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tv   KRON 4 News at 5pm  KRON  November 18, 2021 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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how will i live without her? i want my baby back. please, give me my baby back. ♪ ♪ >> from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at all. >> developing news tonight. the california highway patrol investigating yet another deadly shooting on an east bay freeway. this one happened as the morning commute was underway leaving drivers on edge tonight. thanks for joining us, everybody. i'm vicki liviakis and i'm grant
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lotus a homicide investigation is now underway. the shooting happened just after 9 o'clock this morning. >> near the bay bridge toll plaza in the commute directions. so heading into san francisco ground forces. eecm was quick to arrive on scene today. he joins us now live with the latest. certainly just that. terrifying situation. >> he said a grant terrifying and now chp officials here at the golden gate division fit. they officially confirmed that a deadly freeway shooting investigation is underway. >> it >> came into the california highway patrol dispatch as a report of a shooting on westbound. i 80 freeway just east of the bay bridge toll plaza, an adult male and female and 2 juveniles were traveling in this maroon colored suv just east of the west grand avenue exit with their vehicle was struck by
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investigators confirmed that the woman in the right front passenger seat. >> was shot and died from their injuries. the male driver in both juveniles were the deadly shooting happened thursday around 09:12am, and the latter side of the morning commute shutting down the far left lanes would through 4 as drivers approach. the toll plaza one point, our cameras captured a man and woman talking to chp investigators. >> well, the caltrans entry ramp to the bay bridge employee parking lot. that is where chp crime scene. investigators took photos of the vehicle that appeared to have its driver's side window blown out 3 hours later as the investigation on the scene cami to a close deputies with the alameda county coroner's bureau remove the body of the adult female from the suv covering her as she was placed on the stretcher and taken away followed by a tow truck removing the vehicle from the freeway. >> at this point. chp invest it chp. investigators have not
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released any information about any possible suspects nor any possible motive in this shooting, but they are asking anyone in the community. anyone who may have been traveling on the freeway at the time of the shooting who have saw something to contact the california highway patrol. that's the latest live in san francisco. has it made you kron. 4 news. all zeke end that we are also following some breaking news out of hercules where a man has been hospitalized. >> following a shooting at a mall parking lot. police say this happened shortly after noon today at the willow shopping grand avenue center just off. i 80 when officers arrived on scene. they found a man suffering from multiple gunshot wounds. he was airlifted to a local hospital. police say that they recovered a gun at the scene. no arrests have been made and police are not releasing any information on a possible suspect or get away. car kron four's dan thorn following this story for us. and he'll have the latest developments tonight on kron 4 news at 9.
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>> 2 people died in a shooting early this morning in oakland. it happened on the 400 block of 17th street not far from lake merritt. you see on the map here. it was just after midnight. police say they arrived on scene found a male and female both oakland residents, both dead at the scene. police have not announced any arrests or suspect information. these the city's 100 and 21st and 122nd homicides of the year. anyone with information is asked to call police in the east bay and oakland city council member announced a new plan to try and stop this uptick in violence. councilmember lauren taylor, who's running to become oakland's next. mayor says that he has 5 multifaceted goals that he says will reduce the rate of crime in oakland and that includes doubling the solve rate of violent crimes. also cutting in half the number of unanswered 911 calls doubling the capacity of successful violence interruption in crime
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to turns programs. reducing disparities in public safety response between different communities across oakland and alameda county. and finally adequately investing in community. mental health services. the city of oakland has seen over 120 homicides so far in 2021. now a big story in the north bay a 15 year-old girl and it's kind of grainy. but you can see her right here. >> she has returned home now after it appeared she was abducted yesterday in santa rosa. the ordeal. scary caught on surveillance video. but as kron four's charles clifford reports tonight police are now saying they think this whole thing was just a prank. >> well, according to the santa rosa police department. what at first appeared to be the abduction of a 15 year-old girl was actually a prank on the girl involving her boyfriend and another male friend. this all started wednesday afternoon when surveillance video appeared to show the girl being pushed
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into a minivan near this arco station along guerneville road. the santa rosa police department launched an investigation which led to an amber alert being issued across most of southern california because at the time that's where they believe the girl may have been taken according to police. she was driven to los angeles with her boyfriend and 2 other friends and then returned unharmed to her home in vallejo thursday morning. now, even though this appears to have been a hoax. the amber alert that was issued was very real and time and resources were spent looking for the girl and her alleged abductors at this point. it's unclear if any of them will face charges in the north bay. charles clifford kron. 4 news. >> an update now from fairfield police tonight. they say they have recovered $50,000 worth of stolen jewelry yesterday. police say 3 suspects broke into daniels jewelers in the solano town center. a photo from the scene here shows a sledgehammer on the floor. police tell us that 3 teens have been arrested in connection to this. it is the 3rd jewelry store that has
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been targeted this week alone. these took $250,000 in merchandise from the longbow chillers in san francisco's chinatown that happened tuesday morning and then on monday, thieves shattered the display cases of the story. concord's sun valley mall. we're on verdict. watch as day 3 of a jury deliberations are underway in the kyle rittenhouse murder trial in wisconsin a little earlier this morning, the judge through msnbc out of the courtroom for the remainder of the trial. it's after a kenosha. police say someone claiming to be a producer for the cable news channel appeared to be following the bus that was transporting jurors way from the courthouse. in a statement, nbc says the man was a freelancer and was not following the jurors rittenhouse is accused of shooting 3 men, 2 of them fatally during protests last year. the defense has asked for a mistrial which the judge has not ruled on yet. all right, to take a live look
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outside back of the bay bridge. a totally different scene at this hour compared to what it was this morning. fortunately stay safe out there. everybody in. >> stay at least a few in your car and then we let lawrence is here. yeah. barely a system. i mean. hey, we're talking rain out there taking we can get everybody going to get some well, maybe a few, maybe if you want, tonight as we're going to see this system as greg mentioned, this is not a huge storm system that's moving in right now. cloudu skies. you see those clouds all day long. >> and then here comes the rain. you got some actual raindrops moving to the bay area right now. but you can just see couple bans kind of just pushing through right now as we look toward a part of the east bay. some heavier bands located there. now you can see some of the cells begin to move through and they're kind of coming in these bands of energy here now moving through parts of richmond and also making its way in towards pretty decent, though. that's a nice little cell that's moving across the bay at this time. we'll
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continue to expect to see more of this throughout the night tonight that front is just off the coastline. so some of those pop-up showers around the bay area overnight tonight into early tomorrow morning. and there's more off the coastline. some now just beginning to make its way along the peninsula to places like pacifica starting to see some scattered light sprinkles out there in the daily city and then further to the not seeing much in the way of rain. you've had a lot of clouds out there. a couple of dropped trying to make their way over the santa cruz mountains. but otherwise remaining dry. now here's what's interesting, though. you get the cold front that is coming to california right now. it's going to kind of rolls into the bay area. so it's coming through tonight, but it kind of just slowly meanders its way in our area overnight tonight. so we're going to see some lingering scattered showers throughout the night tonight into the day tomorrow as well. and a lot of clouds out there. but because it kind of diana's it comes to his can leave all this moisture behind think tomorrow night we could be looking at a lot of fog around the bay area. so yeah, things going to be a little bit wet out there. but we're talking some very light amounts. maybe hundreds
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of an inch of rain. if you get lucky, maybe a 10th of an inch of rain. so here we are through the evening. if you're headed out do plan on bringing that umbrella to scattered showers popping up around the bay area. little unsettled into friday to. we'll have more on that weekend forecast in a few minutes. our thanks, lauren. it's now to the south bay at levi stadium relatively new. then you home with the forty-niners, of course, be also have concerts and the folks that have levi's haven't always had the best relationship with some of the neighbors, some of the city council members and santa clara county. yeah. it's a little loud. we're going to live to our rob fladeboe, who's on the scene there at levi's said to give us an earful. >> rob. >> well, that's a that's vicki and grant we're talking about an extension of the curfew. curfew which has shut down some of the events here at the stadium has been extended the city council voting to extend that curfew. now but one hour
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5 times a for a week nights. only it was a curfew will prior to. this has been that was the 10 o'clock during the week at 11 o'clock and weekends. now they're changing that just a little supporters of all of say but this will help the city and the forty-niners recoup some lost business. but the people who live near the stadium here. i think that they might lose some sleep over this. let's take a look. >> the band's cold play and red hot chili peppers are coming to levi stadium. it's not yet clear which events will be impacted, but the santa clara city council has voted to extend the curfew at the stadium. what i'm hoping is that this opportunity of changing this curfew. >> to 5 times in a year to get some concerts to, you know, good, good, good concerts that we're going actually make some revenue and get our city back on track against the new curfew will allow the forty-niners who run the stadium to host 5 non nfl events annually that can go until 11:00pm. >> the current curfew as the
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entertainment ending at 10 on week nights at 11 on friday and saturday in a statement the forty-niners said in part the decision will help grow world class entertainment santa clara and will not only excite those in our community who love live music also generate necessary revenue for the city hotels and businesses but stadium neighbors like want to stick with the old curfew did notice that the concerts are going on for pretty a pretty long. >> and honestly, kind of bothered me when i was trying to sleep. if i live just small gap of the window to open. >> the noise the music pumping to my ears, my head. >> some neighbors worry later hours will mean crowds and traffic will linger longer. bans defied the old curfew risking fines while others like ed sheeran stayed away resulting in lost revenue for the city and the forty-niners. i mean, the pandemic has done a lot to our community. >> and i think this is a great way to get our community out of that hole. i mean, the music is want what every month, every other month and
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only for a saturday sunday. still other stadium neighbors like josh and jeremy more unwelcome the later curfew in the free backyard entertainment that comes with it the wish there would be a curfew on the cost of air traffic overhead at all hours. >> because miami, like 1530 minutes. so it is it airplanes drown out the music >> actually, there is a curfew at the airport and 11:00pm curfew. similar to what's going on here at stadium. but the stadium a controversial curfew which has now been reduced to passed on the city council via for to 3 vote. but it is effective immediately live in santa clara rob fladeboe kron 4 news. >> thank you, rob. well, more people are flying, of course, but fewer employees are working at airports. why people could be faced with abnormally long security lines. plus, why the white house is backing off its rule
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the best result possible. ♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪ brazen daylight armed robbery of a pot delivery driver that's causing concern. as you might imagine, revenue in martinez happened just after noon on wednesday, kron four's maureen kelly has reaction. >> the armed robbery went down as the delivery driver was
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dropping off a cannabis shipment here at the embark cannabis dispensary. >> a few minutes after the noon hour wednesday. i'm told it happened here in this debt in section of g street right hammer avenue. >> martinez police say the delivery driver was robbed at gunpoint by 3 male suspects wearing masks. 2 of them armed with semiautomatic weapons. a source tells me this was an unscheduled delivery. >> and when the security guard came out to investigate and learned that a robbery was underway. store employees were alerted and the dispensary went into lockdown. luckily no one was hurt. police say the 3 suspects took off in a newer model. black honda sedan with a small dent above the rear license plate. they got away with a large amount of weed and some of the delivery drivers personal possessions. those who live or work in the area find the brazen daylight armed robbery worrisome. it's holiday time. so, you know, we can expect these things with that necessarily like that. so it is concerning and onset
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wherever you get harmed by, you know. yeah. at noon this people very that >> and a surprise. what teenage very safe. >> a spokesperson for the dispensary says they're ful that their team and protocols kept all customers and employees safe and secure maureen kelly kron 4 news. >> a suspect is arrested after an unprovoked attack on an elderly man in san francisco. it happened in the inner sunset neighborhood last night. the area of 9th and irving just south of golden gate park. police say 37 year-old aaron roseburg was standing next to the 81 year-old victim when he just pushed him to the ground. this caused them and hit his head. he was taken to the hospital and people who witnessed the attack denied rather detained him until police arrived. investigators say there is no evidence this was a hate crime. the elderly man is expected to be okay. >> following a crush of
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national attention. oklahoma's governor has commuted the death sentence of julius jones just a few hours before his scheduled execution judge's sentence is now life in prison. jones has been on death row for nearly 20 years for the 1999 murder of paul howell. this during a carjacking. the case gained national attention after an abc news documentary. shed doubt on jones's kill jones has maintained his innocence. and earlier this month, the oklahoma parole board recommended that his sentence be commuted and changed to life in prison. all right. weather time now as we take a live look outside san francisco's embarcadero as we make our way through the twilight hours on this thursday. bit of a dreary day in the bay is weak. get ready for a storm making its way through. you can see some of those clouds off in the now, very close in proximity making his way across the studious.
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>> thank you first. all you know, we've got a really neat event happening tonight. so it's too bad we got the clouds out there. the lunar eclipse taking place tonight. that's right. that's going to be longest one. >> in 600 years. so we get a couple of glimpses between the clouds, the libyan for need side up there as we're going to see the moon rise up over the bay area. but you got the clouds out there that's called the moon. it's expected to be the clips lasting 3 hours and 28 minutes. that is a very long it about to peak right around 1 o'clock in the morning. so if we do see a party in the clouds. it all go out and check it out. you may see need side out there for tonight in the meantime, though, we've got a lot of cloud cover out there right now and it's going to be sticking around tonight and that probably going to start to thicken up just a little bit. we've got a weak cold front moving into the state. you see most the rain so far. northern california. but the bay area picking up some scattered light showers right now. they see some of pop-up showers begin to make their way across the bay. lot of
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clouds everywhere you go. but certainly enough to get things a little bit wet out there for the commute early into tomorrow morning. in fact, this front's going to be a slow mover overnight tonight. so we'll see some scattered light showers. we're talking if you get maybe a 10th of an inch of rain pretty fortunate with this kind of system but looks like it could be a little bit wet on and off tonight and probably tomorrow too. guys, back to you. all right, lauren, still ahead, why kaiser permanente patients may encounter a problem if they have an appointment. >> and what executives say you should do if you have an upcoming doctor's visit scheduled. and their freedom not to vaccinate means perhaps longer lines at airports. what you need to know if you have upcoming travel plex, keep it here. kron 4 news at 5. we'll be right back.
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>> staffing shortages at airports may create more chaos than we usually see this time of year due to unvaccinated employees in the federal vaccine mandate. many employees may long no longer have a job come monday. mark mester reports now from l a x. >> the deadline for federal workers to get the covid vaccine. it's set for this coming monday. november 22nd right now. almost half 40% of airport security screeners have not been vaccinated. we've been speaking with officials here at la x. they say it's not going to have an impact, at least not for this
5:25 pm
weekend. generally. we're seeing things run very smoothly a tsa here historically has moved very, very well. they're fully staffed customs and border protection. they are staffed up and ready for the influx of international travelers that were expecting. we have those international travel restrictions lift on november 8. >> so we are seeing more international visitors as well as the domestic travel. so you heard right there from officials at la x. we've also heard from federal officials, they don't anticipate problems for thanksgiving day travel or for the travel around thanksgiving. but that could be a whole lot different for christmas and the holidays. >> we've already seen major delays with airlines like american and southwest those airline said problems were weather-related the many speculated it was because of the covid-19 vaccine mandates for pilots officials right now say it is too early to tell what is going to happen for the holiday season. the big question is what's going to happen on that monday deadline. november 22nd with all federal workers are required to have the covid-19 vaccine. it's a story we're following and keep you posted. with anything new that comes into our newsroom at la x mark
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mester. >> all right. and if you're planning on traveling for thanksgiving. triple a is advising passengers to schedule a departure for this upcoming monday. now they say it is the best way to save the most money while avoiding wall to wall crowds. the group says avoid traveling on the tuesday before thanksgiving which they say is the most expensive travel day to fly and also the busiest at this point deals on flights are pretty limited. maybe you want to go by train next at 5.30 california's high-speed rail project. >> remember that? just got it much needed boost president biden's infrastructure bill could help construction move along and we investigate we one of the most divisive controversial issues in the bay area what is fueling san francisco's homeless crisis and who's trying to help stop it. plus, after the break, the
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>> hey there. good evening. and that decision to halt enforcement of the vaccine requirement comes after a court should to do just that. but today the white house is telling businesses this court battle is not over the justice department plans to fight back against the court order that stopping osha from enforcing the biden administration's vaccine requirement her message to businesses right now is to move forward with measures that will make their workplaces safer. last week the 5th circuit court of appeals ordered osha to take no action to enforce the mandate that requires businesses with more than 100 employees to ensure all of those employees are vaccinated against covid-19 or tested weekly. i think vaccines the most life-saving innovations in the history of medicine. >> however, i disagree adamantly with mandating vaccines. republicans like georgia congressman buddy carter and utah senator mike lee say while they are


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