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tv   KRON 4 News at 5pm  KRON  November 24, 2021 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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♪ ♪ [cheers and applause] >> from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at all. >> now at 5 oakland police are searching for a shooter. >> in the city's latest act of violence video posted to the citizen app. their shows the scene where it happened this afternoon. good evening and welcome to the kron 4 news at 5 everybody. i'm vicki liviakis and i'm grant lotus gun violence as this early touch. so many lives and families here in the bay area over the years. but especially recently. and tonight it is touch the kron 4 family. a security guard accompanying one of our reporters was shot while out on assignment in oakland this afternoon. our
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kron four's jonathan mccall is here with us in the studio with what we know so far. jonathan grant, vicki, new developments since we last saw you on kron 4 news at 3 o'clock this afternoon. >> oakland police now tell us that this shooting was likely an attempted robbery to still the reporters. a camera equipment, a guard assigned to that reporter while covering that story earlier this afternoon was shot in the lower abdomen. and last hour we learned the guard is now out of surgery and is in stable condition at oakland's highland hospital. our reporter was not injured in the shooting. it happened just before 1230 this afternoon near the intersection of 14th and harrison that's near the 12th street bart station along with lake merritt. this is video of that scene shot by that reporter after witnessing that horrific scene of the guard being shot. she managed to still do her job record the scene as it was still unfolding. you see the very large police response to the shooting as well. you also see officers combing through the neighborhood looking for
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information. our reporter who we are not naming was in oakland covering a recent smash-and-grab break in at a business in that area when the shooting happened. our reporters saying multiple shots were fired during this incident. now it is common practice for bay area television stations, including us right here at kron. 4 news to send our crews out with security guards while the cover their stories. that's exactly what this reporter was doing this afternoon when this all went down. now we do want to let you know that in the past, a number of bay area news stations have been targeted for their camera equipment by a number of thieves so far oakland police have not provided details on a suspect, but we have learned but a $7500 reward is now on the table, leaving for information to this arrest. we will be staying on top of the story for you throughout the evening and night you can find updates here on kron 4 and online at kron 4 dot com jonathan mccall kron 4 thank you jonathan. it is no secret
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crime has been an ongoing problem in oakland. so far there have been a 124 homicides this year. >> and far more shooting stake. a look at the latest crime numbers from opd. you can see in general violent crimes have increased 11% from last year. homicides up 22% this year. armed assault of increased. 28% robberies up 16%. carjackings have increased a whopping 85% compared to last year. police chief leronne armstrong spoke to the media just the other day after a violent weekend this past weekend. yes, for more help from city leaders regardless of your job. the city says his department needs help fighting crime and has called on the city council to hold an emergency meeting on the matter. councilmember lauren taylor says a special meeting is planned for early december. both the chief and councilman taylor do not believe the national guard needs to be called in to help this weekend. chief armstrong says police will be using
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tactical teams to help address the roving gangs that are expected to come into the city. he says will be increasing staffing to address the violence in general mayor libby schaff releasing a statement. it reads in part, quote. in oakland, our police department increase staffing throughout this busy shopping weekend. also at the next city council meeting. our administration will propose adding an additional police academy to continue our effort to properly staff. the oakland police department oakland is currently at 680 officers. the lowest in a decade. our residents and local businesses deserve safety properly staffed police department to respond to emergency calls and to prevent burglaries before they occur. we've also reached out to the chief for a statement on the ongoing violence tonight as of right now, we're waiting to hear back. to the south bay now san jose officials about lined their plan to tackle the growing number of smash-and-grab thefts around malls there. kron four's, rob
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fladeboe was at the event today. he joins us now live from the oakridge mall in san jose. >> with details on that. good evening, rob. >> good evening, grant. that's right. i'm here at a san oakridge 2 more robberies here in san jose to tell you about. there's also been a couple of arrests that we can tell you about and also a message here a city officials to what the mayor calls of the smash mobs don't come to san jose, as you can see, security very tight here at the mall. here's more. >> private security in san jose police making themselves visible here at oak ridge and other shopping malls in san jose at the same time, officials pledging a strong response to the rash of retail plaguing the bay area. >> investigators from all over the bay area and all over the state have already begun to uncover much of who is behind these crimes how they're operating and how to arrest them. >> the extra security comes
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amid 2 more thefts at the macy's stores at both oak ridge and valley fair in san jose 19 year-old doing huntley in hayward and 22 year-old raheem lewis of antioch are accused of stealing $4,000 worth of perfume and cologne mall. security suspects. the pair were part of the crew whose plot to rob valley. fair was foiled on sunday. >> this behavior, these activities are not welcome in our city. we will continue to be at the malls. we will continue to be watching and we will respond to any of this type of activity calling on the city council to fund a crime fighting strategies like license plate, reading technology. >> was mayor sam liccardo. we know. that would technllogy. our officers are able to do more. >> are able apprehend many who. have been involved in these organized criminal effort and we want to ensure they have the resources they need. >> despite some evidence that some of the lawbreakers may be armed. officials said it still
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safe to go shopping. >> my family and i will be shopping this weekend because i know that our police departments are ready. the store security and our malls are ready and our joint investigations in. >> now, the mayor says that he and his family to will be out shopping this weekend and that the city council will consider that to a crime fighting funding package next week. live in san jose. rob fladeboe kron 4 news. thank you, rob felony charges been filed in connection to this weekend's retail theft in walnut creek. >> police say about 90 people stormed the department store and broadway plaza and sold up to a $100,000 in merchandise. officers arrested 3 people, 30 year-old dana dawson, 32 year-old joshua underwood and 19 year-old rodney robinson. they're set to be arraigned on felony charges on monday. >> then road trips, those that that is going to be the highest year-over-year growth since the great recession.
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>> shifting gears now millions of californians are hitting the road tonight headed to the airport heading to visit loved ones in one last push to get to the thanksgiving table. aaa says the majority of travelers are choosing to drive instead of fly this year. our kron four's rob nesbitt joins us now live from the bay bridge toll plaza a little more on the holiday rush. how's it looking out there. >> well, grant vicki, just about every story. i've covered this week. someone i interviewed was traveling for the holidays. it's now just after 05:00pm the day before thanksgiving. you can tell by the slow-moving traffic here on i 80 i 80 east that today. and this time is not the best time to travel to make it to your holiday destination on time. >> we all want to avoid this view. a backup brake lights. it's why luke willis and his partner justin chose to fly for thanksgiving sfo to burbank with no long lines or delays. half of the flights still. >> still feels like i haven't had to sit directly next to a
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new one. yet and that makes me feel a lot more comfortable and safe. his partner's parents drove from san francisco to l a wednesday morning the entire family taking at home. covid tests on arrival as a precaution after experiencing a health scare last year. i got covid over thanksgiving of 2020. which was not fun. >> and i definitely think this year feels. >> somewhat safer. willis and his family have all been vaccinated. and according to triple a that's what is causing more people to travel this year, although vasquez with aaa of northern california says driving is the preferred form of transportation. >> in in to submit about 7 million people traveling in of over 6 million of those are going to be packed into their cars and hitting the road. he says airports are also experiencing a rush with their travel, seeing the highest one-year increase on record because of a labor shortage at airports and an increase in
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holiday travel. he recommends leaving the house at least 2 hours before your flight and always checking your flight status before walking out the door. but people packing airports. and then if you include, you know, and mother nature in all this. you know that it is kind of developing that recipe no cancellations and delays. >> no one wants to deal with canceled fleiss. now, vasquez did have some pretty good advice for holiday travelers who are stuck at the airport terminal. i'll have more on that coming up on kron 4 news at 06:00pm live in oakland. i'm rob nesbitt kron 4 news. >> with a long fire been a hard but god is good. >> yes, he is. that was mother of ahmad arbery shortly after the 3 men accused of killing him last year on an empty georgia road were found guilty after weeks of testimony. the jury took only 2 days to deliver the verdict. joining us now live from georgia is evan lambert who has been following this trial for us. good evening at it.
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>> good evening. and vicki and grant the jury, as you said, deliberating over 2 days about 11 hours before returning this verdict this afternoon. all 3 of those white men charged in the murder of ahmad arbery did get convicted of at least one murder charge. and here in georgia, the sentence for that, the minimum sentence is life in prison. >> travis mcmichael, the younger son who was seen on that video shooting and killing ahmad arbery. a last february was convicted on all 9 of the counts that he was facing as the judge was reading the verdict. there was an audible gasp coming from arbery's mother. wanda cooper jones. his father jumped up and cheered actually had to be admonished by the judge and asked to leave the courtroom after that outburst this entire time. the arbery family has been flanked by attorneys
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by pastors national civil rights leaders like the reverend al sharpton and jesse jackson. it is not clear when the defendants that make michaels and their neighbor. william roddie bryan will be sentenced, but we did see them leaving the court several hours ago in handcuffs. they were stone faced. they will also be facing civil rights charges hate crimes charges in a federal case that starts in february. back to you. >> all right. thank you for coming up here on kron, 4 news at 5, one bay area. food bank forking over time, every day to help keep our communities fed. then dry weather is pushing back the start of ski season. how one resort plans to attract c
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>> another shortage we could soon be facing here in california. need across the country is having enough energy to heat our homes this winter due to the ever increasing price of fuel was i have seen shows us how lawmakers are responding to the energy crisis. >> as the temperature drops. the anxiety rises. energy costs are soaring across america. last month. the energy information administration predicted home heating oil bills will be up 43% from last year. natural gas up 30% and electricity up 6% gas prices also hitting the wallet. it is crazy. expensive
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right now. aaa says the average price of unleaded at the pump is a $1.29 higher than this time last year. americans blame washington. i think they all need to get their act together and kind of work together. republicans and democrats in congress are sending out an s o s to the white house in a letter to president biden, senator susan collins and jack reed urged him to release funding from the weatherization assistance program to help families with their home heating bills. republicans warn, though, it's only going to get worse as it gets colder. what does that do to a a a. >> a senior that struggling on the $1200. social security check. not only are their food costs going to go up this thanksgiving. but again, their ability to keep warm lawmakers on both sides of the aisle say the president's move to tap into the strategic petroleum reserve is too little too late. senator joe manchin snub did as an important policy band-aid for rising gas prices. >> but does not solve for the
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self-inflicted wound that short-sighted energy policy is having on our nation calling on the president to reverse the course on the keystone xl pipeline and senate energy committee ranking member john barrasso call the release desperate. >> drought conditions have improved actually in parts of the bay area. that's the good news here. we're taking a look here at last week near vicki compared to this week behind me and this is where things stand tonight. obviously less of the darkest red them room here this week, which is good news. much of the north bay here locally in northern california as a whole have improved. >> from the exceptional. the darkest red to just extreme drought conditions. the recent rain has helped. but we, of course, welcome or yes, we do. and we'll hear lauren shortly about that. but despite that. >> california's worsening drought it is forcing san
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francisco leaders to declare a water shortage mayor breed and the san francisco public utilities commission voted to adopt a system wide reduction in water use by 10% effective immediately residents and businesses will be asked to cut their water use by 5%. other bay area agencies that buy water from the city will be asked to conserve used by 14% customers can also expect to see a temporary drought surcharge of up to 5% on their water bill if they don't reduce their water use governor newsome has previously called on all californians to reduce their water usage by 15%. speaking lords. we're taking a live look outside right now the conditions at the golden gate bridge it's been really dry for a while now. and lawrence is here. a lot of people worried about the weather. yeah. certainly. >> the next few days for traveling. and you know, family and friends getting together and it is nice to be what 65 and sunny, i mean,
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yeah. of but eventually more rain. the same time. yeah. and southern california still dealing with some fiery. she's we had a lot of rain to really bring our fire season to an end. they didn't get as much rain. and so they've got some fire issues look at that beautiful sunset out there this evening. it is gorgeous couple high clouds up above. but all those colors. filling your skies thanksgiving even looking like a nice thanksgiving day ahead. we're going to see some banner temperatures, but we're going to get through the night tonight. it's going to be a cold one out there. frost advisories going up for the north bay and the east bay these temperatures in the mill valley all the way up to santa rosa rohnert park healdsburg petaluma stretching over to the napa valley up towards saint lena and even in the east bay temperatures dropping down. maybe the upper 20's in the north bay, not as cold in the east bay. but cold enough you're likely to see some frost developing the mountain tops. maybe the grass, maybe the cars by tomorrow morning. so it is going to be a cold start to the day numbers looking like this about 31 degrees in santa rosa. now
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that being said, that's downtown santa rosa in and around some of those areas, those winds calm down. you can catch temperatures in the upper 20. so it's going to be a cold night ahead. 34 degrees in the napa valley. 36 in novato. you've got 30's in a place like live more in concord inside the bay. not quite as cold but still chilly outside. so a cold night ahead. looks like a a dry one to high pressure. really just staying building all ridgewell to the north of bringing all that rain still northwestern canada. the can squeeze a raindrop out here lately. and that's because that ridge just too strong. in fact, that ridge really going to crank things up. i wind wise overnight tonight dry out there right now. it's couple high clouds up above. yeah. we've got the frost out here. but we've got those winds begin to kick up as well. we're going to see some blustery conditions, especially over some of the north bay hills just see that overnight tonight into early tomorrow morning. southern california. they're dealing with other problems. very gusty winds expected throughout. they've got a red flag warnings going up through
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friday in the evening. they're talking about some power shut offs in southern california can imagine that you want to cook your turkey down there. they're shutting down your power. but those the extreme conditions we're looking at right now some very strong gusty winds maybe as high as 50 miles per hour across some of those peaks. so a very gusty there here in the bay area. the winds turning more offshore now will continue overnight tonight. it's tomorrow morning. likely going to see some of the wind sheltered areas. some of the valley's. those are the areas that going to see some of that frost outside looks like tomorrow should be a spectacular day, though, after you get through the chill numbers running up in the 60's and the 70's on thanksgiving day. lots of sunshine. will we soon see some rain. we'll talk about that coming up in a few minutes. thank you, lawrence. also still ahead, all adults. >> can now get boosted, but what if you're not feeling well, when your booster shot up on the rolls around will get some advice tonight from a local doctor. and after the break why there may be a federal investigation soon how expensive are turkeys are this
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[ sneeze ] are you ok? oh, it's just a cold. if you have high blood pressure, a cold is not just a cold. unlike other cold medicines, coricidin provides powerful cold relief without raising your blood pressure be there for life's best moments with coricidin. now in sugar free liquid. when you skip the rinse with finish quantum, you save up to 20 gallons of water each time. finish quantum with activblu technology has the power to remove the toughest stains without pre-rinsing for dishes so clean they shine. join finish and skip the rinse to save our water. >> if you're cooking a thanksgiving meal this year. experts say it's going to be more expensive. but by now you probably already know that republican lawmakers say the biden administration is to blame but democratic lawmakers say it is the poultry industry our dc correspondent anna wiernicki reports now on how lawdakers are calling on the department of justice to investigate.
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>> this year's thanksgiving feast is costing americans more according to the american farm bureau, a dinner for 10 is up 14% compared to last year and the most expensive item on the table the turkey cost of frozen turkey is the highest in history. >> things like potatoes, butter. pumpkin pies. even saul cost more than they did a year ago. republican senators john cornyn and john kennedy say americans are paying more for nearly every ingredient like gravy with your with your turkey. >> well, get ready to pay 7% more for gravy. kennedy says the biden administration isn't taking the issue seriously enough white house officials park and inflation. if you ask it's just temporary. it's just temporary problem. camper area, ranch where we are and there are abundance of turkeys available. white house press secretary jen psaki says while any price jump is a concern for the president. the average
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turkey is only costing americans roughly $0.5 more per pound there are about one dollar more for a 20 pound bird which is a huge spurt. if you're feeding a very big family. the white house as supply chain congestion caused by covid-19. is the reason consumers are seeing higher prices. but massachusetts democratic senator elizabeth warren accuses the poultry industry a foul play through quote, excessive consolidation and price-fixing ahead of the holiday. she's calling on the justice department to investigate in washington. i'm anna wiernicki. >> coming up here on kron, 4 news at 5. let you know how to help people here in the bay area who may not have a thanksgiving meal and then we'll hear from an infectious disease expert about the safety of getting your flu stir shot if you're a tea feeling lousy with something else maybe like a cold then we head to speaking of cold. see how the snow conditions are at several resorts still are unable to open and how one is getting around that issu we are
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away from thanksgiving. and while it's really nice to enjoy this time of year with friends and family. >> the number of food insecure families is magnified during the holidays. but for some nonprofits solving the problem is really a daily mission crowd forcefully to go reports now from mountain view where one group never takes a day off. >> every day during the pandemic breakfast and lunch are served at the day worker
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center in mountain view and the home cooked meals made from scratch or free and good times. they workers going to view. it is more on mound for the meals unfortunately. now they are not able to do it and we are so happy be able to support a ban maria not is the executive director of the non-profit a lifeline for the day. labor community which is struggling to make ends meet. the past 20 months off thing. we have people even in cars. we've got for a bit break launch with their home finally is heartbreaking. but what lifting its the gratitude extended by those who stopped by his for owners that if had like last year, the non-profit provided more than 23,000 meals. many of those being served lives nearby on the streets pour in there are fees. >> worry a lot of says food insecurity is a year-round problem, not just during the holidays. i know it's hard finds know that people want to sell our gaze to the


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