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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  November 23, 2021 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at we are in the process of trying to identify faces and. >> vehicles and the like going through all this evidence. but i'm confident i talk to my investigators every day and command staff who who are over overseeing these investigations. i'm confident we'll have further arrests.
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>> tonight at 9. there have been arrests and 9 people have been charged after that brazen smash-and-grab at the louisville time union square friday night. and as a city leaders try to recover from that national embarrassment. mayor london breed today. >> announcing a series of initiatives that she hopes will help lure people to the heart of the city's shopping district. good evening, everybody. thanks for joining us. i'm vicki liviakis and i'm grant lotus. several high-end shops in union square where hit not just the louis that i knew of store fronts all boarded up. >> as you walk around there. but stores were also targeted that night in the mid market and our mission areas today mayor breed announced parking in city owned garages around union. those will actually be free for 2 hours through the holiday season. she also says the city is working to increase patrols and closed down streets in that area. to vehicles for at least while to reduce or eliminate a smash-and-grab get away cars. and the mayors also touting a
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trolley that will visit different neighborhood shopping districts all over the city to promote people going out and supporting these businesses. really a full-court press to try to help would be shoppers and diners feel safe. feel wanted and come spend money this holiday season. we're trying to look at ways in order to makes it a downtown shopping experience. >> more safe for pedestrians because this is not just about stolen goods. this is about in the process of getting away and how someone can get hurt and so i'm having the ability to shop without concern about a vehicle hitting you is really important. and so we're we're currently working with it mta to have those discussions. >> the mayor and police chief say they're also working on expanding the city's surveillance camera network. and tonight at 9.30. our jonathan mccall reports on the 9 people charged today, some of whom are accused in that
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louis. the time to controversial district attorney chesa boudin had a press conference late today announcing the charges and jonathan will join us in about a half hour with that part of the story. >> and in recent weeks, you know, all corners the bay area been hit by what amounts to organized crime amid worries. the brazen crimes will put a chill on holiday shopping law enforcement, maybe looking into conspiracy charges as a way to stop the madness certainly not specific to san francisco kron four's rob fladeboe brings us up to date on that part of the story. >> he's reporting tonight from san jose. >> around the corner from where thieves ransacked lululemon apparel on sunday here at santana row vintage wine merchants in other shops have their guard up. they're worried customers might fear getting caught up in violence in stay away says owner harry to think of a mob coming around breaking windows looting >> causing just not the place you want to put your family in
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response to the recent rash of organized shoplifting, law enforcement is looking at a regional approach. >> but has his work cut out for us is former prosecutor and legal analyst stephen clark them a lot of these retail theft crews have become emboldened by a decriminalization. >> in our property crime laws. and i think that's why you're seeing this spring up all over the bay area because they recognize that at this point the prosecutors are a step behind them to get around a state law that treats up to $950 is a misdemeanor. prosecutors may have to raise the stakes by alleging the well organized on 2 felony conspiracy. >> and send a strong message says clark. >> you need the conspiracy law so that if you can show that these organize crews are communicating and planning out the steps you can use the felony statutes to get much stiffer punishment one santana rumor. jen tells kron 4 news that management has pledged extra private security and regular visits by police.
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>> another says these are criminal street gangs and should be treated as such. there's not a moment to lose. is the all important holiday shopping season is already underway. police got hope for the best and hope these >> comes better senses and realize that they're they're they're hurting a real families and. >> there there there's nothing good can come out what what they're doing in san jose. rob fladeboe kron 4 news. >> all right. we'll switch gears here on a tuesday night thanksgiving we can talk about the 4 zone forecast. our first rebeca strong. joining us with a frosty yeah. guys, it's definitely going to be cold during the overnight hours. and we're seeing clear conditions. so no clouds in the sky to keep >> a little bit warmer than normal, right. we're seeing nothing but a clear sky. so it is gorgeous out and you can see more stars, but we're going to temperatures really drop during tonight into early
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tomorrow morning. right now, though, this is what the east bay looks like. a nice clear shot all the way across the bay into san francisco. but a frost advisory has been issued and it's also been extended now into the north bay. a lot of the valleys there as well as the east bay interior valleys. now from the national weather service because we're going to see a lot of those cold temperatures in the spots. so this going to be in effect until 9 o'clock tomorrow morning. so definitely want to cover those outdoor plans. if you can, before you start to see and feel these temperatures 37 degrees for the overnight low. we're expecting in novato. look at that, though. santa rosa dropping down to 34 tonight. 36 expected in af of allay. you'll be at a low of 38 and then those 30's continue in our east bay's own conquered 39 degrees today. our tonight rather into tomorrow. 39 also in antioch, 38 in the livermore valley and then it's still going to be a very cold everywhere else. mostly in the 40's like in san francisco in oakland, both coming in at 47 degrees. so
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bundle up, get a couple extra blankets. make sure the heater is on in your homes and just try to stay warm tonight and it's all thanks to this dry front said that's keeping these temperatures are very cold around the bay area and also keeping the rain away. all of that activity sticking the far north of us. and we're going to be seeing that dry week ahead as we get through thanksgiving and into black friday and even into this weekend. now winds are going to start to pick up as well to make things feel even colder, especially in our north zone and in our east bay. so we'll be seeing that early tomorrow morning and then it should start to calm down. once we get into the afternoon hours. so a little bit breezy, especially into our east bay hills. so expect that as we get tomorrow temperatures. right now, though, we're still in the 40's and 50's, but they're definitely dropping faster than what we saw last night. so you really going to feel it if you're going to be out and about tonight. make sure bundle up because look at that map already at 42 degrees novato you're already at a cold. 46. but tomorrow we are
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going to see a lot of sunshine but still want to the long sleeves and the jackets on because we're only going to top out into the 60's 66 in hayward tomorrow. 64 for the afternoon high in san francisco and 66 in san jose. now looking ahead. you can see over the next couple of days. the temperatures are going to be pretty steady throughout the daytime hours. guys thanksgiving. we're going to see 60's. so i mean, it's going to feel like fall, but you still want to bundle up. got those mittens made at the knees. right. and if you. >> heat a lot of food than that keeps you warm billed well. next. earlier >> today. we are following up with state leaders after california health officials reportedly troubled covid testing lab of any sanctions state says it will continue its 1.7 billion dollar contract. >> with the southern california lab. our capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala explains why. >> california's 25 million
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dollar covid-19 testing lab in valencia will not face any consequences. this comes following an investigation into what state health leaders called significant deficiencies at the lab run by diagnostics company perkinelmer whistleblower said earlier this year, those issues threaten the accuracy of covid-19. test results from the lab used by essential workplaces like clinics, churches and more than 1000 schools. the california department of public health which regulates the lab spent 10 months looking into complaints that included mishandling specimens, mismanagement, destroying documents and data and reports of workers sleeping on the job in their investigation. findings released monday. cdph said it could not substantiate claims that documents and data were destroyed and that the lab had corrected. other deficiencies, california, auto renewed its 1.7 billion dollar no-bid contract with perkinelmer lab weeks ago, state officials clarified since the labs launch in october of 2020 california has paid about 716 million dollars. total in monthly
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invoices. in a statement cdph officials said, quote, the state chose to allow the auto renew provision in the contract with perkinelmer to take effect to ensure that we have the capabilities in place for a potential surge. the contract still include strong termination provisions that allows the state to terminate the contract without cause with a 45 day. notice republican state senate majority leader scott wilk said in a statement newsome failed to meet the moment on the state funded lab criticizing the administration for taking 10 months to release the findings. the lab so far has processed more than 5.5 million tests on samples from 4,700 test collection sites. the lab is still under a federal investigation in sacramento. ashley zavala kron 4 news health officials in contra, costa county are bracing for a holiday surge of covid cases and. >> hospitalizations as more people are hitting the road planning large indoor gatherings. the county's health officer doctor chris farnitano says we are in better shape locally to prevent a repeat of last
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winter's surgeon cases and hospitalizations because more than 74% of the population is fully vaccinated in contra, costa county. that certainly outpaces the rest of the country. still, he says the county's population is not projected to reach the 80% full vaccination threshold. until the end of the year, adding that it is essential that all eligible people receive their booster shots. >> team definitely makes a big difference. and i think that will keep us from as severe as surgeons. we have last winter in any wayne's, especially in older adults. but even in younger adults, it's still in younger healthy people. it still gives very, very good protection against severe disease and hospitalization. but we also want to prevent spread. >> in the past 2 weeks. hospitalizations because of covid are down nearly 4 and a half percent. an active cases are down nearly 20%. but those numbers are expected to regardless of vaccination status. doctor, far suggests
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getting tested for covid before and after your holiday trips, all of our trains in service are now equipped with newly upgraded filtration systems to fight against the spread of covid-19 after a successful pilot program. leaders say. >> they'll be ready now for more riders. this holiday season are told the sec. he joins us live from the newsroom with wood riders and commuters can expect taylor. i guess the holiday season certainly important, but they really want to get, you know, these these workers and students in the routine of getting back on bart jagr and with these upgrades, they're hoping that people feel more safe because the biggest change in these bart trains are the type of filters and they're now using. >> all trains are now equipped with stronger filters recycling the air every 70 seconds from outside. >> bracing for the holiday season and more visitors in the potential to increase the spread of covid-19 bart has equipped all of its trains with stronger, more dense
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filters providing more protection against the virus we just updated all of our photos from the move. 8. >> move 14 style folklore. and what is the density the allows us to capture much more articulate 14 will capture particulate down to smallest 3 tenths of an for about 70 engineer. charles franz explains. >> the higher the merv number, the more effective that filter system is against preventing transmissions. >> with this new system. he says air is recycled every 70 seconds from outside each hvac 2 filters is on clout. >> for a total of 4 and what that's doing is it's bringing in air from the outside. it's also bringing in air from the cabin and passing it through a much like a, you know, coffee guy going to copy for after many months spent on the project. our hopes to reassure its riders. they can rely on a safe ride on that part. >> and that they're breathing very fresh air that we're
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taking as many steps as we can to mitigate the coronavirus risk. >> bart says it changes and replaces those filters every 2 to 3 months live from the newsroom. taylor bisacky kron 4 news. thank you taylor. today's the first day that federal employees work under a vaccine mandate more than 90% of federal workers have gotten at least one dose, 5% of applied for an exemption coronavirus cases course. and we've been talking about rob rising all across the u.s. with. >> northeastern states like connecticut, massachusetts and rhode island, seeing some of the biggest surges. we're all health care providers across the country will start receiving billions of dollars in federal funds today to help them stay afloat. 10's of thousands of providers and suppliers who serve rural medicaid children's health insurance programs and medicare beneficiaries will be able to use the money for a variety of pandemic-related expenses. our washington correspondent jessi tenure has details.
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>> good evening. aj just tells me nearly half the nation's providers were operating in the red even before the pandemic. so these funds should give them some much needed relief. >> this is a lifeline to a lot of our providers more than 40,000 hospitals, nursing homes and other health care providers in rural areas will soon get a surge in cash to help them survive beyond the pandemic. we know that they went through a lot. and we know that they have a lot of expenses. this money should help on tuesday health and human services secretary xavier becerra's department started distributing 7.5 billion dollars in american rescue plan funds. congress approved earlier this year. we can't afford to lose any provider. an average of a $170,000 will go to each row provider to hire or retain personnel by personal protective equipment and ventilators or continue their vaccination efforts. they have the ability to use this money as they see fit given that they stepped up to help us on covid, a bipartisan group of
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lawmakers, including senators jeanne shaheen and susan collins are pushing hhs to speed up the distribution of these remaining covid relief funds. but sarah says hhs wants to work quickly but has to make sure providers qualify. we don't want to find out that would send money to a entity and can collect the back. the biden administration stresses this all plays into its efforts to get covid under control heading into the holidays. all hands on deck team effort. there's no way you deal with this us. everybody does their part. and any health care provider, including those in rural areas can also apply for an additional 17 billion dollars that the sarah says hhs should start distributing next month. >> in washington. i'm jessi tenure. >> jury deliberations in the ahmaud arbery murder trial have ended for the day jurors were in deliberation since before noon today, going home for the night. just a little while ago. travis mcmichael, gregory mcmichael and william roddie bryan are each facing 9 charges. among them counts of felony murder and aggravated
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assault. this morning. the lead prosecutor spent about 2 hours rebutting the defense's closing arguments making her last pitch to jurors outside the courthouse. supporters of the arbery family continued to chant for justice. arbery's mother says she's confident the family. we'll get the closure. they have been looking for. >> i do think that we will come back with a guilty about it. with guy has us this far. and he's not going tell us we will get justice for my. >> we also spoke with kevin gough, us representing william roddie bryan. he says he's confident his client will walk out free. it is up to the jury. how long they'll be deliberating, of course. but the court does say jurors will be brought back after thanksgiving on friday and saturday if needed. carol brooks, the wisconsin man accused of driving an suv into crowds at the waukesha. >> christmas parade was charged today with 5 counts of first-degree intentional homicide. prosecutors say a
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6th person an 8 year-old little boy died today and that another intentional murder charge is expected to be added brooks reportedly drove a maroon suv directly through the parade, striking people and afloat last sunday over 40 people were injured. 6 were killed. a candlelight vigil was held last night in the honor of the victims. and tonight we are getting a look at the moment that brooks was arrested on sunday reporter kailey the sun has more. >> in all actuality. it was a really, really scary thing. waukesha homeowner daniel writer says it all happened in the span of about 10 just moments after the parade crash. a man appearing to be 39 year-old darryl brooks knocks on his door asking to a phone costs court the wait for it over here. looking me telling me that he needs help writer says he let him in,
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gives them a jacket to wear a cell phone use and a sandwich. i wasn't getting the message is saying to shelter in place and suspect on the loose is because he was on my phone for a long time. the whole time he was at the house. he says the man appeared to call his mother and was speaking for a while until rider noticed police circling his neighborhood. he says he begins to an easy. we never get police traffic early much for any traffic on this road. so that at 5.10, is when you see me escorting him out of the house and he listened he he was playing with me the whole time using my house. and he even thanked me saying thank you so, so much. love here, man. appreciate you. after returning to coach and phone writer says the man leads willingly but then returns to the window yelling that he is missing id id. he wanted to come inside. and i mean, it was like no, there's no way. kayak. and i think he's just making up something to try to get back in the house and hide because he'd seen officer shortly after police arrived and appeared to take the man into custody. at that moment. i knew, oh, wow. this guy's a disguise when he said he was a learned after he
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was in cuffs and. >> and i called my neighbor who is at the parade. and he told me everything i was just in shock. rider says knowing what he knows now he would have never let him inside hot. no i know many but it's strange no strangers are coming in my house again. >> the attorney for the family of brian laundrie says he died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head. laundry is the only person of interest in the death of his fiance. gabby petito laundrie's remains were found in october at a florida environmental preserve. the fbi is currently working to preserve laundrie's water damage notebook that was found with his remains crime. experts say it could answer questions about why the couple died. still to come, criminals targeting san francisco's famed union square. >> a busy shopping season and that has the district attorney in san francisco now announcing charges.
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>> and many americans are hitting the roads for the holidays. how is the president responding to climbing gas prices nationwide. >> also we'll take a look at how some of the funding from that federal infrastructure bill will be spent right here in the bay area. >> and i'm rebecca strom in for lawrence karnow. i am tracking frigid temperatures and triggering a frost advisory. my complete forecast coming up.
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♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪
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>> leaders are more than ready to use the federal money that's coming in from the new infrastructure bill. that's what they're saying over the next 5 years or so. the bay area will receive a guaranteed 4 and a billion dollars for things like roads, bridges, public transit and internet access and today house speaker nancy pelosi was joined by bay area. congressional leaders to talk about all that money. a portion of the funds will go toward implementing new low electric vehicle buses in the east bay with 384 million dollars earmarked for new electric vehicle. charging stations that will be built across the state one and a half billion set for airport infrastructure with some of that money set to be used to build up the levees said sfo with rising sea waters in congresswoman jackie spear says a 100 million dollars will go toward broadband internet access to help close the gap on access to wi-fi
9:25 pm
across the state. why is that important? >> well, 5 people in california doesn't have access to the internet. that's why moms are sitting in banks parking lots with their kids to try and get them to be able do their homework. in addition for low income families in fact, 10 million low income families. they will have a $30 discount on their internet service. >> other funds will go toward completing electrification of caltrain. there's also money earmarked for union jobs for pipe fitters and plumbers to maintain and increase access to clean drinking water. >> more bay area news tonight, san mateo county board of supervisors president david can has a launch his campaign for congress elected he would succeed representative jackie spear who says she's not going to seek reelection next year.
9:26 pm
state assembly member kevin he's running for that same s- position. the san mateo county native announced his candidacy with this video posted on twitter today in the video he called spear a mentor. burlingame city council member emily beach also announcing that she's going to seek spears seat. she posted the news on twitter yesterday saying, quote, as a u.s. army vet teens environment champion business exec and pandemic. mayor, qualified and ready to lead. >> coming up next, tsa workers sfo planning a demonstration tomorrow. we'll hear what they're demanding from airport executives just one day before thanksgiving. busy travel day. tomorrow. also lottery warnings issued to people who might want to grab a ticket online convenient officials say those apps and websites can leave players vulnerable to scams. first, though,
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tonight, san francisco district attorney, the embattled chase, a budding announcing charges for the people who he says are behind the recent smashing grabs in and around union square when the suspects will likely face a judg
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>> now at 9.39, people are now facing felony charges for their roles in the smash-and-grab thefts at the louis beat on store and other stories around union square
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san francisco dha simple. dean announced the charges today across 4 jonathan mccall. here with us in the studio with details. good evening, jonathan. good evening. grant and vicki accountability is what this is all arraignments for those 9 suspects. >> are set to get under way as p early as tomorrow afternoon. tonight, embattled district attorney says that these arrests are only the beginning part of this very developing case. here's a look at the names of the 9 people who were arrested for there roles in those smash and grabs on friday night. investigators say they are connected to the robberies at the louis baton store as well as dispensary end a walgreens. the charges ranging from looting burglary. stolen property resisting 2 of them also now facing felony gun possession charges. all of these charges are felonies because of a new california law that make it a felony. when you still more than $950 in merchandise from a particular location. this is a look at the wild scene
9:31 pm
unfolded friday night on the streets of union square in san francisco when investigators say as many as 40 people smashed windows at the louis baton store grabbing merchandise and everything they could get their hands on. this is one of several incidents that happened that night as we mentioned, dispensary also targeted and walgreens today during a news conference this afternoon district attorney chesa boudin said that his office is doing everything it can to try to keep shoppers safe. he also says that he currently facing a recall. but he took a moment to answer critics who question his toughness on crime. but dean says his office has filed charges on 72% of cases involving theft when asked if some of the people arrested could end up on the streets again. bodene says that decision is not left up to him. >> when someone gets arrested in san francisco. there's a process, a legal process in which judges you those arrests and cases my office is not
9:32 pm
present were not part of that conversation. we don't have an opportunity to make arguments in front of that. it's entirely possible that one or more of these individuals has been released or put the best case is we can put together if there's challenges. we have to work together. but there has to be consequences. these are not victimless crimes. >> lots of men and women are severely traumatized by these acts. >> and once again, the district attorney says that those arraignments for those 9 felon or for those 9 suspects could begin as early as tomorrow afternoon and one of the thingssthat he did stress is that other cases more likely cases and other charges are likely to be on the way with more folks arrested in connection to these thefts. also today we learned the judean along with other district attorneys from across the bay area, getting a chance to get together and talk today about these ongoing thefts to see if any of the suspects involved in these cases could being connected to theft in
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their jurisdictions. jonathan mccall kron 4 news, thank you, jonathan. to that end of the east bay after the nordstrom hand. several other stores in walnut creek were targeted this weekend. things. >> looking a lot different in that area. the main street on broadway plaza is now closed to cars at least 10 stores have also announced they are closing their doors early these days to try to avoid another scene like they saw on saturday. the mayor of all that creek also announcing an increase in police officers in the area at all times of day. he says these new changes are expected to be in place through christmas at the very least, those smash-and-grab thefts that we've been telling you about all over the bay area now getting some extra attention. >> california highway patrol will start helping cities beef up their law enforcement presence just in time for the big holiday push. our first resist asking a report on how the chp is getting involved to help everyone stay safe. >> it is quiet right now at the sun valley mall in concord
9:34 pm
a sharp contrast to this. >> criminals armed with hammers making such a racket as they smashed open the thick security cases that iceberg jewelers last week. the people in the mall font guns were being fired in response to that smash-and-grab and the steady series of similar crimes such as this one in fairfield, california. highway patrol will now be teaming up with local law enforcement launching their organized retail crime task force. the goal will to help assist in pursuing leads identifying suspects and supporting criminal investigations. chp officials say many of these crimes involve complicated. the theft rings and fencing operations to sell stolen goods. effective immediately. the chp will increase patrols on freeway. corridor is near major shopping centers. this as a way to chase down criminals fleeing from scenes in walnut creek last week. authorities believe as many as
9:35 pm
80 people stormed into the nordstrom and took off and multiple cars. and in san francisco, police surrounded one car after thieves broke into multiple high-end stores. but others with goods flowing out of their arms got into cars and sped away security cameras poised entrances of malls can capture license plates that the chp can use to track down on highways as well. and making the big announcement tuesday to launch the task force chp officials say the public can help out adding never step in and get involved in one of these crimes. but you can jot down descriptions and those license plate numbers can really help out and break up these brazen crimes, especially right now is a holiday season gets into full swing and conquer theresa kron 4 news charges have been filed in connection to the shooting of retired oakland police chief. >> or see joyner. we have mug shots now of 2 of the suspects marlon king. come on, dre. king. they are 2 of the 3 suspects accused of
9:36 pm
confronting join her at gunpoint threatening to shoot him and stealing his property. investigators say joyner pulled out a gun and fired shots killing the 3rd suspect to sunny gardner. we have surveillance video now from the shooting on october 21st in west oakland. police say a 4th suspect joshua hayes was a driving the getaway car. he was arrested in texas and is being extradited back here to california. joyner was also critically injured. he is recovering all 3 defendants have been charged with the murder of gardner and the second degree robbery of joyner marlon king and come andre king are also facing one count of assault with a firearm. we're following developing story in the south bay where san jose police say 2 men were injured in a shooting. it happened this afternoon. >> investigators showed up at the scene on story road a little after 2.45 today and found the 2 men had been shot. both were taken to the hospital. one has life-threatening. injuries will continue to stay on top
9:37 pm
of this story. and as we get more updates, we will bring them to you. now. pete, us police make a major reversal on the timeline of an october shootout between police and 42 year-old michael nelson. police are now saying nelson was first shot at by one of their detectives. >> so many gunshots milpitas police say detectives first initiated and enforcement stop of what they say was a stolen vehicle that was parked there in the milpitas square shopping center. police reported that now son got out of his car, looked at officers went back into his car and then exited the vehicle again. officers say against their wishes and they say he was
9:38 pm
armed with a gun when he got out at the time. no peters. police say detectives fired their weapons in response to nelson shooting. first. but on friday, bill peters police said they've actually since learned that a detective fired first at nelson when nelson emerged armed with a got the santa clara county district attorney's office is conducting an independent investigation of the shooting and we will continue to follow this story and bring you updates as we get them here on kron. 4 news. >> still ahead, 9 sfo workers have plans to protest tomorrow. i will be on the picket line during one of the busiest travel days of the year. >> and i'm rebecca strom in for lawrence karnow. i'm tracking near freezing temperatures during the overnight hours around the bay area tonight. and let you know what your holiday forecast holds. all coming up. >> and in sports, it was clay day at 4 years practices. first full team practice since
9:39 pm
tearing his acl in 2019 terry's achilles in 2020. what a great site clay's back sports director jason dumas has reaction from the warriors guard. when we come back. there's never been a better time to switch to xfinity. get the fast and reliable internet you deserve for only $19.99 a month for 12 months for an epic deal this holiday season. and score 12 times the speed for the same price when you add xfinity mobile. that's more speed and more value for the same price. switch now to xfinity internet to power all your devices and get started for just $19.99 a month. plus, see how you can get $200 back during our black friday sales event. click, call or visit a store today.
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>> and now kron 4 sports. >> it is a great time to be a
9:42 pm
warriors fan, which you look at this. now, if this isn't a site that brings great joy to your heart. you must not be a warriors fan or a basketball fan at that klay thompson is back at practice going full speed no limitations is the final step in his comeback. it's been 2 and a half long years since we got to see him play, which president. it. no one has come back from an acl and a ruptured achilles back to back. of course, that's a really long time to be away from the game. so we'll have to temper our expectations that steve kerr has been telling us all season. but clay he's motivated and he wants to win another championship. tune into. that's a great indicator of and our defense. i think it's topped the league as well as offense. and i'm not even out yet. think about that. really thank about that. i'm more motivated than ever as well. and. i want a championship so
9:43 pm
bad. more than anything. i want to be on that. i want some recognition get it. that's fine. get recognition going so. >> i want to win again. i want to win a force ring and not being able compete again. i just feel that. i mean, the last 2 years. feel like i have a lot of pent-up energy to go out there. and prove not to anybody else to to still one of the best. so. we have to our court. we have a finals mvp 2 time mvp dpo. i champions. we've got a core. we've got to use. players who are showing why we went after a man. i just really want to win a championship again. i want to. the u.s. it. yeah, we to clay. how about some college hoops saint mary's host an oregon maui
9:44 pm
invitational pick things up in the 2nd half tailed by 9 tommy for 3. >> 13 points for him later on saint mary's up by 14. dan fotu. gets the lanes. 16 off the bench for him. gales win. 62 to 50. they are undefeated. they'll take on wisconsin tomorrow in the championship round, ok, we had a wild finish in san jose. the spartans taking on the northern colorado bears down one seconds going to just get out the way this are you more with the ball >> for. are had 28 points san jose state winds 75 to 74 to now 2, 3, maybe that is the play. >> that gets their season going and get them on a roll. you've got to love college you've got to love college hoops all righsy. tha hi honey! hi mommy! oh i missed you! you just want to video call the kids.
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>> tsa screened more than 2 billion people at the airport security checkpoints nationwide yesterday. it's expected to be even busier tomorrow, which is traditionally one of the busiest travel days of the year. so if you have to. catch a flight airport officials urged travelers to arrive early. it's also good idea to pre book. you're parking in debt use a shuttle to get to and from the terminal areas. and as always, don't forget ask before you head out the door to the airport. make sure to respect the covid-19 travel restrictions while you're on board your flight tomorrow.
9:48 pm
hundreds of workers plan, they say, go on strike at san francisco international. >> according to union officials, they're striking for affordable health care benefits. strike scheduled from 10:00am to 03:00pm at terminal 3 on what is traditionally one of the busiest travel days of the year. the workers go on strike include cashiers and food service employees along with people who prepare the food and drinks that are served during flights. airport. officials say they're confident the strike will not affect people's travel plans. the faa is proposing more than a $161,000 in fines against 8 passengers where alcohol was allegedly involved. those cases include alleged assault against a flight attendant smoking pot on the plane and yelling profanities at crew members. the fines range from just over a $1000 to more than 40 $1000. we turn now to the ever rising price of gas in an
9:49 pm
effort to lower gas prices across the country. president biden is ordering. >> 50 million barrels of oil to be released from the country's strategic reserves. while speaking today the president said he's taking these actions in coordination with other countries like china, india and the u k and e stressing that, well, this is going to help lower what we pay at the pump. it won't be an instant relief and is blaming gas suppliers for the high prices despite the wholesale price of oil continuing to drop. >> the price of gasoline the wholesale market has fallen by about 10% over the last few weeks. but the price of the pump hasn't budged. a penny. other words, gas supply companies. our pay less making a lot more. they do not seem to be passing that on to consumers at the pump. that's why i've asked the federal trade commission. to consider whether potentially illegal and i can put behavior in the oil and gas industry is causing higher prices for consumers.
9:50 pm
>> and here in california, today's average cost for a gallon of gas is $4.70. we spoke to driver in burlingame about what they think about that new plan for the white house to lower our prices. >> well, every little bit helps health specially for the holidays for families and and for travel help saw a little bit we appreciate it. >> goes down. we'll will it affect you to change them. what you've been doing lately. if it goes down for will just actually. yes, but right now i'm still working in wait and see. >> so we here's a look at the current prices for a gallon of gas. san francisco. always the for 87 oakland for 79 san jose. 4.80. and in the north bay in sandra fell for 89. here's a look at the current price is what we are. he said that so not going to repeat already hurt and not it hurts enough to hear at the to say
9:51 pm
it again now is a look gas just getting if you're going to feel that the car, you know, a lot of people think you're to get out of and you got to figure out what the weather is going to be like. so rebecca, what do you got for us. well, aside from it being obviously expensive to if you are going to take to the roads. are the skies. >> least it's going to be beautiful around the bay area. no rain in the forecast >> we'll have dry roads. and right now clear skies. so we're looking at conditions here at san francisco international airport. maybe you're going to be catching a flight over the next couple of hours into tomorrow, maybe across the state here. here's a peek of the highs that we're expecting tomorrow. 60's low 60's in bakersfield 65 at monterey. look at santa barbara near 70 degrees and then southern california. the warmest spot on the map here. 72 expected for a late tomorrow, 71 in san diego 66. if you're going to be heading north of us into the reading
9:52 pm
area. so it is going to be nice and dry. and like i mentioned and no snow yet in the forecast, though, we do need the rain and the snow. we are going to get through the thanksgiving with the pretty much dry conditions. but it's going to start getting really cold. in fact, tonight, a frost advisory issued until 9 o'clock tomorrow because the temperatures are going to be dropping into the 30's. so the interior valleys across the north bay and east bay zone. you're going to be seeing of those very cold temperatures are feeling them rather, possibly waking up to that frost tomorrow morning in fact, these are the overnight lows we are expecting 37 if you're going to be in the tonight's 34 in santa rosa. very cold there, 39 in concord and the little more valley. 37 degrees. 47 in san francisco. still cold not in the 30's, but it's still going to feel a big difference. 47 in downtown oakland dropping to 44 degrees in downtown san jose. so very cold overnight and you can see the temperatures are starting to drop right now outside.
9:53 pm
we're looking at a 54 in san jose. already 46 degrees in palo alto. 53 already in downtown oakland. 56 and san francisco. 55 already in the bottom petaluma. you're already at 48 degrees in napa. look at a low that is so far, 42. so definitely want to bundle up if you're going to be on the bounce over the next couple of hours. and we're looking at winds tomorrow to also be a factor that's going to keep things even colder feeling colder, possibly nor neighborhood along the north and east bay. that's we're going to start to really see it pick up into the early morning hours. once we get into the late afternoon, things are gonna start to subside. but just keep that in mind. we could see gusts of up to a 20, maybe 25 miles per hour highs tomorrow, mainly in the 60's, if you like today, it's basically going to be a carbon copy tomorrow. sunshine but still, it's going to feel like fall. and here's a look at your around the bay forecast temperatures going to remain steady during the day.
9:54 pm
well into the you know, the kids love it. yeah. >> definitely. we're going to be seeing a thanksgiving. this is going to feel nice and cool like normal soon bundle up. but just lot of good i was going to say. so what are we moms tell the kids. >> bundle up. that's a happy thanksgiving to you and your family. your ever about stuff you and thank you i next up on her news at 9 inflation. sure becoming an issue for many stores and a harsh. the shockers. >> how one chain may have to change all right.
9:55 pm
9:56 pm
9:57 pm
we're out of we promised the story dollar tree transforming into the $1.25. tree next year. the company says it will. >> raise prices on most items by according to adjust for rising inflation. the change expected take the 1st quarter of 2022 i'm going to suggest we just rename it. the dollars ish. tree because they site up down. do it. i nominate 5 bits. by bit >> you know that something. i think it's a computer thing. like >> that's what point was it's pretty soon it will be bitcoins all years go into a pole and you pick. you can thank you, grant. thank coming up tonight at 10 o'clock. we've been talking about those gasoline prices keep going up
9:58 pm
just as people are traveling to see their friends and family for the holiday season. >> what the president did today to try and help lower prices at the pump and san francisco district attorney boudin insists he will hold thieves accountable after dozens were caught on camera. >> running in and out of high in stores in union square. in stores in union square. we'll see you coming up at 10. the classic hollywood story. we meet the hero, the all-new nissan frontier hero faces seemingly impossible challenge. tension builds... the plot twist the hero prevails in hollywood, this would be the end. but our here, we are just getting started. introducing the all-new nissan frontier.
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