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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  November 20, 2021 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at known. >> no doubt o'clock. nearly a dozen people are behind bars and a high-end smash-and-grab in san francisco's union square. the new changes leaders are now proposing. but is this any different than what we've heard before. >> what happened last night was absolutely on acceptable. the message here today. if you come to our city to commit those level of crimes or to calm and to vandalize or to harm individuals. >> you will be held accountable. you will be brought to justice. >> the message is tonight from san francisco mayor london breed and san francisco police chief bill scott on how they plan to do that. thanks joining us here on kron, 4 news at 9 o'clock. i'm
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jonathan mccall and i'm justine waldman in addition to the latest union square. what city officials are trying to do about it. >> we're also following the latest out of oakland where there have been at least 3 massive sideshows reported last night involving hundreds of cars. no word yet on any police response there nearly 24 hours later, though. >> and we will go to alcatraz is the first native american presidential cabinet secretary visited the bay area today to mark the 52nd anniversary of the native occupation of alcatraz island and to push for even more change. but first we start with breaking news out of the east bay the saturday night. right now oakland police are on the scene of a shooting happening on broadway avenue and ocean view drive in the rock ridge area. this is video of that scene. courtesy of the citizen app. you can see that very large police response. they're shutting down a number of roads. we do know that broadway is shut down. so this investigation can continue. kron 4 has reached out to oakland police to get more details about the shooting
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kron four's amid to harry is headed to that scene and will bring us more details as soon as they become available. watch for updates here on air and online at kron 4 dot com. our other big story tonight. 8 people now in custody after video of a high-end smash-and-grab robbery at the louis store in union square has now been seen worldwide. >> today. san francisco city leaders said they have had enough and kron four's. gayle ong is in san francisco with the message from mayor london breed and police chief bill scott. >> saturday afternoon. the louis store temporarily closed and boarded up. but shoppers still visiting the area. this was the scene around 08:00pm in san francisco's union square friday night when officers responded to looting and vandalism and high-end stores. what we saw. was horrible at a press conference saturday mayor london breed praising the officers who responded and made arrest but says the damage still remains when people vandalize and commit those level of crimes in san francisco. we not only
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lose those businesses, we lose those jobs. >> we lose that tax revenue that helps to support our economy. that helps to support many of the social service programs that we have in the city in the first place. as of saturday sfpd chief bill scott says several people have been arrested. some of them think they got away with it. >> but i am confident i'm confident that there will be more arrests to follow chief scott says 2 firearms were seized and the person in this vehicle was armed. they took him into custody safely. >> they use the minimal amount of force that they had to use. they recovered the firearm. they impounded that vehicle and they recovered some of the property. >> chief scott has about a dozen other businesses were burglarized and looted in a nearby union square. some crimes were prevented. we were fortunate because the city and our police department had a strong presence here in union square specifically for the holiday season moving forward. the area will be flooded with
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officers for the foreseeable future. we don't want people as they shop and enjoy themselves in this city. >> then the robbed as they walk to their car or to get to their car and find broken glass everywhere because their car has been broken into. >> this has to stop. >> and in the wake of these crimes. the city says there will be limited access to vehicles in the union square area that will take effect in the near future and san francisco, gayle ong kron 4 news. >> and now back to the east bay where yet another person has lost their life an interstate 8.80, in oakland. this time, police are saying a vehicle struck and killed a pedestrian earlier this morning on south on 8.80. it heggen burger road no other information on a cause of this crash or the names of the people involved have been released at this point. we will keep you updated. contra costa county sheriff's office believes that they have found the body of adela de la pena a woman who had been missing since tuesday. the sheriff's department is saying around 9
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o'clock this morning, someone on marine circle in bay point found an unidentified person in their backyard. and when officers arrived on the scene, they discovered that the person was dead. and while they're still we're waiting on the corner to positively id. the person and determine a cause of death. they were confident enough to release a statement today saying they think that it is a de la that they have found. we will continue to follow this and bring you any new information. we heard only lake like a chef. >> like gunshot. >> not something you want to see while you are driving on a busy bay area. highway. we're learning tonight that that boom, that driver experience was actually a golf ball hitting his car. the driver says he was on one o one right near the 2 37 interchange in sonny bill when a golf ball came out of nowhere and then hit the hood of his car all of it caught on camera. vladimir
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dabrowski says that he was driving with his wife from san francisco to milpitas. >> when the golf ball hit the right. he says they weren't sure exactly what happened until they saw the dent and that video. take a look at your screen. you can see where 2.87 highway one. oh, one run right alongside the sunnyvale golf course. he says he did reach out to the golf course about the incident. here's what they told him. >> but we got it would be at the moment when i get home. >> i took yeah. i open the google and i saw that there is a cult, of course, next to the gou know that that we haven't evidence can present to them and they maybe do something. some actions to prevent things like >> so that man there is working to get an estimate so he can submit that claim to his insurance company, adding that he is grateful. this was not worse. we here at kron. 4 have also reached out to the golf course and the city of sunnyvale about what happened. but we have not get any
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details just yet. the map there, though, showing us just how close that accident was to the golf course. >> tonight. we don't know the name of the man shot and killed by san francisco police officers friday morning. he has been identified as 41 year-old a money of san francisco yesterday morning officers responded to a call of a man with a knife inside of a building near fulsome in 5th streets after initial contact with money officers fired hitting him medics, rushed him to the hospital. but he later died. police say a money is someone that is familiar to them tonight. that shooting is under investigation and the department says that a town hall meeting on the shooting will be held within 10 days. another night of illegal sideshows in the east bay across oakland. this video sent to kron 4 from a viewer. >> it happened around 12:30am,
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in the morning in school district by whole foods. you can see lot of folks not only taking part in the sideshows, but they're also standing by watching. that can also get you in serious trouble in oakland as well. >> another sideshow reported last night in oakland and video of it was uploaded to the citizens app. this one is said to be in going on near mills college. no word on if any arrests, a door. police responded to any of the side shows us last night. another reported sideshow near 106 street also happened so far. police say that there were more than 200 cars involved inside shows last night. but as we mentioned, no word on any arrests or tickets issued during any of these incidents from last night. we'll continue to follow it and bring you new details as soon as they come into our newsroom. and now let's talk about our weather forecast as we take a live look outside here in san francisco. there's coit tower let up on the saturday night. nice and clear out there as well. blocked by
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any fog. not all. let's get you ready for the start of your sunday and for a lot of folks. >> turkey week kron 4 meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez here tonight with a look at what's on tap. yeah, i know word already tracking great weather out there to start out your thanksgiving holiday for those of you lucky enough to start celebrating this weekend. we did start off, though with pretty gusty winds overnight through this morning. 58 miles per hour sustained winds from mount saint and it's a great thing that we had to atmospheric rivers and on again, off again, light showers throughout the month of november of otherwise we would have been under high fire danger territory with those warm dry offshore breezes. >> we're going to see another round of breezy winds tonight. right now fairly calm. >> but for a valley specifically, for those of you in the north and the highest peaks specifically atlas peak. we are seeing sustained winds at 30 miles per hour with gusts upwards of 35 miles per hour expected tonight. then it's going to extend far bay
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area coastline by sunday morning around 7.30. that's when those of you at half moon bay. you're going to notice the gusty east winds along the coast, 35 miles per hour or less. so we are tracking a lot of moisture on the ground than narbe education as well. so fire danger threat minimal at best. but we are tracking very dry. clear conditions out there right now relatively calm, quiet night. but we're going to start to cool down as easily as quickly as we warmed up today, half moon bay already in the upper 40's at 48 degrees. san anselmo, even cooler than that at 47 degrees as our dublin and livermore in our east bay valleys. napa, though the coolest city in the bay area very chilly. 43 degrees so bundle up tonight, we're going to have a nice warming trend. continuing through sunday. little change on monday until we start to gradually cool down through your thanksgiving thursday. more in your full thanksgiving outlook coming up in just a few minutes. jonathon just seemed back to as a thank you. governor gavin newsom's office
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says it is now monitoring reports of what appears to be an oil sheen. >> off the coast of orange county. >> they have not said officially if it is from the same oil leak as the one from last month. but it is in the same area near huntington beach. state officials say they are on the scene investigating the cause of this latest shayne. >> just speaking about the hunting teen beach spill. federal investigators have identified a second ship that may have been involved in that spill. officials with the coast guard and the national transportation safety board suspect a ship called the beijing may have snagged its anchor on a pipeline, causing it to rupture. authorities boarded the vessel this past thursday as part of their investigation. investigators had originally been looking at another large cargo ship called the msc. dan it for incurring dragging. they say both ships could have been involved in damaging that pipeline. coming up here during kron 4 news at 9 o'clock tonight there was pandemonium that the country's busiest airport.
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>> after a gun went off in the security line. you have the latest on what happened and where the investigation stands in to the person we brought that gun with him to the airport. but first, marking the 52nd anniversary of the occupation of alcatraz by native american activists. >> today being recognized for the progress that's being made while continuing to push for more.
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>> as 48 million americans prepare to hit the road for the thanksgiving holiday aaa is saying the national average for a gallon of regular gas is $3 and 41 sent. my car says differently california gases differently. but that's the national average obviously were higher here. but. still they're saying that's high 3.41 to bargain around here really is kron 4 washington correspondent and working anna wiernicki is talking to lawmakers about those high gas prices. >> good evening. if you filled up your tank recently, you probably noticed that you're paying more gas prices are up one dollar and $0.30 compared to this time last year and lawmakers are calling on president biden to provide some relief at the pump. as americans gas up and hit the road this holiday season, gas prices are at a seven-year high. every time you go fill your car up with gas. >> you wonder if you're going to set your own personal high that day. missouri senator roy blunt and fellow republican john cornyn of texas say you
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can blame president biden. this is the result of bad. >> policies. really targeting our fossil fuel companies. but democrats are not happy about gas prices either california congressman ted lieu accuses big oil companies of price gouging. the cost refining oreo has gone down and yet gas prices went up this week president biden called on the federal trade commission to investigate whether illegal conduct is costing families at the pump. >> as the president noted in his letter prices at the pump continue to rise as refined fuel costs go down and industry rrofits. >> go up. white house press secretary jen psaki says the 2 largest us oil companies are on track to nearly double their net income over 2019. that's not how it should be working. that's why the president sent a letter this is a distraction. frank monkey role is with the american petroleum institute which represents the oil companies. the administration.
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>> ought to step back from its policies that are putting it dampening effect on american a key says the administration should instead promote policies that encourage oil production on us soil. >> arizona democratic senator mark kelly wrote a letter to president biden this week asking the administration to immediately release its plan on how they intend to tackle the rising cost of gas prices saying that americans deserve a clear explanation for now in washington. i'm anna wiernicki. back to you. >> so about our 4 zone forecast the saturday night. a live look at the city courtesy of the mount tam cam. a lot of getting ready for thanksgiving next week making their recipes the menu. >> yeah. what's on the menu our meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez is here now, though, with a look at the weather forecast, if you like today, it sounds like you'll like tomorrow. yeah, tomorrow is going to be even better than today. believe it or not, we're going to get spoiled for the 2nd half of our weekend.
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>> temperatures tomorrow going to run about 48 degrees above average for most of our inland valleys. we were about 5 degrees warmer today. the winner san jose and santa rosa flirting with 70's when we should be in the mid 60's. there so easily about 5 degrees above average. and we're tracking a slightly warmer forecast for the 2nd half of your weekend live look outside city hall lit up in white, pink and blue this evening in honor of transgender rememberance day in radar for crystal clear skies and we're tracking temperatures out there right now cooling down as a result of those breezy north and easterly winds. in addition to that, that lack of blanket of storm cloud cover up already cooling down to 43 degrees for napa downtown san francisco. more than 10 degrees warmer on the mild side at 55 degrees. the warmest city out there right now in the bay area overnight lows tonight. we're going to remain in the low to mid and upper 40's for most of the bay area with santa rosa barely in the low 40's and
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livermore 42 degrees. so make sure to bundle up tonight grab that extra blanket and put on the bed because we're going to certainly notice those cool temperatures tonight. but then we're going to fall out very nicely by your sunday afternoon. widespread low 70's. so we're going to be about 48 degrees above average conquered livermore 70 degrees freeman in san jose, even milder than that in the low 70's at 71 degrees. the santa rosa and nevado widespread low 70's there as well. thanks to those warm dry offshore breezes definitely going to help out our north and east bay valleys and around the bay area shoreline a few degrees above average but very seasonable for downtown san francisco 66 degrees in about 3 degrees above average for those of you in oakland, 67 degrees. so taking a look at your next 7 day forecast. there is going to be a storm trying to make its way into the bay area on tuesday. unfortunately that storm track not going to shift south enough to give us some rain for us. but we are going to notice cooler cloudier weather
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remaining below average through our thanksgiving thursday and then warming up to very seasonal highs by next weekend. but this is our turkey. it's a very special kron 4 turkey because we liked a part in it and i like to give our turkeys a name because obviously we're not going to eat our kron 4 turkeys. i suggest we name it mimi on a counter mariah carey tweeting kron 4 news twice this week. >> she did. she reach tweeted and tweeted, i'm like dying. it was great. were famous. you guys. >> we've got to see a shot stopped by the station next. how she's in san francisco. so we're naming the turkey after her pri carried. so as that mariah and which the short for me or just mean east flat out. i don't know what you guys like mariah or me. just call me. mean, unit maybe i think kerry would appreciate that. think she return in it. you just we just let it be on the 7 day and the 10 day you got a
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blast of mariah carey. that's that's what we have to relieved. if people see that, that she really tweeted us tweeted at kron 4 like he's had a in the newsroom of. our co-workers dancing to all i want for christmas and she re tweeted it. she said this is everything which you know, is a lot considering it's mike area meant a lot that are. >> dancing newsroom. co-workers is everything and it was for you in the video were you. no, but i'd like to say i was under the right. >> you're not in not even close. >> thanks, guys. all >> we'll see what we can work on re mix. >> still ahead tonight, we'll take a closer look at demonotrations taking place across america and here at home after the verdict of kyle rittenhouse and a look at what comes next.
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>> plus, we'll hear from the first native american presidential cabinet member who spoke today to mark an anniversary at out that rest.
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>> today marks 50 to use since native american activist first took control of alcatraz island to mark the occasion america's first native american secretary of the interior. this is that the island along with leaders of that movement as kron four's camila barco reports it was
9:25 pm
not just a day to remember what's already been done. >> but to continue to push for more. >> at the is known as the prison at how some of the most famous comics. but after it shut down in 1963 indian tribes made their way to the island. us secretary deb palin visited alcatraz on saturday and says there's a lot of work to be done. i am here. >> we are here and we're not going anywhere. we're in a era. >> u.s. secretary of the interior deb haaland is advocating for indigenous communities. 52 years ago. the situation was dire calling remembers november 2019 69. it's the day indigenous activists also known as the indians of all tribes, occupied alcatraz island was more than a call for action. >> it was a cry for a sense of community and the life ways that were stolen from on saturday. she stood on that
9:26 pm
same land to tell people the strides made. >> between the department of interior and indigenous groups. holland says they are protecting canyon in new mexico and tribal treaty rights in agency policy. she also formally declare squaw as a derogatory term on friday. she is taking steps to remove it from federal land units. the nation's public lands and waters should be places to celebrate the outdoors in our shared cultural heritage. >> not to perpetuate the legacies of oppression. doctor toward jack lead, the movement back in 1969 on alcatraz island. he and other tribal leaders applauded haaland's efforts standing strong and i'm real proud of or however, hollen says there's more work to be done. despite all the progress made in the last 52 years. we have schools and infrastructure to build. >> we have a legacy pollution to address. we have
9:27 pm
communities that are literally being washed away by coastal erosion and there is a racism in this country that continues to target native people. she's the first native american to serve as a u.s. cabinet secretary. >> hollande met with president biden and his team during a white house tribal nations summit. she says conferences like those help create policies that reflect the needs of so that tribal leaders have a real seat at the table before decisions are made that impact their communities in san francisco. camila barco kron 4 news. >> and tracking your bay area thanksgiving holiday coming up in my next full forecast and your full sierra forecast outlook after the break.
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>> just hours after wisconsin grand jury found kyle rittenhouse not guilty for killing 2 people and injuring a 3rd demonstrators in oakland hit the streets last night to protest that decision. this is a look at those demonstrations new city hall and jack london square so far we've heard no reports of any arrests made by oakland police. meanwhile, those protests in oakland were among many held across the country yesterday after the rittenhouse verdict. so we have some video showing us some of the protests over the last 24 hours. >> some from kenosha itself as well as los angeles portland
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and new york city. they are voicing their outrage and disappointment in the criminal justice system. the prosecution cannot appeal the decision and cannot charge rittenhouse again. reporter kiley be set is in kenosha with the latest. >> group marched through the fairfax district saturday to protest the acquittal of kyle rittenhouse, the teen who killed 2 people and injured a 3rd during a protest in kenosha, wisconsin. the case sparked debate over guns, vigilantism and racial injustice all social media as rep cops organized protests which started at pan pacific park. morley emotionally. it was such a punch in the stomach. >> yesterday when i found out that that this kid who showed up with a machine gun just once only walking around during people to confront him. he got away with complete murder because we know what happens when you stand up for black used it a ship. >> it was one of several around the country. 18 year-old rittenhouse testified that he acted in self-defense
9:32 pm
in the deadly shootings. he was found not guilty of all charges friday. >> how is kylie bentz be sun reporting for us tonight. and we do have continuing coverage on the rittenhouse trial on our website. you can scan the qr code on your screen and you'll be directed to the special section on our website. kron 4 dot com. >> a big scare at america's busiest airport today. 3 people were hurt when a gun accidentally discharged at hartsfield-jackson international airport in atlanta. hundreds of travelers were evacuated on to the tarmac after the bullets. officials gave the all-clear about an hour later. >> they let us go down are. but when we got down there, no, it was just a ghost town. it looked like it was either panic. there was a lot lying everywhere. cell phone still clogged. know that everybody their board and go through security again. and that really was pandemonium it. >> according to the tsa a
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passenger in the security check line launched 4 bag and accidentally discharged the gun that passenger then ran out of the airport and is still on the run tonight. flights, meanwhile, are once again taking off from the airport. >> the holidays are supposed to be a happy time, but working on thanksgiving or christmas can just spoil the whole thing. according to a poll conducted by the insurance company allstate and the national journal. 25 1% of americans are scheduled to work on either christmas thanksgiving or new year's day. many psychologists say can take a hefty toll on a person's mental health and maybe do with that guy. there was doing. they see people working on those days can experience increased feelings of despair and loneliness because they're away from their loved ones. aaa is predicting thanksgiving air travel will be uw 80% over last year. tsa lines at san francisco international airport are already getting longer. travelers are advised to urge. excuse me. are being
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advised to arrive at least 2 hours ahead. for domestic travel and 3 hours for international flights. holiday travel is never really easy. but many are still looking forward to their trip. >> we actually got married and i have a little >> all of families. so this is really special for us to finally be able to actually to get them now. so it is really >> it's kind of a lot of traffic today. it's pretty morning kind of that. and i thought it would be. >> aaa is predicting more than 53 million americans will be traveling for thanksgiving despite insanely high gas prices, 90% of all travelers will be driving to their thanksgiving destinations as the holiday travel season begins to heat up. health. experts are hoping. >> it doesn't ignite a winter wave of new covid cases. the centers for disease control and prevention says that more than 110,000 new cases were
9:35 pm
reported thursday with the seven-day average now above 94,000 yesterday the cdc gave full approval for booster shots for all american adults. but some 47 million american adults still remain unvaccinated. upper midwest states like minnesota right now are starting to feel the impact. one school district. there is extending thanksgiving break to 9 days because of an outbreak yesterday, philadelphia became the latest big city to mandate vaccinations for its workers. joining a dozen others, including new york, la and chicago. the cdc has also released a new report on the impact of covid-19 on pregnant women and their chances of delivering a stillbirth. jesse turner brings us more. >> according to the cdc report released friday researchers found among covid infected pregnant women, about one in 80 deliveries resulted and stillbirth. and among the uninfected. it was one and 155. the cdc's report says stillbirths were more common in pregnant women with covid
9:36 pm
who have chronic high blood pressure and those in intensive care or on breathing machines. doctor jessica grayson says she had no complications after receiving both doses of the vaccine and had a successful delivery in april. i got my first pfizer vaccine on december the 18th. i was 21 weeks pregnant. >> and. i was really excited. i got to be honest, i was just really excited to have an opportunity to keep myself and my baby safe pregnant women with covid could face other complications as well. emily robinson was admitted to an arkansas hospital for coronavirus in august one week before she gave birth to her daughter carmen. she was born more than 2 months early during an emergency c section a month later, emily died in the hospital. >> now her husband eric says he's doing his best to stay strong for their baby girl vaccinate know vaccinated just please take it seriously. it is. it's deadly my life. it's still be here if we take it seriously.
9:37 pm
>> jesse turner reporting for us tonight. stay with kron 4 for the latest covid-19 headlines, including where you can find vaccinations for your children just scan the qr code on your screen with your mobile device. and you'll be directed to our website at kron 4 dot com. >> national news now on president biden's 2.2 trillion dollars. social spending plan is now in the hands of the senate. the package known as the build back better plan passed the house yesterday strictly along party lines. it is expected to be slim down in the senate. but even a smaller price tag might not be enough to bring around the moderate democrats that are needed to pass the bill. critics say it adds too much to the federal deficit and would further accelerate inflation. >> let's talk about our 4 zone forecast tonight. a live look at the golden gate bridge no fog on the saturday night as cars are headed into the city out of the city to the north bay. >> nice clear night out there and it's been a gorgeous day
9:38 pm
today. what does tomorrow have on tap. our meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez joins us with a look ahead. you know, we're not going to see any visibility issues to start your sunday morning. a lot of sunshine by sunday afternoon and those of you heading out for your holiday destination a little bit earlier. this is what you can expect no delays of those of you plan on traveling and hitting the skies. we're tracking. no delays from the west coast to east coast. all clear there. and your thanksgiving planner forecast for us here in the bay area. mostly sunny skies breezy winds mid to upper 50's along the coast. a few degrees below average. we should be in the mid 60's for most of our coastal cities. but we're going to see low to mid 60's for most of our inland valleys in the bay area. so very seasonable temperatures there looking like a great thanksgiving outlook going to stay dry. so those of you planning any covid precautionary measures and you want to have your thanksgiving again outside this year. you're in luck. no rain in the forecast, but we are tracking some rain chances that could
9:39 pm
start again by the end of this month on the 29th. more on that in my full 10 at 10 outlook. coming up at 10 o'clock. but let's take a look right now at san francisco international airport, clear skies out there right now. calm roads along the bay bridge, golden gate bridge and those of you heading out in the sierra as well. we're not tracking any blanket of cloud cover. so cooler temperatures tonight in the 30's for your overnight lows in daytime highs tomorrow. we are going to see a few degrees of cooling as well specifically for those of you at south lake tahoe. 47 degrees truckee in the low 50's. but then rebounding very nicely by monday, very seasonal temperatures in the mid 50's before we start to cool down once again in the upper 40's by tuesday of this upcoming week with widespread 50's for your thanksgiving day outlook and even into next weekend as well. back to you. jonathan just seen. >> thank you. meanwhile, conditions are getting drier across the golden state and that's now forcing some bay area, water providers to take
9:40 pm
more extreme measures. more than a half million south bay residents will soon be under the most restrictive water conservation measures in our state this week. the california public utilities commission approved san jose water company's request to add a drought surcharge. this new payment will be added to the bills of customers who failed to cut back their water use by 15%. >> it's a way it's that we have basically no choice where we're in a terrible drought and we don't know what this winter will bring. there's the possibility of lightning near forming in the pacific, which could mean a drier winter northern california. we don't know. >> if people do not cut back, they will have to pay a little more than $7 and surcharges for each water above the specified amount. san jose water says the new rules actually reward people already cutting back by setting a minimum monthly amount. thanksgiving is just a few days away and food banks across the bay area now sprinting to the finish line.
9:41 pm
>> volunteers are packing and distributing thousands of pounds of food for families. kron 4. some to call reports now from san jose where the second harvest of silicon valley says it could actually is a lot more help. >> packing and distribution kicked into high gear at second harvest of silicon valley in sand and say we've been doing this for 20 bucks. secure south be families rely on the food bank. year round. but there is no busier time than the holiday season volunteer in team lead in the been more than 400 hours of this year ever since covid the numbers have just gone through the the food bank is feeding about 450,000 people each month that's an 80% increase. >> from before the pandemic. this year. we're providing 22% more for peace than he did last year. second harvest ceo leslie botches says the organizations budget has doubled during the pandemic to keep up with them and it has
9:42 pm
added 15 more trucks opened a new warehouse and increased its staff 40%. at the same time, it has ended its traditional food collection. drives with barrels to be more efficient. >> but joe says second harvest has enough food but needs volunteers and monetary donations and actually when people donate. >> money reconstruct it much farther for every dollar donated concerts update for 2 meals. >> say they believe in the work they are doing and the service they are providing that was thanks to grow as a person really dark time, especially when the food bank says the food prices at grocery stores have increased more than 5% this year in san jose legion ball run >> the golden state warriors continuing their hot start to the beginning of the new season with a win last night in detroit against the pistons. the dubs know a league best 14 in 2 of the young season. the team got getting back to the bay area this morning, but it wasn't a
9:43 pm
day off for one of their star players who spent this saturday giving back to his community. ford juan toscano anderson was in oakland today giving out thanksgiving grocery bags to folks in the neighborhood. one actually grew up just down the street on 95th street in oakland and families were able to get a turkey. all the fixins along with some mask as well. he also signed autographs and took pictures with folks there. all of this was made possible through his jta foundation. >> want to remain president. my regardless of what happened in my professional life like business. still. this is still apartment extension of my life. my family's here, my friends are here. and like i said, i want remain consistent president trying to help my community. i want to continue to be that guy that people know, as you know, in the community cares about the community cares about the people. you know, i am the people and for the and so. you know, basketball school bus was fun. i just my job, something i love to do, no,
9:44 pm
that is the people i'm around my family stuff to us. that's the room for stuff. >> one has quickly become one of the most popular members of the warriors and is considered a hometown hero world of a local who did really well but to him, he says he wants to be known as the same guy who grew up in oakland and also invest his community. >> next in sports. the 124th big game went down today. our sports reporter kylen mills has highlights and reaction from cow stanford game.
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>> now to our 4 zone forecast a live look at san francisco. the transamerica pyramid on the right side of your screen on this. >> saturday night. they got the embarcadero lights up. they do in the building there, though. it's great. it's pretty cool there as we move further into the holiday spirit is is that a season so buckle up get ready. i have friends that have finished wrapped out their holiday me. so i know even close. >> just to live vicariously through them. i don't even know what i don't. i don't think i've even asked people what they want. really no way you could start with me and debris. so right now if you wanted to get a jump start on that gift cards are one its give time you get a gift isn't it. >> is it a nice day on sunday for holiday shopping will be
9:48 pm
going to be beautiful. and you guys, i have a confession to make and what i'm already listening to christmas music. >> so do you do you do. i mean, i love it. folks of than doing christmas stuff since one september christmas in july. right only me. i was already watching on netflix like you know, holiday movies, whatever was available as love actually has the hallmark channel moved to like their holiday movies. i saw that. >> they do that. like what january. >> great for business. it goes to them. >> i've loved it. so let's take a live look outside. you notice i love this forecast because we are tracking crystal clear conditions out there in the east bay over berkeley and temperatures along the coast mid 60's for the marina district and downtown san francisco. very seasonal temperatures there. we are going to start out very breezy. winds on sunday morning gusts. upwards of 35 miles per hour or less and
9:49 pm
thankfully because of our to atmospheric rivers and the light showers that we've gotten throughout the month of november. we don't have that threat for high fire danger concerns, though still tracking a lot of much needed moisture out there. daly city in the low 70's with l granada and half moon bay in the mid 60's. but we are going to see warmer temperatures for those of you in brisbane and south san francisco away from the immediate coastline temperatures about 5 to 10 degrees above average 73 degrees there. sam. a tail also in the mid 70's. but paulo alto 65 degrees for your sunday afternoon highs. a lot of sunshine to start and then the day so visibility with that dense low fog bank not going to be an issue for your sunday morning crystal. clear skies, not just a low cloud cover, but high cloud cover going to be nonexistent helping our temperatures really ramp up in the mid 70's for santa clara and campbell and we are going to see low 70's for those of you in livermore about 8 degrees above average. there. walnut
9:50 pm
creek and concord. also in the low 70's with the widespread mid to upper 60's. even some low 70's for castro valley and san leandro. 72 degrees for your november afternoon highs so hard to believe were toward the end of november and thanksgiving right around the corner. and we're still tracking mid 70's out there for those of you in sonoma at 74 degrees. those of you in the in benicia in the mid 60's. but we are going to see upper 60's for those of you in petaluma trying to 4 with 70's nevado and santa rosa in the low 70's for your sunday afternoon highs and taking a look ahead at your next 7 day outlook, little change on monday still going to remain above average. but then tuesday there is going to be a storm tore north not going to bring us any rain. just cooler cloudier weather below average temperatures arriving tuesday, even continuing through your thanksgiving thursday. fortunately dry outlook. but we are seeing in the extended 10 at 10 forecast chance for showers. i get to show off
9:51 pm
some rain icons coming up in the next hour. hope it turns into something significant. we could use. i know round of rain. we need another ar and this are atmospheric rivers. those are really helpful. >> it was there. he's just like sure. okay. haha. >> i mean, love it. get him a new umbrella. he can get us a new gun get a gift cranes boots there's a monetary value on my appreciation are, you know. >> a dozen up the bites of an umbrella and some appreciate your i can't wait for old. jonathan, thanks a lot. the what the lump of coal. >> thanks raise guys. >> and now kron 4 sports.
9:52 pm
>> welcome into sports. the cal football team is taking home the axe after an impressive one of the big game over stanford. cal commit to the cardinals house and possible that 41 to 11 the final score was at full strength for the first time in 3 weeks since dealing with the massive covid outbreak amongst the team. it's clear they came out hungry in this game. let's go straight to the 2nd quarter early on stanford with a chance to get on the board. but the county fence comes up with a huge stop 4th and goal on offense. bears quarterback chase garbers one of the players who had to sit out because of the covid outbreak. he made a statement in this game. check this out early in the 2nd quarter as well. garbers to trevon clark the wide receiver takes it to house 84 yard. touchdown pass is the longest in big game history now take 7. nothing lead. garbers was hot all night too barbers on the rollout finds christopher brooks, another touchdown golden bears say take a 14. nothing lead. this game was never close. the cal bears
9:53 pm
with a decisive win. cal fans stormed the field. they are pumped up and the ac's going back to berkeley with the golden bears in this game tonight. but expected it to come out play. well, i >> i don't think i know our players expected to come out and play well, so. >> you know, things came together to get the number of contested plays you guys need whether it's catches runs you know, blocks one-on-one really all over the field there on offense that was difference for her united was a a lot of fun to watch. we want to be more akin to the day the work. >> our day in and day out there. the entire we need the system. >> no, not surprise in any way that we perform the way we did in be taken we did on monday after that practice said. >> you know, we were going to do something special to that. just the guys that we had on the field, you know, coming up, monday's practice and just intensity of the whole team in energy throughout the whole we
9:54 pm
knew or pick up where left off you that went against women stay in college hoops. stanford men's basketball team had their work cut out for them down in waco, texas, taking on the defending national champion baylor bears baylor ranked 9th in the country right now. but the cardinal hung around the 1st half. thanks to big freshman harrison ingram. >> we grew up in nearby dallas. by the way, he had only 4 points about for 9 rebounds for jay to delay or chipped in 10 off the bench of stanford is down. only 6 at the half. >> but after the break, the bears took control outscoring the cardinals 52 to 20 oakland native james akinjo scored 11 points and dished out 11 assists baylor runs away with it. 8648 the final score. the cardinal dropped to 3, 2, on the season. fans will be celebrating down here on the farm for a while tonight. still soaking in this win for the cal golden bears stanford won the acts and won the big game last year and cows house now count. it must be feel good for their fans and
9:55 pm
players to take home the acts in this game.
9:56 pm
9:57 pm
>> that does it for us here on kron 4 news at 9 o'clock. we'll see you at 10 right after this break.
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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news. >> no, 10 o'clock kron 4 is staying on top of breaking news. a saturday night. oakland police right now are on the scene of the shooting happening on broadway and ocean view drive and the rockbridge area. this is video of the scene unfolding courtesy of the citizens app. you can see a very large response from oakland officers at that scene that is where we start here on kron. 4 news at 10 o'clock this saturday i'm jonathan mccall and i'm justine waldman. thank you for joining us. we have been following the story all nigh


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