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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  November 15, 2021 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at known. >> tonight at 9 some people in san francisco will have to travel farther distances to get their prescriptions as walgreens stores are closing, at least some of them. there's also concern that could make it more challenging for folks to get vaccinated. good evening, everybody. thanks for being with us tonight on kron 4 news at 9 o'clock. i'm grant lotus and i'm vicki liviakis to more walgreens stores permanently close their doors in san francisco today after the company announced last month that it's closing 5 locations. >> in the city by the end of this month due to rampant thefts offers a attack in joins us now live from the city. taylor, are these closures having any impact on vaccine appointments now that a younger kids are able to get them as well as adults. >> well, vicki walgreens customers at these close
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locations received an email last week of weather next closest location would be according to the website on a walgreens dot com today. they're still plenty of available appointments however, some doctors have concerns that these close locations will have an impact on people getting their vaccine for other reasons. >> walgreens is slated to close 5 of its san francisco locations by the end of the month. it's locations at 300 golf street and 745 commence street permanently close their doors on monday following closures on mission street and ocean avenue. earlier this month. walgreens will close its 5th store at 3500 cesar chavez street on wednesday taking away 5 of that. >> busy locations. it's probably going to make a dent, not just a first timers but also fo boosters. >> with children ages 5 to 11 now eligible for the vaccine in all adults now able to get a booster shot infectious disease specialist at ucsf. doctor peter chin. hong
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worries about the impact these store closures will have on people getting their vaccines. we took a look at available appointments in the city on monday and many stores had plenty of open time slots throughout the rest of this week. doctor peter chin-hong says it's less about appointment, availability right now been very lukewarm in california in general. >> there's been no rush to walgreens. in some techniques have been kids come in. they offer the grandparents boosters which has been up is that from the first rush of the initial vaccines and more about access issues. you want to meet people where they are with vaccines. we've seen that really play out in an important factor in previous rule out so you know, it's it's going to have an impact by taking away 5 walgreens. that means 5 locations that may be more convenient to some people versus other its and if somebody uses that as an excuse may be to door that's a
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missed opportunity as we approach the holidays. doctor chin-hong hopes more people, especially those 65 and older sign up to get their booster shots were a particularly for lit in 65. >> because that's the first group that was immunize. and that's a first and most important group in terms of. being hospitalized staff breakthrough infection after waning immunity. >> now, earlier this month san francisco's department of public health released that just 23,000 people 65 and older or roughly 20% of eligible seniors received a booster shot ahead of the holidays. so you haven't done so already it's definitely something that should think about doing so soon for now live in san francisco. taylor bisacky kron 4 news. >> thank you. taylor to the south bay now there's a vaccination site that's a bit more kid friendly. the traditional pharmacies or vaccine sites. catering mostly to adults half the expo hall at the san jose fairgrounds is
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for adults. while the other half has been transformed into a jungle playground. it is filled with toys and games scavenger hunts and other stuff designed to dazzle and distract kids from the shot since the pandemic began more than 9,000 children in the county have contracted covid-19. the santa clara county health department. says that vaccinating children makes it safer for everyone. >> lead is a vaccine protect the kids in school and at home. but it opens really opens up their world to more activities with their friends and their families, especially during this holiday time for the next month and a half when people will be coming together and gathering and traveling. makes it safer for all of us. county health officials hope the experience of getting the shot fund, making it fun for the kids. >> will inspire the friends cast classmates to roll up their sleeves to so far about 34,000 or roughly 20% of recently eligible 5 to 11
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year-old to the county received their first dose of the vaccine. >> san francisco mayor london breed and the city's health department are giving special recognition to 9 people. they're being honored for helping the city reach its vaccination goal. >> we need the entire city to know what they did. we need the entire city to recognize that they took care. our seniors in chinatown. they took care of our families and the bayview hunters point. it took care. >> people in lakeview in and the fillmore west in addition, they represent it the entire geographic area of san francisco in places. that are typically. neglect. it. >> we thank them and we have details on those recipients who were honored on our website. kron 4 dot com, if you'd like to read all about them. covid vaccines, by the way, are offered at nearly 100 locations now through the city. >> doctor anthony fauci laid out his recommendations for holiday gatherings saying that he believes they're ok as long as everybody is vaccinated
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against covid doctor fauci expressed that this opinion this morning in an interview that was hosted by the bipartisan policy center. he also says case numbers are still high. so he's recommending that people wear masks when they're out and about in the community and around groups of people in indoor settings. stay with kron 4 for the latest covid information that includes finding the vaccine for kids and much more. you can scan the qr code. it's on your screen. there and you'll be directed to the special section of our website. that's at kron. 4 dot com. all eyes were on the white house today as president biden signed a 1.2 trillion dollar infrastructure bill into law bipartisan legislation is the largest investment the country has made in infrastructure in decades. >> it dedicate 110 billion dollars to repair crumbling roads and bridges. the package provides 39 billion for public transit and 66 billion just for rail which is expected to
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lead to the largest expansion in amtrak history. they're also be 7 and a half billion invested into the national network of electric car, charging stations. yet 10's of billions are dedicated to expanding broadband internet access and replacing. >> lead water pipes that are leaching a out around various places around the nation that president says that the package will also create up to 1.5 million new jobs a year. that's for the next decade. the bay area strong representation at today's signing of that infrastructure bill san jose mayor sam liccardo in oakland. mayor libby schaff were on hand at the white house. parker's dan thorn is live for us in the newsroom tonight. he joins us with reaction from mayor look harder than what you have to say. well, they can grab. the mayor is really applauding the 2 sides, democrats and republicans for coming together to get something done. the largest chunk of this money for spending is going to california. >> which is good news for
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improvement projects like you mentioned, roads, bridges and of course the electric grid that need funding. mayor liccardo says this is also a big win for a greener future. the signing of the 1.2 trillion dollar infrastructure bill in washington is a big benefit for the bay area says san jose mayor sam liccardo. this is a bill we know that's going to provide. >> really didn't direct benefit to so many residents, whether it's in broadband infrastructure, and transit investment and water and really in ensuring that we have a more reliable grid. look points to the rolling blackouts and public safety power shut-offs that have become more common under investor owned companies like pg and e the mayor says billions of dollars in this new bill will help make the state's electric grid. more reliable and also cleaner. that seems to be an issue that not a lot of folks pay a lot attention to, but it's really critical for s as we make a transition to a clean energy future. if we're going to be able to tackle climate change. it's going to require electric
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grid that's ready for that electrification is also another major point for the mayor. there's a high concentration of electric vehicles in san jose and cities like it are in need of infrastructure to help create charging stations to follow along the carbon neutral thread more money for more 0 emission buses can also make the area cleaner and quieter. look hard. it was applauding democrats and republicans are coming together to get this bill passed. and we really saw uptick in the senate while republicans coming out support, including the republican leadership and 13 members in the house. i think that's really important and a good sign for this country. well, as we've mentioned, the funding will also help improve public transportation in san jose and much of that centers on during dawn station. >> which leaders are hoping to transform into quote the grand central station of the west reporting live in the newsroom. dan thorn. >> kron 4 thank you dan and speaking of the transportation, the trillion-dollar bill could mean some big improvements to our bart system. our first
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reese's stasio breaks down what bay area residents might see from the sweeping bill. >> new trains, new tracks electric buses. help for those with disabilities. just a small scratch on the service about what may be in store for bay area roads and transit systems with the new infrastructure investment and jobs act. >> now our reality. this is great all over it really is a historic amount of money being made available to it. at least it roasts with bart and dan lieberman with cow train and sam tran spoke with me about how this bill. >> opens up critical grant money to fund much needed projects for bart such work could include getting more new trains into the rotation. plus fund a better operating system right now. we run 24 trains through the tube an hour and we literally cannot fit anymore. >> but with more new cars and a new train control system. we can do 30 trains an hour. so what that means for the average person is just waiting
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on the platform west, which is a wonderful thing. >> building new affordable housing transit development, places like richmond and el serino a possibility. now, plus offering better services for those with disabilities could happen if you rely on a wheelchair and bart. it's wonderful to know that there's a specific part of money that can help us upgrade our safety. year-old elevators anyone that's written in a barn elevator knows they need upgrading helps to pave the way to getting a fully electrified fleet, lieberman says just as the name suggests. >> the infrastructure bill has a sweeping potential to invest in the bay area's framework that could benefit many for years to come also help in regards to jobs. >> it's not absolute. it's that, you know, you know, president biden was talking a lot of jobs created. we're going to see some of those here in the bay area and some of those coming from projects that we're working on. and we expect see some were just a similar games across the country. >> to recess to kron 4 news.
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well, if you're planning to drive to your holiday destination. be prepared to pony up california's hit a new record high for gas prices with most expensive prices in the country being in our state. according to aaa, the average cost now for a gallon of regular in california, $4 and $0.68. that is more than a dollar, more than the national average of 3.41 for a gallon. as we switch gears now and get a check on the force forecasts. our first meteorologist lawrence karnow joins us talking rain. yeah, i got a chance of rain making returned the bay area that nice weather. we have this weekend. hard to believe, but. >> yeah, we're gonna switch gears. get back into that fall weather today. you saw the changes have those clouds begin to move in outside and the temperature started to cool as well. well, we've got more of those clouds moving in tonight. so that cold front sliding through a parts of the 7 northwest, bringing them some flooding rains that actually a couple atmospheric river events. now starting to see some of that moisture
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beginning to move in our direction, although we're not going to see much in the way of rain from the system. just lot of clouds outside. it was a fog out towards sfo right now. low clouds moving in overhead at the golden gate bridge as well. but keep things dry tonight. temperatures today. well, we really cool things down. we're looking at 70's yesterday. today, only 60 degrees below the average in san francisco 61 in oakland, 64 degrees in san jose 62 in livermore, 59 and cool in concord, 58 degrees in santa rosa. so things begin to change high pressure that brought us that nice weather that is now kicking to the east courtesy of this cold front that's beginning to move into the state. so that's going to weaken somewhat and bring some more clouds our way overnight tonight into early tomorrow morning. precipitation. yeah. kind of breaking up trying to pick up on some of most of us not in the ground there. in fact, as we head toward tomorrow morning. this could sweep out of town and we'll be talking about more sunshine coming our way into warmer temperatures by tomorrow afternoon. but right now we've got numbers mainly in the 50's
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outside around the bay area. those clouds continue to roll on by that patchy coastal fog sweeping inside the bay tomorrow morning. clouds early on and then we're going to see sunshine and warmer weather. little bit of a northerly wind kicking back in. i think that's going to warm us right back up. then we get ready for chance of rain. so we're kind of up and down this week as we're going to see the pattern kind of shifting gears. this front is going to slide through overnight tonight into early tomorrow morning. high pressure builds in. we get a little bit of an offshore when we get some dry weather and some nice weather. but then as we get in towards thursday, things begin to change. we've got a cold front coming in that's gonna lead to at least a chance of some showers and late in the day on thursday, maybe into friday that be nice to get that rain going again. even this nice is was this last weekend like see the showers make returns. yeah. that all right. >> all right. football now. and it's been a rough year for the forty-niners from jimmy garoppolo's production. you've got the rookie thing in his heels. the defense not good. well, everything changed tonight. the niners and their fans tonight celebrating a
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win. they beat the rams. they demolished the rams. by as fans have every reason to be happy niners. but desperately needed that win to turn things around after dropping, but 5 of their last 6 games of the sick and the niner faithful man, they came out and huge numbers to make sure that the team got it done. >> conference team yeah, we've got that happening for tonight's a big game sports reporter kylen mill joins us now with the latest where all the fans go looks kind of quiet now. but what a day. >> yeah. vicki and grant levi stadium has cleared out. but what a day it was. the forty-niners earned a much in monday night football at e levi stadium. their first home win of the season. they were clicking on all cylinders. the defense came out on fire defensive back jimmie ward had 2 interceptions in just the 1st quarter including a pick-six. the rams offense came into tonight averaging 29 points per game. that's good for 4th best in the nfl. the forty-niners held them to just
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10 points in this game tonight. the run defense was also outstanding holding the rams to just 52 rushing yards. then on offense. we got to talk about jimmy garoppolo quarterback had his best game of the season. earning himself. a one 41 passer rating. very impressive showing from him. he managed to shut down some of that criticism of him tonight also on 3rd downs. the forty-niners found success. they converted on 8 of 14 their best stat line of the season. head coach kyle shanahan said that was a big reason why the forty-niners were successful in this game tonight. he said this was his team's most complete performance of the season. >> i think taking a lot of this year. personally someone ng some the personally as well leads to that. but we were very embarrassed about last week and every aspect and. you know, should have been few things this i know that some of these to that. but we definitely played our best game all around just on a proud of and i was. and so we've got to shore. we couldn't get a real good team ahead of us. and. you know,
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that's how we expect to play. and it's been long overdue and we've got to make sure that we take a day off those guys. rest come back healthy on the shore weekend. make sure you keep it going forward. >> the forty-niners improved to 4, 5, on the season. they put themselves in much better position to remain in the playoff race. there's still a lot of season left to go guys. so the forty-niners could still earn themselves. a spot in the nfc west playoffs. up next, they face the struggling jaguars on the road. that could be another very winnable game for the forty-niners and they could be looking at being 500 heading into the 2nd half of the season. for now. we're live at levi stadium kylen mills. kron 4 sports feels like it could be a turning point game in the yeah. what a difference a day makes. maybe they should play all their games on monday night. >> seems to do thank you cuyler. all right. the city of san francisco getting ready to invest. 2.5 million dollars in order to support live music and and music venues. mayor
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london breed announcing the new sf life initiative this week. it's meant to prop up the city's live music scene. that was really hammered hard during the last couple years of the pandemic. 2.5 million dollars will go towards helping to bring concerts outside to city parks and plazas city attorney david chiu secure the state funding while he was in his previous role in the state assembly. >> being able to support outdoor performances in and around these incredible live music venues to really rempnd folks of the magic of music and to ensure that we are keeping folks employed and bringing people back to these incredible establishment. >> yeah. the magic of the initiative will be paying for things like local artists performance fees and covering the infrastructure costs for things like port-a-potties and permits for these outdoor events. >> there is this presentation that services co it's like for
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artists and you know, there's a lot are everywhere. but then it's like it's challenging for artists to living. you know, like survive. >> today. we're hearing from one of more than a 100 artists who have benefited from a guaranteed income pilot program in san francisco. it was started during the pandemic and through a grant from the city and now private funding your boy. center for the arts has been sending these checks to artists once a month since may. yeah. there's no rule on how to use it they can pay for rent art supplies or whatever else. >> helps them live in work in san francisco. ca priscilla sogomonian live in the newsroom with the how it's going so far l a. >> well here. they're grant. and vicki san francisco in our go hand in hand. but over the years and especially during the pandemic. it's become increasingly more challenging to create and make rent. so one artist tells me that this pilot program has been a lifeline for his life's work. >> creating such a human thing.
9:20 pm
>> but, you know, that paradigm that live under. now. it doesn't foster that. so it takes kind of like the humidity out of like life general because it's robbing people are actually. their their birthright. >> chris watts has been creating art for the last decade. but in that time it's become harder to get by as the cost of living in san francisco skyrocketed, forcing him like many others to make money stretch while staying true to his identity as an artist because what explains this form of self expression is as much a necessity as water fills me joy. >> it brings me tears like. it makes me constantly. it makes me like. stop in my in. i it just. that's a that's a really good question. like. yeah. our get everything from the air. but when a center for the arts stepped in with the city grant and now private funds. >> to give watts who was one
9:21 pm
of 130 artists, $1000 every month to spend how they please for 18 months. the guaranteed income pilot help watts book a trip back home to see loved ones in new york for the first time in 3 years. >> we're acknowledging how important the arts is in general. and that like this income program has been really great. in that regard of like, okay, we appreciate you and what you do. so here is like extra you know, extra money and that's a blessing. more than 90% of the funds focused on bipoc and artists. >> who fell below the line financially to make ends meet and lived in a zip code hit hardest by the pandemic. the pandemic in so many ways was really. >> a mirror or a magnifying glass to rising inequity, something that always scratches our heads. why bca is the phrase starving artist that really is part of a toxic narratives. >> that for whatever reason has persisted in our economy. it really drives home. this
9:22 pm
wrong notion that an artist has to starve chooses to be poor to create when we know that the opposite is true, that artists, like all people deserve nourishment deserve what they need to not just get by but to thrive and then it goes deeper than that because we also know that artists are cultural leaders. they're healers and the anchors of their communities. what's calls this a beautiful beginning that shows artists that they are valued and that their work matters. >> he now has a heightened sense of responsibility. he says, to pair the financial gift with his own get the talent to further create art. that is a catalyst for profound change leading up to native american heritage day next week. why bca has also extended a deadline for indigenous artists to apply for grant up to $2500 that would go toward artists lead meetings or activities held either online or in person. so that deadline is now november 21st and the details are up on
9:23 pm
why the ca dot org. back to you. >> thank you so still to come. make it stop. how people living in oakland are changing. their routines says another string of shootings. hans, the city. >> plus former top trump adviser steve bannon goes on offense the same day turns himself in. is he faces charges related to the capitol insurrection. what happened. abandoned after today's legal proceedings and why california's firefighting operation is looking for a new leader. ♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪
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>> california's top fire official is stepping down. cal fire chief thom porter announced today that he's retiring coffers. ashley zavala has the latest now from cal fire headquarters in downtown sacramento. >> tom border has spent 2 decades with cal fire. and even though his time as director was just a small fraction of that members of the fire fighting community say in that short amount of time. he's been through so much. >> in a letter to cal fire staff monday chief tom porter road with bittersweet feelings balance by deep pride for cal fire and anticipation for the future. i will be retiring december. tense porter said he'll be returning to san diego to focus on family aging parents and himself. his retirement comes about 3 years after governor newsom appointed him as the agency's director of the traditional methods that we've used are not working. porter led california through some of the
9:27 pm
most intense fire seasons in state history with more than 7 million acres burned between this year and last that coupled with leading a state agency in a pandemic. in a statement, governor newsom wrote in part californians are fortunate to have had his steadfast leadership guiding our preparedness response and recovery efforts during his tenure. porter was tasked with overseeing wildfire prevention projects in june. a cap radio investigation found the agency and newsom administration allowed the public to believe several high-priority forest management projects significantly treated more acres than they actually did porter took the blame for what some considered a miscommunication over all members of the fire fighting community have said porter is a man of honor became a broadly, of course. now. >> to all of us because we were expecting a stick around as long as this governor was in office tonight. words is the president of cal fire, local to 81 and has known chief porter for decades. i truly believe that. >> his is goal was to put that many women of cal fire. first.
9:28 pm
you know, he has to overcome a lot of bureaucracy that comes with that. and i believe he to do that. but cal fire is an animal and every year the circumstances in around it gets even more complicated. and so i think he did the best he could with what was given to him. >> we're also learning cal fire's deputy chief is also retiring in december along with several other lower-level departures. officials say this could present some challenges for the agency moving forward in sacramento, ashley zavala kron 4 news. >> up next, how the whole supply chain backlog issue could affect your next meal at year favorite local restaurant. plus what could be changing at planned parenthood in walnut creek after the cops were called their 42 times in less than 2 years and with the closing arguments were like him. kyle rittenhouse's murder trial is jury deliberations will begin tomorrow in wisconsin. keep
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>> and welcome back to kron. 4 news at night. it was yet another violent weekend in what it already been a violent month in oakland. there's a map there with all the shootings in oakland since the start of the month over the map. if it's a wide scale issue affecting so many parts of the city. the most recent shootings happened within 5 hours of each other. >> and one of those shootings involve the mom and a child.
9:32 pm
they were just sitting in their home kron four's. dan kerman reports. another violent weekend in the city of oakland at 1030 sunday night. a woman and her 11 year-old daughter were shot. >> well inside a home in the 7500 block of sterling drive. >> this is happening way too frequently and it is maddening seeing the blatant disregard for human life. both are in stable condition and expected to survive. but council member lauren taylor says. >> people have to find nonviolent ways to resolve conflict. we have to. >> engage with family members who we know have a weapon and you know, may be considering using it that we really plead with them convince them that there are other ways to resolve issues challenges that they're facing. >> the serenity of lake merritt has been shaken to its core by violence as well as seen on video from the citizen app. police were back along lakeshore avenue early monday morning when a man and woman
9:33 pm
condition. but this is becoming a pattern on thursday, a 22 year-old woman sitting in a car just down the street was shot and killed. those who live around the lake are all too familiar with the violence. >> since donald trump. there's a general breakdown of civility and social. >> more asian and discipline. i am a lot more cautious about going out at night. for instance, you know, and i am. >> generally with other people. city council president nikki fortunato bass issued a statement saying she's concerned about repeated shootings on lakeshore avenue in the cul de sac community. >> she says the oakland police department has committed to bringing increased patrols in the early morning hours and late evening when these crimes most often occur. we reached out to oakland police for an on camera interview. they were unwilling to do that. they were also not willing to
9:34 pm
furnish any additional details. >> about these 2 most recent crimes at lake merritt dan kerman kron 4 news. >> also happening in the east bay tonight, the walnut creek city council is considering creating what they're calling a buffer zone around planned parenthood to try to cut down on confrontations between protesters and patients. according to a staff report walnut creek. police have responded to 42 calls for service at the planned parenthood on oakland boulevard since january of last year. complaints include verbal and physical harassment intimidation of patients blocking sidewalks. there have also been reports of traffic accidents in the area related to protesters in the street. it is being discussed at tonight's city council meeting. no word yet on a final decision. but will update you once we know more. >> in the north bay. there was extra security at kenilworth junior high in petaluma today in response to a bomb threat.
9:35 pm
there peddling the place as say over the weekend they received information about a possible bomb threat. the threat said the alleged bombing would happen this upcoming friday. officials are interviewing the students who reported the threat as well as those allegedly involved. police say that they haven't found any credible evidence so far. >> just from people, not just conservative. every progressive every liberal in this country that that likes freedom of speech and liberty. okay. should be funding for this case. that's why i'm here today. for my i'm never going to back they took on the wrong guy. in sight. >> national news. steve bennett. there has been released after surrendering to federal authorities in washington, dc today. the longtime adviser to former president trump is facing 2 counts of misdemeanor contempt of congress after ignoring a subpoena from the house committee investigating the
9:36 pm
capitol insurrection bannon was released after appearing before a federal judge. he will be arraigned thursday. he is considered a key witness for the committee because he was allegedly in close contact with the former president during the time of the riot. now to kenosha, wisconsin, where jurors are set to begin deliberating tomorrow in the kyle rittenhouse murder trial. but the prosecution and defense delivering their closing arguments today. the 18 year-old is facing charges for killing 2 people and wounding another during protests last summer following the police shooting of jacob blake prosecutors arguing that rittenhouse had a part in creating the dangerous situation in kenosha that night and had several chances to flee or use nonlethal means of defense. the defense, however, argues that the teenagers actions were justified saying he had been under assault from the people he shot. >> other people in this community of shot somebody 7 times and it's been found to be okay. he loses the right to
9:37 pm
self-defense. you can not claim self-defense against a danger you create. >> after closing arguments names were drawn to determine which 12 of the 18 jurors who heard testimony would be deliberating with the rest dismissed as alternates wisconsin's governor says 500 national guard members are ready in kenosha there. they're on duty. if local law enforcement requests them. >> still ahead on kron 4 news at 9 with the california attorney general is going after amazon and it sent first to first of its kind judgment. almost spring-like over the weekend. now we've got a chance of some rain moving back in. we'll show you when coming up next. >> and in sports, what a night in santa clara niners getting there first win at levi's in more than a year. believe it or not. given the kindle give it to the bow samuel and let the that's what happened
9:38 pm
tonight. kate rooney has the highlights and we'll go live to levi's about 4 sports. is there wil
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9:41 pm
do so in dominant fashion. let's get to it. the fog is rolling in at levi stadium early and you can drop below who's played. well, the last couple weeks was looking to silence the critics keep the niners season a live session for the rams. matthew stafford's with some time goes for the deep ball. and that is right the arms of 9 or safety. jimmie ward that ball was nowhere near odell beckham junior. and that really set the tone for this game early loved it in suing forty-niners possession drop below find george kittle his second touchdown of the season. the people tied and had 5 catches for 50 yards tonight. it's 7. nothing niners. so the rams will get the ball back their own 24 stafford looking for tyler higbee and is out of his hands right into the hands of ward. he's got another pick. >> time. he takes1it to the house a pick 6. it's 14 nothing. >> san francisco ward. coming up, a quad injury has the best game of his career. >> 2nd quarter now same score stafford. this time he
9:42 pm
connects with higbee who just gets in there for the 10 yard touchdown. nice catch. >> and the rams are right back in this one down by just 7 next. forty-niners drive garoppolo. hands it off to deebo samuel and there he goes. rams defender misses a tackle and seeing annual is in for the touchdown. nice little celebration there. got to love at levi stadium going nuts. i heard they even did the wave in there tonight been a long time since that happened. it was 21 7 niners at the half. we go to the 4th quarter up 11 4th and goal garoppolo. >> find evo again. he gets away from the defense and he's off to the races with huge 5 carries 5 receptions a 133 total yards. 2 touchdowns for samuel has been so good this season. >> san francisco just pouring it on now. next rams possession. check out this play stafford throw appears to picked off by king juan williams using an unusual part of his body to do so. it
9:43 pm
turned out that there be enough experience penalty on san francisco that ultimately game la the first down, but we had to throw that one in there for some giggles. still a cool cat. this is what sealed it for the forty-niners stafford get struck by arden key niners defense held the rams at bay. all game that would do it. niners win 3110. they've now won 5 in a row against the rams kron 4 sports director jason dumas out at levi stadium tonight. got to see it in person. was the stadium is rocking as it looked to be on the broadcast. jason. >> yeah. okay. this is actually my first time in here for a game in a long time. i don't even think i went to a game all last year. so it's been a while and the fans brought it. the niners went off to such a hot start that we actually missed beginning. the first play that everybody was roaring for the interception. colin and i are walking in. we hear people going crazy. they have the interception. but i was in here for that first offensive
9:44 pm
possession for the niners 18 plays 93 yards. 13 plays on the ground. and that's really what just established this game. they were dominant from that possession on. i know everybody has been begging for this team to run the ball more. they got their wish tonight 40 runs a lighter mitchell is really looking like he can be the workhorse back of the future. remember, he most are is on a contract year and he's been hurt a lot. who knows if he's going to be back. so like you said during your high. like, hey, the forty-niners finally broke that streak. it has been a long 393 days. but today they finally got to smile and qb one. he was smiling after the game. >> i think taking a lot of this year. personally someone just say taking something personally as well leads to that. but we were very embarrassed about last week and every aspect and. you know, should have been few things this i know that some of these to that. but we
9:45 pm
definitely played our best game all around. i think being gunther down i just heard what we work that really helped everything just. >> we can convert stand the i've said before double like all foot. both defense like we did night. it's a good recipe for us. >> so they dominated in all 3 phases of the game now, i would say, hey, they're going down to jacksonville next week. that's an easy win for most nfl teams. but we thought the same thing last week against the cardinals without their starting quarterback and wide receiver. so you never know. but next week in jacksonville. course will have coverage all week long on kron 4 sports. but for now, that's all i have. kate, back to you. >> thank you, jason. got to take advantage of this m
9:46 pm
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>> supply chain issues continue to impact everyone, but especially small businesses who have been hit really hard by the pandemic threat for some and harry spoke with the restaurant owner about the current reality and what people should expect the next time they plan to dine out. >> i spoke to the owner of kp koh in san francisco in. he says things have been challenging right behind me here. you can see there's park lit dining that was a way to adapt to the pandemic. now people are back to eating inside. but there is another obstacle just getting the supplies to feed their gets what's happened during the past 20 months. the best way for me to describe it is that.
9:49 pm
>> you imagine having both your hands tied behind your back and then being thrown in the water and saying okay, not now, you need to swim co-owner and chef of k fico and k fico element hari. >> david ne feld says many restaurants are just trying to stay alive while most owners have experienced many challenges. one of the biggest now is getting product from the global supply chain everything is. >> hard if not impossible to get he says some things that may have taken 6 weeks prepandemic could take several months now. >> up to 6 months 8 months right. or you're just not going to get all they felt says it's also more difficult to get people to perform certain jobs and you go to the market and you'll meet farmers to say, hey, i grew this product i just don't have anyone to go. and the field and pick it for you. so if you'd like to come out and pick yourself. i'm happy to sell it to you. he says some farmers are paying people a premium to pick crops.
9:50 pm
>> and that added expense is being passed on to the restaurant owners and eventually to diners when you look at the pricing at a restaurant and things are going up. you know, people just need to be aware that, you know, a lot of these restaurants are not trying to get rich right there trying to survive. he says without help. many restaurants will struggle. >> might have to close their doors. the real light at the end of the tunnel needs to be the federal government. we showing the restaurant and let it was a that that is the only light at the end of he tells me, unfortunately many restaurant owners are struggling right now. >> with debt and they have no idea how long the pandemic will be impacting them or the supply chain shortages in san francisco. amanda hari kron 4 news. >> amazon will have to pay $500,000 and publicize covid-19 case numbers among its employees. it's part of the first of its kind judgment announced today by california attorney general rob bonta at
9:51 pm
a news conference bonta said amazon failed to adequately notify workers at its warehouses and notify local health agencies about its coronavirus case numbers as part of a deal with the department of justice. amazon has agreed to modify its covid notification system. it also has to submit to monitoring and pay $500,000 to the state for further enforcement. >> the key focus here is that the health and safety of our workers. the practices that are enshrined embodied in 8685 to make sure that workers are being notified when they're exposed to make sure that there's a sanitation plan to make sure that the local health agencies are notified so they can intervene as appropriate. >> across california. there are about 100 amazon fulfillment facilities and 10's of thousands of workers, but it would not say whether the state is looking into other big companies, but he says he hopes the amazon judgment will send a message.
9:52 pm
>> starting today. the city of oakland is making it easier for residents to get rid of their unwanted bulky waste in the fight to eliminate illegal dumping site oakland is giving residents a way to schedule bulky waste drop-off appointments with waste management at no charge drop-offs will go to the davis street resource recovery complex in san leandro. the expanded service will also cut out the middleman for oakland runners who no longer have to coordinate with their landlords, get bulky waste picked up. >> as a 25 year of as id. and i know i'm happy to have this extra free service. that having been a former mentor. i'm just really happy that other renters can now reach out directly to waste management to set up their appointment. >> way to clean up a city of oakland for more information on dates and times for scheduling a free bulky waste removal or drop off just head on over to our website at kron 4 dot com. >> all right. 4 zone forecast time and boy after a warm saturday, things are changing
9:53 pm
again. yeah. it feels more like i guess our regular november, right, lawrence. yeah. how about that? those clouds really rolled back in the day and changed everything. each shot outside the right now. we've got some mid to high level clouds up above and down below. >> we have some really cool looking fog that has made its way inside the bay now against part of the east bay hills and yeah, it looks like we'll see that 3rd part of the night tonight and then we'll see a mix out 9 tomorrow. we're talking about more sunshine. but look at those clouds rolling through looking to the east bay hills right now on in the background, you can see san francisco in the sales force building out there, but changes are coming our way as we've got a cold front coming down. not this one. this one entering the state right now that was going to fall apart as it moves through tonight. but is this guy right here. that's going to be moving in as we head in the afternoon on thursday, bringing a chance of rain to the bay area, not going to be a huge storm but a chance of a couple raindrops returning, especially in the north bay overnight thursday night and into friday morning around the bay area. then it looks like we'll clear things out for the weekend. but after that things get kind of interesting as we get into tuesday of next week. we start
9:54 pm
talking about the holiday and thanksgiving coming up, you've got this little swirl in the atmosphere. this model was keeping fairly dry. another model want to bring a pretty wet as it comes on through. so we'll keep our eyes on that front. in the meantime, tomorrow looks like a pretty decent day temperatures kind of step back a bit warming up around the bay area 60's along the coastline and mild than you can warm mid 60's in the millbrae 67 in burlingame about 67 woodside the south bay start to see some 60's and some 70's popping up by the afternoon. same of the east bay too, as the temperatures going to warm back up instead of cooling down more sunshine by tomorrow afternoon. these numbers are going to be. coming up a bit. 71 and back along the coastline a little bit cooler. but the next couple days. yeah. kind of topsy-turvy throughout the week here is we're going to see a few clouds passing through tomorrow morning. then becoming mostly sunny, as we get live lot of part of thursday, a chance of rain returning not a huge atmospheric river. the chance of some rain drops can retool good. keep the grass green.
9:55 pm
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hero faces seemingly impossible challenge. ♪ tension builds... ♪ the plot twist. ♪ the hero prevails. in hollywood, this would be the end. but our here, we are just getting started. introducing the all-new nissan frontier. wraps up kron 4 news at night. but as we say, hi to ken and kathryn, we also say happy birthday to cross and happy birthday 72 years young. wow. today. 1940 19 times of change. we are so cute when we're and quiet. but we work. you know, we get they take it away. thank you very much. grant vicki. here's what we're working on for 10 o'clock. president biden aside as one 0.2 trillion dollar
9:58 pm
infrastructure bill. what does that mean for the bay area. we're going break down how the money could help us directly also 2 more walgreens stores closed san francisco today and another one is going to close later this week. >> why doctors are worried about that. those stories and more coming up on kron
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