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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  November 22, 2021 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 unacceptable. >> period full stop. you've been working with cities up and down the state. including san francisco, walnut creek and others that were impacted over this weekend. >> now at night after dozens of retail thefts ransacking in looting over the weekend, local and state police are increasing patrols and popular shopping areas. good evening, everybody. thanks for joining us tonight on kron 4 news at 9 o'clock. i'm grant lotus. >> and i'm vicki liviakis today governor newsom announced that he's directing california highway patrol to increase their presence near major retail centers here in the bay area. our conference taylor bisacky has more now on what this will look like heading into the holiday
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shopping season. >> a crime ridden weekend rocked the bay area after thieves targeted stores in san francisco's union square on friday pulled by a team looters storming the nordstrom in walnut creek on saturday. burglars hitting many stores in between across several other cities. >> look, i have no sympathy, no empathy whatsoever. people smashing and grabbing stealing people's items crane havoc and tear on our streets. not governor gavin newsome calling in for backup on monday. >> saying he's now directed california highway patrol to increase their presence near busy shopping centers in the bay area. >> we want real accountability. we want people prosecuted and we want people to feel safe this holiday season. the increase chp patrols will continue through the holiday season as we expect more shoppers to visit the area since the weekend string of robberies and burglaries. >> governor newsom's office
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says it's been in contact with local mayors. police departments and retail stores to come up with additional ways to thwart this organized theft. this comes just 4 months after the state relaunched its organized retail crimes task force. >> so far the governor says it resulted in 773 investigations, 240 arrests in the recovery. nearly 20 million dollars worth of stolen goods moving forward. newsom also announced a proposed increase in next year's state budget to combat this rampant retail crime. i'm taylor reporting kron 4 news. >> some cannabis businesses were also targeted over the weekend. the owner of oakland's blunts and more dispensary near the oakland coliseum estimates that over a dozen burglars broke into his pot shop early sunday morning started about 05:00am with a side show at 66 avenue and coliseum way. the owner says once the burglar started scaling the fence security arrived. 7 minutes later to fund this surveillance video.
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you can actually see them looting the display cases running away says he's heard about many other cannabis dispensaries and pot grow operations that have been hit over the past month with several happening just this weekend following the acquittal of kyle rittenhouse blunt says he and other cannabis business owners really fed up with paying high taxes and not getting much in the way of police response. >> we're tired of talking. we're tired of paying high insurance rates. extra security. and the taxes. we talk about tax try potentially coming in the mayor's office. we don't know what we can do, but its top action would kind of talk. >> glenn says that he fears that they will need to brace for yet another round of trouble as the ahmad arbery case heads to jury this afternoon. the oakland, the chief of police says that he plans to meet with cannabis business owners on wednesday to talk about this past weekend's crime way that steps that they can take to improve security at their operations.
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another violent oakland police chief leronne armstrong. he continues to plead with the community to stop the violence is exasperated crowd for some and harry explains just how bad things were in oakland over the weekend with the police department is trying to do. >> to try to get a handle on. >> the oakland police chief said that it was a violent weekend all around. but especially during a 10 hour period on saturday. he said during that time they had more than 2 dozen incidents. most of which they're still investigating. >> oakland. police chief leronne armstrong says that 10 hour period started around 3 on saturday when police were called to an armed carjacking and robbery. they followed the suspect to several locations at one point that person shot at officers. it came to an end here at the 5900 block of ocean view drive the suspect then exited the vehicle armed with a firearm. >> officers gave the suspect commands drop the gun. opd
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officers discharged their duty firearms. the suspect was struck. the suspect was transported to the hospital and died from their injuries. >> 2 officers fired their guns and both are on paid administrative leave. we're trying to manage. >> over 300 calls for service. those calls, including robberies looting and hundreds of vehicles involved in illegal sideshows. >> this is citizen video from one of those side shows there were other shootings including one that led to the 120 firth homicide of the year. the victim was 17 years old. chief armstrong says they're already preparing for next weekend. i want to be clear that we're not going to tolerate this type of activity in the city of oakland. we are going to respond. chief armstrong says they'll have teams deployed across the city, but he says it can't be just the responsibility of police to solve this level of crime. >> he says they need help.
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>> massing council members to step up and start having a conversation about the loss of life in this city beyond the politics with the support police are not. there is a clear problem in this city. the oakland police department continues to have staffing issues. the chief says. >> on one night 11 of the 35 beats. >> weren't covered. but he says they move people around to fill in the gaps amanda hari kron 4 news. and we have just learned that 3 people have been arrested in connection to the shooting for tired oakland police chief or c joyner. >> you're looking at a surveillance video from the shooting that happened back on october 21st. it happened at a chevron gas station in west oakland. when joiner was approached by several suspects who tried to rob him. and that's when the shootout occurred. join your shot and killed one suspect. the others got away. but this afternoon we learned that one person was arrested in houston and 2 others were arrested near sacramento. joyner was critically injured in the
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shootout, but. he's now recovering. san francisco where the city's main shopping district right around union square looks a lot different. >> than in years past. you have a heavy police presence out there for everyone to see. it's in response, of course, to the louis the time getting annihilated friday night. other recent smash and grabs in that area. kron four's dan kerman reports. yeah, in and around union square was flooded with police officers again on monday. >> and it will continue to be for the foreseeable future. this after groups of thieves burglarized and vandalized more than a half dozen stores in the area on friday night, including the louis that on store. i think it's just so because i mean. >> people are taking advantage these beautiful stars that are open. and i think that it's just terrible people had to make a reservation to get into louis that on monday. >> and those downtown say despite the crimes they will continue to shop down year. >> do you still feel safe
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shopping down. >> yeah. it felt really good shopping year. retails really need to be supported specially activist, you know. pandemic. you know, the city has to the people who live here have to do come here and shop in help to make it. but some businesses like gump say this could be the last straw. you thinking of picking up and move it. >> everything's on the table right now. officials with gum say packing up and leaving is something they're considering it's disappointing to look across union square here. 5 weeks before christmas and once again see all of our businesses boarded up. and while they appreciate the added police presence. they say police can only do so much. they say it really comes down to the justice system. >> we people to be held accountable for their actions and we need not only just speaks tough words but to follow up with strong action. police say these were planned and coordinated burglaries so
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far 9 people have been arrested. they expect more to come. >> in union square dan kerman kron 4 news there. >> all right. now we're going to switch gears and get a check on the 4 zone forecast kron four's meteorologists reckon strong. here to tell us all about it. rebecca. >> yeah. grant vicki will today was beautiful around the bay area. a lot warmer than what we're used to seeing that right before thanksgiving. so hopefully you're able to go outside, take advantage of it because things are going to start to dip down. temperature wise. we're going to get back to normal temperatures for this time of year. and right now outside pretty much clear around the bay area are live camera showing a not a cloud in the sky here at san francisco international airport. and it looks like for the most part tonight into tomorrow will be mostly clear. a couple scattered clouds, though we are expecting to roll through the bay area. but it is shunned. it should be really nice and clear once you get into tomorrow afternoon. a lot of sunshine temperatures right now. definitely starting to fall 40's and 50's on the board right now. 48 in palo alto. 54 in downtown san jose
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upper 50's along the east bay shoreline alameda 58 degrees there. 53 in oakland right here in san francisco. currently at 59 degrees and a whole lot of 40's across much of your petaluma currently at 46 degrees. now futurecast for showing us so it should be a dry a thanksgiving week as we get through the next couple of days. it looks like all the wet weather is going to be steering clear of the bay area and sticking to the far north of us parts of oregon, washington, idaho expected to get to rainfall and some snow. but here in the bay area, things will be sunny and dry all the way through thursday into friday. there is a slight chance of rain but not until the middle of next week. so good news if you're going to be traveling in and out of town. it should be nice and safe on the roadways weather-wise. temperatures tonight. going to be dropping into the 40's for the most part, we're going to see a couple of 30's in the north bay like nevado coming in at 39 tonight, a low of 36 in santa rosa. but mostly 40's elsewhere. 45 in hayward
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tonight and the chilly 49 in downtown oakland san jose. you'll be 43 degrees for the overnight low. a future wind gusts. we're going to start to see it's a pick up as we get into tomorrow morning. so keep that in mind. it's going to make things feel even cooler. what they already will be as we get into the afternoon hours gusts. we could see of up to 20, maybe 25 miles an hour in some spots in our inland valleys and especially along the coast that will going to start to see things pick up throughout the day tomorrow so just make sure that you bundle up like i was mentioning. it's going to be pretty clear for the most part, a little bit of fun in some scattered clouds rolling through the overnight hours. but once we get a pass through much of tomorrow morning. things are going open up to a a lot of sunshine for you. so it's going to be a beautiful day around the bay area. but a lot cooler than what we saw today. highs tomorrow, mostly in the 60's 61 in san francisco. high of 63 in downtown oakland and san jose nice mid 60's at 65 degrees
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tomorrow. looking ahead, things are going to start to cool down even more so as we get closer to thanksgiving. but it will be really nice. and sunny, though the sunshine will be with us. but to just keep in mind, guys overnight lows inland. we're going to start to see the 30's starting tomorrow night so i have to put wool coats on our pipes. right plants. exactly. protect >> protect the pipes get make sure that the the pets are her back. that's joint operation targeting gun skidding nearly 2 dozen illegal weapons and drugs off the streets. effort included the bureau. >> alcohol tobacco firearms and explosives sfpd end of the city's da's office. >> for learning more about the work that went into this operation and joins us now live in san francisco with more. dan. of a game grand gun violence has become a major problem nationwide in san francisco. >> is no exception. these gun traffickers are using social
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media to sell these dangerous weapons. but the city was able to keep more than 20 illegal guns from getting into the wrong hands. and this action is just the latest taken against gun runners in san francisco. s> 21 illegal weapons along with ammunition high capacity magazines and drug czar netted in a joint operation in san francisco. the atf sfpd in the san francisco district attorney's office are working to crack down on gun crimes is just one example. >> of the many proactive approaches. we are taking to get guns out of the hands of criminals before district attorney chesa boudin says 4 people are now facing charges after the weapons were found at 2 locations in the city last week. johnson bruneau economy, ryan and kelly mean are accused of trying to sell the guns online through social media posts like this social media. definitely a key networks communicate sell
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stolen goods. >> firearms and increasingly become a tool for law enforcement to disrupt dismantle and hold accountable those groups that are committing crimes and increase in fatal gun violence has been happening across the country as well as across the state california's department of justice released numbers in july showing gun-related killings in twenty-twenty accounted for nearly 3 out of 4 of the more than 2200 homicides in the state while facing a spike in shootings. san francisco city leaders decided in september to ban untraceable firearms also known as ghost guns. last summer. the district attorney's office also sued 3 california based ghost gun makers to build it yourself weaponry has flooded the city's streets. i know that through getting guns off the streets, preventing illegal guns from entering our communities. we can make significant strides towards safety and justice for all. well in san francisco last year, police seized more than
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160 ghost guns which is a 2600% increase. >> from 2016 when just a handful were confiscated and the atf reports that more than half of the guns that they got off the streets ghost guns that they got off the streets came just from california reporting live in san francisco. dan thorn kron 4 news. police in san francisco are investigating 2 weekend homicides. first one happened just before 10 o'clock friday night. >> on connecticut's street in potrero hill not far from the patrol recreation center. police say they arrived on scene and found a 25 year-old man who'd been shot. they said that he died at the scene. no arrests have been made and police are not releasing any suspect information. the second homicide. this one happened just after 1045 last night on geary that just one block away from union square police say a 30 year-old man was stabbed several times. he was pronounced dead at the scene. again, no arrests have been made. officers have not released any suspect
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information we turn now to waukesha, wisconsin, where 5 people were killed and dozens were injured. >> over the weekend when an suv just plowed through the town's christmas parade. authorities continue to search for a motive. but as of tonight they say the driver of that vehicle is 39 year-old aaron brooks who has been charged among the injured 18 children between the ages of 3.16 years old, some of whom are clinging to life tonight. police boat now has more on the man who police say is behind the carnage and the investigation into what led up to the incident. >> the >> this aspiring musician daryl brooks junior spoke to social is now at the center of an investigation into the deadly waukesha christmas parade tragedy. on sunday night. video shows a red suv drive into the holiday parade route, then leave the scene
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and his music video posted to social media. there is a red ford escapes similar to the one used in the crash shortly after this tragedy occurred. >> officers immediately identified the suspect vehicle and shortly after that, the apprehended, the suspect, the suspect had. no injuries. waukesha police chief daniel thompson says the 39 year-old milwaukee man was involved in a domestic disturbance shortly before the incident. we can tell you that there was some type of disturbance. >> the suspect was between the suspect and another individual or individuals in a different location just prior to the incident. officers say brooks was alone in the suv and he was not being chased by police before entering the parade routes. we were even to respond. >> that the mystic called the ford actually so we can investigate it. so was or wasn't initial complaint of 19 walt. yes. do we know action was one there. we don't.
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because we didn't even make it there. newsnation discovered brooks got out of jail just 3 days before this parade and posted a $1000 bond previous charges against him. include resisting arrest bail jumping second degree reckless endangerment battery and domestic abuse as recently as november. second brooks was charged in a strangely similar incident for allegedly running over a woman with a vehicle and a gas station parking lot. she was hospitalized for her >> chief thompson says the parade crash is not believed to be terrorism, but they still do not know why anyone would do this. >> and this afternoon president biden also sharing his thoughts on the train tragedy. >> entire community is struggling and struggling to cope with the horrific act of violence. last night. people waca show. we're gathered to celebrate the start of the season of hope and togetherness and thanksgiving.
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this morning to entire biden family and i'm sure all of a sprain. and that same spirit is going to embrace and lift up all the victims of this tragedy. >> president went on to thank first responders who are working around the clock to both solve the crime and help out the victims. >> now to our coronavirus coverage and santa cruz counties indoor mask mandate is back in effect. they're anticipating a winter surge. the mandate went back into effect at midnight. and once again, people are now required to wear face coverings indoors in public places offices and get this even in people's own homes when others are visiting regardless of their vaccination status. this renewed mandate will remain in effect indefinitely, meaning the timeline for when the mandate will be rolled back. we'll have to depend on. they say how the county does over the next few weeks and months in terms of cases and hospitalizations, california
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health officials are worried that another wave of covid could be coming in today. governor newsom was in san francisco encouraging folks to get vaccinated or boosted across the state. more than 58 million total doses have been administered. well, at a vaccine clinic in the mission today. the governor noted that 91% of eligible californians have gotten at least one dose of the covid vaccine, but he says there's still work to do and he's encouraging adults all adults to get their booster shots for parents to get their younger kids vaccinated. and for everyone to remember that the pandemic is not over. >> this is our sprint working our way into the holiday season to encourage and promote boosters to deal with waning immunity continue to encourage people that haven't gotten a shot to get a shot, particularly as we enter into the holiday season. >> the number of coronavirus cases in california was starting to go up. but in the past 7 to 10 days new infections have actually leveled off. that's good. but
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the state health officials are still worried. they say that we could see a winter surge over the upcoming holidays. nation's top doctor doctor anthony fauci also still urging vigilance as we head into the holiday season. >> new numbers show cases are rising across the country yet again. but fauci says families where everybody is vaccinated can enjoy thanksgiving safely vaccines on was boosters. i remain the gold standard. it's stopping the spread of new infections and severe illnesses. new data also shows a boosters can increase a person's immunity significantly and quickly, the vaccines themselves still highly effective, but you want to make sure the durability of that protection is longer and that's the reason why you get boosted because we know know vaccine last forever. so the the protection starts to wane a bit and that's with the boost is all about. so for those people who are still unvaccinated health officials say they need to keep wearing
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their limit the size of their vaccine or their thanksgiving get-togethers and avoid travel. if at all possible. >> still to come on kron 4 news at 9 after becoming a victim of the same widespread looting happening in san francisco, retail stores and walnut creek closing up shop earlier at night. how long those early closings will last. plus what you can do if you find yourself in the midst of a smash-and-grab robbery. the extra precaution security experts. >> well, tell us you need to take former raiders receiver henry ruggs appears in court to face charges over a deadly. dui crash. police say he's responsible. why we will now have under he will now have to undergo a round. the clock alcohol monitor. it. >> and i'm rebecca strom in for lawrence karnow on this monday night before thanksgiving. we're going to see a cool down for the rest of the the complete check of the forecast coming up after the break. stay with us.
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>> former raiders wide receiver henry ruggs will remain on house arrest after nearly missing a required alcohol test following a deadly car crash where police say he was driving and intoxicated rug said to appear in court today because he missed a warning to take a required alcohol test recently. he said he didn't hear a signal on a special monitor at his home that informs him. it's time for a
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test he has to take for alcohol tests a day. an attorney says he did end up taking a breath test. a couple of hours later which was within a grace period. bottom line to remain on house arrest. now roads is going to have to not only wear a gps ankle monitor, but also an alcohol level monitor the judge warned him. if there are any subsequent mix tests or if any detected in his system. it would be, quote, problematic for the court going forward. ex trump attorney michael cohen is a free man after his house arrest officially ended. >> cohen left a new york courtroom today where he pledged to continue to work with law enforcement to expose others. dirty deeds. took a swipe at the former president. >> my released today. no and for the what it also does not negate the behavior of the justice department bill barr,
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the southern district of new york frost to judge william h self. we my parts are and prosecution. >> cohen was convicted of several charges including tax and bank fraud lying to congress and campaign finest finance lot violations. >> next, another cannabis dispensaries targeted. this time in san leandro. what kept the criminals from getting away with any luke plus tips from the experts how to keep yourself and your loved ones safe. if you happen to find yourself in the middle, a smash and grab. now at 9.30,
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concerns of a possible repeat performance from a large group that targeted the walnut creek nordstrom store saturday night have violent burglary prompted a number of stores in broadway plaza closed early that night. >> our conference jonathan mccall is in walnut creek with more. >> well, pam and grand. we do know that around 5 o'clock tonight is when the doors here at the nordstrom location in walnut creek close those gates also lowered as well. today we also learned that some $200,000 worth of merchandise taken as a result of that theft on saturday. caught off guard. >> yeah. and returns on stocks their clothes for a surprise. >> shoppers trying to get inside the nordstrom store in walnut drive to fund the store
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closed. why did 5 o'clock monday evening workers locked the doors and lowered the gates. benjamin said it was done out of an abundance of caution after a wild scene saturday night. that's when walnut creek police say as many as 80 people swarmed inside of the store taking off with as much as $200,000 in merchandise. 3 people were arrested. 3 workers were hurt, including one who officers say was pepper sprayed some of nordstrom's neighbors at broadway plaza taking the same route monday evening we found as many as 10 stores turning off the lights. you what covid precautions? and i'm not hear about. >> hand i might even go there. so i just was wondering what the caution >> this family tells me they were simply trying to return an item to nordstrom and had no idea about the chaotic pscene from saturday. i think it. >> shakes your sense of security, but it's unfortunate for all the people working inside. you have to go through
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i'm sure it's now. they say they'll be thinking twice about heading out for holiday shopping this year. >> think this is going to be some serious thought considering that we have, you know, kids, family. i don't think we'll will be will be looking at news of more often you know, as the holidays get closer and walnut creek. police are now stepping up patrols in the area to prevent a repeat performance. >> mayor kevin wilk says the city is now reviewing video to try to identify even more suspects. >> so right now it's unknown if these temporary store hours in these early store closings will remain a thing of now, but we have reached out to nordstrom as well as some of these other stories here in broadway plaza to see if this is something that will continue. another big question we raised yesterday on kron 4 news at 6 o'clock was exactly where walnut creek police at the time of this stuff on saturday. earlier in the
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summer, the city council here, walnut creek approved $230,000 to make sure that there was a uniformed officer here at all times to watch the store. but now we're learning that may not have happened. that part of the story tonight on kron 4 news at 10 o'clock. well, tonight in walnut creek, jonathan mccall kron 4 news. >> thank you, jonathan. to the south bay now where thieves also targeted malls in san jose, including taking thousands of dollars worth of items from the lulu lemon what appears to be another coordinated plan. police say lulu lemon is out $40,000 in merchandise at about the same time and what appears to have been a coordinated strategy. at least 2 people. rob is hot store across the street at valley. fair mall. the take it sunglass hut is $7,000. detectives cross the perry they're now doing some coordinating of their own and search for a possible connection between these robberies. >> there are obvious in communication with each other. they're they're coordinated their organized, but we are
9:34 pm
going to do everything we can here in san jose. to stop this. >> there were no arrests in either robbery and no detailed suspect descriptions have been released so far, but security is being beefed up at santana row ahead of black friday and the rest of the holiday shopping season. >> in a word. another brazen smash-and-grab. this time it the southland mall. police say around 9 people smashed the glass cases at sam's jewelers last night stealing whatever they could. the thieves use hammers to smash open display cases while the mall was open, other shoppers were out. no regard. they were. police say the jewelry store was the only store in the ball that was targeted. they say the 9 suspects got away with merchandise leaving southland mall and 2 vehicles. investigators are still trying to determine if this smash-and-grab is connected to similar crimes in the bay area over the weekend. >> similar scenes this morning in san leandro were about one 30 early this morning there
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was an attempted robbery at the bloom dispensary. you know, like all other retail theft that were seeing these police say several people pulled up in cars. but when they tried to force their way in. police say suspects got into a shootout. the store security. luckily nobody was injured. but the suspects get away. and with the smash and grabs happening more and more often holiday shopping right at our heels of security experts say that it's really important to take some additional safety measures when you're out and about. >> these are the times we're in kron four's. terisa stasio spoke with one of those experts and she has some tips. >> watching this video as a shopper moves into a photo booth to hide as criminals ransack a jewelry store in fairfield. it is quick thinking like this security experts say that could protect you as a bay area faces a recent an alarming rise of smash and grabs. >> but i was still my family
9:36 pm
specifically in my friends will close ones is the first thing we need to do is be aware of our surroundings, which means get your head out of the sand or in this case out of your phone as you're walking around shopping we're going to dinner or walking simply down the street at this point, evan fraser, a former police officer now in private security. >> says that these bold crimes will probably continue especially as a holiday season cranks up. >> with more shoppers out in the mix to buy high-end goods. with that in mind, he has several tips to stay safe. starting with keeping alert such as that woman hiding in the booth, you should be aware of. >> where the nearest exit is so obviously the first plan, if some incident like verizon or sherm incident a couple days ago. getting out of the store is your best option. to gain as much distance as you can from the people who are committing crimes and also put items in for a heart you know. lots of you know, whatever the
9:37 pm
case is, what every type of furniture they have in this particular star, those type of things give you a little bit of concealment in terms of hiding you from im seeing you really want to be aware that he had that poll that is attached to the closing 3 feet from you. you might have to grab that thing. you know, snap it off and use it to defend yourself. obviously you want to. that goes back to where it is right. you want to be a personally aware what's going on around you, including items to use as self-defense worst-case scenario. >> and lastly frazier says don't think about playing hero just get out of the way of the criminals. you know, they're they they are coming to steal and its property that the store will. and when the police will hand over your life or your your physical. >> being is not important in terms of where it is more important, obviously put it in terms of what they're taking. >> to recess. stasio kron 4 news. good advice. but strange times. still ahead on kron 4
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news at 9 female leaders in the bay area sitting down with former secretary of state id. >> presidential candidate hillary clinton by she and her longtime aide. we're in san francisco. >> and i'm tracking a cool down. that's going to be hitting the bay area. plus, breezy conditions starting tomorrow. have the complete weather check coming up. >> and in sports giants made some offseason noise today. reciting a couple of key starting pitcher sports director jason dumas says details when we come back. swinging.
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>> and now kron 4 sports. >> the giants made a pair of signings today. pictures anthony and alex wood just staying in the bay hanging out partying a little longer de signed a 3 year 36 million dollar extension while the lefty alex wood signed a two-year 20 million dollars extension the slow friday finish the season 13 7. yeah, 3.1 7 in 31 starts. he threw 2 shutout, which was actually tied for the national league lead and he had a 152 strikeouts, great year. meanwhile, would not too shabby either. 10 4 record 3.8 3 he struck out a 152 batters this season. let's hear from the gm after the game on his to lose sight.
9:42 pm
>> beyond is individual stats. we were 21 in 10 games that he started so the team had a lot of success when he took the ball, which obviously is you know, the of the ultimate importance. we actually think we're going to get hit a sort of. >> really comfortable and secure pitcher in anthony now that he's on a multi year deal. >> the forty-niners. they have one, 2 games in a row for the first time since september 19th when they beat the philadelphia eagles. now they sit at 500 and you're right back in the thick of the nfc playoff race. but despite the recent success, we start to tighten up a whole lot next week. the minnesota vikings will come to town who are equally as desperate as the niners. both teams are 5 of 5 both teams also coming off a win and both teams had playoff goals heading into this season. >> there is some things that we did just way we came out of
9:43 pm
both sides of the ball. you know, obviously the long drive off and started with just being able to throw the ball like that. and make 3rd been a number of that we need to get better at that. we're fortunate on the last play, you know, scored a kid audit that we were none of legal formation. there things we've got to clean up by no means was a perfect lot better this week out there. >> how about some college hoops mark fox and the council. bears taking on the 23rd ranked florida gators and this one was ugly. quick. the bears never got to go on marion jones from uefa from beyond the arc 13 points for him. gators role. 80 to 60 cow will stay down in florida and taking on seton hall wednesday there and some sort of holiday tournament down there. hopefully they can get a limb before they come back to the bay area. all righty. that is ♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪
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>> former first lady secretary of state senator and of course, presidential candidate hillary clinton was in san francisco over the weekend. you can add author to their long list of accomplishments yes, you can. and in a story you'll only see here on kron 4. >> we meet up with hillary clinton and her longtime aide, huma editing. billed as a conversation with hillary and in the audience, a who's who of female politicians 3 has inspired. >> all of us. and that's came to hear from icahn hillary
9:47 pm
clinton as well as her longtime staffer whom aberdeen both out with border has climb up the ladder. as was very pleasant weather bureau. >> it's not stepping on the fingers of the below is reaching the lowest wrong closer and closer i hope when people my book, one of their biggest take nice try to share that story. former secretary of state pending the fictional state of terror about facing down a terrorist attack. >> aberdeen surviving her husband sexting scandal and baring her soul in her book both and hillary clinton's message really important story right now. >> we need more love and we
9:48 pm
more courage. >> in san francisco. vicki liviakis kron 4 >> can't have too much love in this world these days, >> looking outside. this is our 4 zone wide shot there of beautiful shot. >> twilight notes pass twilight's slated that san francisco. lost track of time he totally night. totally nighttime of her in the forecast here and we're back. it's a thanksgiving week here, right. can you believe it already time flies when you're having fun, right. yes, we're. >> are ready on to other thanksgiving week holiday. and if you can believe it to its the monday before that. and today didn't feel like it weather wise because it was so sunny, it was warm around the bay area. >> very different what we would normally see for this time of year. but things are going to start to get back to normal starting tomorrow. we're going to see a little bit of a cool down as we get into the rest of the week. a nice clear night so far. we're going have a little bit of
9:49 pm
clouds, a scattered clouds roll through, but that's about it. and i shot here. the golden gate bridge. and we're seeing temperatures in the 40's in the 50's now. so they are slowly starting to move and dropped just a bit 54 in downtown san jose right now 57 in alameda, san mateo currently at 52 low 50's in downtown oakland. san francisco. you're currently at 57 degrees and a lot of 40's already right now in the petaluma and nevado both coming in at 46 degrees and 44 in san anselmo. so we're going to see things really taper off but stay really dry over the next couple of days as we get actually through the rest of the week all the way into black friday. looks like futurecast for showing us all the wet weather is going to stay to the far north of us. and we're going to remain nice and dry around the bay area. though it is going to start to get cooler like i was mentioning and start to get back to normal for what we used to this time of year, even see right on thanksgiving day, dry conditions. we're going to see a little bit of clouds throughout bay area. but a whole lot of sunshine
9:50 pm
that we're looking forward to for the rest of the week. it's going to start getting chillier as well during those overnight lows tonight. we're mostly going to be in the 40's some 30's in the north bay but said then as we get into tomorrow, the overnight lows. we're going to be seeing a lot of 30's, especially in our inland valley locations. so inland valley locations. so just be aware of them. it's bit windy as we awake up for tomorrow morning as we get towards the 7 o'clock hour wind speeds are really going to start to pick up gusts of anywhere from 20 to 25 miles an hour. that's what we're expecting along part of our north bay coast along the peninsula and even into our interior valleys as well. it's going to feel even cooler temperature wise and because of the wind. so stay had nice and bundled up to him. it's going to it's going to feel a bit different what we felt today. highs tomorrow topping out into the mid 60's. that's what we're going to max out at 63 degrees for oakland under a lot of sunshine breezy conditions 60 for the high in san francisco tomorrow. and
9:51 pm
we're expecting 65 in san jose. i 70 around the bay you could see the dip in temperatures as we get through the next couple of days. but pay attention to those overnight lows. lots of 30's that we're seeing inland and guys. so it is going to start to get cold that is the maybe tomorrow, wednesday and thursday morning as well. all right. bundle up, a new study says more people plan to travel this year despite the pandemic, the website scott's cheap flights. >> psk about 2 million of its if they plan on traveling during the holidays. 89% say they plan to travel either for thanksgiving christmas or new year's this is a an increase from last year's numbers and even 2019. but around 10% of those surveyed say they plan on waiting until next year before booking anything for obvious reasons. new trend has trouble gets back to prepandemic levels. travel service next bake a says demand for pet friendly airlines. it has surged over
9:52 pm
the past 12 months. the service found 950% increase in searches for pet friendly airlines over the last year. alaska airlines and jetblue are 2 of the most pet friendly airlines here in the u.s. alaska has one of the lowest fees for pets and pets are permitted to travel in the passenger cabin jetblue has a free program. it's called jet pause with tips about traveling with your furry friends. hundreds of thousands of federal contractors will get a raise to ring in the new year. labor secretary. >> marty walsh announced today his department is ready to implement a $15 an hour minimum wage starting january 30th it now sits at $10.95 an hour. president biden signed an executive order back in april to increase the starting wage for these workers walsh estimates. the rule will give a raise to nearly 330,000 workers, including people who maintain federal buildings provide health care to
9:53 pm
veterans and build and repair roads and bridges so family can afford a home. >> put food the table. a car in the driveway. live with dignity little respect and make sure we treat them the way that people should be treated. >> well, the rule will have no direct impact on workers whose jobs are not tied to federal contracts. supporters hope this will encourage higher wages at private businesses. the rule will also eliminate the tipped minimum wage by 2024 at restaurants and other businesses under federal contracts. requiring firms to pay the full minimum wage. okay. got to love this. currently. we have americans who not only okay with gaining weight. you know, eating our way through the holidays. but. >> they actually plan on it. yeah. the story next.
9:54 pm
9:55 pm
9:56 pm
>> i for your health tonight. tis the season for overindulging a new study finding americans plan to game about 8 pounds this holiday season and most of them don't appear to be too concerned about it. according to an herbalife poll, 90% plan to enjoy the holiday season without worry about their diet. so 8 pounds is is a decent amount to yeah. to just be green lighting. i'm that all in one sitting. i don't know the last year people said they plan to gain 7 pounds and that was up from an extra 6
9:57 pm
pounds in 2019 hey, it's 2018. so 2, it's been a rough year and a half. know. i think it's a you know, a little bit of a reward for giving ourselves it's in the it's ok to the pandemic in yeah. okay. right. i think it's one of the few pleasures left feet up. that's about read that way. >> thank you. thank you. think that. all right. well, next at 10 o'clock. we are still talking about this issue affecting san francisco in the bay area. now san francisco's criminal underworld guns and drugs taken off the streets for people arrested in a crackdown this being applauded by the police chief and the district attorney and organized crime across the bay area overwhelming businesses you've been hearing about it all weekend now. chp officers are stepping in. >> to try to help out in time for holiday shopping. that's coming up next. a tent.
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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news is that we're tired of talking. >> we're tired of paying high insurance rates, 50 to 80 people like ski mask crowbars night like a bugch of weapons. i'm really not sure what the answer is.


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