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tv   KRON 4 News at 5pm  KRON  November 19, 2021 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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thank you, stay safe, we'll see you next time. [applause] ♪ ♪ >> from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at all. >> how the information age first we the jury find the defendant kyle a great each red house not guilty. >> now at 5 breaking down in a motion retreating back to his seat, not guilty on all counts. that is the fate of 18 year-old kyle rittenhouse. it's the jury's verdict was read aloud today in wisconsin. good evening, everybody. thanks for being with us
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tonight on kron 4 news at 5. i'm grant lotus and i'm vicki liviakis family and friends of the victims are outraged about the acquittal while the rittenhouse defense team says that they believe the judge delivered a fair trial. reporter kelsey occurrence team has a recap now and the reactions that are pouring in. she joins us tow live from kenosha. kelsey. >> good evening. while both well, kuz kyle rittenhouse found not guilty on 5 counts as 5 counts included charged with homicide attempted homicide. reckless endangerment. this is for killing 2 people. wounding a 3rd august 25th of 2020, he also during that during that testimony today or during an inside the courtroom today when the verdict report came out, you could see him fall down to the ground choking up in tears and then both of his attorneys having to pick him up and he had both of them.
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and you can also see has mom walking up the stairs, grabbing his daughter grabbing her daughter's hand and just choking up in tears as well. but you also saw the victims families inside inside the courtroom and they were very distraught, very upset by the news walking out very slowly and really the outside here outside the courthouse there were protesters on both sides. black lives matter was out here. then you had people with with several different signs justice not frack shows what some of the signs said. they were both fine and both sides to it. you know, you justin blake was jacob uncle saying that the crack is in the justice system. but then you also had the other side which is kyle rittenhouse in favor of kyle rittenhouse saying the constitution is not dead. so we see both sides out here. definitely lots of statements
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put out today. anthony huber is one of the one of the victims that died that night and he said his family said in a statement that they are angry and they are outraged and they plan to continue to hold those responsible in full force. and then you have a governor putting out a statement. we must move forward. it is time to heal and stand united. but i can tell you what a scene out here right now. it is quiet. it's peaceful. i'm not seen any protesters out there. i'm seeing a flag on the court's courthouse steps. that is what i've seen live here on the ground in kenosha. >> all right, kelsey, thank you very kelsey. currency reporting live for us from kenosha in oakland tonight. there will be a demons ration to condemn the acquittal of kyle rittenhouse several organizations plan to gather tonight. to demand the justice department stepped in it prosecute him the group will gather at 18th street near telegraph and broadway in oakland's starting at 00:00pm
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tonight. so expect delays if you're near downtown oakland tonight. so far we have not heard if there will be demonstrations and other bay area cities. but the oakland organizers are calling on cities across the country to act in solidarity and we'll continue to follow this story throughout our newscast tonight. coming up at 5.30. we'll have bay area criminal defense attorney paula canny weigh in on the verdict and what comes next. an investigation is underway tonight after a san francisco police officer shot and killed a man officer say. >> just after 8 o'clock this morning they got a call about a man with a knife on folsom street near 5th street officers arrived on scene make contact with the suspect. they say enduring this. one of the officers somehow ended up shooting the man who died at a hospital know. further details from police about what led up to that shooting earlier today, police told reporters the suspect is well known among officers. >> he said he's known to
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police. he is known to pull the same winds were not able to as the state. how we. >> how he is our officers. build relationships and no individuals throughout the neighborhood. and i can state that he is no. >> a town hall meeting regarding this. police shooting will be held according to the sfpd within 10 days. >> to the east bay and now a heartfelt farewell for 23 year-old. 23 month-old brother jasper wu the well toddler was hit and killed by a stray bullet in oakland nearly 2 weeks ago. just a heart-wrenching story and the shooting happened while he was caught in the crossfire of a gang related, a gunfight on 8.80. according to police. his mother who was behind the wheel as they were driving to their home in fremont, forcefully to shares. how jasper he's being remembered. >> 23 month-old jasper wu mourned by family and friends at mountain view cemetery in
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oakland following chinese tradition after the funeral loved ones gathered out front burning. some of jaspers toys and other items that made him happy with the belief. the flame will deliver his belongings up in have been family just couldn't stop crying. the traditional buddhist ceremony ended with jaspers cremation, president of the oakland chinatown chamber of commerce. karl chan speaks for families the polls, part of jaspers grandfather speech. >> detailing how much harm has been done by one senseless acts. important not only hitting just but also hitting him as a grandpa. but basically to high a committee. it has been nearly 2 weeks since jasper was hit and killed by a stray bullet in oakland. well, he was caught in the crossfire of a gang-related gun fight along interstate 8.80. his family was headed home that day to fremont just.
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>> unnecessary violence. unprovoked violence that's impacting our communities. leads to this pain. oakland police chief leronne armstrong says his department is working with the california highway patrol in its investigation. >> but at this time there are no suspects more about people making better decisions. >> it's about people not taking these type of actions in our community that caused tragedy. think that's the real statement. chief armstrong says he would support adding cameras on freeways to assist in investigations. >> meanwhile, the oakland chinatown chamber of commerce says it hopes to increase its $10,000 reward for information that will help solve this case in the coming weeks in oakland believe should all kron 4 news. >> tonight. we now know the name of the woman killed in yesterday's deadly freeway shooting during the morning commute on interstate 80 near the bay bridge officials with the alameda county coroner say the victim's name is a monte morris. >> our force. has made you spoke to a close friend morris. he says she was a
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devoted mother of her 2 children. >> the alameda county coroner has identified the woman killed in thursday morning's deadly freeway shooting on westbound. i 80 on the approach to the bay bridge as 29 year-old monte morris of union city, california highway patrol, investigators say morris was in the passenger seat of this vehicle when she was struck by a bullet fired by an unidentified suspect traveling in another car. >> only thing i have to say is that she was like a to me. she has a child my husband's side i spoke by phone to la donna head ller who describes having a motherly relationship with the money morris for the past 4 years from a previous relationship with her stepson. >> beautiful, beautiful person inside. she took very good care of her children. she chart to work as much as she care to take care of her challenger to water to go to school social there you know,
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a better mother for current the donna headline says she and her husband do not know the man who was driving the vehicle with the money morris and her 2 children. the day of the shooting. that man and both children were uninjured. >> just talked her a day before that. she was working. she was working so we could talk longer us. she said the show called me back. she never got the chance to come this is not >> officials with the california highway patrol have not released a motive for the shooting nor have investigators described in the suspects or a description of the shooter's vehicle. anyone with information is asked to contact the california highway patrol. has it been you kron. 4 news. >> another big story we're following tonight. the fda and the cdc now recommend that anyone over the age of 18 who wants a covid-19 vaccine booster shot should be able to get one both decisions came
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down today as public health officials sought to simplify eligibility requirements. doctors say a booster shot is necessary to curb the expected holiday surge of infections, any adult who is at least 6 months past their second shot can get boosted with either the pfizer or moderna vaccine. california has already moved to allow all adults to receive the booster shot ahead of the fda's and the cdc's decision. >> it almost looked like 2019 at san francisco international airport as people we're traveling ahead of the thanksgiving holiday today. a lot of folks try to get a head start on that thanksgiving holiday this year. and highways and airports. they ara busier certainly than last year and the sfo is especially noteworthy. yeah. hard to believe ramos to thanksgiving. that's where we find kron four's dan kerman who joins us now live at sfo down. >> you know, in recent years, the friday before thanksgiving
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has become the busiest travel day at sfo for the thanksgiving holiday. and this year is no different. they have not returned completely to prepandemic totals, but they're getting there. >> it's been a long time since we've seen lines like this at sfo will be doing last year at this time last year we were at home alone. we have all our family in denver with us. but no one came over because of covid. now that covid vaccinations are plentiful and case rates are down in many regions people are taking to the skies again, we are going to kona hawaii and we're very excited. we're going to aruba or heading to barcelona. we booked this about in february at sfo friday is the busiest travel day of the 12 day thanksgiving holiday week and the busiest since the pandemic began. >> we knew for a long time that there was pent-up demand. people want to travel. we just had to remove the barriers that were preventing them from being able to travel. and i think we're seeing that here today. more than 50,000 people are departing the airport on
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friday alone. >> so great to see everyone out about and getting together with family. and so it definitely is a different feeling this year. >> thanksgiving week travel overall is still just 2 thirds of what it was pre pandemic in 2019, but that can improve over christmas. >> thanksgiving is such a domestic focus travel, period whereas we're very excited about the biden administration relaxing entry, restrictions for foreigners. we think that's going to help our international activity to recover. and i think we'll probably see that play out a little more in december. >> right now, not very crowded here at domestic terminal 3 still officials are recommending you show up 2 hours before your domestic flight 3 hours before your international flight. don't forget masks are still required inside the terminal as well as on the plane live at sfo. dan kerman kron 4 news. thank you, dan. not quite sure that's a holiday tie just yet. but can visit
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sfo during a holiday travel season that just feels good. that like he likes to dress the den den is all in and it feels like the pandemic is kind of. >> settling down. yeah. people are flying again, obvious. look at all of us are out again driving right now and we're going to get a check on the forecast and check sfo. yeah. a lot of trouble with the clouds moving in today. of course, we had some light showers. nothing really huge. but this kind of a situation get a lot of that fog developing out there get some delays. usually sfo no delays being reported tonight at sfo oakland or san jose right now, even the cloud cover out there. >> as far as rain last 24 hours. yeah, we didn't expect this to be a huge storm. and it certainly wasn't. we have 400's in the santa rosa mill valley checking in for hundreds for hundreds in petaluma san francisco. just 1, one on earth of an inch of rain to hundreds in berkeley and 100 in san jose. some mountain tops as much as 2 tense in the north bay. here it is coming on shore. not well organized few scattered showers popping up overnight last night and today as well,
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thengs settling down now. but this front kind of fall apart right is moving on through store left with a lot of moisture in the atmosphere. and i think we're starting out a lot of fog early on. the one thing that will change things overnight tonight going to see more of an offshore wind begin to kick in. so it'll be a little bit before does social expect some fog. the first part of your evening through midnight, maybe 2 o'clock in the morning. then the offshore wind is going to kick in and that will start to clear out your skies temperatures. i think a sunny side up for tomorrow's. we'll see those numbers jumping up a bit. back in the 70's in the valleys. maybe a little bit warmer on sunday. we'll have more on that forecast coming up in a few minutes. all right, lawrence. coming up, gas prices sure have skyrocketed. >> here in the bay area. california around the country. how much more you need to pay at the pump. us many folks get ready to hit the road for thanksgiving and why for the first time in a long time. san jose residents are going after pay more for their water. how much
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>> the south bay's largest retail water provider has been given the green light to raise rates for overconsumption as kron four's. rob fladeboe reports for us. now, those who can't come back. we'll pay. >> a drought surcharge. more than a million south bay residents will soon be under the most restrictive water conservation measures in the state. >> as reservoirs across the valley are now down to just 11% full. this week. the california public utilities
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commission approves san jose water company's request. >> to add a drought surcharge to the bills for those customers who failed to cut back their water use by 15% says the company's leanne wallboard ski. it's a ray it's that we have basically no choice where we're in a terrible drought and we don't know what this winter will bring. there's the possibility of like forming in the pacific. >> which could mean a drier winter northern california. we don't now under the program residential customers are required to cut water use by 15% from 2019 levels or pay $7.13 in surcharges for each unit of water above that amount. >> impacted are as many as a million people in san jose cupertino. campbell, los gatos saratoga and money serino the way it works is let's say your allocations for december 2021 is 15 minutes and each unit is 748 gallons of water. >> and you 16 units will be charged $7.13 for that
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additional san jose water says the new rules actually reward people already cutting back by setting a minimum monthly amount. >> if they use the minimum or less know surcharge. the new rules are in response to the june 9th water shortage emergency declared by wholesaler valley water which called on water retailers to reduce consumption by 15%. seasonal rainfall is off to a good start. but some 80% of california remains an extreme drought. if south bay consumers can achieve that 15% cut back. >> restrictions will likely get tougher still by next summer in san jose. rob fladeboe kron 4 news. >> all right. in the north bay. check it out in mid october. you know this. it's crazy how much more water is in these reservoirs, marin county was at about 32% of total capacity as of yesterday there nearly 58% that's lake lagunitas there. that reservoir is filled 100% capacity, shot this on an iphone this morning as my buddy clay went a little bike
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ride. it was misty and look at that beautiful that right tranquil. yeah. beautiful. but i just it caught my attention. rob was saying 11% of capacity when they say we're in a drought that is pretty so yes, smaller as words really rely on the rain. they're not pumping in from the sierra. so they have to rely on that and they have been hit. >> like the north bay that have most of that rain through those atmospheric river event. so still fairly dry in some parts of the state, just no getting around that right now. got some moisture out there, but not much in the way of rain. some light drizzle being reported out along the coastline. things have dried out for now. there's a hit we might come back. some more rain as we get into this next week. right now it's going to be all about the fog overnight, least the first part of the night. going to see more of an offshore wind developing. you've got some moisture on the ground. not a lot of mixing the atmosphere yet i think are right for some pretty thick fog early on. but i think as we head toward tomorrow morning, things are going to begin to change. going to see more of an offshore wind kicking it's going to be little blustery. i think over the mountain tops
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to the north and the east began. you see the colors begin to fill in later on tonight after midnight about 02:30am in the morning or so that is going to bring with it some nice offshore winds and warmer temperatures for the weekend drying out, clearing out your on this fear as well. that means these temperatures going to be much warmer by tomorrow afternoon. fact those clouds going to be gone. we're talking 60's, maybe some low 70's tomorrow afternoon should be a beautiful start to the weekend and it's going to continue. sunday looks great too. monday. looks mostly sunny. there is a chance of a few showers on tuesday. all right. lauren, to now to a devastating story. sequoia national park says lightning sparked wildfires in the past 2 years have killed a minimum of nearly 10,000 giant sequoia trees here in california. the estimate released today accounts for about 20% of the native sequoias that are the largest trees on earth. the trees are reliant on periodic and low intensity fires and trey were once seen as pretty fire resistant. but with these wildfires becoming more
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extreme in recent years. officials now say that this is the first time the giant trees have been killed off in large numbers extraordinary firefighting measures this year. help save some of the giant sequoias. still ahead, what are people talking sticker shock. how much are we paying for. >> gas. and by the prices seem to keep going up. >> and then at a san jose airport, embracing a busy travel day ahead of thanksgiving. the new feature to make your traveling a little easier. after the break.
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>> thanksgiving is less than a week away. many people getting early start on that holiday travel at mineta, san jose airport officials say they're expecting about 400,000 passengers passed through over the next 11 days. that's way up from last year when, of course, the covid vaccine wasn't available. but some travelers told us today they still worried about their safety while traveling. >> i think it was a little bit stressful. more stressful. this my first time flying since the pandemic. i was very much hesitant to go out. but with the vaccines that have and booster feeling much more confident going out and a visiting people. i mean, and now going for a wedding for a friend. so i'm feeling a pretty good now. >> and just in time for the holiday rush. the airport has added a new feature to allow passengers to reserve parking spots online. you can go to fly san jose dot com for more info.
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>> high gas prices are going to make road trips. this thanksgiving extra expensive. take a look at the average gas prices here in the bay area. san francisco, the most expensive as well as santa rosa. $4.88 a gallon oakland for 79 san jose for 80 as well. across california. the average cost is $4.70. per gallon. according to triple a 48 million people are going to be hitting the roads for thanksgiving. that's an 8% increase from last year. but some drivers have change their holiday plans. >> no, that's part of those and take it right up to my cabin, but i figure it's a few bucks. not go up there. >> i actually do plan on going to tal and i cannot believe how much that gas is going to cost me. >> the drivers us also tell us that, you know, gas prices. sure. it may cost pretty penny, but family time. that's priceless. >> coming up, california's employment development department giving people another chance to get pandemic. unemployment money.
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but there's a new requirements will tell you about those also a victory for the biden administration. the house passes the build back better plan. we'll walk you through what is in that bill. but why they're still a long way to go before this could potentially make it to the president's desk and then pile right now see is a free man tonight, a jury acquitted him of all charges in that high-profile murder case, a bay area criminal defense attorney paula canny will join us live to weigh in when the
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>> we continue to follow the breaking news earlier today on the kyle rittenhouse verdict where the 18 year-old was found not guilty on all counts. many people feel this was the right decision. others, of course, are still calling for justice upset about what happened to help us understand how the jury may have reached its decision. we have criminal defense attorney, a local attorney, paula canny joining us now live paula. >> interesting case he you know, he says he killed them. we know he killed them. the question was did he have to. >> do you think the prosecutor actually did prove beyond a reasonable doubt that, you know, this was not self-defense. >> that you absolutely nailed why the jury found kyle rittenhouse not guilty. the jury found kyle rittenhouse not guilty but cars in wisconsin. the prosecution has the burden of proving that it was not self-defense


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