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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  November 21, 2021 10:00pm-10:46pm PST

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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news. >> tonight at 10. another violent weekend in the east bay. how law enforcement and city leaders are reacting to the ongoing violent crime in the city of oakland. thank you so much for joining us here this hour of kron turn news in prime time i'm justine waldman i'm jonathan mccall for a another weekend of violence has run rampant across the
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city. >> a 17 year-old. the city's latest murder victims. officers also shot and killed a suspected carjacking suspect yesterday kron four's amid harry love for us tonight in the newsroom. the details of the crime and talking with city leaders about what comes next. amanda. >> as i spoke to tom, you needs to be more action to try and stop these types of crimes from happening again. and again. but they say it's difficult to do that with the oakland police department being so understaffed. >> it absolutely hurts as a 3rd going to see all of this happening in my town, in my city, another crime filled weekend in the city of oakland. the police department says there were shootings robberies looting. >> and illegal sideshow activity. this is citizen video of one of those sideshows you can also see crowds of people watching and supporting the activity, oakland city council member and candidate to lauren taylor
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says although these people aren't committing a crime. they're encouraging it just by being there and providing you know, likes and support for these activities. it's encouraging. >> it's a continuing. unfortunately that puts oakland residents in harm's way saturday afternoon. a carjacking resulting in officer shooting the suspect. >> that suspect died from their injuries. there's also an armed robbery and shooting on pendleton way overnight. one person was arrested and the 123rd homicide. my understanding is that. >> we did have a younger person involved in the homicide the shabaab jackson with acts full gospel church. >> says the city needs more help from california highway patrol and the alameda sheriff's department because the police department can handle this level of crime on their own is down to 680 officers the stand and the
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next 2 months. it will be down 650. we need a minimum of 850. >> to really protect the oakland. and i was just doing the shooting and the criminals out there. i think they know all that. so as a consequence, they know they can do things like this get away with it. the subjects and says when he talks to members of the community. they're scared and tired. >> he says something needs to change or things will get worse. though concerned about is that the citizens of oakland. >> may pick up guns and start protecting themselves and then it's going to be really all and i hate to see that. >> the oakland police chief will bn addressing all of this violence in a media conference tomorrow. he'll also be talking about some of the arrests have been made. we don't have an exact time that media conference just yet. but stay with kron. 4 news for all of the details live in the newsroom. amanda hari kron 4 news. >> another night of massive
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sideshows in oakland went down. the first one was posted to the citizens app showing what appears to be a large sideshow in downtown oakland. there were also reports of a shooting at the sideshow. but that has not been confirmed by oakland police. this point, another side show was reported last night as well in the arrowhead marsh area. according to video posted to the citizens at police responded to a crash last night around 4 in the morning after some vehicles believed to be involved crashed into one another. no other information has been released by oakland police at this time. >> hayward. the latest city hit by a rash of smash-and-grab thefts. tonight. police say 9 people smashed display cases at sam's jewelers at the southland mall. so far police not saying just how much those stolen items were worth or provided information on a suspect. we'll stay in contact with heywood police to get more details we'll pass them along as soon as they become available. right now, walnut creek. police are combing through surveillance video to try to identify the dozens of looters who they say flooded
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the nordstrom in walnut creek last night. officials say as many as 80 people swarmed the storm. 3 people have been arrested. kron 4 still in the second learning of the new concerns tonight from authorities. >> a handful of officers in patrol. cars are still monitoring the area. many of the shops nearby, including the nordstrom's closed early after saturday night's chaos. now, i'm also standing in the road broadway plaza because this is still closed down the cars to deter thieves from coming through despite all these precautions, though did have an incident earlier sunday afternoon. >> it was pretty shocking we had made an appointment at the apple store here and we find to be a safe place to come because we live in stockton t creek and so we're like, oh, maybe not after dark shoppers and locals living in walnut creek on edge sunday. >> after a mob of 80 looters stormed the nordstrom store on saturday. witness threatened there and who also manages a restaurant across the street described the chaotic scene
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from saturday night have the tables were up at the windows looking to see what's going on with the lock the front door i to lock the back door. the whole restaurant just kind of stopped for a minute and was just watching because there was a mob of people. the police are flying and it was the scene of the movie isn't walnut creek. police say. >> it happened around 09:00pm while the store was open with employees and shoppers inside started receiving calls that there were tons of cars putting into broadway plaza area. >> then we received reports that people dressed in mask and dark clothing were running into nordstrom. they were clogging the streets with their they had crowbars and we're running out with property and getting into the vehicles and fleeing the scene. police say. >> 2 employees were assaulted and one was pepper sprayed, but their injuries are minor. so far. they arrested 3 people 30 year-old dana dawson of san francisco. 32 year-old joshua underwood of san francisco and 18 year-old rodney robinson of
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oakland charges include robbery burglary, conspiracy possession of stolen property illegal possession of a firearm by a felon and carrying a concealed weapon. mayor kevin wilk says these brazen thefts will not be tolerated. our police department. >> we'll have made and will make arrests. we're going to be working with the da's office to have the most serious charges that we can possibly have and we will be encouraging the da's office to charge them with the highest crimes possible on sunday. >> police stepped up patrols in this area and put up barriers to cut off car access on broadway plaza are one of the entrances to the store is located despite the increased police presence a witness says other thieves were back at it on sunday. >> i sighed nordstrom employee run out of the building notify the police that 2 people had ran out of the back with items and as a kind of followed a woman. the coroner said she saw and then about 2 or 3 police suvs, lights and sirens when chasing down the street after them. police confirmed there was an unrelated grab and run incident sunday
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afternoon. >> and say they caught an individual involved. walnut creek. police say they'll continue to monitor this area after receiving intel that the same group that storm that nordstrom saturday night are considering to do it again. the abundance of caution. they learned all the nearby businesses, which is why many of those businesses closed early sunday night in walnut creek calif the psac ii kron 4 news. >> and san francisco police are confirming that officers are now controlling in limiting vehicle traffic in and around union square as a result of the looting that happened on friday night. you can see so many of the stores that are boarded up now san francisco police are not specifying which streets are affected at this time or for how long kron 4 will continue to follow the story and bring you more details as soon as they come into our newsroom. we do not want to get to the update. that's coming to our newsroom out of wisconsin tonight. what we now know at least 5 people have died and 40 people were injured after an suv plowed through police
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barricades and right into a christmas parade in downtown waukesha. ott. >> we do know that children are among the injured. 11 children were taken to the hospital after this incident unfolded earlier tonight. as you mentioned during that christmas parade, hundreds of folks lining the street. there are more folks who are taking part in the parade. tiere were also hurt. we are expected to learn more details about the scene unfolding here tonight including a possible person of interest that they do have in custody learning more about that person. the waukesha police department expected to provide more updates tomorrow. also have that for you throughout the day on kron 4 and kron 4 dot com. meanwhile, back here at home. take a look at this rescue that was caught by chp and a san francisco fire crews working together, trying to fish to people out of the water earlier today. no word on exactly how they were able to get in the water why they need to be rescued. but the good news is both agencies
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say that those 2 people are doing okay tonight. now let's talk about our 4 zone forecast. the sunday. let's get you ready for the start of your thanksgiving holiday week. our meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez is joining us here with a look ahead. >> good evening, risa. hey, they're just cnn jonathan. and yeah, i know a lot of people in the bay area. whether you live here or you're visiting for early start of your thanksgiving week holiday you were luck today. beautiful weather, widespread 60's and 70's. nearly 10 degrees above average. for those of you in oakland warming up into the low 70's when you should be in the low 60's and even san jose warming up into those mild low. 70 temperatures. so very pleasant day from coastal valleys in the bay area. and we were well above average, especially for all those areas that actually reach the 70 degree mark, when you should be in the low to mid 60's this time of year. hard to believe we're in late november with very spring-like forecast out there. let's take a look
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though live outside in the east bay over berkeley crystal clear night. but we're going to notice cooler temperatures as a result. fortunately tracking calmer wind speeds out there this evening compared to last night, but for north bay mountains still tracking gusts upwards of 45 miles per hour less throughout to tonight but calmer from coast to valleys in the bay area. winds out of the northeast, 20 miles per hour or less and that trend going to continue for most of your monday as well. 40's 50's and 60's. as you step out the door to outliers, though, cnn 43 degrees so chilly temperatures there. but berkeley 62 degrees. so nearly a 20 degree difference out there, very unique microclimate forecast and getting those cooler southerly breezes. but for those of you in berkeley are getting more of a northerly warm offshore flow. but we're going to see widespread 40's tonight with the exception of downtown san francisco a little bit milder in the low 50's temperatures tomorrow. almost a repeat of today. 60's
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and 70's in the forecast. enjoy it while it lasts because as we take a look at our 10 at 10 outlook. we're going to cool down on tuesday storm to our north going to bring us more wind and no rain. so we are going to notice slightly cooler cloudier forecast. but seasonal temperatures through your thanksgiving thursday and even 10 days from now we're going to remain in the 60's for the remainder of the next 10 days. back to you. jonathan. just seen. >> but recent. thank you. closing arguments are set to get underway tomorrow in the death in the trial involving the death of ahmaud arbery. 3 men are currently facing several charges for killing are very after chasing him down in a truck friday. another motion for a mistrial was filed after the issue of demonstrators outside of the courtroom was raised. the attorney representing william bryan, one of the defendants as it influence the jury. he claims that his client is now receiving a fair trial and is subject to quote in heron prejudice. the judge in the case dismissed that that claim. still to come tonight
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>> happening tonight, santa counties, indoor mask mandate goes back into effect in anticipation of a winter surge of covid beginning tonight at 1159 people will be required to wear face coverings in public places in offices and evil even inside people's own homes when they are visiting regardless of their vaccination status. this renewed mandate will remain in effect indefinitely and it will just depend on how the county does over the next few weeks and months when it comes to cases and hospitalizations. >> now the covid-19 coverage where the head of pfizer says that booster shots could be needed for americans every year or even every 6 months. doctor anthony fauci, though, today said that he would follow the science before making any predictions. >> that shot with the mrna not only boosts to weigh up but increases the durability. so that you will not necessarily needed every 6 months or a year. we're hoping it pushes
10:17 pm
it out more if it doesn't. and the data show we do need it more often, then we'll do it. but with covid cases surging nearly 50% since late october. >> doctor fauci says it is necessary to get as many people as possible vaccinated, especially during the winter months. >> disney world has now put a pause on its vaccine mandate for employees. workers were notified about this change by an internal memo. the move comes as the biden administration suspended enforcement of its vaccine requirement for private businesses to comply with a court order. that mandate would have acquired businesses with 100 or more employees to have workers fully vaccinated against covid or tested weekly. 90% of the florida-based disney workers are vaccinated. that's according to a park spokesperson and stay with kron 4 for the latest covid information that includes where you can find a vaccine for your children or a booster shot and how to have a safe holiday season. just scan this
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qr code on your screen right now and you'll be directed to this special section of our website, which is kron 4 dot com. the holiday travel season is now in full swing in bay area airports. it's kind of looking like prepandemic levels. the numbers are pretty comparable. the 2019 it's been a busy weekend over at sfo is folks at the skies as they get to their thanksgiving day destinations. >> kron four's. gayle ong is there. >> holiday travel season is in swing at san francisco international airport. the busiest day began friday and the rush did not lose momentum over the weekend. we're coming back from the 40th birthday of a spending some time case and some wind up in napa going to his first time we've gone on in egypt with our family and longtime us. a mom could not be more excited. there are other first-time travelers since the pandemic. i didn't do any traveling last year. it's amazing. i mean, to have your first trip after a couple
10:19 pm
years when you're used to being able to go wherever you want, right. worrying that it went well. it's a great there's like so many precautions. but like everything feels really, really safe on the sunday before thanksgiving almost 50,000 passengers are departing from sfo. that's 60% down from prepandemic thanksgiving travel in 2019 with vaccinations off and international travel mandate ease airport officials project more traffic over christmas thanksgiving is such a domestic focus. >> travel, period. >> whereas we're very excited about the biden administration relaxing entry restrictions for foreigners. we think that's going to help our international activity to recover. and i think we'll probably see that play out a little more in december. >> and since it's a lot of people's first time traveling since the pandemic masks are still required inside airports and on flights and it is advice to get here early as we head into the holiday travel season. 2 hours before domestic flights. at least 3 hours. if you're flying international reporting from sfo gayle ong kron 4 news.
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>> and east oakland today. more than 250 free turkeys along with grocery boxes were given out to folks in need just in time for thanksgiving holiday. all of that made possible by the people's program which is a pan-african disorganization. oakland. rapper offset jim for the second annual folks giving the event was held garfield elementary. organizers say the effort as a way to give back in the spirit of serving the folks which they say was popularized by the black panther party. give for a win. few years ago get bigger and bigger and bigger as people. >> organizers say, that they are seeing growth in what they are able to do last year. organizers say they did more than 100 turkeys. this year. they were able to provide more than 200 turkeys with groceries for folks in that area. >> for your money tonight. amazon is recalling more than
10:21 pm
15,000 mattresses over a potential fire hazard. the consumer products safety commission says the amazon basics memory foam mattress does not meet the mandatory federal flammability standard for mattresses. amazon is pulling 15,000. 300 units. they were all sold online from april 2020 through march of 2021 there have been no injuries or incidents reported regarding this recalled mattress. so amazon is sending customers a free cover to place on top of it. still ahead at 10 o'clock tonight. justin bieber is set to perform at the saudi arabian formula one race, but there is pressure on him to pull apps pressure on him to pull apps that story's next. i did some early shopping this year. one for you, one for me. awww. i love it. i got us a little something, too. yeah? yep. one for you and one for me. i love it! oh! actually, that was..
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>> pop star justin bieber facing quite the dilemma with calls to cancelehis upcoming performance at this at saudi arabia's formula one race. the fiance of slain journalist jamal khashoggi is calling on people to pull out of the f one concerts in saudi arabia. she and others say the goal of these events. >> is to divert attention away from the country's human rights record says she has urged bieber to cancel his december 5th performance. but so far, as far as we know, he has not responded. >> tiger woods getting back into the swing of things. take a look at this. the golf star posting this video on twitter today. the caption make progress. would you may remember left with several
10:25 pm
injuries, including fractures in his leg after a car crash earlier this year in the video he appears to be wearing a sleeve on his right leg. so weekend. get back to swing in and hopefully back on the golf course. professionally sometimes. >> so what will the weather be like for golfing this week. meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez has the forecast. great to see him back out there. yeah, definitely. and great forecast as well for your thanksgiving thursday. we're serving up very seasonal temperatures low to mid 60's. so a lot to be thankful for for your thanksgiving thursday. breezy winds. >> mostly sunny skies. and we're also tracking, though, from now until then, warm temperatures to start your monday. widespread 60's and 70's. the san jose 72 degrees. but seasonal temperatures for downtown san francisco at 66 degrees oakland and hayward also in the low 70's. but as you can see after tuesday, we're going to cool down to write. we should be for this time of year. looking good, though. >> can't complain or holiday week not at all. i'm excited.
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brady. eat. anybody some turkey to need somewhere to go. i mean, i got places but always stop 4. >> he's like me all your extra that new in the 5 7. you've got to where it could be in the dew on the counter locking that way you can just sleep after 8 o'clock. it all day. >> just chill out so thank you so much joining us this weekend here during kron 4 news in prime time. >> have a great and safe holiday weekend. see you back to an extent. that's right. have a good night. jason's up next with sports night live.
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>> hello and welcome to another edition of sports night live bay area. sports fans were treated to a great weekend. a couple of does winds niners win and more and we will break it all down. but it's football sunday. so, you know who we got to start with. last week, san francisco played its best game of the season against the rams in today. they were in jacksonville taking on the lowly jaguars. all signs pointed to a forty-niners win this sunday. but you got to play the game first before you go pencil ling in winds kyle shanahan preached all week. don't have a letdown. we did a couple weeks ago against the cardinals and by golly it worked after a 20 play drive to put the niners up 3 to nothing. they put it in the end zone here. that's their best player this season. deebo samuel continuing his best season as a pro. he led the team in rushing yards today 7910, nothing. all right. here's the next possession for the jaguars. you can't do
10:31 pm
that. kid. they're running back, puts the ball on the ground. fred warner recovers. wires say turn the ball over ensuing drive on check. this like the dude on the jag wires throws a punch. >> jenkins, then judge acted the forty-niners pick up the first down extend that drive on that penalty and they turned that into this. jimmy garoppolo. back at end zone. that's his boy, brandon aiyuk. i was in the doghouse earlier this year. but he's coming along slowly but surely the guy we awful he could be. 3rd quarter. we'll see this very often. trent williams trying to be george kittle. but jimmy g doesn't really give him a as well. guard in any way. we love to see big fell out he's so good on the line, trying to make some plays. >> later in the 3rd now 4th in
10:32 pm
goal. jimmy garoppolo finds his security blanket, george kittle. he loved to see it and you love to see to kill fight. jimmy was 16 for 22 a 176 yards in those 2 key 4th quarter is money time. you can hold both say he's still going to get he gets the that's his second on the day 3 total forty-niners and they win this one. he eas%ly 30 to 10. >> they are now 5, 5, on the season. up next, they host the minnesota vikings who are also 5 in 5. that is going to be a huge game. remember, minnesota is led by kirk cousins. everybody says kyle shanahan. >> kind of love kirk cousins over the past couple years. we'll get to see them in action. but let's hear from the niners right after the game. >> we know how much our backs are against the wall before that rams game and we also know that that meant nothing if we kind of want today. so i don't i get how it looks, but i don't think it's very hard
10:33 pm
to get the guys attention ready to play. when we know how that felt more of those in games. you know, much better felt cursed the rams and. >> we don't want that today i vote in the backfield really look at the ballots. but if i came out that, i mean, i got to stick my nose in there. >> well, yeah, i mean, he's got a just just got a buddy to be a running back. like i when the cars that they don't get too many ideas just chance for saying to me, throw my i got going and get this i saw was i was going to let your triple quadruple cover, whatever. so i >> yes. tough on deadly way harder than it looks. >> i got difference papers >> and hilarious, if he caught that touchdown past. let's talk about the both samuel though. he's been the forty-niners best player this season. he's second in the nfl receiving yards. he's been specially designed runs all year but today it almost felt
10:34 pm
like he was a feature back. he got 8 rushes for 79 yards. he also had a catch for 15 yards. this is the guy who the forty-niners envisioned when they drafted him. a couple of seasons ago, but he mostly hadn't really played to a potential because of health issues. guess what, he stayed healthy this year. he has been the most productive player on this offense. and it's been a treat to see deebo samuel. the forty-niners are going to make a playoff push. they're going to continue to need this type of output from the both samuel. it's been a whole lot of fun to watch him play this season. all right. to a team that's been a lot of fun to watch the warriors. they were finally back in the friendly confines of the chase center after a four-game road trip that was highly successful won all 4 games today. the raptors were in the house. beautiful day for hoops down in mission bay. i liked him after jersey father's son andrew wiggins. he came out on fire. this 3.
10:35 pm
that put the dubs up by 11. wiggins had 14 points in the first. the warriors led by 12 after one alright end of the half warriors up 14 chris chiozza. it doesn't matter on his birthday. doesn't matter who playing for the dubs this year. seems like anyone want to step up yet 11 3rd quarter now warriors lead cut tonight. we can say that. let's put it back and double digits. this 6, 3, of the game. he finished with 32 golden state with a comfortable lead at the end of 3. 4th quarter. jordan poole he was in his bag tonight. way deep 8 for 11 from beyond the arc 33 point later in the 4th curry 5th campaign for all-defensive team. he gets the steal find that a lot kano, anderson. on saturday gave away turkeys and other stuff. east oakland what a
10:36 pm
story one has been in his career. he is truly a hometown hero. the gov's win one 19 one. '04, they improved to an nba best 15 into who want to thaw. i know they're going to be good. but i've been taken aback this year. steph curry. he only had 12 points. the raptors through the whole kitchen sink at him. but other guys really picked it up. >> and guess what, kate rooney was there for all the action and she had a brilliant report after this game. >> when you have the best record in the nba. you're supposed to beat the 8, 9, toronto raptors at home tonight. the warriors did just that and then some never trailing in their one 19 to one. '04, win here at chase center. but the best part of this one is that steph curry only went 2 for 10 with 12 points. maybe that isn't the best part. the best part is the fact that the team rallied around him on an off night for their superstar 5 different players scored in double figures. jordan, poole and andrew wiggins both had 30 point efforts in this one and players from the second unit
10:37 pm
really stepped up both chris chiozza and otto porter junior had incredible games. in fact, steve kerr told us that after the game, the players give a standing ovation to chiozza in the locker room on his birthday. that's part of what makes this team so special and has led them to their 15 2 record. here's what steve kerr had to say after the game. >> the scoring balance means that teams can throw everything at stuff. you know, that's what was happening last year. we saw that were, you teams were throwing every everything they had at stephon. it's it's continue this year. but we we have the you know, more overall shooting this year and, you know, i know i haven't mentioned. i thought he was fantastic made some big threes for us. just the overall spacing means that if teams are going to. you know, throw the kitchen sink. it that stuff and they're going to they're going to pay. >> now. you don't get too much credit for beating the toronto raptors at 8.10. they're one of the bottom teams in the
10:38 pm
eastern conference. so far this season. but the worst of said that they want to beat the teams on their schedule and that's what they've been doing at 15 2, they've got the league's best record and have now won 4 games in a row. the look to make it 5 on wednesday after a couple days off here in the philadelphia, 76 ers come to town at chase center. kate rooney sports night live. thanks for that report. kate. let's look inside this matchup like steve kerr said when. >> steph curry struggled last year it extremely hard for this team to win. it has not been the case. this year. 22 3 pointers tonight and steph only had one. you saw 8 from jordan poole 5 from this sky, otto porter. andrew wiggins at 6. it was an entire team effort. chris chiozza on his 26th birthday played well, that is the difference between the dub this year and the does last year. now you can count on steph curry having bad
10:39 pm
games fairly often the raptors have a history of playing him. well, they played great defense on him in the 2019 nba finals they threw guys on him like path. we'll come fred van fleet. etcetera. but now the warriors they got other guys who can knock down shots. and the one thing about this team is they are so cohesive they play so well together. everyone is selfless. everyone makes the extra pass and everyone wants to see each other succeed and that's not as popular as you would think in some nba locker rooms with this team truly insane on the same been a treat to walk at 15 into best record in the mta and on wednesday night taking on the philadelphia 76 ers and then on friday they have the portland trail blazers. so. >> hey, after this week they could be 17 2, but let's not get too ahead of yourself. next up, the sixers, steph
10:40 pm
curry playing baby bro seth curry on wednesday. i'm sure it will be a family reunion in chase center on the family will probably come out to that. another quick note, the sixers head coach doc rivers. his daughter mary to seth curry. so when i tell you it's going to be a family reunion. it most certainly will fun story line. whatever those 2 teams get together. all right. we still have time to get to here on sports night live. after the break. >> catch up with my guy lethal shooter. he chats dubs with me when we return, we also. have some raiders highlights or should i say some low lights. it's been what a mess over there in vegas the past month or so. we'll get to the highlights after the break. stay with us. financial planning is finding your home away from home. ♪ and, it's designing a plan to help get you there. start a relationship with citi and earn a cash bonus
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wealth management is planning your path together. and, it's guiding you along the way. covered california. this way to health insurance. start a relationship with citi and earn a cash bonus when you open a new eligible account and complete required activities. >> sports night live. we have a special segment for you today. a friend of the show, chris matthews a k a lethal shooter, aka, one of the best shooters walking this planet is joining us today on sports night live. chris, how you doing? a bill. a good man. thank you for having me, chris. now as you know, here at kron, we cover one of the best shooters in the planet and steph curry. and as crazy as this sounds, i don't think steph has ever shot the ball as well as he shooting it right now. this year he's on
10:44 pm
pace to break his single season record. and he's just chasing down ray allen for that all time record. chris, you fancy yourself a shooter as well. i'm going to ask you straight up. who's the better shooter her. >> i got to go away. >> if we play a 100 games, i got to go. staff is going to win 19. adam got a live one so i say step step is the best shooter to ever walk this and if anybody else is saying he's not crazy man when he does. he's a 1, 1, is like a unicorn to the basketball, possibly constituting mass tonight. every time he shoots the ball and just made so steph curry, he all right. now with that being said, as we've seen his whole career step has the ability to pull up and shoot from. >> anywhere on the court and some people have even criticizing that you've heard naysayers say he's ruined the game. but you recently commented. it said staff has
10:45 pm
that equity to take those shots because he's worked hard. his whole career and his training has allowed him to do so. can you explain that more for us. no, absolutely steph curry's base shooting says he's 5 out 4 so that means he's picking up a lot of staff th the one thing about students like staffing klay thompson. >> they deserve to have those moments when they shoot the basketball in the laci going so, you know, a lot of people might. i say he the game. but i think he's he's helping the gate because he saw this. if you work hard to push the kratt. you could be one of the best shooters in the world does have the site where our steph curry, that will be kind of hard. you know, because he's a 1 but i feel like he's he's showing us from a from a shooting standpoint that anything's possible. chris, you mentioned another guy and that answer. >> klay thompson it's been 2 long years since we've seen him play. i miss clay so much. one of my favorite players i was at the game. his last game he played during the finals. i was in toronto. we got to see


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