky garbage items in the fight to eliminate illegal dumping sites. the city is giving residents a way to schedule special drop-off appointments. no charge. the drop offs will go to the davis street recycling plant in san leandro. the expanded service will also cut out the middleman for oakland renters who will no longer have to coordinate with landlords to get rid of bulky items. >> as a 25 as id. and i know i'm happy to have this extra free service. that having been a former mentor really happy that other renters can now reach out directly to waste management to set up their appointment. >> and for more information you can get details on our website. kron 4 dot com. >> and now kron 4 sports from the 18 t fiber sports desk. >> 393 days. that is how long it's been since the forty-niners last won a game
8:49 pm
at levi stadium. well, tonight that miserable streak has been snapped in a game that almost no one had the winning the red and gold not only one, they dominated, let's check it out. the fog was rolling at levi's early and jimmy garoppolo the state. well, last couple weeks looking to silence the critics and keep the forty-niners playoff hopes alive. first possession for the rams. matthew stafford. how some time goes for the deep ball and right into the arms of forty-niners safety jimmie ward. that ball was nowhere near. >> odell beckham junior and that set the tone for this one early word loving. it in suing forty-niners possession garoppolo. finds george kittle, his second touchdown of the season. kittle had 5 catches for 50 yards tonight that made it 7. nothing niners nice fast offensive starts and then the rams. >> get the ball back their own 24 staff are looking for tyler higbee and it bounces out of his hands. >> right into the hands of ward. he's got another pick and this time he takes it.
8:50 pm
house. it's 14. nothing san francisco ward. coming up, a quad injury and of having the best game of his career. we go to the 2nd quarter now, same score stafford searching and this time he does connect with take just get in there for the 10 yard touchdown and the rams right back in this one down by just 7. now, next forty-niners dry ground below the handoff to deebo samuel their egos. he gets around the rams defense and in for the touchdown. a little celebration going on there for d vote. i like that at levi's stadium going nuts. i heard the even did the wave in there tonight. it's been a long time since that happened. it's 21 7 niners at the half. we go to the 4th quarter 40 niners up 11. garoppolo fires the 2 d, though he gets away from the defense and he's off to the races. 5 carries 5 receptions, a 133 total yards and 2 touchdowns for samuel just go just pouring it on at
8:51 pm
this point. that was pretty much the ice in the situation, but we're going to show you a couple more here next. rams possession. check out this play. stafford throat appear to be ticked off by king juan williams. he makes incredible circus catch. in fact come when called leave it at that. but an interference penalty on sf ultimately gave la the first down. still a fun playing on the left that stood out in the game. and then this is what field for the forty-niners here for real stuff or get struck by arden key. defense held the rams all game and that would do it. forty-niners win 31 to 10. they've now won 5 in a row against the rams. coincidentally that was the opponent in their last win at levi stadium. 393 days ago. so the forty-niners improved to 4, 5, cleaning to that hope for a wild card playoff spot and kron 4, of course, has team coverage at levi's stadium for this big game. jason dumas and kylen mills are both out in santa clara. we're going to check in with cuyler in right now. kylen the
8:52 pm
forty-niners haven't had many complete games this season. right tonight. >> hey, kate, everything went right tonight for the forty-niners. they were firing on all cylinders in this game against the rams. first, i want to talk about the forty-niners defense, the rams coming into this game had the 4th best offense the nfl when it comes to points are averaging 29 points per game. the forty-niners defense held them to just 10 points in this game. also the forty-niners run defense was outstanding. they held the rams to just 52 yards in this game and we have to talk about jimmie ward defensive back with 2 interceptions in the 1st quarter, including a pick-six. you couldn't ask for much more from this defense head coach kyle shanahan said after the game, this was the most complete game. the forty-niners have played all season. he pointed to an impressive defensive performance converting on 3rd downs and winning the battle of the turnovers. the forty-niners took care of the ball may also force turnovers. he said that's what led them to this very impressive win over a hot rams team. they
8:53 pm
were 7 into coming into tonight. now they've lost 2 in a row. the forty-niners just seem to find success against the rams, though. in general, the forty-niners earning their first home win of the season. by the way as well. kate, this was much needed and a big confidence boost for this team. >> all right. great stuff. hyland. great game tonight. don't get run over by that same bony or whatever that
8:54 pm
8:55 pm
>> where your money tonight might have noticed real
8:56 pm
christmas trees are more expensive this year as because of a nationwide shortage industry experts say a combination of summer heat and climate change come about 40% of the available trees. according to the american christmas tree association, some growers reported losing up to 90% of their tree crop this summer because of fire and heat waves. the postal service's during its annual reminder saying please my your christmas presents as soon as possible. >> this year's surge of roughly 12 billion packages is expected between thanksgiving and new year's day. the busiest time of between december 13th and the 18th roughly 40,000 seasonal postal workers are now being hired and the service is offering details on its website. usps dot com. >> and that wraps it up for kron 4 news at 8 o'clock but grant and vicki are here with what's coming up at 9 o'clock. >> thank you, guys. so here's what we're working up for kron. 4 news at 9. the president signed his long
8:57 pm
fought infrastructure bill today freeing up millions for the nation's roads and pipelines and greener energy. among other things, what local leaders are saying about the new bill and what it means for the bay area. also coming up, a number of san francisco walgreens locations closing their doors for good this week. >> now that move will impact the ongoing push to get more californians vaccinated. keep it here. kron 4 news at 9 is next.
8:58 pm
8:59 pm
9:00 pm
>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at known. >> tonight at 9 some people in san francisco will have to travel farther distances to get their prescriptions as walgreens stores are closing, at least some of them. there's also concern that could make it more challenging for folks to get vaccinated. good evening, everybody. thanks for being with us tonight on kron 4 news at 9 o'clock. i'm grant lotus and i'm vicki liviakis to more walgreens stores permanently close their doors in san francisco today after the company announced last month that it's closing 5 locations. >> in the city by the end of this month due to rampant thefts offers a attack in joins us now live from the city. taylor, are these closures having any impact on vaccine appointments now that a younger kids are able to get them as well as adults. >> well, vicki walgreens customers at these close


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