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tv   KRON 4 News at 5pm  KRON  November 22, 2021 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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comprehensive behavioral rehab. great work so far, jonah, but your road to recovery is just beginning. i can't wait to see how well you'll be doing once you've completed this incredible program. >> from the bay. area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at all. yeah. unacceptable. >> period full stop. they've been working with cities up and down the state. including san francisco, walnut creek and others that were impacted over this weekend. >> now at 5 brazen smash-and-grab robberies all across the bay area just as more and more people are out shopping for the holidays. 5 high and retail stores across the bay area were hit by thieves over the weekend. but what's being done to stop it. good welcome to kron 4 news at 5 everybody. i'm vicki liviakis and i'm grant lotus
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in oakland over the weekend. there were smashing grabs. yes, but also a whole host of other crimes from robberies shootings to sideshows. we're also hearing tonight from oakland's police chief about what he says the department needs to do to try to get a handle on this lawlessness in his city. and then we are following news out of waukesha, wisconsin after an suv plowed into a christmas parade killing 5 people injuring dozens more. we have the latest on the person that police have in custody tonight. all of that more in just a moment. but we begin with our top story back here in the bay area. this of map of all the large smash-and-grab robberies that we saw over the weekend. you can see that they spanned nearly the entire bay area region and its efforts cisco where at the hiight of the holiday shopping season. now the city's main shopping district right around union square will things just look vastly different right now than they have in years past. you have a heavy police presence out there for
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everyone to this is in response, of course, of the louis that on another recent smash-and-grab said in that area. and that is where we find our kron four's, dan kerman. dan, what are you seeing out there tonight. well, i can tell you in my more than 2 decades reporting in san francisco. i have never seen this. many police officers in union square, not just around the square but down the street. >> you know, this whole area that they're blanketing co's basically from mission street up to post and then several blocks in both directions of union square again, more police officers than i've seen in some time. but right in front of the louis the time it is back open today but boarded up many of the businesses boarded up, but still open today trying to take advantage of early holiday sales. >> it's been said you can't put a cop on every corner. but in and around union square on monday. there was more than one police officer on most blocks police began flooding the area with officers this weekend after groups of thieves burglarized and
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vandalized more than a half dozen stores around union square friday night, including the louis that on store. >> it's all very sad. i'm really not sure what the answer is. people had to make a reservation to get into louis that on monday and those shopping in the area say despite the crimes they feel safe shopping in san francisco and we'll continue to do so. i feel more safe. it's been it's been i'm going to let fear. >> stop me. from what i want to do with my family. but some businesses like gump say this could be the tipping point. >> which will make them leave the city everything's on the table right now and we love the city. gump's has been part of san francisco and part of union square for over 150 years. >> we help build this vibrant area. it would be extremely disappointing for us to have to pack up and leave. officials with come say they appreciate the added police presence, especially with the holiday shopping season. approaching, but they say police can only do so much. i
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think boils down our justice system. these people are allowed to continue to get away with these heinous crimes, then they're going to continue to do it in. what is it going to take. we're so fortunate that no one was hurt or killed in any of these incidents yet. >> but how long is that going to go. >> police have said these were planned coordinated attacks throughout the union square area. so far 9 people have been arrested, but they say they're expecting more arrests to come live in union square dan kerman kron 4 news. thank you, dan. to the east bay now because of the recent smash-and-grab. >> they're the north's trends in walnut creek is closing early all week long, including black friday. police say 80 people rushed into that store and empty the shelves before running away with merchandise just before closing time investigators say that the suspects assaulted 2 store employees and then use pepper spray on another employee police did arrest 3 people.
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they say that they found a gun as well. but dozens of others were still able to get away and we continue our team coverage by heading to the south bay now where thieves also targeted malls in san jose, including taking thousands of dollars worth of items from lemon and what appears to be a coordinated plan. kron four's. rob fladeboe joins us now live from san jose with details on that up, but not one but 2 malls were get there. >> ross. >> that's right. the 2 different vicki, i've learned spotted the plot to hit to valley fair mall over here in a very big way before that pla could be fully carried out. but another store across the street over here at the santana row was taken completely by surprise despite the efforts of one security guard who tried to stop it. here's more. >> santana row. security guard. jeff grant was on duty sunday evening when he spotted a commotion outside lululemon
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apparel a couple of doors away from the store. he was guarding. but got down there about 8 people come dashing out running across the street to my right with a bunch of items in their hands at about the same time in what appears to have been a coordinated strategy. at least 2 people robbed the sunglasses that store across the street at valley. fair mall. they were likely planning something bigger when they were spotted by security say police but whoever was waiting outside and multiple vehicles. let me add that it was just wasn't one or 2 cars. it was 4, 5, cars. they're planning to load all these cars fully with merchandise who knows. police say lululemon is out $40,000 in merchandise the ticket sunglasses not is $7,000. it's clear detectives across the bay area. i know doing some coordinating their own in search of a possible connection between the robberies and a strategy to bring the thieves to justice. their obvious in communication with each other. they're they're coordinated their organized, but we are going to
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do everything we can here in san jose. to stop this. there were no arrests in either san jose robbery and no details suspect descriptions have been released so far. but security is clearly being beefed up at santana row ahead of black friday in the holiday shopping season. jeff grant for one says it's clear the feds are not just organized but increasingly aggressive as well. i tried to stop him, but they indicated they were willing to run me over. so backed off. san jose police also adding that one of the suspects spotted at the lululemon store ahead, a gun in his waistband. >> police say they are looking at surveillance video, cellphone video speaking with eyewitnesses, hopefully to find some more leads in this sunglasses hut issue statements, you're saying they're cooperating with police and they are now working in training with employees for a further safety measurements heading into the
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holidays live in san jose. rob fladeboe kron 4 news. thank you, rob. those not the only stores hit over the weekend in the bay area coming up tonight at 5.30. >> we'll be in the east bay's to see the damage caused by thieves at the south. one ball. and the string of robberies certainly has the governor's attention. you heard him at the top of the hour, governor newsom today said his administration is immediately responding to the smash-and-grab robberies that have ravage retailers recently kron four's capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala explains the actions. the state is now taking and how retailers are responding. >> look, i have no sympathy, no empathy whatsoever. people smashing and grabbing stealing people's items crane havoc and tear on our streets. not governor gavin newsome reacting after a weekend of ransacking in robbery at numerous retailers across the bay area. in response. he says you can expect to see more police presence in and around shopping areas that are highly trafficked around the holidays. newsome revealed his own business has been broken into 3 times this year.
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>> the governor promising to exponentially increase funding in the state budget to help prevent organized retail crime. we want real accountability. >> we want people prosecuted and we want people to feel safe this holiday season. >> mayhem before the holiday season happened over the weekend. in walnut creek where investigators say a mass robbery involved 80 people looting a nordstrom. i wouldn't even. >> characterize organized crime. that was domestic terrorism. rachel michelin is the president of the california retailers association. she says is organized crime in california continues to rise. law enforcement retailer, state and local leaders must come together on solutions including potentially strengthening the laws against organized retail crime. the association is also requesting an expansion of the state's organized retail crimes task force, which relaunched in july. some of the solutions may be uncomfortable. >> and so we're going to have to have uncomfortable conversations and we're going to have to look at some of the laws that are on the books. obviously they're not working. a lot of the solutions we're talking about or not.
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>> short term really immediate solutions. and i'm wondering what could be the consequences if some of just take too long to implement my peers. we will continue to see these types of displays in crime, criminal activities happening across the state of california at the state capitol. ashley zavala kron 4 news. >> and police in san francisco now investigating 2 weekend homicides. the first happened just before 10 o'clock friday night on connecticut street in patrol hill not far from the patrol recreation center. police say when they arrived on scene, they found a 25 year-old man had been shot. they say that he died at the scene. no arrests have been made. police are not releasing any suspect information. not yet. the second homicide happened just after 1045 last night on geary street just a block away from union square police say a 30 year-old man was stabbed several times. he was pronounced dead at the scene again, no arrests have been made in officers have not released any suspect
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information and we have learned that 3 people have been arrested in connection to the shooting of retired oakland police captain or c joyner. this is surveillance video from the shooting back on october 21st. it happened in a chevron gas station in west oakland when joiner was approached by several suspects who tried to rob him and that's when the shootout occurred. joyner shot and killed one suspect. the others got away. but this afternoon we have learned that one person was arrested in houston. 2 others were arrested in sacramento. joyner was critically injured in the shootout, but he is now recovering. >> well, it was a violent weekend in oakland with more shootings, homicides and robberies. the oakland police chief addressed the crime today. our kron four's, catherine heenan. >> joins us now live from the newsroom with details catherine, what does he have to say. sounded so frustrated oakland police chief leronne armstrong. so there is a clear problem in the city of oakland saying at one point we need
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help on saturday. the chief says there were 2 dozen incidents and just over 10 hours, he says that includes an armed carjacking that ended in a deadly police shooting a roving caravan of thieves that targeted at least 2 dozen businesses and attempted homicide. another shooting that killed a juvenile and sunday. police said they investigated 6 more shootings. chief armstrong says the police department desperately needs help from all city workers in order to fight violence. >> nobody should have to live through this. asking council to step up and have a conversation about how they can support our effort to address public safety in the city. i'm also saying that it doesn't need to be more police. every city agency in oakland should be focused around violent crime. i don't care if you could if you drive a public works truck. i don't care if you if you pick up litter, everybody has to be invested in making this community safer. we can't do
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it even if we were given resources, we couldn't get those resources in uniform any time within the next 18 months. we need help now. >> on top of the violence place also responded to illegal sideshows both saturday and sunday. the chief says more than 500 cars were involved. he says the department is stepping up patrols this upcoming thanksgiving weekend in an effort to prevent more violence, more sideshows, a crime. first, amanda hari was at the chiefs news conference today. she will have much more on that story tonight on kron 4 news at 8 grant and vicki. >> thank you, catherine. and now to another big story we're following. authorities in wisconsin are searching for a motive after an suv plowed through a christmas parade over the weekend killing at least 5 people injuring dozens more, including children. >> now we're learning more about the victims and the man accused of carrying out this tragedy. he has been identified as 39 year-old aaron brooks police say brooks
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was involved in a domestic disturbance shortly before the accident and witnesses say he was swerving left and right as if he was trying to hit as many people as possible. he's now been charged with 5 counts of intentional homicide. >> the injured includes children ranging in age from 3 to 16. 6 of the kids are in critical condition tonight, a catholic priest and members of that congregation are also among the injured as well as kallis people simply. going out and trying to enjoy was supposed to be a fun holiday parade in. we'll be keeping you posted on this story involving the crash through our kron 4 app since it broke to be the first to hear updates on the developing story and all the breaking news download the kron 4 news app today. still to come. it's not just retail shops being targeted. several cannabis dispensaries were robbed this weekend. >> including this one in oakland. but first, governor newsome encouraging californians to get their
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booster shot as we head into the holiday season.
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>> all right. turning now to covid-19 coverage here in california, health officials are worried that another wave of covid cases could be coming this winter. that is why today the governor was in san francisco encouraging people to get vaccinated and boosted ground force. charles clifford has details. >> well, the number of coronavirus cases in california about a month ago was starting to go up. but in
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the past 7 to 10 days new infections have actually leveled off. that's good news. but state health officials are still worried that we could see a winter surge over the upcoming holidays on monday. governor newsom visited a vaccine clinic in san francisco's mission district. he also spoke to the press noting that 91% of eligible californians have received at least one dose of a covid vaccine. that's more than 58 million total doses that have been administered. but newsom says there's still work to do is encouraging all adults to get booster shots for parents to get their kids vaccinated for everyone to remember the pandemic isn't over. >> this is our sprint working our way into the holiday season to encourage and promote boosters to deal with waning immunity, continue to encourage people that haven't gotten a shot to get a shot, particularly as we enter into the holiday season. now, if you're interested in getting vaccinated or if you need a booster shot or you want to get your kids signed up for a shot. you can go to my turn dot ca dot gov and sign up there. you can also go to kron 4 dot com. we have links and information on our website as well. >> but for now in san francisco, charles clifford
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kron 4 news. >> santa cruz counties indoor mask mandate is back in effect in anticipation of a winter surge. there. the mandate went back into effect midnight. once again, people are being required to wear face coverings in public places. offices, even people's own homes when others are visiting regardless of their vaccination status. this renewed mandate will remain in effect. they say indefinitely meeting that timeline for when the mandate will be rollback will depend on how the county does over the next few weeks and months. scientists are still stumped when it comes to regaining sense of smell after covid. it's estimated more than a million people in the u.s. have not regained their sense of smell after having covid in a study. it was found that 72% of people got their smell back in about a month. but some have been left without that sense for more than 6 months. scientists are still trying to figure out why this happened said develop
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treatments. stay with kron 4 for the latest covid information that includes finding the vaccine for kids along with booster shot. >> you can scan the qr code. it's on your screen. you'll be directed to the special section of our website. that's all a kron. 4 dot com taking a live look outside right now. downtown san francisco. it's a beautiful day out there today. it was going say that it was warmer back to stromness with us now we we took the kids to a union square today to the ice skating rink. >> it was hot right. melting. people are in t shirts. was warmer than any july normal for this time of year. it was all thanks to high pressure. so that sourcing, but things are going to start to change we get closer towards. >> a thanksgiving day and towards the middle of the week that, yes, it was a gorgeous day around the bay area. so pretty nice outside. we are going to see some scattered clouds start to roll through much of the bay area. but so far nice clear shot here of the golden gate bridge. a little bit of a breeze outside as well. but temperatures are going to start to dip as we
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get into and the next couple of days outside right now. they're not too bad. 50's and 60's still on the board. so not a whole lot of change quite yet and a dip in those temperatures just yet. 65 in downtown san jose right now 59 in downtown oakland, 62 degrees right here in san francisco. those 50's and 60's continue in much of your north bay zone as well. nevada coming in at 57 degrees. winds are definitely going to start to change as we get into the overnight hours early tomorrow morning for now we're seeing those offshore winds and that's what's a lot of warmer temperatures with us. but now we're going to start to see a shift as we get into early tomorrow morning. it's going to start to get breezy gusts of up to 20, even 25 miles per hour, especially along summer coastal spots tomorrow. so it is going to be quite breezy across the bay area. and it's going to feel a lot cooler temperature wise as well. so you want to bundle up tomorrow future cast for showing us that things are going pretty much remain dry over the bay area for the next couple of
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days as we get closer to thanksgiving, it looks like turkey day it's going to be a pretty dry for us so far and then i'll let you know exactly how the temperatures are going to be moving over the next couple of days and what it looks like for your thanksgiving thursday coming up in just a bit. grant. vicki. >> thanks for becca. still ahead tonight, continue our team coverage of this weekend's smash-and-grab robberies happening across the bay area, including not one but 2 east bay malls. but first we're going to head to georgia to see where things stand. the ahmad arbery murder trial is both sides prevent their pre
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>> closing arguments began today in the ahmad arbery murder trial. after weeks of testimony, the defense and prosecution laying out their cases before handing things over to the jury. >> lambert reports. >> he was for the police and they did not see a find the kind that you must day. because what see is right down the street in closing arguments monday the prosecutor painted father and son gregory and travis mcmichael and their neighbor. william bryan as vigilantes that unlawfully took police powers into their own hands in the shooting death of 25 year-old ahmad arbery the video of the february 2020 shooting recorded by bryan seen around the world. that's not the law. la's john. each side got up to 3 hours to make their final case to the nearly all-white jury. just one of the 12 members is black for
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their part, the defense attorneys for each man said their clients gave chase because they thought arbery had committed a crime saying all 3 men's actions were self defense told you why raise the gun because he was afraid that he would be within seconds. >> and the gun did exactly what he hoped it would be deterred him. ultimately shot. >> after 10 days of proceedings over nearly a month and testimony from 20 witnesses, including the shooter, travis mcmichael, the prosecutor asking the jury to use common sense while they deliberate her final argument that the mcmichaels and their neighbor were the aggressors. they attacked him. they shot and killed him. >> they can't meet self defense under the law because they were the initial unjustified address. just the start of this. >> the defense saying during a break in court. they want the jury to have all the time they need and we feel. >> that if they can't do that before thanksgiving dinner. they won't rush. >> from brunswick, georgia. i'm evan lambert. next. more
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smash-and-grab robberies all across the bay area. we continue our team coverage tonight will head to the south one ball to. >> to the damage left behind. and it's not just high-end retail shops that got hit britain. also, take a look. >> at the multiple cannabis dispensaries that were robbed over the weeke
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>> welcome back to kron. 4 news at 5 as we continue our team coverage on the recent rash of smash-and-grab robberies happening across the
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bay area. you can see all over the place on this map yeah, peppered everywhere. they spanned nearly the entire bay area. they have been happening. >> more and more over the past week or so little earlier tonight we look to the robberies in san francisco and in the south bay. so now we're goibg head to the east bay where police say around 9 people smashed the glass cases at sam's jewelers sunday night at the southland mall in hayward stealing what they could. no fear. kron four's. rob nesbitt spoke with shoppers about the increase in these crimes. >> police got the call just before 05:30pm, sunday. the thieves caught on camera stealing from sam's jewelers in the mall was still open with shoppers all around. within seconds, this group and hooded sweatshirts use hammers. to smash open the display cases at sam's jewelers. according to hayward police 9 suspects got away with the loot leaving south and mall and 2 vehicles. a smash-and-grab happening at the exact time. kathy weaver had planned on doing her shopping sunday evening. just


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