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tv   KRON 4 News at 530pm  KRON  November 22, 2021 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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bay area. you can see all over the place on this map yeah, peppered everywhere. they spanned nearly the entire bay area. they have been happening. >> more and more over the past week or so little earlier tonight we look to the robberies in san francisco and in the south bay. so now we're goibg head to the east bay where police say around 9 people smashed the glass cases at sam's jewelers sunday night at the southland mall in hayward stealing what they could. no fear. kron four's. rob nesbitt spoke with shoppers about the increase in these crimes. >> police got the call just before 05:30pm, sunday. the thieves caught on camera stealing from sam's jewelers in the mall was still open with shoppers all around. within seconds, this group and hooded sweatshirts use hammers. to smash open the display cases at sam's jewelers. according to hayward police 9 suspects got away with the loot leaving south and mall and 2 vehicles. a smash-and-grab happening at the exact time. kathy weaver had planned on doing her shopping sunday evening. just
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so glad i wasn't here because i was going to come here yesterday. it was awful. it's awful. i don't know what i would do. weaver lives walking distance from the mall where she often does her shopping walking in monday morning to find sam's jewelers closed for the day was shattered display case is still visible inside. it makes me not want to come to the mall anymore. you know what a fight. had been in the way and they knocked me over. hayward. police say that the jewelry store was the only store in the mall that was targeted. they're working to determine if it was connected to other smash and grabs that happened in the bay area over the weekend, a crime becoming more common causing shoppers like weaver to question how safe holiday shopping is this year i don't know how they can stop it. i really don't know how it. >> you don't know who's doing it. you can't. stop the whole group of people. i mean, you don't want to use weapons in a mall. >> i reached out to south and mall management about the smash and grab coming up on kron 4 news at 06:00pm. i'll have more on what they had to
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say. reporting in hayward. i'm rob nesbitt kron 4 news. pleasanton police are talking about what could have been another case of a jewelry store smash and grab. >> yesterday morning around one 20 police say 9 people entered this stoneridge shopping center by pushing a sliding glass door off its track. surveillance video showed them headed towards jewelry store, but they left when they spotted metal security, gates. police say the group did not get into any of the stores at the mall. >> we'll stay in the cannabis businesses were also attacked over the weekend. course, we're in kelly got surveillance video from an oakland, a marijuana dispensary that was looted early sunday morning. it's a story you'll see only on kron 4. >> the owner of oakland's blunt and more dispensary near the oakland coliseum estimates that over a dozen burglars broke into his pot shop early sunday morning. you can see them looting the display cases here in this video. it started around 05:00am with a sideshow
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at 66 avenue and coliseum way. he says he has private security who called the incident in to police 45 minutes the nuggets of the sinuses. but haven't come in yet. >> we want to you going to more. >> once the burglar started scaling the fence. his security arrived. 7 minutes later to chase them off all funds. a blunt who goes by the nickname tuck e says he is still trying to assess how much was taken, but he believes most of the product was dropped as the burglars ran away. it's a far cry from what happened to his business back in 2020 but is establishment was ransacked by what he believes was a much more organized gang of criminals. pd was distracted by civil unrest following the murder of george floyd. but he says he's heard about many other cannabis dispensaries and pot grow operations that have been hit over the past month with many happening just over this weekend following the acquittal of kyle rittenhouse, a group of cannabis business owners met this afternoon. glenn says they're fed up with paying
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high taxes and not getting much in the way of police response. we're tired of talking. >> we're tired of paying high insurance rates. extra security. and the taxes. we talk about tax strike, potentially we're talking a pick in the mayor's office. we don't know what we can do. but its top action would kind of talk. he's concerned they may need to brace for another round of trouble. >> as the ahmaud arbery case heads to the jury this afternoon. the oakland chief of police says he plans to meet with cannabis business owners on wednesday to talk about this past weekend's crime wave and steps they can take to improve security at their locations. maureen. kelly kron 4 similar scenes this morning in san leandro were around one 30 this morning there was an attempted robbery at the. >> dispensary, like all the other retail theft that we're seeing these days. police say several people pulled up in several cars. but when they tried to force their way in. police say the suspects got into a shootout with the store's security. luckily,
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nobody was injured. but the suspects did get away. and oakland police had to dodge gunfire this morning while responding to a ro bery at a marijuana grow. it happened about 3 o'clock this morning on macarthur boulevard while officers were responding to a robbery at a marijuana grow warehouse. and that's when the cops arrived. the thieves and got into their cars and took off a person inside one of the cars shot at the officers hitting the patrol cars and the officers were hurt the thieves and the shooter did get away. >> police in solano county are looking for a man who they say shot at another guy after they got into an accident to chp says they were responding to a hit and run on interstate 80 eastbound near highway. one, 13 yesterday evening. they say the men involved in the accident. subsequently got into a fight and one of them started shooting at the other. the chp says the man fired the gun that left the scene in a white toyota camry. they say no one was hit by gunfire. all
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right. we'll switch gears now and the lighting things up. it will be crazy newsday, a crazy news weekend. this is a live look behind key of the golden get you guys kind at 2 in the brit sight to behold right is here to tell us what we can expect for the coming days. yeah. grant vicki today was really nice mild, even warm conditions around the bay area. thanks to all the high pressure we were feeling around the bay area. >> now things are really going to change. we're going to see a dip in the temperatures outside right now. gorgeous shot of the sun it's our camera on top of the east bay hills there in berkeley. a pretty clear outside right now. we are going to see a couple scattered clouds, get through the overnight hours tonight. but that's pretty much it is going to cool down into the 40's. so definitely chilly tonight and then as we get up tomorrow morning, just a couple of clouds and then it looks like a lot of clearing and then we're going to see cool and breezy conditions as mentioned, the winds. we could
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see upwards of 2025 mile an hour wind gusts, especially you're going to be along the coast. but everywhere you're definitely going to feel the breezy conditions highs in the 60's. so a lot cooler than what we felt today. here's how you can address for this week as we get in thanksgiving and black friday. things are going to start to drop temperature wise and overnights. that's where it's going to get really chilly. we're going to see a lot of 30's across the board for the bay area overnight lows tonight, mostly in the 40's. so what that is good that these are going to dip down even more so starting tomorrow night. so just keep that in mind. we could be waking up to maybe some frost on early wednesday morning. so of course, keep it tuned here to kron 4 and we will keep you posted on that highs tomorrow afternoon a little bit lower than what we saw today. we felt today 60's across the board 61 that we're expecting tomorrow in san francisco. 63 in oakland and 65 in downtown san jose. coming i 70 around the bay forecast that, you know what your temperatures are going to be for thanksgiving and for black
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friday and for the weekend r% ahead, grant and vicki back to you. all right. thank you, rebecca. coming up tonight, why a majority of americans say they're not worried about gaining weight during the holidays this year. >> and we need to know before you go to target this holiday season. some changes are being made. how the pandemic
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>> target has announced it will no longer open its stores on thanksgiving day holiday closure was first implemented last year because of the
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pandemic target ceo says it's now going to be a permanent policy distribution and call centers will have some staff on turkey day. but the stores will remain closed target began opening its stores up on thanksgiving about a decade ago to kick off black friday sales a day early. the national retail federation predicting the holiday sales this year could break records. and part of that could come down to the fact that many shoppers are. >> stockpiling gifts as backups in the event that their primary gifts don't make it because of the ongoing shipping backlog is survived by oracle. retail says the 44% of millennials plan to buy extra gifts this year. many companies are ordering extra products. so their shelves are not empty, but that can backfire according to economists because it backs up our ports even more shoppers who are stockpiling say they can always return unneeded items slater. next in sports. we will be in the south bay.
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we're checking out. >> kate rooney who is live at the tank ahead of the san jose sharks game tonight.
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>> 10 of sharks are in action tonight looking to snap a two-game losing streak taking on the carolina hurricanes at the sapd center and our kate rooney is live at the tank for a preview. kate has a go.
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>> well it alone in here so far no fans in here yet, but. had to deal with a lot of highs and lows already so far this season. 17 games in though. we are starting to see some trends emerge for the san jose team. and one of those is that the sharks need some help scoring goals. it is, of course, hard to win games without offense and in their last 8 contest, the scold just 5 goals they also lost 4 of those matchups. coincidentally. now the sharks are averaging 2.5, 9 goals per game that is 25th in the nhl not very good. so i know that even though there are those of some flows we talked about. they have to start figuring out how to score. >> today. they be called a rookie from the developmental league san jose barracuda scott reedy is the leading scorer for the barracuda. and second among all rookies in that league. so maybe that will help today. san jose left wing jasper weatherby said, but doing its best, though, to turn the scoring shot into a positive thing. >> every team is going to go through some kind of how you
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handle so for us it's a great learning loss and you can look at some of those games and say, hey, this is how we get to our identity is how we can win so it's i think that, you know, having this could be a blessing in disguise. i'm just you know, how do we respond how we learn and we him at the end of the day, it's a you know, you can when you can show off and then those lessons and make those improvements and adjustments. you're going to get better hockey team down the stretch. >> here's something worth noting the sharks or playing without last season's leading score of and or cain. he's currentky serving a 21 game suspension for violating league covid protocols. that suspension is set to be over in about a week. but there's still no word from the team on whether cain will in fact rejoin the team and play. so that's definitely something to keep an eye on. but for tonight the puck drops at 07:30pm against the carolina hurricanes here at the shark tank. i'm kate rooney. back to you. grant vicki. >> all right. thanks, i know people will join you will be
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will be fenced. no doubt about it. as we come back to san francisco live. look. coit tower on the monday before thanksgiving. >> yeah. hard to believe we're almost there. the weather has been pretty tough. been really can you believe it's a monday before thanksgiving. we saw such a nice temperatures today. a lot of sunshine. yeah, definitely not normal for this time of year. but hey, it's all thanks to the high pressure we've been feeling around the bay area. so we will take it because things are going to change as we get into the rest of the week that yes, a really nice shot. clear shot of coit tower here in a downtown san francisco temperatures outside still in the 50's 60's not too bad. now. but still want to grab a jacket or sweater 65 in downtown san jose. right now oakland euro to currently 59 degrees and san francisco. so far. nice and clear at 62 we are going to see some scattered clouds start to move through the bay area during the overnight hours into early tomorrow morning that we're expecting mostly clear conditions tonight, though, the overnight lows getting
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pretty chilly in the 40's across much of the bay area. 49 in oakland, 50 right here in san francisco getting to the low 40's. if you're going to be in the south bay like downtown san jose and then as we get through the rest the week these lows are going to get into the 30's. so things are going to start to drop and drop and get lower as we get over the next couple of days. futurecast for showing us, though, things are going to be a pretty dry over the next few days as we approach thanksgiving thursday in getting into black friday. we're going to see a no rain in the forecast that we're expecting and we're just expecting those cool temperatures, though, for the rest of your week and some winds are going to be a picking up as we get into tomorrow. so that's going to be a real change. maybe as you hit the roads tomorrow morning. things will be nice and dry for you. but it is going to be a little bit breezy and windy across the bay area and it looks we're seeing that offshore flow for now until the winds start to change tomorrow morning and it's going to be keeping things a nice and dry, but also a lot cooler so we could see gusts of up to 20 even 25
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miles per hour in some spots, especially along the north bay coast and along the peninsula and even getting into some of our interior valleys as we get through much of tomorrow. so you want to dress nice and warm because the afternoon highs are going to be a lot lower than what we saw today. mostly 60's on the board still mild in some spots. but with the winds at stephon going to feel a lot cooler 61 for the high tomorrow in san francisco with sunshine 63 and oakland. it's going to be breezy and sunny there and 65 for the afternoon high in downtown san jose, your seven-day around the bay we're getting closer to thanksgiving and you could see the temperatures start to drop as we get closer to thursday, it's going to start to get a little bit chilly. but look at those overnight lows that i was talking about a lot of 30's inland and even around the bay we could temperatures guys get into those 30's so we could wake up to maybe some frost on wednesday or even thursday morning. >> okay. that's more festive
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>> police honoring a brave 9 year-olds after she jumped in to protect her mom during a brazen robbery. look at this new surveillance video shows the florida girl fighting off the crook who was attacking her mom trying to snatched her purse. well, the 2 are just grocery shopping, 9 year-old journey. even then chased after the guy. the recommend
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don't recommend maybe the chasing after part. but certainly defending her mom. so there's journey. police say they'll take a rest demetrius jackson a couple of days later he is now facing multiple charges. but journey is being honored. for her good deed. there protecting her mom talk about a special delivery, a fedex driver in north carolina was dropping off a bag of dog food ho-hum when he realized there was something wrong with the homeowners american flag and doorbell camera footage captured the moments when a fedex driver noticed the flagpole have been knocked over by the wind. after hanging a backup he salutes the flag before going on his way and for the home owner. carla crews. the flag means much more than just a piece of cloth. >> america brought us, you know, the american dream, we got a house here. you know, it's been amazing. and the fact that he just came in blackout was. >> great.
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>> good got the homeowners now trying to track this driver down to thank him personally. >> not so lucky. shark in florida this morning. a fisherman was reeling in his catch from the beach when it the eagle just to swoop in on it catch was actually a small shark in the eagle claimed it its own the eagle 8, the shark on the beach right in front of them. that's what. he goes. do. i guess again, this that the proposed building in new york city includes a very unique design. the renderings show a building that appears to be. upside down. it would be called affirmation tower and it would be built on manhattan's west side. if it's approved, the building would become the second tallest in the city right behind one world trade center, but it would have the que pi double floor in the western hemisphere. san francisco's palace of fine arts is opening an exhibit today. the highlights, the art of banksy banksy is an artist known for his street art. the exhibit
5:55 pm
includes more than 80 works of art. the exhibit will be at the marina district site on lyons street tickets will set you back about 40 bucks. >> tis the season for, among other things, overindulging look at all that food. yeah. thursday is going to be fun. a new survey finds that most americans say they plan to gain about 8 pounds. this holiday season. go for it. again as step and most of them say they're not too worried about it. according to and herbalife paul believe 90% of people surveyed plan on enjoying the holiday season without concerned about their diet or the repercussions. this could be due to pandemic stress, leading them to feel like they deserve more treats this year. it has been a year and a half almost 2. and as we begin the thanksgiving weekend reflect on what we're thankful for 80% of parents say their kids. are thankful for nothing lead. the university of
5:56 pm
michigan. pam surveyed more than 1000 parents that have kids between the ages of 4.10 and more than half of those parents say they spoil their children too much. a lot of them say they're actually embarrassed by how selfish their children act. doctors say gratitude is not something that children actually acquire. so it's important to teach them things like saying, please. and thank you and even them why it is good to say those words. and it's good we're we're grateful for you watching us this evening because very grateful. i feel like the semi dinner explaining why that my kids have to say it's for her to. >> i hopefully we're getting somewhere, but we do appreciate you watching this hour and that wraps up kron 4 news at 5. we appreciated it. stick around 6 because certainly be here. please take
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it away thank you. you're welcome. and thank thank you for lee. and coming up at 6 o'clock. >> brazen thefts. all across the bay area over the weekend. crowds of thieves target. several high and stores were hearing from state and local leaders tonight about what's being done to prevent this crime city of oakland is dealing with another crime filled weekend, including several shootings and illegal sideshows and now the police chief is calling on all city workers regardless of their jobs to step up and help officers fight crime. >> i'm ken wayne.
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>> from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron 4 news at 6. >> look, i have no sympathy, no empathy whatsoever. people smashing and grabbing stealing people's items crane havoc terror in our streets, not >> now is 6. the bay area hit hard by smash and grab thieves. so walnut creek to oakland to san jose hayward and right here in san francisco. scores of people storm stores to take what they could and then run. good evening, everybody. thank you for joining us for kron 4 news at 6. i'm pam moore and i'm ken wayne. want to show you a map of where all of these weekends smash and grabs took place all across the bay area from the nordstrom in walnut creek. >> once and more in oakland. sam's hayward lululemon in san


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