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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  November 20, 2021 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news. >> no, 10 o'clock kron 4 is staying on top of breaking news. a saturday night. oakland police right now are on the scene of the shooting happening on broadway and ocean view drive and the rockbridge area. this is video of the scene unfolding courtesy of the citizens app. you can see a very large response from oakland officers at that scene that is where we start here on kron. 4 news at 10 o'clock this saturday i'm jonathan mccall and i'm justine waldman. thank you for joining us. we have been following the story all night
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long right here on kron 4 will get the latest now from kron, and harry. >> she's on the scene for us tonight in oakland. amanda, what have you learned? >> i've learned a lot luckily no officers were hurt in this incident. and you can see these officers are still here on the scene right behind me here. they're still investigating this all started, though, hours ago. it started just before 03:00pm when officers responded to the 2600 block fisher avenue. that was on reports of an armed carjacking and robbery. officers say they found the carjacked vehicle and the suspect near 49th street and clark street police say when officers tried to engage the suspect. the suspect fired several shots at the officers. the suspect then fled in the carjacked vehicle officers followed the suspect in the car and a helicopter. then the suspect then drove to the 5900 block of ocean view drive the suspect then used the carjacked vehicle to try and ram marked opd vehicles and officers. that's when officers shot at that suspect, the suspect was hit and he was transported to the hospital
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where that person is being treated for their injuries. officers did recover a loaded firearm as well as that carjacked vehicle. like i said, no officers were injured. in the shooting. and this is a busy night. they say they're also investigating another shooting and a homicide. i'm told the chief will be having a media conference on monday to discuss all of this. but a very, very busy night for oakland police officers, like i said, they're still here on the scene 7 hours later, no officers were hurt in this shooting. but the suspect was hit and that suspect is at the hospital. we don't know that suspect's condition live in oakland amanda hari kron 4 news a busy night for opd amanda, thank you. we will continue to monitor all of these stories here on kron 4 and online. >> at kron 4 dot com. another big story we're following tonight. the video has gone viral worldwide. louis store in union square yesterday. thieves ran inside looted and
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vandalized. it today. city leaders say they have had absolutely an a full of scenes like this playing out in the city. kron four's. gayle ong has more details on the message that oakland there. london breed and san francisco police chief bill scott say they have going forward. >> saturday afternoon. the louis store temporarily closed and boarded up. but shoppers still visiting the area. this was the scene around 08:00pm in san francisco's union square friday night when officers responded to looting and vandalism and high-end stores. what we saw was horrible at a press conference saturday. mayor london breed praising the officers who responded and made arrest but says the damage still remains when people vandalize and commit those level of crimes in san francisco. we not only lose those businesses, we lose those jobs. >> we lose that tax revenue that helps to support our economy. that helps to support many of the social service
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programs that we have in the city in the first place. as of saturday sfpd chief bill scott says several people have been arrested. some of them think they got away with it. >> but i am confident. >> i'm confident that there will be more arrests to follow. >> chief scott says 2 firearms were seized and the person in this vehicle was armed. they took him into custody safely. >> they use the minimal amount of force that they had to use. they recovered the firearm. they impounded that vehicle and they recovered some of the property. >> chief scott has about a dozen other businesses were burglarized and looted in a nearby union square. some crimes were prevented. we were fortunate because the city and our police department had a strong presence here in union square specifically for the holiday season moving forward. the area will be flooded with officers for the foreseeable future. we don't want people that they shop and enjoy themselves in this city. >> then the robbed as they walk to their car or to get to their car and find broken glass everywhere because their
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car has been broken into. >> this has to stop. >> and in the wake of these crimes. the city says there will be limited access to vehicles in the union square area that will take effect in the near future and san francisco, gayle ong kron 4 news. >> we heard the only lake like a chef. like gunshot. >> a terrifying scene on a busy bay area highway that boom actually a golf ball hitting this car. the driver says he was on one o one right near the 2.37 interchange that's in sunnyvale, one. a golf ball just came of nowhere and hit the hood of his car. >> all of it caught on camera. wladimir dabrowski says that he was driving with his wife from san francisco to milpitas with the golf ball that their car says he wasn't exactly sure what happened until they saw the dent and then the video. if you see on your screen, you can see that map where at 2.87 and highway one.
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oh, one runs right along the sunnyvale golf course. he says he did reach out to the golf course about what happened. >> it would be scared. and at the moment when i get home. >> i took yeah, i open the google and i saw that there is a cult. of course, next to the you know that that we have and then but then some can present to them and they maybe do something. some actions to prevent things like that. >> so now that drivers working on getting an estimate so he can submit a claim adding that he says he's grateful this wasn't worse. you can see on the map here. just how close the golf course is to the highway. we have reached out to the golf course and the city of sunnyvale about what happened, but they have not gotten back to us just yet. we'll keep you posted. >> talk about our 4 zone forecast tonight as we get you ready for the start of your sunday. well, if you like today, it sounds like he should like tomorrow. our meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez is here now with a look ahead at our forecast
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for. >> the rest of the weekend. yeah. it's going to be even better tomorrow compared to today, believe it or not, we're flirting with 70's, but tomorrow. >> we're expected to reach widespread low 70's for most of our bay area valleys. also gusty winds as well within the last 24 hours helping to ramp up temperatures for most of our inland valleys, about 5 degrees above average. thanks to those warm dry offshore winds. but mount saint so wind gusts near 60 miles per hour overnight through sunday morning. and we're going to track fortunately calmer winds by tonight through sunday morning. so when trucker for out there right now relatively calm. but the valleys in the north bay. we are starting to see some wind gusts about 30 miles per hour or less specifically in sonoma in vacaville, even calistoga as well with atlas peak trying to flirt with the 30 mile per winds. but just slightly less than that. but we're going to notice winds not going to be as gusty as last night but
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still around 35 miles per hour or less shortly before midnight tonight and then it's going to extend into our bay area coastline specifically for those of you at half moon bay, you're going to get the brunt of the winds along the coast with 35 miles per hour. less sustained wind speeds there. fortunately we've had a lot of wet weather to atmospheric rivers and light showers throughout the month of november. fire danger threat on the low side. so we are still seeing a lot of moisture on most of our vegetation. but we are tracking, though, very dry calm, clear conditions for those of you out in downtown san francisco city hall lit up in pink blue and white in honor of transgender rememberance day and temperatures out there right now because we're not really tracking that high cloud cover like we saw last night. we are noticing cool temperatures already at this 10 o'clock hour for your saturday night. happ may 45 degrees and for those of you and nevado and petaluma 43 degrees in napa.
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even cooler just that 42 degrees, even palo alto 48 degrees. as you step outside. so make sure to dress in layers because santa rosa and nevado in the mid to upper 40's. but taking a look ahead. we're going to warm up very nicely about 48 degrees above average for inland valleys until we gradually start to cool down starting on tuesday. find out what's in store for us. this thanksgiving thursday in my full forecast in your full 10 at 10 outlook when rain will finally return to the bay area in just a few minutes. just jonathan, back to you. thank you so much for brees of the contra costa county sheriff's office believes they have found the body of a de la to pena. >> a woman who had been missing since tuesday. the sheriff's department is saying around 9 o'clock this morning, someone on marine circle in bay point found a person in their backyard and when officers arrived on the scene, they discovered the body. and while they're still waiting on the corner to positively identify the person and determine the cause of death. they are confident enough to release a statement today saying they think it's a delicate they have found. we
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will continue to follow this story and bring you any new information as soon as it comes into the newsroom tonight. chp says they need your help trying to identify a woman killed in a crash in oakland. >> early this morning. officers say they found the woman lying in the south lanes of interstate 80 near hagan burger road. so far investigators have not said how the crash happened or have released the name of the woman killed. stay with kron 4 for updates as they become available. also tonight, we now know the name of the man shot and killed by san francisco officers friday morning. he has been identified as 41 year-old a money of san francisco yesterday morning officers responded to a call of a man with a knife inside of a building near fulsome and 5th streets after additional contact with the money. officers fired their weapons hitting him medics rushed him to the hospital where he later died. police say money is someone who is known to them that shooting is still under investigation. the department
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says a town hall meeting on the shooting will be held within 10 days. >> coming up here during kron 4 news at 10 o'clock, a local police departments tradition of gathering christmas toys for kids is now in serious jeopardy. why mother nature is being blamed and how you can come to the rescue. plus in the east bay. a warrior star giving back to those in his hometown. we'll take you there.
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>> welcome back, everyone. thanksgiving just a few days away and food banks across the bay area now sprinting to the finish line. volunteers are packing and distributing thousands of pounds of food for families. but there is a problem that force him to call is going to tell us about right now. he's reporting now from san jose where the second harvest of silicon valley is saying they need more help. >> tracking and distribution kicked into high gear at second harvest silicon valley in and say we've been doing this for 20 bucks. didn't secure south be families rely on the food bank. year round. but there is no busier time than the holiday season volunteer in team lead in answer been more than 400 hours of this year. ever since covid the numbers have just gone through the the food bank is feeding about 450,000 people each month. that's an 80% increase. >> from before the pandemic. this year. we're providing 22%
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more for peace than he did last year. second harvest ceo leslie botches says the organizations budget has to keep up with them and it has added 15 more trucks opened a new warehouse and increased its staff 40%. at the same time, it has ended its traditional food collection. drives with barrels to be more efficient. >> but joe says second harvest has enough food but needs volunteers and monetary donations. and actually when people donate. >> money to us, we could stretch much farther for every dollar donated concerts and update for 2 meals. >> say they believe in the work they are doing and the service they are providing that was thanks to grow as a person really dark time, especially when the food bank says the food prices at grocery stores have increased more than 5% this year in san jose legion ball run for >> for the warriors continued their hot start to the season with a win in detroit last
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night. there a best at 14 in 2 on the year. the team got back to the bay earlier this morning and one of their star us decided to spend his day off, giving back to the community forward. quantas anderson was in east oakland. stay giving out thanksgiving grocery bags to people in the neighborhood. one grew up just down the street and 95th street in oakland, families were able to get a turkey, all the fixins and masks one also signed autographs and took pictures with fans. and this was all made possible through one's jta foundation. >> coroner remain president. my regardless of what happened in my professional life like business. still. this is still apartment extension of my life. my family's here, my friends are here. and like i said, i want remain consistent president trying to help my community. i want to continue to be that guy that people know, as you know, in the community cares about the community cares about the people. you know, i am the people and for the so. you
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know, basketball school bus was fun. i just my job, something i love to do, no, that is the people i'm around my family us. that's the room for stuff. >> one has quickly become one of the more popular players on the team and considered a hometown hero. but to him he wants to be known as that same guy who grow up in oakland and invest in his community. it's great to see. people giving back. this is the time of year for that hometown hero. well, we should just do it all year round. but. let's shine a spotlight on it now. but hometown hero doing good given back. making sure folks in the in in his neighborhood. have a great thanksgiving it would go one love see it. yeah. >> so what our forces so forecast something we love to see. great weather and the possibility kron four's meteorologista with mimi the turkey and the back. i know, right? things mariah carey for retreating us in the bay area here kron 4 news noe only did she reply to one of our tweets.
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>> but she actually read tweeted a lot of us in the newsroom. not me. i wish i was in that video. but people in the newsroom at kron 4 already jamming to some herbert christmas music. but we are tracking thanksgiving planner forecast for your thursday, one that will certainly want to gobble up here in the bay area. mostly sunny skies dry breezy winds and we are going to see temperatures along the coast. a few degrees below average mid to upper 50's with low to mid 60's as you make your way inland. so very seasonal temperatures, not a bad looking thanksgiving day forecast. and if you are planning any outdoor events on a count of covid precautions. you're in luck going to remain dry through most of your thanksgiving weekend. but temperatures out there right now we are tracking daytime highs today. noticeably warmer. in fact, we're about 5 degrees above average with san jose and santa rosa flirting with 70's but warming up into the upper 60's. hard to believe it's late november with temperatures like this when we should be in the mid 60's this time of year. very seasonal, though, for downtown
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san francisco and oakland in the mid 60's exactly where we should be for this time of year. but transamerica pyramid looking great. not shrouded in any lower high cloud cover. in fact, we're going to remain clear throughout your sunday morning. and it's because of that lack a blanket of cloud cover temperatures going to cool down. but i want you guys to keep an eye on 2 areas. napa we're seeing easterly winds 3 miles per hour. sustained downtown san francisco getting that westerly cool sea breeze influence. but look at the difference nearly 15 degrees between napa, thanks to those dry easterly breezes cooling you down to 42 degrees that lack a blanket of cloud cover also contributing to your chilly temperatures right now at this 10 o'clock hour milder, though, for those of you in downtown san francisco that westerly breeze brings in a lot of moisture and actually helps warm-up temperatures during the overnight hours. so that's why we're in the mid 50's for downtown san francisco overnight lows. widespread low to mid and
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upper 40's. but take a look at tomorrow's daytime highs. we're going to warm up as quickly as we're cooling down right now tonight, concord in livermore in the low 70's fremont 71 degrees in novato. also in the low 70's in hayward trying to flirt with 70's. but 69 degrees still remaining average for downtown san francisco in the mid 60's. so way from the coast. that's where we're certainly going to notice above average temperatures little change on monday. there's army me turkey. we're going to pardon her here from the kron 4 weather center and then we're going to remain average all throughout your thanksgiving weekend and then rain chances arriving 10 days from now. starting monday night through tuesday really excited to get those icons back because all our storms have just fizzled out or that storm track is just too far north to make its way into the bay area. so here's hoping it stays on track and hopefully get a little stronger to we've nice dry weather for all the thanksgiving travel. yeah. that everyone gets backing off friday, saturday sunday and
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then monday once we're back to work. hugo kind of fit the mood >> today is world children's day and oakland mayor libby shaft joined volunteers in the town to pass out school supplies mask and diapers to unhoused to children the and school of islamic organized the event the children at our patients at the oakland children's hospital organizers. so the event was a great opportunity to give back to the next generation. >> well, for the past 10 years. the rancho cordova police department has helped provide hundreds of christmas presidents for area kids tonight, that tradition of gathering christmas toys for kids is in serious jeopardy to win a shout. has more on one mother nature now being blamed and how you can help rescue them. >> every year. christmas in cordova provides christmas presents to 350 families.
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that's about 800 children to the rancho cordova police department's youth services unit. our families will be driving through. will. we will have a winter wonderland set up. i still don't drive through a ton of lights and pop ups. and you know, fun christmas seen christmas music. santa is on hand as each family receives a bag of hand-picked toys which the children placed on a wish list as toys are donated leading up to the one-day event. they're stored away until staff is ready to sort and wrap them all the donated toys have been housed in a storage just like this one. and when they went to check on them on thursday. they discovered with the recent storms have done. we found that after the storm had come through a couple weeks before. they had all been destroyed. there was. >> water and and by then. everything we were able to salvage anything. so they'll be starting from scratch,
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collecting toys for the christmas in cordova event on december 18 at rancho cordova city hall from now. we are rallying our community. >> today, a food drive benefiting the rancho cordova community food locker which will provide families with the fixings for a thanksgiving day dinner on monday included a toy drive. there were enough toys donated today to fill up this patrol car. >> the officers say it's an assignment. they're happy to be part of. and i've actually been blessed be assigned to. second is like. so this is my side and now i get to specifically help. mean, it's it's great. it's fantastic. we'll get back like that. it's these events we put on. you know, at the end the day and all the staff and the people we help. it just gives you a wonderful feeling. it's for a great cause. so we love doing it. toy donations can be dropped off daily at the police department. there will be more toy drives coming up, an annual giving tree event beginning the weekend after thanksgiving. it is my intent at least invite the community
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that all of the gifts that are given. >> would be donated to the police department for distribution to a wider community. house director says the city has rallied around them and working to get new donations in time rancho cordova is one of a kind. they have been really rallying around us to support us and make sure. >> that we give these kids the best christmas possible. in rancho cordova. rowena shaddox. >> still to come tonight here at 10 o'clock a reversal of fortune for drivers who scooped up cash along a busy san diego freeway. the choice. they've been given why local authorities. >> and later people took to the streets all across the country following the acquittal of kyle rittenhouse. we'll take a look at those protests in here with demonstrators are saying about the jury'h decision.
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>> now to a reversal of fortune for drivers who scooped up cash from a san diego freeway that was in carlsbad. they have to give back. or they risk being arrested. authorities had plenty of pictures of the cash collectors thanks to social media. so not all the people have 48 hours to turn in the money that they picked up off the freeway. the cash build from an armored truck yesterday morning and it scattered all over bringing traffic to a halt. 2 people
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have already been arrested. others are facing charges all these drivers got out of their car. so as ones and 20's. over on the freeway and they get out of their cars and they just are like picking up shoving things. and now they've got to give it back. so the 2 people who got arrested. i don't know if you've heard the stories of the 2 people who got arrested park their cars on the freeway. >> light on the freeway, not unlike the line right on the freeway. stop the millet thick locked their keys in the car so they could not get back in. hopefully they could use that money to pay a locksmith to come get them know could give the money back. now. >> i mean, well, they're in jail. so i just can't. but. >> so what would you do, though, if you are driving on the freeway and there's just dollar bills all over. you just keep driving. or you stop. i mean, the logic everyone is going to stop. i feel like everyone's going stop it and spend the money in you've got to i mean. you know
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what? i don't know what i mean. you got to give the money back. do the right thing. give the money back. it's not worth it. covid jail. i would legit just like open my window and try to catch as much cash in my hand. >> going to guilty. your tended to not look after the break. if i'm still here.
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to th.
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you have some big shoes to fill. people will tell you what to eat. everyone will have an opinion. and, yes, there will be tears. lots of new introductions. sleepless nights. that's normal. okay. so many new toys. it's not going to be easy. but, together, we got this. kaiser permanente. thrive
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>> welcome back to kron. 4 news at 10 o'clock. a big story we're following tonight protest held all across the country after the kyle rittenhouse verdict on friday. this is some of the videos of some of those protests tell across the country in the last 24 hours from kenosha to la in new york. but other than voicing their outrage and disappointment as part of this criminal justice process. there's really there's not a whole lot the protest can do. that's because the prosecution cannot appeal. the decision was dismissed without prejudice from the judge after kyle rittenhouse was found not guilty. rob sneed brings us more from chicago. >> it's red house, not guilty. >> one day after kyle rittenhouse was found not guilty. emotions are still high. and while some of his supporters call him a protesters downtown today say he should be in jail still
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very, very disappointed. just it it. >> such a travesty of justice. the illegal gun possession. the fact that he was so young. the kenosha police basically deputizing him. >> to act with >> and all of it based in racism. it was important for us both to coming right. just to show support. >> the people who have not close to pull getting moved exoneration of rittenhouse is a green light for more white supremacists vigil on tear david judicial stamp of approval. to all of that. and anthony and joe. joe, they were heroes organizers was chicago's south side. black lives matter. chicago put this rittenhouse protests together protest against the races in justice system. >> at federal plaza in downtown
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>> reverend jesse jackson, senior and rainbow push coalition says no one has the right to kill anyone right now. they're calling on the department of justice to investigate the rittenhouse trial. >> justice. i'm just been to sell in this case is so what do you say to those people out there because i read the comments on stories a lot. >> they say this is race baiting and dividing our country with the you say the country is divided. that ship has sailed. it's been divided where out here because we think it's important to be brave and even in the face of vigilante. >> violence and murdering. that's happening at these protests. we still have to come out. we still have to be here and make our voices known. >> we do have continuing coverage of the rittenhouse trial on our website. you can scan this qr code on your screen and then you will be
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directed to a special section of our website. kron 4 dot com. >> panic and chaos said one of at america's busiest airport today after a gun accidentally discharges at a screening area at atlanta's hartsfield-jackson international airport this afternoon. officials say that the weapon was accidentally discharged when it was found in a passenger's luggage setting off a wild scene of passengers trying to escape from the terminal. luckily there were no actually there were 3 people who were injured about an hour later all the passengers and workers were given the all-clear for that scene, for flights to continue as well. >> dramatic body camera video out of boulder, colorado. tonight. it shows the moments a man jumped into the arms of a firefighter and a police officer. the man's condo caught on fire. and while many people living in the building were able to get out on their
10:36 pm
own. others just could not because of all the smoke and the flames that's when crews caught the man as he jumped from the 3rd floor. >> something i've never trained on never performed. i mean, that's not something you can simulate somebody jump in from a 3rd floor. >> the fire damaged more than 80 units inside the building and first responders say. that everyone was able to make it out safely. >> it's about our 4 zone forecast signed. let's get you a for the start of your sunday. we have dry weather and hopefully not a dry turkey come thanksgiving. our meteorologist rodriguez is here with a look ahead yeah, we're going to see great weather returning for the 2nd half of the weekend even better than what we saw today. believe it or not, as a warming trend continues through tomorrow. >> live look outside, though, at half moon, bay and we're seeing crystal clear skies cool temperatures out there right now. already cooling down in the 40's from coast to valleys. cooler night tonight. so make sure to dress in layers and grab that extra
10:37 pm
blanket and put it on your bed because we're certainly going to wake up to chilly overnight lows tomorrow. high temperatures tomorrow though, warming up just as quickly as recalling down right now, mid 60's are downtown san francisco at 66 degrees mission district 67 degrees. so very seasonable temperatures there. daly city in the low 70's for your sunday afternoon highs with pacifica flirting with 70's at 69 degrees easily 5 degrees above average. there. we're going to notice some breezy winds along the coast specifically for those of you at half moon bay 35 miles per hour or less with those warm dry northerly breeze is helping to ramp up temperatures in the mid 70's for those of you in brisbane in south san francisco at 73 degrees. low 70's for redwood city. but san mateo 73 degrees for your sunday afternoon highs and we're seeing widespread low to mid 70's for those of you in the south, the very pleasant temperatures starting in ending your sunday with a lot of sunshine out there. santa clara 74 degrees
10:38 pm
at san jose 71 degrees and in the low 70's as well. for those of you at livermore concord and walnut creek. 70 degrees for your afternoon. high. so about 8 degrees above average. there with the renda get 69 degrees in richmond. one degree cooler at 68 degrees. but no one really complaining with these above average november temperatures hard to believe we're in the middle of fall heading towards winter. and we're tracking 74 degrees for those of you in sonoma, allay 67 degrees and low 70's of peace for nevado and santa rosa and taking a look ahead at your next 7 day forecast. there's that turkey. we're going to pardon hear from the kron 4 studios me need the turkey. we are going to notice thanksgiving day below average temperatures. but dry until we start to warm up with says seasonable outlook for the remainder of your thanksgiving weekend and then light rain arriving 10 days from now is showers monday night through tuesday. so loving those rain icons just in. jonathan, back to
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you. >> we have breaking news now out of the east bay. we have learned that arrests have now been made after looters targeted the nordstrom in walnut creek. the walnut creek mayor kevin wilk has confirmed with us here at kron 4. that looters have hit the nordstrom in broadway plaza. the mayor told us that arrests have been made in this incident unclear right now exactly how many just getting this video now into the kron 4 news room showing us the large police presence that is there in walnut creek as a witness is telling us. >> he saw 50 to 80 people enter the store. >> i mean, honestly like as soon i saw people running military ice probably saw 50 to 80 people like ski mask, crowbars night like a bunch of weapons. they were looting the north. rain here and there's all these. usually it's really busy. there's always cars part. i thought maybe there has cars like i had to start locking the front door lock the back door because you never know. they're just right there. they can come right in here. it was crazy for second.
10:40 pm
>> again, we have very limited information now. but this new video now into the newsroom that were working with his showing us what's happening there in walnut creek tonight. there are very few details on this incident. but we do know that arrests have been made and this is following the looting in san francisco's union square. that happened on friday night. we do have continuing coverage of the ongoing situation in walnut creek on our website. kron 4 dot com and there will be updates tomorrow during the kron 00:00am morning news. >> the holidays, meanwhile, are supposed to be a happy time, but having to work on thanksgiving or christmas can actually change your entire mood. a new poll from insurance company allstate along with the nuj new national journal found that 25% of americans are set to work on either christmas thanksgiving or new year's day. many working on those days can actually take a toll on someone's mental health. they say working on those days, folks can experience increased feelings of despair
10:41 pm
and loneliness because they're away from their loved ones. >> aaa is predicting thanksgiving air travel will lines at san francisco r. tsa international airport already pretty long. travelers are being urged to arrive at least 2 hours ahead for domestic 3 hours for international flights holiday travel is never really easy. but many people are still looking forward to their trip. >> we actually got married and i have a lot of needs all of families. so this is really special for us to finally be able to actually 2 them now. so it is really. it's kind of a lot of traffic today. it's pretty busy early morning 07:00am so kind of and i thought it would be. >> aaa is predicting more than 53 million americans will be traveling for thanksgiving despite insanely high gas prices, 90% of travelers will be driving to their destinations. we do want to say happy birthday to mister
10:42 pm
president, president joe biden turned 79 today. the commander in chief is now the only sitting president to celebrate his 79th birthday while serving his term after becoming the oldest person to ever be inaugurated in the united states in honor of the special day. he received a swell of birthday wishes from a lot of his famous friends and colleagues across social media. former president barack obama shared a throwback photo and a loving message to his former 2 term vice president, the tweet. they're reading happy birthday to my friend and my brother potus, thank you for giving all of us. the gift of better infrastructure grateful for all you are doing to build this country back better. and president joe biden remains healthy and vigorous and fit for duty following his first routine physical while in office for more than 5 hours yesterday the president underwent a number of physical gastrointestinal dental vision. >> and nor logical exams. michael shure has more on the president's health check.
10:43 pm
>> an early present for president biden 79th birthday today a clean bill of health yesterday army colonel doctor kevin o'connor physician to the president perform in the physical friday and issuing a memo saying, quote, the president remains fit for duty and fully execute all of his responsibilities without any exemptions or accommodations. the doctor, those specifically mentioning a few areas of closer examination including the more frequent occurrence of throat clearing and coughing during public addresses as well as what he calls a stiff and gate for the president for a. >> 78 year-old man had some back growth right to sue. so mid foot arthritis after a fracture would be completely expected and completely normal. >> richmond, virginia orthopedic surgeon for davis saying too, that neurological tests performed on the president to rule out a stroke or multiple sclerosis are not a cause for concern. >> additional like the president. if you see an altar
10:44 pm
gate, you would wonder if it's something neurologic and if you're worried about something or logic and those neurologic tests are appropriate for somebody in his position when they were all completely normal. >> also friday. the president underwent a routine colonoscopy for which official lies to temporary transfer of power to vice president kamala harris who for that time became the first female in u.s. history to hold presidential power. the president, when he selected her to be his running mate. obviously he knew he was making history, was making history. that was long. >> and in our view, the report marks a return to a transparency common for presidential medical visits. but absent in the former administration were donald trump's colonoscopy was kept hidden and his medical reports less formal to be how a guy who eats checks diet cokes and never exercises going to shape the new called units. >> don't president biden's call and ask the lead to the routine removal of a quote,
10:45 pm
the 9 appearing pollack for which histological evaluation is pending. i would say the most. >> relevant finding is just how well you're doing, how healthy he is for someone his age. >> still ahead, marking the 52nd anniversary of the occupation of alcatraz by native american activists today is being recognized for the progress that's been made. but there is still pushed to continue for more change. >> in sports. the 124th annual big game went down on the farm today. kylen mills just back from stamford with the from stamford with the highlights and reaction. i did some early shopping this year. one for you, one for me. awww. i love it. i got us a little something, too. yeah? yep. one for you and one for me. i love it! oh! actually, that was.. i love it!
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>> today. marks and 52 years since native american activists first took control of alcatraz island to mark the occasion. the first native american secretary of the interior visiting the bay area along with leaders of that movement. >> as kron four's camila barco reports right now was not just a day to remember what's already been done. but to continue to push for more. >> at the track is known as the prison at how some of the most famous comics. but after it shut down in 1963 indian tribes made their way to the island. us secretary deb palin visited alcatraz on saturday and says there's a lot of work to be done. i am here. >> we are here and we're not going anywhere. we're in a
10:49 pm
era. >> u.s. secretary of the interior deb haaland is advocating for indigenous communities. 52 years ago. the situation was dire calling remembers november 2019 69. it's the day indigenous activists also known as the indians of all tribes, occupied alcatraz island was more than a call for action. >> it was a cry for a sense of community and the life ways that were stolen from on saturday. she stood on that same land to tell people the strides made. >> between the department of interior and indigenous groups. holland says they are protecting canyon in new mexico and tribal treaty rights in agency policy. she also formally declare squaw as a derogatory term on friday. she is taking steps to remove it from federal land units. the nation's public lands and waters should be places to celebrate the outdoors in our
10:50 pm
shared cultural heritage. >> not to perpetuate the legacies of oppression. doctor le not award. jack lead the movement back in 1969 on alcatraz island. he and other tribal leaders applauded haaland's efforts standing strong and i'm real proud of or however, hollen says there's more work to be done. despite all the progress made in the last 52 years. we have schools and infrastructure to build. >> we have a legacy pollution to address. we have communities that are literally being washed away by coastal erosion and there is a racism in this country that continues to target native people. she's the first native american to serve as a u.s. cabinet secretary. >> hollande met with president biden and his team during a white house tribal nations summit. she says conferences like those help create policies that reflect the needs of so that tribal
10:51 pm
leaders have a real seat at the table. >> before decisions are made that impact their communities in san francisco. camila barco kron 4 news. >> and now kron 4 sports. >> the big game was back down on the farm tonight upon entrance fans received the shirts that say stanford home of the champions. >> they may have been throwing them in the trash by the end of that game. after watching the cardinal play the axe is going back to berkeley with the golden bears, the cal football team earns an impressive win over stanford in that big game. the golden bears came into the cardinals house and tore them up 41 to 11 the final score cows at full strength for the first time in 3 weeks after dealing with a massive covid outbreak. it's clear they came out hungry in this one. the acts and pride on the line in this rivalry. games, beginning of the 2nd quarter stanford with a chance to get on the board at the cal defense comes up with a huge stop on 4th and goal moving along to early in
10:52 pm
the 2nd quarter golden bears quarterback chase garbers was on fire tonight. he was back off of covid injury to trevon clark the wide receiver. he takes it to the house. still going still going, still going that was an 84 yard touchdown run. 84 yard. pass is the longest in the big game history celtic to 7 zip lead at this point. barbers made a statement in this game. number 7 on the roll out finds christopher brooks in the end zone. touchdown golden bears 3rd quarter running back marcel dancy is the one on the ball. the boulders weren't done yet. he breaks open on the left side. 76 yards later stance. stands his way into the end zone. there he goes cal takes a 27 to 3 lead. >> this game was never even close. cal fans stormed the field. college students are pumped. they're living the dream. the golden bears. take the axe back to berkeley. >> i expected it to come out play. well, i i don't think i
10:53 pm
know our players expected to come out and play well, so. >> you know, things came together to get the number of contested plays you guys need whether it's catches runs, you know, blocks one-on-one >> really all over the field there on offense that was difference for her offense. united was a. >> a lot of fun to watch. we want to be more akin to the day the work. par for day in and day out there. the entire we need the system. >> no, not surprise in any way that we perform the way we did in be taken on monday after that practice said. >> you know, we were going to do something special to just the guys that we had on the field, you know, coming up, monday's practice and just intensity of the whole team in energy throughout the whole we knew or pick up where you left off. you that went against oregon state. >> after a long road trip. the sharks back of the tank hosting the washington
10:54 pm
nationals alexander ovechkin scored twice. he's been in the league for ever. seriously that i'm in a one timer capital shut out chalks. 4 zip san jose is back on the ice tuesday hosting the carolina hurricanes hopefully they'll fare better than backing.
10:55 pm
10:56 pm
>> and now for a final check of your kron 4 forecast. we're tracking 40's along the coast and even for inland valleys
10:57 pm
cooling down out there right now. already. but pretty mild temperatures low to mid 50's around the bay area shoreline downtown san francisco, 56 degrees napa. you're in the low 40's and we're going to track widespread 40's tonight. but daytime highs tomorrow in the 70's, not just for our north bay valleys, but even for those of you in concord in livermore san jose 71 degrees as downtown san francisco and oakland seasonable in the mid 60's and taking a look at your 10 day outlook. >> cooling down. but staying dry for your thanksgiving thursday looks good. you have more for us tomorrow. of course i will. and we will see you tomorrow as well. have a good sleep tight.
10:58 pm
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start a relationship with citi and earn a cash bonus when you open a new eligible account and complete required activities. >> the forty-niners. >> the red and gold one their biggest game of the season at levi stadium beating the division-rival rams emotions that go into monday night games. a little bit bigger. >> where we're coming from. without badly played before that. now the forty-niners will try to put those emotions aside to get ready for the next game. a trip to jacksonville. and number one draft pick trevor lawrence that alan jones off the table. you understand why is the number one overall pick this week isn't just about stopping the jags. it's about proving thath


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