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tv   KRON 4 News at 530pm  KRON  November 23, 2021 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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expects will increase with more indoor large gathering stepback scene definitely makes a big difference. and i think that will keep us from as severe as surgeons. we have last winter regardless of your vaccination status. doctor for nintendo suggests getting tested for the virus before and after your holiday trips. >> in contra, costa county deleted all kron 4 news. >> were following up with state leaders after california health officials cleared reportedly troubled covid testing lab of any sanctions and the state says it will continue its 1.7 billion dollar contract with the southern california lab. our capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala explains why. >> california's 25 million dollar covid-19 testing lab in valencia will not face any consequences. this comes following an investigation into what state health leaders called significant deficiencies at the lab run by diagnostics company perkinelmer whistleblower said earlier this year, those issues threaten the accuracy of covid-19 test results from
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the lab used by essential workplaces like clinics, churches and more than 1000 schools. the california department of public health which regulates the labs spent 10 months looking into complaints that included mishandling specimens, mismanagement, destroying documents and data and reports of workers sleeping on the job in their investigation. findings released monday. cdph said it could not substantiate claims that documents and data were destroyed and that the lab had corrected. other deficiencies, california, auto renewed its 1.7 billion dollar no-bid contract with perkinelmer lab weeks ago, state officials clarified since the labs launch in october of 2020, california has paid about 716 million dollars. total in monthly invoices. in a statement cdph officials said, quote, the state chose to allow the auto renew provision in the contract with perkinelmer to take effect to ensure that we have the capabilities in place for a potential surge. the contract still include strong termination provisions that allows the state to terminate the contract without cause with a 45 day. notice
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republican state senate majority leader scott wilk said in a statement newsome failed to meet the moment on the state funded lab criticizing the administration for taking 10 months to release the findings. the lab so far has processed more than 5.5 million tests on samples from 4,700 test collection sites. the lab is still under a federal investigation in sacramento. ashley zavala kron 4 news and stay with kron 4 for the latest covid information that includes finding the vaccine for children along with booster you can scan the qr code. it's on your screen. there. >> and you'll be directed to the special section on our website that kron 4 dot com. all right. let's get another check of the 4 zone forecast we get a live look, the downtown san francisco. it is big. had wall back there and it is beautiful. and rebecca joins us now with the. >> look at. yeah. after that early rain. rebecca, recently, we haven't had any think we've been dry as a bone around the bay area. we do need the rain. unfortunately. >> it looks like your
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thanksgiving holiday week is going to be dry around the bay area. that's good news if you're traveling, of course. but we definitely need that rain. a live camera outside looking at a mostly clear skies at a san francisco international airport. it's a gorgeous night around the bay area. but it's going to get very cold and we're going to really see those temperatures drop during the overnight hours. in fact, a frost advisory issued until 9 o'clock tomorrow morning for parts of our east bay interior valleys to parts of walnut creek own pleasanton livermore pittsburgh, all those areas going to be seeing a near freezing temperatures in the 30's during a the hours of 3 9 o'clock until the sun rises, of course, and starts to try to warm those temperatures up, but just make sure that definitely cover plants outside because this is how cold it is going to get in your neighborhood. 47 degrees. that's what we're expecting in downtown san francisco, 47 also in oakland and 44 in san jose. and then look at all those 30's on the board. the north bay completely covered 35 in santa rosa. we're expecting 36 in napa. 39 if
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you're going to be in concord and 38 degrees in the livermore valley. so very chilly during the overnight hours. we're going to see that actually over the next couple of nights. as well. temperatures right now, though, a pretty mild to cool 50's and 60's on the board right now. 59 in san jose, 60 in alameda, 58. if you're in downtown oakland 62 right here in san francisco and 55 degrees in petaluma. i temperatures for tomorrow. afternoon let you know just how a cool or milder fall like weather. we will see tomorrow. i'll have that coming up in just a bit. grant. vicki. >> thank you, rebecca. now to wisconsin and we're learning new details about the criminal history of the man accused of carry out that deadly attack in waukesha markie martin reports that he was actually in jail just a few days before the attack and now questions are being raised about why he was allowed to leave. >> new details surrounding the criminal history of the man police say was behind the wheel of the red suv driven
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through the waukesha christmas parade. darryl brooks faces 5 counts of intentional homicide for the deadly incident. we actually had a squad and barricades up. and he drove right through the barricades officers when officers tried to engage and stop the threat. he still continued through the crowd. >> but documents provided to news nation show brooks was released from jail just 3 days before the incident posting a $1000 bond brooks was previously jailed on charges of resisting arrest battery domestic abuse and reckless endangerment earlier this month. brooks was also charged in another incident involving a car allegedly running over a woman with a vehicle in a gas station parking lot. brooks also has 2 pending felony cases against him. in addition to the recent arrest, brooks lengthy criminal history leading some to question how he was able to secure such a low bond a statement from the milwaukee county district attorney john reading the state's bail recommendation in
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this case was inappropriately low and let the nature of the recent charges and the pending charges against mister brooks investigators are also still working to find out what specifically led to the incident. police chief dan thompson says he does not believe the crash was domestic terrorism but wants to keep the focus on the victims and the 5 victims who died. several of them members of milwaukee dancing grannies 79 year-old virginia sorenson 52 year-old camera deer and and 71 year-old lillyhanna owen also among those killed 81 year-old hospital and 52 year-old jane kulyk. >> and that was markie. martin reporting for us tonight. the suspect aaron brooks made his first court appearance since the crash today where he was officially charged with 5 counts of homicide. a 6th victim has died. a child. the first child 8 year-old who was there with his baseball team at the christmas parade. so another count is likely
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forthcoming here in the coming days. still to come, tonight on kron, 4 news at 5. we'll break down how much of the money in the bipartisan infrastructure bill is coming to the bay area. >> and then the female leaders in the bay sitting down with former secretary of state and presidential candidate hillary clinton also first lady, a senator and author why she and her long time aide were in san francisco. ♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪
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♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪
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>> for your help tonight, new research is linking vaping with broken boats study published in the american journal of medicine found a 46% greater risk of hip spine and wrist fractures. broken bones were suffered from falls while standing or sitting. researchers are not sure why this happens, but they say could be due to the chemicals in e-cigarettes since they have a good amount of nicotine in them and previous studies have attributed nicotine to an increased risk of broken bones and people who smoke conventional cigarettes. >> little tikes is selling a stationary bike. it's called pelican. you know, similar to a peloton except for kids this even includes a screen that's attached to the but as you can imagine, child development. experts say the product does more harm than good. they say kids should be outside exploring neighborhoods on real bikes. little tikes responded saying that the pelican is not meant to replace outdoor bikes but
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rather an addition to have at home. still ahead, why the state is warning people about online lottery tickets and the
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when that car hit my motorcycle, insurance wasn't fair. so i called the barnes firm, it was the best call i could've made. call the barnes firm now, and find out what your case could be worth. ♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪ >> for your money tonight, the california state lottery is warning players and retailers. >> to avoid online ticket ordering services, lottery officials warn the services which often offer ticket purchases through an app are
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not regulated in the state and could leave players vulnerable to scams and or theft. the california lottery says it is not affiliated with any 3rd party ticket delivery services and has no oversight authority, leaving them unable to ensure the security and integrity of those services. lottery officials say anybody who wants to purchase lottery tickets should do so at an authorized retail locations. >> area leaders are more than ready to use the federal money that's coming in from the new infrastructure bill over the next 5 years. the bay area will receive a guaranteed 4.5 billion dollars. >> for roads. bridges, public transit as well as internet access. and today house speaker nancy pelosi was joined by bay area congress men and congresswomen to talk about those funds. a portion of the money will go towards implementing new low electric vehicle buses in the east bay with 384 million dollars earmarked for new electric vehicle. charging stations to be built across the state one
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and a half billion dollars is set for airport infrastructure with some of it set to build up levees at sfo and congresswoman jackie spear says a 100 million dollars will go toward broadband to help close the gap. >> on internet access all across the state. why is that important? >> well, people in california doesn't have access to the internet. that's why moms are sitting in banks parking lots with their kids to try and get with their kids to try and get them to be able do their income families in fact, 10 million low income families. they will have a $30 discount on their internet service. >> other funds will go toward completing edectric vacation caltrain is also money earmarked for higher paying jobs, union jobs for pipe fitters and plumbers to keep
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up access to clean drinking water. >> former first lady secretary of state senator and presidential candidate hillary clinton was in san francisco over the weekend. and i got to meet up with the hillary clinton and her longtime aide, huma aberdeen to talk about a wide variety of topics, including how women can continue to push boundaries and reach new heights despite setbacks that the story you'll only see here on kron 4. >> billed as a conversation with hillary and in the audience, a who's who of female politicians 3 has inspired all of us. and that's came to hear from icahn hillary clinton as well as her longtime staffer whom aberdeen both out with border has climbing. a ladder president row. >> it's not stepping on the fingers of the below is really change the lowest and pulling them out closer and closer i
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hope when one of their share. that story. former secretary of state pending the fictional state of terror about facing down a terrorist attack. >> aberdeen surviving her husband sexting scandal and baring her soul in her book, both and hillary clinton's message really important story right now. >> we need more love and we more courage. only off. yeah, that's that's pretty profound. but yeah, at the end of the day. >> that was for her. most really salient to a comment. you know, after all that she's been. so she on a big book tour or i think i think so. and also there to support to
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her former aberdeen who also has a book. hillary clinton's is fictional. kind of a thriller who is is is a very personal account of her life. so it interesting. interesting greets? yeah. thank you. right in the clear sign that it's officially the holiday season in san francisco return of the san francisco spca is window displays at macy's in union square. but just like all the other holiday traditions around union square. this loved stable has had to make some adjustments for the pandemic. instead it little fur actually being out on display why they've switched to videos of most this year to improvement from last year when they were on display at all because of the big crowd to that they they draw so a lot of people of that. i don't know. its people are outside the looking at the right. backs an 8 as why can't the real are maybe next year. maybe thing right. and what's
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going. yeah, i guess that some of the kids can't be fully vaccinated, right. is that was that like maybe i maybe maybe that maybe the animals need to be protected to maybe hour is that code that is quite count. that definitely that's definitely rebecca strom who is here to stay it is. it is kind of been interesting weather weekend warm over the weekend, too. >> even on monday. warning us about this dip in the temps in an hour here really going to see. i'd you're really going to feel it. we're going to see 30's guys in some are colder spots. but to 40's everywhere else no matter what it is going to feel a lot colder than what we over the last few weeks as. >> a whole. so live camera network, though, gorgeous clear night around the bay area. this the citrus tower camera overlooking nice clear shot of the golden gate bridge. and yes, frost advisory in effect. now, i was kind of warning. you guys a couple days ago, just about the possibility we us waking up to frost on the grounds over the next couple of days.
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and now the national weather service has issued this advisory until 9 o'clock tomorrow morning for east bay, interior valley spots so spots in walnut creek. parts of san ramon pleasanton livermore run would antioch all those areas could be seeing those temperatures near freezing we are going to see it says scheduled until 9 tomorrow morning when hopefully the sun will start to come out and start to warm things up just a bit futurecast for showing it's all thanks to this dry fronts that we're seeing of these chillier temperatures now coming to the bay area. and yes, no rain in the forecast over the next couple of days. your thanksgiving holiday will be nice and dry. and then black friday dry as well. if you're going to be out and about doing some shopping and even into the weekend, though, we could start to see a little bit of a warm-up. but for now it's going to feel like fall as we get into tomorrow, we're topping out anywhere from the low to mid 60's tomorrow for the afternoon highs. lots of sunshine. the winds could be a factor as we get into some of the morning hours to make things feel a little bit cooler along the north and
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summer east bay spots. but otherwise, here's a peek at your seven-day around the bay forecast getting into thanksgiving 60's. but look at those 30's skies over the next couple of days. we're going to see it last all the way through possibly friday so well, freezing temperatures, you know, i'm going to say that it's going to feel like i mean, a real light thanksgiving. that's right. get the hot cider. yes, for >> thanks was either or
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>> in entertainment news tonight the 2022 grammy nominations have been announced and entertainment tonights. nischelle turner is joining us now to break down one of the shows hottest categories. michelle. >> hey, vicki and grant album of the year is going to be a battle because music's biggest stars in grammys, most decorated winners are facing off starting with taylor swift. taylor is back at her album. evermore is aiming for the top prize. she'll have to take down her longtime rival, the man who stole her mike. >> kanye west. we've got to already has 22 statuettes and he's hoping his album. donda earn him came. gotten. tony bennett have combined for 30 grammy so their album of duets love for sale could be as strong a contender as their friendship. when i met tony. >> i found it friends and through that friendship. i
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realize that anything is for. >> other previous winners looking for more hardware. billie eilish for happier than ever. justin bieber for justice hers back of my mind and lil nas x's montero. and still looking for their first windows ukad for planet her, john. but he's 4. we are and first-time nominee olivia rodrigo, who's hit album. sour was a product of the pandemic actually recording my debut quarantine. definitely like challenging myself, creatively was something that happens a lot walk down. >> and we'll have the rest of your grammy noms tonight on bet. plus couples news where we caught kim kardashian and pete davidson. and is that a love bite on his neck for entertainment tonight. i'm michelle turner. >> did she say >> well, the that thing could take a bite out of you. this is being called a creepy
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christmas tree. the thing talks and i did for a repeat. lot of shoppers at a mall in nova scotia say they're the things name is would and as shoppers strolled by, you know who that all the tree, what he tells them, quote, i want to say happy holidays to you. now. i don't know like and what tone of voice or but, you know, it's not having the desired results. they want this thing to spread christmas, joy and cheer. but a lot of people say, but what he is sharing creepy vibes. this is the first time what he has appeared at the mall. first time in 15 years. so i guess he used to do back before social media crush them. but. what he was broken 4 for 15 years and like what he needs to get back in. that would play i mean, but it's
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that i would say holidays to you. yes, they're yet. maybe woody in toy story can that. it would instead can year with the news at 6. a rescue us. we wanted to say happy holidays to you. happy holidays. got it. thanks. right. coming up at 6 o'clock tonight, the holiday travel season upon us just as the bay area is seeing gas prices which one upwards and in some cases above $5 a gallon. >> the big step. president biden took today to try and provide relief at the pump. >> shoppers say they're on edge tonight after that string of brazen robberies cross bay area. how local leaders are promising to try to keep people safe as holiday shopping kicks off.
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>> from the bay area's news station. you're watching kron. 4 news news at 6. we will do whatever it takes to keep san francisco safe to ensure that you can go about your life. >> now. it's 6 district attorney chesa boudin announcing charges in the union square retail staffs. this comes just ays after the downtown shopping area was hit by a group of robbers. good evening. thanks for joining us for kron 4 news at 6. i'm ken wayne. and i'm pam moore. the weekend robbery started in san francisco on friday night


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