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tv   KRON 4 News at 530pm  KRON  November 16, 2021 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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if you're working from home, you're probably driving less. maybe a lot less. at metromile, we think you should be paying less for your car insurance; a lot less. and paying less doesn't mean getting less. with metromile's per-mile pricing... what you pay is based on how many miles you actually drive. so, you can enjoy reliable, high-quality car insurance... at a delightfully different price. get your free quote at >> yes, this city. >> state leaders now say anyone who wants a booster shot should now be able to get one here in california. go get governor newsom says his administration is bracing for an increase in covid cases and hospitalizations in the winter
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months. kron four's capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala has the story. disease is not taking the winter off. governor gavin newsome continuing his warnings of a potential winter surge in kings county, tuesday newsome said california is bracing for stress on its health care systems because of waning immunity of vaccines after 6 months and because about 25% of the state's population has yet to get vaccinated. we. >> are going to see an increase in cases we have an increase in potential stress on our system. i don't say that to alarm people. i don't say that for any other reason than to level set with folks statewide covid-19 numbers are stable with some parts of the state starting to see increases newsome noting california is the first state in the nation to allow all adults access to the booster shot. the state sent a letter to health care providers, urging them to not turn away patients who received their original moderna or pfizer vaccine at least 6 months ago or johnson and johnson 2 months ago. as of tuesday, the state had administered boosters to more than 4.2
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million people boosters. >> are important to deal with waning immunity. important to help us get through this winter so we do not experience the winter. we experienced last year ahead of winter newsom recently signed an executive order that extends pandemic-related regulations to expand the state's health care workforce allowing health care workers from out of state to provide services in california. the order also continues to get health care facilities. the flexibility to plan and adapt their spaces for covid-19 care in sacramento. ashley zavala kron 4 news. >> a new study finds unvaccinated adults are more than 3 times as likely to lean republican. >> then democrat. according to the kaiser family, foundation's covid-19 vaccine monitor analysis. republicans and republican leaning independents make up 60% of the adult unvaccinated population across the u.s. the study also looked at differences across a range of demographic factors and it found that a republican is 26%
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more likely than a democrat who remain unvaccinated, which is a gap greater then the gaps between racial and ethnic groups. people with varying education levels and people living in rural versus urban areas. >> the alameda county board of supervisors is naming a replacement for wilma chan chan tragically passed away after being hit by a car while she was walking her dog in alameda 2 weeks ago today, supervisors appointed her chief of staff and a brown to fill the district. 3 seat. he will remain in office until the next election, which is in 2022. ahead of the holiday travel season. airline workers say that they're concerned about potential threats over new safety protocols at a hearing today. labor union leaders urged congress and the justice department to do more to protect workers from a surge in violent attacks. our washington correspondent raquel martin reports. it's definitely been a frustrating year for airline workers
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who've been on the frontline of this pandemic. >> and have endured a wave of both physical and verbal attacks on the job. the president of the association of flight attendants told lawmakers today the rate of attacks at the highest in aviation history. >> flight attendants are begging make it stop. >> following a surge in airline us all throughout the pandemic, airline workers are pleading with congress for help needs to be done to discourage this kind of horrific behavior at a tuesday hearing labor union leaders representing flight attendants ground workers and tsa agents. the mandate more security training and increased criminal prosecutios against attackers of the more than 5,000 assaults reported to the faa. only 37 the recommended for criminal prosecution. the faa says more than 70% of incidents involving airline staff are over masks. democratic congressman body coleman agrees more aggressive action is necessary violators
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must be held accountable. without exception and with the busy holiday travel season approaching. some union leaders say they're concerned that mandate could make it more difficult to keep airports safe in staffed. tsa us staff adequately doctor everett kelly. the president of a f l c i o says right now only about 60% of tsa staff are fully vaccinated. he wants the federal vaccine mandate delayed until january pull will come back and to say republican congressman carlos jimenez calls the entire mandate wrong. a psa boys should have the right to choose that, the they will receive the vaccine. so far the white house has not announced any plans to extend the deadline in washington. raquel martin. our weather time now is we're back here. the bay. a live look at the golden gate bridge. >> our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow just breezing in tonight. yeah, that's your
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cue winds are going to get receive that offshore flow return. still a beautiful evening outside. we've got a mixed bag out there you see some high clouds above a beautiful sunset and some fog down below those offshore winds likely clear out a lot that fog with some dry air kind of sneaking into the bay area. but a cold front moved through down today that from moving on by high pressure. building on the backside of that. then all of a sudden you start to talk about more of a northerly component. the winds hasn't developed just yet, but we're expecting that to happen overnight tonight. fact you see right here. here's the forecast model. watch the colors begin to fill in to the north bay as we head through the night tonight right about midnight. you start to see a lot of orange and red begin to show up in the north bay hills. even in parts of the east bay. some gusty winds. maybe some gusts after midnight of 30, maybe to 40 miles an hour. model is picking up. maybe some 40 mile an hour gusts across some of the higher peaks down below the urban areas not going to feel much in the way that. all just a gentle light breeze outside should lead to a nice day tomorrow. there are a couple storms off the
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coastline. you see him out there right now. unfortunately, there's a big h out ahead of it. that means that's going to hold off on some of those storms for now at least bring some dry weather for tomorrow. that ridge of high pressure kind of market or that means it's going to move on through and break down. i think that's going to give way to that l off the coastline with a chance. some rain on the way by the a lot of heart thursday and into friday tonight. if you're stepping outside, you've got mostly clear skies couple. high clouds drifting overhead and then as we head through the night tonight. winds will be picking up tomorrow should be a nice day plan on those numbers running up in the 60's. get close to 70 degrees in some of the valleys next few days. changes in the works clouds roll in chance of showers late on thursday and into friday, dry weather expected over the weekend. thanks, lauren. still to come, a new survey has california at the top of the list for worst states in which to drive. >> what makes our roadways so bad. and after the break, supply chain issues are causing a backup for online sales. so how you can go old
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>> the 2021 holiday shopping season is already kicked off. there are some issues in recent years online shopping course has been a very effective way to get your shopping done. but with the supply chain michigan's happening. so unpredictable heading out to the store actually might be your safest bet this season. companies like bed bath and beyond. are
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recommending customers shop in store and shop early because in stores can't guarantee they're going to get more product in so well, it's in stock. it's better to just physically nab your item. and you know, quickly get home and then to the tree. still some shoppers think buying online is really the easiest option. this to do it like going around, wasting a lot of time. >> now i make a list going to the checked the places i won. >> and then i buy whatever i need. >> well, good luck with stores like target, best buy and wal-mart dupree black friday sales, something that is becoming more and more popular in recent years. getting your shopping done early will also help you. of course, avoid the crowds. driving in california can be both challenging and expensive. that's why it has been rated the worst 8 to be a driver. fuel prices repairs and insurance costs were among the things that put california
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last. >> in this new survey that bank rate did infrastructure concerns commuting statistics that put california 7th worst while driving safety which took into account traffic deaths intoxication arrests and seat belt use put california in 15th place. there. and safety was 25% of the ranking wait. so put it all together and. >> we here in califorwia. we rated worst for diving. the best overall, according to the survey, ohio. that's a long drive for going to move their drive. >> still ahead, why port officials are delaying fines once again for c
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with chase security features, guidance and convenience, banking feels good. chase. make more of what's yours. out of southern california where recent efforts to ease shipping backlogs at the ports of la and long beach. you know, they actually appear to be working now so much so that officials are delaying fines once again for containers left too long on the docks. kareen wynter has details. >> from trucks to freight trains. los angeles. port officials say there's been increased movement with cargo. that's piled up at los angeles county ports. they say many carriers are meeting their goals to clear our containers terminals for an extended period of time. a push that prompted port leaders previously announced $100 daily fees for carriers that leap cargo containers idle for too long. but there's been another delay in imposing
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those find since officials say many companies have been complying with these efforts. what we've been doing over time is working about 19 hours a day. and that is the cargo begin the surge we implemented flex hours opening the gates a little bit earlier staggering lunches working a little bit later in between the day and night side while offering to 24 7 capability here at the it's an effort to try to get this entire orchestra supply chain players to get on the same calendar. the new date to begin imposing fees on carriers who aren't in compliance with the current policy has been moved to november 22nd from november 15th that supply chain partners making terminals to move containers and reduce a backlog of ships off the coast. >> but there's 2 areas of concern with excess cargo on docks dock workers have faced delays in unloading goods from ships that are in turn left idol. >> until more dock space becomes available as positive signs like what you share. >> a scene. that number compares well, in for every
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spot. read this. that is early its side. >> now, as for imposing those fights in the future, especially with the recent postponements well, officials say right now they're just focused on getting results. but that will continue monitoring the progress at the docks will send it back to the studio. >> kareen wynter reporting for us there. meanwhile, jury deliberations are still happening in the kyle rittenhouse murder trial. the judge in the case allowing jurors to break for the evening and then return tomorrow morning to continue trying to reach a verdict just before deliberations started today. rittenhouse randomly selected 6 out of 18 numbers each number representing a juror. the 60 chose will service alternates in case any of the 12 jurors need to be dismissed. rittenhouse shot and killed 2 people and wounded another with an ar 15 style rifle at a protest last summer in wisconsin. the defense says rittenhouse was acting in self-defense while prosecutors say it was murder.
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in georgia. the prosecution rested their case in the ahmaud arbery murder trial today. >> after more graphic evidence from arbery's autopsy was shown in court. prosecutors called 23 witnesses during 8 days of testimony this afternoon, the medical examiner who performed the autopsy took the stand explaining what led to arbery's death. he testified that robbery was hit by 2 of the 3 shotgun rounds fired at him adding that either blast alone would have killed the 25 year-old defense attorneys will begin their cases wednesday with opening statements and witnesses of their own. by the time we're taking a live look outside right now at sfo. >> meteorologist lawrence karnow joins us now. no real rain of consequence in the bay for more than a week now, lawrence, but we had a couple nice storms and we need a few here and there to keep us rolling through the winter season philip, those reservoirs in the hills. green. keep the fire danger,
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not exist in are down. low. you can tell everything. so green out there right now. but of course we will don't want things to come to an end running about 400% of normal right now in the san francisco. but you know, things can change quickly if the big dome of high pressure builds overhead, shuts everything off right now. that doesn't look like the case. and he had a chance of more rain. in fact, we're starting to see some high clouds stream out ahead of that next storm system that will be approaching the bay area here in the next couple days. here's the water vapor loop. you can see it off the coast right here the areas shaded in blue. those the areas with more moisture in them. >> those we going to begin this start rolling in toward the bay area in the coming days and bring with it a chance of rain, not a huge rain event. you'll see right here. but as we take you through time. some passing clouds out there for tonight and into early tomorrow morning and tomorrow should be a dry day. high pressure going to hold on for at least another day here before a lot of the clouds are really kind of thicking up. so tomorrow looks like a nice day. temperatures are going to be fairly mild outside and then we get into thursday. those clouds start to thicken up a bit and then late in the evening. here comes the clouds start to roll in with that
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chance of rain developing on thursday night into friday morning that commute early on, not a real soaker but light amounts around the bay area. maybe a 10th maybe about 2 tenths of an inch of rain across the heavier parts of the bay area along the coastal hills. but that's about it. temperatures for tomorrow. enjoy a dry day numbers going to be the 60's in the san francisco. you're looking at 50's and 60's along the coastline. a little cool up toward the beaches. 67 degrees in you're looking at 60 sit 9 in the san carlos 67 degrees in woodside the south bay enjoying 60's 70's by tomorrow afternoon should be a nice day inland as well. a little bit on the hazy side, though, in spots into the tri valley. also the walnut creek high pressure sits over head. not much mixing in the atmosphere. so temperatures going to stay a little cool co-signed, nice inland light showers. we get to thursday evening. a chance of showers continuing into friday morning, dry weather expected on saturday and sunday. all right, lawrence. next up on kron. 4 news at 5. halle berry makes her directorial. >> debut. and we have a look behind the scenes plus she hints that she might be married now that's after the break.
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>> after more than 30 years hollywood. halle berry is debuting as a director and she's giving entertainment tonight all the details, including her secret wedding, michelle turner explains. >> vicki and grant will get to the wedding in just a moment. but first, ali gets behind the camera for her new movie bruised and steps into the ring. >> just different. she's to be famous.
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>> halle plays a disgraced mma fighter on the road to redemption for her son and she sees parallels. i've had a long life filled with many ups and downs and so anytime i get to play a character in dig into my well and pull some of this out. it's it's a good day. brews comes to select theaters tomorrow and streams on netflix november 24th how his boyfriend musician van hunt wrote the film's title track. but how does she feel about his most famous songs. >> seconds later, seconds of food. that's my favorite. well, 6 of pleasant relates ali and that she loves a good will >> that. that's all i saw that go. how is this the perfect man relationship it you can see it, right. finally, we want to make this i would love it you send us somebody
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>> wait, did we just low key break. wedding news. well, it seems like son, macy yu approves of and may have performed little wedding ceremony for them. that is so cute and turn it into tonight for more including our kristen cavaliere exclusive. she's telling us about life after x jay cutler. and will she return to reality tv for entertainment tonight. i'm michelle turner. >> halle berry. she something else. i mean, beautiful smart now may be measured. you have think very you ok, anybody is going to find out edt well, and that wraps up kron 4 news at 5. thanks for being with us this hour. keep it here, though. a lot more news to come on. kron 4 news at 6. catherine heenan and ken wayne are. >> here with that. >> grant. vicki, thank you very much. that, yeah. thank you. here's part of what we're working on for 6 o'clock. a bay area hospital administers the wrong dose of the covid vaccine kron 4 has confirmed. it has made a few children sick. how officials are responding to that next step
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bay area. congresswoman jackie spear retiring from washington. she made that announcement today. she will not seek reelection in 2022. >> we'll have a live interview with the congresswoman right here at 6.30 to talk about her decision. >> i'm ken wayne. and i'm catherine heenan. the news at 6. coming up next.
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>> from the bay area's news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at 6.
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>> long-term effect because of the higher dose. >> the clock parents on the east bay. they are upset and concerned after learning their children were given the wrong dose of the covid vaccine. good evening, everybody. thank you for joining us for kron 4 news at 6. i'm catherine heenan in for pam moore. and i'm ken wayne. the vaccine mix-up happened over the weekend at a center health clinic in antioch. >> kron four's phillipe djegal explains why an infectious disease doctor ultimately believes the children are not in danger. >> center health confirms 14 children received the incorrect pediatric dose of pfizer's covid-19 vaccine. the father of 2 kids invocved confirms they received their shots over the weekend at a sutter health facility on lone tree way in antioch. he believes they received slightly less than twice the dosage intended for their age group in a written statement sutter health says the patients, quote, received vaccines with an incorrect amount of diluting it


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