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tv   KRON 4 News at 9am  KRON  November 22, 2021 9:00am-10:01am PST

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little chilly, but yet not as bad as it was this morning when so much of the bay area was down into the 30's. now we're looking at most of our temperatures. >> back into the 40's or even a few 50's back on the map. so definitely cool but not super duper chilly. right now your view outside half moon bay. beautiful crystal clear oftentimes these clear mornings come along with the coldest temperatures and today has lived up to those expectations. palo alto. you public 39 or the year. and now you're at 52 so temperatures are climbing and climbing pretty quickly actually dublin in concord. you are also in the 30's now in the 40's will alameda currently are warm spot at 57. we've got some 60's and 70's to look forward to later on today. talk much more about the rest of your forecast. we've had a couple of hot spots this morning and have those got away just yet. now, we still have that hot spot that is causing. >> a major slowdown on the san mateo bridge. so the accident is actually 92 westbound just east of one. oh, one north and
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now we're up to almost look at that. 44 minutes as a traveling across towards the peninsula. so if you need to get across and go ahead and take the dumb barton bridge, for example, because that's just adjacent to that along. 84 heading into the city a little under 17 minutes for your drive time at this hour. we had an earlier accident the year and that started the slowing process across the bay bridge. a little under 9 to no major issues. if you're heading across towards san rafale and in the south bay 85 to menlo park about 34 minutes. we'll have more traffic on this monday. the darya and james, back to you. thanks, right. we're learning more now details about the person of interest. >> the police have taken into custody for driving an suv through a parade in wisconsin, killing 5 people and injuring like 40. so that's the new information. a 39 year-old man identified as darrell brooks apparently has a long rap sheet with to open criminal cases, including reckless homicide. investigators right now are looking into whether. >> he may have been fleeing another crime scene when he
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again just tore through this parade route. carlos, a has more. >> shock and horror at christmas parade in waukesha, wisconsin, red suv plowing through unsuspecting marchers and parade goers. the vehicle struck. >> more than 20 individuals. some of girls were children and are some fatalities as a result of this incident. >> city officials confirming that 5 people were killed. one more than 40 people were injured. it was just before 4.40 local time when authorities say the driver of the vehicle storms through police barricades and barreled through the crowd. >> some of those injured transporting themselves to hospitals. the city of waukesha department and its partner, its partners and made this. >> transported a total of 11 loving adults and 12 pediatric patients. >> to 6 area hospitals. the speeding car just narrowly missing a toddler dancing on main street.
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>> it's not long before other start realizing the gravity of what's unfolding before their eyes and deeply saddened to know that so many in our community. >> went to a parade but end up dealing with injury. and heartache. >> as the suv broke through the barricades. a police officer fired his gun to stop the suspect. it's unclear if the driver was hit. >> we're no longer looking for suspect vehicle. we do have a person interest in custody at the moment. but this is still a very fluid investigation is unknown at this time whether the incidents and nexus to terrorism. >> that was the last press update. but as we told you, we now know more about the person who is in custody. so we're expecting another update this morning at 11 o'clock our time and will carry a live on our 24 news app kron our connaught. all right. let's bring the focus back here to the bay area because one of our big stories, the fact that we had. >> mobs of robbers hit high in stores around the bay area for the weekend. they targeted 3
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stores specifically in this was the first and the red and blue. on and then ran out with their arms full of stuff that was in union square there in one case, police were able to stop one of the getaway cars. watch this. hold on there. there they are. >> just like. >> yeah, descending on that one getaway vehicle. they were smashing open windows pepper sprayed the driver. at one 0.8 people arrested in all in that instant. but there were 80 people who swarmed into a nordstrom on saturday night. you heard that right. >> people that happened never heard of that many people at rob, you know, robbery group and then there was a bunch of people that went into a lululemon store and santana wrote. so let's go to san jose now. camila barco standing by with the latest on that. and of course, a look at all that happened over the weekend. camilla. >> well, daryn, james in just in just a matter of 48 hours. all of this happened here at lulu lemon. the the groups of people didn't vandalize the windows. but the police say that they did go inside
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entered the store grabbed all the merchandise that they could find and ran away with it. but by the time police got here. those group of people. they ran. they were gone. this happened at santana row here in san jose around 6.30, sunday night. the store normally closes at 7 on sundays and this happened during store hours. but police aren't saying if any customers were here at the time or if anyone was hurt. now just 24 hours before that in city, 80 people rushed into a nordstrom started emptying the shelves and ran away with thousands of dollars in merchandise that happened at broadway plaza in walnut creek about 10 to 15 minutes just before include employees are going to close the store investigators say looters assaulted 2 employees and pepper spray to another one. they found one gun and arrested 3 people. but does it's got away. police feared the same group of people were going to strike again. so they
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blocked off broadway plaza to traffic as a precaution. take a look at this video. looters took over union square in san francisco on friday. the video has gone viral. thieves were seen running from the louis baton store. some ran into a car. this is a video that darya and james were pointing to police chased these crooks down surrounding that car and started smashing their windows. the san francisco police chief says people burglarized and vandalized 10 high-end stores on friday alone in that area and they arrested 8 people, but they are still searching for more. and now it's unclear how much was stolen from these storms. but here at lulu lemon employ spent the night cleaning up after the mass, the shells are fully restocked with close at several other items, our photographer yulius just pointed out that there were some store employees here. so it looks like the store may reopen today, but it's unclear if they're going to change hours of operation after all, this has happened. back to you
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guys. >> all right, mike, thank you. camila we still have, by the way, the jewelry store thefts going on hayward police investigating a new want to smash and grab that happened at sam's jewelry in the southland mall. that's the 4th jewelry shop to be robbed in the bay area this month that it was about 5.30 yesterday when 8 to 10 people with sledgehammers ran into the jewelry store smashed up the cases got stuff and took off police actually say they left in a number of different getaway cars a week ago today there were 9 people who went into iceberg diamonds in the sun valley mall in concord and there's plenty of video, but they still haven't caught them. you can hardly make out their faces as they smashed everything in cleaned out those cases and then in fairfield, they did catch 3 teens and they are accused of this smash-and-grab robbery in the solano town center in fairfield last wednesday. the thieves got away with $50,000 and that case. then there's
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the unsolved case in san francisco's chinatown robbers broke into longbow jewelers and they got away with $250,000 worth of jewelry that was last tuesdaye no arrests have been made in that case. >> in the north, a scary story here where police in solano county say they're looking for a man who basically opened fire on another man after getting into an accident with him. so according to chp, this hit and run happened on interstate 80 eastbound near highway one, 13 and dixon yesterday evening. they say the man got into an accident pulled over. then a fight broke out between him and it was at that point that one of the men started shooting at the other chp says the man who fired the gun then jumped into his white toyota camry and sped off. nobody was hit by a the some good news, but they're looking for that shooter this morning. >> the wait is the time right now. and you may be thinking about thanksgiving. it, whether you're working at home or you're going to be traveling in a lot of people. that means they're going to the airport. how so? >> prepared for longer lines. just a little extra time
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getting through security crawford's gayle ong went inside and shows us how it's all playing out. >> holiday travel season is in full swing at san francisco international airport. the busiest day began friday and the rush did not lose momentum over the weekend. we're coming back from a 40th birthday of a spending some time case and some wind up in napa going to maui his first time we've gone on in egypt with our family and longtime us. a mom could not be more excited. there are other first-time travelers since the pandemic. i didn't do any traveling last year. it's amazing. i mean, to have your first trip after a couple years when you're used to being able to go wherever you want, right. worrying that it went well. it's a great there's like so many precautions. but like everything feels really, really safe on the sunday before thanksgiving, almost 50,000 passengers are departing from sfo. that's 60% down from the prepandemic thanksgiving travel in 2019 with vaccinations off and international travel mandate ease.
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>> airport officials project more traffic over christmas thanksgiving is such a domestic focus travel, period. >> whereas we're very excited about the biden administration relaxing entry restrictions for foreigners. we think that's going to help our international activity to recover. and i think we'll probably see that play out a little more in december. >> and since it's a lot of people's first time traveling since the pandemic masks are still required inside airports and on flights and it is advice to get here early as we head into the holiday travel season. 2 hours before domestic flights. at least 3 hours. if you're flying international reporting from sfo gayle ong kron 4 news. >> 9.10, is the time. still ahead on the kron 00:00am morning news, another violent weekend in oakland. there were shootings roberts side shows that broke out. we're going hear from community leaders who want police to do more. but police say they're stretched too thin as it is. we'll take a closer look. and the food bank in the south bay also working overtime to feed families for thanksgiving. we'll tell you how they're preparing to do what they do so well and how you can help.
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>> and lots of sunshine all across the bay area today. that's going help make temperatures rise quickly into the 60's and 70's after what has been such a cold morning so far talking the rest of our forecast all the way through thanksgiving. ahead. >> and it's been a busy monday for a lot of people hitting the roads today. a hot spot along the san mateo bridge and we still have a longer drive times across the bay bridge will have a look at that once we get back from break.
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>> we're talking about thanksgiving. yes, and i'm just le this thing wild earth may use that pet food. i don't know. anyway. they do is study. 34% of people make a special thanksgiving meal for their pets. 34% to 20%. give a gift to their pet. like we do that for like us. yeah. okay. and 17% dress their pets up for occasions you're 34%. a special meal. i take that back. we did dress them up for help. yeah. christmas hat. we special meal. no, i'm not know that because then going to be picking up a lot of special why the change up their diet. don't do it. you got problems has all dog owners now. my roommate spoils is dogs. so anything that he doesn't like,
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ok, i'm obligated to do this for a little be left out living his best life. he used to have a really easy on the holidays. i ways. >> but yeah, that's going to cool. see how many people spoil their dogs and cats on thanksgiving and the and if you are getting outside to maybe buy some stuff to spoil yourself or your family today. today's a really good day for those errands. we're looking at plenty of sunshine in our warmest temperatures of this forecast, not that the rest of the forecast is looking bad. it's just going to be really nice today. lots of sunshine above san francisco. it's been a cold morning as we saw those clear and calm conditions last night temperatures really just fell off into the 30's. we're climbing quickly now under all that sunshine, though and today is easily going to be our warmest day ahead of what will be a slightly cooler day tomorrow. and the reason behind that is we have a weak frontal boundary that will push across the region tonight. you see those cold that those clouds moving in along that front that's going to be during overnight hours. so tomorrow we're already going to be cleared out. but
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we're going to be colder air mass. and that means temperatures at or warmest tomorrow will only be in the 60's as compared to data does to today's highs in the 70's that our warmest a san francisco's mission in financial districts each at 68 a half moon bay right up to 70 at the coastline and plenty more 70's right along the bay shore foster city at 71 mountain view at 72 south bay temps. our warmest with campbell. most gatos a really nice 75 this afternoon. mild day from fremont hayward up through oakland and berkeley all in the low 70's, some upper 60's in the inland. the east bay as well as across the north bay and here's a look ahead. temperatures remain in the 60's after today. all the way through this forecast, even through thanksgiving and on into the weekend after it. if you've got travel plans the next few days or into next weekend after the holiday. it's good to go, especially here across california where we remain mild sunny and dry reyna john days for that.
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we've got an update on this hot spot in san mateo. they just open up the lanes here. >> so westbound 92 east of one. oh, one north. we had an accident there. we start to see delays. but look, we're down to almost 28 minutes here heading across tours. the peninsula last time we checked in. we are almost at about 48 minutes. so we're seeing some improvement traveling from the east bay into the city right now. little under 15 minutes for using are no major issues under 8 minutes traveling at a richmond across towards sandra fell here in you have an accident. eastbound west of 98th avenue. so we are tracking that we are seeing slight delays. let's leave you with a look at the south bay 85 to menlo park a little under 33 minutes started. james, back to you. >> time now to talk winners and losers on wall street with financial expert rob black on this week leading up to thanksgiving and rob, it looks like the markets are how the nasdaq's not doing too hot, but don't know what what speaking your interest today. before we go to the markets. i just want to say my dog 0, 1,
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1, 0, 1, 0, 1, 0 is going to be sitting at the table thanksgiving and having a feast. set both of you for the way you talk >> well, look, if you're willing to pick up after your dog after a meal like your funeral but taking her to a particular the forced can still run get out here. so enjoy 67 record on wall street. i'm s and p 500 have a great year to 25%. >> that's going to contribute to a story on real estate in just a second. fight in his re nominating jerome powell really health during covid-19 back in march 2020 cent. we're going to cut interest rates to 0 by assets will make money cheaper to keep the economy running. target says no more thanksgiving store openings ever. and i think that's the rise. the labors inflation story this year. apple's building a car. i'm probably going to add another trillion dollars their market cap. that's not a promise or guarantee, if tesla worth a
9:19 am
trillion. i think apple could be worth 2 other trillion for sure. cbs is closing 300 stores across united states just shifting dynamics and people going shopping more than lot of online shopping online delivery of things from various types of stores, including. pharmacies. >> okay. and then as we get into thursday and thanksgiving. i'm just taking a look. we'll be talking about people traveling gas prices going up. that's obviously something that's hitting a real peak here as we're heading into the holiday. >> yeah. one of sports guys he sort crime puts on its facebook page this weekend. take a look at best. it was a picture of gallon gasoline in california. all i'm i'm changing. my tried driving plans on taking electric. i'm definitely not taking not good in snow, but that's okay. $3.41 the average this year. 29 from last year at this time. this is going to offend you be ready to be offended in
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one california, $4.68 is our oklahoma. $2.99 topic for you. when i to fill up a 15 gallon tank. it's not $19.35 more per year this year. james. i just that's insane. and i know that typically the prices go up. you know, did summer blend. the summer prices always go up in the comeback down. that doesn't seem to be the case. >> as more people look to travel for some reason. the price always seems to go up. according to the holiday somebody outlook into. that's all i'm saying. >> and biden saying the same thing now that investigation. okay. lastly, let's talk about not retail, but real estate. >> so as we know, home prices have been going through the roof like crazy. are we seeing anything that's cooling that down or is that just the trend for the foreseeable future. >> sales of homes are to be the highest since 2006 this year. but they did start to slow. so you're kind of on the right angle here. but here's the twist that just stinks for some home buyers are down from 32% last year, down to 29%
9:21 am
this year. stocks have gone up so much that in july. i sold a home san carlos and i bought a home in moran. before about how and when i sold some shares of apple to cover the down payment to make sure i got the in molan and the guy who bought my home sold shares of genentech and apple to buy my home and no beds or even close to it. so first-time homebuyers. not only can cure for the down payment not only are prices going up now. but now people are starting to use inflated stock prices to buy homes. it's a warning in time for me because millennials need to have kids. we need those future tax payers. and i just feel they're getting priced out more and more. yeah. no, i believe it. i mean, nobody can afford really to to have a single family home. it's just. >> and i don't know when it's going to come to an end. but i don't know. we'll keep watching the markets here. and before we go, rob couple notes. one. what does the binary stand for for dogs and ari wants to know and our position well. thought it was
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1, 0, 1, yes, that's your daughter area which it's 2 things. it's fine area, which is great for california design of the dogs to what go inside. you know, on top of that. and i just gave away nash. it's the international code for okay. >> it comes down to practicality. how do you call the dog. >> you can hey, i want color for short. 0, 1, 0, >> 0, 1, 0, out of people the dog park. he starts all right, rob, thank you very and by the way, can tell you your shot is looking fantastic these days. i don't know what you've done to change it. but and our logic tech 4 k camera. oh, k. >> camera all in for k there you there now like one. 29. so thank you. owning your commute will likely need make up. when you look like and body, me without make you and pass tickets really working for and
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the beer night goatees rick. you know, let let rob know what you think of him with or without makeup sent him a note and a on whatever whatever that facebook, twitter and you can e-mail rob at rob black.
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your eyes. beautiful on the outside, but if you have diabetes, there can be some not-so-pretty stuff going on inside. it's true, with diabetic retinopathy, excess sugar can damage blood vessels, causing vision loss or even blindness. so remember this: now is the time to get your eyes checked. eye care is important to your long-term diabetes management. see a path forward with actions and treatments that may help your eyes— and protect against vision loss. visit and take control of your sight. >> you know how you can give thanks in the south bay can donate to people in need food, banks need your help. yeah. they've got the finish line, obviously of thanksgiving at a lot of stuff they need to hand out second harvest of silicon valley has been working real
9:26 am
hard to try and get as many people as possible, but they need more help believed to more. >> tracking and distribution kicked into high gear at second harvest of silicon valley in sand and say we've been doing this for 20 bucks. secure south be families rely on the food bank. year round. but there is no busier time than the holiday season volunteer in team lead in the been more than 400 hours of this year. ever since covid the numbers have just gone through the the food bank is feeding about 450,000 people each month. that's an 80% increase. >> from before the pandemic. this year. we're providing 22% more for than he did last year. second harvest ceo leslie bacho says the organizations budget has doubled during the pandemic to keep up with them and it has added 15 more trucks opened a new warehouse and increased its staff 40%. at the same
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time, it has ended its traditional food collection. drives with barrels to be more efficient. >> bacho says second harvest has enough food but needs volunteers and monetary donations. and actually people donate. >> money reconstruct it much farther for every dollar donated concerts update for 2 meals. >> say they believe in the work they are doing and the service they are providing that was thanks to grow as a person really dark time, especially when the food bank says the food prices at grocery stores have increased more than 5% this year in san jose legion ball run for >> it's 9.27 coming up next, the disaster at a holiday parade of police in wisconsin do have someone in custody. we're going to tell you more about the person they think was driving at us with
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>> right now. it's sunny out right now too. and it's so cold as well. yes. yeah. blowing. i don't see that removing not so much here. but yeah, it is chilly. we've got john has been tracking those temperatures for us this morning. and the rest of your thanksgiving week forecast. a guys. yes, nice week for thanksgiving. we've seen some rainfall so far this season, then i guess it's a appropriate time to have a break from it as we're doing so much traveling in maybe a little bit of shopping this week ahead of us preparing for the holiday mother nature's fully cooperating with anything you have going on your view outside at the coast
9:31 am
is showing half moon bay looking nice and clear temperatures are swiftly rising. now under what has been clear and fog free conditions for most of the bay. we started the day in the 30's for palo alto dublin conquered and much of the north bay in no longer seeing that number on your map. it's 50's 60's for most of us. and later on today. that will be some 60's and 70's reyna. john, thanks for that. all right. keeping a close eye on your monday morning traffic here in oakland, 5.80, eastbound west. >> of dani avenue. we have an accident there. so we are seeing just a slight delay. if you are traveling heading across towards the peninsula. we had a hot spot. we're just checking on that now. conditions much better since they've remove that off of the bridge a little under 16 minutes for your drive time into the city right now. a little under 16 5 8080 moving along pretty nicely at this hour's. well, out of richmond under 8 minutes for your drive time at this hour and highway 4 traveling from one 62 to 42 a little under 16 minutes darya james, back to you.
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>> 9.31. and let's get back to the breaking news which is we're finding out more about the person of interest in the parade. the christmas parade where an suv went plowing down people killing 5. we now know who is in custody. this was in waukesha, wisconsin. that person identified as a 39 year-old. >> and identified as darrell brooks. he has currently a long criminal pass. he's got to open criminal cases against him right now, including reckless homicide. investigators are looking into whether he may have been fleeing another crime when he is. you can see this video began driving recklessly down parade route striking parade goers along the way. stop the video. yeah. we stopped the video. this was actually a live stream provided by the city. and you know, that's how people at home who are watching this saw what was happening here. some cell phone video when he first went through that barrier to the parade. a police officer did open fire trying to stop him. but the suv did stop. luckily nobody was hit by those bullets. so one witness.
9:33 am
listen, describes what happened. >> well, i strikes >> and just passed my apartment complex and plowed into at least 3 people running over 2 of them. one of the 2 got off the other. did not for quite some time. it kept going all the way down the block too. people's park to stop light and continued straight through it. and that's all that i saw it continued to strict conditions and people along the way. >> today. our community face for tragedy which should have been a community celebration. i'm deeply saddened to know that so many in our community when to a parade but ended up dealing with injury. and heartache. >> so the white house at this point is working with wisconsin officials trying to prevent the nanny invested investigatory help that they need. the president has also been briefed. police are going to be holding a news conference at about 11 o'clock this morning. our time. and we're going to carry that for you on our 24 hour news app kron on its free. so download it. and you can watch along as we learn more from the
9:34 am
officials there about the condition and the status of the victims and also more about the driver 9.33, we also have breaking news from overnight here in the bay area. officers were shot at in oakland. they were responding to a robbery. >> at a pot grow warehouse about 3 o'clock in the morning on macarthur boulevard. and when they arrived the thieves jumped in their cars and took off in a person in one of those car started shooting at the officers. they hit the patrol cars, but none of the officers was hurt. the fees and the shooter did get away. and that was just the latest in what was a violent weekend in oakland police chief leronne armstrong is going to hold a news conference today and he's going to talk about these kind of rush exactly what time it is. but we just know that there are so many things that happened over the weekend shootings robberies all alluding ys. >> an illegal sideshow. you can see this one here. this is video from the side show the problem is community members say they're just not enough police to keep up with all of the things that are going on.
9:35 am
>> it's down to 680 officers the stand and the next 2 months. it will be down 650. we need a minimum of 850 to really protect the citizens here in the city of oakland. i have. >> called for increased resources for our investigation unit so that we can bring these folks to justice. >> and we will bring you that press conference as soon as it happens. if we are off the air for the kron. 4 morning news will have it on kron on our 24 hour-a-day news app. it's free. >> 9.35 the time. also new this morning, we have ex-raiders wide receiver henry ruggs set to make an in-person appearance in a las vegas courtroom after he missed a breathalyzer check in which he's required to do in order to stay out of jail. the judge revoked his bail this morning. he's been order, did not revoke his bail this morning. he's been ordered to remain on house arrest again after missing that breathalyzer test, he will be monitored for alcohol around the clock. he
9:36 am
faces 4 felony and one misdemeanor charge accused of driving drunk and causing a high-speed crash that killed a woman identified as tina 10 tour earlier this month. happening today in the south bay, former theranos ceo elizabeth holmes will be taking the stand again to defend herself in a criminal fraud trial in santa clara county. the onetime darling of silicon valley is accused of misleading investors and patients and business partners into believing that her blood testing device would revolutionize the healthcare industry in the end that device did well, didn't do anything that she promised last friday. she took the witness stand trying to dispute the prosecution's portrayals of her as someone who was a greedy fame obsessed fraudster holmes instead talked about her background at stanford in her decision to drop out and pursue her idea her dreams of starting a company if convicted, she could face up to 20 years in prison. >> happening now. the jury is
9:37 am
hearing closing arguments in the trial of the 3 men who killed ahmad arbery. they face multiple charges including felony murder for shooting and killing arbery after chasing him down in a pickup truck. and on friday, another motion was filed for a mistrial based on the fact that there were demonstrators outside the courtroom and the attorney representing one of the men said that the jury was being influenced and his client was a getting a fair trial, but that was dismissed by the judge. so the argument happened today and then the case will go to the jury. >> we'll take a break at 9.37 coming up next on the kron 00:00am morning news. we're going to talk warriors and their latest win or this winning streak. innocent miles. we'll have highlights coming up in a minute. >> and cash. >> blowing in the wind across i-five after bags of money fell out of an armored truck. tell you how people. plucked from their cars started grabbing what they could and a good travel day. good day to be getting outside in general with lots of sunshine looks like a busy one at sfo already
9:38 am
later on today at 60's and 70's for your highs after what's been a very chilly morning so far. >> i've got your forecast to come. >> and we're keeping a close eye on your traffic on this monday that a lot to talk about. we'll have a look at that once we ♪ ♪ make more holiday at lowe's. store your favorite treats of the season. and make a dinner to remember with lg must haves. shop early for black friday deals! and save up to $750 dollars on select appliances at lowe's.
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yeah. it's raining money and they jumped out of their cars. as you can see here started grabbing fistfuls of it. >> all the drivers woman because it's dangerous not to drive. she got to stop ri that's help. rightly not the problem is these people and took the money home and it belonged to this armored truck belonged to a bank. and so the fbi's like whoever took it you there get that money back. and unfortunately some people not so wisely posted on social media them off with it. so the going to going after that. yeah, people didn't even make it from the scene only 2 people were arrested and apparently it's because they couldn't get back into the carcass. he got out so fast they left the keys and unlocked the car behind. oh, yeah. speaking of cars on the freeway. take a look at this in the south bay so closer to home, a golf ball bounced off the hood of a car on highway 1, one, it's sunnyvale better than the windshield. you can see that on the right side. bounce right off the hood. this was near the sunnyvale municipal golf course. obviously left a dent. there you see if the driver vladimir
9:42 am
dabrowski says he heard a loud bang, almost got no accident but didn't and then later when he went to check the video on the dash cam. he said look at that and he was able to do swear that golf ball came from. so hoping the golf course will do the right thing and help pay for golf course is right next to the front freeways. so, you know, you but if you like shake it or lion and we do getting in cause an accident. we'll be right back. it's 9.42.
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the mercedes-benz winter event. get a credit toward your first month's payment on select models. >> 9.44. right now before you head out the door. i would suggest at least. >> the medium, the light boy that the big boy. i mean, i brought. but boy, just and his cousin go to new york. yeah, but i don't think you need like a bag, but maybe i did earlier earlier for cold out there but just what you think, john, where we now temperature wise. yeah. we have everyone walking around and sleeping bags making their way to work to bar. that would be comfy just hard to move but now we are working our way out of the think jacket territory back to medium and pretty soon will be a no jacket territory. >> because we're looking at one of her most comfortable afternoons in the forecast ahead of us. >> highs in the 60's and 70's. and thank you sunshine for that. also those clear skies. the same clear skies were under help temperatures to drop so dramatically
9:46 am
overnight. so from the 30's to the 70's. that's a pretty big shift in temperatures. and just a few hours period were on the mend as far as the cold weather goes, temperatures are climbing under clear skies and high pressure sitting in place is going to help to keep us on the drier side of things. we will see a weak frontal boundary making its way across the region tonight. in fact, you can see those clouds moving overhead across the bay during the evening hours. that's going to happen all after the sun goes down and by tomorrow morning, sunshine comes back out in full force. it's not going to be quite as warm tomorrow today is easily the warmest of the forecast tomorrow's daytime highs. only maxing out in the 60's. we will have plenty of 60's today. but those by no means our warmest numbers. most of us right along the bay shore at least will be in the 70's burlingame south san francisco and the bay shore south of there into the south bay solidly in the 70's in the south bay itself. our warmest spot. campbell, most gatos at 75 today. fremont hayward up to oakland and berkeley all in
9:47 am
the low 70's while the inland east bay and the north bay for that matter in the upper 60's a comfortable day. just cooler comparatively to some of our bayshore areas tomorrow's highs will max out in the 60's. so noticeable cool down from today, but still comfortable just jacket where the wednesday and thursday we stay pretty cool in the low to mid 60's in just a touch. more mild into the weekend with highs climbing back into the upper 60's. all this under sunny and dry skies john, thanks for that. let's get an updated look at the bay bridge. we had an earlier accident here slows down and they turn the metering lights. >> on. now they are all still a little under 17 minutes. if you're traveling to make it to that 3 months to exit a hot spot on the san mateo bridge all conditions. now cl%ar. we're up to about 49 minutes now we're down to little under 14 as you're making your drive out of richmond. a little under 8 heading across towards sandra fell at this hour in the south bay along one o one 85 to menlo park a little under 29 minutes to 3782 of
9:48 am
85. i don't see any major delays this accident in oakland 5.80, eastbound west of 98th avenue. not as bad as of delays. we saw last time i checked in here as you're traveling there and along highway for traveling from one 62 to 42 in concord. a little under 15 minutes. darya james, back to you. thank you, ray 9.48 the warriors, have the best record in the nba still there. now there's a four-game winning streak going. yeah. the winning continues. the forty-niners also continue their winning streak now over the jaguars. we've got kron 4 sports director jason dumas us with the highlights. >> the warriors. they were back to in the friendly confines of chase center after a four-game road trip. the raptors were in the house. beautiful day for some hoops and mission bay. i like that. blue classic curry jersey wiggins. he came out firing that 3 put the dubs. by 9 points. 11 point math is hard. we've had 14 in the first they led by 12 after one.
9:49 am
>> nearing the end of the half warriors by 14 chris chiozza. doesn't matter who's playing for them this year. seems they're going to step up 11 points for chiozza 3rd quarter now warriors lead cut to 9 weeks let me make a double digits real quick. that's his 6th 3 of the game finished with 32 golden state with a comfortable lead at the end of 3 4th quarter icing on the cake. gets the steal steals it. drive-in find his boy want tusk. i know, anderson, the pride and joy of east oakland the warriors win one 19 1 o for the forty-niners looking to continue their momentum as they take on the jaguars in jacksonville and by golly, it works after a 20 play opening drive, making it 3 to nothing deebo samuels and the second drive with a score. he's having a heck of a season. he led the team rushing yards of 79 next offensive play. for
9:50 am
the jaguars. you can't do cough before ball up. fred warner. he recovers it. and guess what, that hurns of this jimmy g step back. brandon. i use. thank you for that. after a slow start i picking it up. it's 17 nothing 49. 3rd quarter 4th in goal for jimmy garoppolo. he finds his safety blanket that george kittle. 16 for 22 1.76 for jimmy g and. it will spike all right. here's the closing time nick bosa's held still get the sack. that's his second of the day. 3 overall for the forty-niners. they win 30 to 10. they are even on the season at 5 in 5 up next, they host the 5 in 5 vikings. and the raiders looking to snap their two-game losing streak hosting the bangles. 4th
9:51 am
quarter cincinnati of 3 joe burrow to ja'marr chase in the end zone for the 6 yard touchdown. >> bengals extend that lead next drive for the raiders. can do this picked off by eli apple. the raiders come back slips away. car can't believe it. they're playing so well now look at a bay area native joe makes it. he was so good at oklahoma now. so good in the nfl 123 yards and 2 touchdowns. what a bay area kids 32 to 13 the raiders on the right track. they've lost 3 in a row. >> and that was jason reporting worries are back in action. wednesday night. planet 72nd. yes, tipoff times we 07:00pm for that matchup will take a break here at 9.51. will be right back.
9:52 am
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entresto is the number one heart failure brand prescribed by cardiologists and has helped over one million people. it was proven superior at helping people stay alive and out of the hospital. don't take entresto if pregnant;
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it can cause harm or death to an unborn baby. don't take entresto with an ace inhibitor or aliskiren, or if you've had angioedema with an ace or arb. the most serious side effects are angioedema, low blood pressure, kidney problems, or high blood potassium. ask your doctor about entresto. >> for almost done for monday morning. but they never stop on kron-on. so let's go to the newsroom to get an update from noel della. good morning. good morning, daria tis the season for shoplifting. it seems we're working on speaking with the union square alliance this afternoon about how businesses feel following this weekend's crime sprees. plus, governor newsome is in the bay area today is going to be talking
9:55 am
about booster shots for adults are going bring you his remarks remarks live at 11:00am to see that live in to get real-time updates on local and national headlines all day long. grab your phone scanned the qr code that you see on your screen. it will take you straight to your app stores. you can download kron on for free. back to you guys. but wait, there's more. we have 3 stories to end the show with today. first want to show you tiger woods swing a little update on him. pretty amazing is the first time we've seen him swing since the car accident. you can see the. like extreme thing you that's the right like those crash. it was. yeah. he posted this image or this video on twitter. just let everybody know that he's. >> recovering. well, he's on track swing looks great pretty. i've got a few pointers >> but i just can't leave great. it's a miracle. what he's doing. i after that car accident. you cite never see that. so that's good. then there is if you love are many like banksy. i didn't know there was sort of banksy on the road. i've buildings but on. we'll see. yeah. so out of the palace of fine art. i think it is. you got this
9:56 am
exhibit going on more than 80 works of his are going to be on display. it's going to be at the marina district site online street. >> and it's not that, you know, expensive to get in 40 bucks. you get in to get to appreciate enjoy a good handful of his a different showing the shredded our work with that made headlines that you need a lot of money to buy and then it all went up a and happening in oakland. the alameda community food bank. >> is hosting a special thanksgiving chicken give and you can see what they give away here. it's from 9 to 11. >> and the reason they give chickens away is because let's face it, i mean, turkeys are just a practical or a pain to have their right to hard take forever. the really big then what do you do chicagoan jenkins r, you know, way more versatile. so, they're offering a and we're looking at a pretty nice day sunny day. if you got around to where. beautiful day for that. and really the rest of the forecast doesn't look bad either. but if you like some 70's, well, today's your chance to do the errands and just enjoy the 70's along with
9:57 am
it. we stay dry through thanksgiving and into the weekend after that too. notice those evening lows. they drop into the 30's pretty regularly here. so we may have the comfy days, but we do have the cold nights, which is why he that's in new york. you're back. what they really cold. there's food bank bring
9:58 am
9:59 am
10:00 am
>> this is 15-year-old brinley, who is being blamed for most of her family's problems. but this is not an out-of-control teen problem. does she have problems? sure. she vapes, she smokes pot, she drinks, and she runs away. but i don't ask why she runs away. i ask why she ever comes back. her mother is overwhelmed and absent, and her stepfather is an addict who is a danger to all the children in the family. i asked to talk to brinley before the show, because there is a very serious problem in this family, but let me tell you, it sure as hell is not her. typically parents bring their children, their teenagers to me. they drag them to the dr. phil altar and say, "here, fix my teenager, let me know when you're done." these are the same parts


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