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tv   KRON 4 News at 7am  KRON  November 19, 2021 7:00am-8:01am PST

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travel day of the thanksgiving travel season. and you're not just going to run into trouble this morning. this is going to be the gift that keeps giving. >> all afternoon long. we're talking about a big accident on highway one. oh, one southbound in the bottle area. big rig dumped a bunch of scrap metal. and according to kron four's barco who's been following thn story for us up there. it's going to be hours and hours. they think before this is all cleared up enough. they can open all the lanes that correct. >> lot of work to be done get that open right another last of metal that fell off big red. but once they are done with the real all of that video from the crash happened earlier, chp says the driver of the big rig was going south on highway one. oh, one, he fell asleep crashed into a
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guardrail located near the big of scrap metal. chp says the big rig flipped onto the side of the road. the debris that flew onto the northbound lanes of highway one. oh, one. >> now, a driver in a separate car crashed into the metal. but is person driving the wheeler walked away with minor now stage. opening more lanes to traffic there is currently to lanes of traffic open on the south on the south side, but only how >> we hear have a lot of work
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a lot of work to do at the driver. like i said, wrapped into the mark roll that was here. they have rebuild all of this open, all lanes of traffic tells me that it might take about. >> 8 to 10 hours to get that done. so traffic it expected to be impacted for a majority of the morning and maybe later on in afternoon. so if you are headed. >> or even traffic is going to impacted has try to our drills before the >> all right. so that's always going to be a big headache for folks trying head south out of the north bay down towards san francisco or yeah. and it could be not just this morning. but this afternoon, if you're planning to get away and you're driving at 2, 3, 4 o'clock could be a problem. it is. let's find out more about the impacts out there. we've got team coverage of the
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traffic center. now with good morning. rain. good morning. so this is southbound in a bottle neared along avenue. you can see the backup there. this is passed for dale. if you are traveling. >> along one. oh, one. so what camille was say if you couldn't hear her, is that on the southbound side, they just recently opened another lay. we've been following this for the past hour or so. that means 2 lanes open, including the shoulder on the southbound side, there on the northbound side, they still have 3 lanes blocked in just one lane open. but the progressively trying to get both of those lanes open. now people are still sticking it out. however, chp saying what you could do is you could go ahead over here. take lake deal to 37 to one o one. if you want to buy past all of that. you don't want to be stuck in that accident or those delays as you're traveling, though, from the east bay into the city. a little under 19 minutes. so we had some earlier hazards on the eastbound side of the bridge that actually contributed to a slowdown on the westbound side no issues as you're heading across towards the peninsula. so that
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is the good news. silver lining a little under 15 minutes. if you're heading out of richmond this morning across towards center fell a little under 14 free to make that commute. and in the south bay along one oh, one here. not tracking any major delays or issues along to 3785 82. so we're following that the model update because obviously it's going to be around for the next 8 to 10 hour just hopefully they're gradually opening more lays out. john, you've been tracking the weather this morning. any updates for us they're not too at least downsides to this forecast this morning. we have seen a couple of sprinkles, but it hasn't been anything that's held anybody up. >> rainfall has been too light and to sparse the north bay saw some light sprinkles last night. the rest of us have tapped into a drop or 2. your view outside at the east bay right here looking down at berkeley is looking great for sure. but rob visibility is fine for most areas and temperatures are actually pretty mild. pretty quiet on radar right now too. current temps are in the midst of the 50's oakland and berkeley at 55 alameda. 56 right now,
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double anywhere in the 40's moments ago. now you're sitting right at 50 degrees. so not about start to this morning. and i know it's a busy travel day. so that is definitely working in your favor. back to you. >> thanks a lot of 7 '04, and another big story that we're following is a holiday travel at the airports. going to be a crush today sfo, in fact, saying today they think is going to be their single busiest day over this thanksgiving travel holiday. yeah. and that's a change from the past. will tran been covering this for years. >> and will you pointed out that back in the day. you'd be there say tuesday or wednesday. but today's the day it was not only just the busy travel day for thanksgiving. it was called the busiest travel day of the year. not anymore. because school is out. you know, my kids are out yesterday. so a lot of families alike. why wait around this travel and you can see the lines right now. it
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has been flows. it sometimes gets backed up. but the good part is it keeps moving. so this is a live look at your at home. we probably are starting to wind down just a little bit when it comes to just how busy it is. so but do expected, obviously being a lot busier than last year with the pandemic just basically shutting everything down. this is what you can expect sfo. they're calling this the busiest travel day for them for the thanksgiving holiday with about 50,000 people coming through here. let's talk to leslie. she stopped by here. she's a big kron 4 fancy things were the shameless what do you think about that. the lines that you see, remember last year that there wasn't a line i think it's you know, they're not that bad right now. but i'm assuming like later during the day. they'll get a little bit worse. but yeah, no, it's fine. we went through the whole entire thing in like 5 minutes right now no problems did you expect to
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travel for thanksgiving. i tried to avoid it. some people like it. >> no, because they have a teenager and she hasn't seen her grandparents for 2 years. i decided that, you know, my husband, i decided that we would. >> you know. go to tech says because he hasn't seen her me and parents. okay. thank you so much. good in line. i know it's free now. thank you. she loves kron 4. >> that i give us enough shameless self-promotion. let's take off the camera off the tripod here. and i will show you what you can expect. okay. so here's terminal. 2. there's american airlines down there as well. not too bad. we showed you at 5 o'clock. it was actor right? not too bad. this is alaska. a little bit busier than say american, but still you're moving along. here's the board, right. you probably say we'll just get to the board for me. the board on time on time on time. departed. no problems. but i do know our buddy. john
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trouble and others are mentioning next week. storms could be coming through america and that could back things up. busiest day here. busiest day for san jose for oakland their old school. it's going to be that one state. james story. >> interesting. all right. thank you very much. well. and coverage because maybe if you're not flying, you're driving joined the club. that's right. and if you're driving, you are paying than ever to fill up that tank before you head out on the road trip. yeah. they say that it was like out 50 million people hit the roads and boy, are we going to be paying for. sarah stinson is live in daly city. they areas has the highest gas prices we win. >> sarah. oh, yeah. we do. we're reading over live in daly city at this chevron where it's causing people $4.99 per gallon for regular gas in the word i'm hearing overwhelmingly today is it's crazy. crazy. is right better get used to it, especially for the holidays. you plan on driving. it's going to cost
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you more to get to the dinner table. if you're planning to drive to see family. take a look at the average gas prices on your screen in california. the average is $4.70. and then as you get into the bay area of course, more expensive. san francisco, $4.88. san jose. $4.80 oakland a bit cheaper at $4 and $0.79 santa rosa is the same as san francisco. and this is what people are going to be facing in the bay area 48 million people in the u.s. are hitting the roads for thanksgiving in the entire country. so a lot of people on the road. some people heading to california for this holiday. it's 8% more people on the roads than last year. of course, last year, the moto us stay stay home, stay home and this year it's cool. i can't wait to hug my family. so a lot more people are going to be out there. i talked people in daly city who said they can not believe how much they're spending at the pump. >> gas prices going really
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crazy. at $5.50 per gallon. it's just becoming unaffordable in the bay area. >> i know. and do you plan on going on a road trip for thanksgiving. i actually do plan on going to tal and i cannot believe how much that gas is going to cost me. >> she did say, though, that when she's at the pump, it is worth the price any price is worth seeing her family because she didn't get to do that last year. its video right now of me getting some gas at the pump earlier. very, very expensive. now as you hit the road for thanksgiving holiday. make sure you have your car ready to go. aaa says a lot of people are unprepared, haven't checked their brakes tires everything like that to make sure you're prepared to do you don't run into any issues on the road for now reporting live in daly city. sarah stinson back to you. thanks, sarah. see you going to hope that you're not this year that the stay at home 7 hands that i also happening today kaiser mental health workers are going to be on the picket lines.
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>> to show their support for the engineers who have been striking looking for a new contract. we have video of that strike from yesterday when we were out there live for you in walnut creek. and today kaiser psychologists therapists and social workers are also going to be joining in on this solidarity strike with the engineers. now the engineers union has been on strike for the last 2 months. they're at an impasse right now with our negotiations. they say that they've been working under unfair labor practices and poor pay for far too long in total about 2000 mental health. clinicians are going to be on strike today in a statement regarding the negotiations with the engineers kaiser has come out with a statement saying that it is bargaining with the union and has been for several months. it does impact about 600 employees and they also say they don't think the sympathy strike is appropriate. they're asking the workers that are not part of the engineers union to come back to work. 7.11 the time. and just in to the kron 4 news room. the fda has authorized booster shots now 4 of the pfizer, a vac
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regardless of what vaccine they had first, the cdc advisory committee will now need to get the final approval. but if the cdc does agree. well, then 10's of millions more americans now could have their 3 doses of protection ahead of the new year. anyone who got the one dose johnson and johnson vaccine can already get a boost or so. hopefully a lot more americans now will get that 3rd shot. >> 7.12 is the timing. coming up on the kron 00:00am morning news. 2 people have been arrested there accused of harboring a 17 year-old girl from honduras and and slaving her into human trafficking. we're going to have more on that and then after the break, we have details on efforts in san francisco to stop cars from being broken into especially in tourist hot spots and we do have gray skies across the bay area.
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some very great conditions right there above sfo. >> and a busy day out there at our we are going to see daytime highs today similar to yesterday's in the low 60's. and just those few sprinkles this morning. i've got the details in your forecast ahead. >> and we've been tracking a hot spot up in a bottle. we'll have more on that. we get back. in addition to that, the drive times around the bay
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>> 7.50 right now look at.
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>> as and is what this is a candidate is a canadian flight on. oh, yeah. but you're going anywhere are too happy. >> actually, kind of we've got my in laws come into town. so we're going to enjoy a nice thanksgiving in the house to go anywhere, you're going to be traveling all be traveling. but i'll show you my big go to new york. a number of bringing my big coat monday rayford to be chilly about here. john. i know what it's going to be pretty nice here so let's okay when you go to new york this time of year is sky expected. >> i was in colorado was like in the 70's last week was crazy. yeah, it was. it was pretty weird. but i'm also glad to be staying here. we've got some good weather to greeting us this next week. i know it's a lot of you have family coming in. i think they're really going to be enjoying the weather is they stop off here in the bay. you can see the cloud cover. we've got overhead. got some dogs out there right along the beach and half moon bay. we've seen a couple of sprinkles out there. but obviously it's not been enough to hold you up on the roads nor to keep you inside this morning. most of
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our rain falls concentrated north of sacramento along the north edge of the central valley a couple of sprinkles here and there that you may notice in sonoma and marin counties, mostly higher elevations just enough to get roadways wet in a couple spots but not even enough to get things really that slick out there. so we are looking at a pretty solid start to the day looking at showers through the rest of the day. a couple more hours here where may see a few more sprinkles after that we're smooth sailing for the rest of your day and even some sunshine towards the afternoon saturday and sunday are going to bring ample sunshine temperatures even a little bit warmer on these days. so the weekend ahead looks very pleasant. good travel weather for sure. again, nothing more than a sprinkle or 2. so just trace amounts of rainfall ahead of us. today's daytime highs pretty familiar here. back to the 60's. we go much as we were yesterday, low 60's for san francisco, hayward and fremont san jose along with santa clara are 2 warmest spots today at 66 degrees for your highs tomorrow. sunday and monday will be in the mid
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60's on average. lots of sunshine this weekend and staying clear and dry all the way through thanksgiving on thursday. reyna john, thank you for that. ok, so we have an update on this hot spot we've been tracking in novato. >> this is one oh, one southbound just south of the long avenues here and camila barco reporter on scene. she does. we they just actually opened up most of the lanes on the southbound side. so right now southbound one. '01, 1, lane is closed. the rest of them are open right now on the northbound side, one. oh, one, about 3 lanes are blocked and one is open on that side. so again, southbound side. one lane closed the rest. the lanes just opened up right now. if you're trying to get around that lake bill right here. 2.37 to one o one. so you don't have to wait in all of this. you can go ahead and just take that alternate route to get around that traffic collision into the city right now. a little under 20 minutes for your drive time of year heading across towards the peninsula a little under 15 to make that commute. you see it's a little cloudy there. a little under 15 heading out a ridge across towards center fell and the south bay along
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one oh, one to 3785 82. no major hot spot. starter. james, back to you. >> 17 is the time breaking news this morning. the u.s. has just passed president biden's one 0.8 trillion dollars, social spending bill and climate bill. it's referred to as the build back better act. democrats say the bill creates jobs that tackles climate change and it helps with health care costs like lowering prescription prices. republicans say the bill is far too expensive. it includes unnecessary spending. so that was their main beef with it. but the bill passed the house and now it faces major hurdles in the senate. will it pass there. that will be the big question going forward. >> for your money this morning. nearly half of victoria's secrets. holiday products have been stuck at ports are in transit and the farm bureau has a new number on how much thanksgiving dinners going to cost this year. jane king is live at the nasdaq with those stories and more. hi, jane. >> all right, daria, good morning at the farm bureau calculates a thanksgiving dinner every year usually it's
7:20 am
about the same. but this year it's jumping by 14% compared to last year. so as for 10 people comes to 5331. so the farm bureau says this is turkey and stuffing and sweet potatoes, rolls and peas and cranberries and desert. they've included leftover send this the turkey itself is up. 24 1% compared to last year. so $23.99 for 16 pound bird will victoria's secret says the nearly 50% of its holiday merchandise is like sitting in a cargo ship somewhere stuck in the supply chain and this, of course, is black friday quickly approaches. the company said it ordered 200 million units of merchandise for the holidays. it's what they call it. but 90 million of that is stuck out on a ship and has been delayed due to the supply chain issues and mcdonald's app experienced outages yesterday on that mcmuffin promo day. so the user power outage detector reported a spike in app error messages between 8.20, and 09:50am so prime egg mcmuffin, time.
7:21 am
donald's only offered the $0.63 app through the out. this is the 63 set up and through the app yesterday. finally, apple looks like it's targeting 2025 to launch a self-driving car without a steering wheel. bloomberg says that the company hopes to not just release an electric car but a fully autonomous one as well. live from the nasdaq market site. i'm jane king back to hey, you know what. >> john travel are. a weather man. he got one of those make my fun things i was i was trying to figure out if i could like make it to the mcdonald's and back in time to do a live shot. yeah, wasn't he said it minutes to spare. you made it just in he'll is over. thank you, jane. we'll see later. >> thanks. 7.21 the time. let's go to san francisco now where neighbors are fed up with car break ins and now there's a new community effort % to try and help prevent them. a group of volunteers is going around there with a local
7:22 am
nonprofit and they're going to the tourist hot spots where we've seen a rash of break-ins and they're leaving reminder cards on visitors cars and basically reminds them to keep all their belongings out of sight right. the nonprofit believes that the number of car break ins will increase over the holidays. we see that every year. and this is just one way they're trying to warn visitors these reminders are just a simple act that they say could go a long way. at the very least we can do is to raise awareness to help people. >> just make sure to protect their valuables to understand that this is going on. well, let's do our best to make sure that every car. seems an attractive to break into. and i think that that will go a long way from that hearse. and even the locals have their guards down for about 5 minutes. >> yeah, early this week we focused on another community effort to help victims of car break-ins neighbors in the richmond district trying to reunite people with their stolen items left behind on city streets. we have that story on our website. kron 4 dot coms want to check it out. >> 7.22. we have an update on the story we told you yesterday as breaking news.
7:23 am
remember the teen who was abducted from santa rosa. there was an amber alert and everything. it was all a prank. here's the security video showing the 15 year-old girl and is so you'll see in a second. she's forced by that guy in orange shirt into that minivan. this is at an arco station on guerneville road. well, police say the girl's boyfriend decided to do this abduction as a joke. and so he was joking is taking on a road trip to l a. the teen returned to her home in vallejo yesterday morning and explain everything to her parents and to police. and authorities say they don't plan to pursue any charges in this case. 7.23 is the time. and coming up next on the kron 4 morning news new video of a smash-and-grab robbery at a jewelry store. >> this time it's the north day. and in one of police say one of the just 16 years old. ♪ i see trees of green ♪
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7:27 am
that we've seen this happen to hit this week. tuesday thieves got away with $250,000 worth of jewels from long boat jewelers and san francisco's chinatown easy. the hammers there left behind and then iceberg. jewelers. remember this were 9 people went in and smashed the display cases in the sun valley mall in concord. and we're still looking for those robbers. 7.27. and still ahead, and overturned. big rig is causing a huge mess. >> on highway one. oh, one in marion county through nevado and it's going to be lasting for hours because it's not just the accident causing the mask. now they have to fix the mask. now they have to fix the roadway. we'll tell you why. [ding dong] what are you doing? what? just reminding him i serve my breakfast sandwiches all day and all night. ...with freshly cracked eggs! try my 2 for $6 double bacon breakfast sandwiches.
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7.29, we're going to give you an update now on the breaking news which is this mess that happened overnight in nevado on one. oh, one. >> southbound near the downtown acted odd along. yeah. and the mess that it has left. so that's the video from when it happened. you see how they're fixing the guardrail. well, that's left a lot to clean up not just a mess. but now like the damage basically what happened was about one 30 this morning. we had this big rig that was hauling a bunch of scrap metal from cars that had been crushed and shredded well apart. part of the chp. the driver fell asleep and and ended up crashing the guardrail flipped over. >> all that scrap metal came pouring out onto the street. the drivers finally had minor injuries. but as you can see, they're huge mess that had to be cleaned up. they had to bring in full dozers other heavy equipment to collect all
7:31 am
that metal and get back on the flat bat and then the work to fix a guardrail has been under way for a while now. that's what's going to really take a long time as i understand it, rain has been following this in the traffic center is because they actually have to make all these repairs. >> so it's not as easy as just moving jump from the rotunda reyna. exactly. they've got to get that guardrail. the new one into that area and so we're looking at the back of the delay here, its going past for dale the last update we got from camilla who is on scene there tells me that on the southbound side now, just one lane close. >> the rest of the lanes are open. that is good news because hopefully we're going to start to see traffic be able to get there and through that accident a little quicker. also on the northbound side, one. oh, one lanes, one to 3 still currently blocked. one lane is open because all that debris just scattered on to the opposite side of the highway there. so if you are trying to get around that. you just want to avoid altogether that delay. look at this. you can go ahead. hop on lake bill to 37 to one o one. and you can bypass all of that. so i would suggest that your best bet for trying to make that work this
7:32 am
morning traveling from the east by into the city because remember, it's already a busy travel day. >> a little under 21 people are out there already trying are out there already trying to get to work, get the day little under 17 minutes heading across towards the pundits of peninsula via the san mateo bridge. also, let's check on highway 4 as you're traveling from one 6242 a little under 50 minutes. we are tracking your travel today. we talked about the roads are starting to pick john, even talk about the skies. what's happening out there today. little misty out there for some spots. you can see that some of your traffic cams reyna with the low cloud cover. >> and just the overall wet conditions. we kind of been intimate midst of this morning. i would say it's a damp morning for some of us but definitely not the rainiest of one. so whether or not having a huge impact on our commute. as for your view outside in san francisco. you definitely see the cloud cover. you can see a whole lot of sunshine in the city just yet. radar is showing a whole lot of activity unless you're north of sacramento. what we
7:33 am
do have right now is just a couple of spots of green showing up, especially in the north bay. all that is this misty spots out there. current temperatures are actually fairly mild. we're starting off this morning. less cold. then we have the past few mornings. most of our temperatures are currently in the midst of some 50's. daria. >> thanks a lot. john. 7.33 and breaking news. president biden is temporarily. transferring power to vice president kamala harris later today because he's going under anesthesia. it's just a routine colonoscopy. but this is what they have to do. any time the president is incapacitated. and if you're under anesthesia, that's what happens. they have to have this transfer of power just in case. but it is a routine procedure he's doing at walter reed medical center. it's part of his annual physical. so this this transfer power is going to happen vice president and then by the way, though, what's not she will be the first woman to hold presidential power during that time. 7.33 and then
7:34 am
afterwards. by the way, she has to get it back. she is just just to give the power back. we have a big story this morning. this was shocking a woman who was a passenger in a car on a t near the bay bridge toll plaza was shot and she ended up dying 2 children. we're in the back seat there. okay. this all happened yesterday morning now we have the 911. audience. take a listen. >> so the woman's in the passenger seat. she and here's the car being towed away. she's in the passenger seat. she ended up dying the man in the driver's seat and the 2 kids in the backseat. they were fine, but then they had to investigate this whole thing. why did it happened? who did it and they shut down several lanes for hours searching for evidence. and as of this morning, we have no word on finding the shooter. >> 7.34. let's go to the east bay now where a man was shot several times at the willow shopping center in hercules
7:35 am
some businesses in the area were also hit by that gunfire. proper stance toward has the latest on where the investigation stands this morning. >> the parking lot of this hercules shopping center is turned into a shooting gallery investigators funding a 33 year-old man had been shot several times just before 1 o'clock thursday afternoon, a bullet also striking the window of this starbucks shattering glass and forcing the coffee shop to close while another went through the wall of this martial arts academy, a gun violence and some things that we need to make sure and. address east reuse business was not open during the time the gunfire erupted and he sank full because several families visit his academy. i just want to keep the kids safe as possible. we've been following covid. >> regulations all this time. very safely trying to keep the kids safe and then we have something like this happen. it's it is something that is a concern. >> witnesses told hercules police 2 men were seen
7:36 am
attacking the victim when the shooting started. the victim was seen standing next to this red tesla and then ran away the suspects were also seen taking off, but in a white sedan driven by another person. it was also discovered this black car belonging to a nearby business owner had also been hit the shopping center's proximity to the freeway has raised questions about what created the conflict. we have no information started on the way. all of the information have so far is it started here, but we're still collecting. >> witness statements and information. and our victim not been thoroughly. yes, particularly as police later learned 2 gunshot victims were dropped off at a hospital in by a white sedan. it's still unclear if those 2 men are connected to this shooting the violence warning residents in this small people concerned about i don't know what do. >> to talk to reduce the spread of reporting in hercules dan thorn kron 4 news.
7:37 am
>> at 7.36. and right now san mateo police are asking for help to try to find this man wanted for a battery that happened. kingston coin laundry on north kingston street monday afternoon. also they're asking anyone who lives in that area check your security camera and maybe you has something that might help them catch the man san leandro police are investigating a human trafficking case involving a 17 year-old girl who was kidnapped at gunpoint from honduras and wound up in san leandro and these 2 people in san leandro husband wife. one ideal are and margaret wilson have been arrested there accused of kidnapping her. the teenage girl from honduras and then forcing her into prostitution at their home on hutchings drive keeping are in a shed behind the house. the 2 defendants have already pleaded not guilty and they're due back in court at the end of the month. >> a bay area college professors now facing charges
7:38 am
of arson and setting wildfires 47 year-old gary maynard of san jose is accused of going on an arson spree near the dixie fire while it was still burning up in placer county mayor talk criminology at sonoma state university. investigators say he started at least 4 fires in late july and early august. if convicted, he could face up to 20 years in prison and a $250,000 fine for each arson count. >> and still ahead, levis has a new curfew that goes into effect. we're going to have that coming up. plus the warriors get another wind staffs. joe scored 40 points and he has a new magic number for threes will have the for threes will have the why hide your skin if dupixent has your moderate-to-severe eczema, or atopic dermatitis under control? hide our skin? not us. because dupixent targets a root cause of eczema, it helps heal your skin from within, keeping you one step ahead of it. and for kids ages 6 and up, that means clearer skin, and noticeably less itch.
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enter the golden state with real california dairy. and good news if you live in the north and sandra fell. >> they are helping you. trim, your bushes back. yes. and then cutting the welfare r a risk for next year. yeah, they're already looking that far ahead. but they're offering a free program basically to help you. >> clean up the fuels. that might be a problem later on and help you create that defensible space around your home that we know we all have to have, which is due to contact the fire department and they partner with americorps and marine wildfire and they're focusing really on dangers are that are close to homes and on evacuation routes and juniper yeah. >> they're either doing like understory clearance out in the open space areas. so removing highly combustible invasive species such as french broom.
7:42 am
>> and mainly really focusing on areas that are. >> within a 100 feet of residential structure. >> and you can see him cut down the june numbers right there. you can call the fire department set up the free service, the program goes until december 17th again, that's for sandra fell residents only 7.41. we'll be right back. if you're working from home, you're probably driving less. maybe a lot less. at metromile, we think you should be paying less for your car insurance; a lot less. and paying less doesn't mean getting less. with metromile's per-mile pricing... what you pay is based on how many miles you actually drive.
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>> 7.44 right now. was it a little blanket over look slice. there are shot over the embarcadero. given us a look at what san francisco looks like all to out the year shrouded in a layer of what looks like fog just take out the electric blanket. not yet, but i have it sitting there its full. i'm going to switch it out once i wash the sheets which will probably do some time this weekend. remake the bad is that like once every 6 months whether they need it or not. the just like she and make the whole bed and everything. but the electric blanket is worth it, john, because it will keep you toasty on these cold nights. i love my weighted blanket that. yeah. electric weighted blanket. i all of it. nice when it's looking like this because all you want to think about is it is a kind of a hard one to be getting out of bed this morning. it's gray. it's cozy. maybe i don't have to. maybe you've got a really early thanksgiving break in
7:46 am
which case, yeah, just enjoy we are off to a fairly mild start to the morning. those clouds actually did act as a blanket helping to shield some of the heat lost during overnight hours. >> that's kept us in the 50's during overnight hours. so it's actually not feeling so bad as you get out there just a couple of misty conditions to sprinkles. that's all mother nature has given us today and that's all we're going to be seeing over the next couple of hours by midday today we're clearing out. we do see some sunshine this afternoon and we're going to get plenty more of that into your saturday and your sunday too. and temperatures on both of these days are actually going to be pretty nice and mild with daytime highs rising into the mid 60's as far as any rainfall potential goes yeah. definitely noteworthy out there for your current temperatures were in the 50's later today. it's upper 50's to low 60's. so not a huge difference from what it feels like now to what we're going to be feeling like later on. i'd advise you keep the light jacket on hand. even if you do see some sunshine later today. santa clara campbell in san jose each at 66 for your highs. these are 3 warmest
7:47 am
spots today. most of the rest of us are only in the upper 50's to low 60's, sonoma and napa each at 61 62 while mill valley over to point rays in the 50's. looking ahead at our next 7 days. daytime highs remain solidly in those 60's each year. next days on into thanksgiving next thursday. also noting how dry we are through the holiday that means good travel weather as you are getting outside. >> reyna. thanks for that ride. your period. and again on the hot spot here out in a volatile southbound. 1, 1, just south of the long avenue. a good alternate to get around. that would be to go over here to leadville take 37 to one. oh one. we're tracking that right now heading into the city. a little under 20 minutes for your drive times. you're traveling there. >> we did see some hazards earlier this morning. right now which is have an uptick in traffic as you're heading from the east bay into the city heading across towards the peninsula a little under 19 minutes as we see, looks like what appears to be fog rolling along the san mateo bridge up here. martinez southbound 6.80, north of highway 4
7:48 am
another accident with 2 lanes currently blocked. so we are keeping a close eye on that as you're traveling and another one up in santa rosa highway 12 eastbound east of pie at the inn road. here's you're traveling. they've shut down all lanes there on the eastbound side. so we are seen busy conditions on this friday. darya james, back to you. thanks neighbors who live near levi stadium are going to have to put up with loud music a little later into the night. yes, we've got the city of santa clara now voting to change the. >> controversial curfew. we've got rob fladeboe with a closer look at what the new rules are now. >> the band's cold play and red hot chili peppers are coming to levi stadium. it's not yet clear which events will be impacted, but the santa clara city council has voted to extend the curfew at the stadium. what i'm hoping is that this opportunity of changing this curfew. >> to 5 times in a year to get some concerts to, you know, good, good, good concerts that
7:49 am
we're going actually make some revenue and get our city back on track against the new curfew will allow the forty-niners who run the stadium to host 5 non nfl events annually that can go until 11:00pm. >> the current curfew as the entertainment ending at 10 on week nights at 11 on friday and saturday in a statement, the forty-niners said in part the decision will help grow world class entertainment santa clara and will not only excite those in our community who love live music also generate necessary revenue for the city hotels and businesses but stadium neighbors like want to stick with the old curfew did notice that the concerts are going on for a pretty a pretty long. >> and honestly, kind of bothered me when i was trying to sleep. if i live just small gap of the window to open. >> the noise the music pumping to my ears, my head. >> some neighbors worry later hours will mean crowds and traffic will linger longer. bans defied the old curfew risking fines while others like ed sheeran stayed away
7:50 am
resulting in lost revenue for the city and the forty-niners. i mean, the pandemic has done a lot to our community. >> and i think this is a great way to get our community out of that hole. i mean, the music is want what every month, every other month and only for a saturday sunday. still other stadium neighbors like josh and jeremy more unwelcome the later curfew in the free backyard entertainment that comes with it. >> but wish there would be a curfew on the costs of air traffic overhead at all hours. >> because miami, like 1530 minutes. so it is it airplanes drown out the music say that in santa clara rob fladeboe kron 4 news that's funny. >> alright and since we got a little extra time here. i just want to i just want to share something that i just learned about james. >> because we all we all learn. there's nothing new under the sun shades of sorry. i just learned this. when you clean your sheets were talking about washing the how do you fold a fitted sheet. >> you go like this. >> that is not how you fold of it. that's
7:51 am
>> because it's the only way to get. nobody knows how to fold a fitted sheet. >> and they want to help because folding sheetz is my job to house. these are the things we chatted about all of this year was its like this. and that's how you do it as a horrible way to do it. that's how you high off the video. i'm in a way to organist. the warriors got another win that was so much to watch because steph was on fire as usual, although he didn't really catch fire to like a late late. and so you're getting a little last night, though he did in the ends for 40 points. he put up 9, 3 pointers. that's the 4th time this season that he's done that in the 38th time he's done it in his career. >> more than anybody ever in the league and the defense also showed up to. so that helped keep it close, even when the the threes weren't dropping for the rest of the team for most of the game. but here is some postgame reaction on the one '04, day 89, look at for its just. >> a good energy because not
7:52 am
only are you feeling good making shots. but you find yourself always in the right position, making the right could so much making our and even if i'm not the one taking the shot and there's something else. you know, good happened on the back of the plane was because the flow go shot for >> he said flow see flow. yes, lois something you find when you're big famous basketball player, when you're at work, when you're doing anything you find flow everything's clicking time is passing and. >> we love it when the warriors get into the flow and hopefully they will again tonight will be on the road with the detroit pistons tip off at 04:00pm on a friday night. can't think of a better way to spend a friday night to have fun watching have a she fun. you can do that for me. that's what up the right back.
7:53 am
7:54 am
7:55 am
>> 2 lucky turkeys for indiana. get the cip treatment in washington, dc and they get a pardon. let's take a listen. >> rv, guest, as you can see. yes, seems like they slept very well. they had their bath and i understand from our staff that they actually ordered dining from kathy to park their corn and soybean specialty. without for its peanut butter and jelly bean of originalism names and they're not going to be on a plate this present vital part
7:56 am
later. however, i do it. i actually got a demonstration of the folded sheets. so i have to i mean, getting at getting at. >> so james says i take the i go like this. i'm show you how you pull the sheet. that's incorrect. he actually has a fancy way just going to break that you're going to see. >> miraculously he creates almost a little gift. it's like a president. you take the 2 corners use to come into each other. >> fold it over. and then you start the folding process. >> in on the it comes across and it makes a perfect square. i do it much better at home that's the process to make. >> fuld. the chief come you know, it's possible. we'll be right back >> haha.
7:57 am
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>> from the bay area's local news station. we now with breaking news. >> good morning and thanks for waking up with us on friday before thanksgiving. and we've got some bad news on the roads. fortunately a mask on one. oh, one southbound. well, impact in the northbound 2 up in the big brig tipped over scattered a bunch of metal scraps all over the roadway. yeah. and even while they clean those out. they've got a bigger problem. that's going to delay this probably until that afternoon to evening commute because that to fix some guardrails camila barco is live at the scene. taking a
8:00 am
look at the problem and how long it might take before they fix it. >> good morning, guys. see at crews are here picking up the last bit of debris that flew off from that 18 wheeler. the driver of the truck hit a guardrail. but as you can see, that guardrail is no longer haftar rebuild. it and chp about what it was earlier this morning around one 20. that's when on highway one. oh, one, we have downtown novato exit chp says the driver of that big break. you see on your screen was going south on highway 1 one driver fell asleep and crashed into a guardrail. >> the 18 wheeler was carrying big chunks of scrap metal. the ap says the big rig flipped onto the side of the road. the debris that flew onto the northbound lanes of highway one. oh, driver in a separate


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