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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  November 17, 2021 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news heading for its 700 people to buy. >> for overdose which is more than double the number who died from covid. dealing with deaths from drug overdose. city officials not trying to curb a public health emergency as new data shows no signs of improvement settling down from the shaking. we're live in danville is people in the east bay. talk about a swarm of earthquakes. >> and what's really at the root of rising prices at the pump for leaving the commander in chief wants to know why big oil might be to blame. thank
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you for joining us for kron 4 news at 8 o'clock. i'm ken wayne. and i'm catherine heenan up amore's off tonight. >> americans are dying from drug overdoses at a record breaking right. new data from the cdc show about a 100,000 americans died of drug overdoses in the 12 month period. ending in april. that's up almost 30% from the year before. experts believe the top reasons are the growing prevalence of fentanyl in the illegal drug supply and the covid-19 pandemic which left many drug users isolated and unable to get help. san francisco's chief medical examiner says that from january to september of this year. >> 511 people have died from drug overdoses slightly down from 2021 535 overdose deaths were recorded by the end of september. so what or who is to blame for the epidemic of overdoses and how can we make things better. that, of
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course, depends on who you ask. kron four's grant lotus joining us now with more this really unsettling trend it's horrifying really. and it used to be an epidemic that affected largely the middle part of the country that the eastern. >> half of the country. ohio famously has been ravaged by this. but during the pandemic for a variety of reasons. they say the west coast has now really felt the brunt of this and most of the deaths involved here are people taking drugs like cocaine or meth that are laced with fentanyl. a powerful synthetic opioid. they can be 100 times stronger than morphine and fentanyl provides a more potent high. some people buy the drugs knowing there's fentanyl in them. but many ingest it accidentally one big question is how are people getting their hands on these laced drugs. will police say it's not just happening on the streets. not even close. social media is now a big reason why this is such a problem. a growing number of people are using apps, things
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like snap chat, instagram. what have you to make deals with just the tap of a direct message adm. you're selling the stuff. law enforcement officials say a lot of the drug sales involve online teenagers. some young teens who think they're by pharmaceutical grade drugs, something like xanax or at a role, but they're actually getting something far more lethal counterfeit pills laist with fentanyl. officials say these fake pills are packaged to look like the real thing. everything from the size to the color down to the shape and that deception is triggering so many fatal overdoses. >> our children a child to go on their smartphone this day in age and have it delivered to their hotel room. their location, house >> it within hours. >> it's just so easy. so what can be done to try to prevent some of these overdoses will snap chat executives, for instance, say they're working on quote, new initiatives and
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in app tools to help educate snap chat users on the dangers of fentanyl and they say there making, quote, significant operational improvements to eradicate drug dealers from their platform. meanwhile, here in san francisco city leaders are calling for designated spaces where people can use drugs legally mayor london breed has introduced legislation to buy a building here in the quarter of geary and high street. that's in the tenderloin. it would be what they call a safe injection site and would be monitored by health care professionals. it's a system that state senator scott wiener, who's from san francisco says has been tested and he says it works in other cities around the world. >> 16 sumption sites or prove strategy to reduce overdose deaths and to get people into recovery and they have been in use for decades in europe, canada and australia. during
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those decades of used there's never been a single over those stuff in the sights. >> those safe consumption sites are still illegal under federal law. the goal. it's to open the san francisco site as early as spring of next year. senator wiener, they're wrote legislation late last year to try to make safe consumption sites legal in california. it is set to be heard in the state assembly health committee sometime early next year. that's the timeline. ken, catherine, back to you. all right. thank you. grant to other news tonight. the holidays, of course, approaching and covid-19 cases are rising again. >> san francisco public health officials are sounding the alarm. they are letting people
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has seen an uptick in covid-19 cases since halloween. >> similar to what we saw in 2020. i think combination of. >> cooler weather. people going in government by the people receiving direct tv. is really a of those factors is resulting in increase that we've seen so far. >> that increase in cases could lead to an increase in hospitalizations, especially among those most at risk. that's why colfax is urging residents to protect themselves immediately getting vaccinated in getting mister are key to protecting yourself and others from, you know, the worst outcomes and >> certainly help us once a these circumstances. colfax says 80% of san francisco residents aged 5 and above are fully vaccinated, which is
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good. but he says protection wanes after 6 months, which is why san francisco was one of the first jurisdictions. >> to open boosters to anyone, 18 years of age and older. but so far only a 138,000 san franciscans have gotten the booster and less than half of eligible seniors have gotten it. we need many more san franciscans to. >> boosters to keep cases down and avoid the worst of the surge. so are key tool. in addition to getting those initial vaccine doses into were finding that vaccine. appointments are becoming scarcer and scarcer as you get closer to thanksgiving. >> city officials say continue to check their website of all of their vaccine providers. and keep in mind some of them. >> are allowing drop ins without an appointment in san francisco. dan kerman kron 4 news. >> things seem to be settling down on the east bay after 3.9 earthquake hit near san ramon
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this morning since and there have been more than a dozen aftershocks. the most recent happened about 4 hours ago. kron four's dan thorn has been in danville all day long and he joins us now on. tell us how things are going out there. dan. that things very calm here tonight. and a lot of people experiencing the 3.9 magnitude earthquake that was. >> we'pe at the epicenter here in people, though, feeling at all throughout the east bay pleasant hill walnut creek even as far as san francisco and menlo park. thankfully, these have been a small earthquakes and aftershocks. but some of the residents that we were talking to here in this neighborhood say they were just a little freaked out about the situation. >> the bay area is shaken by a small earthquake. the quick rattling catching the attention of many like matt dna ceo who was practicing his speech on camera. the united states geological service says the 3.9 magnitude earthquake struck just before noon
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wednesday. the epicenter was right here on saint norbert and conway drives in danville pretty lasted for about 5 seconds and it felt like a godzilla just steps. and so our living is the certainly the biggest other residents report that they too experienced the quick jolt which was followed by several aftershocks some big bang short very short lived. but rattled things in the house. >> i was by going head to the dining table. get under it but it was so short. i figured. okay. i guess we'll survive. >> earthquakes even small ones often bring preparedness to top of mind for those who do not have emergency to go bags ready. >> this might be a wake-up call. i'm never prepared for situations like this. but now i'm now i will be probably in the future. >> seismologist a natural disaster expert doctor lucy jones says the unpredictability of earthquakes is what can spark panic, especially in the bay area. the earthquake can happen at any time. at some point it will.
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>> and that's actually part of what makes the earthquakes fr ghtening. if we knew when they were coming. we be less scared of thought. some residents tell us earthquakes are simply just part of living here california get used to it. i i just i'm not here for the big one. whenever it comes. >> the usgs tells us that this seismic activity has been happening along the calaveras fault, which is a part of the san andreas system. this is all the pretty well known here in in northern california in terms of the earthquake activity that happens here again, thankfully these were small earthquakes and aftershocks and there have been no reports tonight of any damage or injuries reporting live in danville. dan thorn kron 4 thank you, dan. and you can always stay connected with the latest details whenever quake hits the bay area. you can scan that qr code. >> it will take you right to our website, you'll find information on things like
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building your emergency go bag and details on the shake alert app. all of that is on kron 4 dot com. now for a look at the forecast as we're taking a live look at the golden gate bridge, beautiful sight out there. chief meteorologist lawrence karnow joining us with a look at the weather. yeah, guys and whether other bay area changing. looks like we've got a chance of some rain on the way to look like a huge storm. but looks like couple raindrops coming our direction anyway. but yeah, we live a country, folks. and that's just how we have to deal with things. we've got to be prepared. should we something more significant. although this quake not a large quake. just a minor quake. a 3.9 was followed by a 3 point. oh. >> and then we had a 2.8 just at 4 o'clock in the afternoon. all told we've had over 13 aftershocks since that original 3.9, we could actually feel some more, too. all right out there tonight. it's kind of quiet out there right now. but things are going to change overnight right now the doppler radar showing we're dry at the point this point by this time tomorrow night. probably a
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different story. got that storm system off the coastline. that is going to be pushing in a little bit later on tonight. the clouds are going to fill your skies that temperatures are going to be noticeably different by tomorrow afternoon down a good 10 degrees or so around the bay area today. we have some places getting close to 70 tomorrow. i think some places struggling to get out the 50's by tomorrow afternoon. cooler weather and possibly wet weather will have more on that coming up in 2 minutes. >> thank you, lawrence. coming up tonight at 8 kron 4 is launching a new series join us as we examine the homeless crisis in san francisco. why doesn't appear to be getting much better. also, we'll kyle rittenhouse good a mistrial. the new call to throw out the current case as the jury continues deliberations. but first, what's going on with gas prices. how president biden is hoping to find an answer.
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the federal trade commission to investigate whether or not oil and gas companies are artificially inflating prices at the pump. >> in a letter to the agency. the president says there's mounting evidence of anti consumer behavior by big oil. he said despite declining costs for oil and gas companies and huge profits prices for the public remain high exxon and chevron posted massive 3rd quarter revenues and both companies are said to be planning stock buybacks. president biden has not ruled out releasing oil from us reserves to try to lower prices.
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>> governor newsome visited the port of los angeles today as containers and idle ships continue to clog southern california ports. but over the last couple of weeks. state leaders say the amount of cargo sitting on 2 major california docks has decreased by 32% as of now, the state is going to issue a temporary permits to allow trucks to carry more cargo and the newsom administration is working on identifying properties to be used as temporary storage and the dmv will extend hours some locations in order to process more commercial driver's licenses. well, that might. >> not pose an immediate relief on the retail front. it will have a substantial benefit on industrial and manufacturing cargo containers that will make their way into the ports of long beach and l a. >> the president's infrastructure bill just signed into law will dedicate
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17 billion dollars to improve and ports nationwide. there will not be any giant where houses are built in san jose's coyote valley or for that matter, any other development, not after the city council voted to rezone portions of the valley from industrial used to. >> agricultural and open space from for trump double has more from san jose. >> san jose mayor sam liccardo in green foothills. executive director megan fluke were among those celebrating last night's historic city council vote to keep coyote valley as open space today. >> we honor our past. and we celebrate a new future. a new future for katie valley. for our region. and for children and their progeny. >> the city council voted unanimously to rezone hundreds of acres of the pristine valley from industrial use to agricultural and open space for farming and wildlife
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environmentalists hailed the decision as a victory in the battle with climate change protecting and restoring coyote valley as natural infrastructure is one of the smartest investments. >> we can make to build climate resilience in the region that helps both people and nature adapt to the effects of climate change. >> the decision block the proposed construction of some huge amazon style warehouses here contending that rezoning the land is not a permanent solution. and that property owners deserve fair compensation for their land is attorney chuck reed. >> if you don't control the property by only the developer rights, then subject to change my future council. 10 years from now we could be back in for the city council. approving development. those are the shifting winds of politics as we've seen in valley for a long, long time. and so if you want it to be permanent. if you want to open space to last for generations. you need to own the property.
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>> containing most of the farmland left in santa clara county coyote valley is also critical to the valleys drinking water supply a crossroads for migrating wildlife and the homeland of indigenous peoples. >> it appears to be true what they're saying. we're living in a time of great change a time when social racial and environmental justice truly matter. >> in san jose. rob fladeboe kron 4 news. >> new data show that in the midst of the current drought emergency. the state is in most californians are not cutting back on their water. use last summer governor gavin newsom asked californians to cut their water consumption by 15%. but according to new data from local water agencies since the governor made that request water use is only fallen by 3.6%, local water officials say that's because water saving measures put in place during earlier droughts are still largely in effect and that makes it harder to get further reductions in
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water use right now. 80 1% of the state is classified as being in either extreme or exceptional drought. some good news on the effort to keep tahoe blue officials say water quality was not out of the ordinary in the areas affected by the caldor fire. >> experts have been studying what effect the fire had on lake tahoe. clarity. they're gathering information on concerns like algae growth that particles and the like that study looked at water from the first storm that happened since the fire officials say if not for recent infrastructure improvements. the storm damage could have been much worse. time for our 4 zone forecast as we give you a live look over as the city. >> in a beautiful night on this wednesday. it is a beautiful night. chief meteorologist lawrence karnow was here in some. stormy weather wet weather coming. yeah. going to see a return of a couple raindrops least a few around the bay area not going to be huge storm by any means.
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>> and nothing compared to what we started out with the season. but at least we got a chance of rain in the forecast now is the weather begins to change bit. the warm days. looks like they're behind us at least for now. it's going to see some much cooler air moving in up toward the golden gate bridge nice night out there traffic moving along pretty well. but you've got this guy off the coastline. so water vapor loop this is showing me all the moisture on the atmosphere. the areas shaded in blue. those are the more moist areas of the system right now. that's going to start to sag toward the bay area as we head toward tomorrow. in fact, we're going to see a lot of those clouds moving through actually overnight tonight as high pressure begins to break down and eventually the storm system going to start to punch through and bringing with it a chance of showers. i think in the north bay maybe as early as tomorrow afternoon, we could see a couple of pop-up showers and then started a stretch. south overnight. you see right here on the computer models. and as we head through the night tonight. those clouds going to start to thicken up by tomorrow morning. i think mostly cloudy skies around the bay area. then in the afternoon you see those pop-up showers kind of moving on through by 4.30, in the afternoon. maybe a couple raindrops in the north bay and
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then overnight the main cold front going to drop through. but you can see right there, there's not a ton of moisture associated with the system as it comes through. so you get some raindrops. consider yourself lucky models. yeah. maybe as much as a 10th of an inch of rain, maybe some of the weather spots, some of the mountain tops maybe a little bit more than that. but the severity light system coming through. but you'll notice the change in the weather for tomorrow. that's for sure. these temperatures are going to be much, much cooler by tomorrow afternoon. i think you're hovering in the 50's into oakland, maybe about 62 in concord, 61 degrees in redwood city and cooler numbers as you head out toward the coastline next couple of days. a chance of showers late tomorrow. then into friday as well. i think for the weekend we dry things out in the following week. we start talking about thanksgiving right now. looks like the weather pattern. we'll remain dry. but there's one system out that watch very closely let you know if things begin to change. thank you. right. >> yeah. i mean, i was scared coming in here to know. i mean, that doesn't go home a couple days get better.
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>> that long hauler really glad to be home. how the patience as it fell to check out of the hospital after 9 months. >> and jury deliberations continue in the case against kyle rittenhouse, but they may not be going on much longer. the new call for a mistrial next.
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emergency planning for kids. we can't predict when an emergency will happen. so that's why it's important to make a plan with your parents. here are a few tips to stay safe.
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know how to get in touch with your family. write down phone numbers for your parents, siblings and neighbors. pick a place to meet your family if you are not together and can't go home. remind your parents to pack an emergency supply kit. making a plan might feel like homework, but it will help you and your family stay safe during an emergency. >> welcome back. jury deliberations will go into a
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3rd day for the trial of kyle rittenhouse. a debate over evidence. now has the defense tried to get a mistrial keely be sun has the latest from kenosha, wisconsin. >> we're going break for than a day. 2 of jury deliberations wrapping up without a verdict today. the jury asking to view video that had been presented earlier in the trial. the prosecution saying jurors should be able to view any video they want as many times as they want the defense objecting to the jury reviewing drone video. the prosecutor said showed rittenhouse pointing his gun at protesters before the shootings. we didn't realize until playing them side by side mine and then the states that there was any difference in quality. the defense says accused prosecutors of withholding a high definition version of the footage until saturday. >> when the case was already closed to new evidence. this is a high-risk strategy for the state. >> i was queasy about this from the beginning.
8:27 pm
>> and them only. >> we about it now. rittenhouse's lawyers are now asking the judge to declare a mistrial over the video evidence. the case could be refiled if granted. >> coming up next tonight on the news at 8. it's one of the most controversial issues in the bay area join kron four's. we started new series exploring the ongoing problems and issues with homelessness. plus a long hauler headed home at last to covid survivor in the bay area shares his nine-month long fight in the hospital and making sure you make it home for the holidays without getting scammed. a new without getting scammed. a new warning from when a truck hit my car, without getting scammed. a new wthe insurance company wasn't fair. i didn't know what my case was worth, so i called the barnes firm. i'm rich barnes. it's hard for people to know how much their accident case is worth. let our injury attorneys help you get the best result possible.
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let our injury attorneys when a truck hit my car, the insurance company wasn't fair. i didn't know what my case was worth,
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so i called the barnes firm. i'm rich barnes. it's hard for people to know how much their accident case is worth. let our injury attorneys help you get the best result possible. >> as part of kron four's commitment to the bay area. we're taking you inside one of the most controversial and divisive issues in our community. homelessness in this new kron 4 series reporter and san francisco native maureen kelly takes us on the streets to show us the crisis from a new perspective with one goal getting some answers. >> i'm from san francisco. i was born and raised here and i still live here. i see the homeless problem in this city every day. and now you're going to see it too. stop with this cell phone. i'm giving you an up close look inside the crisis. well, i try to find out why it doesn't seem to be getting much better. >> we don't have to walk far
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in san francisco to see it. people passed out on the pavement. tense and garbage taking over the sidewalk. certain streets jammed with rundown arby's. even though i grew up in the city. there are places i don't feel safe getting out of the car to show you. this is recent video from larkin street in the tenderloin sense of lawlessness just steps away from the federal courthouse. >> and while the problem with homelessness and drug use is not on every corner. >> you can easily escape while walking on the and began shooting up right in front of me. if you live or work here, the attitudes towards homeless people their there's compassion. there is acceptance. some are just fed up. i don't really know the best way to handle it. but what i what i want to see is people who are violent and aggressive off the street.
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>> and while it's easy to blame horrific street scenes on the homeless. i'm learning it's a lot more complicated. that's because i'm not just shooting video. also taking the time to listen reporter with channel 4 is time. some say they were forced out. >> others on the properties of we have to get out. >> some can't seem to find a way out. are you trying to get any services. i tried. but really want help me need some tell me they just want to stay put. >> most digging a hole that are usually full impact of twitter's tracks and a bunch of other people. and i don't like if your tattoos like railroad. i think some say they're just passing through for the past 2 years free trade riding. >> so now what we've all seen the headlines that changes coming 12 billion dollars to support homeless. a new program after new program. is any of it. a real reason for hope. it's time to find out in the coming months kron 4 will be taking you inside the crisis in san francisco getting answers from city
8:33 pm
leaders looking into the programs meant to help. figure out what's actually working on the streets. but i can't do it alone. that's why we started a tip line. if there's something i need to see or know to help understand this crisis email me on the streets kron 4 dot com. maybe by looking at the problem from a different perspective together we can make a difference. reporting on the morning. kelly kron 4 news. >> and our first investigation airs tonight at 10 o'clock maureen kelly takes us inside youth homelessness and tries to find out why not everyone is getting the help they need in san francisco. >> turning now to our coronavirus coverage today marks 2 years since many health experts believe covid first began to spread in china. a study found the first case likely started spreading on november 17th 2019. the first confirmed american case
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was a washington state man who was diagnosed in january of 2020, the first u.s. death from covid-19 was a woman in santa clara county. she died in february of last year. health experts say they believe that the virus was likely spread throughout the u.s. before that. in the south bay. a san jose man is finally out of the hospital after fighting covid for 9 months now. he started the long and slow journey of trying to get his life back. 31 year-old noah davis return to the santa clara valley medical center today to begin his physical rehabilitation. he was greeted by the nurses and doctors who cared for him for 9 months while he fought covid noah contracted the virus back in february. and at first he tried to fight through it at home. but his health deteriorated quickly, his blood oxygen level had dropped to a dangerously low level he was put into a medically induced coma for 8 weeks when he woke up, he says he couldn't walk breathe or move his left arm. he says the ordeal was terrifying.
8:35 pm
>> waking up not knowing that 2 months passed and. you know, i was really scared. so waking up. my arm did not move my lays in that movie. i was too weak. we're all hopeful that will continue to make improvements in terms of standing in. >> we don't know what the future holds, brief walking and maybe being able to get to a point where he could. >> eventually be out of a wheelchair with ongoing therapy. >> no hopes to walk again and brees. normally things. he says he used to take for granted. he's also thankfully says for the hard work of his nurses and doctors. he's now received 2 doses of the pfizer vaccine and says we'll do everything possible to avoid having to go through this ordeal again. >> osha is suspending enforcement of the covid vaccine mandate for large private businesses. they're citing pending litigation. osha says it is suspending mandate enforcement but remains confident that workers can be protected last week. an appeals court called the mandate fatally flawed and
8:36 pm
ordered should not enforce it until there is more judicial review. time for a look at the forecast as we're looking live outside over the embarcadero outside the exploratorium beautiful night out for chief meteorologists is going to tell us. there's more to look at it. you look up. >> yeah. you might see some showers tonight without the rain. that's right. we've got the leonid meteor shower going its peak tonight. >> so get a chance to get out there if you can right around midnight tonight, the best chance now we're dealing with a little bit of cloud moving in especially late tonight. want to get out there. look to the east toward the constellation. leo and yeah, you might just see a couple of go by expected to be about 10 to 15 meteors per hour out there. so not the most we've seen, but still should be a nice show if you can see between the clouds temperatures going to be a little bit cool. and in the 50's. meantime, though, boy, that fog has been a real problem last few days in the central valley you see right there. all that to the radiation fog. that's that ground fog that forms this
8:37 pm
time of year, the central valley so that leftover moisture there. you can see that again tonight, but maybe not quite as much. be careful if you head down, i 5 or 99. you can see that late tonight, early tomorrow morning. up the coastline. we've got the storm system out. they're not going to move in just yet. we're going start to see those clouds. and in fact, tomorrow going to come a mostly cloudy day temperatures going to be as much as 10 degrees cooler around the bay area. so grab a jacket will be a completely different day tomorrow may stay mainly dry for most the bay area. but a chance of showers moving in lease to the north bay by the afternoon. the rest, the bay area. you have to wait a little bit for a chance of rain. i think probably friday morning before we see showers elsewhere. still, these numbers are going to be much, much cooler than about 60 degrees in hercules about 59 and layoffs. 61 in benicia about 58 mill valley and a chance of some scattered showers there by the afternoon next few days. we're going to see that chance of rain as we head through friday. then we dry things out on saturday and sunday with slightly warmer temperatures, partly cloudy skies next monday and tuesday. >> thank you, lawrence. still
8:38 pm
ahead, how much are you planning to spend for the holidays. a new survey says most people will probably be scaling back. >> and it's set to be a very busy time to travel. how bay area airports are getting ready for a potentially record breaking holiday season. >> travis scott getting hit with a major lawsuit. the big price tag stemming from the ♪ i see trees of green ♪
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♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪
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>> developing news out of
8:41 pm
memphis, tennessee rapper young dolph is dead after he was shot in memphis. the shooter is still at large. police say the 36 year-old shots afternoon while leaving a cookie shop. he had reportedly raved about the cookies at the bakery in a recent social media video young golf has survived other shootings including one at the loews hollywood hotel in 20 sep to 17 that left him badly wounded last year's rapper donated $25,000 to his memphis based high school for new sports equipment. and just on monday, he helped give away thanksgiving turkeys. settle local cancer center. >> rapper travis scott and organizers of the astroworld music festival have been hit with a 750 million dollar lawsuit filed on behalf of more than 125 people who attended or their families. it claims scott and live nation were negligent and planning the concert. the suit also calls the decision to offer
8:42 pm
refunds a transparent and grotesque effort by defendants too limit liability. 10 people died. hundreds were injured. lawyers say they will soon file another lawsuit on behalf of 100 additional people. scott has not commented on these lawsuits or dozens of others which have been filed against him. >> coming up next. in sports, the captain is back. brandon belt returning to the giants instead of pursuing free agency sports director ja
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>> air travel this holiday season is expected to resemble a prepandemic levels. for example, oakland's airport expecting twice as many passengers. this thanksgiving weekend than last year from forcefully chagall talked to travelers who say they feel safe getting on planes. >> some 170,000 passengers are expected to travel oakland international airport next week. assign travelers are gaining confidence in air travel safety as more people are getting vaccinated against covid-19 more regularly, tested vaccinated. the protocol is pretty solid. if you are not fully vaccinated and must travel the centers for disease control and prevention says you should get tested both before and after your trip. >> the oakland airport makes testing available on site got a couple to this past month
8:46 pm
in. >> they've all come back negative just kind trying to stay on that thanksgiving weekend. the airport is expecting 80% of the passenger traffic. it's all during thanksgiving weekend back in 2019 drama travel agent. that means a lot to me. i'm really happy to see my clients on the road before boarding a flight back to texas. jerry brown says increased air travel is good for the economy and more out. it's been a struggle. we probably have 50% less business than we did a year or 2 years about but it's coming up every month see big increase in the numbers. >> and events like the holidays are always very helpful. just remember to arrive early for your flight and allow for extra time findlng parking. >> overall, the transportation security administration or tsa expects to screen about 20 million passengers during the holiday next week in oakland police all run for news on the other side of the bay. a live look here at sfo and it is getting ready for a
8:47 pm
very busy holiday travel season as well. executives there say. >> they are anticipating an uptick in passengers both coming and going, especially now as international travel is allowed sfo spokesman doug yakel says with some pandemic restrictions still in place. he has some tips for travelers. >> but he that spencer sfo the past year and a half and probably a took a lot less time to get through the process. imagine what it was like in give yourself that kind of time yourself a good 2 hours for a domestic flight 3 hours for an international flight if you're getting a covid test before boarding your international flight. remember the budget additional time for that as well. that's the ultimate luxury. otherwise understand that of face masks are still required for air travel. there's a lot of walks of life where they're no longer required. but any time you're at our airport. or on board an aircraft. you still got to wear that face mask. >> go predicts passenger counts will continue to increase, especially as more and more travelers such as children become vaccinated.
8:48 pm
the fbi is warning people to be very aware of holiday time scams, including travel scams, especially people looking for last-minute deals. the agency says yes, it does include travel and comes in many forms, including emails and cold calls some advice from experts before you book it just kind of tripped if you answer your phone to an automated message. just hang up big nor it research a company look up its reviews before you book anything. no. the cancellation policies pay with a credit card for more protection. and if a deal sounds too good to be true. it probably is. >> and now kron 4 sports from the 18 t fiber sports desk. >> the forty-niners got its biggest win of the season. all monday night and one of their best is being recognized deebo samuel has been named nfc offensive player of the week. had a 133 all-purpose yards
8:49 pm
and 2 touchdowns in the 31 to 10 win. there's one of them love the celebration on the what's going on samuels in the midst of a career year. he's second in the nfl in receiving yards behind cooper cup. meanwhile, the team was back at work today, prepping for the jag wires on sunday. the team has some momentum now we can keep scrolling little faster. guess what, the proper diet that's live tv. but here's what i have to say. the niners. they want game getting chicago a couple weeks ago. everyone thought they had momentum. then they lost the following week to the cardinals. and this week the same thing. they beat the rams and everyone's thinking, though, have momentum because shanahan says slow down. we have to prep the right way. >> when you watch the tape will see as we've seen today, this morning that they're a good team. they're going a lot better. i don't think that people let down after something like that. but you got to realize emotions that go into monday night game is a
8:50 pm
little bit bigger where we're coming from. without that we played before that. so emotions are high and you got to watch for that stuff. your emotions can be high every single day. that means we got to practice accordingly every single day to make sure they're ready to go on sunday. >> all right. guess what brandon belt he's returning to the san francisco giants this year. he decided to forgo free agency and sign a qualifying offer correct is 18.4 million dollars. he also had a career high in home runs 20 for i believe 29 i'm sorry, 29 home runs the 33 year-old first baseman had those 29 home runs. he helped the giants to franchise record. 107 wins. he missed the postseason with a fractured thumb after being hit by a pitch in the plate in less up in late september bell took on the mantle of an official team captain which
8:51 pm
quickly became a source of humor and the giants clubhouse with dell and teammate periodically donning a captain's hat. all right. let's check out the cat college kids. matt lot. it former stanford player now coaching valpo with his former coach mike montgomery, who was on the call 1st half harrison ingram. that gets us a nice court awareness very finds. james keith for the dunk later in the half jade in air. nice move inside 31 to 16 following possession. delay has another dunk on the break and 8 off the bench. 2nd half engrossed. another good look to our wide open. brandon angle. one of his 3 2nd half threes. he led the cards with 13 ingram's co legit team with 5 assists stanford wins 5.14 there. now to a one they'll play
8:52 pm
defending national champion baylor down in texas on saturday. so you didn't need that prompter. happen to you know, just going to have to run with it. you did run up the tank you think people at home are going what's going to happen. and exactly. >> all right. how often do you think you use your cell phone. a new study says a lot senate may be taking a toll on may be taking a toll on explains. any parent will tell you the second you have a kid, it's like your heart is living outside of your body, which means you never, ever stop worrying. that's why we got health insurance and for way less than we thought was possible. the kids' doctor and dental checkups are free and i get screenings for my cholesterol and my blood pressure and don't get me wrong, i still worry, just a little less. covered california. this way to health insurance. enroll by december 31st at
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>> retailers are planning for a big holiday sales season. and that is partly because of scale back pandemic holiday last year. they figure a lot of shoppers are ready to spend big this year alone, not everybody will share the good times because one survey says more than 11% of americans say they won't spend anything this season. experts are blaming inflation. they say many low income families are more concerned about being able to afford groceries right now and other essentials before getting gifts. >> the constant ringing in dinging of cell phones seems to be taking a toll on all of us. a new study suggests notifications on our smartphones. increases stress research finds that on average people. check their phones. more than 550 times a day that shows that not only are we all that time is affecting productivity for the average person taking more than 25
8:56 pm
minutes to refocus on the task at hand after that phone distraction. experts say boss isn't company should start encouraging employees to turn off the notifications and set up quiet hours to try to reduce stress and improve your mood. for your money tonight. apple has announced it will begin allowing customers to prepare their own phones. their own iphones will be able to use apple's new self service repair program which will offer instructions and even so, parts and tools until now. apple products. required repair. it was recommended only that it be serviced by a trained technician. the service will be available starting early next year. and that wraps up kron 4 news at 8. but grant vicki are here with what we're working on for 9 o'clock. that sounds complicated phone and you have yeah, we had a certificate to be an itv repair person break worst. >> all right. thanks, catherine. thanks for the holiday genius bar. can. yeah. you got to go to it. yeah.
8:57 pm
>> still to come tonight on kron 4 news at 9. how many homicides has oakland seen this year. one 2120 and only about a 3rd of those homicides have been solved. our jonathan goes one-on-one with oakland's someone new police chief still the talk about the violence in what needs to change in order for that to start to slow down. plus, remembering the teacher who was killed while walking to school community leaders are hoping that his tragic death will lead to safer streets in san francisco. the stories and more coming up on kron 4 news
8:58 pm
8:59 pm
9:00 pm
>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at i think that we have to put the safety of our community at the forefront of everything we do. >> now at 9 oakland police chief leronne armstrong saying the safety of the community is his top priority as gun violence continues to plague the streets of oakland. good evening, everybody. thank you for being with us tonight on kron 4 news at 9 o'clock. i'm grant lotus and i'm vicki oakland. police say that the city's homicides have already passed last year's record of 101 opd says that they are investigating a 120 homicides right now. the department also reported 45 shootings, 45 robberies in just the past


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