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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  November 16, 2021 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news. >> now, 1000's of thousands of dollars in jewelry gone in a matter of seconds at a
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chinatown store tonig4t. the search is on to try to find the band. it's behind this break in. thanks for joining us tonight on kron 4 news at 10. i'm ken wayne and i'm catherine heenan. pam moore has the night off. >> this break in happened to long boat jewelers near sacramento on grant as kron four's. jonathan mccall reports it was not the first time that store has been targeted. >> the owners of this jewelry store tell me they are just absolutely shaken and disturbed by the break-in that happened early tuesday morning. in fact, it's the second time in just 4 days that they've been targeted. they say that thieves were able to get in and out in less than 3 minutes, taking off with more than a $100,000 worth of items owners of the longbow jewelers in san francisco's chinatown are cleaning up the damage and shattered glass. >> while also counting their losses tuesday morning. the owners say that thieves cut around this lock of the stores gate hemmer their way through the front door and took off with more than $250,000 in
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merchandise. i think right now what's happening is seems like there's less physical violence. >> but the robbers are still happening. and they're happening even more aggressively con is with united peace collaborators, a group that has been patrolling bay area asian neighborhoods since attacks on asian americans during the height of the covid-19 pandemic. khan says he was at the same store just saturday afternoon. >> we're out here saturday roughly about 12 o'clock. and we saw the broken glass and we asked them there are some police officers here writing report. >> khan says at that time he learned from sfpd officers. as many as 4 jewelry stores in chinatown were targeted on saturday. kron 4 has reached out to sfpd to get more details. but so far have yet to hear back the owners of the store too shaken to talk on camera now worried the thieves will come back for a 3rd time. the owners say they were just months away from retiring
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after 40 years, almost all owners are kind of scared. >> you they don't know if he a tight. they say people problem and there's no question. and come back. at the point where they're ready to just give up and calls a lot of people. now that's been here for a while. higher. >> and they may not be alone. khan says with rising rents, not enough customers in crime surging. many owners in chinatown could be looking to shut up shop for good in san francisco's chinatown jonathan mccall kron 4 news. >> that was not the only brazen jewelry heist in the bay area this week. concord police are looking for several suspects in this smash-and-grab robbery at the sun valley shopping center. it happened last night while the mall was open with customers shopping inside police say 9 people enter the iceberg diamond store with hammers began smashing the glass displays. they also say the suspects threatened anyone who tried to intervene and then
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they fled before police arrived. >> we've had shootings here. so nothing surprises made to scenes malls. attract use your fact families. now it seems to track criminals. >> some shoppers say the hammers hitting the glass sounded like gunfire, but no shots were fired and the good news is nobody was hurt. anyone who has any information is asked to contact concord police. >> smash and grabs. a big problem in san francisco but neighbors in the city's richmond district say a lot of the stolen items and up being dumped in their neighborhood. now there is a community led effort to help the victims get their belongings back. kron four's, taylor bisacky talk with one of the people making this happen. she joins us now live with how this is being done. taylor. >> catherine, it's all being done to the power of social media. these neighbors going on social media and they're posting on the nextdoor app once they found some of the stolen items. and you know, one of the people who started
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all this is massive effort about a year ago. well, he's already helped about 50 tourists get their things back. and most recently helped a group traveling from kentucky over the weekend. >> first, it's the shattered glass and then the litter luggage across the streets of san francisco. >> harper city out to about 20th avenue is a place where we just, you know, we find him daily neighbors in the richmond district like mark dietrich say. >> scenes like this are becoming more common in the neighborhood after burglars break into cars at tourist spots like fisherman's wharf in palace of fine arts steal items and then dumped a stolen suitcases when they get they want to make a quick getaway to jump on the golden gate bridge and it spits them out into our neighborhood and soon as this is the first place they can just pull into a parking spot dump it out and some buddies driveway. dietrich says he's found dozens of bags over the last year when he began tracking down victims to bring back their belongings. he says he's already helped about 50
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tourists. sometimes is one backpack. >> i'm a week or 2 ago. it was an entire college. women's volleyball team vans were smashed out to get out of lands, end. it took all of their gear and equipment. it's also sentimental items like this army veterans backpack. >> dietrich says this bag was stolen. most recently. well, the group was visiting from kentucky on saturday. he says one of the victims told him that the bag had survived 2 tours in iraq. but couldn't make it past 2 hours in san francisco. dietrich eventually tracked down the backpack and was able to return it to the veteran. meanwhile, on monday, another neighbor found this bag and posted about it on next door. the social media site where many in the city post about the recovered items. somebody message me and i found a bag just over on california street. >> i don't know what to do with it. so i zipped over there. got it. the bag is right here. and we have gone through it and there's there's
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no identification is absolutely nothing in it in these cases. >> the chick will turn it over to police while this community effort isn't stopping the thefts from happening. he says at least this is something anyone can do to help this growing problem. the least we can do its neighbors is. >> you know, help the poor tourists come here on their vacations and we robbed them the least we can do is is you know, we're walking down the street and this is happening in our neighborhood and lots of other neighborhoods is at least you know, scoop up that, you know, the sidewalks littered with with with stolen luggage and trying to figure out how to get back to him. >> this effort is something that many locals in the city are now tapping into it. also banding together to return the stolen items. you can also find similar posts on facebook or on twitter for now live in san francisco. taylor bisacky kron 4 news. thanks very much. taylor. >> tonight, san francisco police are investigating a
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shooting in the city's bayview neighborhood. you're looking at video of the scene from the citizen app. it happened in the area of 3rd street and lasalle avenue not far from the concord de la sal muni. stop police responded to a call about 04:00pm found. a man who'd been shot. he has been hospitalized there's no update yet on his condition. >> san francisco mayor london breed has zeroed in on a location for the city's first supervised self injection site today. the mayor now introduced legislation that would buy this property at gary and hyde streets in the tenderloin as the city struggles with a rise in overdose deaths. the building would allow drug used under the supervision of a medical professional. the building would also offer other resources such as mental health care and residential care. the cost to purchase location would be more than 6 million dollars. the plan now heads to the board of supervisors. the mayor is proposing a possible opening date of sometime in the spring. plans to create a
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buffer zone around a planned parenthood clinic in walnut creek have been postponed. so far this year. police been called out 42 times to stop protesters from harassing patients at the clinics, oakland boulevard location. the walnut creek city council was meant to discuss the buffer zone proposal tonight. but there are some technical difficulty difficulties with a zoom call forcing officials to cancel the meeting or at least postpone it. but they did say the technical diff difficulties had to do with the zoom meeting and somebody be it not being able to log in. no word yet on when the meeting will be rescheduled. >> some parents are upset after learning their children were given the wrong dose of the covid vaccine that happened over the weekend at a sutter health vaccination clinic in antioch. in a statement, the company confirmed that 14 children did get the incorrect dose. sutter health says parents have been notified. they say they're reviewing everything to try to make sure doesn't happen
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again. experts say that while children may suffer the same short-term side effects from the vaccine. there is no evidence of long-term problems. >> soreness at the site. fever is some nausea, some of upset. they should go. we in 24 to 48 hours a sickly with kids. you just want to give the scott can give you the same immune response, the 10 micrograms gave the same benefits, but they also looked at 2030. >> he says despite getting the wrong dosage that children will still need a second shot to be fully vaccinated and we have a better idea of how many children in the bay area are getting the shot in marin county. 30 1% of the nearly 21,000 eligible children have gotten the shot and cop contra. costa county 16%. that side of the 92,000 eligible children in alameda county. 16% of kids 5 to 11 have had a
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shot. san mateo county, roughly 17% and those are the only counties with solid numbers so far. the others say they are still working to gather information. >> governor gavin newsom visited a covid vaccine clinic in the central valley today's continuing to urge people to get their shots and boosters ahead of the winter months. >> as we enter into a season, past his pro log. we should anticipate increase of cases increase in hospitalizations. >> the governor says he understands people's concerns exhaustion or fear over the vaccine push. but he also says california had one of the lowest transmission rates over the summer when many people were vaccinated. he hopes those who have yet to get a shot toward those eligible for a booster will do so as soon as possible. so transmission rates remain low over the winter as well. there could soon be another potential tool
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to fight coronavirus pfizer is asking the fda to authorize it. antiviral pills to treat unvaccinated people with covid the drug paxlovid is used in combination with an hiv anti viral drug and could become available within weeks. pfizer says it will also allow the pill to be made by generic drug companies and sold inexpensively and almost a 100 countries hit hard by the pandemic. it would cost about $10. a pill. >> after nearly 4 decades of public service congresswoman jackie spear says she will not seek reelection next year. instead, she is going to retire the longtime representative initially made that announcement on twitter. >> for much more on her long and storied career in public service for joined in the newsroom tonight by kron four's dan thorn. dan. >> well, we can encounter in the high-profile democrat has been in congress since 2008 representing san francisco and san mateo counties. as we mentioned, the congresswoman
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has spent more than 40 years in public service. and today while she was announcing her plans to retire spear recalled the 1978 jonestown massacre at the time. she was an aide for then congressman leo ryan who was shot and killed by followers of colt leader jim jones. she was also shot 5 times but survived and they were there for a fact finding mission in guyana. that was 43 years ago this week. well before work in congress, pier was a member of the state senate and the state assembly and she's long been an advocate for women and has work to stop harassment, especially in the workplace. also during her time in congress. spear has been on powerful house committees including intelligence oversight and the armed services panels and during today's announcement, the congresswoman said that it really came down to wanting to spend more time with her family. >> it has everything to do with family. my husband of 20 years has chomping at the bit. he's tired of having a weekend
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wife. and i want to be home to be with him. i children and my friends, it's time to pass the torch to a new generation. so i do so with fans, some remorse. i love my work and it has been very fulfilling and i love my constituents. there is a time when we need to recognize that it's time to move on. >> most here still has another year in office and says that once that is over and she's planning on continuing her life in public service. it's just not clear on how yet. and as for her seat in congress. it strongly democratic and there is not much concern of it. flipping in next year's election reporting live in the newsroom. dan thorn, kron dan, thank you. >> in the east bay, the alameda county board of supervisors has named a replacement for wilma chan chan was killed after she was hit by a car while walking her dog in alameda 2 weeks ago today, supervisors appointed
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her chief of staff dave brown to fill the district. 3 seat. he will remain in office for the rest of the term and will not seek reelection. he says next june. >> and no development in the future of the oakland coliseum site, the city council moving forward with efforts to bring a wnba team to town the council heard 2 proposals today. the african american sports and entertainment group pitched a plan to bring a pro team back to the oakland arena. the other group led by baseball hall of fame. dave stewart wants to revitalize and develop that site. the council ultimately decided to enter into an exclusive negotiation agreement with the backers of that first proposal. time for a look at weather as we a live look at this beautiful shot overlooking downtown san francisco chief meteorologist l rence karnow standi with the latest warrants. a guys. yeah. winds start to
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pick up across parts of the bay area mainly over the mountain tops. now we're going to see some kind of gusty winds developing late tonight, early tomorrow morning. but otherwise skies stay mostly clear now that's way it's going to be. >> overnight tonight toward the golden gate bridge member. we have that fog moving through the golden gate last night. but now could out just guys, a little bit of an offshore wind going to kick in temperatures today running a little bit below the average 62 degrees in san francisco 64 in oakland and san jose also live more 65 degrees in concord and 6, 7, degrees in santa rosa right now. we're remaining doppler radar scan your skies some clouds off the coastline. but they're bigger clouds on the horizon. here's a water vapor loop showing the moisture in the atmosphere and that kind of disorganized storm going to head toward the bay area in the next 24 to 36 hours. see more clouds and then a chance of rain moving toward us as we head toward late thursday and into friday right tonight will be about the windsewill see those colors already moving into the north and then spreading in the east bay too. part of the coastal ranges as well. some
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of those gusts eyes, 35 maybe 40 mile an hour gusts across some of the mountain peaks down below in the urban areas not as windy but still a breezy at times. otherwise looks like we'll start out with a nice clear morning tomorrow morning. then we're off and running with some very nice weather. i think temperatures tomorrow are looking very nice around the bay area's highs tomorrow afternoon running well into the 60's. almost 70 degrees in some spots. 70 in fremont about 68 in san jose may be 71 degrees for our friends in morgan hill and 65 degrees downtown temperatures cool time out your chance for the rain coming up in a few minutes. thank you. or it's new at 10, the call out a woman accused of igniting a wildfire in shasta county. >> has been deemed mentally unfit to stand trial. 30 year-old. alexandra. so verna is charged with starting the foreign fire back in september following a review by 2 court-appointed psychologists. a judge declared her mentally incompetent and put her case on an indefinite hold until she can be evaluated for possible placement in a mental
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hospital. until then, she'll remain behind bars at the shasta county jail. >> jury deliberations wrapped up for the day and the criminal trial of kyle rittenhouse jurors have not yet reached a verdict in that case the 18 year-old he was 17 at the time fatally shot 2 cpprotesters and wounded a 3rd during unrest. >> last year in kenosha, wisconsin. our grant lotus joins us now live here in the studio was the latest on important case indeed, ken and kathryn, which is coming to a head as we speak. today. we finished. >> with the 12th day of kyle rittenhouse's trial and the jury deliberated today for much of it without reaching a verdict. jurors were sent home for the night. they'll be back in the morning. and just before deliberations started today, rittenhouse randomly selected 6 out of 18 numbers. each number representing a jury literally just you see here pick these little pieces of paper out of the canister there and the 6 numbers he
10:19 pm
chose those people service alternates. now in the case, it just in case any of the 12 jurors need to be dispensed or can fulfill their duties. so the task of picking the alternate is usually performed by a court clerk. certainly not the defendant but. here you see him doing that among the 12 jurors that were chosen. you have one person of color, 7 women, 5 matt, the illinois teenager is charged with crossing state lines, killing 2 people. wounding a 3rd during violent protests in kenosha last year after the police shooting of jacob blake, the defense saying rittenhouse was just acting in self-defense. prosecutors say it was murder. >> and one of the things to keep in mind is that when the defendant provokes the incident, he loses the right to self-defense. you can not claim self-defense against a danger you create. >> kyle shot joseph rosenbaum to stop a threat to his
10:20 pm
person. and i'm glad he shot him because joseph rosenbaum and got that gun. i don't for a minute. believe he would have used it against somebody else. >> now, what happens after the verdict is in. well, the national guard is outside the courthouse in the event that there is unrest following the verdict rittenhouse faces life in prison if convicted, the jury will return tomorrow morning to continue deliberations and will certainly be monitoring that. we'll bring you the very latest right here on kron. 4 news can catherine, back to you. thank you. grant. >> in the ahmaud arbery murder trial. the medical examiner who performed the autopsy testified arbery was shot at very close range. he says that he was grabbing the shotgun held by travis mcmichael or pushing it away when he was killed last year. cell phone video shows a struggle between arbery and not michael mcmichael fired the shots. that testimony came on the final day of the prosecution's
10:21 pm
case. the defense will begin presenting its case tomorrow. >> still ahead tonight, airline workers say they're worried unruly. passengers will only get worse. this holiday season. what they fear could happen if congress doesn't take action. >> also why the city of santa clara is accused of violating california housing laws and a space debris emergency. up next, why the white house is accusing russia of putting astronauts aboard the international space station in serious danger.
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video captured an exploding hoverboard battery which caused a big house fire. >> in england. investigators say the lithium ion battery and the hoverboard exploded spewing its moulton contents across the house. a 54 year-old woman was staying in that home. she was alone at the time health problems meant she could not escape. she was injured badly. she's in a medically induced coma. her son is reminding people not to leave charging electronics an attendant. the biden administration is accusing russia of conducting a reckless missile test, one that blew up and old russian satellite. the explosion, though resulted in thousands of pieces of space debris that the u.s. says pose a serious
10:25 pm
danger to the 7 astronauts on the international space station. nasa says the astronauts were forced to briefly shelter and docked space capsules. the space agency says the astronauts are now at 4 times the normal risk from space chalk. following a series of physical and verbal attacks aboard commercial airlines. >> labor union leaders testified before congress today warning that if left unchecked, the violence could lead to something bigger and more tragic. our washington correspondent raquel martin has more from today's hearing. >> flight attendants are begging make it stop following a surge in airline us all throughout the pandemic, airline workers are pleading with congress for help needs to be done to discourage this kind of horrific behavior at a tuesday hearing labor union leaders representing flight attendants. ground workers and tsa agents demand, more security training and increased criminal prosecutions against attackers
10:26 pm
of the more than 5,000 assaults reported to the faa. only 37 the recommended for criminal prosecution. the faa says more than 70% of incidents involving airline staff are over masks. democratic congressman body coleman agrees more aggressive action is necessary violators must be held accountable. without exceptipn and with the busy holiday travel season approaching. some union leaders say they're concerned that mandate could make it more difficult to keep airports safe in staffed. >> tsa us staff adequately doctor everett kelly. the president of a f l c i o says right now only about 60% of tsa staff are fully vaccinated. he wants the federal vaccine mandate delayed until january to pull will come back and to say republican congressman carlos jimenez calls the entire mandate wrong. a psa boys should have a right to choose that. the they will receive
10:27 pm
the vaccine. so far the white house has not announced any plans to extend the deadline in washington. raquel martin. a judge has ruled kobe bryant's widow vanessa bryant must turn over mental health records as part of her lawsuit against los angeles county. >> brian accuses sheriff's deputies have sharing pictures of the crash scene that killed 9 people including her husband, kobe bryant and their daughter gianna the county board of supervisors has already approved a 2.5 million dollar settlement brought by 2 families of other victims of that crash. >> next. at 10. the home of the los angeles lakers getting a new name for the holidays. why we will be saying goodbye to staple center. and one of the biggest naming-rights deals in sports history. also disturbing new details from the tragedy at the astroworld music festival. what we're learning about the scope of the medical disasters and addressing homelessness in the bay area. the city that's now planning to put more money in people's pockets too, try to
10:28 pm
help keep them off the streets. those stories and more coming up next.
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>> it is one of the biggest problems plaguing the bay area today oakland city leaders announced a new effort to tried to and homelessness.
10:31 pm
mayor libby schaff says housing is a human right even when the cost of living is as high as it is here in the bay area. this latest pilot program looks to try to prevent homelessness from happening in the first place by putting money. >> directly into people's pockets. kron four's haaziq mod-yoon tells us how it works. >> we are so thrilled that this demonstration program will touch the lives of 200 households, oakland mayor libby schaff announces a new housing assistance pilot program called shallow subsidy. it is designed to help prevent homelessness in oakland by paying a portion of a person's rent every month for up to 18 months. >> i don't know what i i mean, i can't pay the rent by receive income level. >> i'm so sick. you are main focus is closing the gap logan mcdonnell, the associate director of the nonprofit housing resource program bay area community services is responsible for implementing the pilot and selecting the
10:32 pm
families were focus on neighborhoods whose rents have increased by upwards of 90%. people that have been experiencing homelessness in our lives. they paid more than half of their income on rent and their neighborhoods have high rates of gentrification. the total cost of the program. this 3.4 million dollars. the pilots partners includes billionaire philanthropist marc benioff who funded the initial seed money to get the rental subsidy off the ground. we believe in expensive housing market like the bay area. this is the type of intervention that can rapidly stabilize families keep them from losing their housing and allow them to build their income. >> 2 moment of self-sufficiency. >> zeke mud. kron 4 news a local housing developer is suing the city of santa clara for allegedly rejecting a new affordable housing project and potentially violating state law. an attorney for republic. metropolitan tells kron 4. the developer had been in talks with city officials to build a
10:33 pm
240 unit development with retail and recreation space across from santa clara university. the developer claims it has invested millions of dollars into the project. now accuses the city of meeting behind closed doors to cancel it. >> they. >> allow the developer to believe that they were going to come to some kind of an agreement which they have not yet come to a agreement. but they never had any discussion whatsoever about the legal issues or any other questions. >> the developer also alleges the city of santa clara violated state housing law by rejecting a project that would have created guaranteed affordable housing in a statement, the city acknowledged it had received a complaint but would not comment any further. >> president biden is beginning a nationwide push to celebrate the passage of his infrastructure bill. the president says he wants to
10:34 pm
show people around the country how they will benefit. he says the money will eventually go toward rebuilding crumbling roads highways bridges and approve drinking water. expand broadband. democrats are now trying to, of course, also pushed the huge social spending bill that is still pending the build back better act. that will reduce taxes for working parents. address continue to address climate change make investments in childcare and caregiving. >> democrats say that providing child care and job training will allow more people to get back to work and that will ease inflation. republicans say the huge government spending is leading to inflation levels, not seen in decades. now to a state of emergency tonight in washington state were waterlogged residents are dealing with dangerous flooding and a muddy mess a day of heavy rain triggered
10:35 pm
mudslides destroyed several vehicles and shut down several main roadways that are still closed tonight. >> authorities say at least one person is missing after being swepe away by the flood waters. 40,000 customers are still without power and hundreds of homes have been damaged. this is a drone video showing the extent of the near record flooding their scheduled river. carson gas stations, shopping centers practically under water and roads looking like swamps nearly 800 people have been told to evacuate as days of rain pushed the river over its banks. flooding so bad. that one very small town has been cut off from help. the city of bellingham. recorded the most rain ever for a 2 day period. the total nearly 5 inches and another part of the state near the columbia river. a dramatic rescue under a lot of these. you're looking at just one of them. coast guard crew airlifted 10 people, including a baby from a building has water around. it was a quickly
10:36 pm
rising. they all made it safely to dry land without any injuries that storm system is also posing a serious danger priggish columbia, our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow joins us again with a closer look in lawrence or could be even more devastating floods. yeah. the rain coming to an end. but the damage already done. we're talking about. >> an atmospheric river event. in fact, not just one but a couple of them moved all the way up into parts of the northwest and that was washington parts of oregon. we finally caught a break member. we dry things out here. very nicely. but the focus further north, you see all that moisture streaming on shore. they had about a week's worth of moving on shore and they're counting in inches up there. so now they're dealing with the aftermath of lot of the water worst way down the tributaries. here's a look at the fraser river and that's where the concern about some of the flooding there. there's a pump station that pumps the water out of a place called the assume us prairie that is the area that is located a right in this direction that
10:37 pm
is the one that we're worried about right now at this pump station fails and they're expecting possibility of catastrophic failure in that pump station tonight. all this area here and some us prairie used to be a lake and they pump that water out of that area. so that is very low lying areas subject to flooding. and if that pump station failed tonight, they're expecting catastrophic flooding there and they're worried about the vaquita people. they've evacuated some 1100 people there already. but there are numerous homes and farmland and just an extremely dangerous event developing there for tonight. all right. let's get you back out to where we live. and you can see here in the bay area, things kind of quieting down some high clouds drifting overhead tonight. is he a few more of that storm clouds lingering off the coastline. that's good. move a little bit later on. but beautiful out there this evening out toward the golden gate bridge kind of quiet out there tonight. the winds starting to pick up over parts of the east bay hills temperatures. not bad. little cool spots 40's and 50's out the door right now, but change is coming our way see mostly sunny skies mild warm temperatures and then a chance
10:38 pm
of rain returning as early as late in the day on thursday, at least in the north bay tomorrow. high pressure kind of slides in across here. see that ridge kind of building in bringing lots of sunshine. that low creeping a little bit closer. but not going to get here. i think until we get in toward least a thursday evening and then we're going to start to talk about some rain. but here's long-range forecast. and you can see the storm system off the coastline right here. this one that's going to start to take a little focus on the bay area. there comes not a huge atmospheric river event for us and not much of a rain event but bring with it some showers overnight thursday night into friday morning may be making things a little bit wet for the commute early on. then we dry things out into the weekend. then as we look toward thanksgiving week, i think we're looking at some fairly decent weather, although there's a slight chance we could see some showers now what happens to be one of the busiest travel days of the year. that would be that following wednesday. but that is way on the forecast right now. looks like tomorrow should be a nice day temperatures up in the 60's and the 70's. but tonight minutes, it's you know, the rain has ended there over the past 24 hours. but still the
10:39 pm
water just running down the hills and filling all those lakes in the fraser river looking for possibly ability of catastrophic flooding we'll know more tomorrow morning on what school by tomorrow if that thing goes under water, that pump station goes under water. there's nothing they can do not good. all right. thank you. >> some sierra ski resort delaying their openings that's because of warm weather, both heavenly and northstar say they are trying to meet their target, opening dates of friday. this friday. but they need the colder temperatures to help with the snow making both resorts say they will have updates probably some time next week. >> this just in, a crash in a taco bell parking lot of sent a mother and her toddler daughter to the hospital happened just before 7 o'clock tonight in oakley. police say the mother was spneding through the parking lot and crashed into a protective area in front of the taco bell. she and her daughter suffered major injuries and had to be
10:40 pm
airlifted to a hospital. >> there are new details on what went wrong at the deadly astroworld festival earlier this month. the ceo of the ahmed a company that was working at the travis scott concert says radio communications between the staff and firefighters. we're not working for some reason during all that chaos, they say staffers had to respond to 11 cardiac arrest set the same time. one point and he says they were trying to get injured people out in some cases pulling mode on carts, concert goers were jumping on to of carts and the cars and pulling them attics away. >> 2 fugitives from southern california been sentenced to prison for fraud even though authorities still don't know exactly where they are. the 2 were convicted in june of securing 18 million dollars in pandemic relief funds by creating fake businesses in the san fernando valley. but ahead of their sentencing. the couple allegedly cut off their
10:41 pm
ankle bracelets and fled federal authorities say the money they stole which was supposed to go to small businesses struggling after lockdowns was instead used to buy luxury homes across los angeles county. a $20,000 reward is now being offered for information leading to their arrests. some good news tonight an american journalist was behind bars for 6 months in myanmar is now back in the united states. danny fenster in the red cap. there was sentenced to 11 years of hard labor. he's one of more than a 100 journalists and other media professionals detained since the military took control of me are back in february. u.s. officials were able to negotiate his safe release. fenster says he's incredibly grateful to be home again. >> michelle wu has been sworn in as boston's first woman and first person of color elected mayor there until now. boston has elected only white man as mayor. we'll campaigned on the promise to create a fair free
10:42 pm
public transit system and pursue rent stabilization. her parents immigrated to the u.s. from taiwan. she grew up in chicago moved to boston to attend harvard and harvard law school. >> staples center in los angeles is getting a new name for christmas. the home of the lakers clippers spark some kings will be renamed crypto dot com arena. >> it is the first re branding since the stadium opened in 1999 this is reportedly a 20 year 700 million dollar agreement that would make that the most expensive naming rights deal ever. >> still the price tag for chase centers. naming rights by the way, for 20 years, the crypt for a game. still a- ahead tonight. >> an emotional reunion after a bay area mother had to deliver her baby on the front helped get her through it. who >> and in sports, the warriors trying to bounce back as they
10:43 pm
take on a familiar face and kevin durant and the nets and curry cooking it up tonight in brooklyn sports director jason dumas shows us how they fared. coming up.
10:44 pm
10:45 pm
>> and now kron 4 sports brought to you by xfinity. >> we had a reunion in brooklyn tonight. it was
10:46 pm
always fun when steph and draymond got back on the court with kevin durrant. they've been through a lot together. ups and downs. but mostly ups. let's head out to barclays and see how it all went down. they're katie and staff. all smiles from those 2. but like many times this year the night was all about steph curry now, i don't think this is how they drew it up. but guess what? it all counts the same. now, how about some defense leading to offense. the usual suspects stream on with the deflection gets to the gp to the drains back. 2 d p 2. moses moody raising the roof. i a kid. now. it seems like every time a brooklyn big got switch on to staff. he would do that. way. griffin was a victim tonight. now, how about in transition? gp 2 to dream on to steph. blake with his hand down. are you serious. but guess what does we're losing
10:47 pm
by 3 after one. let's go to end of the 1st half. andrew wiggins scored 18 points in a 6 minute span in the 2nd quarter capped off here. to put the dubs up 5 at halftime. 3rd quarter more staff great action to free him up wide open. look. he's been doing it all year, very next possession stepped, you know, get back to know. looked you're having fun and broll 4th quarter. now, steph, keeping the pressure on us nets looking like they never guarded a pick and roll another 3 for staff wide open looks here. step as lamarcus aldridge on an island news flashed. it's not a great matchup for the next right there. katie and harden it looked like you're having fun. we get to the damion lee who finishes through the contact
10:48 pm
does go up 27 after the freebie. how about a cherry on top. this time. the league gets it back to his brother-in-law. no guarding him trailing hand down, man down. that is 9, 3, of the night this is the 3rd game this season with 9 threes or more. no one else in the nba has done that a single time does win one 17 to 99. let's hear from staff after the game. >> coming off and, you know, where you didn't play well. so. just not the playoffs but an intensity that, you know, you have to show up. if you're going to beat a team like that so you definitely lock in and get focused and. you thrive off that competitive. you know, know that there's a lot of town. the floor. >> to the ice, the sharks in minneapolis taking on the wild second period. erik karlsson, the slap shot lights. the lamp. sharks going to win this one. for the one they'll head to st. louis to take on the blues on thursday. and we got
10:49 pm
the confirmation of what we knew was going to happen all along gabe kaplan was named the national league manager of the year. >> in his second season in san francisco capital are guided the giants to a franchise record, 107 wins their first playoff appearance since 2016 and their first nl west title since 2012 in his 2 seasons with the giants. they have a 6.13 winning percentage. >> last week. san francisco lot kepler up for a couple more years. they signed him to a 2 year contract extension that will keep him in the bay through 2024. all righty. that's your look at sports. that's your look at sports. we'll i didn't have health insurance, not because i didn't want it. i worried it was too expensive and i was having a hard time paying our other bills. but now, for the first time in our lives, i can do both.
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>> an update tonight on the story we first brought you nearly 2 weeks ago a pregnant woman went into labor at home could not make it to the hospital. so she gave birth right on her front lawn with the help of 2 paramedics well, today those first responders reunited with the family and much less stressful circumstances. dennis shanahan has the story from vacaville. >> well, emily and michael johnson, a vacaville live about a mile from this kaiser hospital. this is where emily was planning on giving birth seems her baby had other plans and now 12 days after that birth. emily got to say thank you to the paramedics who helped her. >> and yeah.
10:53 pm
>> this >> is the second time back of firefighter paramedics jerry d phillippi and joe have met emily johnson in front of her house during their first encounter, 12 days earlier. there was no time for small >> they were helping emily give birth on the front lawn. all captured on the family's ring doorbell, emily and her husband michael had planned on going to the hospital when her labor pains became frequently at night, so we called labor and delivery is that i were going. >> we'll be on our way here in a few minutes, about 10 minutes to weather will be there. >> she got as far as the car in the driveway. i was standing in the car door. wage is leaning on the passenger i realize mike note. we're not going i just laid down. >> on the michael called 911
10:54 pm
as all this was happening emily's mother arrived at the house shortly after that, the paramedics as they pulled up, you know, the heads coming out and one of the medics comes over. >> and start attending putting on his gloves. and at that point. he was i did a great job by having the baby and. >> wearable to go to work and do what we need to >> i'm very focused on the baby. i was focusing on asked dad to give me a stack of dry towels. >> and he did a great job coming out. basically every town in the house we use a couple the drible thomas off and got on the gurney and away we went. it was nothing like the birth emily had in mind. i just didn't want to have a natural want them to but under the circumstances, it couldn't have gone better as chaotic as it seemed it was probably one of the smoother ones i've seen in my just happened. very
10:55 pm
naturally and very fast man, thomas from that bed. you can tell big brother, blake has a keen interest in the work these paramedics to he even got to check out their truck. >> as for baby thomas. he's just a chill little dude. so we're hoping that all the chaos he got it out on the first night and and will just have a nice little easy go with him after that. since the end in vacaville thank you, guys going take such good care of us. dennis shanahan. so we have a connection yeah. in connection to that story because >> the little baby is the grandchild of an employee here at kron 4. well, give anything away because we haven't talked to him about it. i think it's ok, it's ok, but did not know at first that they were telling reporters in doing this. so. so it's a great he is anything like our colleague here kron 4 and a good baby going to be a good could smell
10:56 pm
it. believe that was on the ring video thought that that they're going to live or on ring video a lot on next door in like the whole neighborhood. everybody's seen. and yet everybody celebrating congratulations to out there tonight. we've got some changes coming our way. the winds start to pick up. >> over the east bay parts of the north bay hills to not going to be little gusty in spots. temperatures down below in the urban areas. yeah, it's going to be a bit chilly out there 40's around much of the bay area by tomorrow morning when you get up. but i think enjoy a lot of sunshine coming our way tomorrow in the san francisco about 63 degrees downtown 64 in the mission about 60 on the sunset 60 montero 63 inside the bay. some sunshine a few high clouds. otherwise looking nice 66 in san bruno. 68 and beautiful in san mateo tomorrow. 66 in redwood city. the south bay enjoying lots of 60's and 70's tomorrow afternoon as we'll see some warm sunshine throughout that region. a little hazy in spots. i think in the tri valley get this time of year. we get the ridge overhead and then not much mixing in the
10:57 pm
atmosphere. still some very comfortable temperatures, 60 walnut creek 65 degrees in berkeley 65 in hercules warm temperatures inland by tomorrow afternoon. but back along the coastline just enough of a reason be a little bit cooler 50's in a place like stinson beach. so next few days or 1010 slight chance of showers. we get into thursday evening better chtnce overnight thursday into friday morning. drying out over the weekend as we look toward the holiday there you go. slight chance step following wednesday when the busiest travel days of the year before thanksgiving. thank and thank you for watching. we'll see you tomorrow night. >> have a good.
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