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tv   KRON 4 News at 4am  KRON  November 16, 2021 4:00am-4:31am PST

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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning news, 4. >> well, good morning and thanks for joining us for the kron 00:00am morning news here on this november, the 16th tuesday. i'm reyna harvey and i'm so happy that john stable is back with us today because yesterday we played a little musical chairs air year. i was the air. now the proper order of things is back in play. we hope that you had a great night's sleep and hopefully it's going to be really nice forecast today. john, good morning. >> good morning. symptoms mondays are that way they got to do a little musical chairs to get through. it is good to be back. my grandma had a
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great 82nd birthday. so sorry. i wasn't here for that. but we were looking at a really nice day out to have the day off. we're looking outside of conditions this morning that are going to be nice and dry. it is certainly foggy, though. so that's the biggest thing you have to worry about as you're venturing outside this morning is just the fact that we will be looking at some lower visibility in pockets. obviously that's not the case in the berkeley hills camera right hears visibility is a-okay right there. dense fog advisories are in effect for parts of the central valley as well as one. oh, one up in the north bay. we are looking at some fog that settled into portions of marine and sonoma counties as well as along the bay shore and into the central valley. so in these areas do watch your travel and slow your role as you do ensure those low visibility spots. otherwise we are looking at nice and dry skies out there we are seeing some sprinkles right along the coastline of the central coast and even a little bit of snowfall above fresno in the central sierra nevada. but aside from that, this is a dry forecast ahead
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of us. just some passing clouds and some of those spots out there with a low cloud cover this morning. 50's for our current temperatures berkeley. and the later we ship 54 degrees. san francisco, san mateo in oakland. all right. at 56. so we're starting mild. we're starting foggy and cloudy later on today. you will see increasingly sunny skies. actually some pretty nice conditions towards the afternoon much as we've been saying, the time highs closing in on the low 70's with most of us in the upper 60's found. thank you for that. all right. let's get a look at your traffic this morning. i am seeing no major hot spot. >> at this hour. that's the good news. if you're heading from the east bay into the city right now. little under 12 minutes for your drive time. there. let's get a look at the san mateo bridge in across towards the peninsula. little under 13 minutes to make that commute. the richmond sandra fell bridge pretty nice unlike this morning, a little under niger traveling out of richmond and the golden gate looks like we do have some fog there. you want to be mindful as you're driving in about 20 minutes
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from the north make into the city. we'll have more weather and traffic coming up for now, let's get back to the news. well, president joe biden's infrastructure deal is being touted as the largest investment the country has made st infrastructure in decades. biden's finally signed the one 0.2 trillion dollar deal into law yesterday and some local leaders were there at the white house representing the bay area kron four's dan thorn has their reaction for us. >> the signing of the 1.2 trillion dollar infrastructure bill in washington is a big benefit for the bay area says san jose mayor sam liccardo. this is a bill we know that's going provide well, i didn't direct benefit to so many residents, whether it's in broadband infrastructure, and transit investment and water and reahly in ensuring that we have a more reliable grid. look points to the rolling blackouts and public safety power shut-offs that have become more common under investor owned companies like pg and e the mayor says billions of dollars in this
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new bill will help make the state's electric grid. more reliable and also cleaner. that seems to be an issue that not a lot of folks pay a lot attention to, but it's really critical for us as we make a transition to a clean energy future. if we're going to be able to tackle climate change. it's going to require electric grid that's ready for that electrification is also another major point for the mayor. there's a high concentration of electric vehicles in san jose and cities like it are in need of infrastructure to help create charging stations to follow along the carbon neutral thread. more money for more 0 emission buses can also make the area cleaner and quieter look, harnett was applauding democrats and republicans are coming together to get this bill passed. and we really saw uptick in the senate while republicans coming out support, including the republican leadership and 13 members in the house. i think that's really important and a good sign for this country. reporting in san francisco. dan thorn kron 4 news. >> now the funding will also help improve public transportation in san jose,
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much that centers in dear dawn station leaders are hoping to transform it into the grand central station of the west. well, it's not just transit riders in san jose who stand to benefit from the infrastructure package building new affordable housing transit development, places like richmond and also reveal are a possibility now the funding could also allow bar to get more trains in rotation and to fund a better operating system. >> right now. we run 24 trains through the tube an hour and we literally cannot fit anymore. but with more new cars and a new train control system. we can do 30 trains an hour. so what that means for the average person is just waiting on the platform less, which is a wonderful thing. >> barr is also hoping to offer better services for those with disabilities by installing new elevators. we'll hear more about the signing of the infrastructure deal in a live report from washington. there's some hope that the infrastructure bill will help curb the supply chain problems we're having.
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but they're still affecting a lot of business owners. david mayfield, co-owner of kay fecal and san francisco. he says most business owners are having a problem just getting products before the pandemic, things that arrived at about 6 weeks can now take 6 months and some farmers are paying a premium to pick crops. cost is being passed on to restaurants and diners. >> when you look at the pricing at a restaurant and things are going up. you know, people just need to be aware that, you know, a lot of these restaurants are not trying to get rich right there trying to survive. >> he says a lot of restaurants are also struggling with debt on top of the supply problems we've been seen. another walgreens of san francisco's get ready to permanently close tomorrow remember to other locations already close their doors yesterday. well, these closures are now affecting people's ability to fill their prescriptions could also impact the accessibility of covid-19 vaccines kron four's. taylor is aqi explains.
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>> walgreens is slated to close 5 of its san francisco locations by the end of the month. it's locations at 300 golf street and 745 commence street permanently close their doors on monday following closures on mission street and ocean avenue. earlier this month. walgreens will close its 5th store at 3500 cesar chavez street on wednesday taking away 5 of that. busy locations. it's probably going to make a dent not >> for simers but also boosters. >> with children ages 5 to 11 now eligible for the vaccine in all adults now able to get a booster shot infectious disease specialist at ucsf. doctor peter chin. hong worries about the impact these store closures will have on people getting their vaccines. we took a look at available appointments in the city on monday and many stores had plenty of open time slots throughout the rest of this week. doctor peter chin-hong says it's less about appointment, availability right now been very lukewarm in california in general.
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>> there's been no rush to walgreens. in some techniques have been kids come in. they offer the grandparents boosters which has been up is that from the first rush of the initial vaccines and more about access issues. you want to meet people where they are with vaccines. we've seen that really play out in an important factor in previous rule out so you know, it's it's going to have an impact by taking away 5 walgreens. that means 5 locations that may be more convenient to some people versus other its and if somebody uses that as an excuse me me to door that's a missed opportunity as we approach the holidays. doctor chin-hong hopes more people, especially those 65 and older sign up to get their booster shots were a particularly for those who all live in 65. >> because that's the first group that was immunize. and that's a first and most important group in terms of.
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being hospitalized staff breakthrough infection after waning immunity earlier this month san francisco's department of public health released that just 23,000 people 65 and older. >> roughly 20% of eligible seniors in the city received a booster shot ahead of the holidays in san francisco. taylor kron 4 news. >> well, now that the vaccine is approved for kids as young as 5 counties are trying to make their clinics as kid friendly as possible. the mass vaccination site of the santa clara county fairgrounds has been split into 2 sections. one for adults, one for kids. the one for kids. you can see was transformed into a jungle playground. they had toys games for the kids, even scavenger hunt designed to distract him from the fact that they're about to get a shot. sounds like the tactic is working. >> really nice to environment where kids are afraid to. get their shot and just feel so cool to be here. >> well, so far about 34,000
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of the recently eligible 5 to 11 year-old in santa clara county have received their first dose. in san francisco. the vaccination rate is now at 80%. and thanks to that high number. the city is getting ready to launch a new outdoor concert series. mayor london breed announced the new sf live initiative yesterday outside of a music club. bottom of the hill. the venue like others in the bay area was hit hard during the pandemic. so the city is investing 2.5 million dollars to bring concerts to city parks and plazas. the money will cover things like performer fees and permits. san francisco city attorney managed to get the state funding while still serving in the state assembly. what we're talking about is being able to support outdoor performances in and around these incredible live music venues. >> to really remind folks of the magic of music and to ensure that we are keeping folks employed and bringing people back to these incredible establishments. >> well, details are being worked out, but the concerts
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could get away under way sometime next year. well, a dozen inmates at the santa cruz county jail tested positive for covid-19 making it the largest outbreak there since the start of the pandemic, the first case was detected november 12 during a routine test. the prisoners who tested positive had either mild symptoms or none at all. their quarantine need along with roughly 40 inmates who were exposed to them. coming up next to the kron 4 morning news was another violent weekend in oakland. how police are trying to per the shooting. plus capitol hill makers say persistence was key to passing biden's infrastructure bill. we're going to tell you. >> why they say it will benefit all americans and a live report and a grant program is helping artists in san francisco. y one artist says it's helped to stay afloat will have that and more when we get back.
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>> well, welcome back to the kron morning news and happening today in the east bay. the california department of water resources issued a danger advisory for lake dave, i a in alameda county because of an algae bloom. the department is using urging people to be careful when you're out using the lake and they say to keep yourself as well as your pets and your children away from the algae
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blooms here. the department usually issues advisories like this 1. one blue-green algae is found in the water. all right. well, as you're planning your day today, you're probably wondering how the roads are doing. so we're keeping a close eye on that. but also with the forecast has in storage. entre will back in the studio today. i'm happy about it. you've got that beacon of light right behind it was to go into hours. still lit up out there and we are looking at a nice morning to be venturing outside for the most part, at least we do have some fog that settled into parts of especially the central valley, but also our inland valleys right here in the bay area this morning. >> it's obviously not blocking out your quite hour. really not having much of an impact near the coast either it is those inland areas that are seeing some dense fog advisories in some of the corridor of one. oh, one up in the north bay. so do watch your travel across the bay area this morning. we're really dodging that precipitation potential that is this weak frontal boundary that's passing across the region right now. resulting in
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just a few sprinkles near the central coast and out into the central valley for us to just resulted in the increasing cloud cover and at times some of that fog that we are seeing this morning. there's that cloud cover that we have to start the day that is going to push out gradually and what it's going to set us up for is actually increasingly sunny skies towards the afternoon daytime highs today will feel pretty comfortable under some afternoon sunshine. overall dry conditions for your tuesday tonight. cloud cover rolls back through. we'll see a mostly cloudy evening before skies, do clear right back out tomorrow. it tomorrow is going to be a partly cloudy. one still remaining dry, though. we're holding off and rain chances through the middle of this week, a chance of a few showers later on into the start of the weekend. but this high pressure ridge is certainly just a little bit too strong. keeping those weak frontal boundaries bush to parts of the north to be resulting in much of any rainfall potential for the middle of this week. so that's the reason we're staying dry right here with really no chance of rain over the next couple of days. today's
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daytime highs will remain in the 60's much as we have been seeing nevada. one of our few spots to rise into the low 70's hayward. certainly getting close up to 69 along with concord while oakland fremont and san jose each at 68 for today's daytime highs. you we stay dry into tomorrow. now thursday night into friday morning does bring the potential of some showers. the first we've seen in a minute now. so it'll be nice to see at least that pattern break saturday into sunday skies right back out. we remain pretty steady with some familiar weather daytime highs remaining solid in the 60's. back to rain john, thank you so much for that tracking no major hot spots at this hour. if you're heading from the east bay into the city right now. >> to that fremont street exit a little under 9 minutes. metering lights are still off san mateo bridge and across towards the peninsula. no major delays or issues about a 13 minute drive for you this morning. let's also get a look at the richmond sandra fell bridge as you're heading out of richmond, things are still pretty quiet this morning. a little under 10. and a look at
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the golden gate bridge about 20 minutes traveling from the north bay into the city. we're hearing from one or more than a 100 artists to benefit from a guaranteed income pilot program in san francisco during the pandemic. well, through a grant from the city in a now private funding your of one to center for the arts has been spending monthly checks to these artists since may. kron four's ella sogomonian explains how it's going. >> creating such a humid thing. >> but, you know, that paradigm that live under. now. >> it doesn't foster that. so it takes kind of like the humidity out of like life general because it's robbing people are actually. their their birthright. >> chris watts has been creating art for the last decade. but in that time it's become harder to get by as the cost of living in san francisco skyrocketed, forcing him like many others to make money stretch while staying true to his identity as an artist because what explains
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this form of self expression is as much a necessity as water fills me joy. >> it brings me tears like. it makes me constantly. it makes me like. stop in my in. i it just. that's it. that's are the big questions like. yeah. our get everything from the a center for the arts stepped in with the city grant and now private funds. >> to give watts who was one of 130 artists, $1000 every month to spend how they please for 18 months. the guaranteed income pilot help watts book a trip back home to see loved ones in new york for the first time in 3 years. >> we're acknowledging how important the arts is in general. and that like this income program has been really great. in that regard of like, okay, we appreciate you and what you do. so here is like extra you know, extra money and that's a blessing. more than 90% of the funds focused on bipoc and artists.
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>> who fell below the line financially to make ends meet and lived in a zip code hit hardest by the pandemic. the pandemic in so many ways was really. >> a mirror or a magnifying glass to rising inequity, something that always scratches our heads. why bca is the phrase starving artist that really is part of a toxic narratives. >> that for whatever reason has persisted in our economy. it really drives home. this wrong notion that an artist has to starve chooses to be poor to create when we know that the opposite is true, that artists, like all people deserve nourishment deserve what they need to not just get by but to thrive and then it goes deeper than that because we also know that artists are cultural leaders. they're healers and the anchors of their communities. all right. well, that was ella sogomonian reporting for us. >> watts calls this a beautiful beginning that shows artists. they are valued and that their work matters.
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separately leading up to native american heritage day next week. why the ca is also extended the deadline for indigenous artists to apply for a grant of up to about $2500. it will go towards artists lead meetings or activities held either online or in person that deadline is now in the november. 21st details over on our website. kron 4 dot com. republicans and democrats believe president biden's infrastructure deal will have a positive effect on every single american. they say persistence is key in getting the deal passed basil john is live in washington, dc this morning with the latest. good morning, basil. >> well, good morning. and yes, democrats and republicans said even though it took months to get to this conclusion. this is the result is worth it for millions of americans. >> despite the senate's democrats, republicans and together and deliver results monday, president joe biden surrounded by both democrats
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and republicans signed the bipartisan infrastructure deal into world has changed. we have to be ready. the more than 1 trillion dollar bill will put 550 billion dollars in new funds for transportation broadband in clean water. senate democratic leader chuck schumer says this will make the u.s. more competitive this infrastructure bill. will help us meet the challenges of our time. strengthen our crucial supply chains and lay the foundation for another generation of economic prosperity. some republicans were in attendance for the signing such as ohio senator rob portman who emphasized the infrastructure deal will benefit every american. there were plenty of bumps along the way. but we got there because we are all committed. >> to ultimately delivering results. for the constituents we represent. portman says the improvement to infrastructure will lead to an economic advantage for the country and more importantly, counters
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inflation. >> which is so important right now. as american families. are facing higher prices on everything from gas to groceries with the infrastructure deal done. the president and democrats shift their focus entirely to the larger social spending bill. >> now, americans will also see more than 100 billion going to roads and bridges. more than 60 billion into freight and passenger trains and nearly 40 billion into public transit reporting live in washington. i'm basil john, thank you for that report. basil. coming next on the kron 00:00am morning news a colorado house trial in wisconsin is coming to a close. >> we're going to tell you when a verdict could be announced will have that. we get back. well, tomorrow marks
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the first national ruby bridges walks to school day to commemorate the event students in south san versus are going to be in downtown south san francisco. >> and they're going to walk to school in 1960 ridges became a national civil rights icon when she integrated william franz elementary school in new orleans. the ruby bridges foundation says the initiative to celebrate bridges actually started when students and south san francisco question why there wasn't a day to celebrate her courage and bravery. unity leaders are asking san francisco to donate to the fillmore heritage center to a
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new nonprofit representing the local community. they say it would serve as reparations to black communities for what they argue are races programs designed to remove black families from the area actor and san francisco native danny glover was among the speakers raising awareness to the cause yesterday. still ahead on the kron 4 morning news the port of la is delaying. it's fine for ships at ports when they're going to start and how much will they cost will have that when we get back.
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>> welcome back to the kron 4 morning news a time for you now. 04:30am. >> on a very nice tuesday morning. we're so happy because john travel is back to give us the forecast again this morning and i hear it's going to be a nice few days until thursday. still be nice. yeah, yes, definitely. still looking at a nice few days ahead of us we are looking at conditions out there that will at least be staying dry. >> both today and tomorrow morning. so we're going to have a couple of dry morning commute ahead of us just a little bit of fog out there from time to times, which has resulted in some dense fog advisories for some of our inland valleys and then across parts of the north bay to so aside from that, we do have a smooth commute to work. but you know how to do i


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