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tv   KRON 4 News at 3pm  KRON  November 24, 2021 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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>> from the bay area's local news station. we now with breaking news. >> that breaking news right now. oakland police are searching for shooter and the city's latest act of violence. thank you so much for joining us here right now on kron, 4 news at 3 o'clock. i'm justine waldman. this time. the breaking news is hitting very close to home for us here at kron. 4 a short time ago, someone shot a security guard watching one of our crews while on assignment in oakland kron 4 jobs mccall is here right now with what we know so far. good afternoon, jonathan it's just terrible. it really is a heartbreaking day for us hern on kron four's. justine,
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good afternoon. >> we are still waiting to get more information from oakland. police in a news conference that could come at any second as soon as that information is available. we will pass it along. here's what we do know at this hour a security guard assigned to one of our reporters was shot this afternoon at last check that security guard was in surgery at highland hospital. we are once again waiting for police to get an update on his condition. our reporter was not injured in that shooting. this all went down just before 1230 this afternoon near the intersection of 14th and harrison not too far away from the 12th street bart station and lake merritt. this is video. >> we got into our newsroom fly. our reporter at that scene. you can see officers swarming that area canvassing looking for any clues they can for their investigation. >> our reporter who we are not naming right now was assigned to cover a recent smash-and-grab break in at a business in that area when the shooting happened. now we do
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want to let you know that it is common practice for bay area television stations, including us here at kron 4 to send our crews out with security guards while covering stories. that is exactly what our reporter was doing at the time when this shooting happened so far there is no word on a suspect description or any other details on a suspect. as we mentioned we're standing by to get more details from oakland police. we understand that they will be holding a news conference at highland hospital and posting that on line as soon as we were able to get that information we will be updating this story throughout the afternoon and evening on kron. 4 dot com live this afternoon in the newsroom. >> we the jury find the defendant. travis mcmichael guilty. we the jury find the defendant. greg mcmichael guilty. we the jury find the defendant. william are brian >> justice served for ahmad arbery, the 25 year-old georgia man who was shot and killed last year while out on a jog. after 2 days of
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deliberations. a jury found travis mcmichael his father gregory mcmichael and their neighbor. william bryan junior guilty of murder in arbery's death reporter lambert is joining us now live from brunswick, georgia, with the latest. good evening to you. >> just seen a good evening. it is much quieter here outside the courthouse in brunswick georgia, much different scene than really just a few hours ago as that verdict was being read aloud by the judge in court. the real moments of jubilation and celebration here outside the courthouse from people who have been watching for days paying attention to this case that really captured the nation but also still heavy hearts over the death of ahmad arbery again, as you mentioned, all 3 of the white men who were on trial here convicted of at least one count of murder travis mcmichael, the younger
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mcmichael who actually pulled the gun and shot and killed ahmad arbery on that video that the nation saw he was convicted on all 9 counts that he faced those murder charges carrying a life sentence is under georgia law. and when those charges rather the verdict was read by the judge in court. there was an audible gasp from ahmad arbery's mother wanda cooper jones. his father jumped up and cheered actually was admonished by the judge. and asked to leave the courtroom. and really this entire time. the family, the arbery family had been flanked by an army of lawyers who have been supporting them during this time. it is unclear when sentencing will be. but we did witness those 3 defendants come out of a side door of the courtroom in handcuffs stone faced as they go off to the local jail and sentencing will be the part of this case that also are facing federal hate crimes charges as well. just
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team. >> evan lambert live for us from brunswick, georgia. thank you so much. and now to the south bay where san jose officials outlined their plan to tackle the growing number of smash-and-grab thefts that been happening around malls there kron four's, rob fladeboe at the event today. he joins us now live from oakridge mall with details, especially as we head into the busy holiday shopping season. good afternoon. rock. >> good afternoon, justine. that's i'm here at oak ridge mall in south san jose, where as you said, mayor sam liccardo district attorney jeff rosen assistant police chief paul joseph just wrapped up a news conference outlining some of the strategies that they're going to be employing going forward in dealing with rash of a retail theft and plaguing san jose and the rest of the bay area in recent weeks. more on that in just a moment or 2. but first, let's take a look at some video here. and i can report to you that here at the oakridge mall and other mall security is really being stepped up in the wake of what's been happening.
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police also reporting 2 more incidents this afternoon. police say they have arrested 2 men for allegedly hitting the macy's store here at oak ridge and also at valley fair making off with some $4,000 worth of cologne and perfume 2000 at oak ridge. another 2000 at valley. fair mall security at valley. fair suspects that these 2 we're actually part of the same crew that were planning something larger at valley fair on sunday before before their plot was broken up. although one store inside valley fair was robbed at the same time, one across the street over at santana row was also robbed. now back to the news conference where officials are warning crews to stay out of the south bay and also stepping up to say to tell shoppers that it is ok to go shopping. here's more. >> my family and i will be shopping this weekend because i know that our police departments are ready. the store security and our malls are ready and our joint investigations investigators
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from all over the bay area and all over the state have already begun to uncover much of who is behind these crimes how they're operating and how to arrest them. we're ready. i want to assure the public that we are doing everything possible to both identify and apprehend an assist in the prosecution of those who have already committed crimes here in san jose. and we'll continue to work in whatever way we can to deter future theft. >> so there's a police identifying the 2 suspects arrested in connection with the theft of that, too. macy store said 19 year-old dwayne huntley of hayward and 22 year-old raheem lewis of eddie facing charges of felony retail theft and burglary. and again, police investigating to see if they might have been part of that crew that was trying to rob other valley fair in a big way before that plot was broken up on sunday afternoon. now. mayor sam liccardo also announcing this afternoon that the city council here in san jose will be a quarter of a million dollar package next week. to a
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fund, some new strategies, including license plate readers that they say will go a long way to a discouraging the steps people know that the cops are on to them before they carry out their plot. but that's the latest. and we'll have more on this for you coming up on kron 4 news at 5 o'clock. until then. justine, back to you. thank you, rob. >> a beloved san jose cafe was victim to a break in this morning leaving the front glass shattered nirvana soul which has been open in downtown for a little over a year was broken into around 7 o'clock this morning. that's according to san jose police on twitter. the small business said luckily no one was in the store when this happened. the business was closed at the time of the burglary. the cash register, the was stolen and there is currently no suspect description. 9 suspects charged in connection with a string of burglaries in san francisco's union square had their first court appearance today. san francisco's district attorney chesa boudin says his office has now filed
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felony charges against 9 people for the smash-and-grab burglaries. simplar mob style, break-ins and burglaries happened over the weekend. all across the bay area will have more details tonight on what happened in court today during kron 4 news at 5. felony charges have now been filed in connection to the weekend retail theft in walnut creek. police say about 90 people stormed into the nordstrom department store in broadway plaza and stole up to $100,000 in merchandise. officers have arrested 3 people, 30 year-old donna dawson, 32 year-old, joshua underwood and 19 year-old rodney robinson. we'll all be arraigned on those felony charges come monday. now let's go live to san francisco international airport. a busy place the day before thanksgiving. the airport tweeted out this morning that the parking lot was already, quote, pretty full. and that was earlier today. so if you have not already booked your parking for thanksgiving. the advice that the airport is giving out is that travelers should
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consider alternate transportation like bart taxi or rideshare to get to the airports. and today is set to be one of the busiest days at oakland international airport officials expect nearly 170,000 passengers to travel through the airport, through the holiday weekend. that's pretty close to what they saw right before the pandemic. one traveler told us this is going to be the best thanksgiving ever. >> really exciting and my sister keep that should never see me again. that's how she felt because of the pandemic. said i don't know what you felt like that because, you know, you have to have >> there are covid safety measures still in place. employees are waking wiping down the most touch places in the airport and everyone is still required to wear a mask going through the airport and also wire on the plane. so if you are planning to drive today. you should leave early. according to triple a the worst time to drive in the bay area. it's between 04:06pm,
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and the worst commute will be on. i 80 east between 5.80, in san pablo dam road aaa saying traffic on that rout will be nearly 300% worse than normal. 300% aaa saying overall the best time to drive today is after 09:00pm and tomorrow the worst time to drive is between noon and 3. the best time is around 11:00am so friday. if you want to avoid driving between one in 4 try to hit the road before 11. then over the weekend. the best time to hit the road is before noon. a lot to consider you get into your thanksgiving table happening right now. chp is going to be kicking off its maximum enforcement period. it's going start at 00:00pm tonight and then continue all the way until about midnight on sunday during this time chp officers are going to be on patrol looking for drunk drivers. people who are not wearing seatbelts and obviously people who are speeding. well, drought conditions have improved in parts of the bay area. we're taking a look now at last
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week, first this week when it comes to the drought monitor. much of the north bay and northern california have been downgraded from exceptional to extreme drought conditions. the recent rain has helped. but of course we could use a little bit more and what the weather is going to be doing is obviously import when it comes to our thanksgiving plans, how or get where we're going. our meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez is here to see if any rains in the forecast. no, not even for thanksgiving day. that's good news right there, especially if you are planning on taking your thanksgiving feast outdoors. >> just because of any covid precautions there. but let's take a closer look at our drought monitor map. this is what it was just a week ago. but as i zoom in to what we're tracking right now with current conditions we actually improved a whole tier from exceptional to extreme drought, not just for the northeastern portion of the north bay but also for parts of the east bay, including richmond and vallejo and also for those of you in oakland, little change every roles in the bay area. but it is nice
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to see that a recent atmospheric river and the light november showers. earlier this month. certainly did help improve our drought conditions. finally in the bay area. let's take a live look outside and we're tracking those dry conditions even for your wednesday afternoon on the eve of thanksgiving day and temperatures out there right now. noticeably warmer 2 to 5 degrees warmer not as chilly as yesterday and temperatures widespread mid 60's. as you head out the door right now. but we are tracking 60 degrees for those of you in santa rosa. little bit milder there. the warming trend only going to continue through your thanksgiving day calmer, wind speeds as well. not going to be as breezy for local hills and mountains. so great news that we don't have any fire danger threats, but we are tracking another chilly night tonight during the overnight hours, even to start out your thanksgiving morning. your full thanksgiving forecast. coming up in just a few minutes. to back to you. looking forward to it. thank you so much for >> coming up here during kron 4 news at 3 o'clock today.
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bart trains are getting an upgrade how it can help protect riders against coronavirus. also all adults can now get a booster shots when it comes to that covid vaccine. but what if you're not feeling that great. when it's your time for an appointment will get some advice from a it's that
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time of year again when a stuffy nose or a sinus tissue might start to flare up them with kids headed to get their first dose of a covid-19 vaccine and adults scheduling those booster shots. a lot of people are wondering whether it's ok to get those shots. if you're not feeling well, when your appointment rolls around kron four's. noelle bellow is here now stock to a doctor to get some answers. good pay justine. yes, simply put. yes. if you're having mild cold symptoms, you can still go get a covid-19 vaccine or booster shot. but if you have a fever, you might want to hold off. i
3:17 pm
spoke with ucsf infectious disease expert doctor peter chin. hong he said people dealing with congestion sore throat or stuffy nose can still go get their shots as scheduled. but if you have a fever above 101 degrees. you should definitely hold off not because the fever would diminish the effects of your vaccine. but because you don't want to intensify the symptoms. you're already dealing with by getting the shot. doctor chin-hong says if your symptoms are more severe and you suspect you might have covid. you should definitely take a test before going through with your vaccine appointment and >> covid it repaired traditionally right. you wake up in morning uconn somalia coffee. you have a fever and you feel short of breath. that's kind of like the classic covid. you probably don't have alterations in taste and smell. you may also get a fever, but muscle aches and probably more of the game. if you are vaccinated, you have breakthrough covid. it's
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going to very, very similar. so that's why you can tell and you need to get tested to really sorted out. >> now the directive is the same for kids and adults alike. doctor chin-hong says if you do have active cold symptoms. those over the counter test you can get from cvs and walgreens are very good at picking up whether those symptoms, our covid. so if you are wondering you can trust those tests. you can watch that full interview on our streaming service kron on. you can download it for free in your app store right now. back to justine. thank you. well. there are some new reporting by the la times. that showing california's coastal communities are getting children vaccinated against covid-19 at a higher rate. >> while inland communities are remaining hesitance the analysts are saying that marine county leads the state with 46% of children aged 5 to 11 receiving their first dose of the vaccine followed by san francisco at 30%. that's a stark contrast from places like san bernardino county were only 5% of that age group are partially vaccinated in la
3:19 pm
county. just 12% of kids have gotten the covid shot. all bar trains in service are now equipped with newly upgraded filtration systems, which officials say will better prevent the spread of covid after a successful pilot launch. part leaders are saying they will be ready for more riders come this holiday season. kron four's tiller sec has the story. >> fresh new upgrades for all bart trains here on the bottom. we have our or 14 a classification filters. you can see the tighter plea design. and on top. here is our old merv 8 filter design art recently finished equipping all of its trains with stronger, more dense air filters providing more protection against the coronavirus as engineer. charles friends explains the higher the merv number, the more effective that filter is in preventing transmission but density. the allows us to capture much more articulate. >> 14 will capture particulate down to smallest 3 tenths of an about 70 my plans. and so
3:20 pm
what that allows us to do is it's capturing bacteria he says each car is equipped with 4 filters. >> recycling outside air every 70 seconds as bart braces for the holiday season. it hopes to reassure customers. the transportation agency is ready for more riders. they can rely on a safe ride on part. >> and that they're breathing very fresh air that we're taking as many steps as we can to mitigate the coronavirus risk. >> those hillary second reporting for us and for your health this afternoon. the bay area air quality management district is asking residents not to burn wood on thanksgiving in order to prevent air pollution from rising to unhealthy levels. air quality is expected to be in the moderate category on thanksgiving day and extensive wood-burning over the holiday could cause air quality to become unhealthy a spare. the air alert is not in effect and wood burning is allowed, but it strongly discouraged. we'll
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switch gears now and talk more about the weather forecast right now as we take a live look outside at a rather busy golden gate bridge traffic. a little heavy going up into the north bay right now. pretty steady coming into san francisco. blue skies out there and respond rig as has our forecast. the weather look like for those turkey trots tomorrow. they're looking great even have any. >> last-minute outdoor running plans before you stuff yourself with your thanksgiving feast. you're in luck. >> we're going to see very dry. sunny conditions the chilly starts, though. so make sure to bundle up. but moderate air particles. we are going to see hazy skies out there for your thursday afternoon. that's because of the very warm air mass that is going to continue tomorrow. lasting all weekend long so air particles out there right now under the good category and we are tracking some thin high clouds over the east bay over berkeley. but radar for right now tracking very dry clear conditions and calmer as well specifically for local
3:22 pm
hills and mountains. temperatures out there right now. very pleasant and seasonal warming up into the mid 60's with the exception of santa rosa 68 degrees downtown san francisco and oakland 6465 degrees with fremont and san jose currently 67 degrees. but it is going to be a chilly start to the day for your thanksgiving morning. mainly for north bay and east bay valleys from 3 to 9 o'clock could see chilly temperatures in the low to mid 30's for coolest valley, specifically those of you in santa rosa 33 degrees a little bit milder, but still in the upper 30's for napa and even the east and conquered and livermore half moon bay as well. going to be very chilly compared to downtown san francisco 46 degrees, but still overall a cooler night tonight. so make sure to bundle up perfect cuddle weather, though, nonetheless. but temperatures tomorrow we're going to remain in the mid to upper 60's. the warming trend going to continue through this weekend where we could actually see some low 70's for most of our
3:23 pm
inland valleys. no rain in sight just seen for the next 7 days. and it looks like that dry pattern going to continue through early december as well. back to you. thank you, still ahead at 3.45 the warriors are on fire. >> and they could be getting some reinforcements soon to be even more spectacular. we'll go live to chase center for details. and then after the break, why there may be a federal investigation into how expensive turkeys are this year. i'm morgan, and there's more to me than hiv. more love, more adventure, more community. but with my hiv treatment, there's not more medicines in my pill. i talked to my doctor and switched to fewer medicines with dovato. dovato is for some adults who are starting hiv-1 treatment or replacing their current hiv-1 regimen. with just 2 medicines in 1 pill, dovato is as effective as a 3-drug regimen... to help you reach and stay undetectable. research shows people who take hiv treatment as prescribed and get to and stay undetectable
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afternoon. if you're cooking a thanksgiving meal this year. experts say it's going to be more expensive. >> republican lawmakers say the biden administration is to blame but democratic lawmakers say it's the poultry industry. our dc correspondent anna wiernicki reports on the department of justice investigation into the cost of thanksgiving foods. >> this year's thanksgiving feast is costing americans more according to the american farm bureau, a dinner for 10 is up 14% compared to last year and the most expensive item on the table the turkey cost of frozen turkey is the highest in history. >> things like potatoes, butter. pumpkin pies. even saul cost more than they did a year ago. republican senators john cornyn and john kennedy say americans are paying more for nearly every ingredient
3:27 pm
like gravy with your with your turkey. >> well, get ready to pay 7% more for gravy. kennedy says the biden administration isn't taking the issue seriously enough white house officials perch and inflation if you ask it's just temporary. it's just temporary problem. camper area, ranch where we are and there are abundance of turkeys available. white house press secretary jen psaki says while any price jump is a concern for the president. the average turkey is only costing americans roughly $0.5 more per pound. there are about one dollar more for a 20 pound bird, which is a bird. if you're feeding a very big family. the white house as supply chain congestion caused by covid-19 is the reason consumers are seeing higher prices. >> but massachusetts democratic senator elizabeth warren accuses the poultry industry a foul play through quote, excessive consolidation and price-fixing ahead of the holiday. she's calling on the justice department to investigate in washington. i'm >> next up, one bay area, food
3:28 pm
bank is working over time every day to help keep our communities fed will see how they're doing the day before thanksgiving. and dry weather is pushing back the start of ski season. how one ski resort plans to attract customers during the thanksgiving break. ]
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-great party, carlene. you must have blown your budget. -not exactly. -you have great name-brand snacks, tons of meat... and where did you get this imported cheese? -hello! grocery outlet, bargain market. -♪ grocery outlet bargain market ♪ -with this holiday set to bust your wallet, your neighborhood grocery outlet is the destination for savings of 40 to 70 percent on all your holiday needs. >> it is 3.30 on this
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wednesday. thanksgiving eve. we're taking a look at the traffic now from all of our cameras that are positioned around the bay area. you will not be alone if you hit the road tonight as we take a look at what's happening right now on the san mateo bridge as well as golden gate bay bridge in the richmond. sandra fell traffic already picking up right now. aaa saying the worst time to drive in the bay area. it's between 4, 6, so either you got to get on the road right now or wait a little bit. the worst commute will be on 80 east between 5.80 in san pablo dam road. oh, boy, least. there's no weather issues impacting driving right now. we're not dealing with any major wind or rain and our meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez is here now with a look at the forecast specially here going to how's it looking. yeah. it's looking great whether you're hitting the roads justine or taking to the skies. no delays to report from the west coast to the east coast. >> even the midwest looking great out there. so if you are heading to your turkey destination. you're in luck so far no traffic throughout our
3:32 pm
bay area roads as justine just mentioned, mostly sunny skies for your thursday thanksgiving day. planner. breezy winds around 15 miles per hour less out of the north. so we are going to see abundant sunshine low to mid 60's low 60's along the coast mid 60's for most of our east bay shoreline and inland valley. so very seasonable temperatures for your thanksgiving day thursday. so happy thanksgiving bay area. let's take a look, though, right now i 80 at donner summit. the camera shaking a little bit. it is a bit breezy. but as you can see crystal clear skies there as well as in the bay area. we are going to notice mild temperatures out there. a few thin high clouds overhead for your thursday morning and thursday afternoon. if you are planning to celebrate with your friends and loved ones on thanksgiving day outside. we are going to see low 50's for those of you at south lake tahoe mid 50's for truckee and then beautiful weather all weekend long. wish i could conjure up those some snow because i know we certainly needed, especially for this year. looking like a dry
3:33 pm
outlook not just for us here in the bay area. but your sierra forecast as well. details ahead on your microclimate thursday outlook coming up in just a few minutes. just seen. back to you. thank breeze of the growing number of food in secure lee's is magnified during the holidays. but for some nonprofits. >> solving the problem is a daily mission. kron force him to call reports from mountain view where one group never takes a day off. >> every day during the pandemic breakfast and lunch are served at the day worker center in mountain view and the home cooked meals made from scratch or free and good times. they workers going to view. it is more on mound for the meals unfortunately. now they are able to do it and we are so happy. be able to support a ban. maria, not a team is the executive director of the nonprofit, a lifeline for the day labor community which is struggling to make ends meet. the past 20 months off thing we have people even in cars. got heat for a bit
3:34 pm
break launch with their home finally is heartbreaking. but what lifting its the extended by those who stopped by his for owners that if had like last year, the non-profit provided more than 23,000 meals. many of those being served lives nearby on the streets or in there are fees. >> worry about says food insecurity is a year-round problem, not just during the holidays. i know it's hard finds know that people when due to sail through the people time. >> but is the only way that we can succeed. that's like you might think the day worker center preparing to distribute meals for up to 40 families on thanksgiving. >> in mountain view felipe toll from 4 >> sugar bowl heavenly northstar and palace. aides have all postpone their reopening dates because there's just not enough snow in the sierra. >> but bo. >> l'oreal hopes to capture some holiday crowds with a
3:35 pm
tentative friday opening day reporter dennis shanahan has the story. >> the temperature dropped into the 20's and the snow making team at boreal fired up the machine. orioles marketing director tells fox 40 the resort is hoping to open the day after thanksgiving depending on conditions and he encourages people to check for eels social media for updates on the resort would have loved the open. steve clarke is the owner of clark snowsports. we stopped by the roseville shop on our way up the mountain even during drought. steve stays optimistic, knowing the resorts always end up having a season. >> it will happen when it happens. you know, we always got to be optimistic. we buy all the stuff back in january going into last year. we didn't even know the resorts. we're going to open, he says last year ended up being one of the shops busiest ever. despite the pandemic or perhaps because of it because everybody was all cooped up and wanted to get start going to some fun in the snow that fell in october was enough
3:36 pm
that some resorts, including palisades tahoe and boreal opened for a few days until the weather warmed up in the snow melted away. so there was a lot pre season purchasing going on from customers that we're coming in and not able to find what they wanted at the end last season. now with the holidays approaching resorts are watching the forecast hoping for the best. even if the best for now is simply a temperature cold enough to allow for snowmaking. great for snow. >> and hopefully get a good snow season so much a product and that will help find with it. >> in the east san pablo man has died after his motorcycle crashed with a car on highway 4 near martinez. the crash happened just after 9.30 last night. according to the chp, 41 100 valdez was riding a harley davidson when it collided with a nissan altima. valdez was thrown from the motorcycle. he died at the scene. the driver of the
3:37 pm
nissan was not injured chp is saying the cause of the crash still under investigation. and now to the peninsula where menlo park police are looking for a suspect they say fired at least one shot into an apartment building almost hitting someone inside. police say the suspect fired 2 shots after being confronted while rummaging through the bed of a pickup truck just after 11 o'clock last night. one of the shots hit a nearby car. well, the other peers, the inside wall of an apartment. luckily, no one was injured. the suspect fled the scene. if you have any information you're asked to contact menlo park police. earlier today fast. excuse me food service workers at sfo held a protest today. i'm one of the busiest travel days of the holiday season. a spokesperson says they're calling for better health care benefits. airport officials say they're confident the protest will not affect people's travel plans. coming up here. a few brands of spray deodorants are facing a recall.
3:38 pm
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i was injured in a car crash. i had no idea how much my case was worth.
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3:41 pm
have an expiration date through september 2023. procter gamble is saying the company has not received any reports of any harm caused by these products. but if you have purchased any of them. you can get a refund. png has already notified retailers to remove the affected products from store shelves. we have more details on our website. kron 4 dot com. a new study is revealing what bugs people the most about the holidays. and the number one thing is having to wrap gifts. 52% of americans polled say that they hate gift wrapping and 51% said they would rather pay to get their gifts wrapped professionally. another thing people do not like about the holidays secret santa. they say they hate being roped into the gift exchange because they never know what they're going to get their designated person. not that they don't like what they're going to get. but what they're going to have to get the person more than half of the respondents
3:42 pm
are also concerned about products shortages, shipping delays and rising costs. a fun time of year. still ahead, it will be a family affair tonight at the chase center as the warriors get ready to host the 70 sixers. we're live there with jason dumas. >> next. start your day with crest 3d white and from mochaccinos to merlot, your smile will always be brilliant. crest 3d white brilliance. 100% stain removal,
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>> the warriors are back in action tonight. taking on the philadelphia 76 ers at chase
3:45 pm
center. it's been a great early season for the dobbs. they have the league's best record and they could be getting some reinforcements pretty soon kron 4 sports director. >> jason dumas says live at chase center with more. and i also like the preview of the halftime show there behind us. well. >> yeah, just enough. i can move like that. when i'm their age, i'll be doing. just okay. but i mean, what a great time it is to be a warriors fan right now. now i think most reasonable fans knew they'd be better than they were last year. but 15 into the nba's best record i for one, have been taken aback. and in the now famous words of klay thompson. quote. and i'm not even out there yet. just think about that end quote. >> that's what clay said yesterday after his first full practice in over 2 and a half years. she's been a while. so the rich they're getting richer and clay was moving great out there yesterday. i
3:46 pm
was at the practice. we saw him go through a lot of drills. live drills and he was moving. only thing is steve kerr said clay did get winded quicker than he usually does. but hey, that's to be expected when you haven't played nba level basketball in that long. this is something that no other player has done before. a torn acl into a ruptured achilles 2 brutal injuries back to back. that's why steve kerr said it's the media's job to temper. everyone's expectations. he wants people to be realistic about what they expect from clay when he comes back. good thing for clay and the warriors they are in a rush and tonight there's going to be a family affair here at chase center, seth curry and the sixers are in town. of course, seth is the younger brother of staff and then there's damion lee, the warriors forward whose brother-in-law to both seth and steph and get this. it gets even better to 76 ers head coach is seth curry's
3:47 pm
father-in-law. so it seems like the nba set up a nice little family reunion for the currys just in time for turkey day now that 6 or shootaround earlier this morning. i asked seth what it means to play against his big brother. we also caught up with steve kerr about tonight's matchup. >> it's always fun to come back here to pay it and playing it. the lawyers little bit of action, but it was in a marina we play against each other. getting to those guys on the can't they've been with injuries and covid done. >> so there, you know, docks doing a great job just, you know, keeping. keeping them afloat and a very young players are playing maxey has been george nyang is has always been a guy that i i love to watch place is a connector is a guy who just seems to tie things together.
3:48 pm
and and they they play hard. you know, they're there for keeping their above water until they get their guys back. >> now. you heard steve just mentioned, the sixers have been ravaged with injuries. he's not lying for one. seth might not even be playing tonight. he didn't play the other night in sacramento. he's dealing with some injuries is questionable. the sixers best player. joel embiid. he has been out the last 2 weeks with covid. they hope to get him back when they finish their road trip next weekend. but this is a sixers team that had the best record in the eastern conference last year. so they're just trying to keep their heads above water until they get their guys back as for tonight, like i said, a family affair. even if seth does not play as always. great to see. seth steph damion lee dell all the siblings, the kids get together and watched in celebrate the family, so to speak, all out here. they become sort the nba's first family, for lack of a better term in this cool to watch
3:49 pm
play out. but we'll have much more from this matchup tonight as the evening goes on right up to right up to. i'm about to say kickoff right off the tip off. i'm sorry get my words right. but for now, that's all i have from chase center. i'm jason dumas us kron 4 sports. the curry family thanksgiving tables. going to be an interesting one. >> tomorrow. the have a lot to talk about or maybe they'll just pretend like it never happened. >> thanks, all right. let's talk about our forecast now as we take a live look outside at a very pretty shot at the golden gate bridge looking out towards the north bay. no fog, no clouds but traffic is really starting to pick up and our meteorologist rodriguez is here now with details on the forecast as we head into thanksgiving yeah. turkey day looking great. justine. let's take a live look outside equally as pretty for those of you at half moon bay. >> crystal clear blue skies water looking amazing calm winds out there for us here in
3:50 pm
northern california can't say the same for southern california tracking high fire danger starting today through thanksgiving thursday. bua for us here in the bay area. we're going to see mild temperatures and also calmer winds. so a lot to be thankful for this year. downtown san francisco in the mission district in the mid 60's low 60's for on terror. but daly city 69 degrees with half moon bay. also in the mid 60's and low 70's for south san francisco. wind speeds out of the north and east at around 15 miles per hour or less. so we couldn't have asked for better thanksgiving weather wish it was raining but i know we do want to have those covid celebrations, especially those of you plan on taking your didn't outdoors because of vaccinated or unvaccinated friends or family weather. perfect downtown san francisco in the mid 60's. but check out san mateo and san carlos upper 60's for you. so very pleasant temperatures out there right now mixture of 60's and 70's. for those of you in the south bay santa clara in campbell 72
3:51 pm
degrees milpitas in the low 70's 64 degrees for livermore. so still a little bit cooler for those of you in the east bay valleys with concord and walnut creek 64 degrees. san ramon that 68 degrees with mid 60's as well for oakland and even richmond and for those of you in the north bay. we're tracking widespread low to mid 60's with napa at 62 degrees. and for those of you in santa rosa 67 degrees and avato 68 degrees for your thursday afternoon. highs. so certainly have a lot to be thankful for this year. and one thing i'm certainly thankful for where those 2 recent atmospheric rivers that we had in september and october. otherwise we become concerned about fire danger threat with these warm and dry conditions this weekend. but instead let's be safe and have fun out there as we celebrate our thanksgiving holiday. back to you. just seen. thank you, bree some. >> up next, one young buck decided to crash class literally all the damage he did when he dropped in to
3:52 pm
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>> as everybody else's morning going to do. haha. >> oh, dear. take a look at this big mask, a little intruder left behind elementary school in tennessee. the white tell buck was found inside a ransacked classroom looking pretty guilty when staffers arrived, the deer broke in through an emergency exit, but apparently
3:55 pm
could not find his way back out. he was though safely removed before students could realized that they last had a new kid in class. and then they just escorted the buck ferry gently to the principal's office. definitely going into detention. it's time now to check in with newsnation to see what the team in chicago is working on for tonight's. tonight. on news nation prime. we continue our series missing with a story of a teenage girl from arkansas we just want you to come home. >> no matter what's going haley shell has been missing since october. her mom thinks she may have been coerced by human traffickers. plus, a trafficking survivor shares her story and reveals the tactics used to manipulate victims and the shocking reason police departments don't issue amber alerts for runaways. that's all coming up tonight. only on news nation. prime. and you can find newsnation on the channels listed right here with more details on our website. >> kron 4 dot com. we have
3:56 pm
time now for one more check of the weather forecast now with my who is grateful for the rain, not though. and this forecast, what are you looking forward to the most for of working. >> no, i'm off thankfully. but i'm looking to for everything that thanksgiving has to offer friends, family and of course, turkey. what about you? you like turkey. i love all the things like those 3 f's friends, family food. oh, there you go. i said turkey, i you and the alliteration ha. i love what about you? what's your favorite part of thanksgiving. all those those 3 things that a meal like the like the side dishes. you like the main event. i like the mashed potatoes because grant makes really good. mashed potatoes. secret ingredient haha? everything's better with. the stuffing, but it's the stuffing that's from inside the bird. yeah. that's where time because it's the juiciest, right. it really up all the good stuff. know i love that will have gotten grow.
3:57 pm
>> there is. yeah, i know seriously. our turkey trot. we should started tonight, just and look, let's take a live look outside golden gate bridge. crystal clear even road conditions out there right now, no traffic to speak of temperatures in the mid 60's chilly night tonight. so we're seeing low to mid 30's for most of our north bay and east bay valleys. so bundle up. justine, perfect cuddle weather for you and grant. you're hey, get some blankets during some black friday. thank you so much for joining us here. during kron, 4 news at 3 o'clock. i'm so grateful for all of you always tuning in. >> i appreciate your time. i'm justine waldman. have a great thanksgiving. see you back here next.
3:58 pm
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>> today on "dr. phil." >> you don't do things right the first time! >> is she his wife or his boss? >> would you consider yourself bossy? >> i can become yes. >> dr. phil: a nag? let me know if i cross the line. >> i will tell you. >> dr. phil: i bet you will. >> when you walk over recyclables, huge box, seven days in a row... >> dr. phil: you feel like is really not competent? >> i don't know if i would say he's not competent. >> dr. phil: you said he was each time we go to break his coaching on what you need to say say. >> surely i'm not alone, can you just interact with me so that i don't feel so alone and get upset? >> dr. phil: let's do it. >> here we go. >> dr. phil: this is a safe place to talk about hard things. >> standby.


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