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tv   KRON 4 News at 6pm  KRON  November 18, 2021 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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is investigating yet another deadly shooting on an east bay freeway. this one happened as the morning commute was underway leaving drivers on edge. thanks for joining us for kron 4 news at 6. i'm ken wayne and i'm catherine heenan. pam moore is off tonight. >> this shooting happened just after 9 this morning near the bay bridge toll plaza. it was in the commute direction. heading into san francisco. and we have learned one woman has died. kron four's. amanda hari is live with what we know so far, including who else was in that car. amanda. >> chp says the woman that was killed was in the front passenger seat of the car. also in that car was one man and 2 children. luckily those 3 people were all uninjured. >> you can hear in the dispatch audio that the call came in to chp as a report of shots fired near the bay bridge toll chp has confirmed
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that a woman was killed in the shooting. that woman was in this maroon and gray suv that appears to have a window blown out. chp says she was in the right front passenger seat. the driver was a man and there were 2 juveniles in the car. they're all and injured. it happened near the end of the morning commute around 9.15 chp says their detectives were on the scene. they closed several lanes of westbound. i 80 to search for evidence. >> you can see those lanes shut down on your screen and traffic moving slowly in the open lanes. all lanes were reopened several hours later. >> we do not know the name of the victim just yet. chp is actively investigating this situation and they're asking the public's help. if you have any information you're asked to contact chp. but in san francisco, amanda hari kron 4 news. amanda, thank you for
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that. to also in the east bay 2 people died in a shooting early this morning in oakland. it happened in the. >> 400 block of 17th street not far from lake merritt. this was just after midnight. police say when they arrived on the scene, they found a male and a female victim. both of them are open residents and both of them, they say were dead at the scene. police have not said about anything about any arrests or suspect information. this was the city's 100 21st and 100 22nd homicides of the year. anyone who has information on this case is asked to call oakland police in oakland city council member announced a plan, a new plan to try to stop the uptick in violence says city is experiencing council member lauren taylor, who is also running to become opens air says he has 5 mo goals that he says will reduce the rate of crime in oakland. you can see them on. there's your screen. that includes so number one, doubling the solve rate of violent crimes cutting in half the number of unanswered 9.11
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calls 911, calls doubling the capacity of successful violence, interruption and crime deterrence programs. reducing disparities in public safety response between different communities across oakland and alameda county. and finally adequately investing in community health. sir, a mental health services. the city of oakland has seen more than a 120 homicides as we just reported so far in 2021. >> we are also following breaking news out of hercules where a man has been hospitalized after a shooting at a mall parking lot. police say it happened about noon at the willow shopping grand avenue center. just off. i 80 officers found a man who'd been shot several times. he was airlifted to a local hospital. police did find a gun at the scene. no arrests have been made and police are not yet releasing and the details on a possible suspect or a getaway car. kron four's. dan thorn is following the story will have the latest developments tonight. and kron 4 news at 9.
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>> new at 6. the spate of stories are investigating investigating rather a human trafficking case involving a 17 year-old girl from honduras. police have arrested 2 sam lee and are residents who are accused of kidnapping and sexually assaulting the girl forcing her into prostitution. >> kron four's. dan kerman has been following this case. he joins us live from san leandro. dan. >> just a horrific stories. you mention the 17 year-old girl kidnapped from honduras. police say she was brought to this home in san leandro where she was kept in a shed behind this house and all along. they say she was sexually assaulted. police say in the back of the san leandro home is a shed where a 17 year-old girl from honduras was kept against her will sexually assaulted and forced into prostitution by the couple that lives here said they zing. that's just where that something like that could happen. right across the street. those who live along
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hutchens drive say they had no idea what was going on. poor girl really that side late last month. juan aguilar and margaret wilson pleaded not guilty to charges including human trafficking of a minor and forcible rape and buehler also pleaded not guilty to kidnapping court documents indicate the victim was kidnapped at gunpoint by a dealer in honduras in january of this year. they then traveled to guatemala where police say aguilar first rape the girl from there, they went to mexico where police say she was sold to a coyote who was to smuggle her across the border. police say the coyote sexually assaulted her as well. in may. police say the 17 year-old girl arrived at the san leandro home court documents indicate agular repeatedly raped the 17 year-old over the course of 5 months and eventually forced her into prostitution. police say wilson what participate in the paid acts and set up the encounters. police say during his interview aguilar admitted
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to having with the victim. now police say the victim eventually confided in aguilar is nice. the nice and the victim herself with then went to the mother. >> of the nice. they told her and from there. that's how police found out about this. the 2 defendants in this case due back in court at the end of the month. live in san leandro. dan kerman kron 4 news. thank you, dan. >> big story out of the north bay. a 15 year-old girl has returned home after being abducted yesterday in santa rosa kron four's charles clifford tells us that police believe this was a prank. >> well, according to the santa rosa police department. what at first appeared to be the abduction of a 15 year-old girl was actually a prank on the girl involving her boyfriend and another male friend. this all started wednesday afternoon when surveillance video appeared to show the girl being pushed into a minivan near this arco station along guerneville road. the santa rosa police
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department launched an investigation which led to an amber alert being issued across most of southern california because at the time that's where they believe the girl may have been taken according to police. she was driven to los angeles with her boyfriend and 2 other friends and then returned unharmed to her home in vallejo thursday morning. now, even though this appears to have been a hoax. the amber alert that was issued was very real and time and resources were spent looking for the girl and her alleged abductors at this point. it's unclear if any of them will face charges in the north bay. charles clifford kron. 4 news. >> now to our coronavirus coverage. the federal government has agreed to pay pfizer more than 5 billion dollars for 10 million treatment courses of its experimental covid pill. this marks nation's largest purchase agreement yet for a coronavirus therapy. pfizer claims its antiviral pill can significantly cut the rate of hospitalizations and deaths in covid patients. president biden says the treatment could prove to be another critical tool to get us out of the pandemic. the medication still
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has not been authorized by the fda once approved. it could become available by the end of the year. >> osha is suspending enforcement of the biden administration's covid vaccine mandate for large private businesses osha, cited pending litigation and a statement saying it still confident that workers can be protected last week. an appeals court called the mandate fatally flawed and ordered that osha not enforce that requirement pending more review more than 2 dozen state attorneys general are also challenging that mandate in court. federal health officials are set to expand booster recommendations to all eligible adults ahead of the holiday season californians 18 and older can already get a booster shot of its been long enough since they got their first shots. our grant lotus live for us in the newsroom with more on the updated recommendations grant things are always changing catherine and ken. and if the fda and the cdc sign off on these booster shots.
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>> they could become available to all americans who are eligible in just a matter of days now, health experts say the timing couldn't be more critical, especially with concerns of another surge this holiday season. california has already cleared the way for all eligible adults to get boosters this week. the fda is expected to authorize pfizer's booster shots for all adults in the u.s. the cdc could meet tomorrow to review data on the safety and efficacy of the booster doses and if approved boosters with that become available on a national level to any adult, 18 or older who received a second dose of pfizer or moderna at least 6 months ago or someone who got the j and j shot at least 2 months ago, white house officials cautioned americans against the dangers of delaying their booster shot pointing to the latest data showing hospitalization rates rising among vaccinated patients who have waning immunity. when we compare
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rates of covid-19 disease between those who are vaccinated with 2 doses. >> and those who have received a booster dose. the rate of disease is markedly lower for those who received their booster shot. >> so the boosters work, they say in some european nations are considering mandates on booster shots which would define then people who are fully vaccinated as anyone who has received a booster 3 doses. if you've got the mrna 2 doses. if you've got the j and j initially here in the u.s. doses are not required to be considered fully vaccinated and white house officials have reported a decline in vaccine effectiveness, especially among the elderly and residents in long-term care facilities. many of you will were among the first people in line to get the covid shots last winter. that is the latest from the newsroom. we'll keep you posted. catherine, can back to you. thank you very much. grant. >> all right. time to take a look at the 4 zone forecast
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looking live at the embarcadero palm trees just ever so slightly blowing in the breeze and warren sent to signifies. there's something up. something's happening yeah. not not much. there's a little something going on out there right now. we've got some clouds, of course, in those clouds. >> all day long. that really knocked down the temperatures today now seeing a few scattered showers popping up around the bay area. this looking from the east bay hills and picking up on some of that shower activity moving to the bay area. this not a huge weather system coming through you see is broken right now but still scattered trains of moisture moving into the bay area, bringing some scattered light showers out there, too. in fact, some the showers making a little bit. the b line into parts of the peninsula. now and head into the south. they've been tracking this one sells specially right here. this right here is a producing some heavier amounts of rainfall making its way across the peninsula. now stretching in near los altos and further south and the san jose bay area looks like cupertino. you're starting to see some moderate amounts of rain. a few showers possibly in the sunnyvale and santa clara and some more rain expected on off
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to the night tonight. so we're going to not only see that tonight i think was linger all the way. it's tomorrow as well. the system going to come through a kind of just all over the bay area. but it's not going to produce a lot of rain, a lot of clouds, though. a few scattered light showers temperatures tomorrow going to be cool only in the 50's and the 60's. coming up on kron 4 news at 6, a delivery driver robbed in broad daylight right in front of an east bay, marijuana dispensary. >> we have reaction from folks who live there. >> also levi stadium getting a new curfew. what you need to know about upcoming week night events. >> i have a hard time wondering why the world would reward china, especially after covid with another look things and later, a diplomatic boycott why president biden and other u.s. officials might skip. >> the winter games in china.
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>> in bay area news. an update from fairfield police tonight. they say that they have recovered $50,000 worth of stolen jewelry yesterday. 3 people police say broke into daniels jewelers and the solano town center, a photo from the scene shows a sledgehammer. they're lying on the floor. police say 3 teenagers have now been arrested and booked into jail. it was the 3rd jewelry store to be targeted this week.
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tuesday morning, thieves took $250,000 in merchandise from the longboat jewelers in san francisco's chinatown and monday thieves shattered the display cases that are storing concord's sun valley mall. >> a brazen daylight armed robbery of a cannabis delivery drivers causing a lot of concern hombre avenue and martina says happened just after noon on wednesday, kron four's maureen kelly has the story. >> concerning very concerned. the arm robbery went down as the delivery driver was dropping off a cannabis shipment here at the embark cannabis dispensary. a few minutes after the noon hour wednesday. i'm told it happened here in this dead end section of g street right hammer avenue. >> martinez police say the delivery driver was robbed at gunpoint by 3 male suspects wearing masks, 2 of them armed with semiautomatic weapons. a source tells me this was an unscheduled delivery. >> and when the security guard came out to investigate and
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learned that a robbery was underway. store employees were alerted and the dispensary went into lockdown. luckily no one was hurt. police say the 3 suspects took off in a newer model. black honda sedan with a small dent above the rear license plate. they got away with a large amount of weed and some of the delivery drivers personal possessions. those who live or work in the area find the brazen daylight armed robbery worrisome. it's holiday time. so, you know, we can expect these things but not necessarily like that. so it is concerning and onset wherever you get harmed by, you know. yeah. at noon this people very that >> and a surprise. what teenage very safe. >> a spokesperson for the dispensary says they're grateful that their team and protocols kept all customers and employees safe and secure maureen kelly kron 4 news. >> following a crash of national attention. oklahoma's governor has commuted the death sentence of julius
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jones. that happened just a few hours before the scheduled execution jones sentences now life in prison without the possibility of parole. he's been on death row nearly 20 years for the 1999 murder of paul howell during a carjacking. the case gained national attention after an abc news documentary shed doubt on jones guilt. jones has maintained his innocence earlier this month. the oklahoma parole board recommended that his sentence be changed to life in prison. >> day 3 of jury deliberations in the kyle rittenhouse murder trial in wisconsin ended today with no verdict. well, the jury had nothing to say today the judge overseeing the trial certainly did. he banned msnbc from the courthouse for the remainder of the trial. he said a producer from the network and followed the jury bus that left the courthouse last night calling it a an extremely serious matter. yesterday the defense asked for a mistrial which the judge has not yet ruled on. meantime
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ahead of the verdict. 5 kenosha schools moved to virtual learning because of increased demonstrations surrounding the courthouse in georgia today defense attorneys for the 3 men accused of killing ahmaud arbery rested after calling a total of 7 witnesses. the people who testified in the men's defense included the man who fatally shot arbery. his name is travis mcmichael. 6 neighbors testified about their concerns regarding crime in the neighborhood, closing arguments are set for monday. >> look to the sky tonight last phil spector cold but longest partial lunar eclipse, an nearly 600 years will be happening tonight into tomorrow morning. it will be seen across the country. but of course depending on weather in the west. it will begin just about 11:00pm reaching full eclipse around 01:00am friday. so the question i'm afraid i know the answer to this. we're going to be able to see it around here. not you want the truth we can like
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yoe're probably not. yeah. no. you know, you there might be a couple breaks. this is not like a real strong cold front. so you might see a couple breaks. >> and between the clouds. but most likely not a great night for viewing. what? yeah, it's going to be need side. if you can see it. the moon coming up and there you go. you've got the eclipse of the moon tonight and it's going to be a long one over 3 hours almost 3 and a half hours that is a very long eclipse. unfortunately, all the clouds moving in, obscuring the view of the moon and boy, the clouds already moved in already we can see over san francisco now and all across the bay area. in fact, we're seeing a few of those showers popping up as well. rain so far has been located in northern california. i think that's really where the main front is still, you can still see up to the north here they're see most of the rainfall. we're seeing some showers out ahead of that main cold front. so more scattered pop up showers around the bay area. although look at san jose now getting in the mix here. you've got some moderate amounts of rain begin to be picked up on doppler radar begin to move through their parts of sunnyvale and campbell and also headed
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toward the east. so expect more of that throughout the night tonight that front's going to drop through and probably going to begin to fall apart, though, as it comes on by tonight, cloudy skies scattered showers tomorrow, mostly cloudy and cool probably a few lingering showers, especially in the morning hours. then high pressure is going to return for the weekend and it should dry things up. a fog may be a big concern. is that front comes through and really just kind of falls apart you see right here kind of hung up and then kind of drops in the bay area. but then kind of just slowly kind of fades away leave behind a lot of that moisture. so we'll see some scattered showers out there tonight. not much in the way of rain, probably light amounts, you get a 507 inch of rain out of this when you're probably doing pretty well. temperatures tomorrow. 50's and some 60's outside next few days. we're going to see a return to some dry weather over the weekend. looks like saturday and sunday should be nice. but by monday, the clouds roll back in and now we're looking at a slight chance on tuesday alone. lot of folks are traveling in that time of year. so we'll keep our eyes on that as we head into next week. thank you,
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big announcement. how stations will soon be more friendly for electric vehicles. >> also, a new survey looks at reliability of some hybrid and electric cars. i see trees of gn ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪
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>> an important recall to tell you about. toyota is recalling recently made camry models
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after a problem was discovered with the braking system. 227,000 camrys made in 2018 2019 are affected by the recall. the japanese on the manufacturer says problems with the power assist system which they say can wear out prematurely. people with these cars will be notified and toyota will fix a problem for free for more information. go to our website. kron 4 dot com. >> the bart board of directors has unanimously adopted its first ever electric vehicle. charging policy. the aim is to install electric charging stations at some bark locations to reduce barriers for low income drivers and promote greener communities by reducing greenhouse gas emissions. bart already has electric vehicle charging stations at its warm springs south fremont and lafayette stations. that's part of a pilot project consumer reports says that electric suvs are
6:26 pm
generally among the least reliable vehicles on the road. but it is not because of the batteries are the electric motors that survey says it is because of glitch prone electronics, including things like climate control and power equipment. the survey finds electric suvs. again, the least reliable and the most reliable were compacts and plug-in gas-electric hybrids. can you turn that down. coming up next on kron 4 news at 6 new rules for just how loud it can get at levi stadium. plus. >> hayward unified school district has voted to close to schools before the start of the next school year. how it is a compromise between the board and community members and california's high-speed rail has cost a 100 billion dollars and counting the recently passed federal infrastructure bill could infrastructure bill could affect the project.
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inflammation: i prefer you didn't. the entertainment will soon last a little bit longer for certain concerts and events at levi stadium. the city of santa clara has voted to change the controversial curfew that. >> pulled the plug on late night music. kron four's. rob, i'm rob fladeboe has the details. and some reaction from santa clara. >> the band's cold play and red hot chili peppers are coming to levi stadium. it's not yet clear which events will be impacted, but the santa clara city council has voted to extend the curfew at the stadium. what i'm hoping is that this opportunity of
6:30 pm
changing this curfew. >> to 5 times in a year to get some concerts to, you know, good, good, good concert that we're going actually make some revenue and get our city back on track against the new curfew will allow the forty-niners who run the stadium to host 5 non nfl events annually that can go until 11:00pm. >> the current curfew as the entertainment ending at 10 on week nights 11 on friday and saturday in a statement the forty-niners said in part the decision will help grow world class entertainment santa clara and will not only excite those in our community who love live music will also generate necessary revenue for the city hotels and businesses but stadium neighbors like want to stick with the old curfew did notice that the concerts are going on for pretty a pretty long. >> and honestly, kind of bothered me when i was trying to sleep. if i live just small gap of the window to open. >> the noise the music pumping to my ears, my head. >> some neighbors worry later hours will mean crowds


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