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tv   KRON 4 News at 8am  KRON  November 18, 2021 8:00am-9:01am PST

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>> and thousands of kaiser health care workers walking the picket line this morning. we'll tell you why. >> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning news at >> good morning to you. and good morning, mariah carey, mariah just told me never sing her song so you've been banished for that. we can't pay the license. haha, took like myself just like all right. so we want to wish you a happy pre thursday thanksgiving thursday of next thursday's thanksgiving. it is. and a lot of people will be traveling. >> if people are going to stay close to home. john between now and thanksgiving. the weather. i think we have a few showers may be in on. >> right on the 7 day. and in the meantime, we'll tweet right here in sioux forecast. go ahead. yes, rikers the number yeah, we do see that chance of a couple showers. it really is overnight tonight
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into early tomorrow and it's super brief super light to not even much of a. >> rain to slow us down for your friday commute. but do anticipate a couple of slick spots your view outside this morning is just a little on the gray side visibilities but not so much further isco inland. we have seen some dense fog having formed in portions of contra costa and eastern solano counties highway for travel has been a rough from concord, especially out to antioch and oakley and we've also seen some areas of fog trying to drift a little further inland from there. so just be mindful of the spots of tooley fog, further inland. that's been the case so far this week. now we are dry for the bay area up north towards you. kyle. we've seen a couple of sprinkles. that's the same kind of rainfall we have just around the corner into tomorrow morning. just a couple of sprinkles here and there. 40's and 50's for our current temperatures. it's cool enough for the heavier jacket this morning. stay cozy, especially with these cloudy skies that will linger into the afternoon. i'm talking more about any sort of whether you need to know before the weekend before
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thanksgiving still to come, great job. thank you for that. and we have a busy thursday morning. if you're just leaving your house. >> a 30 minute drive into the city on the bay bridge because of an accident there near the tall. so that is still causing delays have gone up about 10 minutes or so. and that is going to be around for a little while. so i'll keep a close eye on that for you. 5, 1880, also moving along pretty slow at this hour, too headed across towards the peninsula. little under 24 minutes as you're traveling, they are starting to see delays along one o one. so all of that is kind of movie over on to the san mateo bridge here in the city. and san francisco one. oh, one southbound at cesar chavez street. you have a traffic hazard. so a stalled vehicle so you can see we're starting to see delays along one o one there to 80 would be good alternate if you're trying to get around that and we'll leave you with a look at the richmond center fell commute a little under 16 out of richmond darya james, back to you. thanks to an 8 '02 in the breaking news is the amber alert has been issued for this girl who was kidnapped from
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santa rosa. >> but they think now she might be somewhere in southern california. you're looking at pictures of 15 year-old georgiana bamba loy. she was abducted from an arco gas station. again, this was a greenville road in santa rose about one, 5150. >> in the afternoon yesterday. and i think we have kron 4. sarah stinson actually standing by for us up in santa rosa with the very latest on the search efforts this morning and who the possible abductor is, what police know so far. sarah. >> well, the 15 year-old girl. she was last seen here at this arco with her family near the corner here on guerneville road when she was abducted and the amber alert didn't go out until this morning. and specifically for southern california. so they believe she was abducted from this area and then taken down south. >> and so they are specifically looking down there. take a look at that photo of the girl. again, it's georgiana band. boy. she was at this arco gas station with
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her family when she was abducted and they say a man ran across the parking lot forced her into his car at one 50 yesterday afternoon. she described as a 5 feet. 6 inches tall girl with long dark hair. she was seen wearing black jeans and a black sweatshirt with cherries on it. police and chp have identified the man they believe took the girl. the suspected abductor doctor put out with the amber alert is 20 year-old. i need to see me know described as 5 feet. 7 inches tall brown hair, brown eyes last seen wearing an orange long sleeve shirt hat, black pants. we have a picture and we have his face. but then we have a screen shot from the surveillance video from arco gas station while the abduction happened just before 00:00pm in the afternoon police didn't respond or file a missing persons report until 4.10 police say the victim's parents told them several men forced their daughter into a dark colored vehicle. the investigation, of course, continue to look at surveillance footage. but police are only concentrating
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efforts on this one man. so why and how did they know is this man so many questions remaining. that's why we've reached out to santa rosa police to get the latest on their investigation. what we do know is the picture. we have a picture of the car involved. that's a green 2007 chrysler town and country minivan the temporary texas license plate. it's 1, 2, 4, 7, 8, you 3 now all of that information because i know it happens quickly as on our website, kron 4 dot com and also on all of our social media pages. so why did you take a look at those if you have been in this area in santa rosa near guerneville road fulton. >> and maybe you have dash cam on your car or anything like that. please call 911, if you see the car, the girl, the man or if you have any information at all daryn. investigators are trying to figure out if the 15 year-old girl knows the man she was abducted by so
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waiting for an update on the investigation for now. one inside the arco gas station and i i asked for the video, you know, still have screen shots and they said no. so we're working our hardest to get you the best images and the information. we've got a station down in la that's tracking this as well. back to you for now, thanks a lot, sarah. >> so 8. '06, is the timing of the developing story for you this morning. police in oakland are investigating a double shooting that happened early this morning. according to reports on the citizens app. it happened right around midnight near 17th and broadway. we put an indicator on the map here showing where that is reports on the app. also show that one of the victims was taken to the hospital. we have reached out to police for more information we'll let you know when we find it. >> 8 '06 and another jewelry store is targeted in the bay area. this time it was the daniels jewelers and the solano town center in fairfield. and you can see that there is a sledgehammer on the ground inside the store is not clear exactly what they got out. but this is the 3rd jewelry store that's been targeted this week. remember
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we told you yesterday thieves took $250,000 in jewelry from the longbow jewelers in san francisco's chinatown tuesday morning and then the day before that iceberg, diamonds was hit on monday where 9 people went in and they used hammers smashed. as you can see, all of the display cases got away with a whole bunch of jewelry and there were employees and shoppers in there at the time. it's just a good thing that nobody got hurt. >> well. all right. so another story for you this morning. we have the hayward unified school district. they voted to close to schools for the next school year. we talked earlier this week about how they were contemplating maybe 8 schools being shut down by. they finally made the decision is going to be too. seems like parents, teachers, students. some of them are still not happy about it. >> even though it is only 2 but crawford's camila barco is live in hayward following that camilla. >> yes. so i just spoke to one teacher who tells me that the vote made by the board of education. it is heartbreaking. she says that bowman elementary one of the
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schools that is closing its such a tight knit community teachers like her students and parents valley to keep the schools open. but in the end, the board of education's decision was too close to schools. now, like i said, bowman elementary is one of them. the board of educa ion, contemplated closing 6 of them actually and students at bowman elementary show their opposition against the idea by drawing up signs and taping them on to the school's gates. ultimately board members voted to shut down bowman and strobe ridge elementary schools next year. they say it's due to a budget shortfall and a decline in enrollment. the assistant superintendent of business as enrollment has declined by 25% over the past 20 years. the school district is built to serve 24,000 students. but officials project enrollment to dip below 18,000 over the next few years now that teacher at bowman elementary has been here for 25 years and
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now she's dealing with the fact that she won't return to this place after this school year. >> i just feel heartbroken. i've had so families here in 25 years and. one family in particular from kenya that i really love. about for their kids and number 5 would win next year. and we all have stories like that because we're very connected with the families here. they're wonderful. >> board members also consider closing glass brook elementary and ochoa middle school. however, the fate of those schools. plus other ones is up in the air board members decided to hold off on making decisions for those other schools. now teachers tell me that they will be able to keep their jobs. the school district is relocating them and students and i just spoke to the school district and they tell me that they are now creating a transition plan for both teachers and at bowman
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and stroke ridge elementary james. back to you. for a lot of folks there. i'm sure. thank you very much. to my >> time in san francisco. a school community gathered to remember 30 year-old educator andrew zieman who was struck and killed by a car while he was crossing the street near sherman elementary school. the vigil was held last night and kron four's taylor was there. >> he was for he was very nice teacher. i knew time. i don't want anybody else to you for it that work in the school students in this school students remembering one of their favorite sherman elementary school educators and jews eman. he was the best teacher. i wish have to have said even died a week ago in san francisco while he was crossing the road after 2 cars collided on franklin street. >> and then slammed into him just feet away from the school heat on it on wednesday. the school and community organizations held a vigil in
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his memory. he had very longstanding relationships here. >> the kids know him as mister he was always calm patient kind. and just was able to reach some kids who were more difficult to reach principal. helen parker says, you know, we didn't even work at sherman elementary. but he was also a former student here as well as his father and his great uncle. >> she says this tragedy was preventable and together with walk. san francisco advocates are demanding changes to make city streets more safe. i mean, one of the biggest things is you. if you walk on that street speeds are incredibly high. the street is designed to encourage fast driving. and they're coming down a hill flying at that intersection it's treacherous supervisor. catherine, stefani who represents this district says she's listening and agrees. francisco streets need to be safer, especially near our schools. the fact that this is the 12th fatality pedestrian fatality. >> it's absolutely
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unacceptable. i want to let you know that we are committed to making certain that we're doing everything we can, not just sherman elementary school. >> to work with the sfmta to make the streets safer siemens friends and family were also at the vigil on wednesday. but too emotional to speak on camera advocacy organization. walk san francisco will hold a temporary memorial at city hall on sunday at 03:00pm to demand safer streets in san francisco. >> meanwhile, the school is working on a kid's activity fund in name. >> in san francisco tiller the psac ii kron 4 news. >> 12 is the time. still ahead on the kron 00:00am morning news, a bay area man is finally released from the hospital after 9 months battling covid will have his story in a moment. also after the break. barry airports are gearing up for what's expected to be a much busier holiday travel season this year. we'll take a look at the numbers and take a look at the numbers and some tips on. hopefully he can ♪ ♪ ♪ take a look at the numbers and some tips on. hopefully he can
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>> 8.15. and as we're going towards i want to just share i woke up. i don't do social media, but i woke up this morning. and the first thing i read in my email was opposed by next door. this woman was reaching out saying i lost my job a few months ago just on next door just telling people and she said my kid who's for single mom. i really want to barbie playhouse. does anybody have one that i could buy used. 100 people responded.
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give you a of playhouse. my daughter wants to give you hers. you know, do you need a job. what are you working. what are you looking for. can you believe it seem like you're right. i was. that's the meaning of community. >> the people's so happy for others in their community like thanksgiving arise. that's right. you can just celebrate any help somebody any i do love that to the delight of your day. it was the joint right. when i woke up, i read that. yeah, that's really good way to your day started. o. well, those are nice i could think of something extra i put it on next. we will see i don't i don't know. the cast. it's free to offer don't pay for this forecast and we do have good travel weather for the holiday ahead of us. we're going to be looking at dry skies for at least most of these next 7 days really aside from tonight into tomorrow morning, which is going to offer up that slight chance of light showers to the bay area. we stay dry today already seeing some brightness reaching the bay itself and a
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couple of sprinkles up around duke high up in mendocino county bay area is dry for the time being. but this week passing system is going to result in some brief showers for us. looking ahead to future cast. you can see those showers drifting into the bay area, at least starting overnight for the north bay where we'll see the greatest potential of any widespread sort of showers in northern sonoma county, northern app and then up into lake and mendocino counties. rest of the bay area just really taps into some light sprinkles on into tomorrow morning and then by noontime already starting to clear things out. the rest of the weekend afterwards looks good. if you are taking to the roads for your travels. i know it is going to be a busy travel weekend and mother nature is cooperating. fairfield could see a 10th of an inch of rainfall overnight into tomorrow. aside from that really just trace amounts elsewhere. current temperatures are in the 40's and 50's later today. it's the 50's and 60's and staying mostly cloudy. so there's not a lot of change going on into the afternoon. i'm going to advise you keep the jacket close to hand even into that
8:18 am
peak temperature hours of your early afternoon. our warmest spot today is campbell that 68 degrees elsewhere. it's mostly low to mid 60's if not upper 50's oakland and concord at 62 degrees each sonoma and allay at 61 wealth. upper 50's from mill valley stinson beach over to point rays looking ahead the next 7 days not changing too much temperature wise. we will see that chance of a few sprinkles and scattered showers tomorrow morning. mostly staying dry from that point on through thanksgiving. rain. john, thank you for that. all right. we're looking at the bay bridge because we had an accident right near the tolls. and so we're at about 30 minutes for your drive time currently if you're heading from the east bay into the city right now. >> other issues that were seen a little under 21 minutes heading across towards the peninsula because of delays along one. oh, one as you're traveling 80 in 5, a pretty slow. all right. now traveling crockett down towards the maze a little under 35 minutes. and if you're heading in the south bay anywhere. the air. if
8:19 am
you're long one. oh, one from 85 in the park about 42 minutes to 3785 82 are seen just a little congestion along those highways. darya james, back to you. thanks a lot right. >> so we have san francisco international airport preparing for what's expected to be a surge of travelers this holiday season, especially because obviously international travel is reopened once again and people are a little pent-up. we haven't seen family in a long time. but given could do it last year. yes. so a lot of people are traveling again, an spokesperson is telling you that you definitely need. >> to leave way more time than even you probably think can. >> but he that's been through sfo the past year and a half and probably a took a lot less time to get through the process. imagine what it was like in give yourself that kind of time yourself a good 2 hours for a domestic flight 3 hours for an international flight if you're getting a covid test before boarding your international flight. remember the budget additional time for that as well. that's the ultimate luxury. otherwise
8:20 am
understand that of face masks are still required for air travel. there's a lot of walks of life or they're no longer required. but any time you're at our airport or on board an aircraft still got aware that your respects. >> i'm going to do 2 hours i never do. and i have the tsa precheck thing and i never check the back and i'm still going to 2 hours. so i would recommend if you travel heavy like these people that you do the same. you will not see no lines like this. you see a little more like what you're seeing there, which is a lot tighter packed. it's the same thing over oakland forward to the next story for the next video. and you'll take a look at oakland. they are looking at the same situation where travel is expected to be very heavy, roughly a 170,000 passengers are expected to pass through oakland airport next week which is twice as many as they had last year. so again, and by the way, you know, how sfo is saying you need masks. it's not just a a local thing. that is a nationwide. any airport. you go to. you have to have a mask. >> 20 is the time. also
8:21 am
happening today. we're entering day 3 of deliberations now in the trial of kyle rittenhouse. he's the one who shot 3 men during a protest in kenosha, wisconsin last summer. 2 of those men died. now rittenhouse has claimed that it was in self-defense that he pulled the trigger yesterday, the defense team asked for a mistrial after the jury requested that they be able to rewatch of video that was used in evidence in the case. well, the attorney argued that his team was given a lower quality version of this video from prosecutors and that the jury was getting a more high resolution version of that video. and so they asked for a mistrial. the judge hasn't yet ruled on that will keep you updated. >> it's a 21 and right now the man who fatally shot ahmad arbery is back on the witness stand for a second day of testimony. the prosecution is cross examining travis mcmichael. he's one of 3 white men were charged with killing arbery yesterday on the stand. mcmichael said that he feared for his life because there was
8:22 am
a struggle with his gun mcmichael his father and another man say that they chased arbery to make a citizens arrest because they thought he might be a burglar. and mcmichael says that he shot arbery. he claims in self-defense because he thought it was life or death because arbery had grabbed the gun that he was pointing at arbery arbery was a judge has ordered x raiders wide receiver henry ruggs the 3rd to make an in-person court appearance next week because he missed a breathalyzer check in. and those are the rules of his release. the defense argues that even though he missed that check and he dutifully self tested shortly after missing the test. but the judge says that's not good enough records show that ruggs has to stay away from alcohol. he has to be tested daily 4 times a day or he has to go back to jail. he faces 4 felony counts and one misdemeanor involved in what they say was a drunk driving
8:23 am
accident that was at a high speed and killed a woman named tina tintor earlier this month. it's 8.22 and coming up, south bay leaders standing in front of coyote valley which they prote
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8:26 am
coyote valley as open space. you can see video there in the wall. beautiful piece of land. the city council voted to rezone hundreds of. >> acres of it from the industrial use with which it was zoned for 2 more farming and wildlife space now, which will eventually protected from development. yeah. they say it's a victory in the battle is climate change. >> protecting and restoring coyote valley as natural infrastructure is one of the smartest investments we can make to build climate resilience in the region that helps both people and nature adapt to the effects of climate change. >> so the decision blocked what was a proposed construction of a huge basically amazon style warehouses environmentalists say qaeda valley is also critical to the valley's water supplies. so they're hailing this as a big win. >> more than 40,000 kaiser permanente. employees are on strike right now and most of them don't even have a direct problem with their boss all explain why they're on the picket lines and what it mean
8:27 am
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>> 8.29 and there's quite our call is well. i say few, especially because we have a little which i know earthquake yesterday his to the east bay shook a little bit of those he was far san francisco. but yeah. so far it's been quiet this morning. nothing disappointed that i missed it and i don't see a sleep through anything you feel it, john, i did not. i i actually
8:30 am
did sleep at 1 o'clock in afternoon. one out. like 2 and a half hours yesterday >> is that even a nap and he added it was it is a good day to sleep because the mother mother nature is keeping things a little gray for us today. we are seeing gray skies across much of the bay area with mostly cloudy conditions out there. coit tower is a little bright spot in what is overall some pretty shady looking conditions across the bay area shaded, i should say. to leave fog has formed in the central valley and that has drifted out into portions in contra, costa and solano counties really resulting in some lower visibility along highway 4. that's been the hot spot for fog this morning. otherwise we are nice and dry. it's just cloudy. we do have some showers up north up into mendocino and lake counties, though, mostly at those upper elevations. current temps are mostly in the 40's to low 50's alameda at 53 degrees dublin and livermore at 45. well,
8:31 am
some low 40's as well out towards and santa rosa talking more about tonight's rainfall potential. still to come, first, though, on over to rain will go. we've had a couple of backups. were we at now. yeah, we're still pretty slow on this thursday morning, especially along the peninsula. so you have a traffic hazard northbound want to one north of broadway. that's in burlingame. and so we're starting to see delays. >> along one a one and that's slowing us down along the san mateo bridge down here redwood city. also southbound one oh, one at woodside road. you've got another accident there. so we are seeing delays to 80 or maybe a to a b good alternate to try to get around that traveling from the east bay into the city. a little under 20 minutes to make that drive for you this morning. and again, we had a traffic hazard there accident earlier as well. and that contributed to our delays and we'll leave you with a look at the san mateo bridge as you're heading across towards the peninsula a little under 18 minutes started james back a lot rain. 8.31. is a time right now on the breaking news that we've been following this morning as an amber alert for a 15
8:32 am
year-old girl. >> who was kidnapped from santa rosa. and she was last seen and a gas station getting to a car with at least 1 one man. yeah. arco gas station there. and so now police are obviously desperately searching for her and for whatever reason they think the abductors might be taking her to southern california. lot of questions as to how they came to that conclusion. but there's a lot of questions still surrounding this, too. and the thing about the amber alerts are even if you don't see her or the car and we'll show you the license plate and who they're looking for. the suspect in just a second. but even though they think that they're in southern california now getting this word out about her. once we do this of course it will be on kron on a cross on kron 4 dot com. and we have partner as sister stations in southern california. so we're double travel and you'd be surprised at how many. amber alerts can be solved with this kind of system that really goes statewide and nationwide. in fact. so a lot of people will be getting the word through our social media connections and could help bring her back
8:33 am
because their parents are very concerned. here's a look at the man that they are looking for in connection with her kidnapping. yeah. i need to some. >> is his name. 20 years old. 5, 715 pounds last seen actually driving a green minivan. chrysler town and country with texas temporary plates on board. that's actually picture of him the orange shirt in the foreground. this is at the gas station from the security camera video taken moments before the abduction. but the temporary license plate is 1, 2, 4, 7, 8, eu 3. and we've got all this information on our website to kron 4 dot com and that's an image of the suspect vehicle. you can kind of make out that minivan there in the background. as for the victim again identified as 15 year-old georgie >> about baloney that up. >> ally how she pronounces it. george on a bam malloy and just 15 years old. there are lot of questions about whether or not she knew the man or if
8:34 am
it was a number of people that took her in the car. we know that she's 5, 6, long dark hair. she was last wearing. she wasn't in this outfit. she was wearing black jeans and a black sweatshirt with cherries on it at the time. so they're looking for. and her parents told police that she was forced into the start. colored and police later. even though the parents said that they thought there are a number of people the police say it is one man and that's why they're showing that picture from, i guess from the license plate. they went to the dmv records because that's his license picture that we're showing you. so we'll obviously keep you updated on this story. hopefully we'll have a resolution a happy ending to this story. at some point to report to you today but keep it to kron 4. >> and also a 24 7 new streaming up kron on if there is a break in the case will love first reported to you there for between broadcast. >> 8.34 and another story that's getting a lot of attention is the kaiser picket
8:35 am
lines because it is a noisy big protest is happening right now. outside the hospital. may remember earlier in the week we told you about a pharmacy, a pharmacist strike with kaiser that was averted. >> well, that doesn't mean that kaiser's not in the hot water with all of its unions. it is in fact with its engineering union and seems like all the other unions are joining in to really a rallying around each other. kron four's will tran is live in walnut creek with more hi, it is a sympathy strike. yes, the pharmacist, their problems are behind them but their brother and sisters with the engineers. well, they are still working on a contract to 2 months. >> i've not working and then be on strike. we're talking engineers. and that's why they decided the nurses have time to trust ad on just the pharmacist as well. 40,000 of them in the bay area and sacramento instead of being inside there i do think literally see there on strike.
8:36 am
there is lot and they can possibly to send a message to the public why they're on strike. just as important to send message to to work out a deal with 30 in sit here today say without they can't work because they are responsible for making all the equipment possible for them to take care of the patient. let's talk to some of the people here. marvel. you are nurse. you could have been why was it important for to be on >> we >> all should be treated with and these people work hard. they get up and they come to work every and even during the
8:37 am
even more and that is why you see how fire here is union solidarity at is they're going to be on strike today tomorrow. what does that mean for you as the patient well, your appointment could be canceled. could be pushed back and even if it's not james and area that you have an appointment according to >> have might waiting a lot longer because let's face it, they got a heads up 3 days that this could possibly be happening. almost impossible. if. >> we're sure impossible to replace 40,000 workers who instead of being inside. they're outside. i suggest that you give them a call. i know kaiser says that they'll reach out to you. but just to be safe sometime. maybe you want to reach out to if your appointment is still good to go. >> back will will, you've
8:38 am
covered. >> i lot of strikes i got to say i don't know if you agree. you think this is that like biggest loudest, one that you've covered it in in years. a lot of support out yes, we're talking 40,000 this by far is the biggest because they know that the backbone of everything that they requires the engineers. i mean, sometimes you see the nurses on strike. of course, the prime but they are through a man or to a woman, james and they're all saying without those engineers. we wouldn't have a job and we would not be able to take care of our patients and they claim that their patients are fully in support of them. and that's why goes to show you. we are nothing was racing with up and directors at kron and the people who make everything work. so they realize that and that's why they're out in full all right. well, the same for i agree on the shout out to the kron engineers and owners. all the help us to. >> thanks a thanks a lot.
8:39 am
well, it's it's job this behind the scenes. so we appreciate that. 8.38 right now. today the oakland unified school district is launching a covid vaccine clinic. you can get your kids or parents can get their covid shots. they're they're really concerned about as we head into the thanksgiving holiday and other parties and family gatherings. they do not want covid to spread today's clinic is at markham elementary. we've got the information there. it's noon to 6 and also what's different about this is the district is also offering covid testing during the holiday break and they're offering thousands of take home tests and what you do with those is their rapid 15 minute tests and you can buy. and i just ordered one at walgreens and actually have just to walk in and pick it up and right before you go to a big event, you can do this quick 15 minute test will tell you if you have covid because maybe you're vaccinated. maybe you're carrying it. you don't know and you certainly don't want to spread it. >> 39 is the time a san jose man spent 9 months in the hospital battling covid. he can tell you how tough that
8:40 am
battle is. yesterday. 31 year-old noah davis returned to the santa clara valley medical center to begin his physical rehab and here is being greeted by the doctors and nurses who cared for him in that time that he was down with the virus. he caught it initially in february and then spent 8 weeks. that's 2 months in a medically induced coma when he 1oke up, he discovered he couldn't walk. he could barely breathe. he couldn't lift his left arm. take a listen to how ended up not knowing that 2 months have passed and. >> you know, i was really scared. so waking up. my arm did not move my legs. and that move. i was too weak. we're all hopeful that will continue make improvements in terms of standing in. >> we don't know what the future holds, brief walking and maybe being able to get to a point where he could eventually be out of a wheelchair with ongoing therapy. >> yeah. hopefully he's received 2 doses of the pfizer vaccine. he said he wanted to do that because he does not want to catch covid again. >> time now is 8.40. and still ahead on the kron 4 morning
8:41 am
news. what's the governor doing now to try to solve this backlog at the port in california and get this stopped her from there t [ sfx: ding ding ding ] [sfx: bing bing bing ] [sfx: bloop bloop bloop ] [ sfx: bing bloop ding ding bloop bing ] the day can wait. enter the golden state, with real california dairy. i didn't have to shout out for help. because you didn't have another dvt. not today. one blood clot puts you at risk of having another,
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>> 8.43 and well, they're working on the supply chain problem. you can see that our ports or says just video the way it's been for months now and now going into the holiday shopping season, state and federal leaders are trying to take action to get these goods moving through the ports and
8:44 am
to the stores and to your doorstep. >> governor newsom announced the state is going to shoot temporary permits to allow trucks to carry more cargo. so that might help. and then also they're working on identifying properly property to temporarily store the stuff so they can get it off of these ships and even out of the port area and speed up the unloading process. well, that might. >> not pose an immediate relief on the retail front. it will have a substantial benefit on industrial and manufacturing cargo containers that will make their way into the ports of long beach and l a. >> sometimes i feel like if i do these stories, if i read the faster, you'll get the stuff but i know that what happened. plus in the long term, don't forget, we get the federal infrastructure bill as it is now a law and that dedicates 17 billion dollars to revamping the ports in this nation. 8.44 just don't hold your breath. air get there when it gets there. we'll be right back.
8:45 am
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>> we are looking at conditions out there today that are a little on the gray side to start. you can see outside at the bay bridge right here. that it is definitely cloudy. but nice and calm the flag not moving around too much out there. we are going to be seeing a cooler day today as well. so great cooler. but staying dry during daytime hours, at least
8:48 am
for those of us across the bay area up in mendocino and lake counties. a few light sprinkles of drifted in. we will see this rainfall potential drifting our direction on into evening hours tonight. staying for the most part really light some sprinkles up in the north bay and then just maybe an isolated shower drifting into the rest of the bay area. you can see rainfall totals here just how significant this rain is, which is not at all. maybe a trace amount for most areas fairfield could see a 10th of an inch of rain will take it. it's not anything close to a drought buster and not really even enough to slow. most of us down as you're getting out tomorrow morning. 50's and 60's for daytime highs today. a little cooler than yesterday. saratoga is warm spot at 68 degrees today. pretty much everyone else in the mid to low 60's tomorrow. we do have that scattered shower potential mostly in the north bay early on. aside from that, we stay dry through the weekend and into next week before thanksgiving reyna john, thanks for that along the peninsula. we have a couple issues ear like a traffic hazard.
8:49 am
>> northbound one o one of broadway in burlingame in a traffic accident. southbound 1, one at woodside road. so we are seeing delays along one o one but 2.80, just adjacent to that would be a good alternate if you're trying to get around those delays heading into the city. we finally know that that vehicle and that traffic collision that we have on the bridge is off so little and are now 21 up to about 30 minutes at the top of the hour, heading across towards the peninsula. little under 60 minutes. and the richmond, sandra fell bridge a little under 13 darya james, back to you. thanks a lot right. so kron 4 sports updates here. we've got the forty-niners they're preparing for a road game against the jacksonville jaguars that will be coming up this sunday. and we've also got san francisco giants news as well. here's sports director jason dumas us. >> the niners got their biggest win of the season. on monday night and one of their best is being recognized for it. depot. samuel has been named nfc offensive player of the week and a 133 all-purpose
8:50 am
yards in 2 touchdowns in a cool little celebration. and i'm not going to move my head like that in this suit. samuel is in the midst of a career year he's second in the nfl in receiving yards right behind cooper cup. meanwhile, the team was back at work prepping for the jaguars on sunday. the team has some momentum now. but they also did when they beat the bears and we know what happened. the following week. >> when you watch the tape will see as we've seen today, this morning that they're a good team. they're going a lot better. >> i don't think that people let down after something like that. but you got to realize emotions that go into monday night game is a little bit bigger where we're coming from. without that we played before that. so emotions are high you got to watch for that stuff. your emotions can be i every single day. that means we got to practice accordingly every single day to make sure they're ready to go on sunday. >> great news for the giants. brandon belt will be back next year after he signed an 18.4 million dollars qualifying
8:51 am
offer the 33 year-old first baseman hit a career-high 29 home runs last season helping the giants to a franchise record. 100 is 7 wins. he didn't miss the postseason with a fractured thumb after being hit by a pitch in late september. that was a drag bell took on the mantle of an official team captain which quickly became a source of humor in the giant clubhouse belton teammates periodically donning a captain's hat. all right. to the college kids matt lott, a former stanford playing out coaching valpo with his college coach might can who they're doing the game 1st half harrison ingram. he's just there knife. mcdonald's all american raining freshmen pac 12 of the week player of the week. nice pass to james key for the cardinals up 2711 later in the half jaden delay or. nice move and dunk. 3116 stanford next possession. more
8:52 am
from a layer. nice soft hands finishes with the dunk off the bench. 2nd half ingram. another nice look at this time to brandon angle. one of his 3 2nd half threes angle led the cardinals with 13 points ingram had 5 assists stanford win 74 to 60 their 3, 1, it will play defending national champs baylor on saturday. all right. after look at sports. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
8:53 am
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>> it's a 54 and a german shepherd in florida is selling a mansion. i know he's showing us around. he's a realtor. this mansion was owned by madonna. yes. >> and gunther apparently inherited this 500 million dollars state which is taken care of by his handlers. point. madonna has in the pop star madonna. i gave a mansion to a dog well, it is it's the descendant of a dog who belong to a german countess. no, we're not talking about our madonna like the pop star. >> it's german countess madonna. okay. well, this could very well be of no on the just know we should look at it was that yesterday. she. and when she died in 1992 left behind the state to gunter's grandfather. >> and then got theirs. now meeting with real estate agents, quote, unquote. to sell the mansion in miami has come for small. he doesn't need his one dog. how much space does one dog meat.
8:56 am
>> when i was first introduced to the property and the guy who introduced me tells me about. >> you know, this dog gunther who purchase madonna's home equity talking gunther white, and then i got to know got there. i got to know his handlers. and it was just fascinating. the life that they live and the way that they've really i kept kept true to to their trust. and what dictated to them in the well. >> and that breeze. so really was once madonna. the singer song. house. and that's an amazing mansion. 20 years ago. the mansion was 7 million dollars this week. it went on the market for 31 million. some good appreciation. this is a lucky dog. this is a lucky dog. if i ever saw 01:00am looks like a beautiful house and he says it will sell what you can do a lot it 50 said lot of bones coming up in the next hour, the hayward school board. votes to close to schools. and well, as you can see, a lot of parents and teachers and kids of bone to pick. >> we'll have a live report on that. plus, we're showing you
8:57 am
the picture of a 15 year-old girl from santa rosa and their concern that she could be maybe in southern california. there's an amber alert out. we're going to the whole story and what we know and new video of possible abduction. watch this. can i please get the cheddar loaded cheeseburger combo?
8:58 am
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>> a 15 year-old girl has been abducted from santa rosa i just got video from the gas station where she was taken all show you and tell you what all happened and where they think she's been taken. >> hey, we're unified school board decides the fate of its schools. i live with >> and thousands of kaiser health care workers are hitting the picket lines this morning. we'll tell you why. >> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning news at know. >> morning and thanks for waking up with us. on a thursday before next thursday, which is thanksgiving absolutely. and it we're waking up actually to a nice cool morning going to be great today. but there is the chance of a few sprinkles here and there are how serious we talking about this as serious the least seriously you get. they can. know whatever that


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